By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Vietnam should have been a lesson but we don’t learn, not when money is involved.  In a war with no civilian contractors and a much lower combat/support ratio in theatre, casualty levels were more than ten times higher than during the “War on Terror.”  The lessons were there, tens of thousands of suicides and less than half of Vietnam veterans lived to 60 years old.  Percentage figures, combat or support, dead, disabled, homeless, prison, divorce, illness and death, always a figure everyone can understand, all avoided like the plague.  Ask no questions, suffer no knowledge.

We did it again.  We are blaming the Department of Veterans Affairs for our failures.  Who do you think tells them to shred millions of documents or deny disability claims until veterans are dead?  As with Social Security, disability pensions for disabled vets from Vietnam started kicking in after decades of ignoring illnesses, misdiagnosing problems, destroying paperwork and watching veterans die in poverty, with the children of most Vietnam veterans suffering the most.

While Vietnam veterans began receiving disability in their 50’s, younger veterans apply for disability immediately.  Instead of a year or two of disability, they will live their entire lives as “disabled veterans.”  The numbers are the telling part.  It is estimated we are going to have 500,000 “War on Terror” veterans receiving disability for decades, with full health insurance for their families, tuition for their children and more.  A typical family with 2 kids in college will cost well over $100,000 between disability, medical care, tuition, dependents allowances and fees with that figure going to over $300,000 when VA processing and management costs are taken into account.

This is why the GOP has typically voted against veteran issues.  They are going to bankrupt the country.  My question is, why continually send us to war if we aren’t willing to pay the bills?


When considering what has been done to our military, not only those serving but veterans and the general awareness that the promise of training, a steady job and a “fair deal” is untrue, our current wars have done more to damage our overall national security than we will ever be able to gauge.  When we also take into account that, even if we take our “cover story ” on our “terror war” seriously, which I do not, it is still all about Israel.

We are either fighting endless wars to secure one of the most powerful democracies on earth from their pitiful neighbors or we are fighting to secure predatory racist and colonial policies for a police state disguised as an American ally.  It doesn’t matter which version you choose, America is still being screwed.  Support of any of the stories, the one from the MSM/Corporate/Israeli controlled press or independent journalists,  the relationship between the US and Israel is adversarial.  They are using our troops to fight commercial wars for their profit while we go broke.

If anyone is left that believes Israel is in danger, please read any of the defense studies available on open source.  Israel has ICBMs and nuclear weapons adequate to destroy the United States.  Iran is not likely to be much of a problem. 


Israel and India are deploying advanced ICBM systems capable of carrying up to 12 nuclear warheads per missile that can reach anywhere in the Middle East.  Variants with 3 or more thermonuclear warheads per missile can reach anywhere in the United States with a total range of 18,000 kilometers, missiles more advanced than any in America’s current arsenal.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

With better missiles than we have, an entire country under the most advanced missile shield in the world, billions in American foreign aid, no debt and a booming economy selling weapons around the world, the idea of Israel as a “threatened nation” is criminally absurd.  That Israel has full access to our most advanced weapons systems through both authorized and unauthorized means (a long history of spying on the United States) and is growing rich exporting them, not always with thought to how they will be used, makes any talk of “partnership” insane.

That America is destroying the lives of a generation fighting “terrorism” tied entirely to propaganda about “poor Israel” and her imaginary enemies is beyond criminal.


With 500,000 “breadwinners” as disabled veterans, essentially half a million young families, ripped out of our economy, eating more money than national health care, Federal aid to education, food stamps and all American foreign aid combined, we are building a “military welfare state” inside the United States that will go on forever.  Service in our current military, with constant deployments and lives interrupted for a decade has left the majority of those who served as ineffective soldiers, unemployable private citizens and, in many cases, permanent patients requiring a lifetime of physical or psychological treatment at a staggering cost.

Attempts to curtail this problem, attempts that have cost hundreds of millions of dollars have been totally ineffective, in fact, our military is “melting down” at an increasingly rapid rate.


Cutting back on the costs of our wars and our foreign policy meant more to serve others than ourselves has required some creativity on the part of our military and government.  One of the favored ploys of the military is to hand out bad discharges whenever possible, especially to troops who are suffering from severe PTSD and too disabled to function in combat.  Some day a dishonoable discharge may be the equivalent of a Medal of Honor, proof someone has sacrificed him or herself for their country “above and beyond the call of duty.”  If only this were a joke.  How many heroes are out there with “bad paper?” 

At the civilian level, dealing with “veterans,” there are a variety of games from considering any psychological or physical disorder as “pre-existing” to losing paperwork over and over to systematic psychological abuse.  This system was proven to work on Vietnam veterans and is deeply engrained into Veterans Affairs. 


We have seen economic collapse under massive debt, war, corruption and tax cuts moving us into 3rd world status.  We have seen our military exhausted, our manpower base destroyed and disillusioned. 

If the US exhausts itself in decades of war in oil and gas rich Asia and ends up only beset with debt, terrorism and half a dozen new nuclear powers, does this make America the loser?  If India and Israel control central Asia, and Russia and China control the world’s money supply, what is left for the United States other than to act as a mercenary or dupe?  Was there a grand plan at all, aimed at anything other than the destruction of the United States, seemingly at her own hands?

Are we this stupid or is something else at work here?

What is certain is that the will to keep promises and the funds necessary to finance that will, does not exist.  We have no intention to care for our veterans, we have no intention to support our troops.   The first group to be tossed on the scrap pile has always been and will always be our veterans and soldiers.  And so it goes….




  1. What makes you think that the “WAR ON TERROR” has failed? From where I sit, this strategy seems to have been incredibly successful for those who designed it. The military-industrial-banking complex, completely controlled by the international financial elite, has gotten everything it wants. The defacto governments controlled by the international financial elite, which includes ALL of the major governments of the world, are well on their way with a long non-stop train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, which is to to reduce the people of the world under absolute despotism.

    It’s time to shaddup, kick back, and enjoy your servitude. Pass that can of stale beans, please.

  2. After WW2, many Americans hoped and expected the returning war veterans would change what was wrong with America’s policies. American people expected veterans to become leaders in government and to inspire people in this country and the world to create policies that promote peace, liberty and justice for all people, the world over.

    Apparently, WW2 vets didn’t realize that the people expected veterans to stop the war profit schemes of the elite. The war profiteers knew that, if Congress passed the veterans’ GI Bill for housing, education, and job preference laws, the intentions of any war vets to prevent the criminal schemes of government would be neutralized. The elite-owned media distracted veterans with postwar visions of pleasures, modern housing, and cars.

    The ruling elite wanted to return America to the cost plus profits, that come from the lucrative marketing of war production. Weapons and ammunition are consumed in a war market and create profits that vastly surpass any demand of a peace market. The elite’s return to a war status required another war boogie man.

    Truman and Churchill characterized Russia and China as threats to freedom; they persuaded America’s veterans to support an offensive military industrial complex. Congress took the cue and built a financial-military-industrial complex.

    The military draft is not used now, because it is not needed. The elite in America have a better recruitment program than the Vietnam military draft. Today’s manpower situation traps young men to register for Selective Service when they accept funding for student loans, and state summer job opportunity programs.

    During the previous military draft, women were exempt from being recruited as cannon fodder. Now, women, who get funding for higher education under a national guard, ROTC, and other reserve grants, may be required to complete their funding obligation by serving in some active duty military role. Their military service might not be completed in a fixed four or six year term. They may be obligated to serve multiple terms as men are required to do by the authority of a presidential decision and military command.

    Young men and women, who can arrange to have their higher education privately financed, are able to escape military service in illegal US wars.

    Veterans’ organizations can stop the ‘Bush/Clinton/Bush endless terror wars’ if they require Congress to enact and appropriate a free, complete higher education entitlement program for all citizens, with no debt strings attached, if students try to complete the educational requirements for the field they pursue. Then the poor will have equal opportunity to personally prosper and to consent to engage in war or not. That is the meaning of our right to equality in liberty.

    If the veterans organizations do that, they will stop the criminal wars of the elite, and veterans will cease to be indentured servants, performing the military crimes of war profiteers.

  3. Thanks, Gordon, for the excellent article. I am a new reader of your thoughts and am impressed with your insight.
    I am not a veteran. I filed as a conscientious objector during the war against Korea.
    Your point about the crime of 5 Supreme Court judges who gave the corporations complete control of government is accurate.
    When a reporter accused GW Bush’s war violated the constitution, Bush replied, “That’s just a god-dammed piece of paper!” Since Bush, constitutional rights have vanished like a vapor.

    In 1776, the colonists told the world that a new government would rise in this country, that would secure self-evident unalienable Rights of all of its people, because all of its people are endowed by their Creator with those rights. It went on to say that government gets its “just powers from the consent” of the people that it governs.

    13 years later, white, land-owning, slave-owning aristocrats met in secrecy to create a constitution that ignored the Declaration.
    The constitution recognized no rights for their wives, native people, slaves or non-whites. It permitted those rights that money could buy for white men.
    The amendments were included only because some delegates refused to ratify the constitution unless it included the amendments.
    People today talk about ‘our constitutional rights’ but don’t seem to know where we get our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Neither the courts, congress or the president give anyone rights.
    The Declaration told us what all people have a right and duty to do, when a government becomes destructive of our rights.
    What was required for the colonists to do was deadly war and it ultimately failed to institute what the Declaration told the world they would do.

    If Americans ever build a new government again, they need to read the Declaration’s second paragraph and notice and remember that it said not a word about money. It said government’s purpose is to secure the unalienable rights of all men and women. War cannot endow anyone with rights.

  4. Duffy again right on with more heart breaking real news.the real losers,the american vet his extended family,the entire country we invaded whos entire resources have been contaminated so the killing goes on inperpatuity.not all of this would have happened had there been draft. but the neocons zionist assholes knew this so they could have their destructive war machine and profits too. thanks to the privatization freight train that is the 800lb gorrilla in the room.who gets most of the dick duty and the great pay? the uninformed, millions of mushrooms in the dark being fed shit right from their own government.if only they could smell the shit their being fed. do you think that might get the masses attention?

  5. Please understand me, I am not crying here, a lot of vets have it much worse than me. I am only using my case as an example.I am desert shield/ storm.I received an Antrax shot over there with squaline oil as an adjuvent. Most desert storm syndrome can be traced back to this shot. MY wife and I had the congressional representative to the V.A. Bob somebody from Cal., that “we know we f___ed you guys up, Saddam had nothing to do with it.” I asked then why something was not being done for us? He replied that “they,congress, would have to conduct an congressional investigation to prove that the DOD was lying about the situation”. I asked him before or after we die? He replied” maybe next year”. That was about 4 years ago. It will never happen. I also deal with PTSD. I was retired administatavly for medical reasons from the Naval reserves at 16.5 years in 2005. That is when I also had to shut my busness down because i can no longer function in that world even if my health would let me. I $ 127.00 per month comp. Thats 10% for chronic diarrhea. All other claims denied twice, some waiting a DRO hearing and the PTSD claim waiting a civil court date. Did I mention my wife works her cute little behind off to support us. My congressman was made aware of my situation. I mean face to face. When he got back to Washington he did not pick up the phone and tell that person on the other end , Ive got this boy we really screwed up and that family needs some help, fund him. No, instead he voted to give the pieces of human excrement called bankers 700 Billion tax payer doller’s that we had to borrow at interest from the Not Federal Reserve, thereby selling our children, grand and great-grandchildren into eternal slavery. By the way did I mention that that same 700 Bil. inflated the money supply so that your savings, 401Ks and such are worth much less now. I believe when we can no longer pay our military, or they can not buy anything with the money we pay them, the USA like the USSR, will simply disappear and we will be left in a bankrupt,devastated land to try to rebuild just as the Russians have had to do.

    1. I forgot to say that my brother who is a V.N. vet only recently filed for comp on his hearing. Blew out his hearing on an M14. They denied service connection on the severe hearing loss and gave him 10% for 40 years of can’t hear and ringing in his ears. Just makes you fill warm all over don’t it

  6. Dear sir
    Enjoyed reading article.It is thought provoking . only veteren soldier can think and write like that.It is great service to humanity i believe.I think America is great because of people like you. Here in pakistan, particularly in my area we know USA capable of firing drone attack at wrong targets. Our childern can not sleep properly because of drones fear. You , the american ,are leader of the world today ,please prove it by bringing peace and justice. you are like elder brother and father of the world,so elders do not behave like your Govt is behaving .Please do not be that revengeful. People will love you ,respect you, look upon you…If you assume your actual role .I wish there were policy makers like Gordon Duff in USA

  7. Thank you Gordon for defending those in service and betrayed..
    as many citizens have been betrayed, too, in acceleration since 9/11/01.

    I linked to this article from my web site.. FlybyNews.com
    and posted it on 911blogger.

    Knowing, and working together with a warrior-peace-defender,
    is inspiring and gives hope, and possibilities for transformation;
    the turning around of the misleading of our nation and republic.

    1. Johnathan,

      we should be carrying some of your things here

      our readership is going thru the roof….and we care very deeply about 9/11


  8. Perceptive article and comments. Americans know not the authors of their own thoughts. Propaganda has moved on from simple lies. Meme theory, however, is a useful heuristic for understanding the brainwashing that has been going on. (But don’t look to the pap in bookstores for its deep implications.) One key element is “encapsulation,” where a noxious concept is sugar coated, swallowed without thinking, and becomes an a priori truth in the person’s mind. Fox News, for example, effectively promotes the Zionist agenda to naive Americans by encapsulating it in the mawkishly imbecilic, flag-waving sham patriotism of neocon toadeaters like Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly. Sarah–seemingly so promising at first–is also proving herself quite useful in encapsulating the Zionist agenda in her down-home, folksy common sense.

    Yet, what these egotistical publicity hounds are promoting is an enormity of Biblical dimensions; that is, the incineration from the air of innocent women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Iran in the name of patriotism and a moral imperative to free and democratize those nations. What they should be saying is, “Don’t murder even one Muslim child and dare say you did it to protect my children.” Along with the Christian Zionists they preach evil itself, with no qualms whatsoever over wrapping themselves in the mantle of patriotism.

    In my part of the world, I have friends constantly forwarding me those obviously contrived, sham-patriotic stories that invariably end with a call to support our troops over there and pass the chain propaganda along as some sort of patriotic duty. The people passing this propaganda along, from what I can see, are mostly college educated professionals. Consider the implications of just this example: These otherwise educated and successful people do not know who the authors of their own thoughts are; they think on command; and, they perform like marionettes when their strings are pulled by their neocon puppetmasters, who must be laughing in their sleeve. There could be no greater caricature of freedom than the idea in the heads of these average Americans that they’re educated, informed, and think for themselves.

  9. Ok about the time that the US is no longer the leader in the world, does that mean that we will have to move the United Nations building from New York to Where ever? Maybe just move all them offices/ Diplomat, consuls, office staff out and refurb. it to something more useful? Any ideas on that? Just think of all those parking tickets (with Diplomatic Immunity) they won’t have to write anymore.
    And why doesn’t someone that listens to all these Radio / TV commentators talking about America’s woes, call them up and tell them about how these Vets need help…etc, then say that since the government is not helping Vets, that they are looking for donations to really help them and could they give money with a donation amount, gold for big bucks, Silver then Bronze etc. with a name on a plague? Could get interesting…

    1. The national veterans organizations aren’t even helping. The NVSOs are not trained enough in doing VA work on claims etc. The national officers of these groups wine and dine with VA big wigs, travel the country, talk pretty, look for more membership while using funds from dues paid by veterans in the trenches. The state commander and his staff travel the respective state, visiting VA hospitals, having dinner at various veterans clubs and encourage more membership. Where were they are where are they when it was stated the disabled veteran will not get any type of increase in his disability? Not one magazine, i.e., Am Legion, DAV or VFW has come out and made any statement about this issue. In Michigan for example, the nationals veterans service officers are crying because the state won’t give them more money. Representatives of these national veterans organizations go to hearings and see if they can outshine each other in their testimony. Perhaps the news media isn’t doing enough either but veterans organizations are helping themselves or veterans either and you know what, the news media sees this!

  10. Gordon,
    You have made an excellent analysis of the cost of disabled military veterans. What about the potential cost of granting veterans benefits to contractors? Every major group of civilian contractors in WWII, the Merchant Marine, the Air Transport Command, the Wasps, etc. eventually sued for and won veterans benefits. Don’t you think that contractors from this present conflict might win benefits for themselves as well?

    1. A number of the VT staff are bidding on a police training contract in Afghanistan now. I need to be standing around there as much as I need to start cleaning outhouses but we have so many unemployed vets and families in need that the work, no matter how distasteful, should be done.

      We can actually do it right, use the FBI staff from Qantico, work with civilian leaders that we actually know…

      It is about the money. The average age of the person we would be sending is over 60. We now have to feed our children and grand children.

      I am going to be over there looking for any work we can get. That we are profiting from war and have no other choice than that or starve is insane.


  11. Gordon Duff thank you once again for writing another insightful article we can all agree with. Brian has already mentioned the names of many Zionist criminals such as Perle,Wolfowitz,Abrams,Libby,Feith and those responsible for Zionist lobby: AIPAC [who have succeeded in getting America into illegal wars that have killed and/or disabled our precious soldiers and destroyed their families without any benefit for America while also destroying millions of innocent Muslims] and I like to add to this list the names of other dangerous Zionists as well as pimps and prostitutes of Zionists such as William Krystol, Andrew Briethart, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, many so called “conservative” local radio hosts yhay advocate war, Oliver North, Mike Huckabee, John McCaine, Glenn Beck, most of them at Fox News [with the exception of a few like Judge Andrew Napolitano] and this woman Sarah Palin who is recommending invasion of Iran in order for Obama to increase his ratings. I am not a violent or hateful person to wish any one harm but I believe in retribution for Israel and all these warmongers. For people like Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Joe Lieberman, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin bombing a nation is like a game. I have heard Netanyahu and I have heard President of Iran and I can tell you that I trust the President of Iran and my sympathies are for him and his people and not for Netanhahu or the criminl state: Israel. When it comes to Russia, China, Iceland, Africa, Pakistan and other Muslim nations my concern is for all of them. There is only one tyrant in the world and that is the rogue state Israel and those people known as Zionist Jews [who may be not real Jews but Godless people on a power trip] that are stirring up all the trouble for the entire world with the help of many Christians and some Arabs like Joseph Farah who support them in order to benefit from their alliance with the Zionist Jews. Christian pastors have sold their souls and the future of their children and their grandchildren like the Christian politicians in order to receive favors from Zionist Jews that control our society in all different ways. I receive letters from Christians with complaints about what the ACLU is doing to the practice of Christianity and they fail to mention what the ADL is doing. What they dont also mention is the fact that they have allowed it to happen because of their ego-centricity, cowardice and greed for power and money. There are pastors who are more interested in protecting Israel than protecting America. Same thing is seen with American politicians. Why? I am receiving letters from Jewish rabbis asking for donations for Israel and people like Pat Robertson and other Christians are recommending that we oblige these various rabbis by donating money to Israel. One rabbi requested that I pay for some Jewish books and a manorah and bless Israel in order to get blessed. On one hand these criminals are waging illegal wars to destroy America while simultaneously trying to squeeze out money from Christian wallets with the help of Christian traitors like Pat Robertson. I have not received a single letter from a Christian pastor asking for help for our soldiers or veterans. There are only very few pastors who are willing to do what is right for America and Christianity. Similarly there are only very few politicians who are willing to do what is right for America and Zionists try to destroy these people. Congressman Jim Traficant was destroyed by the Zionists for standing for America against America’s foremost enemy: Israel. Please read Michael Collins Piper’s book on Jim Traficant for details. Isn’t it interesting that America’s so called “ally” bombed USS Liberty ship killing 34 and injuring 171 sailors which every American president since 1967 has done nothing about? We need to have a President like President John Kennedy who will be for America. Michael Savage stop calling Pat Buchannan an anti-Semite for speaking the truth about Israel and Zionists and stop calling the Iranian President names. You are spreading false Zionist propaganda against this nice person and his nice country. Let us inspect Israeli nukes. Let us terminate funding the rogue state. Let us hold Netanyahu accountable for war crimes in Gaza. Please see the DVD of the Jewish woman Anna Boltzer about Israeli crimes in Palestine.

    1. Until we are no longer going to allow the criminally insane to run the ship, we can expect more of the same. We have combined the age of disenlightenment with the morals of the Borgias and built an empire.


  12. It all comes back to, Congress makes war for profit. We become dead or disabled. Congress refuses to fund veterans issues, no money is usually the excuse. But they find plenty of money for defense contracters. It’s time congress pays, Kill a Commie for christ was a phrase I grew up with along with, Know your enemy. Well Congress is my enemy I say we kill a few for Christ and the American Veteran.

  13. Thanks g, Well written. The question begs to be answered: What can we do about it? Money talks and sh*t walks. I think the political answer comes from our pool of 26 million Vets and their families. Let’s dwell on how to coagulate our independent group of cusses into a solid voting bloc.

    Tom Houston Vet

    1. IMO the reason that our government continues to S.h.i.t. on 26 million Vets and their is that we allow them to S.h.i.t. on us. We are so divided politically that we allow “our” political party to do what they want because it is always the other party that is doing the damage to this country. I sincerly believe that our politicians know exactly what they are doing. They have us split in three….Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We do all their “hating” and not forming a bloc to kick their Arse out in the street. And Gordon you are correct. This countries politicians and those that direct them are experts in producing Veterans and Disabled Veterans, but they do not have one iota of a brain or empathy to understand, if you “produce” us….PTSD, TBI, Agent Orange etc. etc. you got to plan to look after our well being and not each others. Example…..No COLA for Disabled Veterans, Military Retirees, and Social Security Recip’s. Reason…Inflation was zero in 2009. But…Everybody in the Senate and House plus their staff are receiving a raise of $5400 for 2010 and $4400 in 2011. I do not have the figures for the staff of the politicians, sorry. These folks in Washington cannot figure out how to look out for our well being, but they sure can shower themselves with huge salaries and retirement. Good Job Gordon. Semper Fidelis. Blackcoat.

    2. It is important we not quit. We are starting to pressure politicians ourselves.

      I just wish we had more people behind us. We have a good number in government that read, and more that follow us carefully.

      Defense Secretary Gates may be our biggest fan.

      That is something I guess, but not enough.


    3. Tom,

      Consider the range of the weapons. It may be time we started being more suspect of our friends than our enemies.


    4. Gordon
      You are so right. Israel and India both have missiles that can strike the US..
      Israel has demonstrated that they will Attack us. i.e. the USS Liberty and what other?
      Does anyone actually believe that they are truly our ally and friend? One who would and will defend us?
      I don’t.. as for India I am very suspicious of them..I think they might/would attack us, if things ramp up with Pakistan.
      And the ZioCons are continuing to beat their chests about hitting Iran because of their nuclear program.. once again, our guys can do Israel’s dirty work

      Stumping for Armageddon…Michael Moore’s next screen play?

  14. Poignant article. I am wondering if the majority of the members of veteran’s groups, including those focusing on peace, are aware of the significant role the Israeli government has in starting the Middle East wars that are killing American soldiers and well over a million civilians including Grandmas and eight-year olds.

    Besides death, many lives of soldiers and Muslim civilians have been damaged and destroyed by these wars promoted by the Israel government through AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli Lobby and by Zionists such as Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Abrams, Libby, Leeden etc.

    Perhaps veterans can help promote the concept “No More Wars for Israel.” It won’t be done by Rahm Emmanuel or the Christian Zionists.

  15. Hello Gordon,

    Having just returned from a month in Vietnam to see for myself why so many of my friends are dead and I am a disabled veteran I have this to report. We were fighting and dying FOR NOTHING. Just the same as all of today’s veterans of our little “war on terror” (or more aptly named war OF terror). So many dead and, likely worse yet,damaged (physically and mentally) all as you point out for MONEY. I guess it is always the same.

    Keep up the great work,

    1. One of our writers, chuck palazzo, is based in DaNang and a former Marine. If I sound like I am cut of the same cloth…it is because that’s who I am.


  16. Thank you Gordon Duff for another honest article.
    While the Disabled Civilian Contractors or the Widows and families from the “War on Terror” will not be receiving all the benefits the soldiers do there are still huge costs that will be borne by unsuspecting Americans.
    The taxpayer has paid insurance premiums for the Defense Base Act Workers’ Compensation to AIG, CNA, ACE, Zurich and a few others. At times these premiums have run 100% of the contractors wages. These insurance companies are not keeping up the providing benefits end of the arrangement. Taking the premiums they’ve had no problem with.
    The DoL, charged with administering this compensation program falls in line with the insurance companies and they get away with denying and delaying payment and medical care.
    These contractors who are denied benefits, many of whom are Veterans, fall back into the VA system, Social Security, and other programs that are not responsible for their care.
    We feel that same forces must be a work to deny these benefits that AIG and CNA have already reaped the profits on.
    The numbers would be staggering if anyone were keeping track of them.

    1. Marcie,

      Excellent info, thanks. My only friends with jobs are working in Iraq and Afghanistan…some of us aren’t kids.


  17. your right the war well keep going on because the rich want the 2 wars keep going so its more money to them,there son,s wont go they dident go there no one walking the street yelling stop this war there no draft,i am100% nam vet and my buddy is the same he 65 me 71 who care just the vet care V/A center go out of there way to care for the vet,the boy,s in washing could care less, its a wast of time how many got very good job from this and get fee care and how many vet are homeless its all money that can be made, 9/11 our goverment new it was comeing they just said it never happen well goverment get your head out of your ass the voted you in do something

  18. “While Vietnam veterans began receiving disability in their 50’s, younger veterans apply for disability immediately. Instead of a year or two of disability, they will live their entire lives as “disabled veterans.” The numbers are the telling part. It is estimated we are going to have 500,000 “War on Terror” veterans receiving disability for decades, with full health insurance for their families, tuition for their children and more.” So it seems that you need to cite your sources. I am a disabled veteran, and I applied right when I got out. But it seems that you will begrudge me my disability. Do you think that it is right for all veterans to wait until they are 50 to get said disability. I don’t think that is what you are meaning, just that the Veitnam vets got a raw deal, and with you I agree on that. However, not every disabled vet gets full health insurance for their families, and tuition for their children and more. When I got out I had no insurance for my children. I only got to keep my car because the disability payment came in just as I was about to sell it so it wouldn’t be taken away.

    When I read you writing I sometime just end up shaking my head. Cite your sources, so we can go there and see if you are telling the truth, or just spreading rhetoric. You’ve said what you wanted too, now prove it with your sources.

    1. shawn

      I am one of the people the VA comes to as a source. You are the one pissing and moaning. Prove me wrong. You can’t because I am right in my predictions. It is just that the article itself is over your head.

      Stick to watching TV.


      HOW MANY NUCLEAR MISSILES ISRAEL HAS ? ( 2005-08 figures)
      check :www.fas,org

    3. So, because I made a statement about veterans and the benifits due to them through the VA disability system, I am now dumb? I never mentioned nukes. I never mentioned Israel. My comment was soley inregards to what I had mentioned above. And no, I don’t accept everything that the goverment spoon feeds me. I don’t watch Fox news but on occasion.

      Now that everyone has jumped off the boat, can they swim back and answer my question? Do you think that it is right for all veterans to wait until they are 50 to get said disability?

      Rey, turn off your caps lock next post please? it is easier to read that way.

      Duff, it is extreemly hard to prove a negative. You won’t even give me credit for reading your article. I only took exception with it in regards to the Veteran part (i.e. the first two pharagraphs). I enjoy when someone asks for sources that they get yelled at and told that it was obliviously over their head. I cited my personal story, and I get shit on for being a dummy… I didn’t say it was rhetoric, I just asked for YOUR sources, but I must be dumb because I didn’t want to trust the internet after Mr. Daffle M. McGiver had 100,000,000 US for me from some dead guy. And I have never pissed and moaned, well I did when I was in Iraq with 22 days left on my tour and they extended me for 120 days… But I guess you won’t even give a combat vet any slack. Thanks again for your intellectual conversation on this subject. It just reinforces my thoughts. Engaging one in a converstaion is a way to find out what is going on. You don’t seem to want anyone that challenges your statements to have any say. You just want them to shut up. And Duff… Thank you, sincerely, for your service. VFW Post 9594

    4. FAIR ANSWER SHAWN, YES! I know I sometime abuse the caps lock ! (and jump the gun too fast) anyway to be fair, here the answers to my questions (still related to our subject: WAR)

      #1 We have around 5400 Nuclear missiles (2008 figures) 4700 by 2012 actually Bush reduced the stock from 10.000 we had in the 90’s. source (Google: US nuclear forces 2008 by Robert S Norris & Hans M Kristensen) and also http://www.fas.org

      #2 Israel has 200 Nuclear missiles in violation of international laws (2008-09 figures) Source : the Center for Nonproliferation Studies(http://cns.miis.edu/index.htm) and Federation of American Scentists (www.fas.org) No matter what people think, the internet is far more informative and accurate than our “Mainstream Media” ,that is why they hate it. (ABCBSNBCFOX News are not better than Pravda when Russia was under Communist rule : Government and Corporate sponsored Propaganda)
      #3 between Iran Pakistan and Israel IRAN is the only country who signed the Non Proliferation treaty….

    5. So, Duff jumps down my throat 35 minutes after my first post. It’s now been over 16 hours since my last post and not one thing to say… I guess I should go back to TV… Maybe I can find an episode of Full House, or Barney…

    6. Shawn,

      You may be right. I get a bit impatient. I have been fighting this war a long time. What I wrote is what had to be said. I don’t write things to vets to make them feel better. That is for Fox News. It is my job to smack down the people kicking vets in their asses. Thus we ended up with a complex article that brought up “anti veteran” feelings and attacked them from a variety of directions.

      I am not a patent person.



    7. Duff… Thanks. That is all that I was looking for… And I kind of figured that you aren’t patient. I do enjoy reading your articles though. I rarely watch any TV. I’ll listen to NPR (I don’t agree with them all the time, but they seem to be honest) and sometimes I’ll listen to Fox, but the one thing that I learned while I was in Iraq is that Mainstream Media only wants a body count to warp into what ever they are trying to prove. Not one “good” thing that we accomplished was shown.

      I also thought that I should point out that I work for the VA… I just fix computers at a medical center. I see both sides, and sometimes I shake my head at both.

      I’m just tired. Trying to create a good home for my family. By the way, when’s the revolution? My brother-in-law wants to know…

    8. Shawn,

      I spend all day around, for the most part, good and decent people with a few total jerks thrown into the mix. No matter how bad anyone can be and we all meet people who deserve a ballpeen hammer in the skull from time to time, (kidding…please don’t murder anyone on my account) nothing can be as bad as our government has turned out, a government made up of people who are supposed to be the best of us working hard to make our lives better.

      Are people really this weak?

      If bees or cockroaches are destined to take over the planet, I don’t want it to be our generation that makes it come about.


  19. I’d include the take over and destruction of the USA financial system as an irony of assisting Israel. They bit the hand that fed them and have continued to chew up the arms and legs. Now, with their Hollywood friends they will hand pick who the next group of American legislators will be to ensure a yes vote on whatever they want to keep them growing. It’s more then self defense, it a quest to be the boss of the world. Beating America down was only Act 2 Scene 3.

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