Germany: Still Under Control of Foreign Powers

"Whatever You Say Darling"

by  Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel


I remember clearly the first time I learned that the Third Reich, at least on paper that is scrupulously kept from eyes beneath raised eyebrows, still exists. You didn’t know that – did you? I didn’t – until fairly recently.

The legendary German attorney, Horst Mahler, now serving a lifetime sentence for having rushed in bravely where angels fear to tread, called me one merry morning right after my husband was kidnapped by agents of my government to please the Noisy Lobby, and gave me the low-down on this.

In Horst’s own words, since tauntingly repeated to much judicial and editorial squirming in several recent thought-crime trials in Germany, including the ghastly show trial that cost Ernst Zundel five years:

“The German Reich, including its people, never surrendered! Only the Wehrmacht did.”

Ernst and Ingrid Zundle

At the time, I shrugged this off as obscure legalese that had no relevance to what I was desperately trying to do – to explain to the authorities that my husband had been swept up under the guise of a fig leaf of a “visa overstay” so as to silence him for his politically incorrect sins. Since then, I have learned differently.

Now it makes sense to me that what is happening in Europe, especially in Germany, where in the last ten years more than 100,000 upright citizens have found themselves in conflict with the law for having misspoken themselves to the displeasure of the Ruling Mandarins. This could only have happened thanks to a Shadow Government – an Occupation Government since 1945! – that passes itself off as legit!

More shall be said about the shameful record of the so-called “Bundesrepublik” of Germany that jails its dissidents in the tried-and-true Stalinist Mode – without allowing the slightest defense. Not only that – even defense attorneys are now being jailed who dare to speak Truth to Power!

YouTube - Veterans Today -   – Ernst – Israeli interview

The letter below was sent to me by a South African friend who happens to be – get this! – a banker whose email is [email protected] You see why I am always optimistic that patriots can still be found in weird and wonderful places? His name is Stephen Goodson – and I am sure he doesn’t mind my giving away his moniker because he is running for office. His letter below features a man who calls a spade a spade. It gives me great please to pass it on to you for your elucidation:

Stephen Goodson Letter

It is not often that one has an opportunity to confront one’s adversaries and ask penetrating questions without fear of arrest or retribution, as may well have been the case if the following encounter had taken place in the allegedly “freest” Germany of all time.

On the evening of Monday, 24 January 2011, I attended a symposium entitled “21 and 15 years on: To what Extent Can Germans and South Africans Enjoy their Respective ‘Living’ Constitutions?”, sponsored by the German Consulate General in Cape Town.

The South African panelists were advertised as Pius Langa, former president of the South African Constitutional Court, and Roelf Meyer, former Minister of Constitutional Affairs, who was chief negotiator at Kempton park, Johannesburg (1992-1996) and who played a leading role in selling South Africa out to the international banking cartel behind the smokescreen of majority rule. After his election, President Thabo Mbeki personally thanked David Rockefeller for his invaluable support in this regard.

The German panelists were represented by emeritus Professor Hans-Peter Schneider, a former member of a number of provincial (Laender) Constitutional Courts, and Professor Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, a former
Minister of Justice (1998-2002) and member of the Bundestag.

During her term of office Frau Gmelin was responsible for introducing same sex “marriages” or civil unions, and for fining and jailing hundreds of “thought criminals”. But she was fired from her post in 2002 after comparing the methodology of President George W Bush in Iraq to that of Adolf Hitler. Her leader, SPD chief Gerhard Schroeder, who apologized profusely to Bush, said at the time that he could not sit at the same Cabinet table with someone who had connected Bush to a “criminal”.

In the event, of the four invited panelists, only Professor Schneider was present. The South Africans were indisposed and Frau Gmelin’s flight was delayed.

Three Points

In the spirit of clarification, I directed the following three points to Professor Schneider:

(i) Two days prior to the enactment of the German constitution on 23 May 1949, a Secret Treaty (Geheimer Staatsvertrag) was signed, which gave complete Allied control over electronic and print media, film, culture and education until the year 2099.

As a result thereof, there are still 100,000 occupation troops in Germany; after 66 years there still has been no peace treaty concluded between Germany and the Victorious Allied Powers; and all of Germany’s gold reserves are held in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in which the Rothschilds have a 57% shareholding.

This treaty has been confirmed by Major-General Gerd-Helmut Komossa, former head of German Military Intelligence in his book “Die Deutsche Karte” (The German Card).

(ii) There appear to be two constitutions. According to a resolution of the Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgericht) of 17 August 1956, “It is upheld that the German Reich has outlasted the collapse of 1945 and has never gone under or fallen, either through capitulation or through the exertion of foreign state authority in Germany by the Allies, or in the later course of time; it is still an entity with legal capacity, even though it is not fully operable as a government due to a lack of organization. The Federal Republic of Germany is NOT the successor of the German Reich”.

It needs to be noted that the Constitution of the Third Reich dates back to the North German Constitution of 1866. The principal reason why it still exists is because only the German High Command surrendered on 8-9 May 1945, and not the German Government.

Furthermore, the 1949 Constitution is termed the Basic Law, because it is a provisional constitution, pending unification of the lost territories. So far, only central Germany has been reunified – 3 October 1990. The eastern territories, as defined by the 1937 borders, still remain under Polish and Russian control.

(iii) Freedom of expression is guaranteed by Section 5 of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz), but it is clearly contradicted by Section 130 of the Criminal Code (Strafsgesetzbuch) under the heading ‘Agitation of the People’. Any alternative view of the Establishment’s version of history is punishable by up to 5 years in prison (12 years in the case of Horst Mahler), and thousands of innocent people have been jailed or fined.

Germar Rudolf - Thought Criminal ?

I will give two brief examples. Dr Wilhelm Staeglich from Hamburg was forced to resign as a judge and lost 20% of his pension for five years for publishing a book about World War II, “Der Auschwitz
Mythos”. In a letter to me dated 21 October 1990, he wrote:.”…In Germany the book has been banned forever.”

My second example concerns Germar Rudolf, who graduated in Chemistry at Bonn University and was a researcher at the Max Planck Institute. In 1992 he wrote a scientific report about the so-called concentration camps in the east, which was peer-reviewed by over 300 professors of Inorganic Chemistry. Not one of them could find a single mistake. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for writing this Report.

Finally, I wish to quote a sentence from Professor Dr Ernst Nolte, who was a witness at the recent Kevin Kaether trial in Berlin: “Such questioning must be allowed, or else scientific truth in this area of
history is ruled out – this is simply not a possibility.”

The Result

Halfway through the third question, the moderator of the symposium requested a “termination”, in other words, he wished to stop the questioning. Professor Schneider only replied to this, the third question, saying flatly that freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution and that the Criminal Code is there to protect it from “hate” speech.

After the symposium ended for the public, I expanded on the rest of my question to him as well as mentioning that the famous German historian, Professor Helmut Diwald, had had his book, “Geschichte der Deutsche” pulped in the late 1970’s, after he had written (p.165) that whatever happened to the Jews who were evacuated to the east after 1940 is “still unexplained with regard to the central questions, in spite of all that has been written.” Professor Schneider seemed to agree that such questions needed to be treated more seriously.

Regarding the secret Treaty discussed in point (i) above, Schneider said that he was unable to say whether it was true or false. There has been much debate about its authenticity, but the fact is that the provisions contained in it have all been applied.

Concerning the constitution of the Third Reich never having been abrogated, as discussed in point (ii) above, he admitted that it still exists, but apparently only so that those who worked during that period could still receive their pensions!

The Crux

Human Rights Council

The crux of any constitution is the unfettered right to freedom of expression. This has recently (3 June 2010) been formulated by the Human Rights Council, a subsidiary of UNESCO, as follows:

“The exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society, and is instrumental to the development and strengthening of effective democratic systems.” Until this righthas been restored in Europe, injustice and repression will persist, notwithstanding Germany’s false claim of being a Constitutional state (“Rechtsstaat”).

During the discussions, it was revealed that there had been a steady decline in the participation of the German people in the party political system. Furthermore, large-scale violent riots had erupted because of the dumping of nuclear waste in Lower Saxony and the construction of a new underground railway station in Stuttgart, indicative of general dissatisfaction and possibly a new direction.

Another indication was the finding by a recent opinion poll that 89% of Germans do not believe the official version of 9/11, a hopeful development, no doubt spurred on by the Internet.

The response to my questions and points from the audience of about 60 people was muted, and was epitomized by the glum look on the face of the Consul General. However, afterwards a former Jewish student of political philosophy and a black film maker both said that they found it an intriguing revelation that Germany was still under the control of foreign powers.

Hopefully, the Germans will one day have the opportunity to write their own constitution, free of foreign interference, and one which would fully reflect their own culture and traditions.

(Stephen Goodson, the writer of this article, graduated in Roman-Dutch Law at the University of Stellenbosch.)

Editors Note…Jim W. Dean: I am going to close with a video of Sylvia Stolz, Ernest Zundle’s attorney, who was sentenced to 3.5 years for challenging Germany’s Kangaroo Court thought crime prosecutions. They rival any show trials that the Stalinist Soviets or the Chinese Red Guard communists put on. It is a disgrace to all of those who died in WWII that the such legal repression would conducted over this blood stained ground.

Ernest Zundle was renditioned out of the U.S. during the early abuses of the Patriot Act where they were making up the rules as the went along. I remember the sad day when I went with Ingrid down to the German Consulate’s office in Atlanta where it was like talking to a brick wall. The only rise we got out of him was when he asked why I was there, and I told him:

… “national security reasons…that this rendition operation represented a penetration of our security forces just so Germany could settle a thought crime score with Ernst Zundle.”

Sylvia speaks here in German with English subtitles, but you all need to watch this as a certain Lobby is working 24/7 to bring such trials here, to be used against people with incorrect thoughts.

YouTube - Veterans Today -  – Sylvia Stolz

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28 Responses to "Germany: Still Under Control of Foreign Powers"

  1. Richard  August 4, 2011 at 8:11 am

    In a seemingly endless cycle Jewish ethnocentrism and parasitism inevitably leads to a reaction on the part of the host people. Such a reaction is once again close at hand, and with the Israelis’ nuclear “Sampson Option” a near certain last revenge before they give up their notions of supremacy, the world must suffer as never before.

  2. John Gilbert  July 24, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Hitler’s biggest mistake was invading Poland from the west and making a pact agreement with the Soviet Union. The Allies declared war (WWII) on Germany for this, but the Soviet Union was given a free pass even though it also invaded and occupied parts of Poland from the east at the same time. Hitler was suckered into invading Poland by being provoked into doing it and falling for this trap which more or less allowed the Allies to finally fight against Hitler. Why was the Soviet Union allowed to invade Poland from the east while neither England nor France declared any war on the Soviet Union but only on Germany?

  3. John  July 24, 2011 at 12:06 am

    “are you aware that hitler was half jewish as was some of his advisors (dr joseph mengele for one). ”

    Ah pleeeeeeeze… I can’t believe people still are parroting this crap. That Jewish LIE has been thoroughly debunked.

  4. John  July 23, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    “Unfortunately, hitler’s work continues with the inequities caused by people’s fears of a rebirth of his evil in modern times.”

    What “evil”, you ignormus? The real evil were the Jews behind Communism and virtually all other subversive “isms” and the 60+ million Russian, Ukrainian, and other Slavs that perished either directly (e.g., bullet to the back of the skull or tortured to death) in one way or another (e.g., starved to death as seven million Ukrainians did and “enemies of the state” who were sent to gulags in Siberia, most of whom were worked to death in absolutely miserable, inhuman conditions) in the “workers paradise.”

  5. John  July 23, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    “Germans are arrogant and naughty boys, and need constant supervision.”

    Germans are saints compared to the international ratz who were responsible (behind the scenes) for WWI and WWII and the on-going destruction of the White, Western world.

  6. There are so many people out there who are not aware of the whole situation.

  7. janet marsh  July 20, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    And well you told the truth. I have researched WW2 and what transpired then. Those infernal six
    million jews started in the first WW. and they kept it up to this day. Why has the figures in Austwitz
    been changed 3 time and brought down to about 150,000 or so. Those deaths were caused by
    Cholera etc. You know that the jew is a filthy person and so catches all these diseases. I know
    this for fact as I know so many jews and they are a filthy lot especially about their person. Do you
    know what Gen Patton said about them? I will leave it to you to research.

    Hitler did not want war with England or the US. Churchill wanted this war as he said that Germany
    was getting too powerful and must be destroyed. For God’s sake, do some research on your own.
    I am tired of telling all of you the truth about those infernal Khazars. They are not jews but an
    entity to themselves.

    They must have something to hide when anyone that denies the Holocaust is put in prison. I you
    will read The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koesler you will find out that what we are saying is true.
    He writes[paraphrasing now] that when the truth comes out that the Holocaust is a lie then no
    jew will be safe. Think another H is in the works? When it comes the 6 million will be the truth.

    Another thing, I believed in the Holocaust in the beginning and I would cry tears as big as
    horseballs and then I started researching. I am ashamed of myself and I am sick to death of
    Germany and Germans being treated so badly and lied about. I am German and proud of it.
    When in hell are the Germans going to get sick to death about this false Holocaust and do
    something about it? The younger generation is going to have to do it as the older generation is
    brainwashed that they can’t see straight. I am in my 70’s and I would be in prison today if I lived
    in Germany and proud to be there.

    Thank you for reading my email, listen to all those that are telling you that the H is a big fat lie.
    janet ny

  8. tomtom  July 11, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    I am german, and i am sad about the sitution in our county. There are so many people out there who are not aware of the whole situation. That’s the biggest problem we have in Germany, I guess. And the question is now, “What can we do? What opportunities have the Germans? I am not sure if we have anyone?

    Thus, “What’s the solution?”

  9. Justice for Germany  July 11, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Thank you for this article Ingrid, as well as your tireless efforts to expose the hypocricy, lies and deceit of those doing the will of our enemies. Like all true patriots, your wonderful husband and others like him who have been persecuted for having the courage to stand up to these cowards, are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
    We just want them to know, that no matter what they throw at us, we will never surrender. They can kill us, beat us, torture us, and incarcerate us, but we will NEVER surrender.

  10. equalizer  June 20, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Neither the Germans, nor the Arabs, poisoned me with barium and cesium; and then infected me with a dirty needle with ??? Neither the Germans, nor the Arabs, killed my cat; and are threatening to kill my other cat. Neither Germans, nor Arabs, stalked and terrorized me. Nor did Germans and Arabs vandalize my property, sabatogue my car, bug my house with cameras and listening devices, and my shop and vehicles. Germans and Arabs didn’t corrupt the State Supreme Court of California, and the Appellate and the Superior courts. Germans and Arabs didn’t infest my home with noxious fumes so I was forced to leave. Germans and Arabs didn’t bribe my renters out, disseminate falsehoods about me and dig up my past for any little or large humiliation they could find. Germans and Arabs didn’t assassinate my character. And, it wasn’t the Germans and Arabs that assassinated me. IT WAS THE JEWS.

  11. Jim W. Dean  June 17, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    John. This is a magazine style format. The block quotes are done so you can skim the highlights to evaluate your time input…as a courtesy. The image work is also a bit more work but we find the readers appreciate the extra effort and we appreciate the time you have to put in.

    Actually it is a short piece for the size of the story. Tons of stuff was left out. We could do a series on this that would run forever, with archival testimonies from ‘professional’ witnesses, housed in bunk style accommodations, fed, paid…an immigration visa dangled in front of them, to be witnesses in the second level trials.

    A court stenographer described how ‘witnesses’ would be coached on their testimony as much as 30 minutes before they testified. They were shown a photo, memorized the name, reviewed where he would be sitting, and the short highlights of what they would say so it would be easy to remember. The same witnesses were used over and over in different trials. How’s that for some justice ?

    Some smart, responsible people knew that this would be done to our own future Pows…and it was. The North Koreans and Vietnamese had a field day. You call them criminals, and then do what you want to them…bogus trials and all. And the taking no responsibility for the down the road consequences is still with us in spades today.

    That’s why the articles are longer. It takes some time to get a good handle on it. The bad guys bet that never enough will bother, so they can get away with whatever. As long as you don’t get caught at the time, it’s clear sailing for your career.

    And we all work for free here. There are no strings on VT. No funding to be cut off, no jobs to lose, pensions, health insurance. We do this…for you.

  12. Wildman  June 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    I felt released that this matter is spreading around the globe.
    Only because Germany is still occupied, we have global war law which let’s the 3 Powers to continue their global war.
    The so called “Grundgesetz” shows in Article 133 that the Federal Republic of Germany is an “Verwaltung”, Authority to look after. Because we have no independent country all Forces act unlegal.
    More over all all laws have been enabled since 2006/2007 through removal of the area of use in each law. Also many introduction laws to each one of them have been removed. Any actions to take this matter to German constitutional court fail by not being accepted. Human rights are being hurt by so called government.
    Any governmental contract made has Nö validity through Paragraph 37 PartG, excluding Paragraph 54 BGB, it shows in Paragraph 52 ZPO that no contract made by this Politians don’t count and tgey are not responsible.
    There is so much more to tell which we offer to share with all of you. The Matter Germany affect the whole world.

  13. Rex Stihl  June 14, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    “The Germans, Irish, English, Danes, Scots etc all have the same ancestry.”

    Some simply wunderbar comments concerning the above.

    Check out the latest at about the bankster gangsters who formented just about every evil written about here on VT.

  14. GreyHawk  June 14, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Before I make comments,.let me say I am no fan of A. Hitler by any stretch of imagination. Now thats out of the way.

    I grew up being taught that the GERMAN peoples were horrible savages hell-bent on conquest and domination and like a wild dog put down for good. I was told of the atrocities the German peoples performed and allowed during two world wars. I was instructed to despise them for their burning of 6 million jews. Were there that many in Europe during the 40’s?
    I was also taught how the Soviet Union were good people that endured near extermination due the NAZI Germany and that the free world (Allies) came to the Soviet Unions rescue.

    What a load of hog-wash!! In every Nation these Khazar money changers ever settled in,..they had nearly destroyed the culture and monetary systems of those nations. Parasites then.Parasites now. They had been ran out of every country they ever lived in because of their low morals and deceptive practices,..what vermin and scum.
    These same Zionist who were responsible for 17 to 18 million deaths in Christian Russia in 1918 had also claimed 6 million persecutions from WW1…what damnable liars and the world fans over them. They love the 6 million figure.
    Hitler re payed France for their arrogance and cruelty after the Armistice,….England was allowed to go home and were asked to not fight against Germany (Dunkirk) they are of kinship and some common bloodlines. Hitler did not want war with England. His plan was to free Europe of Zionist-Communist control, and marched East to do so.
    In the West we have be told how the Allies joined in arms to save the world for Democracy and freedom. Our own President Roosevelt admired J. Stalin and applauded the mans efforts……this same man who had murdered millions in His great purge.
    Hitler was a pawn….he was a fool who took Rothschild money,..He was nearly insane.. The fallen giant now gets blamed for genocide….yet tried to get other nations to take them….was the man totally wrong in his ideas and his intentions?
    The victor of any struggle writes the history….and what a fantasy the WEST wrote of! Our own communist President…(Roosevelt) was man to be of near god-like status for getting america back to work……never in our history (the USA) have we had a more ruthless warmongering dictator to lead .
    It was the start of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    The question is ;…Is Germany still being Controlled? YES….just like America and England…we are victims of our own demise!

  15. Mc Dib  June 13, 2011 at 8:15 am

    German Layer warns of planed terror attack on the 26.06.2011 in Berlin.. MEGA RITUAL PLANNED FOR WOMENS FOOTBALL TURNIER

  16. tresmegistus  June 13, 2011 at 4:46 am

    John – I refrain from calling you a twat as you may lack deeper understanding. the point if you care to research is that WW2 was orchestrated and that the same entity funding hitler funded the england – WW3 is now on the cards and gathering pace – let those who have eyes to see etc). Ever considered why hitler over road his generals and allowed the evacuation of the brits at normandy and why hitler again over rode his general’s strategy when fighting the russians? are you aware that hitler was half jewish as was some of his advisors (dr joseph mengele for one). the funders cared not a jot about the who were exterminated at the camps (both christians and jews) so long as their objective was achieved. and anglo saxon is correct (you can verify from research as well) that the germans, irish, english, danes, scots et all have the same ancestory. did you know that the bank of england is privately owned as is the fed in nyk? i can go on but i leave it to you to do a bit of research as this has greater impact o learning.

  17. Roger  June 13, 2011 at 3:28 am

    @ Anglo Saxon:

    A very good comment well said…

    And yes Celts are related to the Germanics shockingly for some of them! The largest and oldest Celtic/keltoi artifacts ever found have been found in Modern day Germany! Which means celts are germanics and vis and vis as are the vikings.

    I can also add that besides just the Irish and English, the Welsh, South Wales imparticular and especially the Scots on the east coast have a lot of later Germanic Viking blood infusion from the next Germanic wave of the same peoples. Vikings are just other germanics originally anyway. Talking of Scots,Scots the official language, is an Anglo Saxon language!

    The darker skinned and darker eyed Irish and Scots are mostly Asiatic gipsies and Picts who hide themselves as Celts!

  18. Anglo Saxon  June 13, 2011 at 1:18 am

    @ Fitzgerald …

    You are nearly correct. The German people (and Germany specifically) have been attacked, denigrated, and villainized ever since they came together to form the Second Reich in 1871.

    This demonization has its roots in London, and was doubtless initiated by Rothschild Banker interests: Ashkenazi Jews who started out in Frankfurt am Main. It reached fever pitch during the 1914-18 war.

    During January – May (esp.) of 1945, there are many recorded cases (we have photographs, and eye-witness statements) of American GIs committing atrocities against surrendered German troops, including Old Men and Young Boys who had been conscripted into the Home Guard, due to desperate situation then facing Germany. What I mean is, instead of being taken prisoner, they were being summarily executed.

    In addition, it is now commonly accepted that General Eisenhower allowed over 1-million German Weimacht POWs to die of malnutrition, dehydration, and disease during 1945-46 while they were cruelly penned in within overcrowded, make-shift internment camps on the banks of the Rhine. See the book: “Other Losses” by James Bacque.

    In contrast, there are many testimonies from former POW American GIs of how surprised they were at being treated kindly and according to the rules, by their German guards, and their officers.

    The main difference being of course is that all American troops were subjected to a barrage of negative and deleterious anti-German propaganda … all authored and produced by the predictable scum living in Manhattan, Chicago, and Hollywood.

    Even today, over 65 years after the end of hostilities, you can still find anti-German, anti-Hitler, and anti-Nazi articles being printed in UK newspapers, almost on a twice weekly basis. The UK Telegraph being the major culprit here. These people are mentally sick, but they currently enjoy ill-deserved political and financial power over us.

    The United Kingdom is under the control of a very sick, anti-Germanic cabal centred upon their unique fiefdom which is the autonomous City of London (Westminster). This is odd, as most of the English are genetically, of Germanic descent (hailing especially Saxony and Jutland). And if you agree that all Celtic races are also Germanic (if you go back to circa 500 BCE you will find that they are, as the Celts originated in an area close to Austria) then so are the Scots, Welsh, and Irish!! Incidentally, many of the Irish have Viking ancestry.

    The hatred for the Germans is a racial hatred, and those doing or orchestrating the hating are essentially from North Africa or (especially) from the Pontic Steppe, in Central Asia. Look up the “Pale of Settlement” if you don’t yet know anything about this. We are in the midst of a gigantic race war … and most of us Germanics still have no idea that we are being deliberately targeted, and why.

  19. Jimmy  June 13, 2011 at 12:03 am

    Why the long faces? You didn’t realize the USA was secretly sponsoring, through NATO and the EU, exactly what Hitler wanted? By slow steps (now picking up speed) the USA will merge Russia and Europe and unify the world. But the builders have decided that nationalism at this stage is premature. But there are plans, and then there are plans. Read Genesis 11 and Revelation 17-19.

  20. JiB  June 12, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    On careful examination I think any sane person would discover that it is the Jews who are the “naughty boys, and need constant supervision.”

  21. Bill  June 12, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Lunacy driven by Pharisaical hatred…Of course, anyone who doesn’t do their bidding is an “anti-semite”

  22. Cheryl-Helene  June 12, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Replying to Bill’s comment – Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our Lady of Fatima, however, realizes all too well that the present Usurper in the Papal Chair has no intention of ever obeying the Divine Command for the Consecration of Russia. In fact, Ratzinger knows that the real Sister Lucie died or was murdered, and was replaced by an imposter, probably soon after 1960. See: and — two websites opposed to Vatican II, but which draw different conclusions regarding the best mode of conduct to be followed by the few remaining Catholic faithful in our time. However, both sources, nevertheless, absolutely do agree on the violent betrayal of Fatima’s key witness, as well as the False Vatican Church’s deliberate thwarting of the will of Christ. Fr. Gruner has chosen to close his eyes to the whole issue.

  23. John  June 12, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Incredibly long essay with little respect for readers’ time. Why not get to the point?
    And what is your point?
    What hitler’s team created by way of evil intent, is now everyone else’s fault?
    Unfortunately, hitler’s work continues with the inequities caused by people’s fears of a rebirth of his evil in modern times. This is the real point which you will not acknowledge, and which most intellectuals will understand. I choose to accept these small inequities rather than risk the alternative evil.

  24. Fitzgerald  June 12, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Germans are from my experience, the most gentle, kindest, and intelligent people in the world. They have been attacked, denigrated, and villanized for close to seventy years now. Yet more than three generations of new Germans have been born. As far as I’m concerned, this is a unique treatment of a specific country and group of people. It’s lunacy, in other words–in my opinion.

  25. Zyklon B  June 12, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Germans are arrogant and naughty boys, and need constant supervision.

  26. Ken Rechtstein  June 11, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Well said Rueggeberg and most important it is the HONEST TRUTH. Thanks for the links.

  27. Dieter Rueggeberg  June 11, 2011 at 1:08 am

    Germany is still in the state of warfare with 52 states. The occupation troops of the Allies never left Germany. 1948 the UNO (United Nations Organization) was founded by 50 nations. These established the “Enemy State Clause” against Germany, which is valid against Germany until today. Blackmail for more than 60 years! The German politicians are nothing but actors and slaves of the Allies. Please have a look on the 52 declarations of war:
    Dieter Rueggeberg –

  28. Bill  June 7, 2011 at 7:55 am

    Probably the wrong place for it but; we need a miracle to turn the tide against the enemy; the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart…called for at Fatima…Fr. Nicholas Gruner’s whole apostolate is built around most real priests these days he has few friends at the Vatican which is almost completely in the hands of the enemies of Christ…go to The Consecration would change things on the continent…Czar Vlad? A Bourbon descendant on the throne on the other side of Europe? Judeo-Masonic America would feel a little estranged..

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