1. Marcellus  January 8, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Many people in the world are looking for honesty, integrity and transparency. If it is so, that people like Assange i.e. websites like Wikileaks cannot be trusted, then what does that actually mean? I notice that more and more people have become increasingly indifferent about what they read and at the same time there must be many people who are continuously manipulated or confused by the media, whatever media it is.

    I find this rather amusing. Actually, I really don’t care what all those people I do not know personally are doing. Politicians, business people, governments, human beings in general have always been unreliable. Which person on earth is completely honest? So the best thing is to ignore all this nonsense, get on with your life and try to make something good out of it instead of wasting your time on things that you either do not understand or actually are not interested in.

  2. Ken Rechtstein  December 15, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    To summarize: Israel is once again playing us for FOOLS in total impunity. Here is a brushing of why and how:

    There is not one single European country from which members of the Zion Talmudic Mafia have not been either expulsed or having had their movement and activities REGULATED.

    Masters of deceit, they have always taken advantage of the openness of the host people, infiltrated their institutions, introduced corruption where there has been NONE before and concealed their true intentions, manipulating commerce-finances and politics.

    The root of these ‘people’s own self-apartheid, with the intent to conserve SECRECY, hide old CRIMES and prepare NEW ones, are the CODEX that regulate their relation with NON-JEWS: 1)The TALMUDIC LAWS; 2)The King’s Torah; 3)The Book of Esther; 4)Tradition and Customs, passed on from generation to generation; 5)Rabbi’s edicts and modern Zio-ideologues writings, presented as white papers on Security & Defense Policies to NAIVE western governants and political leaders, as part of a staged multi-events agenda, to lead them by the nose and finally trap them,in roles and actions to the sole benefit of the MAFIA DONS and their GQ: Israel.

    That`s how the deceitful game works.

    How can anyone expect any peaceful-No-deceitful interaction-social living from a congregation that is adamant about ONE THING: Its members are “God’s Chosen”, i.e. SUPERIOR and oblivious of laws, ethical conduct and regulations, EXCEPT the TALMUDIC LAWS, which tell them that the “GOYIM” (cattle), i.e. us the gentiles, are “Beasts, created by Jehovah with HUMAN FEATURES to better serve the Jews”.

    Above mentioned premise-declaration of principle, alone, makes ANY CIVILIZED LIVING with members of the Outfit IMPOSSIBLE, their mind and all their energy are by INSTINCT and UPBRINGING geared ONLY toward ENSLAVEMENT by deceit-treachery and BRUTE FORCE, when they can get away with it, of US, the GOYIM.

    Our liberation is conditioned by TAKING CONSCIENCE of the reality, I just described, in simple words.

    How can YOU relax-be off guard, share work, playground or territory and least wealth, defense-foreign policy, mutual concern with somebody of whom you know is member of a well organized INTERNATIONAL MAFIA with rules and codex that are set to TAKE ADVANTAGE of YOU and will NEVER change?

    As a matter of fact, all evidence point toward a trend of further sophistication of the means and methods of deceit and infiltration used nowadays by members of said MAFIA, to unnoticed (by most) take even more, and in a subterranean way, advantage of the Goyim and promote the unlawful interests of the Rogue State of Israel ABOVE the interests of the USA or whatever host country, members of said MAFIA happen to live in and rule, with the help of dual citizens and corrupt local politicians.

    It is a MAFIA and should be treated as such, RICO should apply here, no BullS… about religion and TRIBE and so on. It´s just a SHREWD and DEVIOUSLY MINDED MAFIA applying to us modern methods of enslavement, through deceit, psy-ops, theatrics, false flag ops, phony intelligence, myths and bribes-corruption-blackmail-media mind programming and opinion manipulation…

    Wake up AMERICA, the country has been HIJACKED and we have been enslaved by a foreign MAFIA, thanks to the politicians-whores in Congress-Senate, who permitted it.

    It`s time to ban the AIPAC-ADL, get ALL ONGs connected to any Outfit that claims defending Jewish interests on American soil, REGISTER as AGENT of a foreign power, bound to be thoroughly investigated for activities as accessory to the implementation of MAFIOSI TRENDS in the USA and EUROPE, which have proved to be un-American, against the letter and spirit of the UN CHART, ALL Constitutions, laws and international conventions.

  3. Ken Rechtstein  December 14, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Mike, That’s what should be done if the AMERICAN PEOPLE was in charge… which is not the case: it´s the Zion Talmudic Mafia that is ruling the USA and Europe… with FED free printed inorganic money and theatrics… Yep!

  4. Moses fran k  December 14, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    May i know who is the person in this video regarding the exposition of wikileaks ????

    whose voice is that if anyone know plz tell me

    • Gordon Duff  December 14, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      I think it is a computer

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