Is Pakistan the Next Evil Doer?

Who was surprised to find Pakistan associated with a “significant terrorist event” in New York? Was anyone surprised that this “car bomb” incident occurred in the same city as the last significant event? Or that news reports promptly featured the Taliban of Pakistan?

Who labeled it a significant terrorist event?  A “security analyst” with IntelCenter. Visit the site and remember the old adage: Best Story Wins.

Was this a genuine terrorist event? Or was this an agent provocateur operation meant to freshen up a stale storyline: the Global War on Terrorism?

Remember the “Christmas Day Bomber”? Were you surprised to find that “significant terrorist event” was an Israeli operation? Or have you not yet realized its source? See Christmas Day Crotch Bomber Tied to Israel, FBI

Was anyone surprised at the post-event surge in the market value of firms that produce body-scanning equipment? Or that Israel is an industry leader?

Who was surprised to learn that the industry is represented by the law firm of former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff?

If none of this surprises you, read no further because you already have a grip on reality.

For everyone else, please reflect on the seductive fictions that induced us to invade Iraq. And recall the central role played by mainstream media in that successful deceit.

Facts are only valued by those who value a system of law based on facts.

Yet many of us were seduced to become True Believers in what we now know was phony intelligence that took us to war—based on that phony intelligence.

War By Deception

What are the facts of this latest “significant terrorist event”? Was this just a ruse? We don’t yet know. What we know is this: it fits a pattern of displacing facts with beliefs.

The facts are not the point. From a psy-ops perspective, the point is this: notice the impact of this event on what you believe to be true. Do you now associate Pakistan with Evil Doing?

What other associations came to mind? When you heard about possible Islamic terrorists in New York, did Iran come to mind? Did fear of a nuclear “event” come to mind?

Regardless of the facts, impressions were created along with mental associations, however subtle. Once again the public’s shared mind space was awash with Muslim Evil Doers.

Who better than the “Taliban of Pakistan” to advance the 911 narrative? The Taliban is Evil. Pakistan is Muslim. Therefore….

Did The Clash of Civilizations come to mind? Islamo-fascism? Images of Osama bin Laden?

What better way to sustain the narrative—regardless of the facts—than an “event” in Manhattan? As with the Crotch Bomber, the profile given the incident reinforces the need for a pricey and highly profitable Global War on Terrorism.

Facts are irrelevant. To advance the narrative is the point. Who better to portray as evil than nuclear-armed Pakistan?

We Americans are not known for our fluency in geography. But we know Pakistan is a neighbor of Iran who—we are constantly assured—is a certified Evil Doer and habitual Holocaust Denier with an agenda of nuclear terrorism.

Again, the facts are beside the point. The storyline is everything.

What’s a Storyteller to Do?

What happens when a storyline grows ragged around the edges? As the last Evil Doer narrative played out, we found ourselves watching on television the end of a storyline as Saddam Hussein, a former ally, dropped through a Baghdad gallows at the end of a rope.

While there’s no doubt he was an Evil Doer, he did not do the evil claimed as the rationale for war: Iraqi WMD, ties to Al Qaeda, mobile biological weapons laboratories, yellowcake uranium from Niger and so forth.

None of it was true.

Never mind. Let’s move on. Hit the reset button and gird your groins for the next Evil Doer. Iran would be nice but Pakistan will do in a pinch.

To punish a genuine Evil Doer would require that we hang those who fabricated the intelligence that induced us to war in Iraq on false pretenses.

To indict and prosecute those Evil Doers would also help restore U.S. national security. Dispatching more Americans to kill more Muslims seems unlikely to achieve that goal.

To convict and execute genuine Evil Doers requires that we do what the 911 Commission members implied: open a new investigation. Americans don’t yet know how this significant terrorist event succeeded. Nor do we know by whom it was orchestrated. Or why.

With the storyline going stale, Americans are ready for the real facts to displace the report’s many fictions and glaring omissions—as conceded both by 911 Commission members and senior staff.

Those with a grip on reality will not be surprised if a good faith investigation uncovers the same transnational network of operatives as we found in the Crotch Bomber incident. We may find the same operatives at work in the shadows of this latest event.

All that’s required is a singular commitment: to follow the facts wherever they may lead. What a concept.

This time around our national security team is far more cautious. The White House press secretary aptly framed this latest provocation, conceding the Obama administration is “considering all possibilities regarding the motivation behind the bombing.”

One possibility is that this event was the work of the only nation with the requisite means, motivation and opportunity—plus the stable intelligence network—required to stage events such as the Crotch Bomber attack and others too numerous to list.

That nation is not Pakistan. Nor is it Syria. Nor is Iran a possibility. However, don’t be surprised if someone uncovers an evidentiary trail pointing to Hezbollah and the Evil Doers of Iran. Or Pakistan.

For several analyses chronicling the “how” of such duplicity, see:

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A Common Enemy

Veterans Today chief editor Gordon Duff and I traveled to Pakistan in mid-February for ten days of briefings at the invitation of the Pakistani military. My 3-part message was simple:

  1. Pakistan is being pre-staged as the next in a series of plausible Evil Doers. With traction slipping for an attack on Iran, Pakistan could well be next.
  2. The U.S. was induced to invade Iraq on false pretenses. Pakistan is bearing much of the cost in blood and treasure.
  3. We share a common enemy. Please be our friend and remind us who deceived us. Should you encounter any resistance, ask us: what part of this do you not yet understand?

I left behind several dozen copies of Guilt By Association – How Deception and Self Deceit Took America to War.

The invitation was triggered by a 7-part series that first appeared on Opinion-Maker, a Pakistani website where the first analysis generated 25,000 reads in the first 24 hours:What is Israel’s Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?

Pakistanis did not seem to recall how long ago this guilt-by-association storyline began. Every story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

This story began no later than October 10, 2001 when, one month after 911, two Israelis were arrested with guns and grenades inside the Mexican Congress. What passports were found on them? Answer: Pakistani.

Had that operation succeeded, would those passports have been left behind? Will an investigation of this latest incident uncover evidence that points to Pakistan?

Just prior to our departure for Lahore, Pakistan was routinely referenced on the front page of our national newspapers. Those reports included a high-profile account of the arrest of five young Muslim students from Virginia who flew to Pakistan, reportedly for training.

Two weeks prior to this latest “significant terrorist event,” Jewish-Zionist commentator Charles Krauthammer ridiculed President Obama for the outcome of a nuclear weapons conference. Portraying the result as “nuke misdirection,” Krauthammer charged that the real concern should be Pakistan and, implied by association, Iran.

Two days prior to this incident, Khalid Khawaja was found dead in Pakistan. The Taliban took credit for the murder of this former Pakistani intelligence agent.

Reportedly he and a colleague were working to strike an accord between the Taliban and the Pakistani military as a means to stop the violence before a massive U.S.-Pakistan assault creates more violence and provokes, in response, more hatred of the U.S.

Preparing the Minds

Such “associative” news accounts typically precede “significant terrorist events.” Those events prepare the public to draw a conclusion announced soon after the event. Just four days after 911, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a Jewish Zionist, argued in a principal’s meeting at Camp David that the U.S. should invade Iraq even though Osama bin Laden was then thought to be the culprit and was hiding in caves in Afghanistan.

Our briefings in Pakistan were conducted largely for senior military leaders, including General Mirza Aslam Beg, former Pakistani Army chief. Included in that meeting was Sultan Amir Tarar (aka Colonel Imam) who has even stronger credibility with the Taliban than Khawaja with whom he was traveling. Colonel Imam’s fate is presently unknown.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Tarar ran CIA-funded camps for fighters resisting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Among his backers was the late U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson. Among his charges was Mohammad Omar who in the mid-1990s became leader of the Taliban.

Trained in guerrilla tactics as a U.S. Army Ranger at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Tarar was invited to the White House where he was presented a brick from the Berlin Wall by President George H.W. Bush. In recognition of his heroism and his commitment to freedom, the brick signified his role in helping defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan and bring down that wall.

Four days after our return from Pakistan, The New York Times ran a front page article that sought to discredit Colonel Imam by suggesting he was working against U.S. interests by working with the Taliban.

The facts suggest just the opposite: Colonel Imam worked with the Taliban in an attempt to broker a peace that would bring stability to the area—consistent with our interests—while also hastening an early exit of American troops, consistent with U.S. policy.

By derailing that mission, whose interests are advanced? As this analysis is published, it remains unclear whether Colonel Imam is dead or alive.

Nor is it clear who catalyzed this latest “significant terrorist event” that associated the Pakistani Taliban with Evil Doing. In truth, peace requires that we negotiate in good faith with those closest to the situation on the ground in an environment that has long proven a graveyard for foreign invaders.

Jeff Gates and Col ImamIf not Colonel Imam, who better to broker such a truce with the Taliban? If not, in effect, a U.S. trained Army Ranger with decades of on-the-ground experience, who does the U.S. have that could ease the withdrawal of U.S. troops from this environment?

If not Israel and its surrogates, who had the motivation to create yet another well timed round of impressions hostile to Pakistan? Whose interests are advanced by an event that advances the storyline: the need for a Global War on Terrorism against “Islamo” fascism?

We may yet be surprised when the facts surrounding this incident are clarified. The result, however, is no surprise. To restore U.S. national security requires a reality check. Who are our friends, who are our allies and who—really—is the enemy?

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10 Responses to "Is Pakistan the Next Evil Doer?"

  1. Fatboy  May 9, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Scott Ritter is now a quiet soul destroyed by the media handle of sex addict at best. These evil doers in the US or wherever who manipulate the truth dragging the US into war will never be outed. The best that can be done is to peck away at their credibility.

    What happened with this dumb American Pakistani arrested at the airport is they they tied him to the Taliban. My question is this. What Taliban? A Taliban group started by a shadowy Israeli operative?

  2. Mick  May 6, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Balochistan is the key.

    “There are three main pillars of the ‘Final Solution’: 1. Cut the western half of Balochistan from the rest of Pakistan and declare it ‘international strategic corridor’; 2. Topple the sitting government in Iran; and 3. Create an Ismaili state, joining the Gorno-Badakhshan oblast of Tajikistan, Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan.

    Simon in Washington added, “An international incident can easily be linked to Pakistan and that would be a good enough reason for invasion. It can be as big as assassination of Obama and as small as bombing of a refinery in the UK. In fact, the latest amendment to the NATO charter seems designed to add this kind of hair trigger in the NATO mechanism. Justification, in any case, is no big deal when you don’t really need to justify it to anyone.”

    The Curious Timing of the Terrorist Attacks: It’s Almost Like They’re On Our Side

    “As has always been the case since 2001, the bungling blasters who end up attacking our freedom rarely do so when it isn’t of the utmost convenience for the White House. This latest example, connected to the Waziristan area of Pakistan, holds true to that formula. One might start wondering if all these “terrorists” are actually on our side.

    Now, I say “since 2001″ not because what they did wasn’t convenient for the previous White House. In fact, the Patriot Act was sitting waiting to go, the plans for invading Afghanistan were dropped on Bush’s desk on Sept. 9th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld had just announced 2.3 trillion dollars was “missing” from the Pentagon, and old ‘Lucky” Larry Silverstein had just secured his billion dollar insurance policy on the Twin Towers right before the event. Not to mention the fact that the Bush administration was already at a terribly low approval rating or the fact that Cheney and the other neocons had called for “a Pearl Harbor type event” to set in motion all of their foreign and domestic policies which they spelled out in a paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defences” in 2000.

    The distinction I am making is that compared to the most recent Keystone Cops type terrorist acts (Umar Fizzlepants and the Times Square parker), the terrorist of the old Bush administration were actually able to carry out their attacks and at the same time, defy laws of physics and scientific research while doing it. The 9/11 terrorists were able to knock down 7 buildings with 2 planes and at the same time bring Building 7 down at free-fall acceleration after having been hit by no plane, from office fires alone (first time in history that happened. talk about your overachiever terrorists)…. and after doing all of that, they were able to hit the most heavily guarded building in history with a plane being flown by a terrorist who couldn’t fly a Cesna.

    Then the anthrax terrorist was able to create a weaponized anthrax strain in 3 hours or so when experts in the field say it would take a thousand hours to do it in their highly specialized lab. Amazing accomplishments for our terrorists back then…
    Back in the old days, they defied the laws of physics… now they can’t even make a simple bomb.”

  3. Brian  May 4, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    Times Square may have been a Mossad operation but it may have actually been done by the arrested suspect due to emotional problems. We will have to wait for more clues.

    I can understand the Mossad just wanting to revitalize the war on terror by masterminding a terrorist, blamed on supposed evil, angry Arabs but the event was so sloppy and amateurish.

    Then I theorized that if the current #1 goal of Israel is to get the USA to attack Iran then a sloppy terrorist attack may be in order. Why? because if the Mossad sets off a dirty bomb or a small nuclear bomb in the USA to blame Iran they want the stage to already be set that Muslim terrorist organizations (Pakistan Taliban), Al Qaeda Yemen (underwear bomber) and other amateur Muslim terrorist organizations are too incompetent to perform a successful major dirty bomb or small nuclear bomb attack. Therefore, it must have been done by a sophisticated government intelligence agency. Who? Why the Iranians. It’s a possibility. The Times Square event may have just been done by an emotionally troubled person and a few colleagues.

    • Bill Smitts  May 5, 2010 at 8:04 am

      Respectfully Brian this was not an Iranian operation. You have a good mind Brian with good reasoning. But your conclusion lacked credibility.

    • Brian  May 5, 2010 at 10:20 am

      What are you talking about? Of course Times Square was not an Iranian operation. I suppose I was not clear.

      I’m suggesting that if Israel sets off a small nuclear bomb or a dirty bomb in the USA they will blame it on Iran. The Zionists and their pals will say that the average terrorist can’t even be successful with a car bomb in Times Square or an underwear bomb therefore the dirty bomb must have been done by a an intelligence agency and they will indicate it was Iran. However, the Times Square event may not have been a Mossad operation, it may have just been done by a emotionally unbalanced person.

  4. Bill Smitts  May 4, 2010 at 7:56 am

    What I think is premier for Israeli intelligence is to provoke false flag havoc as much as you can, and make this havoc hard to race back to Israel. If done correctly Israeli supporters can always mock someone who accuses Israel. However the world is smarter today then it has been in the past.

  5. Sajid Ansari  May 4, 2010 at 2:03 am

    Jeff..!!! you have more stronger and convincing arguments than the NYPD investigators backed by CIA which is infested with Israelis with dual nationality but they are first sincere to Israel and working for Mossad.

    I want to add that they have ‘set-up’ this plan after getting ‘experience’ of what RAW did it in Mumbai Mayhem 26/11 and now there is poor Faisal Shahzad in place of Ajmal Kasab.

    This is also a vital proof that how closely RAW, CIA and Mossad are linked together for such activities against Pakistan just because Pakistan is the only Muslim self-defensive Nuclear state which is NOT being digested by Israel and India and they are using/making the American Tax-payers as escape goat.

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