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Two years ago, the 9/11 Truth movement was unheard of by most Americans.  Reviled by the mainstream press, insulted by politicians and looked on as a fringe group by many, it lived in a virtual backwater, powerless, frustrated and brimming over with righteous indignation.

That is no longer the case.  Today, with 4 of 5 Americans turning to the alternative media, having lost all confidence in the phony “right v. left” dialog espoused by the media giants, 9/11 doubters are mainstream.

With polls typically showing “Truther” backing at between 60 and 80 percent worldwide, the mainstream media now appears as it should, a source for press releases from governments that have begun to crumble around the world, even in America as we are now seeing in Wisconsin and Ohio.

The most disturbing aspect of this shift in perspective is that influence over public opinion has fallen to those who don’t understand “the game.”  Alternative media fought for attention through exploiting mistrust in government and the “sex” of conspiracies, real and provable and, too often, insubstantial distractions.

The spotlight fell on those unprepared.

The pseudo-alternative media giant, Huffington Post, demonstrated by its merger with mainstream giant AOL, that telling the truth is both lonely and unrewarding.  Huffington had shed itself of “truth tellers” long ago.

The “corporate” media, during the “post Cronkite generation” had been lulled into trading complicity for access, alternatively receiving press releases and selling them as “journalism” or peddling misdirection as “leaks” and investigative journalism.

The press had become as complicit as the kidnappers and torturers they kowtowed to.

People were looking for answers.  The corporate press didn’t have them.  It was tasked with selling ‘status quo’ beliefs that didn’t explain the economic devastation, the endless scandals, the purposeless wars and the eventual debunking of the very foundations of government and society.  The magic 80% that looked to the alternative media knew, and very rightly so, that the plots were real and the villains more dastardly than any TV bad guy.

Three individuals brought down “the system.”

  1. David Ray Griffin
  2. Christopher Bollyn
  3. Richard Gage

One individual utterly discredited the mainstream media, more through his own duplicity and deception than anything else.  History is about results, not intentions and toward that end, our next name, though ineptitude alone, helped change the world.

  1. Julian Assange

In a just world, these three and maybe a dozen more would wear the Medal of Freedom.  Few people since the crucifixion of Christ have suffered as these three.  In the end, our age will carry the marks of these four more than any Bush or Obama.  One name will be added here, one few know.

  1. Dimitri Khalezov


Khalezov is a former Soviet Army officer who worked in the highly secretive world of nuclear detection.  The doors he opens threaten our view of the last decades, revealing a secret world of deception too devastating for most to accept.  However, as bizarre as his stories may seem, of everyone discussing 9/11, only Dimitri Khalezov has the resume that places him at the forefront.

The rest of us talk about 9/11, profess our theories and connect “dots,” real or imagined, moving the public toward a truth that may well be what the public wishes to believe than what is real.

That has been the trap.

Only Dimitri can testify, not “connect.”  When Dimitri tells us that Mossad Operations Chief Mike Harari admitted planning 9/11, it is because Dimitri was there.  This is testimony, not conjecture, backed by a willingness to take a lie detector test.

No other 9/11 evidence carries this weight.  Science shouldn’t be subjective, but we all know better.  After 9/11, the National Institute of Standards produced a lengthy document, thousands of pages, filled with junk science and ludicrous conjecture.  The 9/11 Commission went even further than that, although most members now admit such, to their credit.

Khalezov says, “Arrest that man, he did it and I will testify.”

This is why his name is listed.

Khalezov also states, backed by an offer of a lie detector test, that, while a Soviet Officer in their nuclear services, he was briefed on the placement of large nuclear demolition charges under the WTC and Sears Tower.

Thus, Khalezov brings two things to the table, admissible testimony in a criminal conspiracy trial that includes Israeli intelligence in the planning and execution of 9/11 and the presence of nuclear demolition devices as known to the Soviet government in accordance with treaties between the two states.

Please not that these “demolition charges” are thermonuclear, buried many meters under the sub-basement and virtually radiation free.

These were not, are not “micro-nukes.”

I have sat trough hours of debriefings of Dimitri which included American nuclear weapons specialists.  Mostly I learned of my own ignorance.  So much of what I believed about weapons and radiation was very wrong and I am not entirely unfamiliar with such things.

Below is a 2002 article from USA today.  There are many such articles that are “out there” which some should wish were not.

In this article, dots are connected that lead many places, some support Dimitri Khalezov and some support Richard Gage, both of whom espouse different scientific theories for the purposeful destruction of the World Trade Center by something other than ‘terrorism.”

Richard Gage proved that jet fuel can never weaken or melt steel.  Debunkers attempt to show how forms of thermite would be difficult to apply.

Those same “debunkers” are a “piece of work.”  If thermite or “nanothermite” is, as “they” claim, unable to destroy the massive structural steel beams that resist thousands of degrees of heat, how could a relatively cool kerosene fire (jet fuel is kerosene) that would have trouble burning a steak on a grill, be so much more powerful?

By the same measure, if a diesel car caught fire, it might just melt through to the center of the earth, according to the wild conjecture represented by the National Institute of Standards in their report on 9/11.  Junk science, nothing more.  Ever hear of a kerosene torch used in welding?

End of story!

Read the censored story below.  See if you can figure why it has been hidden so long.  What deadly errors are exposed in it?  Look for the mistakes and the lies meant to cover them up.

Some World Trade Center victims were ‘vaporized’

01/15/2002 – Updated 08:28 PM ET USA Today

NEW YORK (AP) — Three months after the World Trade Center attack, victims’ families are being forced to face the ghastly possibility that many of the dead were “vaporized,” as the medical examiner put it, and may never be identified. So far, fewer than 500 victims have been positively identified out of the roughly 3,000 feared dead.

Sixty were identified solely through DNA. The city and state have allowed victims’ families to obtain death certificates without proof of a body, but many families place great importance on an ID based on actual remains. “Until you have something tangible, you just keep hoping — maybe there’ll be some sort of miracle,” said Jeanne Maurer, whose 31-year-old daughter, Jill Campbell, is presumed dead. “You can’t accept it until you have something. “I still say, ‘My daughter’s missing,”‘ Maurer said. Many victims will undoubtedly be identified. Nearly 10,000 body parts have been pulled from the mountains of mangled metal and matchstick-size splinters at ground zero.

But Dr. Charles Hirsch, the chief medical examiner, triggered an angry response two weeks ago when he told grieving relatives that many bodies — no one is sure how many — had been “vaporized” and were beyond identification. Hirsch declined to be interviewed.

But spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said he meant that bodies were consumed by blazing fuel from the two crashed airliners, or “rendered into dust” when the 1,100-foot skyscrapers collapsed, one concrete slab floor onto another. Dr. Michael Baden, the state’s chief forensic pathologist and a top expert in the field, said in September that most bodies should be identifiable because the fires — while hot enough to melt steel — did not reach the 3,200-degree, 30-minute level necessary to incinerate a body.

(Editor’s note:  Steel melts at 2800 degrees Fahrenheit , reached in sustained immersion during a smelting process.    Crematoriums typically reach a temperature of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.  Jet fuel fires are unable to sustain temperatures in excess of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Aluminum melts at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and aircraft aluminum turns to vapor long before steel would begin to weaken from heat.   Please check on this yourselves.)

Borakove said her office agrees with Baden’s calculation — as applied to a full body. “But when the planes hit the buildings, the bodies that were in the planes as well as some of the bodies that were in the buildings were fragmented upon impact, and those fragments burn more quickly,” she said.

The combination of fire and compression from tons of rubble could reduce a human body to a small amount of tissue and bone, said Dr. Cyril Wecht, a top forensic pathologist in Pittsburgh. And finding such small samples of DNA in 1.2 million tons of rubble spread over 16 acres is a difficult proposition. “There are pieces,” he said. “But how do you identify and extract it from other similarly appearing pieces at the site — bricks, mortar, rubble?”

Marian Fontana, president of the Sept. 11 Widows and Victims’ Families Association, said: “My fear is that financial incentives will cause the city to clean up the site quickly, rather than to treat it as a retrieval site and do things in a dignified way.” Her firefighter husband, Dave, is among the missing. In particular, families are worried that remains will end up at the Staten Island landfill where trade center debris is taken and sorted.

“The remains shouldn’t end up in the garbage heap,” Maurer said. Forensic pathologists are trying to match the DNA of tissue taken from ground zero with the DNA of known victims. Victims’ families have supplied clothes, hairbrushes and other personal items from which DNA could be lifted for comparison. Hirsch’s task is unprecedented in size.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, all 168 people killed were eventually identified. But even after four years, some of the recovered tissue and bone were never linked to any of the victims.

Borakove said recently developed computer software enables more efficient DNA identification. In the meantime, some families, like the Maurers, are waiting to schedule services. “We’re not ready really for a memorial,” said her father, Joseph Maurer. “We’ll do a funeral with remains — if we find them.”

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  1. Howard T.Lewis III  August 16, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Sandia laboratory would have obviously been involved but the 1969 test detonation was at ARCO. My temporary host so I could get a driver’s license from Idaho when I was still 15 stayed out at ARCO for about two weeks, or may have secretively gone to New Mexico or where ever. A few of the demolition people would not talk about their project when I was around. But I was sly. My father wanted me to know, and so a compromise was reached. I was unseen. Duff takes the prize for most comprehensive coverage of how these pigs blew up the World Trade Center. PLEASE send Dimitri Khalezov at least a few hundred dollars. I gave $850.00 to a political candidate who ended up a giant opportunistic fraud. Sandia laboratory would have obviously been involved but the 1969 test detonation was at ARCO.

  2. kim  March 14, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks for debunking Duff. Such an obvious
    diversion from truth on the nukes; I can’t understand
    even the publication of this.

    Glad there are real experts here. Thank you for your work.

  3. Dimitri Khalezov  March 5, 2011 at 12:30 am

    Hi to everyone. Sorry for delayed answer. Was very busy. But even though I am very busy now, I have no choice than to address all this spiteful criticism. Please, see my answers below.
    Quoting J.F.E. who says:
    March 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    Dimitri Khalezov:
    Tahil’s paper came out and was available by paying for it in 2006, ——————– I don’t know it. When it comes to me personally, I first time noticed Tahil’s book in April 2007 and it was only a “free” version – just a few teasers in one file, little by little from every chapter. I became interested, of course, and I wanted to buy his book (it was 30 bucks or something like this). I sent him a letter saying I wanted to buy his book, but he never replied, so I was not able to buy it, despite of repeating my letter at least 5 (five) times. The shills would not believe me of course, because I have no chance to prove it, but I can’t care less about the shills and their opinions, because I have a much more effective way to prove that I can’t borrow Mr Tahil’s ideas. It is because I found his book by googling for a combination of the key-words “nuclear+demolition”. And, I guess, even shills understand that unless you know that you can combine “nuclear” and “demolition” into one searchable phrase you can not discover Mr. Tahil’s book, because it was (and still is) very obscure. And as long as you already know how to search for “nuclear demolition” it means that at minimum you know that such a concept (the “nuclear demolition”) exists. Otherwise, why would you search for it? The shills could argue till their deaths but they have no chance to argue against logic. Eventually I found that full edition of Mr Tahil’s book became available for free and I downloaded it only in 2009. The actual PDF file of the full version of his book is with me and I can check the pdf properties of the file. It was created 16 of February, 2008. The shills could really relax in regard to this point.
    So, in that respect it was available for you and your purposes. Although, as I already stated, your James Bond movie plot is your own (or it was supplied by somebody else). ——————— so if my “movie plot” is allegedly “my own” or “supplied” why you try so hard to connect me to Mr Tahil’s ideas? I don’t see any logic in your behavior. All I see is just an unprecedented level of spite. You are ready to accuse me of anything whether reasonable or unreasonable. It is really strange behavior (at least for a male).
    Now, were these 150 kiloton nuclear divices 50 meters deep or 75 meters deep? ——————- 50 meters deeper than the lowest underground floor of the Twin Towers.
    Seems, you can’t keep your story straight. ————————— I can. Don’t worry.
    At any rate, the pictures of the pits, likely from river or glacier erosion, —————— and not from “mini-nukes”, and not from your beloved so-called “nano-thermite”? But from “rivers”? or from “glacier erosion”? Why not from Santa-Claus’ peeing with acid? And how would the three heavy skyscraper stood on top of a cavity for so many years? I thought they used to stand on a solid granite bedrock…. Stupid me… You are opening my eyes now…
    …are not 75 meter below street level. That would be over 230 feet below street level. The pictures clearly show the pits aren’t anywhere near that deep. —————————- I was the one who discovered these pictures on Larry’s web site and brought these precious to public attention to the dismay of all shills. And you dare to claim that you know better than me how deep were the cavities? Are you not ashamed? Were you the one who took the pictures? Were you there with the measurement-rod to measure their exact depths? What data your claims are based on? And why anyone should believe you that the cavities were as deep as you claim? Who you are? And what if I say that the cavities were not even 75, but minimum 85 meters deep, or even 90 meters? What would you say? Do you no where the photographer used to stay at the moment he took the picture? What if he was standing on the ladder? Or what if he was standing on the concrete that was used to fill up the cavities? And by the time the picture was taken it has been already half-filled? Relax, man. You have no chance here.
    And, of course, you never bothered to explain why the pits were smooth & worn, instead of rough and embedded with metal debris, if they had re-solidified after being molten. ———————————— it is useless to answer this question to the shills, because the shills will not accept any answer anyway, but I will still answer it for some normal people who are innocent but might be interested. The cavities’s walls were covered with former molten rock that was set. So the rock is smooth now. I don’t see any reason whatsoever why would the walls be embedded with metal debris. Even if debris fell into the cavities they would be on its bottom, not on its walls. The shills can relax again.
    Also, if the pits were really craters from a nuclear detonation, the rockes would have been highly fractured from the shock wave, but the pits are not highly fractured, instead they are consistent with natural erosion. ————————- no, the shills can relax again. After a nuclear explosion the rocks will have exactly the same texture as shown on the disputed pictures.
    You never explained the “emergency nuclear demolition scheme,” which is as far-fetched as the rest of your story. ————————— I explained it in the most precise detail. And everyone who was interested and watched the 26 parts of my movie got the point immediately and told that it was the best explanation ever. Only shills could continue to claim that I allegedly still owe them more explanation. But they are badly mistaken. I do not owe them anything.
    Mr. Khalezov, your school of thought is how to make a buck. —————————- I am from a Communist country, after all. From childhood we were taught that money are not the most important thing in This life. I doubt that you, J.F.E. have same attitude and could do anything for free. I am sure you have a salary. If not for shilling, but at least for you r main professional work. Unlike you, I am a total “amateur” since 1992. Since then I do everything for fun only. Fun-vouchers are necessary too, of course, because I like to pay for my own coffee, but they are not self-purpose in my life, at least they are not as important as in your own case.
    I’m sorry, Mr. Khalezov, you screwed up when you threw in with the “no planes” gambit. ———————————- you do not feel ‘sorry’. Don’t lie. Your feeling could be better described as “gloating delight” rather than “sorrow”. I hope you realize it. But you don’t have to worry. I didn’t “screw” anything at all. First of all, I am not a theoretician to promote “theories”. I am an eye-witness who produces another type of stuff: “an eye-witness’ testimony”. The shills can not see any difference, of course, but the judicially minded people will see this difference, don’t even doubt. As I have said that: 1) I am a former commissioned officer of the Soviet Special Control Service (the organization responsible, besides of all for controlling of observance of the “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty between the USSR and USA”) and I indeed knew from my former service about the WTC emergency nuclear demolition scheme; 2) I personally knew Mike Harari, the deputy chief of the Mossad; 3) Harari got acquainted with me for no other reason than because of that described in the Clause 1); and 4) I used to celebrate with Mike Harari his successful operation on September 12, 2001. And I will prove all of what I claim (not to the shills, but to the judges in the court-room). In this light it does not really matter whether aluminum could indeed penetrate steel or could cut through the steel without decreasing its full cruise speed – I mean it does not matter whether I am right claiming that planes could not penetrate steel, or the shills are right that it can – because the planes argument goes separately. While my witness testimony goes separately. They influence each other only for the shills. But not for the judges in the court.
    Of course, you never expain how dozens of firemen saw plane debris from the wrecked commerical plane parts around the WTC complex, there are pictures of the plane debris. ————————- why I can not explain it? I can. The Freemasons brought the plane’s parts and scattered them in all necessary places. I don’t see anything wrong that after that some witnesses indeed saw and even touched those planes parts.
    Mr. Khalezove, you haven’t displayed much ability at critical thinking or analysis, rather, from what I’ve seen, your ability is primarily limited to calling anybody who disagrees with you a “shill”, which likely is psychological projection on your part. ——————- when I call someone a “shill” it is not because he does not disagree with me. It is because of another reason. Because the people who want to find the Truth while arguing prefer another approach: they RESPECTFULLY disagree with an opponent while still keeping an option that an opponent might be right. The shills do not behave that way. They deny everything blatantly and spitefully, hurl personal insults, undermine credibility of an opponent, and use various other methods unbecoming to a gentleman. Do you see the difference? And so do I. When I see an innocent person willing to argue I would never call him a “shill”. But when I see a shill I call him a shill. I hope you realize what I mean. Moreover, I have never call anyone particularly a “shill” except only two persons – Prof. Steven Jones, and Architect Richard Gage. Yes, these two I called shills, because they were established as shills. But when it comes to you, to Mike, and to others who argue with me here in the most spiteful manner, I do not call you “shills”. I talked about the “shills” in the third person – such as “shills can relax” and so on. It does not mean that it is addressed personally to you. It is addressed to the shills in general. But you got my point anyway.
    Mr. Khalezov’s first and last line of defense is to call everybody a “shill”, if they challenge his stinking pile of garbage. —————— answered above.
    Face it, Ivan, your story is a bunch of bullshit. A story from a man who is a self-admitted cheater and a liar out to make a buck. ———————– first of all my name is not Ivan. Secondly I have never admitted to be a liar. Thirdly I have never claimed that I want to make a buck from this discussion. I want to make some money from selling copies of my book, of course, but any author of any book wants to get some money from it and I am no exception. In fact I would make my book free if I were a bit rich. Unfortunately, I am not rich, so I have to sell it for a price. Sorry, guys. You will not be any poorer by paying a few bucks (end even a few tens of bucks considering your American salaries of thousands of USD per months) for a book that explains to you how the US Government re-defined “ground zero” in all English dictionaries, for example. This info worth a few bucks, isn’t it?
    Your story is complete crap. ————————— are you a judge in a Supreme Court? And you serve the humanity by establishing the truth in the last instance? Isn’t it?
    Let’s start at the beginning: The U. S. government is not involved in the scheme, because if they were, then obviously, they would know there were “no planes”, but according to your story, the U. S. government was suckered like everybody else, and thought commerical jet planes hit the buildings, when in reality, it was all an elaborate illusion. —————————- yes. Precisely. However, I want to make one reservation. If some Mossad agents or the Freemasons who penetrated the US Government did something to facilitate the perpetration, I accept it. Though it should not mean that the US Government as a “GOVERNMENT” had anything to do with 9/11. It only means that some hostile treasonous agents within the government had something to do with 9/11.
    Then, according to your story, Dick Cheney did not allow the “plane”, likely, an American cruise missle, to hit the Pentagon, ————————– no, it is not according to my story. It is according to YOUR story.
    instead, Cheney was caught unaware (as opposed to Tranportation Sec. Mineta, who testified under oath that Cheney was warned a plane was coming in, but had given a stand down order) ————————- this misunderstanding does not come from me. It comes from Jessie Ventura’s video on the Pentagon missile attack. I have nothing to do with his ideas. Moreover, I strongly disagree with him. Jessie Ventura is a respectable person, he is by no means a shill, however, in this particular case he is badly mistaken. The missile was detected by NORAD 6-7 minutes before it hit the Pentagon. Cheney was not in a bunker yet at this moment and neither was Mineta. NORAD rang the atomic alert and ordered to scramble the Doomsday plane. In the same time Secret Service agents burst into the office of Cheney and quickly push him into an anti-atomic bunker (a procedure that would take not less than 3-4 minutes). By the time Cheney get into a bunker and got accustomed to a new place the missile hit the wall of the Pentagon. Mineta arrived to the bunker a few minutes later. And only after that Cheney issued the order to shoot down all commercial aircraft. And after that there was a report that the 2nd plane is approaching Washington. The young man (described by Mineta) came to Cheney and requested him to confirm the order. Cheney confirmed by saying the order would stand. They young man requested it once more – because it was serious – they were about to make a decision to shoot down the plane over Pennsylvania. So, the shoot the plane. Thanks to the confirmation that Cheney’s shoot-down order would stand. Now Jessie Ventura mixed it all up because he did not check the time-line and now the shills would take an advantage of that mistake? Well. It might work. But not with me, guys.
    then American personell investigated the Pentagon impact and discovered there was an unexploded nuclear warhead in the Granit cruise missle, so then, thinking that the planes that crashed into WTC 1 & 2 (that didn’t really crash into the buildings according to Ivan), also had nuclear devices, so ordered the nuclear devices detonated that were part of the “emergency nuclear demolition scheme”, to prevent having the “terrorist” nukes from the non-existent planes blow up. ————————– something like this. Perhaps, not exactly. May be they decided to demolish the Tower even before discovering the nuclear warhead of the missile in the Pentagon. The mere fact that the missile (supersonic missile – a high-end technology) was shot at the United States was serious enough to make some tough decisions. I was not there, so the shills should not bother accusing me of not knowing any precise details. I indeed don’t know exactly. But approximately, yes, it was like that.
    Let’s see, according to Ivan’s story, the U. S. government’s only wrong action was to set off the emergency nukes in the basements of the WTC, and that was on the false assumption, the planes which hit the WTC had nukes, but there weren’t any real planes, so, the U. S. government was acting out of humanitarian impulses, to save New Yorkers from “terrorist” nukes at the top of the towers, and misguidedly, because they were suckered like everybody else, set off nukes in the basements. ————————– yes, correct. Except that it is not “Ivan’s” story. This is the Mossad’s story. And also the French story. These two “friendly” secret services fed the gullible US colleagues with this info. So the US colleagues just believed it.
    Ya, the U. S. government bought into a hoax of planes hitting the WTC, which they later discovered, from the “Granit” rogue cruise missile, might have nuclear warheads, so they nuked the basements of the twin towers to save New Yorkers from even worse nukes at the top of the buildings —————————————- not sure if they did it after discovering the nuclear warhead of the missile, I would rather presume that the mere fact of the missile attack (even without having a close look at its actual warhead) was enough to make such a decision.
    — but since there weren’t any planes, according to Ivan, then, there weren’t any nukes. —————————- I don’t know who is “Ivan”. But if the shills want to find any discrepancy here, it will not work with a man named “Dimitri”. Because it is not the first attempt of the shills to jump into this seeming discrepancy. And the shills were always defeated before and they will be again defeated now. The point is that there were no planes became obvious only after some time. When the initial shock subsided and people realized there were no flight data supporting the WTC hits (coupled with the rational thought that aluminum can not penetrate steel by definition) it was too late. Because by than the Towers have been already demolished. But at the height of the panic people were too pre-occupied with the unprecedented events to suspect that they were fooled with the “planes”. So they took that for real. I hope it will not convince the shills, but it is not intended for the shills. It is intended for the thinking people who are friendly with common sense.
    It was all a tragic mistake on the part of the U. S. government. —————————– yes, all except post-9/11 behavior. The disgusting cover-up, disgusting demolition of the WTC-7 and disgusting mass murder – by sending unprotected gullible people to clean “ground zero” (still in low-case letters by then), yes, they were by no means “mistakes”. They were premeditated crimes. But when it comes to the Twin Towers demolitions – yes, it was a tragic mistake. I confirm that my claims are exactly like this. No ambiguity.
    And, Dick Cheney was really a hero. ————————— no, his is a cowardly disgusting asshole. Upon receiving a notice of an atomic alert he only hid his precious skin alone in an anti-atomic bunker while telling the rest of the White House stuff to run out (to meet their imminent thermo-nuclear incineration in the open). And he is twice cowardly disgusting asshole because he sent unprotected workers to clean “ground zero”. And one more time – because now he makes money on the war on so-called “terror”. No, he is not a “hero”. At least not for me. But I am fair. Cheney did not plan 9/11. I do not accuse innocent.
    And, Donald Rumsfeld was courageous. ————————— yes, he was courageous. At least at the first moment. If he belonged to the GIs’ generation, he should shoot himself after that – at least not to be responsible for sending “ground zero” responders to clean a place of a recent nuclear explosion, and also for sending gullible soldiers to die in Iraq for 9/11 cover-up. But Donald Rumseld is a bit younger – in his generation to do “the right thing” was not a common approach. So, instead of shooting himself he just continued to participate in this bullshit. It is a pity, indeed. But on 9/11 he was courageous. You have to give him his due.
    You’re so full of shit, Ivan, it makes me sick. ———————— I don’t know who is “Ivan” and who is full of shit.
    Donald Rumsfeld, I guess he was just lucky being in the opposite side of the Pentagon at the time of the impact. ————————— yes, I think so. He was lucky. The missile was automatic and it could hit at any spot of the building at its own discretion. It could have been Rumsfeld’s office as well.
    Just bad timing, that Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars on September the 10th. ————————- I don’t think there was any malicious intent on the part of Rumsfeld in this sense. It was most probably a clever Freemasonic setup. The Freemasons love this kind of bad jokes. Some of his numerous advisors could have arranged that.
    And, that the place where the Pentagon was hit and where all the people who were killed was in the financial accounting section — the one section and people who could catch Rummy, Cheney, and their cabal of treasonous bastards. ————————– I am not an American and I know little about Rumsfeld. Outwardly he looks quite sympathetic to my taste. Cheney, by contrast, looks disgusting for me. At least outwardly. But you, Americans, know better than me who is who. Sorry, my opinion in this sense has a little value. When it comes to the financial accounting section that the missile allegedly hit – I am not sure about it. It could be just a deliberate lie. Like many other lies. The Pentagon top brass might have used the opportunity of the missile hit to sign-off the entire affair and claim that the “documentation was destroyed because it was in the impact sector”. But why should you believe them? And what if they lie and it was not so? Were you there personally to confirm this claim? I was not. So I can’t confirm it.
    Ya, Bush was left having a press session after reading My Pet Goat, for 30 minutes without the Secret Service wisking him away to a safe location, when America was supposedly under attack “Pearl Habor” style. —————————– I am not sure about Bush. But he behaved like a typical moron at the first moment, I don’t think he is such a good actor as to be involved in 9/11 planning and in the same time behave in such a silly, genuinely silly manner. Judging that Bush is not too clever and he is not an actor by his profession, I would presume that Bush is just a moron and he behaved accordingly. His behavior was a behavior of a genuine moron. I would not bet that he knew anything in advance.
    Dimitri Khalezov: “I am a quite cold-blooded rascal.” Don’t forget a lying sack of shit. ————————— I guess that everyone from now on understands that the shills has finally existed their argumentation and what remains for them? Only personal insults…
    If Khalezov ever met Mossad’s Harari, it was likely, that Harari provided Khalezov with this cock-n-bull story to spread around to discredit the micro-nuke theory, which we know is the Mossad’s weapon of choice. Hell, given that Khalezov’s story acts to discredit the micro-nuke theory, and put the U. S. government in a sympathetic light as only dupes who mistakenly tried to spare New York worse devastation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheney and Runsfeld, through their private intermediaries, weren’t also in on Khalezov’s ruse. ——————————— the “mini-nukes” theory was not a theory of choice of the shills before my appearance. Only a very few social outcast used to pursue the “mini-nukes” theory before my appearance on the scene. And these “mini-nukers” were ridiculed and ostracized by Jones, Gage and by the majority of the main-stream “truthers”. Now it is really strange to see how the shills began, at last, to defend the “mini-nuke” theory that they used to fight so bitterly just a year ago…
    Ivans only do something for a buck. —————————— it seems that this guy has finally exhausted not only his argumentation, but even his imagination. Can’t he invent something funnier than that?
    I can hear it now (in a thick drunken Russsian accent): “I can discredit the micro-nuke story, trust me, $25,000 now, and $25,000 later. Trust me, I can live good in Bangkok, be satisfied on $50,000 for long time, visit many prostitute. No worry, I will never admit it’s a scam, I have it all worked out, they are all shills. No one can beat me, I can lie with the best of them. After I’m done, the nuke story will be a joke. —————————– yes, this one is much funnier. I like the humor, actually. But I suspect it was not invented by this guy. If you compare the level of his “humor” above and the level of his humor here you will see that they do not match. Perhaps, it was a fruit of a collective effort, not personal. But I like the second joke.
    Don’t worry that my story is full of shit, it doesn’t need to be believable, that is the beauty of it, there are marks who will believe, there always are, willing to suck up a pile of shit, you see, and for the rest I will go into my shill routine, ‘they are all shills.’
    The others will be so disgusted and turned off, that any real micro-nuke story that could be traced back to you, will never be followed up or believed. I throw dust up in America, just like WTC dust, you wait and see. I earn my keep, ha ha.
    I throw smart people off the trail and the fools will only make self-repecting people stay away from nuke story. You see. I know you pay me later, or maybe I lie not so well, but, not to worry, I know you will pay me, I do good job. You see.
    One thing, though, I need the money in gold bullion. —————————— the narration is nice. I liked it. Not from the point of the truth, but just from the point of the imagination and the way how it was narrated. But when it comes to the actual value it is another story. When I first appeared with my claims the shills took it very seriously. They were particularly annoyed when I was able to explain the dustification mechanics (how the crushing wave of a nuclear explosion could pulverize hard materials). This was in sharp contrast with poor attempt of nuclear scientist Steven Jones which can not offer any plausible mechanism of how would his so-called “nano-thermite” instantly melt steel into fluffy microscopic dust. The shills were annoyed even more when I umasked their manipulations with “ground zero” definition in post-9/11 dictionaries. And they just could not bear it that I disclosed the pictures of the underground cavities under the three WTC buildings. So now you can imagine how much the shills are annoyed with me. Now they had to re-evaluate even the most hated “mini-nukes” theory and to mix the “mini-nukes” with so-called “nano-thermite” into one (before my appearance they were happy with the “nano-thermite” alone, but since I brought the “ground zero” definition to the discussion table they had no choice than to get the “mini-nukes” to be able to explain the “ground zero” usage). And additionally, I forced the shills to add here the “ancient rivers” and “ancient glaciers” – to be able to explain the underground cavities with smooth rock. And who would dare to claim that I did little? The mere fact that I put the shills in such a desperate situation already deserve the some good reward. If not in gold bullions, at least in a few expressions of thanks. Isn’t it?
    Khalezov, go back to the gutter where you belong. —————————– thanks for you suggestion. I will think about it
    I can’t believe anybody takes your dribble seriously. It makess me wonder about them… ————————– this guy still thinks that he is winning the argument. Poor chap….
    Sincerely yours,
    Dimitri Khalezov.

  4. Dimitri Khalezov  March 4, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    One more ground zero responder died from leukemia…


    Just yesterday.

  5. Vincent Nunes  March 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    http://www.r8ny.com/blog/vincent_nunes/we_have_been_lied_to_9_11_blueprint_for_truth_with_richard_gage.html – someone get this link to Charlie Sheen!

    I don’t profess to know who to blame for the events of September 11th, 2001…but I know that the “19 hijackers” were NOT responsible.

  6. Dimitri Khalezov  March 1, 2011 at 2:55 am

    To J.F.E.
    P.S. I just got an idea to check the pdf-file properties of Mr Tahil’s book (full version). It was created 16 February 2008. You can download and check it yourself. But I came up with my claims well before this date. You can check it on the Internet. So, the shills from now on could really relax. Their latest and really desperate ‘debunking’ attempt will not pass.
    Sincerely yours,
    Dimitri Khalezov.

    • wolf  March 2, 2011 at 1:14 am

      Holy Sh*t man…powerful and persuasive.
      The drunken Russian accent dialog was priceless!

    • Dimitri Khalezov  March 3, 2011 at 3:27 am

      Ha, I loved that too. A nice piece of humor. I really appreciated it. However, the shills will have no chance too debunk the truth. It just went out too fast and got too far by now. It is too late trying to stop it. The shills could have a temporary majority (some times an absolute majority) on some forums, due to their ability to concentrate forces on dangerious parts of their defense, but they have not enough power to defend the entire 9/11 frontline. Just think about it 🙂
      I will answer the big post above later, very busy right now. Sorry for that.
      Sincerely yours,
      Dimitri Khalezov.

    • Steve P  March 2, 2011 at 9:26 am

      Which he renders as a flattened disc sphere.

  7. Dimitri Khalezov  March 1, 2011 at 2:30 am

    My answer to J.F.E.

    (beginning with his comments on my quick response on accusations of “plagiarism”)
    See my answers below separated by ———————- from initial claims by J.F.E.

    ……Mr. Khalezov’s response suggests I struck a nerve. ———————— not so. I am not nervous at all. I am a quite cold-blooded rascal. Your attempt rather rang an alert. A serious alert. And I am very grateful for your efforts on alerting me on this. In fact, an effective counter-argument (I mean to refute the latest assault of the shills on this particular point) has been already worked out last night and you will see it below.

    And, Mr. Khalezov’s vigorous objection is reasonable and understandable, whether the “possibility” is right or wrong. —————————- yes, it is understandable. Because the new attempt of the shills to encroach on my credibility was, in fact, very dangerous. The shills again and again seek to undermine my credibility in one way or another. This is not the first attempt, but it was quite dangerous one, considering that the shills have lost all previous attempts. But even dangerous, this latest attempt will not work anyway. I know how to defend myself. Even all the shills community will assemble in one place and attack me with the most spiteful, well-planned and well-coordinated accusations, I will still be able to defend myself. I know how to do it.

    But remember, all I did was raise the “possibility” and then explain why that possibility exists. ——————————— all shills (except those who are total morons, rude and illogical) usually conduct this type of discussions in a very “polite” manner. They go little by little – “politely” ask provocative questions and “politely imply” that something might be wrong with the credibility of the man whose claims are the most dangerous for their masters. I know this method. I fought with the shills starting from 2007. So I have a big experience by today, in 2011. Could you imagine how much one could learn during 4-year long battle with the shills? It is almost equal to a complete university course 🙂

    I don’t mind Mr. Khalezov offering reasons for why he is telling the truth, as best he knows it. ———————— of course, I know it. And the shills (at least those in the commanding posts) know it too, because they were informed by the “good guys” who pays them.

    Mr. Khalezov has every reason to refute the “possibility” I outlined — again, I understand that. ————————— of course, I have that reason. The shills attempted once again to undermine my credibility in a very elaborate operation planning of which involved weeks of analyzing of my activities and my statements for the past few years and at least a platoon of the shills must have been involved in such a planning – considering its scope and the eventual beauty of the claim they announced yesterday. So, I took this latest assault of the shills more than seriously. Don’t even doubt it. But, as I have said, I know how to defend myself and in this situation I will be able to defend myself as well. In fact the refutation is ready. You will see it below.

    Hopefully, readers and possibly even Mr. Khalezov will also understand why I raised the possibility — given the nature of Mr. Khalezov’s allegations. ——————— yes, I understand it very well. Don’t even doubt it. I have very good analytical skills.

    I raised the possibility, not out of spite or personal insult, ———————— I am sure it was not personal. More out of the corporative interest.

    …but because Mr. Khalezov’s story has problems with it. With a story such as Mr. Khalezov has, it is subject to challenge. ————————– I am sure it is subject to challenge. The truth I am revealing is so dangerous to the Mossad and the Freemasons (and also to the US Governemnt) that they will rather admit that our planet is flat than that a certain Mr. Khalezov is right in what he claims. I don’t even doubt that my claims will be challenged in the most serious manner. But it will not change anything. Because I am not going to convince shills that I am right. I am going to convince innocent people that I am right. Hope you realize my intentions.

    Even Mr. Khalezov’s old handlers in the defunct Soviet Union didn’t take naked assertions as fact, and neither do I, nor should the readers of Veterans Today. ————– no doubt. That is why, in addition to my actual claims (that you may doubt), I provide some things that do not belong to me personally and their interpretation has nothing to do with “Dimitri Khalezov”, such as: a) dictionary definitions of “ground zero”; b) the fact that the manipulation attempt with the definition of “ground zero” has taken place in the aftermath of 9/11; c) underground cavities under the WTC; d) various seditious articles published (not by me, by others) in the immediate aftermath of 9/11; e) explanations of how underground nuclear explosions crush everything around by the pressure of its gases etc. All of this was done not only to support my claims, but rather to prevent the shills from attempting to discredit me personally. The shills will still try to attack my person, but I no longer care – the actual Truth was disconnected from me personally and let in the wilderness. Now anyone can open a dictionary and learn what ground zero used to mean before 9/11, anyone can see underground cavities under the three WTC buildings covered with smooth rock (those made by the 3 ancient glaciers, I mean), remember that gullible ground zero responders suffer from leukemia and make their own conclusions, not connected to the doubtful credibility of a certain impostor “Dimitri Khalezov”. That is what I mean. So the shills can relax now. It is simply too late. Attacking my humble person in this situation is totally useless. Because the Truth is out and it is not connected to me anymore.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Khalezov goes on in the vein that I think he’s a fake. Truth? I don’t know whether Mr. Khalezov is a fake or not, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. ————— you can continue your efforts. But when it comes to the thinking people, in the light of what is said above they should not care about my person anymore. Because they got the main point already and even if the shills prove that I am an impostor, child-molester, dreamer or whatever, the job is done. The Truth has been revealed and it can not be recalled.

    In some sense, Mr. Khalezov uses the “possibility” I raised as a distraction, so he doesn’t have to answer the substantitive objections I raised to his theory for which he doesn’t have a suitable answer. —————————- this is cheap demagogy. About the “possibility” I will answer below. Yesterday I was not able to figure out the immediate argumentation, because the assault of the shills was indeed strong and deemed to be
    “irrefutable” by definition. However, after thinking overnight I found the way to refute it. You will see it below. This is about the “possibility”. What about the “substantiative objections” that you raised against my “theory” (you don’t like the definition “witness’ testimony”, don’t you?). All of them have been successfully refuted. And if there were a judge appointed to supervise this argument he would make me a winner immediately. All you do here you just exploit the fact that no judge was appointed. But this cheap trick doesn’t work with me.

    One thing Mr. Khalezov did confirm by his answer:

    As I stated before: “I don’t see any evidence that you [Mr. Khalezov] are flexible in your analysis & conclusion, on the contrary, you show very limited flexibility, and ignore facts & evidence in order to doggedly maintain your theory.” ——————– yes, I am quite flexible. In fact, initially I thought that the US Government collapsed the Twin Towers out of fear that they would otherwise collapse accidentally because of alleged “structural damage”. And so the very first edition of my book stated. After that I was corrected by some FBI’s guys who read the first edition of my book – that the US Government collapsed the Twin Towers because of entirely different reason: they were fed “reliable” information that two more nuclear warheads (like those in the Granit missile) were allegedly in the “planes” that stuck in the Towers. Since I am flexible indeed, I immediately switched to believe their explanation, because it was simply more logical than mine initial one. Of course, I am flexible. But it does not mean that I will allow shills to exploit my flexibility to the detriment of the cause. It will not happen.

    Mr. Khalezov still doggedly remains devoted to the “no planes” gambit. —————— yes. Aluminum can not penetrate steel. And I will stick to this notion forever. I know that the no-planes truth is far more dangerous for the shills and their masters than the actual fact of the WTC nuclear demolition. Because the Freemasons and “sayanim” has shown their pretty faces on 9/11 by claiming to see and even by filming the “planes”. And now all of these Freemasons and “sayanim” have to be arrested and tortured into confession – who actually hired them to do so. And, as you can sincerely expect, the “good guys” and their shills are going to defend the “planes” story till the end. But I will do all my best to defeat all argumentation of the shills in support to the “planes” theory. And the first point is this: armor-piercing shells are not made from hollow aluminum. They are made from solid depleted uranium or from solid tungsten.

    Or does he? —————— yes, he does. Here are the second point. Watch these videos on YouTube were first eye-witnesses (before the Freemasons and “sayanim” arrived to the scene to be interviewed) claimed that there were no planes, but explosions:

    Here is Mr. Khalezov’s statement: “my claims that the “Granit” missile was used as a convincing argument to claim that there were nukes in the “planes” so that the WTC towres had to be nuked down to prevent nuclear explosions of the terrorist nukes?”

    Mr. Khalezov puts planes in quotes suggesting Mr. Khalezov still thinks there were no planes. But then Mr. Khalezov goes on to suggest the U. S. government wasn’t in on the hoax, so thought the airplanes did hit the WTC 1 & 2 and then because of the “Granit” cruise missile was found to a nuke in it, then thought there were nukes in the airplanes that hit the twin towers.

    So, because there were supposedly nukes in the airplanes, U. S. authorities deemed it necessary to blow up the nukes in the WTC basements to stop the nukes in the planes from being detonated.

    Convoluted is too mild a word for this scenario — I’d have to say, Mr. Khalezov didn’t get this scenario from Tahil’s 2006 paper, Khalezov made up this scenario all on his own. ——————– no, I didn’t make it on my own. I just learned it from some talkative FBI person. And I have all reasons to believe that FBI person because firstly it is logical and secondly because later I found a genuine 9/11 report that confirmed that version. Please, watch it here and you will get my point:

    But re-reading Mr. Khalezov response, given that he is writing in a second language, ————————— I am so sorry for being illiterate in English and being unable to express myself in a manner that excludes an ambiguity… However, this is the first complaint I hear so far regarding this point. I might be illiterate in English, but from being equivocal.

    let me be as clear and direct as possible: Mr. Khalezov, do you believe airplanes hit WTC 1 & 2? Yes or No. —————————– you see, guys? After all I have said in regard to the “planes” my answers are still presumably “ambiguous”… To answer the actual question: NO. I DO NOT BELIEVE that physical airplanes of any kind hit the WTC-1 or -2. I am 100% certain that the “planes” were digital and existed only on “sayanim’s” and Freemasonic videos fed to various news agencies to be shown on TV.

    Given that answer is crucial to the rest of my analysis and response, I’ll stop right there and wait for Mr. Khalezov’s answer. ——————- you got your critical answer above.

    But as a parting thought, if what I describe above is an accurate paraphrase of Mr. Khalezov’s theory, boy, oh boy, it’s hard to give any credence to Mr. Khalezov. —————– you don’t actually have to give any credence to me. Because I am a dreamer, cheater, impostor and perhaps even a child-molester. Just express some little thanks only for that I reminded you what “ground zero” used to mean before 9/11, for that I offered you to look at pictures of deep underground cavities under the WTC (that shameless Larry who had not respect for the shill’s efforts did dare to make public), and also for my explanation about the “Granit” missile (otherwise you would guess till the Second Advent what else could be capable of penetrating six capital walls of the Pentagon). And, if you wish, you can give me a little additional credit (not credence, but credit, don’t get me wrong) for reminding you that armor-piercing shells are not made from hollow aluminum, but from solid depleted uranium. But when it comes to me personally – just discard my person. I am a cheater. And an impostor. Do you like this? It is OK with me.

    But I’ll let Mr. Khalezov speak for himself, perhaps, he can clarify his statements, and I mis-interpreted what Mr. Khalezov’s theory actually is due to Mr. Khalezov having to write in a second language. ———————– I am so sorry for my bad English. But, hopefully, in my statements above you can unlikely find any trace of ambiguity, despite its being made in totally broken English.

    Oh, I almost forgot it. I promised to address the most spiteful accusation that the shills decided to hurl at me recently apparently after a long desperate research. Namely that I might have “plagiarized” the work of Mr Tahil (his book “Nuclear Demolition of the WTC”) as our dear J.F.E. has suggested yesterday. After thinking what to answer to this overnight I have decided to address this as follows:

    As you probably remember from my answers to the shills arguing with me on this topic: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/02/15/dimitri-khalezov-ground-zero/ I expressed a very interesting point. When I say that ‘ground zero’ used to mean in pre-9/11 dictionaries I simply go to a corresponding dictionary, search by alphabetical order for ‘ground zero’ and see what it used to mean before 9/11. But it is not so with the shills. When a certain “casual” visitor joins this type of discussion and claims that in a certain obscure book, published in such an such year (let’s say in 1986) on such and such page (let say on a page 536, third paragraph from above), ‘ground zero’ has been allegedly used in a figurative meaning, such a “casual” visitor effectively proves that he is a shill that was deployed from some office to join and to derail such a discussion. Why do I think so? Because the mathematical probability that such a “casual” person would “accidentally” discover that on such and such obscure book “ground zero” was indeed used in a figurative sense on such and such page is equal to zero. It is mathematically impossible that such a rare occurrence could be “accidentally” discovered by someone who “accidentally” joined such a discussion. To think otherwise is a sin against the laws of probability governed by science. The shills are being defeated by this consideration alone.

    Now I will implement the same thought but the other way around. Now the shills claim that I might allegedly “plagiarize” the book of William Tahil on the WTC nuclear demolition that was allegedly published in 2006 while I came with my claims in 2007. So the shills claim that I did not get an idea from the Soviet Special Control Service (whose serviceman I just happened to be “accidentally”) but merely got the idea from Mr.Tahil’s book. Well. I will address this point. The problem is that the abovementioned book by Mr. Tahil is a very obscure thing. In the 2007-2010 his book was widely unknown in the main-stream “truthing” societies and it was not discussed widely on the Internet forums. In fact the shills did all their best to hide the fact of the existence of Mr. Tahil’s book. While Mr. Tahil did not advertise his book widely, like I did with my video presentation. His book stood quietly on his obscure web site and you have unlikely had any chance to discover it “accidentally” unless by specifically searching Google by these key-words: “nuclear demolition” or by “William Tahil book”. I hope that anyone (except the shills) would agree with this simple logic. So, unless you know the combination of the words “nuclear+demolition” you have simply no chance to accidentally encounter Mr Tahil’s book on the Internet. And this is the main point. Yes, I indeed know Mr. Tahil’s book very well. Because I indeed searched by the words “nuclear demolition” in Google and I found his book (along with other interesting sources). But to be able to make such a search you must have known what to search for! How could you know the mere combination of the words “nuclear demolition” unless you are not sure that this combination did exist and is worth looking for by googling? And if you add here that I “accidentally” happen to be a former commissioned officer of the Soviet Special Control Service, and I also “accidentally” know the deputy chief of the Mossad – Mike Harari (in 2001, not in 2006 in connection with Mr. Tahil’s book, by the way), you will see that the level of “casual coincidences” is just too high to be correct from the mathematical point of view. So, this is my answer to the shills in regard to the accusations of “plagiarism”. I have even a stronger answer, but I will not reveal it unless in the court of law (or, alternatively, it will be published on the Internet by my friends in case something wrong happens with me). But I do not reveal it right now, because do not want the shills to be prepared for it. I guess the mathematical probability point discussed above is enough to beat up the current accusations of the shills. By the way. In case the shills do not know it. Mr Tahil did not publish the full version of his book for free until late 2008. Before that only a free sample was published on his web site. So, in fact I did not get his full book till 2009. In 2007, March, I first encountered his book, and it was still only a free sample. You can still find that free sample (rather than the full book) that is available on the same link as it used to be in March, 2007: http://www.nucleardemolition.com/GZero_Sample.pdf
    And here is a repeating link for the “sample”: http://www.reopen911.org/ReOpen911_2007Archive/GZero_Sample.pdf
    By comparison, the full version of Mr.Tahil’s book (that I personally haven’t discovered until 2009) is available here: http://nucleardemolition.com/GZero_Report.pdf for comparison. Hope that the combination of the above arguments has successfully cleared me from any suspicions in regard of “plagiarizing” of Mr. Tahil’s book. Besides, if you read my own book:
    and compare it with that of Mr. Tahil you will see much difference in our approach.
    I hope this time the shills could really relax. They have no chance. The Truth will prevail.

  8. Dimitri Khalezov  February 28, 2011 at 9:07 am

    To J.F.E.

    P.S. I just would like to thank you one more time , dear J.F.E., for revelaing to me the danger of accusing me of the plagiarizm. To be honest with you I did not even think that the shills could go as far as to invent this particular option. Many thanks for alerting me. I will take this into the most serious consideration. And necessary counter-measures will be wrought accordingly and immediately. Thanks.

    • Dimitri Khalezov  March 1, 2011 at 12:32 am

      You don’t have to worry. The most important thing is that I got your point and you realize it very well that I got your point. So it is enough that we (two of us) understand each other. So there is no need trying to explain who you are and what is your alleged intention. The fact that I got your point should be enough. Moreover, whatever you say (in this sense I mean, not in general) will not be able to change my opinion on you, because it has been already established. My flexibility does not apply in this case. The opinion has been formed. The rest will be answered separately.

    • brilmusic  March 2, 2011 at 1:34 pm

      JFE, good point, does Khalezov think there were planes or not?

      The no plane theory seems impossible due to the amount of different cams that caught something on video.

  9. Dimitri Khalezov  February 28, 2011 at 8:56 am

    To J.F.E.

    I quote J.F.E.: “…Frankly, there is at least a possibility that you got your idea from the Tahil paper, Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of The World Trade Centre, William Tahil, B. A., copyright 2006, which is well before anybody ever heard of you or your theory. All you had to do was change Tahil’s “nuclear reactors” to “150 kiloton nuclear devices” and it is the same theory. Taking others ideas and making them your own without giving credit is called plagiarism in America — we don’t give credit for that.

    Perhaps, that’s where the fateful decision to go “no planes” came from, an attempt to distinguish your claim from Tahil’s 2006 published and copyrighted paper.”

    Well. It is quite a spiteful statement, by the way, bordering on a personal insult. But I don’t really care, to be honest. Let’s the God judge.

    And be sure that this method will not work with me anyway, dear J.F.E., because of variety of reasons. While Mr. Tahil (a nuclear physist, by the way) does not reveal his sources of information (I mean where from he learned about the two “clandestine nuclear reactors” under the WTC) I can explain where from I got my knowledge – from the Speical Control Service of the former USSR where I used to be a commissioned officer (yes, mere “coincidence”, isn’t it, dear Mr. J.F.E.???). And yet another “coincidence” that I used to know Mike Harari (anyone could know Mike Harari – so what? you may ask?). And yet another coincidence that I am capable of explaining of the physical processes on how exactly the nuclear explosion could actually transform steel into dust, Mr Tahil (whose book I supposedly plagiarized according to you) was not able to explain this little technicality to his reader. Too many “coincidences”, isn’t it? And yet another coincidence that Mr. Tahil does not talk about the Pentagon attack and about the “Granit” missile that hit it, while I do. Where would you say I got the idea with the “Granit” missile and whom I plagiarized in that particuar case? And whom I plagiarized with my claims that the “Granit” missile was used as a convincing argument to claim that there were nukes in the “planes” so that the WTC towres had to be nuked down to prevent nuclear explosions of the terrorist nukes?

    To be honest with you, I had a better opinion of your abilities to argue. And also a better opinion about your person. Usually to recognize a shill for me does not take more than three posts of his to analyze because I have a big experience on this field. But with you it took a bit longer.

    But now I got your point, dear J.F.E. Since “debunking” my claims on technical points has been clearly failed, now the “working brains” are thinking to debunk my claims on the accusations of “plagiarism”. Well. Try. And see what will happen. I wish you a really good luck. But be prepared for something really unexpected.

    I did not reveal all I have in my sleeve yet. And you will be surprised when I get my trump card. Don’t ask me to do it now, it is too early and I don’t want to give any chance to the shills. But I will do it later – in the court-room.

    Regarding the “no-planes” argument. The shills and their masters fear this more that the truth about the demolition nukes. Because the nuclear truth is self-evident and it is known to high-ranking US officials anyway – even without listening to my claims or reading Mr. Tahil’s book (that I allegedly plagiarized). While it is not so with the planes.

    Many people can’t simply realize that they were duped into the nuclear demolition of the WTC while there were no planes in reality. So nothing could bring “terrorist nukes” into the WTC and the “reliable information” from the “friendly” secret services was entirely bogus. And THIS is the most dangerous part of the 9/11 truth.

    So the shills sincerely hope that talking about the fact that aluminum can not penetrate steel I would allegedly discredit my own claims about the actual nuclear demolition of the WTC.

    But the shills are badly mistaken in their expectations. It would be exactly vice versa.

    By establishing the fact the WTC was demolished by the nukes (not by “mini-nukes of Osama bin Laden”, but by the 150 kiloton hydrogen charges of the US Government) I will be able to attract attention of thinking people to another obvious fact – that aluminum can not penetrate steel.

    Just wait and see what will happen next. Even if the desperate US Government will increase taxes to be able to pay to the shills double-salaries it will not help. The no-plane truth will be established anyway.

    Best wishes.
    Dimitri Khalezov.

  10. Mawwk  February 26, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    ” the American leaders believed, due to the nuclear nature of the missile which hit the pentagon, that there were more nuclear warheads stuck in the upper levels of the towers ( inside the planes ) and thus, they decided to demolish the towers. ”

    So we’re expected to believe that the perpetrators of this attack on 9-11 launched a particular brand of nuclear warhead at the pentagon in order to make American leaders think that nuclear warheads were in the towers so that these leaders would then make the decision to demolish? There is no logic to this story.

    • Dimitri Khalezov  February 27, 2011 at 1:17 am

      This was exactly as what you have said in the second paragraph of your post above, with the exception of the very last sentence of yours. There WAS logic in that story. And it worked. The US officials believe that stupid story and demolished the Twin Towers. Watch part 6 of my 26-parts video that is available here: http://www.911-truth.net/ and you will get the point. There it is clearly stated by the chief of safety of New York fire department that one of the “secondary devices” was probably on the plane, while the second “secondary device” was planted into the buildings… I hope you will get the point after watching that video.

  11. Stratus Blue  February 26, 2011 at 12:16 am

    The sun does not set. There was no “top down explosions” unless YOU have pre-conceived in your mind such localized explosions just as people envision the sun setting. And the term “controlled demolition” should not be used especially with “classic”. No buildings were ever pulverized like the WTC. Calling it classic is ludicrous and should provoke derision. Controlled? 3000 died. Is that controlled? The language of 9-11 is corrupted by design. Just as it is impossible for a Jew to lie or steal, for by definition a Jew is he/she who will not lie or steal, the pulverization effect directed from below using 150 KT devices cannot be any classic controlled demolition. Joe Biden, a self proclaimed Zionist, does not call himself a Jew. It is honest of him. For no Jew can lie or steal and remain a Jew. Period. The Zionist shills expose themselves for all to see by their corrupted use of language. No traitor to the USA Constitution is our countryman. USA Citizenship is defined by adherence to the laws of this Republic. The Zionist traitors are not citizens because they are traitors.

    • Dr.Nur  February 26, 2011 at 7:17 pm

      Mr.Stratus Blue / Little lapsus: it is the hallmark of jews to lie and steal,in fact it is recommended in the talmud. It is only if he lies and steals from another jew that it is to be condemned, otherwise the life, property of a non-jew belongs to the first jew who puts his hands on it as he is considered non-human as he is a piece of cattle created for the service,sexual or other of the jews. Genocide such as in old testament and today in Palestine is the highest form of theft : to take away the existence of a people to appropriate their lands etc. In business,lies,farce and fraud, big or small from antiquity, to 9/11 to Madoff ,to today is the well known signature of jews. Satan their god only forbids them to get caught…!

  12. Dimitri Khalezov  February 25, 2011 at 8:59 am

    To: Michael J Volz.

    Dear Mike.

    I am surprised how much you felt offended and irritated with my joke about microscopic insects that might swallow the structural steel and also dig underground cavities.

    May be my joke was silly (since as I honestly told you I got the idea after a couple of beers), but your reaction on this was not adequate. I even suspect now that it was Prof. Steven Jones who posts here under the name of “Michael J Voltz” – at least so the level of your actual irritation suggests.

    Yes, my English is indeed broken, because it is not my native language. But unlikely you have any chance to injure me with your statements, because English is not may language anyway, and my native Russian I know very well.

    Still, as you can see, despite my broken English I am still capable of making silly jokes that apparently get someone extremely annoyed. This is not a bad result in my opinion.

    Anyway, coming to the actual argument.

    I would like to conduct a certain argument between me and you here. So that the community could judge who of two of us is right and to which extent he is right.

    Please, consider it as a challenge. The rules of engagement: you have right to ask me five questions and I answer. In turn I ask you five questions and you answer. Then – you ask me 5 questions and I answer. Then – I ask you 5 questions and you answer. And so on.

    Is that OK for you?

    Ignoring a question or avoiding answering it is not permitted. However, an explicit refusal to answer a question is permitted, providing that a reason is clearly stated for such a refusal.

    Is that OK with you? If OK, then go ahead.

    However, my first questions (to define your position) are:

    1) What school of thought do you represent in regard to the demolition mechanics of the WTC Twin Towers?
    2) What school of thought do you represent in regard to the demolition mechanics of the WTC-7?
    3) What school of thought do you represent in regard to the planes/no-planes argument (regarding the Twin Towers hits)?
    4) What school of thought do you represent in regard to the Pentagon attack? (what do you claim was that thing that hit the Pentagon?)
    5) What school of thought do you represent in regard to the health effects observable in ground zero responders?

    As you can see my first five questions are not intended to criticize your position, but merely to understand your position. So, please define your position clearly before asking me the first five questions of yours and then be prepared to answer first five questions of mine in return.

    If you agree – just go ahead. And let the community judge between us.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dimitri Khalezov.

    P.S. I hope my broken English will not be counted against me? I will try to define both my questions and my answers in the most understandable manner that will exclude any ambiguity. I promise it.

    • OS  February 25, 2011 at 12:56 pm


      Your demolition story is completely ridiculous…give “one video example” of “anything” you stated “any example”. Because you don’t get consistent results by assuming or guessing, it’s based on calculations and trial and error. Two perfect implosions based on unknowns of Nuclear Blasts, you have to be joking..

      If you can’t then your speaking “Fiction”…

      Broken English doesn’t account for ridiculous stories…

    • OS  February 25, 2011 at 12:58 pm

      Specialized thermite and explosive charges, only thing necessary. And can be proved through many examples.

    • OS  February 26, 2011 at 6:39 pm

      The smoking gun is specialized thermite, and would have signature or thumb print to the source. As mentioned later in this comment section.

      I believe that’s making some people quite nervous, and should.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 2:13 am

      Have you studied demolitions, thermite, x-cord, b-caps, the basics? Remember the video I posted, that building was demolished using H.E. and x-cord, the first charges were cutting, then cutter and kicker in lower to start collapse. Cutting can also be accomplished with thermite, however you still have to cut and kick the lower beams. Notice the remaining, the building was not on fire, therefore no smoke cloud through the middle.

      x-cord is used to synchronize charges, not wires, cord type charges. There’s reason wires are not used.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 2:20 am


      You have two video’s, count the stories, and time the collapses.

    • Dimitri Khalezov  February 25, 2011 at 1:57 pm

      I am not interesting in your statements. I could answer questions if you want. Providing two conditions. You will define to which school of thought you belong to and you will answer equal number of questions you ask me. If you want to argue in this manner – it is OK to me. But your statements such as “ridiculous” or “completely ridiculous” you can keep to your own consumption. This kind of cheap tricks do not work with me. You are not a judge in a Supreme Court to establish the truth in the last instance. If you want to argue – argue. If you want to ask question – ask question. But you are not entitled to make any judgement especially a judgement that sounds like the one by a Supreme Court that can’t be even appealed. Hope you realize it.

    • Dimitri Khalezov  February 25, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      Dear J.F.E.
      Indeed my above statement was addressed to OS, not to you, since it was OS who attempted to make affirmative statement as if he were a judge in a Supreme Court and nothing less than that. Perhaps, I was wrong that I did not define the adressee at the first place – but it was because I just published my comments immediately under his and thought it would be automatically understood.

      But since you defined your position (although a request to define his position before making an argument was addressed to Mike actually), I have a question.

      How would you explain (from a point of a multiple “mini-nukes” theory the following:

      1) Why electronic devises managed to survive around the WTC (don’t tell me that some radios and some mobile phones failed, because this is not the point – why ALL electronics in general managed to survive) while it must have been necessarily forever put out of order by Electromagnetic Pulse?

      2) Why deep underground cavities of huge sizes (that by no means correspond to “mini-nukes” yield) were created under the buildings?

      3) If it was not the Soviet “Granit” missile that hit the Pentagon, what was the name of that missile that hit the Pentagon?

    • Gordon Duff  February 25, 2011 at 5:35 pm

      Two issues:
      1. no mininukes are discussed by khalezov
      2. there is no emp with a focused exposion of this kind.

      I spent two hours today on skype with bob nichols discussing newer weapons designs.
      One conclusion we are all coming to is that the DOD invented nano-thermite.

      We will be discussing this and how to get 9/11 truth back on a realisitc track in the coming weeks.

      it has been 10 years…nothing has been accomplished.


      the dod controlled 9/11 truth entirely from the beginning

    • OS  February 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm

      Tell me Dimitri,

      What is the school of though for a “former” Russian Intelligence Officer? Or is “former” the correct word to use.

      The least likely, is the most likely?

    • OS  February 26, 2011 at 6:43 pm

      My school of though is to take thumb print, like thermite, and track it to the source.

    • Dimitri Khalezov  February 27, 2011 at 1:40 am

      To answer OS question “what is my school of thought”.

      My school of thought is to use logic, common sense, and reliable evidence (coupled with logical analyses to avoid planted “plausible”, but false evidence) when digging for the truth. Moreover, my school of thought is also to be flexible and not to stick forever to any conclusions, because mortals, unlike The Most High, could be wrong and new evidence could always come proving that they are wrong. So, based on my school of thought I am sure that the WTC was demolished by huge underground nuclear explosions because:

      1) I was told while in the Soviet Special Control Service back in the ’80s that the WTC contained a so-called “emergency nuclear demolition scheme” based on huge (not “mini-nukes”) thermonuclear charges positioned 50 meters beneath the Twin Towers. I have absolutely no reason to doubt what I learned while in the military service.

      2) Because the deputy chief of the Mossad (whom I happened to know personally) was discussing with me the above-mentioned prior to 9/11 and it is a hard proof that the fact of the existence of the WTC nuclear demolition scheme was known not only to me, but to the Mossad as well.

      3) Because the place of the WTC collapse is called “ground zero” (initially still in low-case letters) and I have no reason to doubt its literary definitions in pre-9/11 dictionaries.

      4) Because an apparent attempt by the US Government spin-doctors to re-define “ground zero” term in post-9/11 English language and its attempt to re-print all dictionaries with a view of re-defining this term has apparently taken place and the US Government has been caught red-handed with this “linguistic” attempt.

      5) Because ground zero responders suffer from various strange health disorders that are known to be related to chronic radiation sickness.

      6) Because deep underground cavities were discovered under the three WTC buildings and these cavities could only be explained by the following:
      a) being created by powerful thermonuclear explosions (3ps);
      b) being created by ancient glaciers (3ps).

      Since my school of thought invokes me to use my common sense I prefer the explanation a), of course.

      Hence my determination and my stubbornness in my claims that the WTC was indeed demolished by the three powerful underground thermonuclear explosions and not by mini-nukes, not by so-called “nano-thermite”, and not by anything else.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 2:38 am

      Specialized Thermite, H.E., and X-cord.

      Right Dimitri,

      And when camping, I use TNT to open my can of beans.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 2:59 am

      Tell some of your high level Russian friends to confirm your story? What would they have to lose, nothing…

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 11:01 am


    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 5:32 pm

      Check the video above your comment, you have to discredit over one-thousand other engineers as well.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 6:34 pm

      How to contain molten metal,

      If using mold made with Styrofoam to form metal cast, it may need covered with liquid ceramic material before placed in sand. When hot metal is poured into this mold, the ceramic material (dried) will contain shape until molten metal outer surface is set (short time). The Styrofoam would immediately vaporize, but ceramic hardened material would maintain outer surface for short time (contain molten liquid) until surface is set (small time period). Do you know what’s used in ceramic materials? Is there relationship between thermite and ceramic material/application? I can’t discuss the possibility in this comment section.

      I can account for more materials then you believe, but will not discuss in this comment section. Nobody is going to discuss specific explosive types in comment sections, their composition, or specific configurations, but you are asking too many strange questions?

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 2:48 am

      Either do I,

      I am only stating the possibility, as they do. So stop placing words in my mouth YOU OBSESSED STALKER….

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 3:05 am

      And you approach,

      If explosive charges were used, explain electromagnetic pulses? Both could have no direct relationship at all, and yet your obsessed there should be relationship.

      That’s not rational thinking, everything does not have to be tied directly together.

      Good Bye for good. Now you have to find someone else to stalk.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 3:09 am

      I hope your paid good money for your misrepresentations.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 5:31 am

      And JFE,

      Prove to everyone there were no products in these building containing the elements you listed.

      I am certain you have Bill of Materials for every product and piece of equipment in the buildings.

      I’ll stop back in year or so for your results.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 7:49 am


      You remind me of software program, that repeats itself over and over, and constantly needs input. Has limited subroutines to process information, just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Try to provide some input, but the subroutines can’t process the information.

      Can seem to draw any conclusion….

      When you read information it’s should stimulate your thinking, it’s not input to embed in your mind that must be processed and stored. It’s for stimulating the though process, it doesn’t have to fit into some logical package for storage.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 7:53 am

      If information doesn’t fit into your formula, you can process it? Many you should expand your equations.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 7:10 pm


      Don’t worry when the source of the “Thermite” is discovered, you’ll be able to find other work.

      Do they deduct your pay when people use the word “Thermite”.

      I hope not because “Thermite” is recorded often, since there was evidence and “thumb print” at the sites.

    • OS  February 26, 2011 at 5:33 pm

      Will missile defense system create electromagnetic disturbance?

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 10:32 pm

      You also know nothing about this subject as well. Most of what you stayed makes absolutely no sense at all, what is your occupation?

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm

      Not all stated, but some. HAARP was developed originally as missile defense system.

  13. DR.NUR  February 23, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    FOR CONFIRMATION OF PREPLANNED DEMOLITION OF WTC PLEASE READ THIS: http://Www.just-another-inside-job.blogspot.com/2007/04/building-wtc-to-detonate-it.html
    and http://www.factsnotfairies.blogspot.com (such deep topics) and

  14. Munkle  February 23, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    All this conjecture is leading in too many directions and making us look like asses. This could be a false flag plan to keep us guessing forever. Real Truthers only want one thing now, not more talk of “mini-nukes”: a prosecution plan which stands a chance of succeeding. Gordon himself says we are at 60-80 percent critical mass in public opinion. So why aren’t you focusing on prosecution? I don’t enjoy speculating endlessly about 911. I’ve done the research and I’ve seen enough. Now I want to see someone on a witness stand.

    Gordon I beg you to use your considerable influence and following for this scenario, which will certainly catch on to others. Otherwise we are just playing with ourselves, and that lost its fun in junior high.

    Start with the easiest to prove charges and move up to the harder to prove charges, just like you bust a mafia. This will all start with one VFW post issuing a call for their local prosecutor to convene a grand jury to determine if there is evidence that Rudy Giuliani committed felony destruction of evidence. That’s one thing that is open and shut. In any county in which a victim of 911 could claim residency, the effects doctrine can be cited to establish jurisdiction. It’s old law. If you shoot my constituent from Oklahoma in a robbery in Texas, I can haul you into my courtroom in Oklahoma.

    The VFW or American Legion post should issue its call to the local TV news media, which is not as bought out as the national and will come to see what all the fuss is about. That Youtube goes viral and turns into a national story, and other posts get the idea and do the same thing.

    There are probably multiple 911 victims from every state in the union, so state DAs could get into the act. This has to be done on a state level. The congresscritters and DOJ will never do it, ever. The cabal has the child porn goods on all of them.

    Destruction of the evidence is open and shut. Wave 10 years jail time in front of Rudy, he starts singing like a canary, and we move up the food chain just as RICO was intended.

    The Egyptians and Libyans were, and are, getting slaughtered in the streets to win their freedom. We sit like slaves for lack of one courageous veterans post to get the ball rolling (as Dr. Sabrosky has outlined.) WTF is wrong with this picture? I’m tired of jerking off about mini-nukes versus thermite. We’ve come as far as we are going to go without sitting people down under oath and telling us what they saw or knew, or going to jail for not doing so.

    • Munkle  February 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm

      addendum…one beauty of the destruction of evidence scenario is it doesn’t reqiure you to be a truther to get onboard. Even if it was an engineering failure, architects will never know how to make buildings safer for firefighters. Politically this is a bail-out button which still allows one to support the prosecution. Rudy messed it up for firefighters and building design engineers. Of course what will begin to come out with steal the show, no doubt…

    • Munkle  February 23, 2011 at 11:58 pm

      I’m against advancing a theory of a crime until I have full discovery of witnesses under oath, engineers, materials scientists, architects. That would require a grand jury to determine there is sufficient evidence that a crime (as opposed to an act of war) has been committed, which could easily rest on:

      – presence of aluninumo-thermic compounds
      – presence of molten steel, impossible from a gravitational collapse
      – pulverized concrete, also impossible from gravitational
      – WTC 7, a clear demolition

      Then with subpoena powers you haul in Securacom and Marvin Bush, and ask them how these explosives might have gotten into the buildings and where are the security camera tapes which should be available for every floor, to shed some light on this (they are missing, of course.) Once you have enough evidence and testimony to establish that these were beyond doubt demolitions, you could go to motive, means, and opportunity for suspects. In the case of Donald Rumsfeld, as SecDef ultimately in charge of the nation’s defenses, there is an additional smoking gun of destruction of evidence at the Pentagon, which as SecDef was under his orders.

      The uncanny almost one-to-one match of signers of the PNAC documents wishing for an overthrow of Saddam by force, and Bush’s top foreign policy team, gives many whose motives match a critical role and opportunity. In the case of Dov Zakheim and Donald Rumsfeld we have yet an additional open-and-shut charge to hold over their heads: the missing $3 trillion under their fiduciary responsibility. If the 911 case fails, they still have this to face. I venture their political capital will be greatly weakened, and congressmen will be resigning left and right before people start exploring their complicity in other crimes which unfolded as a result of 911, like illegal wiretapping (Harman, Pelosi.)

      The prosecution of Zakheim would be a tough prove, but would provide a nearly complete theory of the crime. Also we have General Meyers caught lying under oath about the NORAD timeline.

      Of Zakheim, know that:

      – Zaheim had motive to want dead the accountants and bookkeepers who might have shed light on where the trillions went.

      – That these very auditors took a high casualty rate in a strenuous effort to hit just this part of the Pentagon

      – That Zakhiem was CEO of the company which pioneered remote control technology, including that which enabled ground operatives to seize an airplane from hijackers, which obviously, in the wrong hands, can seize control from legit pilots and guide them with great precision to a target

      – He had access to both the remote technology and to Boeings, as Comptroller of the Pentagon who had once sent 32 767s, (the same kind of planes which hit the towers) to be refitted in at McDill AFB in FLA.

      – Zakheim had signed a document all but expressing a wish for a “new Pearl Harbor” to fulfill his foreign policy agenda. (Project for a New American Century also included Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, many others.)

      The only move this gang could possibly make in the steady march forward of these proceedings would be to unleash another deadly false flag and put the country under martial law, thereby disappearing whoever they want. This would force their hand sooner than they like, I think. It would be too damned fishy, and most people would make the connection. Then we would see how many of our military officers had the courage and patriotism of many of those in the Egyptian and Libyan army who refused to follow orders.

      There is only one problem with false flags: you can only pull them off once in a long while. Like NFL great and 911 Truther Mark Stepnoski says, people are getting too “hip” to what’s going on.

      In any event it is a boil which has to be lanced, whatever the outcome. Sooner or later it will blow over and heal. The only mistake would be to let the great crime stand and overturn the meaning of truth itself, and poison the nation forever.

      The office to run for on a 911 truth platform is state attorney general. 3 or 4 of them elected across the country would start the revolution. They could combine efforts as state AGs did in the tobacco industry lawsuit, except this time the defendants would be former federal, state, and local officers, who have no immunity once they leave office. Why do you think Dick Cheney was so furious with Bush for not pardoning Scooter Libby? The message was, if I go down, you go down with me. Set me up as any kind of fall guy and we’ll revisit Valerie Plame, after the “discovery” of new evidence which we have handy for just such an event.

      This is just me thinking, open to debate and refinement of these ideas. Let’s just start DOING something, for heaven’s sake. Cheney’s heart is ticking away.

    • wolf  February 24, 2011 at 4:42 pm

      I second that. Brilliantly stated.

    • bf  February 24, 2011 at 6:56 pm

      good thinking here.

    • OS  February 27, 2011 at 10:25 pm

      I can clarity this, you know absolutely nothing about explosives. You have already proved this, so how can you analyze with no basic understanding.

      Cutting charges could not bring down in time frame? You don’t know anything about cutting charges, that’s certain.

      And your approach is not scientific at all…..and many already know this..

      You should get a job with “Fox News”, I would recommend.

    • OS  February 28, 2011 at 1:45 am

      No, this is what’s clear to the readers.

      Dimitri’s story is so full of holes it’s laughable, they are twisting information, slanting, rewriting comments and distorting information. Introducing false information, It’s simply a complete joke. It’s sad that people would do this for such a tragedy.

      Then ask people to discredit top US Scientist and Engineers, and believe Russian Propaganda Agent who can’t seem to find his credentials or even get top scientist or engineers to support his fairy tale.

      What a complete joke. If you want to discuss 911 and investigations there are legitimate engineering and pilot sites, amongst other.

      I have had it here, turning into a propaganda site, and that’s too bad. I think Gordon has written some good stories, but this one insults people and does nothing for the movement and disclosure for truth.

    • Steve P  February 24, 2011 at 8:54 am

      If I understand it, the Effects Doctrine could provide multiple venues for prosecution. Certain aspects of 9/11 are incontrovertible, and they show crimes lying in plain sight.

      I’m not against continuing technical discussions, especially if we can get them televised, but at this point I think it’s better to remain fluid and flexible about certain aspects of these crimes – agnostic, if you will – to avoid the Joe McCarthy trap.

      McCarthy had the goods – or at least bits and pieces of the goods – on Reds in D.C. and elsewhere. Yet, in the end, he was made to look the fool, and his name is now eponymous for Witch Hunt.

      That was Tail-gunner Joe. He provided a vaccine for subversive forces working within our institutions, where they remain under a different guise.

      This is our problem. These guys are good at what they do. Even with truth on our side, we cannot be sure of success.


  15. Brian  February 23, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    People should realize 911 was a Mossad operation. Over the years I have avoided threads at 911 forums focused on what caused the twin towers to come down because people get in arguments and “who did it?” is not the focus.

    I do find the information intriguing but I think the Mossad and Sayanim have played a significant role in focusing the 911 truthers on how the buildings fell down and was a missile used at the Pentagon. Years ago when I started researching 911, most 911 truthers never heard of the Mossad. Many of them are still surprised when they see the Mossad/911 information.

  16. Galvalume of Mylar  February 23, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Uhm, sorry: total bullshit (a’right, with little bits of truth mixed in.) “Khalezov” is mossad NOW, not “then”.

    • Gordon Duff  February 23, 2011 at 12:16 pm

      be more specific or you may be mossad yourself
      maybe we all are

    • OS  February 23, 2011 at 6:54 pm


      Ask yourself simple question,

      If Dimitri Khalezov had access to Russian classified information, do you really think they would let him release information that wasn’t coordinated through their agency? No. Only as propaganda….and discussed and coordinated through their intelligence agency. That’s obvious, or they would track him down…and he would disappear.

      You know this…

    • Mawwk  February 26, 2011 at 6:01 pm

      ” the American leaders believed, due to the nuclear nature of the missile which hit the pentagon, that there were more nuclear warheads stuck in the upper levels of the towers ( inside the planes ) and thus, they decided to demolish the towers. ”

      So we’re expected to believe that the perpetrators of this attack on 9-11 launched a particular brand of nuclear warhead at the pentagon in order to make American leaders think that nuclear warheads were in the towers so that these leaders would then make the decision to demolish? There is no logic to this story whatsoever. I want to hear Jeff Gates’ analysis of this lol.

  17. Dimitri Khalezov  February 23, 2011 at 3:05 am

    Hi to everyone.

    I thought for a long time what is “nano-thermite” invented and allegedly “discovered” by Prof. Steven Jones in the WTC dust. I was always under impression that the so-called “nano-thermite” was merely a type of well-ground, very fine common thermite – like the one used in electric welding. Because the either part of its name “nano-” and ” -thermite” implied so.

    However now I got the point, at last, after heaving a couple of beers.

    The problem is that the “thermite” is no only a name of a chemical mixture used in electric welding, but also a name of a type of insect – that looks like a large ant, that eats virtually everything, even relatively hard substances.

    Now I understood what Prof. Jones meant in reality when he talked about the mysterious and hitherto unheard of “military-grade” “nano-thermite”. He probably meant not a “fine chemical substance” as understood by many simpletons, but merely genetically-modified microscopic insects – live creatures, that are able to instantly consume (in a sense of “eating” – i.e. in a sense of biting-swallowing-digesting) all structural steel of the WTC.

    May be is that what he really meant? In this light the presence of the deep underground cavities under the WTC is quite explainable. Because these microscopic military-grade insects, called “nano-thermites” (a kind of bio-weapons from the logical point of view) have simply eaten all that granite rock, and then, after the good lunch (or, sorry it was their breakfast), these creatures peeed of the remaining granite rock, so that produced an effect of its smoothing that some primitive people took for the “molten rock” or even an effect of an “ancient glacier”. May be that is the real case?

    • Garibaldi  February 23, 2011 at 5:39 am

      Hello Dmitri…I’m laughing so hard I’ve almost peeeed myself already! I didn’t know you had such a flair for satire, and not a bad sense of humor at all, (for a Russian, that is…) Very pleased to meet your acquaintance, sir.

      Satirically Yours, Giuseppe Garibaldi



    • Gordon Duff  February 23, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      All I come up with is nano-aluminum propellants but they can’t cut steel
      do they have legs too?

    • Gordon Duff  February 23, 2011 at 12:51 pm

      Nano-aluminum, which is now being tested in small arms, is the only related “nano” compound I can find.

    • OS  February 23, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      When controlled demolition is understood, the next step is “Ways and Means” of doing so. The “Accessibility” and “Special interest”, maybe some information is in these comment sections. Always remember, questionable acquisitions are made and thereafter people promoted.

      On another subject,
      Has anyone heard about the company ICL and their Acquisition of Supresta?

    • OS  February 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm

      On another subject,
      Has anyone heard about the company ICL and their Acquisition of Supresta?

      How about Akzo Nobel?


      On another subject,


    • Dimitri Khalezov  February 23, 2011 at 3:43 pm

      It was mentioned in the above post. If you read it carefully. It was beer.

    • OS  February 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm

      This might help for a better story..

    • Brian  February 23, 2011 at 5:52 pm

      For what its worth:

      Nano-thermite, also called “super-thermite”,[1] is the common name for a subset of metastable intermolecular composites (MICs) characterized by a highly exothermic reaction after ignition. Nano-thermites contain an oxidizer and a reducing agent, which are intimately mixed on the nanometer scale. MICs, including nano-thermitic materials, are a type of reactive materials investigated for military use, as well as in applications in propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics.

      What separates MICs from traditional thermites is that the oxidizer and a reducing agent, normally iron oxide and aluminium are not a fine powder, but rather nanoparticles. This dramatically increases the reactivity relative to micrometre-sized powder thermite. As the mass transport mechanisms that slow down the burning rates of traditional thermites are not so important at these scales, the reactions become kinetically controlled and much faster.

      MICs or Super-thermites are generally developed for military use, propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics. Because of their highly increased reaction rate, nanosized thermitic materials are being researched by the U.S. military with the aim of developing new types of bombs that are several times more powerful than conventional explosives.[3] Nanoenergetic materials can store higher amounts of energy than conventional energetic materials and can be used in innovative ways to tailor the release of this energy. Thermobaric weapons are considered to be a promising application of nanoenergetic materials. Research into military applications of nano-sized materials began in the early 1990s.[4]


      Nobody shoot the messenger.

    • OS  February 23, 2011 at 6:44 pm


    • OS  February 24, 2011 at 5:12 pm

      Mike, most of us know there was thermite evidence at the site, and thermite can be used to cut metals. Thermite is also used to weld rails, but it’s not electrical welding..

  18. Galvalume of Mylar  February 23, 2011 at 2:42 am

    Barrett’s a weenie too. I would not trust him as far as I could throw Jim Fetzer.

    • Mawwk  February 23, 2011 at 11:17 am

      That’s because he talks about Israel and the Zionists, which I’m sure gets your blood boiling you subversive little worm.

  19. Michael Fullerton  February 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Speaking of junk science and ludicrous conjecture, why is Duff shilling Dimitri Khalezov’s ridiculous thermonuclear demolition charges disinfo? Thermonuclear devices that produce no radiation? That’s quite an extraordinary claim with absolutely no facts to back it up. That makes it absolutely ludicrous conjecture. Thermonuclear devices buried many meters under the sub-basement of the towers? How does that explain the top-down collapses?

    • JB1776  February 22, 2011 at 8:15 pm


      You might also want to research the number of deaths of the first responders from cancer…I believe the count is over 1000 now. There was indeed radiation.

      Also, observe/research the use of Hazmat suits by FBI personnel on the scene.

      The collapses were not top down…if so they’re would have been resistance floor by floor and there was none.

      I would suggest watching Dimitri’s 26 part video series for an explanation of all of the above.


    • marz Theron  February 25, 2011 at 4:15 am

      not top down???? have you not seen the videos???? oh, I’m sorry you must be blind. Well the twin towers were top down. Now you know. Get someone who can see to describe them to you. As for resistance floor by floor: there was none because they were blown out rapid fire TOP DOWN; idiot! Simply watching (if only you could) the videos on a big screen in slow motion will reveal the beauty of the timing of the explosions. Nuclear, conventional; doesn’t matter, tho: I tend to agree that nuclear would be better in the pulverization of the floor concrete pans combined with thermite column cutting which definitely occurred as well. There was far too much evidence of the columns cut at angles as is typical with demolition to deny the thermite.

  20. Galvalume of Mylar  February 22, 2011 at 3:45 am

    “Khalezov” AND Duff are full of shit. That is my confirmed opinion.

  21. Brian  February 21, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    The information about what caused the Twin Towers to fall is very interesting, but don’t forget about the culprits. Yes, the Mossad. They enjoy also this arguing about what caused the twin towers to fall.

  22. neodsa  February 21, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Regarding the tritium found at the W.T.C. site does anyone know if the so called self illuminating signage was used in the buildings .
    I freely admit I don’t know much about anything , but find the nuclear idea a bit hard to swallow .

    • hareli  February 21, 2011 at 7:22 pm

      Then you didn’t watch the 26-part video with the British interviewer and Khalezov.

      [Google: Dimitri Khalezov video] You didn’t read about the treaty. [Google: wikipedia Peaceful nuclear explosions] Someone on the web located Nelson Rockefeller’s instruction to get the demolition fail-safe for the towers done so they could get the building permit.

      The amount of tritium in a sign does not equal the 55X safe levels registered at the WTC.

  23. Edward Rynearson  February 21, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    February 17, 2011 – Kevin Barrett Show
    Kevin Barrett speaks with intelligence community whistleblower Dmitri Khalezov and Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff. They discuss whether an infamous Mossad agent named Mike Harari brag of organizing 9/11? Dmitri Khalezov, author of The Third Truth About 9/11, was arrested in Thailand along with Mike Harari. Khalezov says Harari was his friend at the time of 9/11, invited him to a party on 9/12/01 celebrating the successful operation, and subsequently let it be known, in so many words, that he, Harari, was an organizer of the 9/11 false-flag event. Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, knows the intelligence community well and says Khalezov should be taken seriously as a potential witness in the 9/11 mass murder case.

    • hareli  February 21, 2011 at 7:31 pm

      This is definitely worth it. Finding Barrett’s interviews is so difficult sometimes. Thanks for sponsoring them.

  24. Dimitri Khalezov  February 21, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Hi to everyone.

    If you read this article from the NewScientist:


    attentively enough, you will notice that:

    1) the longest “underground fires” (at the strange depth of over 50 meters, despite the lowest underground foundations of the WTC were not deeper than 27 meters only) strangely burned for MONTHS (!) and not only under the Twin Towers, but under the WTC-7 as well. Do you really believe these cavities were caused by so-called “nano-thermite”? That was eaten into the granite rock 50 meters below and continued to burn there for 3 (!!!) months?

    2) the two apparent radioactivity absorbers (for those capable of reading between the lines, for the rest – so-called “ultra-violet absorbers”) mixed into waters of gullible firefighters were used not only to extinguish fires (read “helped to contain radioactivity release”) under the spot of the Twin Towers, but under the spot of the WTC-7 as well.

    And you will get the full picture of what has happened. For more understanding, you might want to read the article on pre-9/11 definitions of ‘ground zero’ published on Veterans Today here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/02/15/dimitri-khalezov-ground-zero/

    And also look at the actual photos of the cavities covered with the molten rock from here:

    Below there are direct links to HQ photos of the underground cavities under the WTC from the official WTC (aka Larry Silverstein’s web site):





    • Ross  February 21, 2011 at 4:39 pm

      Dimitri,Gage and others do not discount other explosive devices being used.They have forensic scientific evidence of the existance of nano-thermite.The planes did exist as demonstrated by amateur video and eyewitness accounts.Are you suggesting all the film we see has been doctored?

      The physical,visual evidence I see of the collapses does not support the evidence of a single device.eg the squibs of mistimed explosions, debris changing direction in mid air as if a rocket is attached to them.This is nano thermite continuing to explode.It can act both as an explosive and cutting instrument.It has it’s own oxygen supply and can continue to burn underground for weeks. The molten metal is orange/red ,molten alumina does not glow in this color sprectum.

      If you look at slow motion evidence of the towers collapsing,you will see individual explosions rippling down the facade.Steel girders were hurled 600 ft and impaled into nearby buildings.This does not suggest that the building is being shaken to pieces by shock wave from a ground explosion.The energy from a ground explosion would be more uniform and the Towers would collapse from the bottom up where the energy would be greatest.The Towers did not fall into a big hole because there was a huge pile of rubble at the bottom.

      I’ve seen video of a nuclear underground explosions and the ground bulges over a wide area.You are saying that 3x 150 kilotonne bombs were exploded near the surface 50 m below the towers.There would have been massive ground movement that would probably destroy the foundations of surrounding buildings.

    • Gordon Duff  February 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      1. We know nukes exist …no evidence nanothermite has ever existed
      2. We know what nukes do, some of us anyway and your idea is wrong
      3. The tests regarding nanothermite are inconclusive and uncertified. If nanothermite, whatever it is, existed then, it is all over manhattan still. There is no indication that a single molecule survived, not imbedded into any surface, a window, anywhere but we were told tons of it was out there.
      I am simply increasingly suspicios of too much weight being put behind “dream” technologies that could come crashing down around 9/11 truthers
      in fact..the idea of stressing science…always filled with contradictions and forgetting the criminals themselves is, if anything, proof that those who push that direction may be criminals themselves
      think about it

    • Penumbra  February 21, 2011 at 6:14 pm

      Then what is it that was found in the dust by clinical research scientists (notably Niels Harrit of The University of Copenhagen)?

      Have you spoken with him or with Dr. Jones?

      Can you say conclusively that their findings are invalid?

    • Penumbra  February 21, 2011 at 6:18 pm

      Addendum: I don’t think those who push the science are seeking to ignore the perpetrators, G. Without the conclusive evidentiary science of the matter nothing whatsoever can be laid at the feet of any named perp aside from conjecture and hearsay. A court of Law requires hard evidence to convict, especially at this level of the game.

      I as much as anyone have a roster bigger longer than the body count of Stalin’s purge which I want to see arrested and dispossessed completely as traitors, but without hard evidence, you and I and all others are just whistling in the wind.

    • hareli  February 21, 2011 at 7:14 pm

      Gordon, why couldn’t be both in order to create this dissension? So that if the Dept of Buildings order per US/Russia treaty [google: wikipedia Peaceful nuclear explosions] were never uncovered, there would be room to prove in a new investigation that the nanothermite theory does not completely account for the total destruction, thereby discrediting it.

      These squabbles are unnecessary. There is enough evidence from the firefighters, architects, engineers, Dimitri, etc to warrant one right now. Everyone’s got their piece of the maypole, but the pole is the important thing.

    • Gordon Duff  February 21, 2011 at 7:17 pm

      Dimitri is not a pet poodle and he certainly has ideas and has come to conclusions that I have not. Where he was briefed, I accept. Where he talks about Freemasons, I see Shriners in clown cars.
      When he talks about the Granit…a bell goes off.
      In general, I am disappointed with the wheel spinning.
      I am exposed to more of the infighting and dissention than you might imagine.
      I am done with it.
      There is no saving a cause where winning arguments is more important than truth.

    • hareli  February 21, 2011 at 7:29 pm

      I agree. And I’m sure you are besieged with all manner of crap. The 26-part Khalezov video sealed it for me.

      The Barrett interview with you and Khalezov is a must-listen [everybody: link above in comments].

      But it crossed my mind when Khalezov said in the interview that Hariri was dancing around on Sept 12 that he probably threw in some extra operations to throw people off the scent. You know, just for shits and grins.

    • bf  February 21, 2011 at 7:21 pm

      Why would Lucky Larry move back into nukeville?

    • Penumbra  February 21, 2011 at 7:31 pm

      As a dog returns to its own vomit so too does the criminal often return to the scene of his greatest crime. Hubris and a sense of impunity would convince anyone, especially a sociopath who has profited handsomely from his actions and knowledge, that they were safe from prosecution after a decade has past.

      The battle for accountability is still a very steep hill in this criminal system.

    • reamonnk  February 22, 2011 at 1:00 am

      “What’s up with you Gordon?”

      Yeah Mike, I’m baffled….actually no I’m not, I know exactly whats going on.

      Mike, I gave up on this place awhile ago. Just look at all of the obviously fake characters commenting on here… It’s a snake pit…get out well you can Mike!!!!!!

      actually you should stay and attempt to set the record straight every time a new dis info/limited hangout/communist article comes out. Good luck with that…


    • Garibaldi  February 22, 2011 at 3:04 am

      ROFLMAO ! I really gotta love some of these typos, Mike. Yours is enough to settle all this hash once and for all time. So it wasn’t planes or mini-nukes or nano-thermite that brought down the towers, but a giant termite?

      “The termite used on 911 may have well been produce from US industrial waste products…………….”

      What’s up with you Mike?

    • Ross  February 22, 2011 at 3:26 am

      Gordon.Prof Niels Harritt and 9 other scientists have published a peer reviewed paper which no Govt will not even attempt to debunk.Why would the perpetrators set up a false scientific study that incriminates them? How would the use of nano-thermite be any less sinful than using nukes? The result is the same.3000 people were murdered and many are still dying today from the chemical fallout.Small nukes may have been used but I see no scientific paper to support this.

      The crime’s serverity has not changed due to the mode of destruction,so there would be no advantage conjuring up a false flag nano-thermite theory for anyone.

      Get some scientists together Gordon & Dimitri and publish a paper.You have done a lot of good work Gordon,so don’t compromise your credibility on a whim.

    • Garibaldi  February 22, 2011 at 4:47 pm

      S’matter Mike, can’t take a harmless joke ?
      Or maybe you just got a lousy sense of humor to begin with.

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