Our Scandalous Media and the Quest for 9/11 Truth

Our Scandalous Media and the Quest for 9/11 Truth

by Professor Anthony J. Hall

University of Lethbridge

One of the preoccupations of the Murdoch media empire has been to promote Islamophobia by advancing false and Israeliocentric interpretations of 9/11. A good example of this high-level fraud was put on public display with News Corporation's recent publication of Jonathan Kay's Among the Truthers. Does the Murdoch media empire's central role in promoting the 9/11 Wars help explain News Corporations' policing activities as a center of surveillance on the families of the 9/11 victims?

The Toronto Hearings to coincide with 9/11/11 promise to create an important record of what is known, what is not known, and what remains in the realm of speculation about what did or did happen ten years ago. Certainly a big part of the factual dossier to be addressed concerns the role of the mainstream media and many alternative venues as well in the job of covering-up, discrediting and diverting attention away from the citizens’ investigation into the events used to justify the ongoing 9/11 Wars.

To expect honest and balanced media coverage of the Toronto Hearings seems naive at this point given the huge corruptions embedded at the highest levels. The revelations surrounding the Murdoch media empire have implications that go far beyond “News of the World” and “Fox News” to describe a more pervasive situation. In the words of Globe and Mail reporters Steve Ladurantaye and Grant Robertson, there is a “too-cozy relationship… that sees media, police, and politicians working together” in self-serving and often illegal fashions. The public interest and the public good is bulldozed aside in the process. (“Scrutineers under Scrutiny, 9 July, 2011, A4)

"Significantly Rupert's News Corporation is the parent company of the publisher of Kay's Among the Truthers, a text that seriously advances the argument that anyone questioning the official account of the events of 9/11 is plagued with a contagious form of mental illness. Interestingly Kay's other work is a co-written project presenting a hagiography of a Canadian Mossad agent."

Going back at least to Project Mockingbird in the 1960s and 1970s, this collaboration between police agencies, politicians and other public officials continues to result in a media record of events that serves rather than confronts power. Certainly it is inconvenient to the interests of those at the highest levels of power that the whole operation of the national security state, the directing patron of the privatized terror economy, is based on an unsupported and unsupportable account of the events of 9/11.

The fact that the Toronto media establishment has treated Jonathan Kay, author of the hate-speech diatribe Among the Truthers, as one of its own is quite consistent with the ongoing decline of public discourse in a media establishment that regularly diverts attention away from awkward truths that might if brought to light impede the creeping imperatives of police-state opportunism. Significantly Rupert’s News Corporation is the parent company of the publisher of Kay’s Among the Truthers, a text that seriously advances the argument that anyone questioning the official account of the events of 9/11 is plagued with a contagious form of mental illness. Interestingly Kay’s other work is a co-written project presenting a hagiography of a Canadian Mossad agent.

Seen in this light the Murdoch press is far from alone in, as Jonathan Schell has written,”creating a sort of state unto itself by corrupting the police, assuming police powers of surveillance, and intimidating politicians into looking the other way.” (“The Fall of the House of Murdoch,” The Toronto Star, 12 July, 2011, A15)

Perhaps the input of Senator Gravel at the Toronto Hearings will help signal to the local, North American, European and global media that its representatives cannot be considered anything other than sycophants of a truth-distorting police state until they afford fair and balanced coverage of the citizen’s investigation of 9/11. Among the leading investigators whose findings must be addressed are professors David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, Graeme MacQueen, John McMurtry together with whistle blower Kevin Ryan and veteran Toronto journalist Barrie Zwicker.

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Newt Gingrich, Dropping The Bombshell; Wife Recounts Hearing News Of Former Speaker’s Affair

The Washington Post August 14, 1999 | Beth Berselli; Paul Farhi Marianne and Newt Gingrich have acknowledged pain in their marriage before. But the apparent end of their 18-year union came as a series of shocks nonetheless to the woman who had stood by her man during his stormy tenure as speaker of the House of Representatives.

Marianne Ginther Gingrich was visiting her childhood home in Ohio in early May to celebrate her mother’s 84th birthday when her husband phoned. After offering birthday wishes to his mother-in-law, Gingrich asked to speak to his wife. Virginia Ginther soon found her daughter in tears. go to web site newt gingrich bio

“I said, ‘Marianne, what’s wrong?’ ” Ginther recalled yesterday. She said Marianne replied: “He doesn’t want me as his wife anymore.” There was a second jolt soon after. Newt Gingrich, now 56, informed his wife that he was having an affair with a congressional aide, a woman 23 years his junior, Ginther said.

“I was totally shocked,” Marianne Gingrich, 48, said yesterday in an interview from her home in Marietta, Ga. “I had no idea.” This week, a judge in Georgia gave Marianne’s divorce attorneys permission to question Gingrich and Callista Bisek, of Arlington, about their relationship.

Bisek, 33, who bears a passing resemblance to Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been a scheduler and assistant hearing clerk for the House Agriculture Committee since early 1995. Gingrich oversaw the panel as speaker, although he was not a member of it.

It’s not clear how long Bisek (pronounced BISS-eck) and Gingrich have been involved. Nor are other details of their romance, such as how they met, known. Messages left at Bisek’s home were not returned yesterday. Newt Gingrich also was unavailable.

The judge’s order could open Gingrich to the same sort of intimate questioning that dogged President Clinton in the wake of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton met Lewinsky while she was a White House intern.

Gingrich resigned from his speakership after House Republicans fared poorly in last November’s midterm elections. He left the House altogether in January after 10 terms in office and is now lecturing and giving radio commentary.

During the investigation and impeachment of Clinton, Gingrich generally refrained from specific criticism of the president’s personal behavior. But during his term as speaker, House Republicans voted to impeach a president for the first time in 130 years. go to website newt gingrich bio

Gingrich also has been an outspoken advocate of “core values,” saying in a speech in May: “We have had a 35-year experiment in a unionized, bureaucratic, credentialed, secular assault on the core values of this country, and we should not be surprised that eventually they yield bad fruit because they are bad seeds.” However, Gingrich has had tempestuous personal relations of his own for years. His first marriage, at age 19, to his former high school geometry teacher, Jackie Battley, dissolved in 1981 after 19 years. The breakup came after his former wife’s discovery that she had cancer.

Within months of the divorce, Gingrich married Marianne Ginther, a former county planner from Ohio. The couple have periodically separated during their marriage, and at one point in 1989, Newt Gingrich publicly acknowledged that it might not survive. Gingrich said his “habit of dominance” contributed to their problems.

Responding to questions about marital infidelity, Gingrich once said: “In the 1970s, things happened–period. That’s the most I’ll ever say. . . . I start with an assumption that all human beings sin. So all I’ll say is that I’ve led a human life.” Marianne Gingrich’s divorce attorney, John C. Mayoue of Atlanta, said his client “is prepared to thoroughly investigate {Newt Gingrich’s} personal life and business activities.” Under Georgia divorce proceedings, a spouse can gain a superior alimony and property settlement if it can be shown that the other spouse was unfaithful. According to court papers, Marianne Gingrich is asking for “an equitable division” of the couple’s property, as well as “reasonable temporary and permanent alimony.” As of yesterday, no settlement terms had been offered, Mayoue said.

Mayoue said the couple had a good marriage–acting as partners in business and personal ventures–until Newt Gingrich’s “unexpected demand for divorce” in May. The couple set up a corporate consulting company in January, called Gingrich Enterprises, and had been traveling together frequently–from Switzerland to Silicon Valley.

The former speaker’s divorce attorney, J. Randolph Evans, said he hopes the two parties can reach an agreement next week. He had no other comment.

Bisek earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, in 1988. She is a member of the National Shrine choir at Catholic University. Her videotaped deposition will be taken at her home, probably by mid-September.

In the meantime, Newt Gingrich’s wife and mother-in-law are still dealing with their surprise at the news–and their own bitterness. “It’s about the cruelest thing you can do,” Ginther said of Gingrich’s call to her daughter. “You certainly would not want to be told like that.” She added: “I think it’s terrible when people get away with things like this. We accepted him like a son. It’s just unbelievable.” Beth Berselli; Paul Farhi

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10 Responses to "Our Scandalous Media and the Quest for 9/11 Truth"

  1. Jonathan Mark  July 22, 2011 at 5:44 am

    This article by Professor Anthony J. Hall takes us back from the media distraction of the Murdoch media empire to the fraud related to the events of September 11, 2001 and its manipulation into wars for terror. I am also thankful it also publicizes the Toronto Hearings and the importance of former Senator Mike Gravel’s presentation there. I am working with local activists to initiate a state initiative in Massachusetts for a Citizens 9/11 Investigation – http://www.911cc.org

    Thank you Veterans Today for posting this.. and all the good work..

  2. Prien  July 19, 2011 at 10:44 am

    It is the repeal of the “equal Time” rule in broadcasting that led dirctly to the destruction of what had before then passed for even-handedness in the media. Without thaty rule, broadcaters had free hand to put on right wing nut jobs to spew their right wing hate and lies without bothering to give equal time to anyone seeking to debunk or debate them.

    To give free speech a chance, it is necesary to reinstate the rule to make broadcasters responsible for giving equal time to all points of view.


  3. Smitty  July 17, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I don’t wonder, I am certain of it since they’ve also been accused of 9/11 victim wiretapping.

    All of the Israeli news outlets, even Haaretz, are providing minimal coverage. A comparison of any News Corp-owned source and any Israeli news site shows almost identical stories on the scandal compared to non-News Corp sources.

    Considering that events continue to unfold and it’s front page stuff everywhere else, I highly doubt this is coincidence. Factor in Murdoch’s Jewishness he likes to hide and now I’m reading he is an Israeli citizen.. This just points to some sort of Israeli involvement Mossad or otherwise. It is the largest news conglomerate in the world with an arrogant name (The News Corporation).

    The whole MSM only reports the Israeli narrative most of the time, but Murdoch’s outlets exclusively report the Israeli narrative. When Obama talked about 1967 borders with land swaps, Murdoch’s sources like Fox News were the only non-Israeli ones to attack the notion in non-Op Eds.

    Our government is infested with Zionists and Neocon Crypto-Zionists. They bought all of our lawmakers. During the Bush administration they were all over our defense department. They’ve used blackmail and bribes to gain control of powerful positions in the FBI, CIA, the state department, etc. That’s why all the arrested Mossad agents on and around 9/11 were deported without question. The orders came from up above.

    I have this teeny tiny hope that some sort of 9/11 wiretapping gem of evidence will expose more layers of the Israeli involvement and start leading to more of the truth.

  4. MK  July 17, 2011 at 10:17 am

    tdarkcabal.blogspot.com There is no doubt. There are improper relationships going both ways with the media these days. Two Wall Street Journal editorial page writers are being paid by a Koch-affiliated group to give anti-union presentations. (Alternet did the investigations) Under established journalism ethics, such behavior is not acceptable. Of course, the fact that Murdock hires a lot of people that aren’t trained journalists may have something to do with these behaviors, however editors are supposed to stop these sorts of things and they aren’t doing so. Maybe it is because they aren’t trained in journalism or ethics either–like Rebekkah Brooks (began as a secretary).

    THE BEHAVIORS OF THE MURDOCK PEOPLE (WHICH ARE HERE IN THE USA AS WELL DUE TO HIM) ARE THE RESULT OF THE ATTACK ON REGULATIONS LAUNCHED UNDER REAGAN. While regulation can go overboard, it was put into place in the beginning AFTER THE LAST bankster-initiated takeover and its subsequent Depression.

    We need to reinstate the rules for everybody beginning with Glass-Steagall and moving to firm rules for behavior for journalism. We need to get rid of Reagan’s changes that permitted over-consolidation of the media and ownership of both television and newspapers and radio stations by the same entities. We definitely need to kick the rabid Republicans put on the board of NPR and enact barriers between the news staff and the board at NPR.


  5. Anthony J. Hall  July 17, 2011 at 6:52 am

    I had the pleasure of twice viewing Professor Harrit’s three-hour, very-well-illustrated, presentation focusing on the fall of World Trade Center Number 7. The major thesis of the presentation, as I received it in his Edmonton and Toronto offerings last winter, is that Building 7 was taken down by a controlled demolition. Indeed, the destruction of Building 7 at 5:20 pm on 9/11 through the igniting of rigged explosives planted throughout this 47-story WTC tower is one of the most spectacular engineering feats of its era! It eliminated one of the core record-keeping archives of the national security state emanating from the power of the US executive branch, the global authority claimed through force of arms by the US Commander-In-Chief.

    Through the work of Steven Jones, David Chandler, Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit and other independent investigators it has by now been abundantly demonstrated that Building 7 plunged to the ground in an instant through a superbly-controlled demolition, not a strategically-placed office fire. This single point has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    We can quibble about what technology was or was not used, nanothermite or whatever– but it was a controlled demolition. Period. Building 7 is the smoking gun. One plus one does not equal three.

  6. rgalton  July 17, 2011 at 6:27 am

    It’s worth noting that it is becoming ever clearer just how the ‘7/7’ attacks in London were able to be covered up/not properly investigated – despite the overwhleming evidence that the ‘bombers’ were paties who thought that they were taking part in an exercise.

    Andy Hayman, the overall head of the investigation at the Metropolitan Police, was on the payroll of News International a/k/a Mossad. Many other members of the Metropolitan Police were either also taking payments or were being blackmailed.

    One wonders whether a similar thing may have been taking place in the U.S. around 9/11.

  7. Ross  July 17, 2011 at 4:51 am

    It is good to see that Prof Neils Harrit is featured prominately in this article.There are some who postulate that nano thermite was not the explosive used on the towers and building 7.There are some who have wild theories about nuclear devices being used.There are some who say that the nano thermite was put into the dust samples that Prof Jones and Neils Harrit tested.

    This is impossible,since nano thermite is a highly sophistocated explosive that in 2001, no one bar a few elite military chemists had the technology to create it.You cannot create it in an ordinary lab or a cave in Afghanistan.So to postulate that Jones or Harrit and his team ,added this explosive in their samples is impossible.They would have had to get it from the very people who created it.Why would the perpetrators add to their own demise?

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