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How did Americans get so utterly clueless about world events? (Hint: It was no accident.)

If you hear the indefensible defended enough times, confidently, by people with titles and credentials, it starts to sound like a good idea.


by Cassandra for Veterans Today

If you could just see what passes for “news” here in the USA, in both electronic and print media, you would understand American ignorance better.  It is literally a 24/7 barrage of straight-faced lies, distortions, and slick disinformation delivered on almost every front—including the so-called “liberal-leaning” newspapers and magazines, so-called “progressive” websites, and even public radio and public TV stations—not to mention the more partisan cable and commercial outlets.  We routinely see articulate and distinguished-looking university professors, think-tank scholars and Zionist-controlled public officials whose right-wing “expert opinion” on this or that issue is the ONLY view presented on a news show. 

Never a Noam Chomsky or a Naomi Klein or a Robert Fisk or a Michael Parenti, or a James Petras,  NEVER—and very rarely people like Ralph Nader or Elizabeth Warren who, if they’re included, will be forced to compete with five or six other guests for air time.

So, nothing is ever covered in-depth unless it’s a piece of propaganda somebody wants to pull over on us.  Everything else is disjointed bits and pieces, he-said she-said, with no background or fact-checking to help us sort out the truth.  Sometimes they’ll have one moderate-conservative “expert” (a government flack, basically) facing off against a Neocon or Zionist; the only difference between them is the fine points about precisely when we should invade Libya or Iran to stop terrorism—never whether this would be a sane, lawful or moral thing to do, or have any effect whatsoever on terrorism—and never any alternate paradigm for looking at world events.  This is the kind of thing we see and hear, ALL THE TIME, DAY IN AND DAY OUT.  Even well-educated people here in the USA, who keep up with current events and read the newspaper, are badly misinformed.  Many of them tacitly believe that the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle between the opposing views they hear.  But since this “middle” has been absurdly skewed (with the actual truth of the matter omitted altogether), and since the “facts” they think they know are actually lies, they find themselves supporting the most outlandish things—or at least, lacking the certainty to oppose them.  (I don’t like wars, but maybe we really DO need to invade Iran to stop terrorism?)  (Maybe Hugo Chavez really IS a brutal dictator, since everyone seems to agree he is?)  And that’s the whole point of perception management: keep us confused with a blizzard of conflicting and unverifiable “information”, until we throw up our hands and conclude that the world has gotten too complicated to understand and we’d best trust our experts to decide what’s right.

And these are good people I’m talking about: people who believe in human rights and social justice, who are against racism and genocide and unnecessary wars and greedy mega-corporations; people who are willing to fight for what they believe in—-if they could only figure out what the hell the truth is and whose side to be on.  But unfortunately, they are very careful to keep away from “nutty conspiracy theories”, because they’ve been told by the experts they see and hear all the time to stay away from those!  These educated people want facts, not half-baked fairy tales!  So they discount and ignore everything that has been so described by the deceivers—-the very things that could lead them out of this labyrinth of lies.  And that’s the whole reason for all the money spent on perception management!  It works!  I believe Americans are the most lied-to and deceived people in the world, because we still cherish the idealistic myth that our leaders, our media and our highly-educated “experts” mean well and are mostly honest, if occasionally misguided—And even more importantly, the idealistic myth that powerful people would never, ever, conspire against the weak on a global scale and get away with it, decade after decade.

A lot of us are honest and really care about doing what’s right.  If Americans ever open their eyes to the truth, some things are going to change very quickly.  (But I just don’t know whether their eyes will be opened in time.)

Sigh.  How can that be changed? 

The 64-trillion dollar question.  Our enemies are so powerful; they seem to control everything.  And the indoctrinated people are very resistant to hearing dissonant messages.

I know all about ignorant but well-meaning Americans, because just ten years ago, I was one of them.  9/11 came and went, and I never dreamed for a second that someone other than “al Qaeda” did it, because that’s what everyone was saying, everywhere.  Furthermore, it never occurred to me that I was taking the unproven word of government officials as truth,  just because they’d said it so soberly while wearing nice suits.  And I knew better than to be so trusting—or should have known.  But it was a bad habit I had formed over a lifetime of being an American, immersed in the soothing background music of American exceptionalism.

Sure, I knew Nixon had been a dirty liar, and Reagan an idiot, and I loathed Bush.  But really, that was little more than unthinking partisanship on my part.  Hadn’t I defended Bill Clinton, another dirty liar, to the end?—just because I liked him and therefore trusted him to act in my best interests?  (And why did I like him?  Because he said nice words and seemed to mean them, and because he was a member of the Democrats, whom I also trusted.  Yes, I was an idiot.  Now I see what a self-indulgent corporate toady and opportunist he was. (Oh, and a rapist to boot.)

And likewise I wholeheartedly supported Al Gore who I now realize is a NWO-connected fat-cat in a liberal-Democrat costume, living in a great big fat-cat mansion and making hypocritical self-important speeches.  And I was all about “war hero” and “Vietnam critic” John Kerry, although by that time even I saw clearly that my candidate refused to take a stand against the Iraq war, or to speak honestly about a host of issues; but never mind, I said, he has to lie to win the election.  Well what the hell is that?—I have to accept that my candidate is a liar and a moral coward and vote for him anyway?  And then he walks away from a stolen election, with the funds he solicited from me for a recount?—forcing other groups to solicit more money from me for recounts that Kerry won’t ask for because he’s already conceded?  So I hated Kerry after that, and I hated every politician that lied to me—and that was nearly all of them, both parties.

Well anyway, once I started reading Truthout in 2004, (TO was one of the few independent Online News and Opinion sites available back then. Thankfully scores of more truthful alternative sources of information services such as Veterans Today have sprung up since then, run by fearless, candid, diligent, relentless, conscientious, concerned, stalwarts determined to challenge the falsehoods peddled by politicians and propagandists paraded daily on American Cable News Networks across the country) it opened up a whole new world for me.  It took time to break up the logjam of my misconceptions; but I began to hear about problems with the government’s version of events on 9/11—-great big problems.  And about drug running out of Mena Arkansas, including during the years my precious Bill Clinton was governor; and of course there was the Katrina debacle, where I saw government officials pretend to be incompetent so that pre-planned disaster would ensue and prove very profitable.  And I discovered the Fed was a private banking cartel, and the debt-based dollar was an instrument of enslavement, and JFK wasn’t killed by a lone assassin or even by Cubans, and there is an enormous underground child-sex-trafficking network that reaches to the highest levels of government (George HW Bush) and industry and gives the cabal control over people….   Well, once you get an American to start looking at “conspiracy theories” instead of dismissing them, there is a snowballing effect.  I have spent much of these years trying to share my discoveries with others.  One way is on blogs; but after a while we’re all just preaching to the choir.  Eventually we all know the same things pretty much—-which is a good thing.  But the tough cases are the people who either won’t read blogs at all, or will only go to CIA-connected HuffPo or DailyKos and then they think they’ve heard the full range of everything credible that’s out there.

I have to tell you, some of my best friends and family are among the toughest cases.  Smart, highly-educated, committed to social change, politically-aware (as far as anyone can be without realizing both Bush elections were stolen), these people vote, they sign petitions, they join peace marches and canvass for Democrats; they read the NYTimes and listen to tedious speakers on C-SPAN in an effort to understand the issues; but although they may be “disappointed” with Obama, or even view him as “unfortunately weak” against those mean Republican bullies, it is simply impossible to get them to consider for a moment that Obama’s “weakness” could be intentional sabotage, that he could be working for someone else—a Trojan-horse candidate.  They can believe a boxer might throw a fight, or a basketball player might throw a game; but in American politics?—heavens no, it could never happen!  And don’t even bring up the subject of 9/11 to them because they are sick to death of hearing about it.  They have never really listened; but they have heard the subject brought up ad nauseum, and dismissing it now is as easy as batting away a fly, and just as automatic—-a Pavlovian response.  They have never listened; they have never looked at the facts of the case.  This is the sheer power of perception management: it can cause people to shut their eyes and stop up their ears against certain information that conflicts with the mainstream message—information which threatens to confuse them and shake their confidence in their understanding of the world, and also to shake their self-esteem as sensible, mainstream people who do not subscribe to nutty ideas.

All I can tell you is, if you can get one of these people to listen, just once, to one case where a dissonant message that went against the official story turned out to be absolutely true, and the official story turned out to be a blatant lie—-then you can start the snowball rolling.

Veterans Today you’ve got a lot more work to do.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cassandra has a BA in psychology and also an MSW degree. She does a little writing, a lot of reading, and is an avid gardener. She works occasionally for a small publisher in her hometown, and dabbles in herbal medicine, medical issues and natural sciences.

The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. LEGAL NOTICE - COMMENT POLICY

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148 Responses to "How did Americans get so utterly clueless about world events? (Hint: It was no accident.)"

  1. Zed_Lepplin  August 24, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    They’re trying to turn us into racists and haters because we are no longer for Obama.

    Disinformation is powerful. Knowing it when you see it is even MORE powerful.

    Stop the hate crap. And Dump Bushama.

    Not because he is black or jewish or anything else except a bad, failed, leader who lied to us all.

    • Cassandra  August 25, 2011 at 5:06 pm

      You’re right Zed. Obama was “perfect” for the cabal in a number of ways, one of which was that he’s black. That gave him a portion of built-in immunity against criticism, because his critics could be labeled racists and to some extent that would stick.

      Also he’s the FIRST black president, which gives him extra cachet. People are so proud of his achievement that they hate to concede his flaws. Many black Americans especially hate to do so. And he’s not Jewish so his leniency toward Israel can’t be blamed on that. And he’s Asian, so that gave him some credibility with Asians. His name sounds Muslim, so that gave him credibility with Muslims (at first anyway). He’s African, so that gave him credibility with Africans. His mother and grandparents were mid-Western whites, which somehow makes him more comfortable to whites. He’s tall, slim and handsome as a Ralph Lauren model, has an attractive wife and beautiful children and an ivy-league education. So in that way he’s Kennedy-esque. As a candidate he had a little something for everyone.

      And best of all, he is owned, lock stock and barrel, by the cabal. He doesn’t take a pee without their say-so. I don’t know how they got their hooks in him but I suppose it was the same way they often go after the children of intelligence agents to recruit them too. And if you believe Larry Sinclair and Wayne Madsen, Obama has a secret gay lifestyle with much to conceal, including cocaine use; and that keeps him walking the straight and narrow. If he behaves himself, he’ll look forward to a very comfortable retirement.

  2. Anthony J. Hall  August 24, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Yes, Cassandra, Shermer is a piece of work. And so are all the media venues, but especially Scientific American, Shermer discredits with his psy op alchemy of pseudo-scepticism. Shermer is not a real professor. He just plays one on TV.

    What do you know of Shermer and his psy ops lab with Prof. Zak at Claremont U in California? When it comes down to it, the 9/11 sacred myth has very few willing to defend the lies in a blanket way like Kay, Shermer, Scott Sommers, and David Eppstein (computer science, U of C Irvine) do. Amazing, though, how the keepers of the sacred myth seem to have an inside track of control over Wikipedia, a key agency of diversion to point public attention away from the real lies and crimes of 9/11.

    • Cassandra  August 25, 2011 at 3:57 pm

      Wow Anthony, that one’s a keeper. Excellent and well-deserved slam on Shermer. I’m going to circulate it among some of the “skeptics” in my life.

      A question I would have liked to see posed to Shermer goes something like this:

      “The 9/11 attacks, JFK assassination, and the Holocaust all were historical events, were they not? And I assume as a scholar you would agree that historical events are always subject to further study and analysis as years go by? Could you please explain why you think these particular events should be closed to further study?”

      On looking over Shermer’s CV, did you notice that he didn’t receive his PhD until 1991, yet he lists himself as an “assistant professor” at Glendale College for the four years before that? Is he saying Glendale hires MAs as tenure track professors? And what did he do during the year between finishing his MA in experimental psych and starting to teach at Glendale? CIA training perhaps? The gap is unaccounted for. I have a strong suspicion that one of his areas of interest during his experimental psych studies was persuasion and mind control. Just call it a hunch! Occidental among others is known as a CIA talent-hunting ground; I’m sure they all are.

      As soon as he got his hard-earned PhD, Shermer turned into an adjunct professor. What’s wrong with this picture? Is that all this bright young man was aspiring to? Or was “adjunct professor” a cover for other things he was doing?

      Another odd thing about the CV is that Shermer seems to have had very few publications during the 15 years after he finished his BA—a quiet and undistinguished career of teaching a hodgepodge of courses to undergrads at a small college—the very definition of professional invisibility. But then suddenly, after getting the PhD, his CV simply explodes with books, professional articles, popular articles and opinion pieces, lectures and keynotes, TV appearances and documentary series, memberships, honors, you name it. Did he go on amphetamines? I’m just kidding, but something sure happened in little Michael Shermer’s life that changed everything. My strong suspicion is that someone at Pepperdine, Cal State or Occidental recognized talent and ruthless ambition when they saw it, and funneled him through the cabal’s program of whatever it is they do with young hopefuls.

      We know the cabal will advance its own to the front of the hall, while shunting honest men and women to the sidelines. David Ray Griffin had best get used to ridicule and relative obscurity, because he has offended the cabal with his failure to respect their boundaries. They have many wunderkinds like Shermer who know all the tricks to use on people like Griffin.

    • Cassandra  August 25, 2011 at 4:50 pm

      Forgot to mention—Paul Zak’s research centers around oxytocin, the brain chemical which “allows us to determine who to trust”. If by some chance there is a secret intelligence program to refine the science of deceiving people, they would want to know how to elicit trust, how to calm that oxytocin release or whatever; and they’d do research with neuroimaging to test various types of communications for whether they can gain subjects’ trust or not. Edward Bernays would simply love this. I’m purely speculating of course. But what else am I supposed to think about a guy who majors in math and econ, and then decides to go into neuroimaging? To me it means that his primary interests were money and power, and then he wanted to know more about what was going on in people’s brains.

      “Neuroeconomics” is the term he coined for what he studies. What the hell is that? Well, looking it up it seems to be the science of figuring out why people make the choices they do. And it involves game theory, tying in with Zak’s mathematics. So you can see that Zak and Shermer were a perfect fit, with his math/econ and Shermer’s experimental psych—–making them both perfect for a psy ops program. With “college professor” and “professional skeptic” as cover.

      Or am I just getting carried away?

    • Cassandra  August 26, 2011 at 8:00 am

      PS Zak’s CV contains some DoD-related items. Check it out.

      (Click on “curriculum vita” link on this page):

      “Member, Opportunities in Neuroscience for Future Army Applications Panel”

      “Visiting Scientist, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Department of Defense, 2001”

      Neuroscience for future army applications! Wow. Doesn’t that make you want to salute the flag?

      “Board Member, Neuroinsights, MarketPsy Capital, LLC, Neurotech Development Foundation”—which appears to be involved with investments in the neurotech industry.

      Zak didn’t know squat about neurology until 2001. Now he’s up to his ears in it, and I suspect, making a lot of money.

      In this article (link below), it says “OPN Capital Markets has partnered with San Francisco-based market research firm NeuroInsights to provide focused market intelligence to OPN and to its clients as its exclusive investment bank partner.”

      Also mentioned is that a Dr. Bruce Leuchter, who is “currently the Director of Clinical Neuropsychiatry and Neurostimulation Therapies at Weill Cornell Medical College”, will be joining OPN as a managing director: “Dr. Leuchter has extensive experience working closely with venture, private equity and hedge fund investors targeting special situations and long/short equities in the CNS space…. Previously, Dr. Leuchter spearheaded a new global investment research initiative at Goldman Sachs & Company focusing on emerging biotechnologies…”

      Well isn’t that special! So it looks like Dr. Zak is well-connected indeed. And Dr. Shermer too.

      “NeuroInsights partners with OPN Capital Markets to provide premier services to investors and companies”…-a0255832759

    • Cassandra  August 26, 2011 at 8:35 am

      And another PS –

      OMG, I just noticed that, similar to Shermer, almost everything on Zak’s impressive publication list is dated 2001 or later—-even though he received his PhD in 1994. He didn’t even publish his dissertation, which must have been a good one. (He was Phi Beta Kappa and Summer Cum Laude in his two undergrad majors—first in his class for both.) What the hell did he do for those seven years after 1994? But no publications except for unspecified items in four newspapers and one radio station. And his “employment record” begins with “visiting scientist” for DoD in 2001. So whatever he was doing for the seven years after getting his PhD, he isn’t saying. Does this picture look as clear to you as it does to me?

      Suddenly around 2001 he “caught fire” so to speak. Before long he was everywhere, participating in everything, with multiple academic posts and board memberships, cranking out books and articles—and in a brand new field entirely unrelated to his masters and doctoral study. His first neurological training, in MRI, was a one-year fellowship in 2001 at Mass. General Hospital. By 2002 he was Clinical Professor of Neurology at Loma Linda, and Director of Claremont’s Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, a new interdisciplinary field he had invented.

      Looks like his wagon, and Shermer’s, were hitched to the same star.

    • Anthony J. Hall  August 26, 2011 at 9:31 pm

      Jack Blood found something to suggest there is some problem with Shermer’s Ph.D. I treat it as if the jury is still out on whether or not Shermer has a real Ph.D.

      My view of Scientific American changed completely when I saw his regular column there. Shermers status at Claremont seems very ephemeral, although he and Zak probably bring in shit loads of money for Dr. Love’s psy ops lab.

      Prof Griffin tells me no one in and around Claremont takes Shermer seriously. On the other hand there is event at Claremont next April where his students and colleagues will honour Prof. Griffin for his lifetime of scholarship, much of it as a philosopher of religion. He told me that the four books he wrote on “evil” earlier in his career helped prepare him for the task of going through the record of what did and did not happen on 9/11 in such a careful, poised and detailed way. He deserves a Nobel Prize for the contribution he has made in recent years.

      This contrast we highlight in


      Jonathan Kay, who praises Shermer in Among The Truthers, might have had promise as a public intellectual at one point but he abandoned his higher calling to join the family business as a propagandist for the Zionist hard right. Did you see my review of Kay’s book which ran initially in VT?

      Check out David Eppstein, (U of California, computer science, Irvine campus), one of the Darth Vaders of 9/11 denialism on Wikipedia. Prof. Eppstein is a very zealous defender of the sacred myth of 9/11 on Facebook. Scott Sommers seems assigned by the Shermer gang in the efforts to smear Joshua Blakeney and I as conspiracy theorists, which in Shermer/Eppstein land seems to be a code for holocaust deniers. Then along comes

      I look forward to reading more from you Cassandra. Cheerio

    • Cassandra  August 27, 2011 at 10:05 am

      Very interesting Anthony! I’ll check out those links.

      Seems like the 9/11 truth movement needs its own team of investigators to run intelligence on the other side. If they could be publicly exposed as phonies, that would be a big thing indeed.

      I agree with you that Griffin deserves a Nobel. That’s the kind of courage and dogged determination, going against the tide, that should be recognized and honored. But that award has become irredeemably politicized and meaningless with the likes of Kissinger and Obama among past recipients.

      I’m so glad you saw my latest posts and replied. I’ve enjoyed the dialogue with you and look forward to more.

    • Cassandra  August 28, 2011 at 3:38 pm

      I have no information on that, Peter. Check it out and get back to us.

      A few years ago I would have said, to a post like yours, are you kidding?—that’s just crazy. But I’ve learned it’s a crazy world out there, and a lot of the craziness is completely intentional. It’s getting hard to shock me any more. People will do every sort of weird and evil thing at the behest of the cabal.

      In the same way that a person of corrupt character will sometimes go into the ministry to cover who he really is, well… a closeted gay man might don the role of someone who is SOOO far from being gay that he helps OTHER men “cure THEIR gayness”. Because heh, who’s going to suspect a guy like THAT? And Regent University would be an excellent place to start. Marrying a Christian hottie doesn’t hurt either.

      Have you perused the Google images of Marcus Bachmann? Let’s just say it’s a good thing he’s got Michelle on his arm because he looks soooooooooo gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say—but gays who pose as straight and make life hard on other gays deserve to be outed. If he’s got skeletons in his closet, I hope someone will expose him. People with secrets are blackmailable, and we already have plenty of those in office; don’t need any more.

      I’m a lot less innocent than I used to be, ever since I read about the Franklin child abuse scandal. If you aren’t familiar with that, check out Nick Bryant’s book; it will shock you to your core. I am now reading The Search For The Manchurian Candidate. It will shock you too. The cabal is up to all kinds of exceedingly dark doings. Assassins and “terrorists” – yes – we should always question their background for possible intelligence or FBI connections. Hypnosis done on unwitting subjects, in the guise of therapy, is a real possibility. Don’t ever let anyone hypnotize you, even for a beneficial reason—because you won’t know what they do once they get you in a trance, and you won’t remember afterward. There are people who pose as benevolent helpers who are not. You could find yourself one day, standing in a crowd of screaming people with a dead guy at your feet, and wondering what that smoking gun is doing in your hand.

      But maybe I’m preaching to the choir?

  3. Dave Kersting  August 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    ‎— There simply can be no form of violent racism more flagrant than the forced creation of an officially “Jewish” settler-state in multi-ethnic Palestine. That reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict cannot be hidden or denied, even by the Zionists themselves or by mainstream media. There simply is no moral or ethical argument; therefore, the Zionists rely on omnipresent hucksterism – mainly shifting attention to nebulous and irresolvable arguments, which operate by mere distraction.
    — In ANY other case, such blatant racist violence would receive zero tolerance and primary emphasis, not only by mainstream media, but by every modern person, and certainly by the organizations whose purpose is to fill in for the well-known deficiencies of mainstream media. But the Zionist ploys have (quite necessarily) included crucial subversion of the “leftists” and “antiwar” communities – where most people expect to find the first glimmerings of truth, if it is being “overlooked” in the mainstream. For decades, all the major antiwar and “alternative” organizations have been dominated by Zionists who openly declare themselves AS Zionists by touting the openly racist “two-state-peace” deception. This sort of peace – founded on the principles of segregation and apartheid – is sold as “realistic,” because it allows “courageous (but critically truncated) criticism of Israel,” while also avoiding any offense to those “in the movement” who “can’t let go of the idea of an expressly ‘Jewish’ state in most of Palestine. Thus, even people who pose as thoroughly opposed to any form of ethnic or religious or gender prejudice act AS IF the ordinary strictures against racism are too inflammatory in this special case. No one can actually quite SAY that, of course, but where reason cannot be tolerated, what we find instead are mere eruptions of obscenities and even violence, right in the antiwar organizational meetings – AS IF someone had “gone too far” and had attempted to “divide the movement,” by saying “inflammatory” things. In reality, the “two-state-peace” concept is thoroughly Zionist, since it serves to enshrine the perpetuation of an expressly supremacist “Jewish” state in Palestine: the definition of Zionism. And it’s real purpose is to present a hopeless dead-end for peace efforts, since it serves to prevent discussions that seek peace in the time-honored way: through justice INSTEAD of prejudice.
    — With a little thought, many people will recall that Zionist racism was scarcely mentioned during the antiwar festivals that were held in the run-up to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. For those very few who asked about this, the reason given was that the “linkage” to Palestine was dubious and we did not wish to “alienate” the many “Jewish” activists who would become upset and “divide the movement” if too much attention were given to Zionist racism. In reality, the connection to Palestine is thoroughly direct – all Middle East leaders agree that it’s the core and pilot-light of the entire Middle East problem – and the OVERT OBVIOUS and thoroughly DESTABILIZING violence of forcing a “Jewish” state into a multi-ethnic region has always been the dream argument of an antiwar lifetime, absolutely bulletproof and impervious to the standard “anti-Semitism” slander: which is used JUST as much within the “anti-Zionist” mainstream as it is by the most unabashed and openly right-wing Zionists. In reality, a plain and ethical and fully honest rejection of OVERT, OPENLY-DECLARED racist violence has proven to make sense of the conflict for countless people, far more than the numbers of people who turn against equal-rights activists for taking the time-honored position against open racism.
    — The “AS IF” element is crucial in all modern propaganda, wherein the facts too obvious to be denied directly and can be hidden only by an ATTITUDE in the newsperson or “antiwar” speaker, treating a false “perception” AS IF it were something all sensible people can see plainly. This precludes even the minimal thought required to see the truth.
    — It’s crucial to understand that Zionism has nullified the antiwar movement. It’s very empowering to understand that the entire war-scenario we see today, grounded in the open racism of Zionist ethnic-cleansing in Palestine (and requisite destabilization of the entire region) has never been treated with the perfectly standard and foolproof remedy: simply demanding an end of unconstitutional funding for any policy of ethnic or religious prejudice by anyone in the conflict, any policy that would not be legal or tolerated for one moment in our own communities. This is “even-handed,” asking only that we honor our Constitution in our foreign-policy, as it requires us to do. A direct, step-by-step application of this principle would gradually remove the direct racist provocations and inexorably free the region from the dominion of unchecked Zionist fear-mongers and real-estate thieves.

    • Cassandra  August 25, 2011 at 8:51 am

      Many Israelis and probably most American Jews are just as brainwashed over the “democratic” state of Israel as Americans are over our “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. The myth of Israeli exceptionalism is alive and well in spite of everything that’s happened. I see the two myths as perfect parallels. The average Israeli wants to love his or her country and wants to believe it is fundamentally good. They are helped along by a vigorous program of perception management every bit as effective as our own. They are living right up close to the suffering of Palestinians, just as we are living up close to the suffering of our minority underclasses; but segregation and gated communities help to minimize our awareness. (In the case of Israel, it’s even separate roads and 25-foot walls.) Minimizing the people’s awareness is crucial—-because if people saw, up close, the suffering and injustice their government’s policies were causing, their hearts would be touched and the more compassionate of them would demand change. So in addition to minimized contact with the suffering underclasses, certain narratives must be created that make their suffering seem to be their own fault. In Israel the brainwashed mainstream has been persuaded that if Palestinians would only stop attacking, they would finally have their own state and the peace they claim to desire. But apparently Palestinians are stubborn and irrational and inherently violent, and their hatred of Jews can’t be cured by any kindnesses that have been extended. The only way to deal with them is the way you’d deal with a vicious dog: put it behind a high fence, and when necessary, shoot it. They are sick to death of hearing about the plight of the poor Palestinians, who they feel threaten their safety every day and want them all dead. And American Jews are the very worst in these attitudes; they have been subjected to all the propaganda, without having the experience of living there and knowing Palestinians and Arabs personally for perspective, and witnessing both the good and bad aspects of the Israeli government. I know American Jews who won’t brook any discussion whatsoever on the subject, if it deviates from praising Israel’s restraint and long-suffering courage.

      I understand and sympathize—to some extent—-with this sort of blindness, since I have seen it in my own friends and family, and since I too have been ignorant and blind in the past. But of course I don’t sympathize with the callousness. Norman Finkelstein has had some choice words to say about this.

      Yes, subversion of the left has been a very important, and devastating, tactic. And you have expressed that so well.

      “Thus, even people who pose as thoroughly opposed to any form of ethnic or religious or gender prejudice act AS IF the ordinary strictures against racism are too inflammatory in this special case. No one can actually quite SAY that, of course, but where reason cannot be tolerated, what we find instead are mere eruptions of obscenities and even violence, right in the antiwar organizational meetings – AS IF someone had “gone too far” and had attempted to “divide the movement,” by saying “inflammatory” things.”

      “…the “linkage” to Palestine was dubious and we did not wish to “alienate” the many “Jewish” activists who would become upset and “divide the movement” if too much attention were given to Zionist racism. In reality, the connection to Palestine is thoroughly direct ”

      “The “AS IF” element is crucial in all modern propaganda, wherein the facts too obvious to be denied directly and can be hidden only by an ATTITUDE in the newsperson or “antiwar” speaker, treating a false “perception” AS IF it were something all sensible people can see plainly. This precludes even the minimal thought required to see the truth.”

      Unfortunately, your argument at the end is thoroughly reasonable; and the blind masses, once inflamed, do not care about reason. They act on their gut feeling—-that Jews are threatened by enemies all around them, that they already suffered decimation in the holocaust, and that they are so hated around the world, for their religion and the accident of their ethnicity, that a second holocaust threatens—-unless good people everywhere have the “courage” to stand up for them.

      This is the whole purpose of perception management: to create deep feelings that will overwhelm facts and reasonable argument.

      Excellent post, Dave.

  4. Dave Kersting  August 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    What’s left out in the article is the deeper level of disinformation, wherein the most crucial elements of the antiwar discourse are erased by omission, under direct Zionist control, by the progressive and “antiwar” organizations that are trusted to provide an “alternative” for those who realize how corrupt the mainstream media are.

    • Cassandra  August 24, 2011 at 10:31 am

      Yes Dave. The key word here is “trusted”. All the left and “antiwar” organizations have been infiltrated by gatekeepers. Diabolical, no? So we rail against the war machine, and we flee to our antiwar groups for solace, TRUSTING them to be as they represent themselves—-but sadly, they are not. Yes, they have many faithful members who are honest and true; but there is secret rot at the core—-rot so subtle we generally miss it. We may not notice what gets left out of the discussion, what gets self-censored. And pointed questions about this will be deftly deflected with retorts about “ideological purity” or “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good”; such characterizations put the blame back on the critic.

      This was the trouble with Truthout ultimately. I wised up to them eventually. They tout progressive memes with gusto, but there are conspicuously consistent omissions, leading me to speculate on who really funds them.

  5. Anthony J. Hall  August 23, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Good article, Interesting discussion.

    Both the article and the discussion demonstrate the importance of 9/11 as the window through which millions pass through on the way transformed ways of thinking about the contemporary realities of power, its deployment and the misrepresentation of its attributes in many media venues.

    Indeed, it seems that a preoccupation with 9/11 truth is one of the few unifying issues cutting across the VT constituency. It is the first serious news site I am aware of that, although not specifically a 9/11 site, has readers and writers that have pretty much universally figured out that 9/11 is not as it was initially reported to us and that the Israeli state is somehow deeply involved. Indeed, VT has offered Joshua Blakeney and I an alternative to 9/11 Blogger whose webmasters have adopted an agenda that is not effectively serving the broad and growing quest for 9/11 truth.

    The fact that so many careerists and opportunists avoid the subject like the plague has made 9/11 a sort of spring board issue. It divides the opportunists from those committed to higher ideals. The quest for the truth of 9/11 and the goal of enforcing the law on the crime’s real perpetrators, therefore, holds the promise of revolutionary transformation based on bringing back truth-based, evidence-based criteria to the formulation of public policy. In a way it falls on us to renew the Enlightenment’s heritage emphasizing reason over superstition, equality and human dignity over renewed forms of slavery, self-determination over tyranny.

    As it now stands it still is not a good career move to devote serious attention to what did or did not happen on 9/11. But that could change as soon as the ceremonies of 9/11/11. We must do everything in our power to make this moment the time when the pendulum shifts and all the denialists are suddenly put in a position where they will start to claim retroactively that they saw the light on 9/11 years ago.

    I see our shared recognition of the importance of 9/11 truth as a sort of badge of honour worn by those of us who insist on doing so in spite smears and snears of the 9/11 liars movement led by the likes of the pathetic Michael Shermer and Jonathan Kay. The quest for 9/11 truth has become a rallying cry of a genuine people’s movement, a coalition of those who refuse to back down from our agreement that the emperors of the genocidal 9/11 Wars are not wearing any clothes. Obama looks especially ridiculous in his smarmy nudity.

    • Cassandra  August 23, 2011 at 9:28 pm

      Yes, Shermer is a piece of work isn’t he?

      I like your notion of a badge of honor worn by those brave enough to face the scorn of the ignorant. Social pressure is a powerful thing; nobody likes to look foolish or endure ridicule. But every new person who summons the courage to step forward and confess his or her 9/11 skepticism tips the balance a tiny bit more, toward the day when critics stop laughing because they find themselves laughing alone. (Then, as you say, then they will claim they “saw the light years ago”.) It could happen. Courage is contagious.

      “Revolutionary transformation”. I like the way you think, Tony.

    • DaveE  August 23, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      Obama ain’t pretty, even WITH its clothes on……

    • Cassandra  August 23, 2011 at 11:24 pm

      Pretty is as pretty does.

  6. TheTruth  August 23, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Of course.
    US economy will fall. Israel will rise as a superpower. They will seen as the ‘heroes’ when they claim to save the world against the arabs..especially with the arab uprising. It has been their plan all along. And there will be no paper money.

    • Cassandra  August 24, 2011 at 10:14 am

      I don’t think Israel wants to appear too obviously a super-power; that would interfere with their image as an idealistic, plucky little nation struggling to defend itself against hostile Arab savages all around.

      They prefer instead to be powerful behind the scenes.

      Do you know what a golem is?

  7. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi  August 23, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    10 Years After

    controlled media knows damn well they are being paid to sell disinformation

    • Cassandra  August 23, 2011 at 6:53 pm

      The CEOs and upper level managers surely know it, but I doubt all the reporters do. Broadcasters have been hiring people for looks, articulate speech and appealing personality, not brains or experience or insight. It’s image, not substance. And it’s a great job! You make good money, become a celebrity, get to hobnob with famous people, and make your mother so proud. Once you’re in such a “great job”, you become reluctant to rock the boat. That’s how they hook you. If your conscience or common sense kicks in every so often, you look around you and all your associates seem to be happy with the job; none of them are rocking the boat; and you think about today’s job market you would face if you get fired. And then you just shrug and say to yourself, well everyone else is doing it, so…. And that’s the way they hook all these so-called TV reporters. In their heart of hearts, they probably realize they are phonies. Well, Hannity doesn’t think he is. But most everyone else does. Still, they are just useful idiots. They control nothing. They never get a glimpse of the forces they are really working for. And being brainwashed like most Americans, they don’t often think deeply about things anyway. Print reporters are in a similar bind. All reporters are running scared nowadays, and they all feel damn lucky if they are employed. So, very few of them are going to rock the boat. And the few who do are out on their ear immediately, so, problem solved. Hundreds are waiting in line for that job.

      Oh, I forgot to mention the way “news” is collected nowadays. It’s not like a reporter has a bright idea on a hard hitting story involving a betrayal of the public trust, and goes out to collect information and interviews. They don’t have time for that any more. And besides, such stories have a way of upsetting important advertisers, which in turn upsets the upper management. But that’s ok, because there’s always plenty of story material coming to them by email and fax: press releases from government officials and industry and political candidates and think tanks and PR firms…It’s simply endless. They provide all the talking points needed, neatly organized and ready to be paraphrased. Often there’s an accompanying video that can be used too. How convenient! And sometimes an organization will send them a pre-written story that is not an obvious advertisement for a product, but is something sort of related to it and includes some new trendy idea or surprising fact. Opinion polls, new job statistics, celebrity news, campaign news, crime trends. There’s no need to pound the pavement any more; it all comes right to your desk. Open wide now for the Magic Spoon…isn’t that delicious? And if all else fails, there’s bound to be an interesting Tweet or two to make a story out of.

      Are you physically ill yet?

  8. Cassandra  August 23, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Just An American,

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. I think depression has been a real problem for people who see too clearly. It’s only natural! Ignorance is bliss. It’s like if a giant asteroid were headed straight for earth, and you were the only one who knew about it. Everyone you told would just laugh or say you needed therapy, because there’s nothing about asteroids on the news. (If it’s not on the news, it can’t be true!) And there you would sit, grieving over the end of everything all by yourself. Well guess what—-that’s why I use the name Cassandra.

    But you are not alone; lots of us are out there. We may not live next door, but we are here and we understand. Over time I have come to terms with the possibility that the cabal has us completely cornered. But also in the back of my mind is the idea that every “perfect plan” always has a flaw. People can be ingenious in foiling their enemies. Look at how the poorly-armed and poorly-trained Viet Cong set bamboo booby traps for American soldiers, and succeeded in wearing them down by knowing their own country better than the invaders. Look at how Afghans and Iraqis have worn Americans down, in spite of our satellite imaging and drones and night vision goggles and other fancy gadgets. My thinking is, the fancier a gadget is, the more vulnerable and subject to malfunction. If those things ever come after us, I think we will come up with ways to foil them. (I have already thought of several, but I’m not telling because “someone” may be listening.)

    The other problem the cabal dreads is the occasional honest man or woman who can’t be bought, blackmailed or intimidated. Honest souls step forward and reveal what the cabal wanted kept secret, and then a bit more of the truth is out there in the open. There will always be honest and fearless men and women—not many, but a few—-and there’s nothing the cabal can do about that.

    I do not waste my time arguing with people who aren’t ready to hear the truth; not much anyway. I don’t make myself obnoxious because that’s counter-productive. Sometimes a news item will come out that hints at the truth, and I’ll send it to someone who might be swayed by it. But mostly I only lay out the full truth here, among those who are ready to hear it. And whenever I can, I talk to Republican voters who are friendly enough to talk politics. I explain that I’m a lifelong Democrat but I have realized that my party was using me; and that I think the Republican party is using their voters too. You would be surprised at the meeting of the minds that can ensue. We are all Americans, and the truth is most of us want pretty much the same things: we want safe neighborhoods, good schools and hospitals, well-maintained roads and bridges, honest and competent public officials, affordable homes with reasonable loans, taxes that don’t bankrupt us, and a secure retirement. We may differ in how those things should come about, but all of us can agree that at the moment nothing is going well and we are all being used. We all love our families and our homeland, even if we don’t like the government, and we want to be secure here and put things back on track. So why is it that we’re supposed to fight? I say don’t fight with people who vote for the other party; talk to them. Make friends with them. Find the things you can agree on. Show them that people of the “other” party are good people, reasonable people, who can be friends. I think that is a worthwhile use of your time. And maybe sometime when the opportunity presents itself, you can casually remark that you’re not so sure about the official story of 9/11, and leave it at that. Maybe you will open a teeny avenue of dialogue there.

    And I love dirt’s idea, described above in the thread. When somebody disagrees with him on 9/11 or some other issue, he asks if they’d like to make a little wager on it. Say, 100 bucks. And when he proves them wrong and takes their money, he earns their respect. Next time they pay attention when he makes an assertion and asks if they’d like to bet on whether it’s true.

    • DaveE  August 23, 2011 at 11:34 pm

      Cassandra, you need to write as often as your hosts will allow. You have REAL talent! Your follow-up comments are as good or better than your original piece, which is VERY rare, from what I’ve seen.

      Anyway, well done.

      Are you married???!!!

    • Cassandra  August 24, 2011 at 10:11 am

      Well aren’t you sweet, sugar.

      Yes. But I’m too old for you anyway.

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