By Nahida Izzat  (Uprooted Palestinians)

Rebbe Meachem Mendel Schneerson

Some still insist that Chabad is a “fringe group”, that “has no influence” and that exposing their supremacist ideology, their level of influence and the harm they do is a “distraction” !

Watch Benjamin Netanyahu Ordered by Chabad Rebbe to Hasten Jewish Messiah’s Coming

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Netanyahu Recalls the Rebbe’s Advice – Sep. 24 2009

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Watch how they plot how to brain wash Americans

How they plot to steal more land

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Their roadmap to peace !

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Now we come to learn from the horse’s mouth — Why do Zionist Jews talk to Palestinians ?

Why do they indulge in endless “peace talks” and “peace processes”?

Listen to the Chabad Rebbe’s answer:

“The talks are only, so the public shouldn’t say that Eretz Yisroel is not interested in peace”

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And here, we hear Chabad’s Rebbe whispers to Uri Savir, the Israeli ambassador to US:

“The Americans ultimately have no choice, because they are dependent on God’s choice, but God places the free choice in the hands of the Jews including to choose contrary to His wishes, and He believes strongly in the Jewish people

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Lubavitcher Rebbe explains to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu that “all that is required for the Divine presence is ten Jews”

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Here the Rebbe declares  that:

“The Jewish people and God are literally one” !!!
“…the soul-root of a Jew is higher than any other creation”

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Why is it that this kind of racism, supremacy, power and global out-reach are not challenged?

Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee who has lived in exile for over forty two years, after being forced to leave her homeland at the tender age of seven in 1967, during the six-day war. She has a degree in mathematics, but art is one of her favorite pastimes.  She also writes poetry, participates in written dialogues and believes in building bridges, not walls. She started writing when her friends insisted she should write about her memories, experiences and feelings as a Palestinian.When she did it all came out sounding—she was told—like poetry! So she self-published two books: I Believe in Miracles and Palestine, The True Story.

Her dream is to return back home to a free and liberated Palestine.

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  1. DyingTruth  October 21, 2010 at 12:14 am

    GREAT POST! We Americans need to be aware of what the jews have planned, and people should take time to recognize the shocking parallels between what they are currently doing to us and what they did to Germany and I believe that China will be their new host whom these parasites will occupy when they have sucked the United States dry and completely leave it for ruins unless we do something.

  2. AjHenry  October 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Don’t know anything about this site but it’s appears to be worth a look:

    The Iowa meatproccesing plant running the illegal aliens and manufacturing the meth was a Lubbavitch operation so I guess part of the income stream is from meth, slave labor, and selling dodgy meat at inflated prices.

    Is the messianic strain meth induced by any chance?

  3. Penumbra  October 14, 2010 at 10:42 pm

  4. Penumbra  October 14, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Actually upon further examination, it seems they practice just about every deceit and fraud known to man…

  5. Penumbra  October 14, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Most likely through the grubby underground diamond trade out of S. Africa via Antwerp.

    These lunatics are not only depraved, conniving material supporters of treason and terrorism, but completely deluded if they actually believe they are holy.

    I only hope to have a front row seat on the day of judgment to watch these seditious mammon-worshipping vermin get the full measure of damnation coming to them.

  6. Ken Rechtstein  October 14, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Does anyone here ha ve info about how and by whom org. like Lubavitch are funded?

  7. Mick  October 14, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Chabad Lubavitch is a world wide organization, with a Mission on Embassy Row in Washington DC. The Orthodox we see with the Presidents are Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi’s. Many of the Preident’s staffs have included Chabad Lubavitchers.

    Take a look at what Chabad projects for America….towards the bottom of the article…

    2) In the second stage, the growing Noachide movement will seize political power—using only peaceful, lawful means—in the capitals of the Western nations. This, of course, will not take place until the Noachide society has grown to some threshold size. We do not know how large this needs to be nor which nations will join the revolution first, although the United States, as a fairly religious, conservative nation, certainly tops the list of prospects.

    Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform. All economic and technological aid to the Communist Bloc, including the PLO, will be terminated immediately. Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary. Jewish courts (the batei dini of the rabbis) will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha; in the United States, the emphasis will be on restoring the authority of the Constitution and abolishing all unconstitutional government programs and agencies. The national debt will be foreclosed, probably by paying off creditors with government land holdings, thus averting economic disaster. And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law.

    Almost as soon as aid to the Communist Bloc stops, the international Communist revolution will plunge headlong into crisis. The captive peoples, seeing their liberation at hand, will genuinely rise up to throw their brutal dictators out of power, and the armies of Gog and Magog—ranging from the Soviet Communists to the PLO—will self-destruct before the eyes of the entire world.

    Naturally, Amalek’s agents will scream hysterically to intimidate Jews from carrying out the above campaign, hoping to delay this victory. They have no power, however, to prevent our successful action; they can only try to create doubts and hesitation.

    As the world plunges headlong toward the imminent revelation of Moshiach while the last walls of the exile disintegrate, the number of confused gentiles ready to change is rising exponentially. If the Jewish people immediately begin preparing adequate structures for the Noachide movement, this tide will be channeled directly into a glorious revelation of Truth. But if we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, this same overwhelming force for social change can, G-d forbid, be diverted to empower Amalek’s final assault on holiness. It is not a matter of whether gentile society will explode in the face of the growing crisis; this event is an inevitable, and fast-approaching, reality. We do not want to miss this incredible opportunity to provide light in the final moments of darkness.

    The world has reached its ultimate point of decision, and the power to succeed belongs entirely to the Jewish people. We can wait until Moshiach comes on his own, following a world war, or we can bring him through our own actions, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has stated is our mission. The choice is ours.

    There is not a minute to waste. Jews everywhere, unite!

  8. daise bermip  October 14, 2010 at 3:21 am

    none of these are true go back to your history books

    Israel Shahak was allowed under israel democracy to travel the world to lecture on the evils of Zionism and the Jewish religion. His claims and opinions are so bizarre that, by themselves, they could not justify paying any attention to him.
    check the net to find out that there was no demand for his books. i guess
    israel people never heard of him- ans as such he is not relevant

  9. Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L  October 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Ten questions to the Zionists
    by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT”L
    Dean of Nitra Yeshiva and author of min hametzar
    (Published by the author in 1948 and reprinted many times)


    IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that:
    a) none of the deportees travel from Spain to Palestine; and
    b) all the deportees be transported from Spain to the USA or British colonies, and there to remain; with entry visas to be arranged by the Jews living there; and
    c) $1000.00 ransom for each family to be furnished by the Agency, payable upon the arrival of the family at the Spanish border at the rate of 1000 families daily.


    IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo and the Mufti.


    IS IT TRUE that the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the following comments:
    a) ONLY Palestine would be considered as a destination for the deportees.
    b) The European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious allies agree to a “Jewish State” at the end of the war.
    c) No ransom will be paid


    IS IT TRUE that this response to the Gestapo’s offer was made with the full knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber.


    IS IT TRUE that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a similar offer was made, whereby all Hungarian Jewry could be saved.


    IS IT TRUE that the same Zionist hierarchy again refused this offer (after the gas chambers had already taken a toll of millions).


    IS IT TRUE that during the height of the killings in the war, 270 Members of the British Parliament proposed to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe, and resettle them in British colonies, as a part of diplomatic negotiations with Germany.


    IS IT TRUE that this offer was rejected by the Zionist leaders with the observation “Only to Palestine!”


    IS IT TRUE that the British government granted visas to 300 rabbis and their families to the Colony of Mauritius, with passage for the evacuees through Turkey. The “Jewish Agency” leaders sabotaged this plan with the observation that the plan was disloyal to Palestine, and the 300 rabbis and their families should be gassed.


    IS IT TRUE that during the course of the negotiations mentioned above, Chaim Weitzman, the first “Jewish statesman” stated: “The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important”. Weitzman’s cohort, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe”.

  10. LOUIS KOSSUTH BIRINYI  October 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    The members of the human family, it seems, are
    divided into two main groups: one group is composed of creators and builders, while the
    other group is composed of leeches and parasites that live on the sweat and blood of the
    former group. Between these two groups there is a constant struggle, and this struggle
    sometimes is calm and unnoticeable, while at other times it is fierce, bloody and deadly.
    You can see this struggle every day, read of it every day and dream of it every night. At
    one time the builders and creators are feverishly at work to create the necessities of life
    for the use and enjoyment of their fellow men, while the leeches and parasites are
    patiently biding their time and preparing to pounce upon the creators to take away from
    them the results of their labor. The farmers arduously till the soil and, cooperating with
    the very God of Creation, raise crops and food in abundance, so that their fellow men
    may eat, live and be happy; and when the crops are harvested and the life-giving food is
    stored, the leeches and parasites appear and deprive the farmers of the fruits of their
    labor. At other times, when their own stomachs are full and their coffers replete, the
    leeches and parasites conspire against God and man, and they pay the farmers charity or
    “relief” money for not plowing and for not raising crops, and, as a result, their fellow men
    do not have sufficient food to eat; expectant mothers do not have enough nourishment for
    their unborn children; children already born lack adequate nourishment; and millions of
    men, women and children virtually suffer from starvation.

  11. Jack  October 13, 2010 at 4:12 am

    The bearded Nazis are disgusting, perverted parasites on our humanity.They see themselves as being god’s chosen leaders of all humanity.If they get absolute power,then misery,poverty and war will engulf this planet.

  12. Ken Rechtstein  October 12, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    As long as there is a sheet(w.a hole in it)betwen man’n woman in coitus [I was told] it’s fine.Otherwise “the Goyim [are available-ready to oblige] ‘ve been created by Yahve w. human features to better serve the Jews” (TALMUD). One of the ‘miracles’ upon which the Zio-Mythology is constructed is 6million Jews died in “Hitler’s Extermination Camps”, gassed or cremated, so I was told in school. Documented statistics show that the Jewish population was ab’t 5.5million, at WWII outbreak: same when it was over..

  13. Gordon Duff  October 12, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    You have it wrong. Jews don’t believe in sex after marriage, the women at least.

  14. Brian  October 12, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    From Helen Thomas:

    “I hit the third rail,” Thomas told Ohio radio station WMRN-AM in an interview that aired today. “You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive.”

    “They distorted my remarks, which they obviously have to do for their own propaganda purposes, otherwise people might wonder why they continue to take Palestinian land,” Thomas told WMRN reporter Scott Spears during the radio interview, referring to the Israelis.

  15. Pacific Islander  October 12, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Gollum, anyone?

  16. AJHenry  October 12, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Well, you should look up Prof. Shahak’s book and read for yourself. As an Israeli citizen, he was concerned enough to investigate and write a book which included this quote.

    Here’s the link to chapter four:

    If you’d like to begin from page one,

  17. rachel  October 12, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Jews do not believe in life after death. So, I can’t help but question the post about souls and all non jews being souls of the devil.

  18. Anonymous Smith  October 12, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Nahida Izzat wrote “Why is it that this kind of racism, supremacy, power and global out-reach are not challenged?”

    Because the Jews own the media, and the liberal NGOs, lock, stock, and barrel!

  19. Richard Grant  October 12, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Why would someone want to dress up in hideously ugly costumes and wear ghastly beards and side curls? Why would someone want to be a member of an unpopular group? Why would someone walk around wearing a virtual “Hate Me” sign? Why would someone want to sacrifice most of the good things modern life has to offer? Well, one must believe membership is superior to non-membership, that members are superior to non-members, that non-members are little better than beasts on two legs. Nothing less could possibly persuade me to live that way; in fact, I would want even more. I would want to believe I OWNED the non-members. I would, frankly, have to HATE the non-members. I would have to believe I could treat the non-members in any vile way I pleased, and that doing so brings joy to God. I would have to believe the non-members are rightfully my slaves and their women and girls my sex toys. I would need to hear these things direct from the lips of God. Even then, I would probably say “drop dead”. In other words, I am not surprised at anything you want to tell me these folks believe. Do I care? Honestly, no; no more than I care if Muslims make women wear bags over their head and hate my people for cavorting nearly naked on the beach. “You’re just jealous” is my only retort.

  20. AJHenry  October 12, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Elder, whether he is alive or not seems off topic, no?

    Shahak has documented very peculiar attitudes among the Lubbavitch group. There is irrefutable proof that organ theft and organ dealing is carried on by Israelis of various stripes. Prof. Nancy Scheper-Hughes has documented that the “trade” is dominated by Jews/Israelis.

    What have you to say about that? Might not the wider public be entitled to draw conclusions from the evidence unless Jewish groups take immediate and sustained action?

    The problem is, in fact, so long running and serious, that the True Torah Jews group has seen fit to publish warnings to people who are considering visiting Israel (

    * A Message to Prospective American Tourists in Israel: How to Avoid
    Compulsory Autopsies
    * Planning a Trip to Israel? Read this warning.
    * Call to protest desecration of the Dead with compulsory autopsies
    * An Appeal to the World’s Conscience

    If you are willing to answer the above, also kindly explain why Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Yaron Schumel, and Omar Marmari filmed and celebrated the 9/11 tragedy, even posing for photos with cigarette lighters ( Nice Jewish Mossad boys who probably are paid out my tax money. Pity the NY Times didn’t think it newsworthy until mid-November.

  21. Debbie Menon  October 11, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    The Israeli Organ Harvesting story got no coverage in Mainstream US Press or Media.

    Alison Weir did a special on this story for
    on August 28-30, 2009

    It is also posted on her own website If Americans

  22. Debbie Menon  October 11, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    But, his disciple Benjamin Netanyahu is very much alive and kicking! Right?

    This is for those who insist that Chabad is a “fringe group”, that “has no influence” and to expose their supremacist ideology.

  23. Elder  October 11, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    You do know that the rabbi has been dead for 16 years, right?

  24. AJHenry  October 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Dear Nahida Izzat, very important topic. Many thanks for posting!

    Anyone who is unfamiliar with the topic should cast their eyes over Prof. Israel Shahak’s book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel. Rather than being a fringe element, they seem to operate with impunity.

    Here are a couple of important quotations from Chapter Four:

    “If every single cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA.” Later, Rabbi Ginsburgh asked rhetorically: “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,”

    “Souls of non-Jews come entirely from the female part of the satanic sphere. For this reason souls of non-Jews are called evil, not good, and are created without [divine] knowledge.”


    The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: “Let us differentiate.” Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of “let us differentiate” between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference of the inner quality, however, is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews]” “their bodies are in vain.” … An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness. As has been explained, an embryo is called a human being, because it has both body and soul. Thus, the difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish embryo can be understood. There is also a difference in bodies. The body of a Jewish embryo is on a higher level than is the body of a non-Jew. This is expressed in the phrase “let us differentiate” about the body of a non-Jew, which is a totally different kind. The same difference exists in regard to the soul: the soul of a Jewish embryo is different than the soul of a non-Jewish embryo. We therefore ask: Why should a non-Jew be punished if he kills even a non-Jewish embryo while a Jew should not be punished even if he kills a Jewish embryo? The answer can be understood by [considering] the general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” [Genesis 1:1] means that [the heavens and the earth] were created for the sake of the Jews, who are called the “beginning.” This means everything, all developments, all discoveries, the creation, including the “heavens and the earth—are vanity compared to the Jews. The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves are [the divine] aim.”

    After some additional cabbalistic explanation the Lubovitcher Rebbe concluded:

    Following from what has already been said, it can be understood why a non-Jew should be punished by death if he kills an embryo and why a Jew should not be punished by death. The difference between the embryo and a [baby that was] born is that the embryo is not a self-contained reality but rather is subsidiary; either it is subsidiary to its mother or to the reality created after birth when the [divine] purpose of its creation is then fulfilled. In its present state the purpose is still absent. A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written,”And the strangers shall stand and feed your flocks” [Isaiah 61:5]. The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews. Because of this a non-Jew should be punished with death if he kills an embryo, while a Jew, whose existence is most important, should not be punished with death because of something subsidiary. We should not destroy an important thing for the sake of something subsidiary. It is true that there is a prohibition against [hurting] an embryo, because it is something that will be born in the future and in a hidden form already exists. The death penalty should be implicated only when visible matters are affected; as previously noted, the embryo is merely of subsidiary importance.”

    Organ dealing?
    Organ theft?
    Blood Libel? Nah, couldn’t be. Prof. Ariel Toaff, despite pledging to continue publishing his Blood Passover, capitulated in the face of pressure. He did say before disappearing that some fanatics indeed murdered goyim children “in revenge for the conversion of jews (children ?) to Christianity” which comes across as just a bit short of specious.

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