John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 14)

The John McCain docked in Danang this week. No, not THAT John McCain but the USS John S. McCain, a guided-missile destroyer named for the Arizona senator’s father and grandfather—both four-star admirals.

One can only imagine the twittering in Hanoi at this event. I wonder if local media replayed the broadcasts that POW John S. McCain III provided for the North Vietnamese in 1967 at the height of the bombing campaign against targets in Hanoi.

It was during his lengthy stay in the “Hanoi Hilton” that McCain provided the “package routes” for U.S. attack aircraft. That classified intelligence enabled anti-aircraft gunners to increase U.S. casualties by 60 percent, forcing an end to the bombing.

Perhaps Vietnam will name a ship after Jane Fonda. This American actress was vilified when she was photographed in Hanoi with the same gunners that McCain enabled to kill American airmen.

Then as now, no one is clear for whom McCain works. His support for Israel has never wavered. When it comes to his loyalty to the interests of the U.S., the jury is still out.

Actually, the jury has yet to be convened. John McCain remains an unindicted co-conspirator in marketing the phony intelligence that took the U.S. to war in Iraq.

He’s proven himself a remarkably effective Israeli asset since his election to Congress in 1982. That conduct continues a family tradition.

The McCain Clan Chronicle

At the height of the Vietnam War, McCain’s father, then senior commander in the Pacific, helped President Lyndon Johnson cover-up the Israeli murder of 34 Americans aboard the USS Liberty.

But for that cover-up, Tel Aviv’s provocative Six-Day Land Grab may well have failed. Certainly the Middle East would now be a very different place.

Had Israel been held accountable for that assault, it would have been perceived in a very different light. Had the truth been revealed, the facts would have precluded its Zionist leaders from forging a “special relationship” with the nation whose seamen they murdered.

Rather than concede the truth, Senator John McCain deployed the perceived credibility of his political office to endorse a cover-up book written by an Israeli operative.

The USS Liberty suffered more than 200 casualties. Survivors report how—after Israeli jets strafed and napalmed the ship—Israeli torpedo boats blew a hole in its side and then machine-gunned not only rescuers but also the fire hoses and life rafts.

The Israelis concocted a “mistaken identity” cover story that the McCain espoused. Senior naval officers familiar with the facts describe this cover-up as among the most shameful acts in U.S. Navy history. Yet even now McCain defends the lie.

That McCain lie was well before the cover-up of the real story behind the murderous provocation that took the U.S. to war in the Middle East.

Here’s a simple question: Which nation most benefitted from the invasion of Iraq? Which foreign nation most wants to keep John McCain in office?

That war was justified with false intelligence marketed in large part by John McCain as he advicated a strategy announced years before in Tel Aviv.

But for his marketing of phony intelligence, that operation may well have failed.

John McCain may be loyal to the wrong country but no one can challenge his loyalty.

Producing an Asset

His handlers long ago branded McCain a “maverick.” That ambiguous casting ensured he need be loyal to no one other than himself. He’s proven himself skilled at that task.

At a recent town hall meeting I attended, McCain described himself as head of “the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.” He meant it.

Yet his closest political ally is Joe Lieberman, a Jewish Zionist Democrat who, when he lost in a party primary, rebranded himself an independent.

McCain’s behavior is not out of the ordinary for assets. Their loyalty is usually to an internal need whether for recognition, influence, money, sex or drugs.

No one knows what happened to John McCain while a POW. Not really. Watch him closely and see if you can detect anyone at home. An inner emptiness shines through.

What indignities did his North Vietnamese captors inflict on the fair-haired, blue-eyed son of Admiral John S. McCain, Jr.?

McCain’s seething anger is palpable—as anyone close to him can attest. While his behavior clearly includes symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it’s also clearly far more than that.

He’s emotionally unstable. He should be kept away heavy weaponry. Even heavy equipment.

The idea of John McCain as commander-in-chief is chilling. During his 2008 presidential campaign, several of his Senate colleagues warned us about his mental and emotional instability. The GOP’s party apparatus shut them up. McCain’s condition continues to deteriorate.

Exposure of the real John McCain would ensure his resignation. Unless he resigns first.

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7 Responses to "John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 14)"

  1. Michael  August 16, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    I would say this site is classified as a Hate Site and you get all that comes with it. F them.

  2. Jeff Gates  August 13, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Thanks for alerting people to Phil Tourney’s book. He’s been fighting these thugs for more than four decades. Read and learn about the depth of the duplicity – still ongoing.

  3. Jeff Gates  August 13, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks for this comment. Gingrich is certainly of the same category of betrayal though keep in mind that the most fundamental betrayal is the betrayal of the self. That makes these traitors not just despicable but also pathetic.

  4. Johnny Boy  August 13, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Not to dredge up terrible memories for me. but I held John MC Cains father’s driver up at my gate as a young Marine. His driver with McCain’s daddy in the back seat did not have any identifiably ornaments on his car telling me was an Admiral. He tried to run my gate. I did not let him. They tried to nail me with a article 15. I requested mast and that was the end of it other then me being sent to a grunt unit.

    Over the years I notice this boy was as arrogant as his father and maybe worse. Aside from his mafia wheeler, dealer friendship with corrupt businessmen what I do like about him he acts as though he is the only Vietnam veteran who suffered.

  5. Dan  August 13, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks again. Here’s an article from the UK’s Daily Mail describing McCain’s marital betrayal of his first wife, Carol. Sickening stuff, that such an immoral, treacherous, narcissistic bastard could hold public office in this country.

    In Dante’s Inferno, the lowest, ninth circle of hell is reserved for the most despicable sin of all, betrayal. Another prominent statesman with an equally despicable record of betrayal would be Newt Gingrich, possibly the next Republican candidate for president.

  6. fixthefuture911  August 13, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Phil F Tourney of the U.S.S. LIBERTY ,
    threatened by ISRAELI SCUMBAG recently
    because of the book coming out

    whatreallyhappened podcast august 12( Phil F Tourney on air)

    (Phil F Tourney & Mark Glen )authored What I Saw That Day

    At long last, the book “What I Saw That Day…Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath” by USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney is finished and available to the public in electronic media format.

  7. fixthefuture911  August 13, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    If the whole Federal Government is seized by Talmudic Fascists,
    that is most certainly a perversion of our Republic & Constitution,
    then I suppose we can Construct a New Capital,perhaps in the
    Midwest for example
    Time to build the Wall around D.C. and keep it as a

    We shall have to nominate & confirm ( no rubber stamping)
    9 Justices for an Actual U.S. SUPREME COURT.

    Your leaving on a jet plane , leaving on a jet plane,
    all the scum in Washington D.C. ,
    There is this special place that … the scum have first allegiance to.
    Oh , your never coming back ….

    SENATORS DARTH AND CHUTZPAH your Brillance & Importance will
    be appreciated somewhere else. There is this Country on the other side of
    the Planet where your Brillance & Importance will be given
    full recognition.
    Take all your pals & drinking buddies with you , soon.


    ( It is past time to be done with the Crown Loyalists )


    Your Leaving on a jet plane , leaving on a jet plane,
    all the scum in Washington D.C. ,
    Oh , your never coming back ….

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