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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Those “in the know” have long since picked up the fact that Wikileaks is a game, or “game theory warfare” as Jeff Gates puts it.  The players, a Rothschild law firm, the pro-Israel gang at the New York Times, Guardian and Der Spiegel and the Mossad.  The leaks have been, as Zbigniew Brzezinski puts it, a combination of chickenfeed and “seeded, pointed material” from an “intelligence agency.”  Now we are told by Wayne Madsen and others that Wikileaks has UFO materials and is going to buy its way out of the “dog house” with them.

Wikileaks was Israel.  Now, Wikileaks is going to be X-Files.

What can we expect, what is in the UFO files of the United States Air Force?

UFO secrets have been the Holy Grail of the intelligence community since 1947 and the Roswell landing or Roswell crash, more appropriately, in New Mexico.  The Air Force initially released a story of a “flying saucer” landing but, in an almost “military” manner, clumsy and “ham handed,” rescinded its own reports and screamed “weather balloon.”  I was at Wurtsmith AFB in October 1973, a “national secret,” when the UFO flyover happened there.  This “national secret” was, at the time, witnessed by thousands of people, reported on TV, newspapers and joked about by everyone but the Air Force personnel that a 300 foot flaming “whatever” traveling at Mach 1.5 scared the bejeezus out of.

They later reported that one as a “weather balloon” also.  It was seen flying 2000 miles across the United States, burning like the sun the entire way.  I believe them.  It was a weather balloon.  I just want to know what it was made of.  I want everything I own to be made out of that stuff.

For years, the reports have been of the Air Force adapting UFO technology at the Area 51 base in Nevada, triangular aircraft capable of unusual maneuvers with some type of drive capable of using aspects of physics I won’t begin to describe.  Dozens, maybe even hundreds of movies, books and television shows have been made about this subject or various derivations of the Majestic 12 document, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” of the UFO world.

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These stories, true or not, national secrets or conspiracy theory of such power and breadth as to become a major cultural phenomena, are old news, long debunked by “debunkers” long proven to be unreliable, untruthful and untrustworthy.  Welcome to uncertainty.

Where there is uncertainty, there is also something to hide.  The rumor wouldn’t be “out there” unless it had power of some kind.  Accept the fact that something startling  may or may not be released to the public, depending on whether some agenda of Wikileaks or Wikileaks and Israel, is met.

Can America’s UFO secrets force an attack on Iran?  This is the kind of game that could be played here.


For decades, Air Force pilots have told of UFO’s.  Even America’s astronauts have seen them, up close and personal.  The number of reports, “close encounters” of one kind or another, 1 through 4, number in the tens of thousands.  The number of UFO witnesses who can be considered “extremely credible” is over 1000.  Many world governments consider UFOs a real threat and are, occasionally, public about it.

Whenever I receive “rumors,” and they flood in from the Air Force like anything, I try to consider why I am being told what I am being told.  Everyone has an agenda.  Destroying the credibility of a journalist is a joke.  I report on people who are narcissists, sociopaths and degenerates and these are our civilian and military leaders.  Is something going to make me seem worse, worse than Bush and Cheney?  I don’t think so.

This is the extent of what I am being told by people who are responsible parties, Air Force officers, folks normally seen as having “the right stuff.”

  • America has UFO technology and aircraft that perform well beyond anything the public imagines
  • some aspect of the fictional version, be it Men in Black or X Files, isn’t fiction

Is this where Wikileaks is going?


The Wiki-rumors talk about UFO, Nazi Germany and a base in Antarctica.  There is a reference, from several sources, of some kind of UFO war.  I know absolutely nothing about this but…

This is what I was told by sources who had known escaped Nazi elite:

During the war, Hitler had been in contact with aliens.  Some sort of agreement or arrangement was made.  A base was built in Antarctica.  Germany had build a “complimentary” facility in Chile which existed until well after the war.  The “Nazi/Space Alien” base in Antarctica was also controlled by the Nazis and, at some point, by Nazis and Americans, well after the end of the war.

I know of people alive today, folks serious as a “heart attack,” who claim to have visited these facilities.  These are “ratline” people.

Now many of us are being told that Wikileaks has materials referencing exactly this.


My first recommendation is to not listen to me at all.  I don’t really trust anyone.  Oh.  I am now “Mulder” of X Files.  Didn’t he always say that:  “Trust no one.”

Good advice, trust no one.  I certainly don’t trust Wikileaks, not because everything they say is false, some certainly is, but because Wikileaks has been “outed” as having an agenda.


I can make assumptions, predictions, that I seem to be good at.  The Air Force is keeping something from us and someone, finally, has gotten into their “underwear drawer.”  Every high official, more than a few presidents included, has sought the secret UFO files.  Carter, Reagan, Gore, others, have claimed these files exist but were denied access to them.

Is the truth so unpleasant, so disgusting that it can’t be revealed?

This is a probability.

Everything points that direction, what is seen and proven, the rumors, the secrecy, and now the threat from Wikileaks.

What I do know is that what we will be told.  Unless the United States relinquishes defacto control of our military forces to the State of Israel, Julian Assange is going to unleash his stockpile of UFO documents.

The sign that the United States has surrendered will be increased rhetoric from President Obama over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and, at some point, the false flag attack on American forces in the Persian Gulf that the Bush administration was prevented from enacting in 2007.

We watch, we wait, but do we believe?

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  1. Samuel  January 4, 2011 at 11:38 am

    I think you can cut to the chase, the man made triangle UFOs:

  2. Leon  December 22, 2010 at 2:57 am

    It would take a technically advanced extraterrestrial civilization a mere 10-100 thousand years to colonize the entire galaxy with self-duplicating intelligent machines.
    Those machines aren’t here.
    Therefore, technically advanced civilizations probably do not exist in our entire galaxy. We are alone.

    The modern alien of western mythology displays a curious fetish for the U.S. military.

    • Steve  December 22, 2010 at 11:55 am

      “A mere 10-100 thousand years to colonize the entire galaxy…”, eh? Your source of that data, please? Well, maybe not.

      At any rate, your argument here isn’t very strong. You can’t seem ’em, therefore they don’t exist.

      What if our hypothetical aliens were really, really tiny? Or big? Or underwater? Underground? Or visible only in a wavelength we can’t see? Or really, really fast? Or capable of assuming familiar shapes, like clouds, or bugs, or maybe some skateboarder?

      If you would allow that some aliens could create “self-duplicating intelligent machines,” wouldn’t you concede that they might be able to do some of the things I mentioned, above, or even more trick stuff none of us can even begin to imagine – so you wouldn’t be aware of their presence at all?

      But no, I guess you’d need to see some big transformer thingy, all silvery and glowing, towering in a field somewhere, or hanging in the sky, ’cause that’s how Hollywood would do it, right?

      Well, stay tuned. Somebody is probably working on just that project.

      In the meanwhile, as far as I know, no alien civilization has told us much about how they do would things, but I rather suspect that their needs and interests, to say nothing of their machines and technology, might be a tad different from ours, perhaps beyond recognition.


  3. Texas Grunt  December 21, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Duff’s Article => “I know of people alive today, folks serious as a “heart attack,” who claim to have visited these facilities. These are “ratline” people.”

    T.G. => I remember growing up in a German Catholic family in America. Pope Pius XII was a hero for finding escape paths and safety for so many ‘political escapees’ from Germany. The world “ratline” — if you will — was never used, but for the love of me, I don’t remember the German name expression that was bandied about the households.

    There was a German submarine sunk off the South Texas coast that was recently rediscovered by an oil recovery Company. I believe they left it alone as a natural graveyard. It has long been rumored that German skeletons of every age group would be found inside, including children. I would guess that not all surviving ‘ratliners’ knew what the potential risks were when they were shipped out of the Fatherland. I’ll bet the trip could have been as scary as crap. I’ll bet the trip would have been like being in an alien UFO!


  4. Tea Partier  December 21, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Hey T.V., is it your East Texas friend’s motto “Let thine be single and thy whole body shall be filled with light?” Further, were the Marfa lights really Moofa lights? Good thing it’s Christmas — the holidays all you non-believers!

    yours untruly, T.P.

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