Any discussion that challenges how people are conditioned by repeated lies and planned mythology is doomed to fail.  The human mind has been debased to the point where it no longer learns as part of survival but takes in lies like a rat eating a corpse.  Nearly every assumption we are expected to build on, from the phony heroics of Rudy Giuliani or the utterly discredited 9/11 investigation to the imaginary War on Terror was created in whole or part as a fiction, to entertain, amuse or to kill.  The glue that holds Washington, Kabul, Tel Aviv, London, Zurich and Geneva together is war profits, drug money and oil speculation.  What makes it all possible is the lies we call news, lies, staged terrorist “events” and wars where, if we didn’t supply the enemy ourselves, we would be using cluster bombs against spears.  Building an enemy is far more important than defeating one.

Every word we are bombarded with separates us, American against American, Christian and Jew against Muslim.  This is the plan, dehumanize everyone to everyone, then slaughter is little more than disposing of trash.  Americans looked on Red China in the 50s and 60s as a society built on hate.  Albania armed its entire population, buiding bunkers for each family, half of Russia had moved underground and East and West had maneuvered half the 3rd world into killing each other, all over the insane ideas that the East was Communist and the West Capitalist, when, in fact, both were thinly veiled military dictatorships playing at politics as little more than cover.


We have over 5000 years of history, a history where organized murder under the term “war” has become the norm.  I always thought the Trojan Wars, fought over Helen’s promiscuity, as the dumbest war in history until the last Bush administration.  Even if 9/11 were as stated, a conspiracy done by an Arab terrorist group, something no longer in evidence, a fact suppressed in most media, were true, the two wars we are stuck in are enigmatic. 

  • Bin Laden denied involvement in 9/11, accusing Israel for arranging the attack.  All bin Laden admissions since have been debunked as coming from Israel itself
  • No training camp has ever been located in Afghanistan nor has there ever been evidence that one had existed. 
  • There is no evidence of an Arab terrorist organization in Afghanistan or Pakistan prior to the US invasion after 9/11.  In fact, there is no evidence Al Qaeda ever existed prior to 9/11.
  • The Afghanistan war has had one purpose, to end the Taliban embargo on Heroin trafficking, the industry that has helped the US and Israel gain political control of every corrupt government in the region

What we have created, is a meat grinder, turning our own sons and daughters into soldiers, not to defend America from terrorism, but indoctrinated to fight a “holy war” against the brown people of the world and the religion of Islam.  Calling this war and so many others anything but race war and ethnic cleansing is a lie.  That so many of our troops are black and brown, Hispanic and even Muslim is ironic.  We have now had several cases where our troops have massacred their own.  Is it any wonder why?


The infamous 2007 Apache helicopter video depicting the moral failure of our forces in Iraq was leaked with excellent timing.  With Israel facing worldwide criticism for ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, doing to them exactly what American did to its own native population, this video gave Israel some breathing room.  I hope Israel thanks their Chinese friends for helping provide this cover.

When our own “Christian warriors” return from the Middle East, and the reality of being duped sets in, many simply can’t survive.  This makes me think of the Israeli pilots sent to strafe the USS Liberty.  These were decent men sent on a brutal and criminal mission.  Americans died but those who took part in the murder died to.  Nobody survives committing an atrocity, nobody but a sociopath.  Sociopaths never make it into war, they stay in government where they belong.  Those who can’t survive the rigors of government become pundits, lecturers or, worst of all, attempt to be journalists.

Odd as it may seem, the biggest victims of the siege of Gaza are the Israeli troops involved.  I know dozens who have served in the IDF, good and decent people.  Many are friends, close friends.  You can only lie to yourself so much.  How does blowing up a water treatment plant make Israel safe?  Was Israel unsafe?  How long can someone hate another because of race or religion and remain human? 

Let’s look in our own backyard. 


In the early days of the internet, AOL, Usenet and CompuServe, internet communities sprung up overnight, discussing everything from history to genealogy.  The phenomenon of the “internet troll” came about, people whose anti-social nature was sublimated by the “real world” became virtual lions, Hitleresque in nature, spewing venom and hate with every peck at the keyboard.  Over the years, as internet using began to reach tens of millions in the US alone, behaviorists began to see value in exploiting this vast underbelly of psychopaths.  Could they be organized and manipulated?  Is the next Oswald out there? 

The behaviorists, funded by “think tanks” always seek one thing, funding for research, always that magic moment when a porpoise can be trained to blow up a ship or what if a rat could carry a bomb?  Where would we be without behaviors and “think tanks.”  These groups recruit marginalized academics with personality disorders to produce opinions “on demand” as though they were omelets.  Put a glossy enough name, like The American Enterprise Insitute, behind a few angry, confused and delusional types unable to survive in the real world, and you can begin selling any idea as long as their is a client willing to pay.  The ideas almost always run to one direction, the criminal acts of the powerful against decent people must always be justified. 

If a thief has looted your retirement fund or your job has been mysteriously eliminated, the “theory” justifying this came from a “think tank.”

Behaviorists and “think tanks” also advise on policy.  Would people and organizations like this advise a government to stage terrorist attacks on its own people in order to pass draconian laws, create new, massive and useless agencies and start a generation of war?  Could such organizations help restructure banking law to allow “pump and dump”  groups to trade phony sub-prime mortgage instruments, inflating 5 dollars of real property into millions in collateral to cover billions in debt until everything exploded?  Oh, you thought Acorn did this? 


The biggest impact the internet has had has been to explore the depths of the human soul.  More hate, more threats, more insanity is spewed on the internet in one hour than came out of Nazi Germany in 12 years.  With the sick, the paranoid, the angry and the uneducated so easy to find, catalog and manipulate, manipulate using some of the best scientific minds glad to work to debase humanity for a paycheck, a subculture of minor “kooks” took on the power of a political movement.

Man’s most basic inhuman behavior is racism.  Cultural differences and religious divides exacerbated by religion has brought us into the area of “primordialism,” tapping behaviors once thought to originate in the medulla.  Thus, where Germany justified their war in 1914 as an attempt to spread what they thought was the world’s most advanced culture under the watchwords, “Gott Ist Mit Uns”  (God is with us), we have expanded through a psyche bombarded by electronic media a descent into the primordial ooze.  What we call “racism” or “hate” is, in actuality, the use by technologically advanced societies and their scientifically perfected propaganda skills, using control of every aspect of culture to dehumanize the “enemy” and barbarize their own population.

Thus, the societal norm is to look on any chosen group, be it political, racial, religious, ethnic or of alternative sexual orientation as, not only inhuman but as a threat.


In America, you could parade with a Nazi arm band or wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, carrying a burning cross, espousing threats to the “white race” and espousing separatism and even violence.  Such organizations fell into such disrepute that their behaviors became criminalized and they, themselves, were scorned.  Today, groups advocating ideas far more violent, far more hate oriented than the Klan or Nazi party walk the streets with heads held high.  Hiding behind such superficial concepts of “family values” and “Christian Zionism” (a cult with beliefs tied to nuclear destruction and forced conversion of Jews to Christianity) and allied with the “robber barons” of the 21st century, the military/financial/oil/drug cartels that control half the world’s governments, barbarism comparable to any era in human history, not only survives, but spreads in ways previously unimagined. 

The “value added” by use of scientific methodologies in manipulating human populations through exploiting primordial fears such as sexual humiliationor loss of territory for “hunter gatherer clans,” has been to create an intellectual environment that devalues knowledge and science as “elitism” and find virtue in fear and brutality.  Thus, any normal human advancement is suppressed.  The result is a caricature of ourselves, as though we had been written into a Star Trek episode as an example of a race in decline generally blamed on some obscure environmental toxin or bombardment by an “evil” sub-atomic particle.


Humans are not supposed to eat their own young, but it is exactly what we are doing.  While we mortgage the economic future of our children through worldwide empires built on corruption and debt, building a series of oligarchical societies quickly returning the world to feudalism, we similarly are raising a generation of our children to fight wars, narco-wars, oil wars, wars meant to exploit resources and maximize poverty, despair and breed another generation of extremism and fear.

Who would have thought that societies capable of unimagined technological achievements, even capable of mirroring the miracles of creation and the universe, would descend into a reptilian culture?  Simply follow popular culture.  Entertainment is a mixture of post-apocalyptic horrors, dramas based on examination of rotting human remains or adventure series exalting hatred and vengeance.


Turn on your television.  You will be told that in some far off land, the son of a poverty stricken shepherd is being taught to memorize the Koran.  You have seen this message a thousand times.  You are told this child is learning to hate and must be bombed out of existence by use of robotic drones controlled by American teenagers at a base outside Washington DC.  When, day after day, we hear that a school or market has been attacked in Pakistan or that an American drone has mistaken a wedding party for a terrorist conclave are we repulsed and horrified or do we feel some hidden satisfaction than an animal, strange and threatening has been slaughtered?  That feeling, the fleeting joy at the death of innocents is the reptilian brain taking charge.

In 1945, American soldiers liberated a labor camp in Germany.  Hundreds of dead and thousands of dying were found, subjected in unimaginable inhumanity.  General Eisenhower ordered the residents of the nearby town to be taken to the camp to view what had gone on near their homes, their town, their churches, the churches they attended without fail each Sunday.  Anyone in Germany found defending those responsible, simply speaking out in public or private, is imprisoned.

In 1968, American soldiers murdered 566 Vietnamese civilians, many of them small children, even infants.  One officer was said to have committed many of the murders personally, machine-gunning women with babes in arms.  He was arrested.  A massive outcry for his release spread across the land, the biggest single movement in American history, a request that he be freed, despite the fact that tens of millions of Americans had seen films of his crimes, seen the babies in the ditch.

Vietnam maintains a museum at My Lai, much like the one Germany keeps at Dachau.  Israel, with American help, has amassed a huge nuclear arsenal and a defense industry that turns out some of the world’s most advanced weapons.  American troops ride in Israeli vehicles, use Israeli UAV aircraft and Israeli military electronics.  Israel, while arming to the teeth under the motto, “never again,” now stands accused of the same crimes committed against its own people decades before.

America also stands accused of these same crimes, murder, genocide, torture, just as Germany had so long ago, just as America had before,  in 1968.  When America chose to exalt a murderer, what door did we open?

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  1. Tainted1  April 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    wowzer man..nice post…like bloody f__ckin poetry!

  2. jeddy  April 21, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Peace loving hippies, all of whom were American, roamed around the world saying ‘peace brother’. They were against the US war in Vietnam, these hippies showed another face of the USA, which many did not know existed. But those hippies became middle aged men who have been co-opted. They are civil servants who are blindly supporting wars whether they are justified or not. They are advertising that it is not safe for Americans to travel abroad, though when they were younger and were hippies went everywhere.
    Americans are so scared, particularly in Pakistan, the American Centre in Karachi is no longer the friendly and warm place it once was. It is now a fortress, with ominous antennas on its roof. There are plans to expand the American Embassy, transform it into a bunker. Plans are to make so big so that an entire military brigade can live in a secret basement comfortably.
    Americans are terrified at the same time sponsoring state sponsored terrorism by using mercenary organisation like formerly known as Blackwater. Instead of wasting money useless war, that money can be spent revive the American economy. People in the USA are conditioned to believe if they are unemployed it is their fault, if they are homeless it is their fault. Absolute evil has descended in America. In the name of Capitalism over 200 million Americans are homeless, while huge bonuses are being paid to the directors of bankrupt companies.

  3. gmg  April 20, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Looks like I made a mistake and the URL didn’t show.


  4. gmg  April 20, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Why am I not surprised?

    But this, “… by presenting facts that suit his argument …” is rich.

    I think I would have put facts inside quotes. But that’s just me, of course.

    Anyway, you can find me over on the forum here. There’s a link around here somewhere. Or put this in your browser .

  5. Dan  April 20, 2010 at 8:50 am

    So many good points. Every manner of atrocity is excused and no conscience ruffled marching under the banner of good intentions. Richard Weaver called the media version of life the Great Stereopticon, an illusion from end to end, and quotes these lines from the Phaedrus: “They will appear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing; they will be tiresome, having the reputation of knowledge without the reality.” As I’m writing this some pundit is just now on Morning Joe, probably lying about one thing or another by presenting facts that suit his argument, with a claque of other liars around the table nodding approvingly. Contrived, scripted give-and-take passing for thoughtful consideration.

    Yet, this false image of reality is what’s real for nearly all Americans. Spengler said the greatest caricature of freedom is the notion in the mind of the average citizen that he thinks for himself, and that no animal trainer had his charges more under his control. Richard Mitchell added that the average person doesn’t even know who the authors of his own thoughts are.

    And, as Dostoevsky pointed out, nothing these people say is without tendency. No fact, no image, no argument is ever put forward without intending to fabricate public opinion on one issue or another. When all venues of public discourse are controlled by the enemies of a people, their enslavement follows with inexorable logic. In this country, to the point that parents proudly wave American flags as their sons are flown off to foreign lands to incinerate innocent peasant people in the name of freeing them, with thousands coming home dead and mutilated, and all to serve their real enemies here at home. Now that’s real enslavement.

  6. gmg  April 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Thank you for your response, Niall.

    I am afraid, though, you have raised a few more questions, in my mind.

    I do not understand the upper case ‘P’ in the noun predator.

    The only proper noun, Predator, I am familiar with is the movie title.

    So you can now understand why I am then confused as to what the antecedent is for the pronoun it in that same sentence.

  7. Brian Meadows  April 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Rabid hamsters! I LOVE it!!

  8. nsprie  April 19, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Dear GORDON,

    Excellent summary of today’s manufactured pseudo-reality ( w/o consensus )!

    Please do consider that although “decline_of_human_culture” is a very catchy title, it is also counter-indicated by your brilliantly delineated point of view.

    What I mean is that our true “_c.u.l.t.u.r.e_” is in our hearts, not what we are so thoroughly percolated and propagandized by — it is what connects us together and abundantly linked.

    Yes — I agree that the machinations of the widely visible sociop.a.t.h.e.t.ics are winning today’s tidal war of brain stem based reptilian terror upon us, BUT that is not my state of heart.

    We’ve been too deluded and denuded by what appears ( to too many ) to be “OUR” culture, when it is simply “another brick in the wall” part of rapacious violation by the elitist manipulators. The rabid psychopaths and fetid prostitutes in and behind the “liberal” think tanks are carefully constructing a world of dehumanizing numbed-down fear-seized crazies.

    Our culture is much more than what they want us to believe it is.

    Please persevere to make our ASCENSION of personally embedded culture sing and lead us as a “bridge over troubled water”.

    Peace and Abundance,

  9. Niall Bradley  April 19, 2010 at 11:20 am

    War is a concept that’s foreign to humanity. It’s from the mind of the Predator which “gave us its mind” as Carlos Castaneda put it. The subtitle could be more precisely read as:

    “War is never human, no matter how the psychopaths-in-power* package it”

    *in a word, ‘Pathocracy’

    Check out Andrew Lobacewski’s Political Ponerology:


  10. Gordon Duff  April 19, 2010 at 11:16 am

    I see them as rabid hamsters.

  11. Niall Bradley  April 19, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Rather than being actual shape-shifting reptilians, what if they’re psychopaths, the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing? Now, whether they’re “tuned into” something reptilian or not, that’s a different story. If they’re not animated by souls like normal humans, what’s coming through them?

  12. Gordon Duff  April 19, 2010 at 9:49 am

    I hope one of the readers will reply. We have a good group here.

  13. gmg  April 19, 2010 at 9:47 am

    I am confused by the use of “human” in this subtitle:


    Might somebody explain that subtitle to me, please?

    And, thank you.

  14. nfl jerseys free shipping  April 19, 2010 at 8:56 am

    scumbags then carry out the body bags. Let veteran blood stain the ground because there will be many thousands of homeless and more so the two Purple Hearts. I am hoping that they will get the ones together and love to go there but I can’t. The old wounds are getting worse. If I could get there I would wear all the medals I have these

  15. Woofer  April 19, 2010 at 2:55 am

    “The glue that holds Washington, Kabul, Tel Aviv, London, Zurich and Geneva together is war profits, drug money and oil speculation.” I agree

  16. Woofer  April 19, 2010 at 2:51 am

    I do not trust anybody that spells GOD as G-D

  17. Mick  April 18, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    This is the best description of what Gordon calls primodialism I have ever seen.

    The weapons of mass destruction have been found.


    This is not the whole article but I had better not try and get it all in.


The weapons of mass destruction have been found. breaking news. 

I rejected that hardened, sullen-tempered Pharaoh of England forever…and disdain the wretch – Thomas Paine (American Founding Father on British King George III)

And at that time you made the choices that have shaped your future and your destiny. Quietly, you chose either the way of servility and reward, of sorcery or Magic, of conformity or rebellion. It was a simple “yes!” or “no!” choice. If you chose the latter then you are a child of the true Holy Spirit. If you chose the former you have nothing to do with that Spirit. You are in fact a sinner against it.

Do you really believe that your sick priests and pastors serve Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Well they don’t! They themselves conform and so they need you do the same. What they want and what they teach is the pure antithesis of the message of the true Holy Spirit. They invent the very hells they fear. They are the very hell they fear. But you pay their way since, after all, they expertly endorse and reinforce your own abhorrent ideas about life, god, and cosmos. Lucifer’s business is booming. The creatures of death and decay are presiding because your world is dying and turning rotten. These misleaders are merely the maggots and parasites one would expect to find thriving upon necrotic tissue. They are merely symptoms and not causes, as you would so prefer to believe.

As babies, you did not like being separated from your mothers. No, that was most traumatic. You did not like having to be independent that day and so independence has always been inwardly suspected and cursed. To this day you associate real independence of thought and action with pain, anxiety, and trauma. Like toddlers of 2 or 3 years old you are aware of, and afraid of, your own fragility physically and mentally. And so you over-estimate the power and strength (another Talismanic word) of the FATHER figure. He possesses the strength that you in your infantilism and impotency do not possess.

Your thinking is autistic, narcissistic, and masochistic, and you’re in denial of your denial. You use your pain to gain attention. You perform good deeds and mistake that mere performance for true virtue. Your ambition and preoccupation is an avoidance of inwardness. You compete to prove you’re better and that you matter. You adore the clutter, the noise, over-stimulation, and endless domestic minutiae, because it distracts you from attending to your Dharma (Authentic Destiny). You crave a relationship because you have none with yourself. You want children because by your twenties you are sick of yourself. You crave more so you can feel rich. Deconstruction, divestiture, and psychosomatic catharsis mean nothing to you. All that matters is acquisition, competition, attainment, and award. The earth can suffer, but that is alright, as long as you succeed. Just remember that there is a price for such egregious error and folly.

To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else – Bernadette Devlin (Activist and Politician, Northern Ireland)

Nothing great enters the life of mortals without a curse – Sophocles

What does this all mean? It means that you are unaware that you are unaware. It means that you have given up the right rulership of yourself. It means that you have become totally dependent upon the priests, politicians, medics, and corporations telling you what to think, believe, and do. You don’t want freedom. You’re scared to death of that. What you really want is freedom from freedom; and Big Brother is itching to let you have exactly what you secretly desire.

    Your puppet-masters at the Vatican, at the Tavistock Institute, and at Georgetown University, don’t want you going around free, integrated, and sane. Then you are a danger to them. So, they perpetually over-infuse alien cultures and mores into your polyglot life-space and, as a result, all peoples and all traditions are compromised. Mention race, tribe, ethnicity, or national sovereignty, and you are looked upon as a dinosaur, an anachronism, something to be incarcerated or liquidated. 
    Media viruses have, like an acid, corroded your consciousness and made you insane. A pornographic media has fragmented your children psychically so they don’t know if they are coming or going. They are emotionally mutilated shards. They try this and that, until jaded and sullied they find out that its all a sick joke. They seek crude power and dominance and finally crave extinction from their own inner angst and fragmentation. Their case is critical, but you cannot fix them. You too are broken and lost. So, after the Media is done, the Medics move in with their panaceas. You have become comfortably numb.
    1. You may even crave pain to feel alive. You ride the roller-coaster in your relationships and use conflict to prick yourself awake. You join the club, the herd, and think and act as they do. You have no true sense of self, but you can cluster with other toxic non-selves and get a sense of identity and purpose that way. If Bill O’Reilly and Oprah say it’s good, you squeal – its goooood!
    You exist in a state of zombification. And this is not a joke. You are the “Manchurian Candidate.” You have been drugged and slowly poisoned by unseen voodoo priests that control your very thoughts.

    By way of their arsenal of weapons (schools, media, corporations, indoctrination, and fear, etc) they have gradually but successfully narrowed and limited the parameters of your consciousness. Their real mastery lies in their ability to convince you, their mannequin, that you are actually in control of your own mental and somatic functions, your own thoughts and beliefs.And, may we ask, what is the nature of the hypnotized person? His sensitivity is drastically reduced. His thinking is done for him by someone else. If he is told he is Superman or Sir Lancelot he will believe it. His perception is altered. He will believe anything he is told. He will lose his inhibitions and act out his repressed instincts. Logic and reason go out the window. Meaning has the same value as madness. Salt can taste like sugar. He will commit criminal acts that he would avoid in the fully conscious state. He will feel no guilt for any destructive actions. He will walk off the edge of a cliff if told to do so. Truth could be hollered into his ears ad infinitum and he will remain vacant and indifferent. Get the picture?

     In this way they are superior to the normal bug-eyed witch-doctor.
    So now, you make the world pay for your inability to face this pain that comes with natural organic maturation. That is alright. It is no problem. Those guys are your enemy. They are merely the not-you, so their suffering does not count or matter. Dead bugs on the windscreen. As long as Big Daddy and God pat you on the head, you are satisfied. What they espouse becomes the consensus. Country is important. Government and Homeland Security are important. Patriotism is important. Being the hero, yes, that too is important. The strong hero replaces the weak child.Yep, all of that is important but not the lives of murdered men, women, and children whom you have never met. Daddy’s logic is so sweet and simple; when they, the threats, are all gone, all gone away, all dead, then you will have no more fear and no more enemy. Then heaven will descend to earth and peace will reign in the hearts of all god’s good obedient children. Then you will finally be a “strong” nation. Then you will feel so strong – like “Thulsa Dooms” enjoying the aroma atop your mountain of corpses and bones.

    What of your inner republic? In that narrow, sterile, super lit asylum your dark guardians come and go bringing reports that tell of terrible inner ruin and what needs to be done to restore peace and sanity. But you call these agents by some dirty names. To you they are “Anger,” “Fear,” “Hate,” “Violence,” “Loneliness.” You put up great barriers and turn the racket of the world up to level ten to make sure that their counsel is never heard. Its not toward your soul you turn but to Prozac and other filthy products of the Beast. You don’t face the problem you numb yourself against it. You turn yourself off and thank your psychotropic engendered high for helping you to face the world with that big bright white, white smile.
    Your being is fractured and your emotional body dismembered and terribly wounded. But even when you know better you continue to pathologically censor yourself and, thereby, you bringing further catastrophe both to your inner republic and to the world. You are like a squatter hiding in a nook beneath the staircase of a wondrous mansion that you forgot belongs to you and that you now fear to explore. Is it not time to open up some doors and step out onto the high balcony again to hear the great bells of creation ringing?

    Remember one thing above everything else: the real Armageddon – the real war – is on consciousness. Other brawls are merely an adroitly crafted distraction to prevent you from knowing this. What you get on your TV is a global snuff film courtesy of ‘er majesty “Lizzy” in London and his “holier than thou” mightiness in Roma, designed to drain every ounce of self-will and power from your mind and heart. Yes, the war is against that which is most precious in this world of men – Reason, Virtue, Sanity, Freedom, and Selfhood. Professor Tolkein has told you now, and “V” had something to say on the subject. Were yoYou, or your country, can choose the way of love or the way of power. You can occupy the white squares of knowledge or the black squares of ignorance. Choice is given a man to show who and what he is. If you chose the wrong road there is time to change direction. But if you have chosen wrongly you will be held accountable by the higher self (the Holy Spirit) that suffers from your neglect and endorsement of lies and death. The Holy Spirit approaches and many minds are worried. They know that the end is approaching and that the “Apocalypse” (cleansing) is at hand. Therefore, its “party to the end” and “let’s get smashed!” Satiating the senses is the only high left. More toys please! Can you find the still-point in the midst of all of this insanity? Or will you tranquilize yourself all the more? Will you edit? Or will you observe, grow, and take back your power?
    Is it not time to cease “Wormtonguing” yourself? Are you not so tired of lying to yourself and accepting the lies of arch-deceivers implying that love can be found where truth is not? Well, dear friends, to find love there must first be truth in your world and heart. And it must be unadulterated and strong. Don’t expect to find love without its companion and protector. You won’t find Shakti without Shiva, or Frodo without Samwise, or Lord Aragorn without his Elven mate watching his back, arrows at the ready.

    The Tzar of Russia once looked in admiration to the American Experiment and sent ships, money and troops to assist in the war of independence. Philosophers and poets wrote hymns to America, and now we find the Greenspans sucking you dry.
    By 1934 under Roosie, what was left of your problematic sovereignty and solvent economy was lost forever…from then on you were America Inc, a subsidiary of the British Crown, run by lieutenant Rothschild and Co…You incarcerated the great Ezra, and you blew Rockwell’s brains out.

    Once the Emperor of Russia looked on and sought to model his rule on what he saw rising. Now, his enemies and those of the world pick over the bones. It is not America that wars in the Middle East, but the enemies of America, who have already brought you to your knees.
    They don’t serve you America, they serve London, Rome, and Venice…They are the false Humanists and Fabians, the servants of evil…whose agents slipped in unawares.
    So now their power pyramid is built, and you are in its vile shadow. It has been built brick by Masonic brick for years. Its capstone is this very minute being hauled into position, and the altars of sacrifice are being prepared for the docile sheeple. They don’t really need the ants who once were so valuable pushing their slave wheels. So, now up come the ladders on the “Middle Class.” They will dangle you a carrot though, just to offset mass rebellion. Yeah, sure you can keep your job here at home.

    Once upon a time King George, the greatest tyrant in the world, and his horde of paid mercenaries from all over Europe ran like hell from you America, their asses burning from the kicking, back into the Atlantic Ocean where they belong. What happened? Have you forgotten the price of FREEDOM?

    And so you have hatreds, enemies, problems, stress, suspicion, and confusion. And you are aggressive because, like infants, you insist that reality take on the shape of your beloved ideas. It won’t take it on, so you get more hardened, frustrated, and aggressive. You admire and despise those with better ideas. Your friends are those who corroborate and endorse your infantile and contradictory ideas, those priests, pastors, and gurus. You don’t realize the manner in which such maniacs have poisoned you, infected you with their sick memes and ideas. Well, guess what? Toxic people can not talk with angels. Toxic people can not download truth or know wisdom. Their perverted brains are capable only of receiving mental infections from higher up, spiritual pornography to darken the mind and sicken the heart. Your leaders, the most toxic of the lot, they are busy with their guides, busy downloading memes from their dark masters, the black sorcery from their Dark Lord. So, is this what you want to possess you? Did such putrid vileness possess Dali, Escher, Blake, Rilke, Breughel, or Magritte? Did it possess Handel, Beethoven, or Bach? Not bloody likely! Be Aware! The Shining Ones have been amongst you. They have walked very close to you. Have you not felt them? Have you not felt their immeasurable love for you, that can never be expressed with words? They knew all about you. How come you know nothing of them?u listening?

  18. Mick  April 18, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Mike James has tried to kill himself for the fourth time. Slashed his wrists with swiss knife.

    More of his former articles here.

    Great stuff here by ten bears: Homeless in the high desert. Many veterans can identify with this.

  19. paul  April 18, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Here is the difinitive word.

    Main Entry: caste
    Pronunciation: \ˈkast also ˈkäst\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Portuguese casta, literally, race, lineage, from feminine of casto pure, chaste, from Latin castus
    Date: 1613
    1 : one of the hereditary social classes in Hinduism that restrict the occupation of their members and their association with the members of other castes
    2 a : a division of society based on differences of wealth, inherited rank or privilege, profession, occupation, or race b : the position conferred by caste standing : prestige
    3 : a system of rigid social stratification characterized by hereditary status, endogamy, and social barriers sanctioned by custom, law, or religion
    4 : a specialized form (as the worker of an ant or bee) of a polymorphic social insect that carries out a particular function in the colony

    — caste·ism \ˈkas-ˌti-zəm\ noun

  20. rthorne  April 18, 2010 at 11:03 am

    The Current Condition Of The World Is Sheer Evil. Numerous Individuals In Power Throughout The Ages Have Slaughtered Countless Innocent Human Beings. Bible Prophecy Is For-Telling Future Events In The Here And Now. Why Is It Most Americans Cannot Recognize These Earth Shaking Events Happening now? That Individual Has Failed To Study Bible Prophecy. Human Beings Will Continue Too Destroy Each Other So Long As Human Beings REJECT G-d. One Can Proclaim To Be An AGNOSTIC Or ATHEIST But That Still Doesn’t Keep One From Escaping ETERNAL JUDGEMENT. Individuals Can MENTAL-MASTURBATE The Ills Of The World All He or She wants too! However! This Won’t Change The TREMENDOUS DESTRUCTION Coming Upon The World. The G-d Haters Of The World Have A RUDE AWAKENING COMING! My Job Isn’t To Convince YOU Or Anyone Else About The Fast Approaching WWIII. I’m Here To Speak The Truth And YOU Can Reject It And Pay The Price Not Long From Now!

  21. Ross  April 18, 2010 at 5:18 am

    Gordon,I think much of this reasoning is now justified by notions of over population
    threat of nuclear war and climate change that could threaten life on the entire planet.After the demise of the USSR they needed another enemy for us to fight and the that would be ill defined one of terrorism that could never be found or eradicated.

    I think with the temp increases we had about 10 yrs ago, everyone was convinced that the planet could overheat and thus this justified their grab for power since the world was either going to hell either by nuclear weapons,global warming or over population.

    They were the ones to save us from ourselves,hence the reliance on think tanks that plan and justify this elitist group of banks and corporates in ruliing the planet.

    These psychopaths are more dangerous than ever in the eyes of defeat,since they will take us to the brink of nuclear annihilation rather than see their grand plan fail.Hitler did like wise and committed suicide after destroying Germany.If Hitler had the nuclear bombs,he would have released these in the face of defeat then committed suicide.

    Hitler won’t be the last one, as there are many now who privately emulate this maniacal mentality.Ordinary people have never wanted wars.It is the few manipulators at the top of the apex of power who push for it.

    So how do we stop this march towards major conflicts where the oil and drugs abound?

  22. Tobey  April 18, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Stuff here I’ve been saying for years, but it’s only half the story. The “God of Abraham” who, if you believe the Judeo-Christian-Islamic texts, led the storm troopers of Joshua to holocaust Jericho, has to maintain a zero sum, in this corner of creation, of good and evil. He’s not the highest god, in spite of what he claims and people say about him. The evil described with some accuracy in the article is what it takes to balance out the good provided by billions of people around the world who most certainly do not fit the profile implied by the article. Anyone with love, sincerity, and consistent application, can create of their own world an oasis of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. For many, this has meant outgrowing the backward religions they were born into, or finding within them higher truths than are usually preached on whichever days they think sacred. (Every moment is really sacred, but I’m trying to keep this simple.)
    Articles like this are good to shake people out of complacency, but this is only useful if people are led to higher truth. I could say more, but since sincere seekers of truth always find it eventually, so I’ll leave well enough alone here.

  23. Mark Are  April 18, 2010 at 12:19 am

    Wow. It looks like you may have read the articles I sent you about the PSYCHOPATHS that are running the world. And added quite a bit more. So true, good article.

  24. Mick  April 17, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Joe Meadors

    I have known about it since shortly after it happened but what can you do about it when the controlled press and controlled politicians will not acknowledge it?

    The information is out there now however for anybody who has internet access. The truth about the liberty has been on this site and rense.com for many many years.


  25. Tom  April 17, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Conditioning, it is all about conditioning. Great article Gordon.

  26. Gordon Duff  April 17, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    We need to have a “sit down” with all the Israeli’s involved in the attack. We could see if any of them would lie to any of you.

  27. paul  April 17, 2010 at 9:09 pm



  28. Gordon Duff  April 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    I am replying to a post. Think about it.

  29. Mick  April 17, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    I haven’t been able to post for sometime. Could it be, yes it could?


  30. ethanallen  April 17, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    No question that we are about to re-establish feudalism. The problem of course is that so many are competing for the position of court jester.

  31. Gordon Duff  April 17, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    We have a version of this going on here in Toledo, Ohio today. War games….

  32. Andre Ouellet  April 17, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Another brilliant essay, Gordon. Have you any details on “Golden Phoenix”? This is the June exercise to simulate the detonation of a 10-kiloton device in L.A. I worry at the thought of such a drill “going live”, like 9-11, since I live in L.A.


  33. Tainted1  April 17, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Brilliant essay…very thought provoking..
    Reptilian brain? Ten years ago, someone tried to turn me on to David Icke. I thought his premise about the reptilian bloodline, etc was a load of BS.

    Now? Geezuz, I’m afraid he’s been right on the mark. It may seem unimaginable, but check him out and see what he has to say about the reptilian brain and hybrid bloodline. Then look at pictures of George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Zybigniew Brezinski and tell me you don’t see reptilian features…

  34. Stewart Ogilby  April 17, 2010 at 7:15 pm


  35. Night Flyer  April 17, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    The beginning of the pull out of Vietnam, the beginning of the view that Vietnam veterans were woman and baby killers. Sedative drugs flooded into and across America. He may have been set free but the rest of us have paid a heavy price. I’d call this you ask about the door of senselessness.

  36. Stewart Ogilby  April 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Gordon, this is one of your best. Democratic mass man continues to be manipulated. Yesterday’s reformers laid responsibility for human degradation upon his betters. Think of Edwin Markham’s famous question:
    “How will it be with kingdoms and with kings –
    With those who shaped him to the thing he is –
    When this dumb Terror shall rise to judge the world,
    After the silence of the centuries?”

    Mass man simply continues to be shaped by his betters who now have mass media at their command, as you have indicated. And yes, it is futile to debate fundamentals with him. Today, Plato would place the philosopher at the helm of media, the fountainhead of our human cultural distruction. What door? Hey, when the college kids were shot at Kent State I recall how appalled I was to discover that most of the people I knew felt that “they had it coming to them”. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!

  37. paul  April 17, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Bill it is so good to see you print the words…..”WHEN YOU ABUSE SOMEONE OR KILL THEM YOU LOSE PART OF YOUR SOUL.” this one comment spells out alot of the problem..for once soul is lost to these acts it seems that it is nothing to repeat these acts over and over….. yes and part of the education system should be dealing with this aspect of reality….. I think people would react much differantly if they where to actually see the so called “graphic images” and know the cost’s of this insane path of death….thanks

  38. Bill Smitts  April 17, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Gordon thanks again. There are so many levels of discussion in your words. First off the top of my head are the veterans coming home from fighting the Bush and Israel wars in Iraq, and yes Afghanistan are going to be angry at some point. We are now beginning to hear some of this anger coming out in self inflicted suicide.

    In reference to your IDF friends I concur Gordon I have never met someone who abused anyone in war ever living a peaceful life. When you abuse someone or kill them you lose part of your soul.

    The Department of Veterans are full of these former soldiers from Vietnam. I have a close friend who been hospitalized 7 times with electrical shock therapy helping him cope with his war inside, with his memories with the 101st airborne Div in Quang Tri Provence Vietnam. I think he was a LLRP? Is that what you call it?

    Sometimes Gordon I think every American should be forced to go to a funeral of some American kid killed in combat fighting the Bush Israeli wars. Maybe babysit a baby of the GI killed, while the young Mom is at the funeral.

    I have heard several times Elliot Abrams a Reagan crook himself called American foreign policy in Latin America racist.

  39. paul  April 17, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    what door you ask “g”…. why that would be the door or the gateway to melee of the worst kind ….nice peice can’t wait to read the coments on this one

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