John McCain – A Closer Look at Evil (Part 7)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Law no longer insulates us from organized crime. In the Information Age, entire nations can be induced to put their faith in information that is false. Organized crime is now organized fraud.

Fraud is how the U.S. military was taken to war in the Middle East. America was “the mark” in a con perpetrated on a global scale—with lengthy pre-staging.

This sort of duplicity can only work in plain sight. The perpetrators are those adept at displacing facts with what the mark (us) can be deceived to believe.

We were conned. That’s a fact.

Did you believe in Iraqi WMD? A critical enough mass of us did. Enough True Believers to induce us to war.

The success of this latest fraud confirmed a key strategic point: the U.S. has strayed a long way from governance based on facts and the rule of law. And free from the abuses of belief.

Per usual, this psy-ops (aka fraud) exploited both thought and emotion. Nothing about this duplicity is new except for the technological means to deceive on a genuinely global scale.

Faith-based Deceit

Our forebears envisioned a very different form of governance. To protect our liberty, they opted for evidence and facts as the centerpiece of governance under the rule of law.

Yet it was not facts but false beliefs— consensus beliefs—that took us to war in Iraq. How did this happen? Who were the perpetrators and who were the enablers?

How did intelligence fixed around a predetermined goal become a generally accepted truth?

Who inside the U.S. has the means, motive, opportunity and, importantly, the stable nation-state intelligence to succeed with deception on such a scale?

Did this latest psy-ops confirm how war is being waged—on us—in the Information Age? Was the U.S. economy hollowed out—strategically?

Were we induced to war by those masterful at pitting two sides against the middle while profiting off the misery of both?

Who could succeed with such an operation in plain sight yet with legal impunity?

How can those perpetrating this fraud remain unidentified and, like John McCain, unindicted?

The Death of John McCain

Controversy is political death for John McCain. His backers hope that his 2010 election proceeds without any exposure of his sordid past. As a key salesman for the intelligence that took us to war, they know his vulnerabilities—as do those who put him in office for that purpose.

Plus his handlers know his brittle and explosive personality. He is prone to bursts of outrage as many in the Senate can attest, particularly his oft-abused staff.

Will the facts in this Evil Doer series affect his reelection in November? Or will he be reelected based on what the mark (voters) can be deceived to believe?

“None of the above” is not yet an option on the federal ballot here in Arizona. Yet imagine a fifth term for John McCain in the Senate.

Should he fail to resign prior to November, what then for national security with him committed to an “unbreakable bond” with the nation for whom the war in Iraq was most beneficial?

Will he again sacrifice our national security? Will he again give priority to an extremist enclave that has betrayed the U.S. at every turn?

Love Thyself

John McCain has chutzpah. Despite decades of consistently corrupt conduct, he remains unbowed and even unembarrassed.

He is often unappreciated, for good reason—particularly by those who know him best. There’s lots of eye rolling whenever they talk about any aspect of his behavior other than the carefully crafted McCain “brand.”

People here know he’s corrupt. Just look at him. His lack of character is palpable. Perhaps its essence could be bottled. Eau de McCain: the alluring scent of corruption and narcissism.

What’s missing are the facts so that Arizonans (Iraqis too) can grasp how organized crime took us to war through reliably pliable personalities—like John McCain.

How will the rule of law cope with those who displaced facts with false beliefs as a means to take us into foreign wars that are not in our interest?

Knowing McCain’s role in this ongoing psy-ops, why would anyone anywhere want this classic asset back in the Senate?

Why would McCain be allowed back into the Senate?

Senate marketing for the invasion of Iraq was led by the dynamic duo of Republican “maverick” John McCain and Democrat-turned-Independent Joe “I am a Zionist” Lieberman.

As Israel-First Joe set the agenda, McCain dutifully read his cue cards while hiding the nervous quiver in his hands and stifling the bottled up rage that so often comes uncorked.

What’s the point of McCain back in the Senate? Why subject the U.S. to the spectacle of his indictment for treason? Why not resign now?

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  1. Stephen Dunker  August 7, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Stephen Dunker says:
    August 2, 2010 at 4:32 am

    This is an excerpt from part 1 that explains the McCain family history starting with John’s grandfather. There is an introduction, and parts 2-7B. The series is titled “The Three Stooges go to Washington” (McCain, Hillary and Obama are the stooges. Believe me, the read is worth your time. The link is at the bottom.

    By Don Nicoloff

    Senator John Sidney McCain III

    John Sidney McCain, III, according to traditional biographical sources, was “born at the Coco Solo Naval Base, Panama Canal Zone on August 29, 1936.” He is third in a succession of U.S. naval officers cultivated from the same family.

    One would think that these two sentences, the first which states where he was born and the second which describes the legacy he inherited, would be easy to check and prove. But they are not. So we must go backward in time to either prove he was born into a naval family at Coco Solo—or not.

    John Sidney McCain, Sr. [McCain, III’s grandfather]: The Official Story

    John Sidney McCain, Sr. (JS McCain I), was born August 9, 1884, in Carroll County, Miss., to John Sidney and Elizabeth Ann Young McCain. JS McCain I was attending the University of Mississippi when he met his future wife, Katherine Davey Vaulx (Katherine was born January 9, 1876 in Fayetteville, Arkansas), a Greek and Latin teacher eight years his senior.

    He then transferred to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis where he graduated 79th in a class of 116 in 1906. The U.S. Navy career of JS McCain I began by taking part in the World Cruise of the “Great White Fleet,” from December 16, 1907 to February 22, 1909.

    JS McCain I and Katherine were married August 9, 1909 at Colorado Springs, Colorado. The McCains had one child, John Sidney McCain, Jr. (JS McCain II), who was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on January 17, 1911.

    JS McCain I came up through the ranks and was promoted to rear admiral in 1941.

    Rear Admiral JS McCain I died of a heart attack on September 6, 1945 at his home in Coronado, California—four days after witnessing the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay. He was posthumously awarded the rank of full admiral and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

    Katherine died in San Diego May 29, 1959 and is buried next to her husband.

    JS McCain I had an older brother, William Alexander McCain, who also attended the University of Mississippi before transferring to the United States Military Academy; he retired as a brigadier general.

    JS McCain I: The unofficial story

    According to official biographies, “John Sidney McCain, Sr.” was born to “John Sidney and Elizabeth Ann Young McCain” at Teoc, in Carroll County, Mississippi on August 9, 1884 and died on September 6, 1945 at the age of 61.

    There is no information on the birth or parentage of JS McCain I or Elizabeth Ann available through traditional sources (claims that “they just didn’t keep good records back then” are excusive. People and cultures, particularly prominent families and governments, have been keeping “good records” for thousands of years).

    After attending the University of Mississippi for a year, McCain enrolled in the U.S. Naval Academy, where he graduated 79th out of a class of 116. Despite his meteoric rise as an unremarkable, even incompetent naval officer, the Annapolis Naval Academy does not list “Admiral John Sidney McCain, Sr.,” as a “notable” graduate from the Class of 1906.

    The first anomaly in the ancestry of John McCain, Sr. appears in his “wikipedia” biography. Though the author of this particular historical account of Admiral McCain is unknown, the article is consistent with other genealogical accounts of the McCain family in that the first “John Sidney McCain”—the presumed father of JS McCain I, was not called “Sr.,” or “I” which are the customary designations for fathers who name sons after themselves.

    This elder McCain is claimed to have been born in “Mississippi” in 1851 (no birth date or place indicated). Regarding the death of this patriarch, we are only given the year, “1934,” with no date and no location. The same is true for Elizabeth Ann—birth year (1855) and state (Mississippi) and death year (1922) and state (Mississippi) only.

    Genealogical databases and public records are devoid of specific information legitimizing “the McCains from Mississippi.” The deaths of a decorated U.S. Navy admiral’s father and mother should have at least prompted the publishing of obituaries in the local newspaper that would reveal more clues for future genealogists, but that is not the case.

    The McCain family history dead ends at this point.

    [We have now stumbled onto a clue that the Senator from Arizona (JS McCain III) is not who he pretends to be. Like we learned when attempting to trace the genealogy of the “George Herbert Walker Bush” clan (The IO, April—June, 2007), these people don’t just appear out of a vacuum. They came from somewhere, usually from Europe and, in those days, by ship.]

    A single maritime record dated April 26, 1924, from Ellis Island shows that a “John McCain,” a “British” citizen of “Scotch” origin (yes, the document says “Scotch”), “age 59,” claimed he had been sailing as a crew member with the “Wandsworth [Gas] Works” shipping company for “10 years” as an “A.B.” (able boatsman). That claim would place his birth date closer to 1865, not “1884,” The recorded physical descriptions of this McCain match what is revealed in later photographs of JS McCain I. He was not a large man, his weight fluctuated from 130-145 lbs. throughout his career with Wandsworth Works and, if this is the same man, the U.S. Navy. He was also short in stature, his declared height ranging from 5’-5” to 5’-8”.

    A review of public records does not reveal a “John McCain” having been born in England or Scotland in 1865. So, where might this “John McCain” have been born? Certainly not in Teoc, Mississippi. And what is the significance of this 59-year-old “John McCain” arriving in New York as a foreign national working on a foreign ship? The answer will be found in photographs taken during and near the conclusion of World War II.

    Naval historian E.B. Potter noted that, “John Sidney McCain defied the image of the senior naval officer. Bony, wizened, with a hooked nose and sunken cheeks, he turned sixty during World War II and looked at least ten years older.”

    Other accounts agreed, though most blamed his weathered appearance on “the stress of years at sea.”

    Read the rest of the article and series here:

  2. BurntheTalmud  August 4, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    2 millennia ago – our Lord Jesus – whom your filthy smut filled Talmud mocked with the title of “ bastard” – and whose blessed mother – Mary- you slandered as “whore” – identified you as the scum that you were then and are now to this day – “ THE SONS OF THE DEVIL!”

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