Small Business Provider of Health Food to Military Personnel Makes Big Difference Worldwide

by Barry Turner

Lenny and Larry'sAs a longtime supporter of our military, I have the highest respect for the individuals – and families – who defend this nation. Concerning the latter, the husbands and wives who shoulder the burden stateside, I know that military service is an exacting sacrifice for everyone — for a spouse who must suddenly become a single parent, for a child who misses the loving comfort of a mother or father. This holiday season, those families should not be alone or forgotten. But sadly, too many military families suffer a shadowy silence: absent from seasonal revelry and denied even the simplest rewards, our military families struggle to survive.

I, for one, want to do my best to change this fact; and my company, Lenny & Larry’s, encourages others to do likewise. (Lenny & Larry’s creates a series of all-natural, protein enhanced brownies, cookies and muffins — delicious snacks we send to servicemen and -women throughout the United States and abroad.)

In fact, we encourage military families to contact us, and many oblige with letters of the profoundest emotion, stories of unimaginable sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves: the defense of freedom.

These letters come from newly married couples and first-time parents; the letters represent nearly every region and all major faiths, symbolizing the greatness of this country and the character of those who serve.

Barry Turner

Don Croutch, President of Lenny & Larry's. Barry Turner (right) wearing a tee with an image of Benjamin Franklin on the front of the shirt

But the letters also, not surprisingly, omit something: the correspondence never – not once – asks for my (or your) thanks for these people protecting our precious liberties. Think about that fact, and then consider the truly heroic nature of these individuals: they risk their lives for us – and they never mention it!

This trait is seemingly universal among active and retired members of the military. (Growing up in North Carolina as the son and nephew of servicemen, I remember the way my father and uncles would comport themselves, the manner in which they would display strength, resolve and courage. I apply those same qualities to running Lenny & Larry’s, too, which explains the brand’s disciplined approach to success. And, while I do not seek to equate my work and the obstacles our servicemen and –women face, I know one indisputable truth: my love for the military will never die; it fuels my passion.)

I continue to get daily emails and letters from military families, some of whom lack the funds to get delicious and healthy nutrition. Lenny & Larry’s promises, to the best of our abilities as a small company, to change this situation because no child – especially the child of someone defending America – should go without good food.

Also, we regularly use our Lenny and Larry’s Blog to celebrate military families and veterans. We much prefer showcasing the bravery of our soldiers, sailors, pilots and marines, than cheerleading for ourselves.

This month, we hope other companies will follow the example of Lenny & Larry’s, and support military families and veterans. This campaign is our collective responsibility – for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your assistance is welcome and needed. Happy holidays.

About the Author: Barry Turner is the Founder and CEO of Lenny & Larry’s (, a leading maker of all-natural, protein enhanced brownies, cookies and muffins.

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