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SBA Business Loans guaranteed by the Veterans Administration

vet-biz-sbaBusiness Loans for Veterans

VA Business Programs for Veterans

by John P. Allen

updated 5/2007

The Department of Veterans Affairs has created the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), which is solely dedicated to assisting veterans in starting and building businesses. They call it VetBiz.

VetBiz is a Veteran Resource Information web site designed to assist veteran entrepreneurs who want to start and expand their businesses in the Federal and private marketplace. They provide up to the minute information from the Federal Government as it pertains to Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Small Businesses.

VetBiz provides the following services FREE to anyone who served in the active military, naval or air service, and who was discharged or released there from under conditions other than dishonorable:  Vendor Info, Program Assistance, Loans, Business Coaching 




  • Vendor Information Pages – a veteran business database that lists businesses that are 51% or more owned by veterans or service-connected disabled veterans. It is used to promote and market Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) and Service Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOSBs). This database is the number one source for Federal agencies looking for SDVOSB's to comply with Executive Order 13360 (97KB PDF) . The Vendor Information Pages (VIP) database averages over 4500 visits per month accounting for over 4100 vendor searches by Federal agencies, prime contractors and private citizens. This database is also the sole source for all inquiries for market research requested through The Center for Veterans Enterprise(CVE) and The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
  • Assistance Program Pages – an electronic Clearinghouse that provides a wealth of resources for the veteran contemplating small business ownership and veteran small business owners considering expansion. This database of professional business development organizations provides assistance in startup, financing and procurement as well as other areas in your local community. The Assistance Program Pages (APP) is required by Public Law 106-50 to provide a one stop resource center for veterans interested in business ownership. This database is a valuable tool for all veterans searching for assistance in starting and expanding a small business.
  • Business Coaching, Networking and Outreach – In-house experts help veteran business owners with specific business questions, brainstorming and counseling. The CVE has one of the strongest outreach programs in support of VOSB's and SDVOSBs. We plan and participate in over 135 conferences yearly to bring awareness to the Federal and private market place as it relates to procurement opportunities for veteran-owned small businesses. Please call toll free at 866-584-2344 or email
  • VetBiz maintains a web site that serves as the federal government portal for veteran-owned businesses known as VETBIZ.GOV hyperlink opens in a new browser window.

    CVE may be contacted by:

    Washington DC Metropolitan Area: (202) 303-3260
    Toll Free: (866) 584-2344

    FAX (202) 254-0238
    Web Site: hyperlink opens in a new browser window

    Mailing Address:
    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
    Center for Veterans Enterprise (00VE)
    810 Vermont Avenue, N. W.
    Washington, D.C. 20420

    CVE's website provides many links to sites providing assistance to veterans entrepreneurs, such as the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Veteran's Business Development , Officers located in local SBA offices throughout the nation, and the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs (NASDVA), for information on state assistance to veterans.

    Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006

    Public Law 109-461, the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006, was signed into law by President Bush on December 22, 2006. This law provides VA with unique authority to conduct set-aside and sole source procurements with small businesses owned and operated by veterans. The agency has 180 days in which to publish implementing regulations. Download a draft Fact Sheet pertaining to P.L. 109-461.

    Executive Order 13360, Contracting with Service-Disabled Veterans' Businesses

    On October 20th, 2004, the President signed Executive Order 13360 calling for an increase federal contracting and subcontracting opportunites for service-disabled veteran businesses. On December 12th, 2004, the Executive Office of the President issued a memorandum to all Federal agencies on the implementation of the Executive Order. This memorandum provides guidance to assist agencies in preparing their strategies to implement the Order.

    Among other things, the Order requires each agency to:

    1. develop a strategy to significantly increase its contracting and subcontracting with small businesses owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans;
    2. designate a senior-level official to be responsible for developing and implementing the agency's strategy; and
    3. report its progress annually to the Small Business Administration (SBA).

    Download VA's Implementation Strategy for E.O. 13360.

    VA Homeless Grants

    The Department of Veterans Affairs provides grants for homeless veterans. The Grant/Per Diem Program assists nonprofit and local/state government agencies in establishing housing or service centers for homeless veterans. Grants are awarded for the construction, acquisition, or renovation of facilities, and for the purchase of vans for the transportation of homeless veterans. Partial operating funds may be provided for programs through per diem payments. Visit the Grant and Per Diem web page hyperlink opens in a new browser window for details.

    SBA Office of Veterans Affairs

    The Mission of the Office of SBA Veterans Affairs Office is to foster entrepreneurship among eligible veterans, to promote the legitimate interest of veteran-owned small business concerns and to ensure that those concerns receive fair consideration in purchases made by the Federal government. Visit the Office of Veterans Business Development hyperlink opens in a new browser window web page for details.

    SBA Veterans Business Development Officers

    Listing of Small Business Administration (SBA) Veterans Business Development Officers at District Offices. Visit the Veterans Affairs Offices by State Listing. For more info, go to:

    Please visit their  "News and Information Page" for current releases.

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