RACHEL, the film Israel does NOT want you to see

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Israel and its watchdogs have been on special alert regarding criticisms coming from Jews and Jewish organisations.

It’s almost as if they want the world at large to believe that all Jews stand behind them and support their policies of genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

Anyone who is a regular reader of this Blog knows that nothing is further from the truth.

The latest uproar is about a film called Rachel…. a film by Simone Bitton about the death of Rachel Corrie.

Ms. Bitton is not only Jewish, she is also an Israeli! That’s way too much for the zionists to swallow… so the campaign to boycott the film has started….     



P.I.P: Rachel Corrie, an Human rights activist member of International Solidarity Movement that was killed by an Israeli Army bulldozer in march 2003
23 years old coed from Oregon. Neighter the Israeli or U.S Goverment has ever offered an explanatory apology.
(brave american murdered by IsraeL Troops)
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Below you will find some interesting information about the film and the efforts to keep it from the public eye…. The following is from an entry on Daily Kos

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the largest Jewish Film festival in the world, will screen many films this year, many with discussion with filmmakers and others featured in the film. Some of these films will be controversial, there will be all sorts of issues explored.

None has generated more controversy than the film “Rachel”, a film by Jewish-Israeli filmmaker Simone Bitton about the death of Rachel Corrie, the young woman killed by an Israeli-military bulldozer as she was protecting homes in the Rafah, Gaza. At the request of the filmmaker, they have invited Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s mother to speak. Big time controversy and condemnation by a weekly Jewish magazine and even from the local Israel Consul General.


Cindy Corrie has publicly advocated for ensuring “justice, freedom, security and economic viability for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

Israel Consul General protests the presence of Cindy Corrie:

“The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival made a serious error in judgment in inviting Mrs. Corrie to the festival,” Israel Consul General Akiva Tor said via e-mail. “She is a propagandist who is immune from responsibility for the causes she supports because it was her daughter, Rachel, who was accidentally killed.

“So her staged presence becomes a kind of emotional grandstanding, rather than pursuit of a deeper insight.”

Propagandist? The Consul General has been busy supporting policies of expanding settlements in the West Bank, supporting the war on Gaza, supporting a brutal blockade, and now will be supporting a policy of muzzling Palestinians, and Jewish Israelis, who dare to commemorate the Nakba of 1948. The Foreign Minister, his boss, is seen by many (even Israeli diplomats) as extreme as fascist Haider of Austria… and this man is calling Cindy Corrie a “propagandist”?  Cindy Corrie who wants justice, freedom, security and economic viability for both Israelis and Palestinians?

I think its a way of saying there is a point of view that the Consul General finds might disturb the status quo. Change might happen. Scary. Also a way to challenge the official narrative. “accidental” he says? That’s the official line. Not so fast. Maybe not an accident. as perhaps the deaths of hundreds of civilians in the war on Gaza of December/January is perhaps not an accident, or the continuing blockade that brings hunger to the people of Gaza is not an accident.  Perhaps the latter atrocity is nothing more than a joke among its designers.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a national group based in the Bay Area, is one of the groups co-sponsoring this film, and they are to be commended for their courage, as well as the festival organizers. Compare this to the sometimes successful effort to not allow the staging of the play: “My Name is Rachel Corrie” at several theaters around the country (which helped tremendously, no doubt, with publicity and its success where it was produced).


Footage from Rachel’s murder by the Israeli Defense Forces. Actual cockpit transmission from the D-9 bulldozer driver to the watch tower, saying he “hit an object” and “I think the object got hit by the dobby (D-9) and he is in a severe condition.” He is asked “Did you see him?” and responds “Yes I saw him, I think he is dead.”
From the documentary “Rachel: An American Conscience” which you can order here:


Here is how Cecilie Surasky of Jewish Voice for Peace responds to J Weekly’s editorial opposing the presence of Cindy Corrie.

There’s something so deeply, deeply depressing about the attack against Cindy Corrie by J Weekly, the Bay Area’s Jewish newspaper. True, it’s just one of countless examples of the moral malaise that plagues the institutional Jewish world when it comes to Palestinians, but on this day, this day when I am fresh back from Gaza, from Hebron, from Silwan, it has gotten to me.

I’m not sure which is worse- the possibility that the J’s editorial writer actually believes the morally groundless drivel he or she is writing? Or the possibility that they know full well that the moral outrage that is the Israeli treatment of Gazans is an affront to all Jews and feeling people, but that they care more about keeping advertisers happy.

Change is happening, both in the Jewish Community and the wider community, and the keepers of the status quo cannot shut it down. that’s not to say they are not trying. This should be seen in the wider context. In Israel, beyond the attempt to erase “Nakba” from the history books, (see assaf’s diary)there is also the arrest and detention of Jewish groups who desire a different future for Israel, not based on militarism and oppression. The government must resort to repression not just of Palestinians, which is widely-accepted Israeli tradition, but now even Jewish dissidents. It is the criminalization of dissent, by any means necessary.

It won’t work. Arrests will not work. Personal attacks will not work. Like the ones that will accumulate below, more likely than not, some based purely on the idea that most of my diaries deal with oppression of Palestinian rights… what if i were focusing on the Health Care debate… would there be this wild accusations without basis if i was consistently unfriendly to insurance company policies? Is there some mathematical formula to determine one’s “acceptable” criticism of Israel? It really is nothing less than a lame attempt to avoid dealing with substance, and diverting people’s attention.

This movement to demand justice in the Middle East is already too large, too diverse for that to work. They will call Rachel and her mother “terrorist sympathizers” who have no business going to Gaza. Like they say that Ezra Nawi has no business protect homes in the West Bank. Like others said that Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner had no business going to Mississippi to support the movement for justice there. Or like others said that Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan had no business in El Salvador.

It is our business to share in the struggle for human rights and peace.

Rachel will be shown on Saturday, July 25th, 1:30 pm at the beautiful Castro Theater in San Francisco. Cindy Corrie Will be there.

Here is the Statement from the organisors of the San Francisco Film Festival….on why they are screening Rachel

Why San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is showing Rachel, a film by Simone Bitton about Rachel Corrie, and inviting Cindy Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s mother, to the Festival:

1. The film Rachel is directed by veteran filmmaker Simone Bitton, a dual citizen of Israel and France. The documentary takes an unflinching look at the controversy surrounding the death of an American activist who was protesting Israeli military actions in Gaza. In the film, Bitton, through interviews with eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers and spokespeople, and others close to the tragedy, exposes new information about the incident which we believe makes for very worthwhile viewing, from both a journalistic and an aesthetic perspective. The film has already played in such prestigious festivals as the Berlin International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival (New York).

2. The film Rachel includes the viewpoints of people with a variety of opinions on the events which led to Ms. Corrie’s death. It includes interviews with Israeli army spokeswoman Avital Leibovitch, as well as doctors, activists, soldiers, Israeli and Palestinian civilians, and Rachel Corrie’s parents. The film also includes military video from the Israeli army.

3. As with all the films we show at SFJFF, we are presenting the views of the filmmakers and their subjects in what we hope is an atmosphere that encourages free expression and public debate. We regret that the filmmaker of Rachel could not be present to discuss the film personally, although we invited her to be here. Cindy Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s mother, is a subject of the documentary, and it is customary (and even expected by audiences) for documentary subjects to participate in Festival screenings. This kind of exchange has occurred throughout our Festival’s long history, and Cindy Corrie herself has addressed audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival, presentations in New York theaters, and other cultural forums. We wish to provide our audiences with the same opportunity. Her appearance at SFJFF is not intended to provide a political platform but rather to deepen the dialogue around the film. Cindy Corrie has publicly advocated for ensuring “justice, freedom, security and economic viability for both Israelis and Palestinians.” We think it will be an illuminating conversation.

4. We are presenting the film as part of a wider series on social justice and activism, and want our audience to have the benefit of a direct encounter with those who can help them understand Rachel Corrie’s motivations ] even if they don’ agree with them ] from a very personal standpoint. The filmmaker considers herself a film essayist rather than a reporter and desires the film to be viewed as an artistic statement as well as an investigation.

5. SFJFF’ commitment to Israeli filmmakers and cinema is steadfast. We are proud that this year we are showcasing 37 individual films from or connected to Israel –comedies, dramas, documentaries, animation and shorts –which together form a very vibrant portrait of the country and its complexity. Other political affairs documentaries besides Rachel include Gilad Shalit: 2 Years in Captivity, a portrait of Gilad Shalit, the soldier captured by Hamas; and Chronicle of a Kidnap, a portrait of Karnit Goldwasser, the widow of Ehud Goldwasser, an Israeli soldier who was one of many victims of the Lebanon war.

6. The SFJFF supports the democratic exchange of ideas that great filmmaking provides. We believe that the best artists, including documentary filmmakers, create work that makes us think and sparks a dialogue both within the Jewish community and the greater community of the Bay Area. We do not expect that the views of every film or speaker will be embraced by all of our audiences, nor can every film represent the diverse views of SFJFF staff, board, members or  sponsors. We unanimously embrace the tradition of spirited debate that is a core element of Jewish inquiry, and strive to provide a welcoming forum for the discussion of different perspectives.




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11 Responses to "RACHEL, the film Israel does NOT want you to see"

  1. Johnny Punish  March 12, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Martin Luther King stood for justice and had to break the law many times to bring attention to the injustice. Mahatma Ghandi did the same in India and South Africa. Using your logic, Martin Luther King and Ghandi would be condemned. To be a hero takes guts and facing a bulldozer as it attempts to enforce an inhumane law is big. Rachel is an American hero while you and I are mere spectators!

  2. Michael A. Teyer  July 31, 2009 at 2:08 am

    Its and eye opener. My prayers to the family and friends of this young lady. I am dissappointed at the US and Israel.

  3. BOB  July 29, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Since 9/11 over 27,000 Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants in the America.
    How many foreigners on U.S. soil respect American law?

  4. Joe 6 Pack  July 29, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    I’m just tired of all the hatred fromt he left. It’s like none of you have original thoughts. I personally have conflicting feelings on Israel. Some of the things Israel has done I do not support. However, I can only imagine how it must feel to have a neighbor not acknowledge the murder of 6 million of your people and openly state they will wipe you off the face of the earth as soon as they are able. Then to have the rest of the world not care…

    The left seems to be very understanding of every other minority in the world. They come to the defense of Muslims every chance they get. I haven’t seen any Israelis chopping off heads on utube!

    I’m just saying… Get a clue!

  5. BOB  July 29, 2009 at 11:24 am

    2,000 years ago the Hebrews occupied land that belonged to Egypt then invaded Palestine to expand it.
    When Egypt neutralized their army the Hebrews immigrated to Egypt then over 100 years time reached the height of politics to destroy the Egyptian Economy.
    When the Hebrews were deported they took the land they originally occupied then tried to invade Palestine again before being neutralized by the Romans.
    After the Romans neutralized their army the Jews went to Europe and politically destablized the European continent into opposing parties leading to two major world wars.
    Now that the jews have been granted the land they originally occupied from Egypt they have shot thousands of children and created the worlds largest open-air prison on american tax dollars and the blessings of the religious right.
    Why shouldnt christian Americans be pissed?

  6. DA White  July 29, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Rachel was from the USA and a student at a university in Oregon, I don’t care what religion she belongs to, I am sorry that she lost her life, but she was out of line. If you are a guest in a another country, you should abide by their rules and laws. Israel and the United States are a small minority of the countries in the world that allow their citizens to decide issues by the ballot box. Go Vote!

  7. Glenn  July 29, 2009 at 10:49 am

    Hey joe, you dont read much of the talmud, do ya? Or perhaps its more likely you *do* read it and live by it? Kudos to the staff for posting this article, it takes real guts.

  8. Joe 6 Pack  July 29, 2009 at 10:03 am

    I feel for the young woman and her family. I don’t know the facts so I won’t condemn nor condone Israel. My opinion is that they were in the wrong.

    However, you anti-simites scare the living hell out of me. You undoubtedly support every minority group out there unless you’re Jewish or Catholic. Historically, the Jews are the most hated and abused group of people in the world. You guys tend to have a lot of empathy when a minority commits a crime in this country, but very little for the Jews.

    If I had to fight 2,000 years for something, you’d better believe I’d be a little defensive. Just a thought.

  9. Charlie  July 28, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Any decent Jewish person in this country knows that this was nothing
    but cold-blooded murder, just like they tried to do to the
    USS LIBERTY in 1967. Anytime Israel does this type of thing the
    first statement they make is “this was an accident”. The Jewish
    people both in Israel and this country (and all over the world) know
    they are lying. The American people need to stand behing this girl
    who produced this film. God Bless her.

  10. BOB  July 28, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    The government of Israel is the problem.

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