Norway’s 9/11

Bali Bombing, Reported as Suitcase Nuclear Weapon

Deep Parallels Surface – Norway, 9/11, 7/7 and Bali


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The greatest controversy in the world today is Israeli involvement in 9/11.  Israeli terrorists were captured with explosives in New York on 9/11, others with electronics gear. 

A planeload were flown out of the country on presidential order the next day but, in the end, Muslims were blamed and two “revenge” wars buried America.

In fact, then Mossad operations chief Mike Harari, who escaped Norwegian police in 1973, after murder charges were leveled against him for killing an innocent Muslim he misidentified as a terror suspect, is the same Mike Harari who confessed to organizing the 9/11 attacks while having breakfast with VT staffer, Dimitri Khalezov on September 12, 2001 in Bangkok.

If you don’t remember the Bali bombing of 2002, it was Australian’s 9/11 just as 7/7 was Britain’s 9/11.  These attacks were all political, all involved the same people, the same “event planners” and benefited the same players, Israel and right wing extremists in the US, Britain and Australia.  Mike Harari planned and executed the Bali bombing but he needed help, he said.  What he needed was a “fall guy” to blame and Dimitri Khalezov, former Soviet nuclear weapons intelligence officer was a perfect patsy, or so Harari believed when he approached him.

Harari was looking for help in a bombing project he was doing in Bali.  Murdering innocent people for economic and political ends can be so tiresome.  202 people died that day, Muslims were blamed, the media said it was planned in Bangkok 10 months before.  They just had the wrong “event planners.”  If Khalezov were stupid enough to join the crew, news would have gotten out.  Bali was a “suitcase nuke” bombing.

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Now, despite the fact that a “domestic terrorist” has confessed in Norway, the terror attacks there are being tied to Israel, just as with 9/11 and the 7/7 attacks in London.  The organizations in Norway and the United Kingdom, tied to the Tea Party in America, being hunted down by police are Israeli trained and funded, part of an operation tying “Islamophobia” to Christian Zionism, bringing to the surface dormant racist traditions.

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The US result was the Project for a New American Century, the Bush administration and 9/11.  In Britain, Tony Blair became an Israeli “lapdog,” joining Bush in America’s failed wars.  Britain’s “9/11” was July 7, 2005.  Again, Muslim terrorists were blamed, another one of those predictable coincidences.  9/11 sold a decade of war, 7/7 kept Blair in office and was meant to propel the British into another Galipoli/Dieppe in Iran.

Again it was a false start and a far more dangerous enemy proved responsible, having covered its tracks carelessly, perhaps with even less skill than the Neocon/Israeli nexus responsible for 9/11.  Not long ago, responsibility for the 7/7 attack was laid at the feet of the British government and its Israeli friends.

You missed that one in the news?  Two months ago, a British jury, based on evidence presented by John Anthony “Maud Dib” Hill, found exactly that.  No, you didn’t see it in the press but you can read about it here and see the video that started one of the most controversial human rights cases in history.

After 151 days in dismal Wandsworth Prison, much of it in solitary confinement, John Anthony Hill is finally free. The crime he was accused of was the mailing of a “7/7 truther” DVD from Ireland to the United Kingdom. Yes, you are hearing me right, he was extradited from Ireland for sending a copy of the film, “Ripple Effect,” which outlines complicity by the Blair government in terror attacks that killed 56 back in 2005, including 4 “suicide bombers” now believed by many to have been murdered in a bizarre plot.

(see that “restricted” video here)

This week, a Norwegian ultra-nationalist laid down his weapons before police after having butchered 93 people.  Beyond this, we know little.  It is now clear he had accomplices, on the island, more waiting, he says, to duplicate his effort.  The puny police response, a “Keystone Cops” schtick, piling into a jalopy and then into a leaking rowboat made it all possible as did counter-terrorism officials who turned a highly focused “blind eye” to the real threat of domestic terrorism.

As the day has gone on, the search for accomplices has, overtly, crossed Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  The search has spread to the UK, to the ranks of the infamous EDL and even to the United States and the Christian Zionist community, once the “apple” of George “W” Bush’s eye.  The very real enemy, right wing terrorism, international in flavor, fascist in nature and underwritten by ultra-nationalists across Europe, closely allied to security agencies in Israel, has finally become a real target.

We have seen all this before, New York City, September 11, 2001.

Who was arrested that day?  A white van filled with explosives was stopped by police on the George Washington bridge.  The passengers, armed terrorists, were arrested and jailed.  A second white van was pulled over, 5 were arrested there.  They had been seen “photographing” the attack on the World Trade Center and openly celebrating the carnage.


The "Larynx," a Cruise missile, circa 1925

However, no film, no digital media was seized, in fact no filming went on at all.  Why?  The “cameras” were very likely something else, laser marking systems such as those used for guiding remote controlled bombs to their targets.  Remote controlled aircraft used as weapons are old as the hills, the first dating to September 1925, yes, that old, the British  “Larynyx.   This radio controlled ramp launched plane traveled at 200 mph and was intended to be used against attacking Zeppelins.

What are the parallels with 9/11? The terrorists arrested in the “White Van” incidents were Israeli citizens, “art students” they claimed.  Months later, over the objections of the FBI, they were repatriated to Israel without criminal charges tied to 9/11.  Why?  The Abe Foxman and the ADL, AIPAC, Netanyahu, Barney Frank and the entire Israeli wing of congress demanded it.

The real 9/11 terrorists were arrested by NYPD on 9/11, two of the teams at least.  How did we honor the dead?  We released the culprits, failed to follow the leads which went, went where?  Tel Aviv?  The White House?  This is where all evidence, endless evidence, now leads and America is stuck in neutral, forever damned to a false history.  A decade later, America is foiled by two imaginary enemies, the non-existent “Al Qaeda” and the long dead CIA operative, bin Laden while a small group of half starved tribesmen has beaten the greatest military machine in history to, not a standstill, but to full retreat.  Where have I seen this before?


The initial flurry of “Islamo-blamia” died down, crushed by tons of evidence and, perhaps, the most theatrical mass murderer of all time.  Photos have been pouring onto the internet, Brevik dressed in comic opera garb, many of the photos in the monumental style of Mussolini or his young protege, Julian Assange.

Only hours after the police announced that they had captured the “lone gunman,” 6 accomplices were arrested.  They have since disappeared.

One accomplice was seen on the island, a fact pushed out of police statements but which has resurfaced.  More are sought but, more likely, the real accomplices are in government itself, inside the security services and the police.  It was that way in 1973, according to the Guardian, and it is likely that way still.

Israel’s intelligence service, Mossad, acted without Norwegian help in a botched 1973 assassination in the ski resort of Lillehammer, a national commission concluded yesterday.Norwegians have long speculated about involvement by their own police or intelligence service in the killing, which has been shrouded in secrecy for 27 years, and which has been a sore point in otherwise warm relations between Norway and Israel

The killers in 1973 were released, unpunished.  The real planners of this weeks mass murder are probably already out of the country and will remain unpunished

Mike Harari escaped prison and planned both 9/11 and the Bali bombing that we know of.  He is one of Israel’s greatest national heroes.

Who are the secret heroes this week?

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37 Responses to "Norway’s 9/11"

  1. nota  July 28, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Patsies all right! Here is the video itself of the “Live ITV News interview with Peter Power, the Managing Director of Crisis Management firm Visor Consultants who was ‘actually running an exercise… based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations that happened’.
    Recorded at 8:20pm on the evening of the London Bombings.”

  2. nota  July 28, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Come on! You’ve been friends with Tenet (ewwww!) for 35 years but you are not certain “Tenet may be Catholic”?

  3. 60sstreetpunk  July 28, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Norman Finkelstein lost his job as a professor in a NY city college. I believe he is a true fighter against Holocaust industry and what is being done to Palestinians. Everything he had was in Brooklyn, NY but he couldn’t get hired in boroughs of New York City. It is easy to lose many jobs especially government jobs when you do the right thing. Finkelstein is a very down to earth guy.

  4. Derek  July 27, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Deceiving is just being devious without having a conscience. They are brought up without a conscience or any ethics whatsoever. I would not call that “clever”.

  5. kashu  July 27, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Zionists are the most clever group of people who can deceive just about anybody. these people cry anti-Semitism all the time who are not Semitic to begin with. they are heartless people who do not value anything but materialism. Zionists are the one behind propping up of Islamic fundamentalists. they want backward medieval laws in the Islamic world so they can play them as enemy of the west and justify its own crimes and claim to be a democracy at the same time. they want Islamist government in Libya and Syria rather than a secular one so they can justify their racist apartheid policy against Palestinians and can label the Islamic world as backward and claim to be democratic and civilized themselves . this makes military intervention for them using the youths of the western countries much easier in the name of liberating women or establishing democracy. their version of democracy means heading to voting booth to vote for people set up by the money masters. Zionists actually likes Sharia law so they can use that as weakness or a tool to confront or control the Islamic world.

  6. kashu  July 27, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky are not what they seem to be. If someone notices carefully enough, it can be understood that they are very much with Israel. It’s all an illusion. people just fail to see it. It’s a controlled debate that they participate with their fellow Zionists. Zionists control all sides of the arguments. they have control over the media, banking, finances, education system, taxation, judiciary, congress, foreign policy and just about every single aspect of American society. they enslaved the Americans with their monopoly over the filthy banking system.

  7. Smitty  July 27, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    The eyewitness accounts for the Bali bombing convinced me a while back that it could’ve been a micro-nuke. The explosion was described to be sudden, created a blinding ball of light, and there is a photo of a mushroom-cloudish skyline. It also left behind a massive crater. Anybody ever take a geiger counter around that area? (not sure if it works like that). Oh and people not in the vicinity of the explosion caught fire due to ‘heat’.

    First time I remember hearing about suitcase nukes was back during the build-up of the Iraq war. They said Saddam has a suitcase nuke, that he was giving it to Al Qaeda and Osama. That Hamas was working with Al Qaeda and might have a suitcase nuke in Gaza. Then Bibi said the same thing to Congress about Hamas and Hezbollah getting them from Iran. Then I read that Israel has been saying this for decades. In the 70’s and 80’s it was the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, PLFP getting them from the Soviets. Oh and they love making Hitlers. Saddam was a Hitler and now Ahmadinejad is Hitler. Assad is Hitler. You would think they’d stop telling the same story with different actors after a while.

    De-classified British documents show that PLFP was Mossad, not surprising. Wonder why nobody cares? Then again nobody cared about Operation Northwoods when it was declassified. Nobody cares about the USS Liberty. If the MSM said tomorrow that 9/11 was done by Israeli Mossad, would people care? I hope so.

  8. Smitty  July 27, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Sorry, I just got that info from Jewwatch. Jewwatch probably isn’t the best resource for such things. That’s probably the equivalent of quoting stormfront. They have a pic of Trotsky on every page and call him a Zionist but Trotsky was actually against Zionism and an atheist. And not a bad person depending on the POV, we could learn from his theory of permanent revolution

  9. Smitty  July 27, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    That’s interesting. If memory serves (and I may have this wrong) the “Aryans” were/are Persians. Persia is a Western word used to describe Iran which has gone by that name for centuries. Iran is pronounced more like Aryan in Persian (like how Palestine is pronounced Falestein in Arabic because it is derived from Philistine). India was once part of the greater Persian empire and still has the largest concentration of people who still practice Zoroastrianism, the old Persian religion (Shia Islam borrows heavily from Zoroastrianism). Zoroastrianism is very similar to early forms of Hinduism. Breivik’s manifesto even mentions creating a Zoroastrian in norther Iran. We know his manifesto is made up of multiple sources and we also know that NATO (and others) would love to ‘nationalize’ the ME probably to create conflict and have more control over the oil.

    The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society strangely assisted Zoroastrians in leaving Iran after 1979 (along with the Jews).

    The emphasis of race and nationalism which led to the third Reich became quite popular after the French Revolution. It was driven by ideas found in the Burschenschaften movement of Germany, French men like Ernest Renan and Arthur de Gobineau, among others. Willhelm Marr, a German, was the one who coined the term ‘antisemitism’ saying that Jews could not be assimilated with German society because Germans were Aryans and Jews were Semites. They were locked in some sort of epic racial battle or something like that.

    Marr denounced his views later in life. Despite being an “Aryan” and an “Antisemite” he had a Jewish background and worked for Jewish bankers. He spoke French and he lived a while in Zurich, the criminal banking capital of the world. IMHO it is plausible he was intentionally spreading the seeds of antisemitism as a way to introduce persecution for Jews so they would move to Palestine. His material was published only a few years before the Rothschild-funded “Aliyahs”, the European Jewish immigration to Palestine.

    National Socialism was also built upon this Aryan philosophy. I often wonder if there is some sort of truth behind it all. Last year it was announced that Neanderthal genes make up to 4% of our DNA. 4% is significant considering that we are 95% the same as a chimp. I myself have some “Neanderthal” qualities that not everybody has like a slightly sloped forehead and thick brow ridge. People with Acromegaly look just like illustrations of Neanderthals. Perhaps it is inherited from those Neanderthal genes?

    Maybe psychopathy isn’t an inter-species predator mechanism but something inherited from Neanderthals? Maybe that’s why a lot of leaders and many among the ruling class would pass as text book psychopaths AND have strong ‘Neanderthal” qualities? I dunno, I have no evidence to back this up. That’s just a quess.

  10. Shirin  July 27, 2011 at 11:39 am

    A Demagogue made his home in a village where through his lies he had convinced the villagers to follow him in every which way including sharing with him all their worldly goods. One day an intelligent, educated man enters the village and recognizes the Demagogue for what he is. He tries to convince the villagers they are being fooled and lied to. The Demagogue tells the people he can demonstrate who is right and who is lying.

    In front of all the people, the Demagogue tells the educated man to write “snake” on a piece of paper. The educated man writes “snake.” The Demagogue starts laughing out loud mocking the man and telling the people “That’s not snake!” Then he goes on to draw the “picture” of a snake, telling people “Now, judge for yourself. Which one of us is right?” The people, being uneducated, dismiss the educated man and approve the Demagogue.

    The above was a story in my 4th grade school book. Early in life we were taught to recognize demagogues, such as those who cannot stand a single race themselves, yet accuse and brand others as racist by “drawing pictures.”

    Demagogues don’t have to work with uneducated people all the time, although that would make it easier for them. All they have to do is “draw” “picture” after “picture” of what they want people to believe. With sufficient repetition, people will ultimately believe the “picture/lie.”

  11. DucklowAimhigh  July 27, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Very good article.

    It’s sad but not all people on the planet are good. There are many devils in human skins.

    Blaming Islam for their failings is the new ‘get out of jail free’ card.
    Islam recognizes that Jesus was the Messiah of Jewish prophecies. It also states that the Israelis killed many messengers and prophets because they did not approve of them. Too poor, of low class and jealousy was the strongest of reasons.
    Their love of the Earth’s wealth is stronger than most people, and would gladly sell there souls for it.

    So to them butchering people who are not even prophet-like is nothing but a simple transaction.

    I read Islam’s holy book and it makes perfect sense why the Zionist Israeli’s are so aggressive and maniacal. And I can see why Zionist Media tries to demonize Islam, because it contains Truth.

    Surprisingly a quick read, very easily understood, and eye opening in many ways.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Duff, always speak truth and you cannot fail.

  12. Gordon Duff  July 27, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Would like to track Koch’s contacts with terror groups.

  13. Gordon Duff  July 27, 2011 at 6:37 am

    This investigation has moved forward this year. We have a total “slam dunk” on 7/7.
    Bali was a nuke.
    No question about it.

  14. Dick Fojut  July 27, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Joe Vialls of Australia (now dead) posted the color photo of the blast crater outside the Bar in Bali. It was 30 feet in diameter, straight sides and 5 ft. deep (as if a giant cookie cutter had produced it). 5 feet was the depth of the large sewer pipe leading from the bar. Vialls believed a MINI-NUKE was placed there. (Only Israel, America, Britain, Russia & China have such technology and ability to insert one). A car or truck bomb (with explosives or a suitcase nuke) on the street could not create such a downward crater.

    Later, the former President of Indonesia interviewed in Australia, charged that Indonesian Intelligence (which is directed by – or “cooperates” with – our CIA) controls ALL the supposed “terrorist” groups in Indonesia. Such an attack could not happen without their knowledge – or okay, he charged. His interview was not reported by America’s media.

    In the 7/7 London blasts, two surviving eye-witnesses on one of the subway cars, who sat very near one of the alleged bombers, testified to the media that the accused man had NO bag (the supposed knapsack explosive). After the blast, a policeman directed the injured couple around the ROUND HOLE in the metal floor, with jagged upward edges – telling them that was where the bomb was. The bomb was UNDER the car, not in the lap of a “terrorist.” That “terrorist” was supposedly COMPLETELY DISINTEGRATED by the blast, leaving no DNA. Yet his nearby amazing Wallet with I.D. somehow survived the blast which “dissolved” every minute trace of his flesh and clothing! That’s what the police claimed in the press about all THREE “terrorists” – each totally DISINTEGRATED, but whose Identifying personal papers also miraculously survived! Incredibly, that police explanation was accepted by Britain!

    Further, an Israeli owned company (headed by former IDF bomb experts) held the multi-year contract for continuous TV camera surveillance of all subway cars – and buses on the surface. Monitors in EVERY car SHOULD have shown all 3 bombers, with their alleged knapsacks of explosives, just before the moment of SIMULTANEOUS detonations. The Israeli company NEVER produced any pictures – nor were they even asked for afterward! There are 2 articles about that, written by me just after 7/7. Google DICK FOJUT and 7/7 or 7/7 Bomb was under the car, or similar.

    Additionally, in an amazing “coincidence,” (reported in the British Press) a hired anti-terrorist company was conducting TESTS to detect planted “fake” bombs – at the SAME time and SAME locations in the subway where the blasts took place! Some people on the internet (not quoted in the Brit press) validly suspected the 3 subway “terrorists” might have been hired patsies who thought they were part of the “fake” bomb tests.

  15. Erica Stuart  July 26, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Gordon, the Tea Party keeps pupping up with no major statement. I mentioned here that a short statement came up mentioning that “the Progressive Group” to which “Breivik belonged” “invited Koch ” to address their meeting and “instruct them how to organize” ” but Koch spent most of his time describing the values and goals and …..of the Tea Party…” the impression was “there were several groups , not sure if it meant Europe or globally…It was so strangely presented not sure if lack of more facts or avoidance of precisions, perhaps disposing of it before it came out, was almost in passing of no significance. This was the day after the incident so the focus was on the massacre…..then, as I mentioned, when I tried to save it and forward it it disappeared, and my computer froze.
    It would be interesting to know if Koch spoke to the other groups as well and what is his relations to those groups.
    So happy you have not forgotten them. I am checking on those Progressive groups…but they selected a
    most general word.

  16. Gordon Duff  July 26, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Tenet is a Greek Cypriot. I know his family. We have been friends for 35 years. His chief of staff, Paul Joyal, is a Khazar, Jewish and claims NO Semitic background, to the beginning of time.
    (Know him too.)
    Not certain but Tenet may be Catholic.

  17. 11Bravo  July 26, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    We are naturally outraged when it happens to blond-haired-blue-eyed kids but what happened in Oslo is happening every day around the world and nobody is outraged. Our reaction to 9/11, 7/7 and other attacks and lack of outrage over what ‘we’are dong to others daily must outrage most people in the world. I wrote about it on my blog at this link.

  18. Smitty  July 26, 2011 at 9:17 pm


    Please stick to jumping and hitting question mark blocks, eating fire flowers and mushrooms, etc.

    There were multiple arrests and raids reported after Breivik was caught.Google it. There is far more evidence that multiple people were involved than the MSM’s rhetoric that he is a lone wolf. Currently the MSM is trying to say he is insane and not to be trusted. I guess his confession shouldn’t be trusted either. So what proof is there linking him to the Oslo bombing? Absolutely NOTHING. The evidence has been reported and even though Rupert Murdoch-owned sources have removed it it remains elsewhere. At least three police raids and 9+ suspects arrested. Sorry but you lose.

    George Tenet is Jewish as is Rupert Murdoch. A simple Google search will reveal this. Why the denial and resistance? Are you trying to hide something?

    Rupert Murdoch has an Israeli passport and Israeli citizenship. He is sympathetic to Israel. His Australian best bud Frank Lowy bought the lease on the WTC complex with Larry Silverstein just a few weeks prior to 9/11. Murdoch is a revisionist Zionist as is Likud. As is the terrorist group Irgun in fact. Why don’t you use a simple Google search as it will provide all the proof in the world. Nobody owes you anything, do your own research to DISPROVE it if you don’t agree. The whole “prove it, provide a source” rhetoric is a common Zionist trick. Why don’t you DISPROVE it? Because you can’t

    I honestly don’t know anything about 7/7 but I’m sure it was an inside job. Most of Spain doesn’t believe the Madrid bombings were real. They don’t believe their media. It is only a matter of time before the world is on the same page. Troll along elsewhere.

  19. Tom  July 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Considering the consequences (like the ziocon ideology getting seen as a risk of terrorism indicator all over the western world), I wonder if this move is going to backfire big time (and if terrorising Norway was so important to incur in this risk). Alternatively, it may be part of the plan to label white “christian” “conservatives” as a terrorist threat, so to facilitate further “antiterrorism” laws in order to realize the mega-gulag NWO that is under construction from some time.

  20. tommy  July 26, 2011 at 10:33 am

    many are convinced that as soon as Obama is voted out of office,things will get better and back to “normal”,
    seeming to have forgotten all about the President’s predecessor,
    we get the government our neighbors & relatives deserve

  21. tommy  July 26, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Cloak And Dagger,
    most of our neighbors are oblivious and get annoyed & irratable if you mention any of this,
    they don’t want to hear it,not even a little

  22. Garibaldi  July 26, 2011 at 9:06 am

    The bombings are a means to an end- forcing institution, enforcement and execution of the preconceived “terror laws”. The terror laws are a further means to an end- the promotion of terror and total control of a population through irrational fear.
    Remember Lenin notably said- “It is necessary – secretly and urgently to prepare the terror”. Ever heard of the “Red Terror”? All of this current “war on terror” is nothing but an instant replay from the Little Red Playbook- –

  23. rgalton  July 26, 2011 at 6:26 am

    The greatest controversy in the world today is Israeli involvement in 9/11.
    Sadly I don’t think that this is true, certainly not in the U.S. or UK. It SHOULD be, but the mainstream media has been extremely successful in making ‘Muslims’ the ‘enemy’. In the UK they have been helped through mass immigration of Muslims and non-whites into the UK, which is deeply unpopular with the overwhelming majority of the white population and was a quite deliberate effort to create internal friction to distract from the real agendas of those in power – and from the real identity of those in power.

  24. peter  July 26, 2011 at 5:22 am

    So there is blackmail – powerful, persuasive blackmail that Israel has over everyone that allows them to act with impunity, especially over the US – could it be that Israel has a nuke device or two in some strategic place that forces everyone to toe the line – after all those two hundred odd nuke devices hanging around in the Negev Desert have to be good for something…could be the sell by date is running out – but isnt it so curious this impunity to act in other countries and walk away from it even with leaving inmaculate trails of “mossad this way” …or the “anti-semitism correction team was here”…

    Its like everyone has a price and its all “jobs worth” apart from brave (late) whistleblowers, it looks like its going to be around a mite longer save someone in power who is going to get well pissed off and call the hand!

  25. adeUK  July 26, 2011 at 3:44 am

    2nd shooter ?

    The 27-year-old victim was the target of a headshot in Sandnes on Sunday, Xinhua reported.

    He has been placed under medical care, but his condition is reportedly unstable.

    Reports say two men in military fatigues knocked on his door, broke into the house and carried out the shooting. Police are looking for the two suspects.

    Witnesses also saw two men fleeing from the scene in a red Audi car.

  26. AS  July 26, 2011 at 12:15 am

    micro nukes will be the suspect here like in Bali

  27. Louise  July 25, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Gordon you could be right, the article below links the attacks

    Norway Massacre: The Strange and Enduring Link Between European Fascists and Hindu Nationalists

    Ever since Adolf Hitler adopted the swastika symbol for his National Socialist (Nazi) movement in 1920s Germany, there has existed a bizarre and confounding link between far-right European groups and the Hindu Nationalists in India.

    At the core of this peculiar connection lies with the highly controversial (and frequently rejected) notion of an ancient “Aryan” race that conquered India thousands of years ago and were also allegedly related to the peoples of northern Europe.

    Almost ninety years after Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich, the Nazi affiliation with Hindus persist: in the bizarre, rambling 1,500-page manifesto [“2083: A European Declaration of Independence”] written by Anders Behring Breivik (the Norwegian man who admitted to slaughtering dozens of his countrymen Friday) frequently refers to Hindu Nationalists in India.

  28. stevor  July 25, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    The “terror laws” (Patriot Act here and another one in Australia). What’s their role in this? The first video seemed to be asserting that they had some great importance.

  29. Garibaldi  July 25, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    Can we stay on topic, please? Let’s hear what the mercurial Victor Ostrovsky (“By Way of Deception”) had to say about Lillehammer by way of a video back in 2007, posted to his own address at YouTube.

  30. Gordon Duff  July 25, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Curious coincidence

  31. Garibaldi  July 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    May the brave James Forrestal rest in peace. He fell from that window knowing exactly WHO it was that came to chuck him out of it. The question is moot.

  32. stevor  July 25, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    I get that the “war on terrror” was created so we have a “bogeyman” to fight, but the terror laws (Patriot Act and such) were mentioned more than once. They were already created before the “terrorist acts”. It sounds as those laws were for a related reason. I can see that they might have been created so TSA can grope people and keep the idea of terrorism on our minds. Was there another reason for those laws being ready to go so early?

  33. Peter Wakefield Sault  July 25, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    You don’t know that he has confessed, Gordon. All you have is hearsay. A Jewish “defense” attorney who marches out of a police station into the waiting arms of the press to announce that his client is guilty by his own admission? Am I alone in seeing the incongruity of that? Breivik is now held incommunicado and is to be tried in secret.

    But don’t let me spoil a good old-fashioned, American-as-apple-pie, Hollywood lynching.

  34. 60sstreetpunk  July 25, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    So Norway has the same problems as USA- too many proZionists working in all areas of government especially security areas.

  35. David Martin  July 25, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    The Zionists, with their historically flexible definition of what constitutes terrorism, might well find a way to put what happened in Norway outside the bounds of their definition of the word. This is from Addendum 1 of Part 4 of “Who Killed James Forrestal?”:

    While doing some additional research on the September 17, 1948, assassination in the new state of Israel of United Nations mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden, by the Stern Gang (Lehi), I ran across this intriguing entry on the Bernadotte discussion page on Wikipedia:

    “Contrary to what you say, Lehi being a terror organization is very much disputed. Most (or at least many) Israelis (myself included) do not consider Lehi to be a terrorist organization. Lehi never targeted innocent civillians [sic] in attempt to terrorize them. All of Lehi’s attacks were against military or government targets (including high-ranked officials such as Bernadotte). This is very different than what “proper” terrorist organizations do – attacking random civilian targets such as busses or airplanes.

    “Avraham Stern’s memorial day is attended every year by Israeli political and government officials. Given Israel’s effort to gain international support for its ongoing war against terrorism of all kinds, you wouldn’t expect Israeli leaders to associate themselves with the memory of someone who led a terrorist organization. Indeed they don’t – like me they believe that Lehi, while sometimes using extreme measures, was not a terrorist organization.

    “I’m not really trying to convince you that Lehi was not a terrorist organization (you are entitled to your own opinion on that) – only that the issue is disputed. Since it is indeed so, the proper place to discuss it is on the Lehi page – rather than have is stated on every page which mentions Lehi.”

    This is a perfect example of the attitude toward the attempted Bevin assassination described in the aforementioned London Times article: [about the attempted assassination of British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin].

    “Lord Bethell, author of The Palestine Triangle and an expert on Soviet intelligence, said Bevin was detested by Zionist groups. He added, however: ‘Zionists would be very angry if you compared these people with terrorists now. You have to remember that Irgun were the grandfathers of today’s ruling politicians.

    ” ‘They would say they were at war with the British and behaved well, fighting under Marquess of Queensberry rules. They would say that they didn’t target civilians.’ ”

    But what if they do now? If it’s all for the greater good of Israel it can’t really be called terrorism, can it?

  36. Garibaldi  July 25, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Whoa, Gordon. You are right on the case and on target, as usual. I haven’t even read all this yet, but I’ve been thinking Harari and Lillehammer all day. Give me a break, just keep it up, man.

  37. Cloak And Dagger  July 25, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Are we doomed to just sit here and wring our hands in despair – impotent to do anything as this carnage continues?

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