Fallout from Massive Lawsuit to Save America’s Veterans


Vet Groups Caught Napping


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This week, VA Police Captain Lopez, of the infamous West Los Angeles force cited in the ACLU rights lawsuit,  threatened a Veterans Today reporter.  Lopez, considered a “hothead” by fellow officers, has been running a renegade personal campaign against news personnel reporting VA fraud.  This week he confronted a VT correspondent during a major news event in West Los Angeles.

Lopez has been stalking Rosebrock, VT journalist and plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit citing VA police abuses for some time now.  This incident occurred at a controversial Disney sponsored event, one of many that take place at the VA home veterans have been banned from.

“Lopez appeared to be reaching for a weapon, seemingly frantic and disheveled, face flushed, perspiration pouring through his rumpled shirt and sweat stained body armor.  He was clearly out of control and capable of anything.”

Over a year ago, the ACLU filed suit against VA police and officials for civil rights violations and illegal harassment of veterans.  Lopez identified Rosebrock as a the primary plaintiff responsible for citing his department in a landmark lawsuit filed to safeguard America’s heroic veterans from lawless elements within the controversial VA security police community.

[youtube L8Rh3FY0_0E]

Last week, in a second lawsuit, the ACLU and top law firms around the country filed a comprehensive suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs for abandoning homeless vets.  The 65 page lawsuit cites misuse of land, misappropriation of funds and a total failure to deal with decades of suffering.  Secretary Shensiki and Donna Beiter were named as defendant/conspirators.





Former Major General Paul Monroe was there to take credit for the effort.  In truth, he had nothing to do with it and had remained on the sidelines until the last minute as had others taking credit for the effort.  The real heroes were never mentioned, a small group of veterans led by vets Robert Rosebrock of Veterans Today and the Veterans Revolution.  World War II vet, Steve Palmer, died during the effort after 169 consecutive Sundays, picketing the notorious 387 acre West Los Angeles facility cited in the lawsuit as a playground for corporations and wealthy residents while veterans sleep in dumpsters awaiting medical care at the center, medical care that too often never comes.



The controversy arose when Rosebrock and his group, years ago, began protests and a highly effective public relations campaign to expose the misappropriation of the 387 acre National Veterans Home in West Los Angeles that had been largely given away, piecemeal, by local VA officials, some to private schools, some for corporations with plans to turn much of the rest over to a wealthy neighborhood association for a “contemplative garden.”  West Los Angeles has one of the highest incidents of veterans homeless with more than 8,200 homeless vets nearby.


“Their shopping carts and primitive shelters dot the sidewalks and landscaping outside the multi-billion dollar facility closed to all but political insiders, the rich and the friends of Congressman Henry Waxman,” Rosebrock said.


Rosebrock has, for nearly four years, worked daily on this project.  The lawsuit is the culmination of his efforts alone, nobody else.  He brought in the Vietnam Veterans of America who joined the class action.  He brought in the American Legion years ago, a group that quickly abandoned the homeless vets and sided with defendant Donna Beiter and the those cited for misappropriation of land and funds.  The Legion is not named in this lawsuit, not as plaintiff nor defendant.

When the Legion was contacted about their position on this controversy, they said their focus would remain on saving the “Mojave Cross,” two small pieces of pipe in the shape of a Christian symbol which were stolen from a remote region by secular activists.  A Legion spokesperson told this reporter, “This is the kind of focus we want to keep, issues about flags and symbols.


Homelessness is ‘old news.'”

The lawsuit itself is a landmark.  For 170 consecutive Sundays, a group of veterans, most in their 70s and 80s, faced assaults local reservists send by their commander to “deal with this problem,” and continual police harassment.  In a parallel case filed over a year ago by the ACLU, Beiter and VA police are cited for broad civil rights violations of Rosebrock and his group.

This reporter spoke with a representative of the VA police:

Our commanders ordered us to lie, falsify arrest citations.  We were pressured to stalk and harass vets.  We finally got sick of it and went to the FBI, not just about this but broad corruption as well.  Money comes in here and nobody knows where it goes.

A VA financial officer responsible for auditing revenues brought in from controversial land deals that pushed homeless vets onto the street told this reporter:

Nothing is accounted for.  Money comes in here, not just from the land deals but clinic business as well.  We send out checks to phony labs that are set up by VA officials.  One office is out there on Wilshire Blvd.  The money goes out, money meant for veterans care but its simple fraud and and nobody here seems to care.


Everyone involved in the multi-billion dollars VA scam has been threatened, protesting vets, employees reporting financial crimes and even the VA police themselves when they eventually refused to commit more criminal acts at the request of VA officials.


Both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were brought in, told that the aging vets may be planning terrorist acts.  The FBI confronted the vets when they threatened to remove tattered American flags that dotted the site and the adjacent military cemetery and replace them with new ones.

On another occasion, DHS police confronted the vets when their protest against homelessness and abuses encroached on an anti-American demonstration held by Iranian activists.

The biggest threat has been from VA police.  Some Sunday’s police outnumber demonstrators 3 to 1 or more.  Some Sundays, police would leave the facilities and follow veterans to their homes and set up surveillance.

Additional surveillance teams were borrowed from both Army Intelligence and the NSA.  Surveillance vans containing millions in electronic gear designed to locate nuclear materials and germ warfare threats were “tasked” with keeping an eye on the pesky octogenarian “terror threat.”


Nearly four years after the protests began, Bobby Shriver (Brother of Maria Shriver) has moved to the forefront, claiming credit for the efforts of veterans protestors.  In fact, Rosebrock and his group had gone to Shriver for years for help.  Shriver refused.

Shriver, General Monroe and others who have never faced down VA attack dogs, or had been subjected to wire-tapping and illegal VA police surveillance, others who have no history of working for veterans causes at all have now discovered it may well be politically correct to support our veterans and military.

They discovered this years late.

Shriver discovered veterans during a news conference after years of refusing to aid the same group he now claims to lead.

Though Palmer, Rosebrock, Daniel Overmyer, Rees Lloyd and others may have led the fight, those stepping in at the 13th hour claiming the credit are still welcomed onboard.  Veterans Today thanks the real heroes, these mentioned and those we have carelessly forgotten.  You know who you are.

Veterans Today also cites federal law enforcement authorities who received evidence from VA police whistleblowers and accounting employees and did nothing.

Veterans Today cites fellow journalists who have worked hard to support veterans, who have followed and reported this story for years.

While this story drags on, while this lawsuit drags on, suicides will continue, VA fraud will go on as before and the citizens of Brentwood will continue their war against America’s heroes.

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23 Responses to "Fallout from Massive Lawsuit to Save America’s Veterans"

  1. blue ocean strategy  July 28, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    We keep your page. Watch it offline again soon. Very interesting article.

  2. Lem G.  June 20, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    With all the cinema students @ colleges like UCLA, why doesn’t one of them do an in-depth documentary on this operation ? Would probably win an award @ Sundance or the GI Film Fest in DC.

  3. Elayne Mackey  June 15, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    My husband & I have had the privilege of attending some of the Sunday rallies. My one regret is that we cannot be there every Sunday. True patriots gather for an admirable cause. What better cause than to serve the veterans of this great nation of ours?

    I have never been to a rally that has not been peaceful, orderly and enjoyable. I don’t think I have ever heard any abusive language from any one at the rallies. When you have an event that is built around honor and respect, you know it will be worthy.

    We see old friends, make new friends and try to help the cause by making a negative – a positive. Believe it or not we do not always talk about the VA. When you discuss veterans – there is a lot of “positive” to speak about.

    This could be so simple if honor was a word that was widely understood!

    We will, proudly, continue to show our support.

    Elayne Mackey CA President
    Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
    (we are not an auxiliary – but a 501(c)(4) corporation)

    • Gordon Duff  June 15, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      My thanks to the Legion members who showed up.
      My total damnation to the organization that betrayed California’s homeless vets.

    • Robert Rosebrock  June 16, 2011 at 11:52 am


      Thanks for your honest evaluation of our Sunday Rallies.

      You and Steve drive 75 miles one way to give your loyal support and that speaks volumes about both of and your leadership to help our Veterans who need shelter and care. It also speaks volumes about the sincerity and dedication of Vietnam Veterans of America — a truly honorable organization.

      Someone once said “If honor were profitable, everyone would be honorable.” No truer words were spoken and thanks again for all your honorable duty to our men and women who have served in the United States Military.

  4. DD  June 15, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    First of all, veterans are all grown men and women, they should be able to make their own choice about who and what to believe. I personally side with what is right and just because a person gets arrested does not mean they have did something wrong for example in the civil rights movement. Remember sometimes when people (usually the wrong people and inexperience people) get in position of power, they abuse that power entrusted to them. This is definitely the case at the WLA VA. For too long senior management officials have sat back and allowed corruption to be norm at this facility. This corruption extends far beyond the land use violations. This corruption extends to illegal hiring of unqualified employees and hiring of convicted felonies, illegally firing qualified employees that speak out against mismanagement and misallocations of funds, harassing employees, back door agreements with the union (who is supposed to protect the employees but does not and sides with the agency and has for too long sat back and allow this ufair labor practices to festor at WLA VA) and the illegal forcing of employees to drop valid EEO case by threatening their jobs! So good for the Old Veterans Guard for standing up to the agency and yes shame on the American Legion in WLA especially if the legion is claiming to represent WLA where were you when the agency was denying veterans to use the facility for bingo, and movie night and other social events? Where were you when the VA was spending $80,000 painting a fitness wall but claims they do not have money for the Orthopedic mobile machine for veterans? Where were you when the VA was spending money putting hot tubs in senior management officials home on the facility and yet they do not have money for bus tokens or bag lunches for veterans or claims the VA can not afford to hire more administrative staff yet they have numerous new position within the directors office? I think the American Legion should wake up and get a grip! Before you start calling the kettle black and laying claims that you are not participating in the rallies – it is clear you and your organization has not been participating and if you had maybe this mess would not have gotten so far out of control. Just a small opinion for a BIG problem that will not be resolved overnight!!!

    • Gordon Duff  June 15, 2011 at 10:35 pm

      the point, of course, is that the veteran was arrested illegally, the ACLU filed suit and the government admitted it had done something illegal and dropped the charges
      the American Legion chose to side against the vet
      doesn’t sound very honorable to me….nor courageous….
      sounds more….cluck cluck cluck cluck
      kissy kissy kissy with the VA thugs

  5. Jerry Woodward  June 15, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Hi, I went or am still going through something like this. The VA police at the Biloxi VA in Mississippi harassed me the last time I was there so now I do not feel safe going to the VA anymore. What should I do?

    I retired from the Army in 2002 as a medical equipment repair, or the highest ranking person in this field in Germany when I retired.

    I landed a job in 2008-2009 at the VA in Biloxi.

    I was there only two months and reported to the VA police all kinds of things. I will attach a copy of that report I gave them.

    The VA police did not want anyone to know what was going on and brought in a VAOIG officer. I was asked to meet them at the Hard Rock Cafe.

    They asked me to keep it to myself and I did at first. I was asked to have the guys I work with to buy things with the GOV Credit card and take it to the VA police. This was one of the things they were doing. Buying computers and tools for personal use.

    I ended up going tot he HR Director one day and he went to the Director of the hospital and told him about the investigation. The director then chewed out his staff of managers and put me under the microscope. The guys I turned in was told I turned them in so I had to deal with a year of retribution then was fired one week before my probation period was over.

    The VA police that called in the VAOIG had told me he brought in the VAOIG because he did not have to work for the Director of the hospital.

    I found out the VA police officer got into trouble.

    After being fired I was asked to come to the VA by the union President.

    I was there only a few and when I left I was followed to the gate by a police officer then pulled over at the gate.

    I was asked why I was there and told him. He asked for my driver lic and when he came back he said I was only allowed to be there for official reasons and said I was trespassing. I told him again why I was there and he said again I was trespassing and I need to let that be a warning. I said I just told you why I was there and you watched me leave the Union Bld so how can you say I am trespassing. He told me again so I said I was going to write my congressman. He said go ahead. I left and contacted Congressman Jo Bonner’s office and that went back and fort for a year. Now I am just to worried to ever go to the VA again because of the harassment I was subject to.

    I am a veteran with 50% service connected disabilities and can not even go to the VA for medical care.

    I found out from other people that still work there that the VA police officer was arrested in Ocean Springs Mississippi for discharging a fire arm in his yerd when a cat was in his yard. The Union President also told me the entire police office was visited by the FBI for sending porn to each other and all of the computers there was taken from the police that work there. It keeps getting worse but the thing is, I was fired and all of these guys still work there. This is an un-safe place for veterans to go and the OSC has the rest of the story posted on their site.

  6. Terry L. Fore  June 15, 2011 at 9:05 am

    I personally appreciate this news. I am a member of the local V A Hospital V A Council of employess and patients trying to better services at our local hospital and for all veterans. This will be discussed. I would like to recieve any information on how to help. You have my email address. Again thank you.

  7. Al Biernesser  June 13, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    The fight between the Veterans and the VA because of the misuse of the property has been going on since the 80’s. The Brentwood Homeowners Assoiciation, Brentwood Schools, Enterprise Rent a Car, UCLA, Veteraqns Park Preserve, Sue Young and Henry Waxman have had the VA in their pocket for many years. VVA has been opposed to the misuse of the property for many years and passed a resoultion at their National Convention on the issue in 1999 in Anahiem. UCLA has been one of the largent users of the property for far too long. Jackie Robinson stadium was originally known as American Legion Field and many youth in the area learned to play baseball there. then UCLA took it over and remodeled it and renamed it. The (from what I understand) rent they pay for the use of the land is maintaining the grounds although they charge spectators to the game and I’m sure they make money. Almost the entire Campus of the exclusive Brentwood School is on VA property. The list goes on and on. Thank you VVA, ACLU and Robert for keeping up the fight.

  8. Lawrence Van Kuran  June 13, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    The author of this editorial needs to take care in citing and validating sources.

    There is one (1), and only one (1) recognized American Legion spokesperson regarding issues at both Sepulveda and W. Los Angeles VA issues – myself, as Vice Cmdr, Los Angeles County Council, and I am and have been readily available. I have never spoken to the author of this editorial, and have seen or received no messages that the author had attempted or wished to contact and speak with me.

    So, the basic question is: Who is the author citing in this statement: “When the Legion was contacted about their position on this controversy, they said their focus would remain on saving the “Mojave Cross,” two small pieces of pipe in the shape of a Christian symbol which were stolen from a remote region by secular activists. A Legion spokesperson told this reporter, “This is the kind of focus we want to keep, issues about flags and symbols. Homelessness is ‘old news.’”?

    Since the author did not cite the specific source, and since the author did not speak with or attempt to contact me as the only authorized spokesperson for The American Legion on the GLA-VA land management issue, that quote is highly questionable on its face.

    The American Legion does now, and always has voiced and acted in full support of homeless Veterans, both in the GLA-VA area and nationwide; this is a clear matter of public record. Whether The American Legion chooses to participate as VSO entity in specifically organized protest efforts begs the issue, which is what is being portrayed by the author in this editorial.

    Lawrence Van Kuran
    Vice Cmdr, 20th District
    Los Angeles County Council
    The American Legion, Dept. of CA

    • Gordon Duff  June 13, 2011 at 8:33 pm

      I talked to DC, your national press officer.
      As for public record, the American Legion is on public record for siding against veterans and siding with the DVA and their land use program.
      So, not only didn’t you participate, but your orgnazation took a side directly opposed to the VVA, and other groups, siding instead with those being sued for wrongdoing against veterans.
      Try again with a better explanation other than “you had to go to the bathroom and missed that part of the movie” or “my dog ate my homework”

    • Lawrence Van Kuran  June 15, 2011 at 4:47 pm

      I personally checked with our National American Legion Legislative staff in Washington, D.C., and with our the American Legion National Headquarters in Indianapolis – there is no record of any conversation containing the statements that were noted in the original Veterans Today article. (comment: did they deny talking to me about this? did they record their side of the conversation or take notes? I did…sorry.g)

      Sorry, but to restate a hackneyed phrase, “that dog don’t hunt.”

      And, since Veterans Today was the author of the quote, the burden of an
      explanation stands entirely with you. No substantiation of the comments that
      have been made by Veterans Today, and that is what they are – comments,
      rather than hard, evidence-based facts.

      But Veterans Today has been there before, so it has had lots of practice
      in this arena, or should have developed such.

      That is a truly sad situation.

    • Gordon Duff  June 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm

      You are not credible.
      I personally checked with Bob Rosebrock and he told me that you have done nothing but sit on your useless ass for years.
      I have photos of Rees Lloyd at the demonstration, upside down flag in hand.
      Show me one of you.
      Show me what you have done to support the fight.
      What I have been told, is that you joined the other side, against homeless vets and with the VA and the Brentwood Homeowners Association.
      It is your associates who are being sued for abusing vets.
      Check with “national”
      We have a copy of their letter to this point exactly.
      Show me your letter opposing “national”
      The failure of the American Legion to stand up and be counted…when the ACLU and Vietnam Veterans of America have to carry all the weight themselves, them and Rosebrocks group…
      shame on you.
      You should be hiding your head.

    • Robert Rosebrock  June 15, 2011 at 6:49 pm

      I am in receipt of a forwarded e-mail from Larry Van Kuran, Vice Commander of District 21 of the American Legion, that he sent out to an extensive list (I was not included although he is on my e-mail list, but will now be deleted), whereby Mr. Van Kuran declares that the American Legion has intentionally chosen not to participate in our Sunday Rallies by falsifying the nature and character of them.

      Last Sunday was our 170th consecutive Rally and Mr. Van Kuran HAS NEVER BEEN TO ONE RALLY – EVER!

      Yet he attempts to sully the good name and honorable reputation of the Old Veterans Guard by falsifying the nature of our peaceful demonstrations as “have typically been characterized as highly argumentative and emotional, some of those attending the rallies have been arrested.”

      Mr. Van Kuran is simply lying! He’s never been witness to one Sunday Rally and all have been peaceful, including when armed VA police with bullet-proof Vests intervened when we hung the American Flag in distress.

      We never resisted the VA’s illegal intervention to our Sunday Rallies. I was issued six trumped-up citations that were ultimately dropped, once the ACLU stepped in to defend my First Amendment Rights – AFTER the American Legion threw me under the bus because I hung the Flag in “distress” – which is strictly legal and within the U.S. Flag Code.

      A Federal Judge recently issued a Judgment against the Defendants in an ACLU lawsuit for violating my First Amendment Rights. Executive Director Donna Beiter and Chief of Police Ronald Mathis violated my Constituional Rights, which is a Federal crime.

      Mr. Van Kuran’s e-mail further falsely declares that I refused to renew my membership with the American Legion by stating that the “rallies organized and managed by a group of Veterans, one of whom resigned his Legion membership because the Legion declined to participate in his rallies (i.e. you’re either with me or against me.)

      Outrageously FALSE!

      Once again the so-called leadership of the American Legion has blatantly lied to cover their own separate agenda. The Legion refused to support me against the falsified citations, and when the ACLU defended me, Rees Lloyd, former Commander of District 21 wrote an extremely false and defaming letter that he sent out falsely ripping me and the ACLU. There’s a pattern here with Legionnaire “leaders” …

      I have remained silent in this matter. But now that Mr. Van Kuran has made false and ugly claims about me and the Old Veterans Guard of the Veterans Revolution, I will proceed to expose him and the American Legion’s reprehensible attempt to sully my name and the honor of the Old Veterans Guard, as well as expose how the Legion has essentially aided and abetted in the abuse of this sacred land by siding with the VA’s policy to dishonor the Deed of 1888 and to lease Veterans land for non-Veteran entities.

      Larry Van Kuran – you are a shameful disgrace and I regret the day I ever joined the American Legion – which I did not do voluntarily.

    • Gordon Duff  June 15, 2011 at 10:38 pm

      This man is shameful.
      Even the American Legion can do better than this.
      After all, there are many decent members of the Legion. These deserve better leadership than this kind of petty ass kisser

  9. Patrick  June 12, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Great article Gordon. The ACLU lawsuits along with support from other law firms around the country will shine the light on all the criminal activity that has been going on and positive rulings should result from this. It just takes time so a measure of patience is required. This is the appropriate strategy to persue. The ACLU can be very effective in this situation.

    It sounds like an old style land grab.


    • Gordon Duff  June 13, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      Time to call folks to account. While the Old Guard has been out on the street for 170 consecutive Sunday’s, it might be nice if we could see more bodies out there with them.

  10. Sidney  June 12, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    If it’s going on in LA, it must be going on elsewhere. The VA IG should be taken to task for NOT doing his job, as well as ALL the congressional committees who have failed to do THEIR jobs. I am really glad to see this happen. There are many citizens who would join in to protest any other issues like this if they knew about it.
    My question is: Why didn’t ALL vets know about this so they could assist these people in getting something done? Is there no such thing as a phone chain to get the word out to all vets?

  11. Dave Waterbury  June 12, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I hope this lawsuit will finally fix this broken, corrupt LA VA and force the replacement of a few dirty administrators. Action is way past due. Bietner and conspirators deserve jailtime.

  12. Joshua  June 12, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    I have been to the protests on Sundays a few times and am proud of the brave Men and Women who give of their time to stand tall before the va and its goons. I would have enjoyed spending more time theree but I have been threatened with my actions being shared with the agency I work for. I travel with a registered service dog and last week the Sepulveda told me the next time I brought her they would ask me to leave, I believe this is due to my backing and agreeing with what the Patriot Gurad does on Sundays there. but if they do remove me from the campus because of my servide dog I will file a olice report with a real police agency, LAPD and then go forward with the aclu myself. I will keep you posted on what they do.

  13. jaluck  June 12, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    No surprise that the American Legion doesn’t care. They were first organized as agents for American Corporatism and Fascism, and they haven’t changed much since then. In 1920, my Grandfather was a labor organizer in San Francisco, and was beaten up and his office burned by an American Legion mob. In 1921 his brother-in-law was killed by American Legion thugs in Seattle during the dockyard strikes. Screw them!

  14. Glenn  June 12, 2011 at 10:51 am

    This whopper keeps getting bigger and bigger each month. Illegal wire-taps, VA police stalking and harassing veterans, The VA police bringing in other federal assets in to support their corrupt campaign of retaliation, and VA managers stealing funds meant for veterans care. I have been saying all these things for 10 years, and it is good to see it finally coming into the public eye. Great work VT and Mr. Rosebrock, keep it up! We are all counting on you.

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