By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

How can a nation like the United States be duped into two wars and total bankruptcy?  It would be one thing if the “truth” about 9/11 was internet conspiracy theory.  This isn’t the case.  It was all right there in everyone’s living room.  They fooled us once and then fooled us again and again.  Yes, America has some tail to kick but this time, maybe we should make sure our boot goes up the right rear end for a change.

The real hole in the Pentagon, before construction equipment enlarged it was so small a man had to duck his head to enter.  For 9 years, this photograph was captioned “Second Floor.”  This photograph has a firefighter in the foreground and, unless gravity was suspended on 9/11, he is standing on the Pentagon’s lawn.  Listen to CNN describe a crash site with no aircraft parts of any kind, seats, bodies, wings, engines, tail section….none of it.  Can it be this simple?

[youtube C02dE5VKeck]

The CNN reporter at the Pentagon immediately after the “crash” found no aircraft debris.   After closing off the site, the next morning, huge pieces of plane were hauled away, pieces that weren’t in any of the photographs on 9/11.  I hate it when media stooges scripted by the real terrorists don’t check the time carefully enough.

[youtube QJWtr_USsqM&feature=player_embedded]

Watch a BBC reporter talk about a building collapsing that was still standing, actually with very little damage, right behind her.  Yes, Americans are that easy to lie to.

[youtube 7WYdAJQV100&feature=player_embedded]

Watch Larry Silverstein tell network news that WTC 7, the same virtually undamaged building was “pulled” by firefighters.  Since making this statement, no single individual, firefighter, 9/11 Commission member or anyone else has backed up this wild claim.  Need we mention that setting demolition charges alone would require weeks?

[youtube nbXYVodNgJw&feature=player_embedded]

Here, Dan Rather on CBS describes the collapse of Building 7 as “like films of controlled demolition we have seen, buildings deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite….”

Some Americans are burning Korans to celebrate 9/11.  Some are deeply disturbed about an Islamic community center being built nearby.  If I might suggest, perhaps 9/11 might be better served as “hallowed ground” if it were a place of execution.  A great nation could transplant it’s mightiest oak to the site.  That hallowed oak and a few lengths of hemp used with intelligence and consideration on our enemies at home and abroad would best honor our dead.

Just a thought….

There is currently no conclusive forensic evidence that the airliners indicated nor the hijackers accused were ever involved in 9/11 in any way.

Perhaps worst of all, Fox News itself, released the following story indicating that 60 Israeli’s were arrested after 9/11, some active duty military who had advance knowledge of 9/11.  Later, the number exceeded 200, tied to espionage and suspected terrorism.  Yes, the term “terrorism” is used.  All investigations were eventually quashed.  You can come to your own conclusions as to what is and isn’t being said.

[youtube hS89vNH-eeY&feature=related]

Yes, Americans are that dumb.  You wonder why our banks are empty?

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  1. Chris  September 29, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    I am not sure what the agenda is here but given the pictures that I have seen of the Pentagon, the top picture is definitely not of the outer ring where the plane was supposed to have hit and it is fairly easy to prove…. All the pictures that I have seen of the pentagon in this area have a row of windows at the level that the plane enters the building. Though there appears to be a no parking sign in the picture above apparently in an attempt to throw the viewer off, there are clearly no windows at the point of entry as there should be…. Any comments ….?

  2. Ron  September 11, 2010 at 9:33 am

    If there is one thing that makes me sad it is how easily the American people can be
    fooled by the MSM and our own government. The survivors of the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty tried to tell this great nation what was really going on, and what did we get for it? A slap in the face and I lost my family because I opened my mouth about what I saw. Many others who survived have had similiar situations happen to them. I know they are hoping we all die off and that the Liberty story will die with it. Tell you what, I think we have become a thorn in the side, and the story will NEVER go away.

    A survivor

  3. gene kalmes  September 10, 2010 at 4:07 am


    watch and listen to the words being recited in the classroom…You remember, George was reading a story about a scapegoat…while the teacher had her pupils recite Kite hit steel plane…what a coincidence…almost weird even…

    folks, think about it…the Solomon brothers building (building 7) being broadcast as having fallen 20 minutes before it fell…

    If you ask me…one powerful entity was being blackmailed by another powerful entity and the blackmailees decided to leave blatant clues for we the dumb people to figure out…get angry…and storm the Bastille…

    And just as soon as The Kardashians is over…count me in!

  4. gene kalmes  September 10, 2010 at 3:45 am

    Cheney had to admit they (Norad) was running drills of this very scenario that morning…That’s like a convention of lifeguards at the hotel swimming pool failing to save a drowning child…

    My favorite clip is Dan Rather interviewing the FEMA worker who said they got there Monday night and were ready to swing into action Tuesday morning…with clairvoyant guardians like that I’m surprised terrorism succeeds at all…

    Face it…911 was designed to choose sides for a new civil war…rather than north vs south…it’s smart people vs dumb people…

    Gordon you and I and a couple others are really outnumbered…

  5. ba  September 4, 2010 at 9:26 am

    I have to say God bless the enlightened folks who are not afraid to stand up for Truth and Justice. Thank you for being one of them, and all those who will uphold the true “Flag of Humanity”.
    I will recommend the Shaikh Imran Hosein’s website. It is a dot org. I personally am open minded to learning more about the conflicts in the world and I pray for peace, but that will only come when the people establish righteousness in their own selves, and their homes. I remind myself, first, then others to fear God Almighty, not man, and establish the 10 Commandments for the good of their own selves. Change can and will come. God Willing.

  6. JZ  September 3, 2010 at 3:57 am

    I have to say, my outlook concerning your website has changed some, I kinda look at you out of the side of my neck a little now, there are many photos out there of the “exit hole” from different points of view, I don’t know where it came from but that hole you’re showing up there is not the entrance, if you can prove me wrong then I’m very excited, otherwise gimme a break. Do you have a 9/11 agenda?


    By the way, yes, 9/11 was an inside job.

    • ben  September 4, 2010 at 11:07 pm

      You are right and Gordon is mistaken. That is the inner ring made of block masonry and not the outer ring which is coated in reinforced concrete. I want to give Gordon the benefit of the doubt and that he just mistaken. My only guess as to why he is mistaken is that maybe he believes that a jet or missile striking the pentagon couldn’t penetrate through to the inner rings. Maybe though the inner ring hole was a shape charge. Who knows, but Gordon has this one wrong. There is no lawn here, it is inner ring. In all of the pictures of this hole there is that “no parking sign”

    • Gordon Duff  September 5, 2010 at 12:02 am

      The magic photographer wasn’t on the lawn, he was standing in the burning building amid the wreckage…
      Oh, you missed it?
      God, Americans are easy to con.
      Why the buy in? It doesn’t take much to sell a lie and convince a few to leave their common sense at the door.
      America isn’t surving this.

    • ben  September 5, 2010 at 9:58 pm

      Gordon, I agree with practically everything you write, so if I lack common sense, we’re both in trouble. 😉 Look, help me understand, are you saying the picture of the hole you have at the top of this article is taken from the vantage point of a photographer standing inside the wrecked interior of the outer ring?

    • mikey  October 1, 2010 at 9:45 pm

      There are aerial views of this “punchout hole” here –
      And more analysis of this is here –
      The courtyard between A Ring & B ring and between B ring & C ring have a lower roof where this purported “missile” (certainly not a plane) flew under those roofs only to “punch out” in the courtyard between C ring and D ring where there is n o roof at all but the courtyard is a full 5 stories high. Count the floors in each courtyard and see this for yourself. Missile? Shaped charge? Who knows. But this hole is definitely in the inner C ring courtyard.

  7. JZ  September 2, 2010 at 2:26 am

    Mr.Duff, I have to say, I’ve dug into that particular hole (top of the page) in the Pentagon in the past and that is an exit hole in the “rear” of the Pentagon, it does look like a missile exit, but as far as I know that is not what was on the front of the Pentagon. Please don’t throw stuff out there that people can blow off so easily.


    • Gordon Duff  September 2, 2010 at 8:48 am

      The “exit hole” story is just that, a conspiracy theory. There was only one hole in the pentagon which was hit by only one object on the ground floor which never penetrated anything. You are repeating a silly cover story….not unlike the plane parts that were strewn across the lawn the next day….the same lawn that was empty and clean the day before.
      It takes very little effort to totally dupe Americans.

    • Gordon Duff  September 2, 2010 at 8:51 am

      Thinking about this for a second…we are saying a 757, not only flew to the Pentagon…something impossible in itself but through the entire building….not the engines, mind you but the thin aluminum body and a few plastic parts….through 180 layers of concrete and out the other side.
      Reminds me of a story: Back in 1973, I was at Wurtsmith AFB. Hell, I will simply write about it.

    • OS  September 3, 2010 at 2:59 am

      It’s also strange these so call planes had few passengers for the capacity. Pentagon – Boeing 757-200, capacity 238 – only 64 passengers? PA – Boeing 757-200, capacity 238 – only 44 passengers. What’s wrong with this picture, I have made over 300 flights in the last 30 years “near empty aircraft”? Was weight an issue?

      See year 2001 for details:

  8. Louise  August 28, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Dick Cheney was in control of NORAD when 9/11 happened. They were doing a simulated training exercise which is why they did not think the highjacking that hit the twins towers were real. You now how on this sight Gordon Duff said that the USA has the ability over ride the planes control software in the case of a high jacking well it is likely that NORAD would be the one to have this capability. So Dick Cheney ran the exercise and someone else involved in the exercise made the planes fly into the buildings by over taking the controls on the plane.

    This cuts it down to two people. Silverstein who owns the lease on the twin towers could have organised for someone he knows to put the nano thermite in the twin towers. This makes it a total of four people involved.

    • Truth Seeker  September 9, 2010 at 3:55 pm

      911 was a CIA and Mossad Operation, but what does Intelligence agencies do?

      They create a false since of reality to push forth a solution that that would not be popular without an incident or False Flag operation. Problem, Reaction, Solution…

      Intelligence agencies do the bidding for the Elite or “The Banks & Corporations”! The inside job is about business and money. They see themselves “The Banks & Corporations” as above everyone else and if the end justifies the means, then their is no authority higher than theirs.

      The real question is… who’s above “The Banks & Corporations”? I can tell you who it is not and who it is likely.

      Always follow the money, power and greed…

      1) Any one of color.
      2) Likely all men
      3) They have been in positions of power for a very long time. (Families)
      4) They have unlimited funds at their disposal. (Ties to the banking infrastructure)
      5) They consider themselves to be Chosen by God or by Divine Rite.
      6) They control the western world from behind the scenes.
      7) They cannot be questioned, are out of public view and of European Decent.

  9. zedan elkenawy  August 27, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    iam journalist from egypt now iam in jordan when 11 spt was taken in u s a the democratic free state in all over the world i was 20 years i have impact that musleum is the source of terrorist in all countries because of islam ideo9logy

    • Gordon Duff  August 27, 2010 at 3:01 pm

      Welcome aboard. I hope journalism works out well for you. Friends tell me your old job was as a Mossad officer in Cyprus. I have many good friends, not only in Cyprus but Amman also. If you have any problems there, please contact us or your friends in Tel Aviv.
      Do catch lunch at the Four Seasons. I always enjoy that.

    • jon dee  August 30, 2010 at 11:53 am

      thanks for bringing this evidence of an INSIDE JOB to our Veterans (we’re going to need them on our side after the next False Flag).
      Perhaps readers should also check out http://www.thenewalexandrialibrary.com/911truth.html
      and see the videos of firemen reporting explosions inside the building, the “magic passport”, the fact that 6 out of 10 of the 9/11 commissioners did not trust what they were being told, why the FBI does show 9/11 as one of Bin Laden’s crimes and the “coincidence surrounding the murder or John O’Neill.

  10. hsx  August 26, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    The first photograph, showing the firefighter in front of a hole in the wall is NOT the ENTRY hole, but the EXIT hole in second or third ring. Sorry. Nevertheless the ENTRY hole was also too small for a 757, especially the fact that its engines didn’t make holes in the wall. PilotsFor911Truth claims to have evidence the 757 flew over the Pentagon.

  11. John Dwyer  August 25, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    You write above: “Perhaps worst of all, Fox News itself, released the following story indicating that 60 Israeli’s were arrested after 9/11, some active duty military who had advance knowledge of 9/11. Later, the numer exceeded 200, tied to espionage and suspected terrorism. Yes, the term “terrorism” is used. All investigations were eventually quashed. You can come to your own conclusions as to what is and isn’t being said.”

    Please correct the misspelled word “number” and the word “Israeli’s”.

    • Gordon Duff  August 25, 2010 at 9:56 pm

      Three possibilities…typo…or…bad spellcheck on wordpress…(it has to be run over and over) or simply dropped letters..also.
      Probable is typo.

  12. Paul Welton  August 25, 2010 at 4:54 am

    The picture that is first off shown as the hole in the outside of the Pentagon is actually the “Unexplained” hole on the inside of the E Ring. I don’t mean to be a stickler but this is the crap that the Debunkers love to use.

    • Gordon Duff  August 25, 2010 at 9:26 am

      The issue is that this was the only hole when CNN arrived. I have seen photos of this hole..”photoshopped” to look like a hole on the second floor…”photoshopped” to look bigger with the fireman gone or only half as big.
      There was no other hole..not until equipment arrived.
      When you hear the broadcast from CNN telling you there was NO wreckage and no place a plane had hit..this was why. They “built” the crash scene afterwards then went after anyone with original photos claiming they real damage was something else.
      This was the only hole…..this is the point.

    • ben  August 25, 2010 at 1:29 pm

      Paul is right. This looks like the engine punch out of the inner C ring which is easily identifiable because it is bare brick instead of the exterior ring which is reinforced concrete. This picture is used by debunkers to discredit Truthers.

  13. OS  August 24, 2010 at 4:31 pm


    You already know this, but here’s a question?

    There are many charge configurations for d-molitions; two very basic are c-tting and k-cker charges, with calculations to achieve each affect. No further discussion, the efficiency is in minimal material usage. The p-ncake affect is created when upper forces overcome the structural integrity of each floor, and implies the thumbprint or signature is located within plus or minus several floors. This calculation helps determine where to locate structural failures, even in debris piles. Otherwise could be looking for the “Needle in the hay stake”.

    Thumbprints and signatures are not difficult to locate, when calculations are performed. But that’s a different story.

    • OS  August 24, 2010 at 6:41 pm

      This calculation can be used when analyzing video data and determining k-cker instance, should only be observed one time.

    • OS  August 25, 2010 at 12:36 am

      I curious if anyone has crunched the numbers, that’s all.

  14. Paul Welton  August 24, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Gordon, your first photo is misleading, I don’t know if you or someone else mistakenly put in the wrong photo but the one shown is the unexplained hole inside the E Ring. There is at least one photo from outside the Pentagon showing the hole and it is about 30′ in diameter. Just so you know I’m hard core into the truth movement and I only mention this because this it the types of errors that the debunkers crawl all over.

    • neptune  August 26, 2010 at 12:08 am


      It says here that “Aircraft debris created this exit hole in the outer wall of the building’s C Ring.” Whether you believe an aircraft created that or not, the hole pictured is deep inside the Pentagon, not on the outside. Better research needed here!

  15. MAXFISH  August 24, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    pentagon hit from a nuke stolen by the Isrealis, when they sunk the kursk, fired the missile at the pentagon from the Israeli sub of the coast of us, did not dertonate4 .hauled away under blue tarp. all “evidence of a plane crash was added in as a coverup.skull and bones signed up for the Muslim hijack scenario but were double crossed by the Zionist.

  16. EyesWideOpen  August 24, 2010 at 9:31 am

    It’s refreshing to see there are so many people who “get it”– except maybe Steve. This was a great article and there are some really good comments here. I want to point out something I haven’t seen written about before regarding 9/11 and maybe it will cause some people who still don’t get it or refuse to examine the mountains of evidence pointing to 9/11 being an inside job to rethink their beliefs in the official story coming from our corporate government and their mouthpiece media.

    Since there are so many vets here who I assume would understand attack strategies I thought this would be the place to bring this up.

    While the events of 9/11 were in progress, remember how we were all waiting for the fighter jets that protect America to show up any second to handle the situation? Remember how we all expected that to happen, how it was just second nature to expect our military jets to come swooping in any second, and then remember that feeling of total incredulity when they never appeared as America was under attack? I know we were all waiting for them to take care of the situation, especially when the Pentagon was hit, the PENTAGON which some alleged hijacked plane had to fly through the most “protected airspace” in the world in order to hit it and we all couldn’t figure out how that could have happened and why there were no fighter jets protecting the nation’s capitol.

    Why did we, as a nation, expect to see the fighter jets flying up and handling the situation? Because it is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble jet fighters whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact with it is lost or its transponder is turned off. Between January 2001 and September 2001, interceptors were scrambled 67 times. In the year 2000 jets were scrambled 129 times. They have never once in history not been scrambled. Besides, we just know our nation is protected and we just know that our military has these amazing jets capable of doing amazing things and we just know their number one priority is protecting our country and we just know that our military is well-trained and rabid about defense.

    Over the course of America’s history, our military might and our military technology has been rightfully feared, revered and respected.

    We all know the official story blames these foreigners who supposedly planned the whole thing from their hideouts in some remote caves in Afghanistan. Pretend YOU are Osama bin Laden, an apparently super-intelligent guy who they say was the main planner of this amazing, complicated and dramatic attack on American soil. (Now they have changed the main culprit to KSM, but for my point it doesn’t matter.)

    Think in terms of military strategy. Here you are planning this attack on the USA, something that hasn’t been done since Pearl Harbor. In the years since Pearl Harbor, you would have to assume America has honed her defense skills and strategies to prevent it from ever happening again. You would absolutely have to know about the SOP regarding America’s domestic defense systems and the scrambling of fighter jets. You would have to be aware of the protected airspace surrounding DC. You would have to know about airport security, about NORAD, about our intelligence systems of which I think there were 16 separate agencies at the time. There is no way you could plan such an elaborate attack without knowing all these critical things down to the finest detail, is there?

    You plan to send in these 19 ragtag terrorists, many who barely spoke a word of English to outfox and overpower the entire US military and intelligence apparatus as well as the security systems of several airports, and then hijack 4 airplanes by overpowering all the flight crews with box-cutters including a pilot who not only was a combat vet, but also held multiple black belts in martial arts. Then your boys would somehow perform expert aerial maneuvers and fly these hijacked jets into not-easy-to-hit buildings, including flying one into the Pentagon, which not only was reputed to have its own defense system as in missiles, but which lies inside the most protected territory in the world. And nothing, not one little thing can go wrong in order for your plan to work! If the airport security personnel were doing their jobs and just one of these 19 Arabs got caught or even detained, or one missed his flight, or one of the planes got really delayed, or the weather turned bad, the whole mission would be compromised.

    So why would anyone, especially one as intelligent as Osama bin Laden, plan something so intricate, so risky and actually so ridiculously impossible? (I keep saying how intelligent bin Laden was because from what the government says he did, the guy’s pure genius with Superhero qualities!) Why on earth would anyone think they could plan something this risky and ridiculous and not expect complete failure at just about every stage?

    First, why would he think that airport security wouldn’t somehow detain even one of his terrorists? Okay, let’s say that airport security at every port had one of bin Laden’s guys working security allowing the bad guys to get through.

    But then he’d have to count on each one being able to successfully hijack not just one, but FOUR separate airplanes. Then he’d have to count on each one of his ragtag men to be able to accurately maneuver those planes that none had ever flown before and accurately hit their targets, then hope that somehow hitting 2 buildings in NYC would miraculously cause 3 to collapse. Then, despite the reputation of the US military, and despite the SOP for scrambling jets, and despite the fact that some of these hijacked airplanes would be flying around for almost two hours, he’d have to count on no military jets being scrambled despite the fact it had never happened before ever in history! The average time for a fighter jet to be scrambled to intercept an errant airplane is only 10 minutes! Then he’d have to count on the Pentagon not launching a missile to shoot down the hijacked plane before it could slam into the building.

    Why would anyone plan such an event knowing how impossible it would all be? Even if a lunatic planned it that would not make the impossible possible. It was an impossible thing. Think about that. He would have to rely on sheer luck, sheer chance, and just cross his fingers and hope for the best. He would have to hope for some really deep institutional failings deep within the US government, and the US military, and the US intelligence system, and why on earth would someone who had such a brilliant mind even dream of such a stupid (non)strategy? Why would he expect hundreds of Americans to have such an unrealistic amount of incompetence especially all in that one day during the most critical times in order for his plan to succeed? Then, after all was said and done, he would plan it out so there would not even be enough evidence to convict him in a court of law– (he’s not even wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks because according to the FBI “there’s no evidence showing he was behind it.”) What was even more incredible is that at least 7 of the 19 “hijackers” were found to be alive and well after crashing those planes. All of them, invincible and amazing, just like Superheroes! What an amazing feat, and to somehow pull it all off despite America’s tight defense protocol and feared, revered, and amazingly competent defense systems says a lot about Osama bin Laden and his 19 religiously fanatical nutcase terrorists. It also says a lot about how totally and ridiculously inept and incompetent Americans allegedly are. Whatever.

    One more thing to ponder is this: why on earth would Osama bin Laden want to attack the mightiest military machine on the planet, knowing full well that the payback for such an attack would devastate all of Islam and be a death sentence to Muslims worldwide? Why would he want to bring such horror and destruction upon his people? What benefit would OBL and his terrorist team reap from this venture? If you honestly look at it, who really benefitted? Did the Muslim people benefit, even a little? Or did the corporations, the military industrial complex, the banks, and the neocons benefit? Bush and Company said that we were attacked because they hated us and hated our “freedoms.” Well, think about it– if they “hated us for our freedoms”, what would the 9/11 events do to destroy or even harm these freedoms? Nothing. However, it was our own government that immediately started dismantling and eviscerating our Constitution and Bill of Rights, starting with the pre-written 11,000+ page US Patriot Act. Our elected servants were threatened with martial law if they didn’t sign it immediately. It is not the Muslims, but our own government who has been steadily taking our freedoms away from us ever since 9/11 by using 9/11 as an excuse, and it is getting worse and worse as the days go by. So-called enemies like OBL, a known CIA operative, or any America-hating terrorist could only dream of doing to the US what our own government has done to us and to our American way of life. This was not a Muslim “terrorist” attack at all, but it was terrorists who did this to us. Unfortunately, these terrorists are homegrown and still in power in our increasingly oppressive police state that once was really the land of the free, home of the brave. We have become the land of the oppressed and dumbed-down, and the home of a lot of apathetic sheeple. (except for the people on this site!)

    Honestly looking at 9/11 from every angle, looking at the mountains and mountains of irrefutable evidence proving it was an inside job and then doing the research to see that there’s still not one shred of evidence to even remotely show that the official story is true, anyone with half a brain should be able to wake up and see what the hell really happened and why it really happened. It is only when the majority of Americans wake up to see the truth about 9/11 that we’ll be able to save our country from the abyss we are falling into.

    • Ken A  August 24, 2010 at 11:48 am

      Lots of good info in this thread.

      The best “proof” is logic, right. Does a land want to be turned into a moonscape from Omaha, in 20 minutes? This precludes any excuse for war from the US.

      One of the original: (2004)


      This, among others, launched a large truth following (lots of egos). But it sagged. Seems to be coming back with more sophistication, such as here, at VT.

      On the best Pentagon article, good links, maps: (2006)


  17. fixthefuture911  August 24, 2010 at 5:48 am


    Christians and Muslims … Worst and Best
    To my Christian friends: would you agree with this statement?

    Christianity was not intended to create a chosen people, fostering exclusive claims for themselves, while looking down upon the rest of humanity like a sea of untouchables or regarding the animate and inanimate worlds around them as fields readied for wanton exploitation. Wherever Christians find themselves, they are called upon to be actively and positively engaged as vanguards of mercy, welfare, and well-being.

    (More after the jump…)
    I wish I had written these words, but I didn’t, and in fact, they weren’t written about Christianity by a Christian. They were written about Islam by a Muslim.

    Here’s the original quote:

    Islam was not intended to create a chosen people, fostering exclusive claims for themselves, while looking down upon the rest of humanity like a sea of untouchables or regarding the animate and inanimate worlds around them as fields readied for wanton exploitation. Wherever Muslims find themselves, they are called upon to be actively and positively engaged as vanguards of mercy, welfare, and well-being.

    My Muslim companion in the fast, Eboo Patel, wrote me an encouraging note the other day, and he sent a link to download this article by Dr. Umar Abd-Allah, American Islam’s most senior scholar, which I encourage you to read in its entirety:

    Here’s what tends to happen when Christians talk about Muslims or Muslims talk about Christians behind each others’ backs. We all tend to compare “our” best to “their” worst. (As I wrote in AGO, Christians of one denomination tend to do the same regarding other denominations.)

    I ask myself how I would feel if a Muslim person showed me a clip of someone shouting at a town hall meeting, calling President Obama a fascist, etc., etc., saying, “God will judge you!” and then said, “This is what Christianity is.”

  18. fixthefuture911  August 24, 2010 at 5:36 am



    ( Russell stated that under scientific tyranny, “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, )

    The Age of Treason: 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity
    Old-Thinker News | August 19, 2010
    By Daniel Taylor

    Though Dr. Clymer may be surrounded with controversy, his 1958 book Your Health and Sanity in the Age of Treason exposes toxic food additives and fluoride with documentation – the majority of which are mainstream scientific studies – that can be verified many times over. What makes this book unique is the fact that Dr. Clymer was one of the first to point out that statements by the elite indicated that these toxins were to be deliberately released “…for the mental deterioration and moral debasement of the mass…”

    The book is appropriately subtitled; “Food and Liquids Used as a Medium in Deliberately and Carefully Planned Methods Developed by the Vicious Element of Humanity, for the Mental Deterioration and Moral Debasement of the Mass, as a Means Toward Their Enslavement.”

    Dr. Clymer introduces readers with a stark warning for the future, writing, “Imagine yourself if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions. Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a moron, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others…”

    Bertrand Russell’s 1953 book The Impact of Science on Society is cited by Clymer as one example of the elite’s desire to dominate the masses. Russell stated that under scientific tyranny, “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

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