The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

By Jeff Gates

The phrase “enemy within” brings to mind the image of a shadowy spy stealing military secrets. That was the case for Israeli master spy Jonathan Pollard jailed for 1980s espionage that compromised U.S. Cold War strategy.

That phrase also describes those involved in a form of psy-ops that is not easily detected because it operates so brazenly. For instance, the well-timed release of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks displaced reports of Israeli obstinacy in peace talks with reports of a need for war with Iran.

That operation relied on editors at four major newspapers chosen by WikiLeaks to manage the releases. Despite the delight at their impact voiced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, mainstream media failed to mention the possibility of undisclosed bias by those who chose what to release and when.

The bias of The New York Times is well known. Less clear is the role of Ian Katz, Deputy Editor at The Guardian (London) and Executive Editor Sylvie Kauffman at Le Monde in Paris. The geopolitical success of the WikiLeaks operation suggests an enemy within.

Israeli duplicity often operates through what U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates describes as “the people in between.” When waging unconventional warfare, those people are the most dangerous combatants, particularly those operatives in mainstream media.

The People in Between

For systems of governance reliant on informed consent, nothing could be more perilous. The “people in between” routinely target media—freedom’s greatest vulnerability—as a means for displacing facts with what a targeted populace can be deceived to believe.

How old is this duplicity? How long have false beliefs been used to manipulate behavior? Modern technology—particularly media—enables deception on a global scale. Between the American populace and the facts they require to protect their freedom—that’s where this enemy within imbeds its operatives.

The false intelligence claiming Iraqi WMD was a people-in-between operation. Judith Miller at The New York Times fed us a steady diet of front-page news that we now know was fixed around Israeli goals promoted by Ahmad Chalabi, a London-based Iraqi expatriate who, like Israel, sought regime change in Iraq.

Pentagon insider Richard Perle developed Chalabi over two decades. A Jewish Zionist, Perle has long been a strategically well-placed “person in between.” Miller left The Times and joined Fox News and then Newsmax.

Yet the impact of complicit media pales in comparison to the enemy within that brought the U.S. economy to its knees and undermined national security at its financial core.

Imbedded Inside

The most devastating in this chronicle of enemies is the most difficult to see. As with other “in between” operations, this too succeeds by displacing facts with false beliefs. Only in this case, those beliefs were imbedded in education and over decades worked their way into law.

Known as the “Washington Consensus,” this widely shared perspective shapes economic policy worldwide. At the heart of this generally accepted truth is found the belief that money should be accountable only to itself.

In this mindset, financial freedom is an article of faith. Instead of the civil rights refrain, “Let my people go,” its proponents insist: “Let my money go.” Allow money the freedom to work its will worldwide and everything will work out fine.

That shared belief works “in between” in the same way that Jonathan Pollard undermined national security, WikiLeaks shifted attention to Iran and Judith Miller induced us to war in Iraq. Only in this case a false belief has been so thoroughly internalized that it’s difficult to see because this shared mindset has become that with which we have been educated do our seeing.

A Global Sanhedrin

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are the primary apostles of this consensus faith. The World Trade Organization (WTO) now seeks to take this belief to global scale by enforcing unrestricted free trade not only in goods and services but also financial capital.

The WTO operates like a global Sanhedrin akin to a Jewish high council accountable only to itself. What’s now emerging as a global enemy within is a finance-guided form of transnational governance marketed as free trade but accountable only to itself.

That ‘self’ traces its origins to an internalized mindset in which financial freedom serves, by consensus, as a proxy for personal freedom. That mindset was decades in the making.

This modern-day Mindset Warfare is being waged by an enemy that is truly within. Fast globalizing financial forces now induce us to freely embrace the very forces that undermine our freedom.

By waging war on us from the inside out, the originators of this money-myopic mindset dismantled the U.S. economy, enabled vast financial pillaging and induced us to fiscal ruin.

Those wielding this weaponry operate from our internal shadows as the Zionist entity within.

Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association – How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. See

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Jeff Gates

A Vietnam veteran, Jeff Gates is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide. He served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is widely published in the trade, popular and academic press. His latest book is Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century. Topical commentaries appear on the Criminal State website.

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  1. “Control the MONEY and you will control the GOVERNMENT, control the FOOD and you will CONTROL the PEOPLE”.

    The People can be used (rioting) to create the necessary chaos leading to the destabilizing of ANY COUNTRY.

    A couple of days ago, rioting started in various cities/parts of Algeria. The reason: a more than 100% hike of the prices of cooking oil, flour and other basic product overnight in January 2011.

    Why Algeria? Algeria has almost no foreign debt and a decent $100Billion plus in international reserves. It has gas and oil… it has a nuclear reactor and most of all its a Muslim-Arab country with a leadership difficult to infiltrate…

    They tried on it the “Maghreb Al Qaeda” but it did not work well. A couple of months ago a MOSSAD agent was arrested in South-West Algeria. He had managed to infiltrate religious groups, even participate in the local Mosque’s activities.

    Algeria has managed to maintain good relationship with USA for practical reasons and this is not acceptable from the point of view of the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons. Their policy is converting all the Muslims ion enemies of the USA, at least create that perception within the American people. Just remember why the Zion Talmudic succeeded to turn the USA against a long time ally: Pakistan!

    Another recent incident which attracted my attention is the apparently “suicide” of the ALI REZA PAHLEVI, the heir to succeed his defunct father as the Shah of Iran (hypothetical, but not impossible in the case of regime change in Iran)…

    My point is this: If it was not a suicide but murder, somebody is for real preparing regime change in Iran… but they DO NOT WANT the son of the Shah back. They want a puppet, a stooge or even a military and/or corporative ‘governship’ for Iran.

    The ‘Enemy Within’ is working on multiple fronts to create social unrest: in the Middle East, in Africa (case of the Ivory Coast) in Central and South America (Venezuela-Colombia-Honduras-Ecuador-Bolivia-Nicaragua-Argentina-Brazil-Mexico, in Asia too: Focuses of destabilization everywhere… Even in Sweden with the False Flag of the Stockholm Bomber and France-Germany with a campaign against what they call “The Islamization of Europe”…

  2. “less clear is the role of Ian Katz….and Sylvie Kaufman…” Actually
    like with Judith Miller all three are Jewish and have strong ties with Israel
    especially Kaufman

  3. Joe Bob sez check it out. . .[] Incidentally there were never any Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo..and it wasn’t because there weren’t any straws from McDonalds to sniff cocaine thru..either…Nor protective headgear with face masks…Just like the reality of the proselytes to Talmudic Judaism {Ashkenazim 740AD} are not Israelites..Not Judahites, and Not Semitic..Just Delusional Psychophants…Zionazi’s. The Braindeadgoy who worship the Zionazi’s are stupid., and allow the IN BETWEEN [Emet Group] to sart wars based on craftily manufactured LIES {Jewish Narrative} and mass Murder for Profit…plus interest….an accounting procedure including cost over runs and LEDGERDEMAIN…So be honest AXE YOSELF…what is the violation of the First commandment..and does Mikey Weinstein really give a SH*T ?

  4. The elite (illuminutty) never get their hands dirty-they use you to do their dirty deeds and atrocities-they pay you and make sure you feel proud and good when you turn on your fellow man-The damage you see in the world-when they get you to make Hell on earth for others-is just collateral damage-the real agenda of these satanists is to get you to destroy your conscience which is your soul-when you do the bidding of the illuminutty. These monsters are not even in control-maybe they think they are-but the elite who value iniquity-who feed parasitically off all those they deem inferior-the real useless eaters-are not in control-Satan uses them as his puppets-to force you to destroy your souls by doing the dirty deeds-WW3-a war against all civilians began with 911-you will be made the enemy-and you will either be the collateral damage/civilians or the soldiers who end up in Hell when they lose their consciences/souls and commit the most heinous crimes against you-all the while believing the lies that you are evil-an enemy and they will be proud and paid to do it while all of you starve-What they did to Dresden-to 66 mil christians in russia-to Iraq – palestine and Afghanis are the trial runs for what they will do to you-who did the dirty work? soldiers with no conscience-no soul. obedient robot slaves for satan following orders. I would rather be the collateral damage than one of them. There is so much fear in Iraq now of being nuked that they will soon have a massive earth quake-it will happen to all of you next-the earth mirrors back your energy-good or evil-life preserving or life destroying. As long as there are people who think destroying life is good-AKA soldiers-satan through his elite(because you accept their evil of iniquity as right)will make you destroy the earth, through the punishers and those who fear them.

  5. Let’s fire them!

    Robert Arthur Menard

  6. thanks for the article ….. bit baffled by some of the comment section.

    Usury …. is it only Judaism which allows for this rapacious and hideous burden on the world?

    This begs the question – how nominal is the religion many espouse as ‘theirs’?

    Off to work – to pay the interest 🙂

    I vaguely remember Malaysia – under Mahathir – telling the IMF and World Bank to ‘bugger off’.

    Amid cries of ‘end of civilisation.’ nothing happened and Malaysia survived.

    Not suggesting Mathathir as a wonderful human but he didn’t accept the status quo.

  7. Very accurate and courageous news article. We have all been brainwashed by the zionist-controlled media and corrupt Congress to think that the israelis are the “good guys” in the middle east and the arabs are the “bad guys”. In reality, it is the complete opposite. The Arabs are major customers of US products including cars, airplanes, electronics, food products, pharmaceutical products, and weapons. The israelis are bloodsuckers who would stab america in the back if it benefits israel in the end.

    Shame on our corrupt Comgress and shame on the american people for letting 2% of the population control the other 98% as if they are sheep!

  8. things are going to get real bad over time. this time segment is becoming shorter as each week passes. I believe that these would be Rulers of Planet Earth, may soon come to regret their past and present campaigns of evil, once they apparently achieve their goals.

    it’s one thing to be a diffuse web of evil, attacking a society or a body politic, as it were. Once apparent achievement of CONTROL, finally comes about, these weasels will finally come out of the wood work.

    however, it is entirely altogether a different thing to finally, (and apparently) achievement World Domination. at that point, the rats, who have been gnawing at the body politic, the economy, century old social more ways and folkways, will finally be out in the open and be widely known.

    then the fun can begin. what’s that phrase again? is it Asymmetric Warfare?

    militia held weapons of mass destruction? don’t make me laugh. but how about a wooden splinter dipped into some diseased feces & urine, poked through the garments of a minion of The New World Order?

    hmmm ….. now there is some food for thought, as the saying goes !! ha ha

    as for the New World Order idiots, there is a last phrase that comes to my mind.

    “Be careful for what you pray for.”


  9. The line of commentary at the beginning just after the article is baffling and nonsensical…you would better to have chucked the whole bucket altogether…

    At any rate, some good food for thought in the body of the article…less than usual in the commentary, which is usually excellent here.

    Assange….just add an L, and it’s ass-angel. What starts with L?
    Let me count the la la lurid lump of lies. Spies eyes lies and buzzing flies.

  10. Thanks for cleaning up the post and spraying the plague with insecticide…

    Here some thoughts, written on the flight…

    I want just to tie up some of the ongoing events in the USA with staged ones in Europe, which bear the signature of the same hand: ‘The Enemy Within’ that is pushing forward a very dangerous and most devious agenda of Global Destabilization, in order to bring about the turmoil-social unrest and chaos, the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons and their Crime Associates deem necessary to push forward and press ahead “The One World Zion Talmudic Central Bank” (China and Russia can be isolated and fenced in, then starved if they do not join in…).

    Jeff, I am sure you are following very closely the methodically conducted attack on the Euro, directed first against the weakest flanks of the EU: Greece-Spain-Portugal-Italy, which put the pressure on Germany (and the EuroZone Central Bank) for the bailout (promess of advancing some funds… if Greece goes to the IMF to get more indebted…) and is threatening the very existence of the Euro as a competitor currency to the U$D. Any day a general wide-spread panick might take place, which will bring about a run on the European banks and riots never seen before in Europe.

    Only, this time the endgame will not be “a Breton Woods Conference” from which the U$D emerged as the world reference and trade currency, it will be the SHEKEL, disguised under any acronym of strange sounding name, all controlled by the Zion Talmudic International Mafia and its financial-monetary-strategic AXIS: Tel Aviv-London (Bank of England, sorry Bank of Rothschild)-NY (Federal Reserve-Wall Street…under Rothschild-Tel Aviv Control).

    “El Pulpo”(= octopus)has its tentacles outstretched and firmly wrapped over finances-politics-trade-NATO via the Pentagon, and monetary policy in the USA-Europe-Africa-Asia-Australia-South America (to a certain extend inclusive China and Russia).

    The agenda is still the same: “Securing the REALM”, i.e. Israel as lead Violin.

    Another staged event, whose objective are now emerging clearly, designed to achieve the same effect as the attack on the Euro: Destabilization of the Arab-Muslim countries, has been carried out by the Weasel Julian Assange through Wikileaks.

    Soon, we will hear/read about Arabs high standing in the Power Pyramid, close to the actual rulers who have collaborated with the CIA-MOSSAD and stole billions from the state coffers. That will have insurgency everywhere in the Arab countries, of course helped along by the MOSSAD with all the FALSE FLAGS, they can muster. Same chaos as in Iraq and Afghanistan is the aim and will be the result.

    The Zion Talmudic Mafia is again working hard toward its end goal, Ertz Israel, from the Nile to the Eufrates, hegemony and world domination, using the Pentagon-NATO to that effect…

    We will in the near future see more Churches burned in the Muslim World, by extremists induced by the psy-ops carried out by Israel. The purpose of it is to rally the Christian World against the Arabs. In 2001 it was “Terrorism”, from now on it will be also “JIHAD”, Islam attacking Christianity…

    The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons are masters in deceit, champions in throwing the stone and hiding the hand that did it deflecting the focus to people or Nations who have been set up and or trapped like the case of the USA.

  11. Mo,

    Yes, I did remove those comments. Get on a real subject here or go away. This bickering is infantile. You are trying to provoke responses that are not allowed.


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