Stop the Extradition of Specialist Marc Hall to Iraq!

In my previous post, I talked about how the Army plans to Extradite to the sovereign nation of Iraq a Stop Loss Rappin Soldier to get him away from U.S. Public Scrutiny

Well readers if you agree with this, then what next sending American Soldiers to the United Nations to find other countries to court martial our troops outside the borders of the United States so the Pentagon is not embarrassed?

We’ve already gone that route with torture chambers.

This rings of the same kind of Pentagon, Congressional, and White House  JUSTICE than gave American a shameful black eye and legacy called Gitmo.

The Obama administration should be more ashamed of itself than the Bush administration. Don’t care if you are Green Party, Constitutional Party, Tea Bag Party, Independent Party, Libertarian Party, what was once the Democratic party or Republican party, heck even Communist and Socialist parties – this is not about political ideology it is about JUSTICE.

Here is what YOU can do to stop this madness, and seriously support and protect our troops. JUST SAY NO to the Army. Follow the link below and JUST SAY BULLSHIT. Well not quite in those words, it is the Pentagon we are talking about here, we need to be polite or might end up in Gitmo.

Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, Veterans Today News

Stop the Extradition of Marc Hall!This is time sensitive meaning YOU need to do this yesterday, PLEASE go to this link at Veterans for Peace (VFP) of course that is unless you are a hardcore warmonger, and just fill out the form letter to Army Public Affairs, expressing how outraged you are as an American citizen that any of our troops is being treated this way regardless what they’ve done.

I’m not asking you to join Veterans for Peace (VFP) or even agree with our ideals for a peaceful world, what I am asking you to do is begin demanding JUSTICE before it is way too late for all Americans.

The US military plans to extradite this stop-lossed Iraq war veteran to Iraq “within a few days” to face a court martial for allegedly threatening military officers in a protest rap song he made. [Innocent until proven guilty evidently no longer means anything to the Pentagon or the Army when they have to hold court martial in combat zones when the American Soldier is not U.S. soil. We can’t the Army treat an illegal alien that way much less an American citizen]Spc. Marc Hall has been jailed in the Liberty County Jail near Fort Stewart, Ga., since Dec. 11 because he wrote a song called “Stop Loss” about the practice of involuntarily extending military members’ contracts.

Specialist Hall should be tried at Fort Stewart in order to get anywhere near a fair trial guaranteed most American citizens. If they do this to him, and we allow any of our children to enlist in the Armed Forces, WE THE PEOPLE are fools.

Marc served 14 months honorably in Iraq.  Learn more about his story here.

Using stop loss orders, the US military has stopped about 185,000 Soldiers most who have served tours in the war zones [and a few multiple tours] from leaving the military since 2001. An additional 13,000 troops are now serving under Stop-Loss orders. President Obama said he thinks the practice should be stopped. Thinking does not get it done ACTION does. Promises of a phased shut down of the shameful practice and bribing the troops so that Congress and the President can avoid implementing Selective Service only adds insult to injury. Proving beyond a doubt that our troops are being exploited and abused by our government, our military, and the American people hiding behind ignorance or desire to be dumb.

Please send this letter to you two Senators and Representative in Congress and remind them now as in November 2010 that we are not as dumb as they think we are.


Veterans for Peace (VFP) will ensure you message gets to the Pentagon

Sample of the letter

To: LTC Eric Bloom, United States Army, Public Affairs

Stop the Extradition of Marc Hall!

I am a member of [fill in whatever Veterans and Military Family group you  belong to or just any Veteran or Military Family member you are] and I want to voice my opposition to the extradition of Specialist Marc Hall to Iraq.

Sending him to Iraq with out his civilian legal counsel violates the Army’s own regulations by deploying Marc and it would certainly violate his right to due process by making it far more difficult to get witnesses in his defense.

Marc served his 14 months in Iraq honorably. This move by the Army is only an attempt to silence the media and protest of this action. We will not let that happen.

As part of a national Veterans organization, we will work hard to be sure that Marc has the rights he is deserved and that the proper media attention is brought to his story.

Very Sincerely –

Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, Veterans Today News

These are a U.S. military commander’s judicial tools:

They must be used with reason rather than emotion.

This case is so emotionally and politically charged that it makes a mockery of military justice.

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  1. Robert L. Hanafin  February 18, 2010 at 12:15 pm


    Jailed Soldier Rapper Bids for U.S. Trial

    Lawyers for a U.S. Army specialist imprisoned after mailing an incendiary rap song to the Pentagon have filed a habeas corpus petition in federal court demanding the soldier’s trial take place in the United States rather in Iraq, as the military desires. The petition, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, argues that sending Spc. Marc Hall, 27, to Iraq “for his court martial would violate his right to do process of law and will significantly compromise his ability to defend himself.”

    At the Pentagon, Lt. Col Eric Bloom said he knew “nothing about the filing,” but said that sending Hall to Iraq for trial does not represent an unusual course of action.

    “His unit moved so he has to follow his unit,” Bloom told NAM. “His command is there, and the majority of the witnesses are there.”

    Hall’s [civilian] attorneys don’t disagree that his rap is provocative. But in court filings Tuesday, his ‘military’ lawyer Captain Anthony Schiavetti wrote his case “involves significant First Amendment issues.”

    “Because it arose from a song he recorded when he was off duty and out of uniform, the question of whether anything he said was to be taken seriously or reflected artistic license and the hyperbole often associated with art will be central to this case,” Captain Schiavetti wrote.

    Captain Schiavetti argued that such a line of defense would be precluded if the court martial were held in Iraq because “finding experts (on the First Amendment) willing to travel around the world to a war zone would be far more difficult than finding experts to testify at Fort Stewart.”

    The petition filed in the U.S. District Court also says moving Hall’s court martial to Iraq would violate the defendant’s 6th Amendment right to a public trial as well as the press’ First Amendment right to cover it.

    At the Pentagon, Lt Col Bloom scoffed at defense claims.

    “Wherever the U.S. military is, we have a justice system that functions,” he said. “Being in any state or country makes no difference with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

    The Army had said it could move Hall to Iraq as early as Tuesday, February 16, but at press time he was still confined in Liberty County Jail outside Fort Stewart.

    The case has been assigned to Judge William T. Moore, who was appointed to the bench in 1994 by then-President Bill Clinton.

    **This article originally appeared in New America Media

  2. Robert L. Hanafin  February 6, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Sent via email to Veterans Today,

    Veterans for Peace (VFP) wish to thank those of you for supporting Marc Hall! Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Courage to Resist (CTR), and Veterans For Peace are all working hard to prevent Marc from being sent to Iraq and have his charges dropped.

    There is one more thing you can do: contact your local media.

    If you would like to contact your local media on your own, that would be fantastic, but we have also provided an easy to use form.

    Links of interest, as well as a press release can be found on the VFP website at

    This is a big deal!

    Not only is the military court martialing a Soldier for freedom of expression, but they are actually deploying him away from all of his legal counsel.

    Usually members who are being court martialed are returned to the states for court martial.

    Marc is the first to be actually sent to Iraq (a foreign nation not U.S. territory) for it.

    If this precedent isn’t stopped, this could be the Army’s model for suppressing all GI and military family dissent against multiple deployments, and Stop Loss.

    Much thanks,
    Veterans For Peace

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