If all men are Created Equal, How can being Classified, Grant Rights to some and not to others?

Is there really a minority species of Human?

by D.C. Liberty, Staff Writer

Using GOOGLE as a research tool curiosity,   as to just WHAT special Rights, any human receives for being born in America?  In the Constitution of the United States of America, those documents suggest all humans are created equal, but today that is defiantly in QUESTION.  It also suggests that each human has an uncompromised RIGHT to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  

All things being equal, how can one group be classified as a minority over any other?  We have accomplished means to count every human on the Planet clearly WE are not all the same shade.  So would that mean any human born of some variety of the spectrum of color has  a right to some advantage over any other varying shade of tone in colors in this spectrums of LIFE ?  That just doesn’t quite fit the wording, dose it?


So why does the American Government give financial advantage to one color over another?  Is our American Government RACEST?

 It would seem that all those Questions are rooted in terminology.  Of course the only individuals granted intellectual certifications of acceptance, are those of the Legal Profession, and foremost, of Government employee…  So is it true?  American Government is so afraid of the Majority population of Planet earth that it has created Laws granting the majority classification  as a minority class in order to pay off the overwhelming masses of those that ” CHOOSE”    to be designated as minority, for the sole purpose to obtain advantage over a segment of the human population which is not the same shade which falls into a classifiable breed of humans,  which do not deserve the same equality of  “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PRESUIT OF HAPPINESS”  ? 

When the world looks at the dollars and cents of the accounting, there are problems.   According to the United States Supreme Court, all officers of the court, including all attorneys, all law enforcement personnel and all government, is authorized to use DECEPTION…  That says volumes.  Places deception, in before truth, allowing discovery that there are No White Humans on this Planet… 

The term as specified “WHITE” defines its self with color.  In all the lives of every human on planet earth there is not one “BOND PAPER COLORED HUMAN”,  IF ANY OF MY READERS FIND THAT TERMONOLOGY CONFUSING,  that analogy expresses a comparison of white as in the tone of typing standard paper as a gage of color. We could use, spectrum of color used by scientists, when dividing light, but an assumption of a certain level of intelligentsia seems natural to presume.  How much dimmer than dirt can our leaders be?

All elements described are game pieces used by government to manipulate MONEY, used to benefit POLITICS of POWER.   GM has received over $60 Billion dollars, which has gone down the drain. More blatant examples exist, but, I will not elaborate on those I will rely on the intellect of my readers to define “TRUTH”…   

$60 Billion dollars divided equally among all Honorably Discharged Veterans, could certainly smooth some of the HARDSHIP placed upon all of US, from focused psychological force, expressed in training.   Fact is our American Government could care less about any soldier.  We are expendable.   Another FACT is $600. Billion divided among every veteran would not be missed by Government.   Everyone knows that statement is FACT.   And all this money divided out is “PAYOFF MONEY” to **“CORPORACRACY”…

Fighting to preserve America as our oath states “Protect and Defend the Constitution Of the United States of America” Is a laughing matter,  better addressed on Saturday Night Live.  That is unless “YOUR ARE A MAJORITY OF THE MINORITY” or is that “MINORITY OF THE MAJORITY”?   

 *** CORPORACRACY  DEFINED*** Corporacracy (co-por-AC-racy)
n. pl. co•por•ac-racies

1. A  word combining "corporation" and "aristocracy".
2. Government by CEOs and top executives of global corporations.
3. Global corporations, considered the primary source of political power.
4. Wealth rules
5. The principles of gross financial   inequality and fear of global corporations.
6. The reason the top 5% of the population control over 40% of the wealth.
7. A government that, by blatant disregard for humanity and the environment, is causing the American "middle class" to shrink, fading into an almost poverty level existence. They do this by taking advantage of the "middle class’s" apathy and its addiction to fossil fuels.
8. A government that buys figure head leaders, known as "presidents". These "leaders" are called Republicans and Democrats. Members of the shrinking "middle class" still embrace a fantasy which leads them to write editorial letters debating the differences between the two "parties". They are still under the false impression that there are only two "political" parties existing in the US.
9. The Corporacracy controls colonies in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It’s sole rule of governance is to create money which creates more money.

When you type “Corporacracy” into a word document and it’s underlined because it’s not in the Word dictionary, choose “Add” instead of “Ignore”. It is, after all, the sole governing body on the planet.



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