CIA and Israeli Intelligence Take Out Iranian Nuke Centrifuges

An Act of War – Will Iran Respond?

(San Francisco) – Iran’s publicly avowed goal, stated world wide, is to go into the uranium fuel rod business, not build nuclear weapons. That is reflected in the uranium enrichment equipment Iran owns and operates. President Ahamadinejad is regularly seen proclaiming this all over the world in a concerted Iranian effort to steal away nuclear reactor fuel rod customers from the US or France.

Iranian official holds container of UF6 Tuscon Citizen

Iranian official holds container of UF6 Tuscon Citizen

The deadly serious CIA partnered with the equally lethal assassins in the Israeli Intelligence service, the Mossad, take the Iranians at their word. So do I. Actions mean everything in the nuke business, words mean nothing. Words are just fluff for a gullible public.

That said, there is no way the US, France or Israel will allow Iran to go into the uranium fuel rod business. Absolutely No, NON, Lo, Nyet, Nein, Zip, Negative, not going to happen. There are powerful differences of opinion here between America and Iran. Wars have been fought over less.

As far as the US is concerned it is just a little bit uncool and not too good of an idea for a non-client state to attempt to make nuclear weapons. This will cause a serious inter-governmental “talking-to” and a big “maybe” response is almost guaranteed. Various high level political appointees will discuss it for years in “retreats” at posh resorts all over the world. It is a good gig if you can get it.

US politicians will drone on endlessly about the “proliferation” of nuclear weapons on all the best Sunday morning radio and TV talk shows. Corporate paid columnists using acres of newsprint are free to discuss the pros and cons endlessly. They call it Free Speech.

Al Defaiya F-35

Al Defaiya F-35

It is absolutely Verbotten, or Forbidden, however, for a Muslim State to try to enter the international nuclear fuel rod monopoly. This is Very Serious and runs a high risk of US Marines breaking down your door. Unless, of course, it is in the interests of the United States for the country to do so and US corporate interests are part of the deal and the profits.

To enter the uranium fuel rod market a country requires thousands of centrifuges; “baby” centrifuges to make uranium reactor fuel or really stout centrifuges to spin up bomb grade Uranium 235. Of course, the bomb grade centrifuges can do both functions; but, it is not very cost efficient.

What is a Centrifuge?

I asked Geek dot com “What is a Centrifuge?” The straightforward answer was in part: “A centrifuge is any number of devices that spin at a high speed to press objects outward with centrifugal force. It is easy to see centrifugal force by performing a simple experiment. Fill a bucket half way full with water. A large tumbler will work as well, but it isn’t as easy to use. Now you have a basic centrifuge.”

The WiseGeek article continues: “Find a clear space where you won’t hit anything or anyone with your centrifuge. With your arm at your side, quickly spin it in a circle, up over your head and back down to the ground. The centrifugal force created by spinning the bucket or tumbler will keep the water inside. This is a simple example of a centrifuge.”

Further down the page a regular, non-geek person points out that a washing machine is a centrifuge. A clothes basket with holes in it for the escaping water spins around a water tight enclosure, open at the top, to separate the water from the clothes.

A Whirlpool Model “WTW4800XQ 27” Top-Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity” clothes washer spins the 19 in diameter clothes basket at 700 RPM or 39.56 MPH during the Spin cycle.  Imagine the same clothes washer spinning at the speed of sound at sea level. The clothes basket would slightly exceed 17,386.2 RPM.

The poor old washing machine would fly apart long before that, especially if it was filled with about the heaviest chunks of metal on this planet. Now imagine a Big laundromat with 956 of the screaming washing machines all coming apart and shooting pieces of shrapnel at the others about the same time. The dying machines are also spewing radioactive metal all over the room. Somebody could get killed.

Would you volunteer to go inside the highly radioactive room for a clean up detail? Would you go if you were handsomely paid to do so? Just how long do you think you would live before you died of radiation and heavy metal poisoning?

Enter the CIA and Mossad

Time now for the CIA and Mossad Computer Hackers – big time Cyber Warfare experts. This century’s government financed business protection scheme.

The United States’ CIA and the Israeli Mossad labored in tandem for years to concoct and test a computer virus from Hell at the secret Dimona Nuclear Bomb Factory in the Israeli Negev Desert. It is called the Stuxnet computer worm. Its job was to kill the Iranian uranium fuel rod making business in a scenario like that outlined below. It was unleashed in September, 2010.

The CIA/Mossad plot was a brilliant, well planned and executed strike on the nuclear fuel rod uranium processing, German Siemens computer controllers in the heart of the Iranian nuclear complex. In earlier, simpler times it would have been called an act of war.

The EU’s cyber security agency has warned that the enigmatic and deadly Stuxnet worm represents a “paradigm shift” in digital warfare. “Stuxnet is a new class and dimension of malware. The attackers [clearly] invested a substantial amount of time and money to build such a complex attack tool,” explained ENISA executive director Dr. Udo Helmbrecht.

EEA Fokker 1917

EEA Fokker 1917

“[I would compare it to] the arrival of an F-35 fighter jet on a World War I battlefield…[It is obviously] much superior to anything ever seen before, and to what was assumed possible.” German computer security expert Ralph Langner opined in a recent report quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

Iran operated at least 3,000 baby uranium fuel making Centrifuges. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad openly states Iran’s goal is to run 56,000 uranium fuel rod grade centrifuges and has done so openly all over the world.

That’s plenty of centrifuges to make uranium fuel for reactors everywhere. He’s like a used car salesman soliciting business. The US and France carefully take note of his brash solicitations of their monopolized customer base.

Recently South Africa booted the French out of South Africa the day before they were to sign a contract for up to six of France’s troubled Experimental DoubleWide Reactors under construction in Finland and Normandy. Both are years behind schedule and billions of Euros over budget.

By contrast, the US and their favored nuclear corporations own and operate 3,000 big, hefty Bomb Grade uranium centrifuges. These big boy centrifuges are capable of spinning one of the heaviest metals in the world at the supersonic speeds necessary to separate and produce radioactive uranium material for nuclear bombs. It is, of course, the fissile isotope Uranium 235.

The differences between the two centrifuges are formidable. The differences between a child’s tricycle and Formula One or NASCAR race cars come to mind. All have wheels; but, that is about the only similarity.

Child's Tricycle

Child's Tricycle

A large and influential American newspaper syndicate, that of the New York Times, charges, without justification or IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) confirmation, the Iranian centrifuges are to make Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) for nuclear weapons – not uranium fuel for reactors.

Nuke Bomb talk immediately gets the attention of the American people and American politicians. Nuclear bomb talk by “officials” always sucks all the oxygen out of a room and immediately sidelines talk of fixing schools and the potholes in the streets.

America remains the only country in the world to actually USE nuclear weapons on people in a war – on what turned out to be civilian targets, too. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Americans remain spooky about nuke bomb talk. Nuclear policy makers follow with their cold gaze as Iran is targeted in the nerve centers of the American nuclear war capabilities – the eight nuclear weapons labs, the Pentagon and the New York Times.

We are informed, from people who should know those sorts of things, that Iran does not have the tools necessary to build nuke weapons; what’s more, that Iran can’t buy them or steal them. These are not minor or inconsequential items. One essential component part is tons of high quality Melange Steel. It is an Internationally Banned Transaction to sell any of it to Iran.

The Iranians have even tried carbon fiber for centrifuges as a substitute for Steel. Nope, Carbon Fiber won’t work for the big centrifuges. No way, it takes a very specialized high grade steel to withstand the extreme abuse of the big centrifuges.

Ferrari F2007-3

Ferrari F2007-3

The “P-1” or first level centrifuges Iran owns are toys compared to the bigger, stronger, bomb grade melange steel centrifuges. The little ones can spin till Dooms Day; but, 5% grade Uranium 235 fuel rods are the best they will ever do. That doesn’t even come within spittin’ distance of the 90 percent plus pure Uranium 235 required for a nuclear weapon.

“Why not?”

The faster a centrifuges spins, the stronger it must be. The heavier the load in a centrifuge is, the stronger it must be. There are few rocks or chunks of metal heavier that uranium. There are few substances, if any, more abrasive than fast moving uranium sand.

Bomb grade uranium centrifuges spin at more than 700 mph, or 1,126 kmph, with a load containing one of the heaviest metals on Planet Earth. Those are really heavy uranium BBs moving at supersonic speeds.

The baby centrifuges fly apart and disintegrate at the supersonic plus speeds required to make nuke weapons… and, that is exactly what the CIA/Mossad computer hacker Scam team counted on. The entire multi-million dollar operation was dependent on taking the Iranians exactly at their word – they actually WERE making uranium for reactor fuel rods – not for nuclear weapons.

And truly, that is exactly what the American-Israeli designed Stuxnet Siemens system computer worm did. It was a brilliantly executed act of war or industrial sabotage, depending on your point of view, written for that precise target – that is to say: the toy centrifuges.

To do this, the CIA and Mossad had to know exactly what the centrifuges were and intimate details of their complete operations cycle. In other words, the espionage agencies, knew full well the Iranian centrifuges were for making Low Enriched Uranium, LEU, for reactor fuel and could not possibly be used to construct a nuclear weapon. In fact, they bet the whole Operation on it, that’s how sure of it they were.

Meanwhile, the PR branch of CIA, and their business partners for 65 years at the fully engaged New York Times, or NYT, perfected and pushed the lie that Iran was about to produce a nuclear weapon, or even two.

The story goes something like this: the insane Iranians would build a single small nuclear weapon and immediately fire it at Israel to kill all the Jews they could in one grand; but, hopelessly suicidal gesture. The CIA PR team and the NYT syndicate promote it. Together they have a stunningly effective world wide reach with lots of echo chamber repetition built in.

First off, just like in a Hollywood or Bollywood, India movie script the Stuxnet computer worm recorded hours of normal operations making fuel rod grade uranium. Next, the worm played back the “Normal” operation to the duped Iranian Nuclear Fuel Operators’ on their Monitors for hours. The hoodwinked Operators were completely blind to the mayhem actually going on in the centrifuge rooms.

Situation Critical: CIA Starts the Destructo Sequence.

Under cover of “Normal” Operations playback, the StuxNet computer worm spun the Centrifuges up towards the 700 mph, or 1126 kph, speeds necessary to make weapons grade uranium. Needless to say, the 954 baby centrifuges operating in that Uranium cascade destroyed themselves and disintegrated, just like CIA knew they would. In so doing, the underground room was hopelessly contaminated with radioactive uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6).

As a direct result, a likely competitor to the US/French monopoly in uranium fuel rods for Western reactors  just “went away,” as the old saying goes.

The ever faithful New York Times then boldly headlined that the Iranian nuclear weapons menace to civilization had been put back a few years. Of course, it was the threat of competition in the nuclear fuel rod business that “went away,” though.

The unmistakable translation to the US and French nuclear insiders in the massively government subsidized and very profitable nuke reactor fuel business was: “Good. You can raise prices on uranium fuel rods now. Uncle Sugar’s hacker crew took out the competition as a multi-billion dollar “gift” to big business! Let’s Get It On! Your pals at CIA/Mossad/NYT. Have a good day.”

A Large Scale Evil that Needs Killin’.

The temptation to act can be overwhelming. The temptation to act on the likes of the CIA-Mossad-NYT lies is one of those occasions where the truth is often blurred. Blurred on purpose, because the people pulling the strings are wanting to make a lot of money quick. That pressure can create an itchy trigger finger in susceptible people. When the weapons were single shot pistols in the Old West in America it was one thing. Two people and maybe a few bystanders might get maimed or killed.

Playing around with tons of uranium hexafloride gas (UF6) is another. This radioactive poison gas can kill millions and go around the world. The stuff never goes away. There is no treatment; there is no cure. The people who order it used in War are criminals. They should be tried with everything all legal, the way it is supposed to be with the rule of law.

But make no mistake about it. These are perps of a Large Scale Evil that will destroy life on Earth. Punishments for War Crimes are severe – Life at Hard Labor or Death – as they should be. Never has any criminal class deserved their just reward more richly.

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Sources and Notes.

Whirlpool: WTW4800XQ 27” Top-Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity, 8 Cycles, 4 Temperatures, 700 RPM Max Spin Speed, Xtra Roll Action Plus Agitator.

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28 Responses to "CIA and Israeli Intelligence Take Out Iranian Nuke Centrifuges"

  1. Alexis  February 20, 2011 at 12:13 am

    The Russian helicopter pilots, firefighters and other emergency personnel who worked on the stricken reactor are genuine heroes. Their bravery, courage and guts are a model to all decent people everywhere. “A man hath no greater love than to give up his life for his friends.” Bravo guys! We are all proud of you.

    As far as the Iranians go, they cannot be allowed to possess any nuclear material as they have stated in public that their goal is to destroy other sovereign states and their people.

    No one wants a war, but sometimes it is necessary to remove a viable threat before that threat becomes real. Wipe out the single Iranian oil refinery and the whole nation stops cold. Sadly, I don’t think we can afford to wait much longer before taking decisive action.

    Personally, I’m tired of seeing Iranians shouting Death to America. Well, nothing here that a fully loaded Los Angeles class SLBM couldn’t cure in a mater of minutes.

  2. Jake  February 19, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Israel is not a democracy. Israel is a religious apartheid state overseen by ultra-Orthodox jewish rabbis, and governed by racists whose only sacrifices are Palestinian children and adults to their true god, Satan. Please go and witness Christianity to a jew in Jerusalem if you believe the tripe you type.

    “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”
    Matthew 7:16

  3. Jake  February 19, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    I bet it would take the heebs a lot longer to create Stuxnet for Linux.

  4. michail  February 15, 2011 at 5:55 am

    You are a fascist regimes appologizer and your comments only demonstrate your infantile lunatic mind. Israel is so far the only truly democratic state in the Middle East and soon Egypt and many others will follow, you fascist supporter can`t stop democracy and freedom aspiration of the people of the region and the entire world. Soon the democratic minded people will take back their country and put people like you on trial for crimes against humanity. Khamenei is an ugly nut case. Israel and the whole democratic world are united in getting rid of the fascist totalitarian regime in Iran. Iraq has now a sustainable democracy is developing along the democractic system, and your henchman can`t do anything about , same in Afghanistan. so take your wishful and insane lunatic ideas and go back to the asylum.

  5. Bob Nichols  February 13, 2011 at 1:14 am

    Hi Rehmat, good of you to write in.

    Well, Iran is in a difficult position, certainly.

    The monsoon winds being what they are, Iran has been in a nuclear war for 20 years. That is not good for the healthy reproduction of human beings.

    Did you know that as a result, millions of Iranians are now sterile and unable to have children? Being between two countries where the US is waging an unrestricted bombing campaign with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of weaponized uranium oxide gas has destroyed the fertility of many Iranian men as well as women.

    Of course, this is happening to Allied soldiers also. It is considered collateral damage in Pentagon speak.

    Horrible for the Americans, Iraqis and Afghanis. How are the Iranians dealing with this family tragedy?


  6. Rehmat  February 12, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    “When there is WILL, there are ways to achieve the goal,” an old Persian saying. Both the US and Israel have been trying to bring a regime-change in Tehran since they were kicked out from Tehran. And what they got? An Iran which has become a regional power, the third largest exporter in the Middle East and capability to build almost all its conventional military hardware.

    Iran has the will and resources to build nuclear bomb if its Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Khamenei decide that WMD is not against Islamic teachings. Its Muslim neighbor Pakistan – a poor country as compared to Iran – became the first Muslim nuclear power over three decades ago.

    First thing Tehran needs to do is to put a duct-tape on Israel and its barking western poodles’ mouths’ by getting out of NPT, like Israel, Pakistan and India.

    After its military humiliation in Lebanon in 2006 – it has no teeth to bite a far powerful Iranian army – and American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are going crazy how to return home in single piece.

  7. Walter E. Haas  February 5, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Depleted Uranium:

    North Korea and Iran have depleted uranium which can be use on conventional weapons. Iran is great danger to Israel as North Korea is to South Korea.Technology forth generation cannot overcome depleted uranium which is already poising the earth via air borne means.

    This information was released by famous Englishman who is well known
    for exposing government cover ups.The English government is after him.

    1/7 Syndrome of Control-Lindsey Williams-You Tube

    2012 Armageddon World War 3 Obama Martial law ID 1664011

    Christopher Story E.U. Corruption 1/3-You Tube

    Norman Dodd-The Hidden World Agenda Interview You Tube,Google 51 Min

    The Committee of 300 Conspiracy Hierarchy 1/10 You Tube

    Benjamin Freedman Speech 1/5 You Tube

    Jordon Maxwell-Queen of England Exposed 1/4 You Tube

    Leo Zagami in the 2012 Armageddon-You

    The above reference videos exposed the corrupt U.S. establishment.The CIA is only one faction.The U.S. Constitution is null and void.Ralph Epperson
    A 1 S 8 C 17 USC-A 1 S 8 USC- JFK Executive Order 11110-Reference search

    Walter E. Haas Search Oath God Bless America

  8. Ken Rechtstein  February 3, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    The Stuxnet attack was dessicated by German Internet Security experts, among them Ralph Langner, because it affected SIEMENS delivered gear running SIEMENS SOFTWARE. The Stuxnet is highly sophisticated malware that stays embedded even if you clean ALL infected computers.

    Here is excerpt from, that may help understand how the Stuxnet virus work and was delivered to its target:

    “The Stuxnet payload, the part of the attack that makes and disguises alterations to nuclear centrifuges, sets a new standard for precision targeting of malicious software.

    Once it is inside a Windows computer the payload checks to see whether it is connected to a Siemens Step7 industrial control system. It then checks whether that system controls at least 33 “frequency converter drives” made by one of two manufacturers (one of which is Iranian), which control the speed of centrifuges.

    Before it siezes power the payload performs a final test on whether the centrifuges are programmed to spin at the very high speeds used in uranium enrichment.

    The damaging speed increases Stuxnet then orders are only in force for for short periods, weeks apart. It also disguises its modifications by switching off warning systems.

    In summary, the Stuxnet payload is a highly sophisticated, precise sabateur, that only a team of advanced programmers could have created, with access to expensive and restricted equipment.

    “There are a lot of skills needed to write Stuxnet,” explains Tom Parker. “Whoever did this needed to know [Windows] programming, Step 7, they needed platform process knowledge, the ability to reverse engineer a number of file formats, kernel rootkit development and exploit development.”

  9. Dr.Nur  February 3, 2011 at 5:53 pm for survivors of America’s nuking of 3000 of its own soldiers (classified secret) with the 20000 iraki national guard at the “easy” Baghdad airport battle in 2003

  10. Mike B.  February 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    America and Israel are going to get theirs. Sooner or later, it’s going to rain down destruction upon those evil War Criminals. I realize I am probably in the line of fire but damn, these guys need to be brought into line. America is broke and yet they still give Israel, that apartheid, genocidal nation billions of dollars every year. How mental is that? Israel can not get along with any of it’s neighbors and is a great antagonist in America with it’s constant screaming of “Anti-Semite” to anyone who wishes to discuss the unsociable behavior of the Israelis.

  11. Jack  February 3, 2011 at 11:31 am

    As I see it – a brilliant attack. When can we expect the counter attack? In what form and against whom?

    Real life at this level is more interesting than a fiction novel.

  12. Bob Nichols  February 3, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Very good assessment, Skuli Jakobsson!

    Why, it was the New York Times and the Israeli newspapers, of course. The perps of this crushing defeat for Iran wanted to brag on their Destructo Sequence.

    But, please note that the PR arms of the CIA and Mossad were used, yet again, to twist the knife yet again. The so-called “news” stories were used to spread the rumor only, that the StuxNet computer worm included a Part B aimed at the big new “electricity” producing GigaWatt Class nuclear reactor that has not been turned on yet.

    Now the Iranians and their Patron, Russia, are afraid to turn the thing on. The Russians have said privately for years that the American CIA caused the radiological disaster at Tchernobyl, or Chernobyl for Western readers. So the Russians gave good reason to fear the crazy American CIA.

    Now, we wait for the other shoe to drop, eh?


  13. Skuli Jakobsson  February 3, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Good article with great info.
    Except what is missing in it.
    Who told the Iranians about this Stuxnet worm???
    The Iranians are not exactly known for their high tech computer skills….
    And since this was such an advanced attack….
    How did they manage to detect it and then stop it???
    People that are driving a tricycle up against a Formula1….
    Someone must have tipped them off, big time.

  14. Dr.Nur  February 3, 2011 at 5:31 am

    Great great info! Thank you for it. It is not only an act of war but a crime against humanity by the two greatest genocide and terrorist countries mankind has ever seen and which use and have used micronukes and large nukes (Baghdad airport ) at every occasion and this was revealed by the late great australian journalist Joe-Vialls who was assassinated by Mossad in 2005 and by ex-soviet army nuclear expert and VT staff writer Colonel Dimitri Khalezov who exposed the use of nuclear charges for demolition of WTC on 9/11 in the Rothschild-Cia-Mossad attack on goyim mankind and Islam. Google: Vialls(or Khalezov or DrNUR)+Micronuke (or NUKE) +Bali or Hariri,Jakarta,Islamabad,London,etc… No wonder they don’t want anybody else to have them:it is so nice to cowardly use them against harmless people who can’t retaliate..

  15. Martin  February 3, 2011 at 3:56 am

    So the Iranians go to their friends the North Koreans who were firewalled against Stuxnet and agree to help each other. Iran sells some of it’s reactor fuel to North Korea to make into Plutonium and gets back some of the Plutonium, meanwhile transferring what it knows about centrifuges to the North Koreans. When it starts up it’s centrifuge manufacturing again, a lot of it is in North Korea and underground, way beyond the reach of Israel. At least that’s what Debkafile has been saying. And the Chinese, who have no problem with Iran or North Korea manufacturing nuclear fuel rods or having nuclear weapons, since it destroys American hegemony, permit the traffic to transit their territory, following their age old axiom “let barbarians fight barbarians” while Iran follows the same policy in Lebanon and now Egypt. Qatar from which Al Jazeera, which has fanned the flames of revolution in Egypt is an Iranian surrogate these days and Mohammed El Baradei is an Iranian sympathizer who is willing to form a government with the Muslim Brotherhood. It won’t be hard to distract a United States that is already preoccupied with the domestic economy. And finally, the ultimate domino is Saudi Arabia, where the same youth unemployment and poverty plus a Shia minority where the oil is make for a tinderbox. If Stuxnet is an act of war by the US and Israel, Iran is more than capable of responding to it in kind.

  16. Willy Whitten  February 3, 2011 at 1:03 am


    You are striking out on your analysis…reading too many wikileach fairytales.


  17. Willy Whitten  February 3, 2011 at 1:01 am


    Why do you say “You dick sucking Israelis” to someone explaining what the Israelis pulled?

    Your reading comprehension skills seem somewhat a’screwed.

  18. Boris  February 2, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Iran retaliate against “stuxnet”?? Of course they did. Look at Tunisia , Egypt ,next Yemen, Jordan ect..ect..
    Hit them were it’s hurt!
    Shtoopid yanks they play only poker. Iranianplay chess!

  19. Mike  February 2, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    This article is piece of shit. Just like you dick sucking Israeli’s.

  20. Bob Nichols  February 2, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Hi Texas Vet,

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

    Yea, the boys nailed the centrifuges in Sept, 2010 according to plan. The Iranians immediately denied it, of course. All governments are the same, aren’t they, they lie like dawgs.

    But, the Iranians are scared shit less there is a Part B waiting for them to just dare and turn on their “old” new reactor from the Russkies – afraid that 50 or 100 ton reactor core will melt down to the center of the Earth like Chernobyl was on the way to doing.

    The Chernobyl, or Tchernobyl in Russian spelling, reactor core turned to lava was only about 4 inches away from melting through the last concrete sub-basement when the helicopter pilots cut the air off from it with sand.

    The sand melted and turned to glass otherwise the permanent water table was the next target. All the helicopter pilots were on suicide missions dropping sand on the open reactor core. Courageous dudes, ya’know. They pretty much saved every body’s ass.


  21. Texas Vet  February 2, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Hi Bob, Good article. I get your point, but even after reading the JPost link, it really isn’t clear if the “Stuxnet” attack was carried out. What did I miss?

    And yes, mass murder is the murders of masses.


  22. Bob Nichols  February 2, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    A: I’m talking about mass murder, mostly of civilians, and who makes the decisions to OK and foster mass murder. The mass murder order givers must have a trial and an up or down vote on their fate by a competent court free of political influence. Mass Murder is still murder.

  23. Bob Nichols  February 2, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    What does “A Large Scale Evil that Needs Killin’” mean?

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