More on Monsanto, Agent Orange, and Recent Trickery and Profiteering

Chuck Palazzo

Danang, Vietnam


The more I read and attempt to understand Monsanto and to go as far as to put myself in their corporate shoes, I just cannot.  No matter which way I look at them, no matter what avenue I investigate and pursue, my conclusions are the same.  Monsanto the company, its executives, and many of their employees in middle and upper management (and probably the rank and file as well) knew and know exactly what is going on with the company.  Why should anyone from the inside blow the whistle?  They are very well paid and they are deemed to be an excellent company to work for (morality and war crimes and playing God aside, of course).  In addition, the so-called revolving door of US (and probably other) Government officials who once worked for Monsanto are now on the various Government’s side – and vice versa – so many former Government officials are now employed by Monsanto or one of its subsidiaries.  The highest court in the US, The US Supreme Court just happens to have a former Monsanto Attorney sitting on its bench.  I am probably being redundant, as I have mentioned this before, but we need to be reminded – Justice Thomas was a former Monsanto Corporate Attorney!  I am not accusing Justice Thomas of anything – but just knowing that someone worked for the company that produced so much Agent Orange before and during the Vietnam War (and possibly afterwards as well) is now a US Supreme Court Justice just does not sit well with me.  The list certainly goes on and on.  Look at the FDA, look at Monsanto.  Please see the Documentary “The World According to Monsanto” and more will be revealed to each of you.

I came across some very interesting articles and websites during the past few days regarding Monsanto, its products, and how it continues to destroy human lives as well as our environment.  But most important, how Monsanto continues to get away with it.  True, they have been convicted of lying about their labeling practices for their Round-Up Product – and were fined a pittance compared with their annual (or weekly, for that matter) revenue.   Yes, their stock was affected.  But are they staring at a potential bankruptcy proceeding as a result?  Absolutely not!  They just continue to produce, and in many cases, forcibly sell, their products for a huge profit margin.

I cannot set aside what Monsanto caused, and never will set aside what they continue to cause as a result of Agent Orange.  But here is another example:  Aspartame was made by Monsanto.  To make matters worse, Aspartame is made from genetically manufactured bacteria.

What makes no sense, other than the fact that Monsanto wants to dominate the world’s food supply and possibly the world itself, is how they sue, beat up, bully, etc., etc., the small farmers (larger ones as well) to ensure their genetically manufactured products are being used – and said use reaping a very large royalty for Monsanto.

Hiding the presence of PCB’s from local residents?  See how Monsanto did it for years – about 40 years to be exact!  Suicides in India, and probably elsewhere because Monsanto has forced poor farmers to go into such huge debt just to buy seeds from this terror of a company, just to realize that their crop production was not close to what was being promised!

All this and more, from the folks who brought us Agent Orange – then refused to pay the proper compensation for its ongoing treachery and deaths.  Sure, they were part of the infamous 1984 settlement in the amount of $180 million – with most affected veterans who were tricked and lied to – receiving a one-time lump sum payment of $1,200.

Monsanto continues to make huge sums of money and at the expense of human life.  How and why do they continue? The bottom line, cash, greenbacks, MONEY!  And I dare say – the revolving door.

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8 Responses to "More on Monsanto, Agent Orange, and Recent Trickery and Profiteering"

  1. Sharon F.  February 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Great post, Chuck. And I agree wholeheartedly about Monsanto.

    Their recent TV commercials saying they’re the biggest supporter of the American Farmer make me sick to my stomach.

    I’ve seen Food Inc. and King Corn, but will definitely check out the other documentaries you’ve mentioned here.

    One last thing. This John Garst that posted a comment may well be legitimate, but if you check google he seems to have a lot of time on his hands to go onto any blog, website, newspage, etc. to post anytime a negative word is said about Aspartame. He’s everywhere, saying all the science is wrong and that people shouldn’t worry about using it. He claims to have no ties to the makers of the product, but anyone that does this so consistently should at least be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

    • Chuck Palazzo  February 26, 2010 at 3:22 am


      Thanks much for your comments and support – more people like us have to really take a solid stand against Monsanto and do something. Yes, they are big and powerful and worth a lot of money to their Execs and shareholders, but if David could do it to Goliath, I strongly believe we can do it in this case as well. But strength certainly comes from numbers.

      I agree with your comment re: John Garst – his non-response is enough for me.

      By the way, I do not believe in coincidences. The documentary “Food, Inc.” has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature in this year’s Academy Awards. Lets keep our fingers crossed for that one.


  2. April Davila  February 23, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Thank you Chuck, for this well thought out piece. I also try to do my homework, and the information out there can be overwhelming, particularly when you don’t know who to trust.
    Personally, I trust scientists (at least ones that aren’t on the Monsanto payroll). Here is an excellent site to check out: It’s a fascinating read, and they site all their sources, which means a lot in my book. All the best, April (daughter of a Vietnam Vet)

    • Chuck Palazzo  February 24, 2010 at 1:21 am


      Thanks for your comments – and the link to a great article. It is indeed a fascinating read, and illustrates what I refer to as part of the “big lie” very well, and to your point, citing scientific sources:

      “In spite of this risk, the biotechnology industry claims that GM foods can feed the world through production of higher crop yields. However, a recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists reviewed 12 academic studies and indicates otherwise: “The several thousand field trials over the last 20 years for genes aimed at increasing operational or intrinsic yield (of crops) indicate a significant undertaking. Yet none of these field trials have resulted in increased yield in commercialized major food/feed crops, with the exception of Bt corn.”12 However, it was further stated that this increase is largely due to traditional breeding improvements.”

      If you haven not seen several excellent documentaries on the topic, please get your hands on a copy of each of these:

      The World According To Monsanto
      King Corn
      Food, Inc.
      The Future of Food

      Thanks and lets continue to keep up the good fight!

  3. John E. Garst, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Nutrition)  February 22, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Aspartame is perfectly safe used as directed. Aspartame produces methanol on hydrolysis in the gut. Methanol is a normal part of our diet and the formaldehyde, formic acid it generates is vital to the biosynthesis of methyl groups, a process conduced by the folic acid vitamin system. But many people are deficient or refuse to take vitamin supplements. Many people are have genetic polymorphisms (different enzymes that requires more folate), and/or yet other people have high blood homocysteine. The latter is a true toxin associated with heart disease and dozens of other diseases. Any problem with aspartame reflects no innate problem with aspartame, but one of these very personal issues.

    As far as this “genetically manufactured bacteria” line goes, most all drugs that can be made this way are. Scientists merely make the bug do all the work and isolate the product afterwards. This is true for many vitamins too.

    Monsanto may have issues, but aspartame and making drugs and chemicals using genetic engineering are not amongst those issues.

    John E. Garst, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Nutrition)

    • Chuck Palazzo  February 22, 2010 at 8:01 am

      Dr. Garst,

      Thanks for your comments. From a scientific perspective, you may or may not be correct, and that’s not my debate. What I will say is, as uneducated as I am by some of what you said – and I research the heck out of this stuff – imagine the lack of knowledge the general public/consumer has?

      Should Monsanto and others that have or continue to produce aspartame label the product and educate the general public – to your point: “Any problem with aspartame reflects no innate problem with aspartame, but one of these very personal issues.”? If not, they will certainly become victims because of the lack of this knowledge.

      I will disagree with you regarding GM in general – in my opinion, and in many others, GMO’s have yet to reveal what they are all about. Just like Dioxin and Agent Orange were created under the lie of they being perfectly safe for human exposure. Yes, Monsanto and others do indeed have issues.


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