Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


  • U.S in vicious cycle of social & economic issues, it’s about time for some protest.
  • Israel now on the way to South Africa style isolation.
  • U.S backed dictators but shifted policy when they were overthrown.
  • EU takes cowardly stance unwilling to oppose U.S position


Noam Chomsky

In an interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, prominent scholar Professor Noam Chomsky gives his take on some of the world’s political hot topics.

Chomsky vividly shares his reflections on the wall street protests and warns of an impending serious poverty and real unemployment similar to the great depression, he talks about the 2012 American presidential campaign spending and how positions in both the white house and the congress are being bought, not earned and he refers to the killing of Osama Bin Laden and how this marks a shift of American policy from Bush’s abducting and torturing whoever the CIA thought posed a threat to the U.S to Obama’s “just kill `em when you spot `em” approach regardless of the legalities overlooked in the process.

He concludes that the killing of Osama Bin Laden was done, in such a way, as to infuriate, and may be implicate the Pakistani military, something he seriously regards as extremely dangerous.

In regard to the Arab spring, Chomsky acknowledges, in a similar way to the Arabs’ prevailing public opinion, that the U.S and its western allies did not support the Tunisian or the Egyptian revolutions; rather they opposed them, and backed the dictator till the last minute and then shifted policy when they were overthrown.

Pinning its hopes on the sole support of the US, Chomsky warns “the Zionist state would risk a collapse if that support was to be withdrawn or compromised – much like apartheid-era South Africa.” ­He recalls how South Africans felt safe to ignore a UN embargo and corporations pulling out of their country throughout the 1980s, as long as the Reagan administration continued to support them.

As soon as the US withdrew its support, the apartheid regime collapsed. “For 35 years, the US and Israel have been rejecting a political settlement that is supported virtually by the entire world.

A couple of months ago, there was a meeting of the oligarchs — people who pretty much run the economy of Israel,” Chomsky says, “and they warned the government that it better accept something like this resolution, because otherwise, Israel will be, as they put it, South Africanized: even more isolated, with boycotts, refusal to load ships, and their economy will collapse.”

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26 Responses to "Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse"

  1. Steve  October 10, 2011 at 12:10 am

    “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, you are describing yourself pretty damned well there buddy. You can disdain who you like, and whoever likes can disdain you and your demented bile. As for what is and is not Judaism, the Jews decide that not you in case you haven’t heard. It’s a religion, get that thru your thick sick skull.

  2. Steve  October 8, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Man you are delusional. So now I am a Khazar too? Get real. And I did not say 50% of all Jews are Sephardic, rather that the proportion in Israel of Sephardic and Mizrahi is about that, give or take 10%, it’s a while since I have seen figures. You are obviously ignorant of the fact that many Israelis came from the countries in the south where they were mostly non Ashkenazi. In fact I just read the chapter on this in Sand’s book, and it has some interesting points, maybe a good part of the Ashkenazi were part Khazar at least, but some of those were Sephardi-Mizrahi to begin with anyway, some came up over the Caucasus too, and there are certainly some genetic studies that indicate considerable Ashkenazi links to Israel-Palestine. But even if true, and as Koestler said, it doesn’t invalidate the right of Israel to exist now that it does, de facto and de jure. And like America or other countries they have the right to accept immigrants from wherever they choose. What policies they pursue is open to question though like any country, and there should be a fair compromise with the Palestinians and an end to the occupation. However if you are going to rave on and attack their legitimacy due to dispossession then you should do the same about every other country founded the same way, or maybe you are just a good ole Jew hater plain and straight.

  3. harry putter  October 8, 2011 at 12:41 am

    in closing here, Steve, if you guys hadn’t proven to be such liars every step of the way, first with the HOLLOW COST which was bullshit and lies, and now these outrageous claims about what percentage of Sephardic Jews are in Israel and the world at large, and with the incessant planting of archaeological evidence that is fraudulent to establish a King David kingdom that never existed in the first place….if not for all that shit, you almost could have a believable bullshit story…but you don’t.

    you get caught time after time, lying about your identity, then number, and then whining.

    so typical of a khazar. such a whiner. such a disingenuous whiner you are! and obfuscator of the truth.

    so why the bullshit numbers about the HOLLOW COST, Steve? and, furthermore, why the genocide campaign against people who have proven, DNA wise, to be the same as sephardic jews in virtually every sense of the word, indistinguishable by DNA testing?

    so many questions you won’t answer. and the reason is that if you truly were sephardic which you are not, as is the case with your TRIBE, you wouldn’t have had to have STOLEN the turf in the first place.

    the only way you could get into Palestine was to steal it, because you neither lived their for centuries like the true owners, the Palestinians, nor did you have any legitimate claims to anything outside of the Balkans,, or more specifically, the area east of the Caspian Sea. So you adopted judaism, which was fine, but that did not give you a blood right to the land that belongs rightfully to PALESTINIANS.

    and to come in here and lie about that claim is, on it’s face, pretty sadly pathetic.

    not that for genocide to exist or occur you have to be with dissimilar DNA, but khazars in fact have no similarity to sephardic jews at all, have no truly legitimate claims to Palestine at all, and it makes absolutely zero sense you would slaughter people that per the DNA, are virtually indistinguishable from your own DNA in any way, if you all truly are who you say you are, but you are not.

    so why kill your own kind with such nasty racist and vehement bloody fervor?

    good question, Steve. because you know they are NOT khazarian like you are, or your tribe is.

    adopting a religion does not give a group of khazarian war mongers and fraudulent identity thieves as you are, the right to steal land you never truly had in the first place.

    murdering the true and rightful owners makes zero sense if you truly were identical as sephardic jews are, but who are not murdering their own because they have lived in peace with them for centuries.

    only an interloping carpetbagger fraudulent tribe as Koestler has cited, would do that.

    and that is exactly what is going on today. It’s a declasse form of body snatching you do, khazar!

    and it’s still genocide and it’s still murder. and it will be brought to an end soon…one way or the other.

  4. Steve  October 7, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    More raving but no evidence. I’m not a bible-thumper either, but I do require evidence for controversial claims. Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews are indeed a substantial proportion of the Israeli population, plenty of them look it, it’s well known, some were there already and many came from other Mediterranean and Mid Eastern countries, and there is a well known social and to some degree political divide between them and Ashkenazi. The fact that some Ashkenazi are paler doesn’t mean they are Khazars, who are Turkic, and darker too. It’s a result of living for one or two millennia in Europe. Their noses would be flatter Asiatic, not prominent, if they were Turko-Mongolic Khazars. Plus they wouldn’t have been Yiddish speakers mostly. Koestler made the claim but it’s not generally accepted even by non Jewish scholars, and contradicts most of the hard evidence. He did do some good work though. I ask you because I am interested in the topic, how about some hard evidence to back your claims instead of touchy raving.

  5. Steve  October 6, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    harry putter, you sure are a raver. What I want to know is, what is your evidence that most Jews are Khazars? It was a claim by Koestler, but where’s the evidence? There are in fact a number of genetic studies that say otherwise. Perhaps you dismiss them a priori but where’s your counter evidence? And also far more than 2-3% of Jews or Israelis are Sephardic (or Mizrahi – more or less the same thing). In Israel it’s something like 50% or not far off. And some have been there for centuries or more. Until you present some credible evidence it’s not worth listening to your raving.

    • harry putter  October 6, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      oh Steve, you are so masterful a debater. only you are the sole possessor of true knowledge about the jews.

      your tactic is to do the typical ‘discredit the messenger’ to try to nullify the entire message. it won’t work.

      the facts stand. your attempts to discredit the truth by diss’ing Koestler and many many other people with hard archaeological evidence that proves that virtually every claim Israel has tried to make based on planted archaeological crap they fabricate, proves the desperation of the fraudulent khazarian and wholly and entirely not entitled to anything in Palestine, pseudo-jews. Unfortunately the facts remain that all but a very very small percentage of ‘jews’ by bloodline,world wide, are khazarian, and did not come from the holy land they lay claim to fraudulently, and have no more business in Palestine or in what they call ‘Israel’ than does a New York or Miami ‘jew’ who’s also a khazar.

      look at their pasty white faces and the khazarian beak. that’s no more sephardic than norwegian or swedish blooded people are.

      by trying to lead this off into the back forty, you blew it, Steve. You stated you’re not one of those jews but you must be one of those stupid dominionist bible thumpers who got his education from a bible college, and was taught this bullshit and therefore are a nice parrot of it.

      Israel is not 50 percent sephardic jews anymore than Miami is populated by 50 percent eskimo peoples.

      go back to the bible college and ask them what to say when your whole entire b.s. argument collapses in the blogosphere and you aren’t going to ram it down anyone’s throat. Maybe Jesus will visit you personally tonight and whisper in your ear.

      but don’t hock that 50 percent number in here. only a moron with no clue will believe that shit. If the best you can do is try to discredit Koestler’s work with zionist propaganda in a blog, you’re really not too very bright, because if I hadn’t hit it on the head, you wouldn’t be in here defending Sorcha or Cassandra or Mike or whomever the mossad agent is, with stuff YOU cannot substantiate with any truth yourself. The archaeological evidence that Israel has been pushing has all been bullshit and fraudulently created fake garbage, and there is no proof of any kind that substantiates any jewish claim to Palestine at the expense of the real blood owners of that turf, who are not khazar fakes you wish the world to believe are legitimately entitled to that land. They need to go back to where they sprang from, and it was NOT the land known as Palestine. You know it, and most of the world knows it, unfortunately for your fake tribe you are selling used car propaganda for.

    • harry putter  October 6, 2011 at 8:19 pm

      and any of you who are following this thread here, please find online “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Koestler and download it. While looking at the links in the search engine, note the EXTENSIVE khazar debunkers trying to discredit it. If it weren’t such a threat to their bullshit fraudulent claims to Palestine, they wouldn’t bother, but it is a major problem, so much so, the mossad MURDERED the author and his wife shortly after it was published, in retaliation.

      unfortunately, another fact is that time after time these frauds have been caught planting archaeological shit in dig sites and then get busted for it, trying to establish a ‘King David’ kingdom that never existed in the first place. I know for some of you bible thumpers out there, this is hard noogies for you to swallow, but it’s nonetheless factual. Look at the plethora of evidence showing attempt after attempt to plant archaeological stuff in the area and then point at it as authentic, when it is fabricated bullshit.

      you don’t have to believe me, but download Koestler’s work while it can still be found. bookstores are getting rid of it in a Fahrenheit 451 kind of way, as it is such a threat to the fraudulent and wholly hijacked religion that modern judaism has become…that it MUST be destroyed and the public denied access to it.

      but look at the links when you search for it. If it was as discredited as Steve here would like you to believe, why so much effort put forth by these fake khazarian frauds to debunk it?

      murdering Koestler and his wife to try to suppress it only adds more credibility to the work, if it weren’t a threat to these frauds, they wouldn’t have murdered the author and his spouse to try to suppress it.

      back on point, do your own research, it is imperative you look at ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of ZION’ and read those, and to look at ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ and get a handle on who and what you are dealing with, in these fake khazarian frauds that try to pass themselves off as sephardic jews, which they are NOT.

      as for Steve, if I were such a waste of your time, why debunk me? Why not have Cassandra come in here and defend herself, or possibly, HIMSELF, as so many of these mossad tools like to switch gender in blogs so you’ll feel sorry for them and take it easy on them. Rest assured any mossad asswipe would gladly stick a shiv in between your ribs if you are a ‘goyim’ or not of their fraudulent fake faith, or more to the point, CULT, because these new khazars are no more jewish than the nearly 9 billion of the rest of the world are. They’re frauds.

      Read these two published works. Study Roman history during Emperor Hadrian’s times. Put the
      bible down and read real stuff that has basis in fact, not crap that has morphed over centuries to be almost ridiculously nonsensical and full of bullshit.

      then draw your own conclusions. But don’t buy this 50 percent shit from Steve about the compositio of the Israeli’s by bloodline ties to sephardic jews. That is a blatant outright non-truth.

      and Steve, go away. Remember now, I’m not so important you don’t need to debunk my outrageous claims about KHAZARS, so you need not waste your time here, right?

      wrong. If my blog post weren’t so much a threat to you guys, who believe that khazar horse shit, you wouldn’t bother to try to discredit me in here. And you know it.

  6. Steve  October 5, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Chomsky has done some useful work but his position on both JFK and 9/11 are patent absurdities, to paraphrase “even if the inside claims are true (which is somehow impossible), who cares? What does it matter?”. He should just have said nothing rather than come out with crap like that. So unfortunately what he says now doesn’t really matter very much.

    On the other hand Harry Putter you spout some crap of your own. Sure Israel has done some bad stuff, but so have most other nations, in some cases as bad or even worse. And cut the Khazar bull, some eastern Ashkenazi may have Khazar links but the majority are shown by linguistic historical and genetic evidence to have come from the west originally, and Mediterranean before that (in fact they are similar genetically to the Palestinians – if a bit more Europeanized). Which doesn’t give them any more right to take over modern Palestine than for Europeans to have taken over the Americas or wherever else, but now that they are established there, they have some rights to remain, especially as they were kicked out of Europe (ie the ones who weren’t massacred – and plenty were even if not quite the claimed 6 mil), the real issue is a just compromise that both sides can live with. But raving like yours plays straight into the hands of the ones who claim the world is out for their blood and therefore any compromise is suicide. And before you start off again no I am not Jewish nor even particularly fond of them. But facts are facts and enough is enough.

    • Cassandra  October 5, 2011 at 9:21 pm

      I agree with you Steve: When Chomsky said “it doesn’t matter who did 9/11”, I nearly dropped my teeth. What was he thinking? But he is so determined in his assessment of US blame for all the evils done abroad—because we pay for and assist most of them—that he won’t focus on anything else. He certainly has a point there. But I would like to have a little chat with him and ask him if he knows what a golem is. That might be a key to why the US has been such a brutal conqueror, at least for the past 100 years or so and maybe longer. We have been the Zionist bankers’ golem. So blaming us for empire is meaningless unless you also turn the spotlight on them. It’s been a team-effort—-if by “team” you mean an evil scientist and his great big marauding robot. I think that’s the part Chomsky is missing. So the question of WHO DID 9/11 is exceedingly important, and relevant, to his concerns about empire, if he would only realize that.

      But no one gets it entirely right, and no one is perfect. I don’t expect perfection; I just appreciate important contributions when people make them in good faith.

    • harry putter  October 6, 2011 at 2:03 am

      I made mine in good faith. just don’t gloss over the incredible death dealing going on against Palestinians. but you are correct about Chomsky and 9/11 relevancy.

      more people are waking up to who did it and why it was done. the backlash will be horrible against
      all jews, both those who espouse zionism and like the fun game of ‘kill the goyim or subjugate him’ fun, and those who don’t. I had not too long ago told a friend that the day is rapidly approaching that will usher in a hell of a retribution fest against all jews, no matter what side of the fence they are on, and that I cannot support that kind of crap. I’ve read the Protocols and had at least one conversation about them with a jew who thought them to be right on and essentially ‘the plan’ and hence he did not repudiate those plans to me, someone who had tried to be a friend. that ended the friendship. I couldn’t with a clear conscience support a race of people who’s primary goal was to
      murder and enslave my kind because I’m not some fraudulent master race of ‘the chosen ones’ as they feel they are.

      I cannot accuse you of being one of them based on your writing here, so I apologize to you if I have offended you. just know that some of us know that the current agenda in the U.S. and Britain and other countries like Canada and Australia, also controlled by zionist jews, is to enslave and destroy
      those who are known as ‘goyim’ by them and we won’t be tolerating it or going quietly into that dark void without resisting it.

      support of Palestinians is important, as is getting to the bottom of 9/11, for any jew in this country who lives here and is a citizen. we cannot assume all of you are working part and parcel for the subjugation of all non jewish people on this earth, but we do know that the leadership in the ADL and SPLC here in the U.S. is doing exactly that. And so is the leadership in Israel, much to the horror of young Israeli citizens who prefer not to go there with them.

      A new generation in Israel is repudiating the Protocols and ditching the lies…so there is hope.

      as more and more people globally now see the U.S. foreign policy is in lock step with the likud party in Israel and has been for a long time, and that the muscularity and outrageously bloody rise of a very militant and rule of law discarding America is the direct result of the Israeli control, not vice versa, as my former jew friend tried to impart to me one day. I had to tell him that I wasn’t a mindless tool he could ply like that, and that I had been seeing what influence Israel has had in this country, mostly thru the dominionist christian 20 or so percent of the population that ignorantly thinks that Israel is the friend of the U.S., and that the inference that the U.S. was making Israel do things was on it’s face both absurd and ridiculous. I could see his brain switch off in microseconds.

      you appear to understand at least that some of us have a legitimate reason to call out the khazarian fraud here and point fingers at who is hijacking YOUR religion you espouse. It is not judaism that is a problem, it is the belief that jews are a superior race of being that needs to be the uber controller over billions of non jews thru debt slavery and military subjugation and fear, misleading propaganda campaigns and other forms of mind control.

      so we agree at least for a piece of this argument and hence there is hope, based on your post.

      just be advised some of us know what Chomsky is. and some of us have no illusions about the fact that 2 percent of the U.S. population believes in the Protocols and the enslavement of the rest of mankind, based on overwhelming evidence that exists to support those findings.

  7. harry putter  October 4, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    there was a young palestinian boy about ten years old who committed the heinous act of throwing rocks at an Israeli tank. The israeli response to him was to cut his arm off and with one foot on him, hold him down in a classroom full of his fellow classmates, and let him bleed every drop of his young life’s blood out onto the floor.

    that’s what zionism has turned you monsters into, Cassandra. zionism and judaism are not the same thing and they are not part and parcel to each other. one is an aberration and illness and the other is perhaps a benevolent and not so very bad faith.

    seeing what Israel has become, seeing that, seeing the White Phosphorous rain down on men, women, children in Gaza, burning them to death, showed the true character of zionists.

    I’m sure you’ll cite some stupid assed fraud about Palestinians did this and that, but your mossad has murdered scores of people in Israel and false flag blamed it on Palestinians.

    they killed more than 2,500 Americans in New York City on Sept. 11th., 2001, and more in Arlington, VA. that day. they (zionists) are responsible for the deaths of 34 sailors on the u.s.s. liberty in May of 1967, and the beirut barracks attack, and the khobar towers attack, and the u.s.s. cole attack.

    zionists who can hold a ten year old boy down with his arm severed from his body and force him to bleed to death in silence while his classmates watch are not human beings.,..and anyone who espouses zionism be intermingled with anything else on this globe we share, are surely insanely mad and crazy people.

    until you can justify these acts in a way that lends any legitimacy to zionism, you’re barking way up the wrong tree.

    uprooting centuries old olive trees, destroying farmer’s lands, and killing them, certainly is not helping your cause.

    until you and Noam Chomsky can get it thru your thick khazarian skulls that this is UNACCEPTABLE as a member of the human race, then there is not going to be any remote possibility that anyone in their right mind will allow khazarian frauds to murder and murder and murder and murder, in pogrom after pogrom after pogrom, over centuries, and pass yourselves off as benefactors to world peace and justice.

    you stole Palestine. you need to get the hell out of it. it does NOT belong to you.

    Helen Thomas was absolutely right. there is only one solution. get out of Palestine. or be driven out.

    it’s your choice. but the second choice is a bad one. it means that virtually all nations will align themselves against you, and your 250 nuclear warheads will not have sufficient delivery ranges to really rattle too many teeth outside the region, making you a smoking green glass crater someday if you fail to
    get out.

    at some point, the entire planet will form an alliance so strong and so powerful, your least worry will be Iran. You’ll have virtually every nation against you. and you cannot and shall not win that fight.

    some of us know what zionism is. it’s not judaism. it’s not of any part of Palestine. it’s an aberration and a massive fraud and lie.

    when it can cause hundreds of years of wars, globally, and think everyone will be thrilled and willing to jump on board to allow you to steal land from the rightful owners who ARE entitled to live on their own land, it’s got another thing coming.

    Noam Chomsky was correct. Israel is collapsing. It’s collapsing from the inside, Cassandra, or Sorcha, or Mike or whomever you are. It’s collapsing because young Israeli citizens are REJECTING the zionist model of world dominion. Young Israeli’s are not willing to follow that lead down the road to global ostracized starvation thru total isolation.

    those young Israeli’s give many of us hope. your stolen turf will collapse from within as more people in Israel realize that they don’t want any part of this mass murder to legitimize a theft and a lie.

    the vision of that 10 year old Palestinian bleeding out, the views of thousands of burnt to a crisp by White Phosphorous used in Gaza, and the never ending meddling by the mossad since Israel was artificially created by decree never will leave too very many of our minds.

    some of us won’t rest till your kind are driven out of Palestine, back to the region you came from.

    that wasn’t Palestine. It never was Palestine. and in the end, Palestine will be free of you.

    Noam Chomsky’s telling of the obvious doesn’t lend credit to him. It’s stark reality that anyone with a working brain can see. Israel is collapsing under the weight of it’s own hubris and mass murder.

    • Cassandra  October 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm

      Please don’t conflate me with them harry. I hear and understand the pain of your words, and I share it. But you are preaching to the choir; I agree with most of what you say.

      Let me be clear: NOTHING can justify the things Israel has done to a helpless people. NOTHING. The stories are endless and horrifying. Like you, I have spent my time ranting about them on blogs. And I wrote a piece recently asking (rhetorically) if the Talmud is justifiable as a religious text—–because of its clearly hostile content with regard to goyim, calling for persecution of us as a religious duty! To me, any people who revere such a scripture cannot ever hope to live in peace with us. And maybe they don’t care about peace with us anyway!—-because we aren’t human and they don’t care what we think. But the Jews who disagree with Talmud teachings should be condemning them and allying themselves with the rest of humanity, so that we can all be clear on who the villains are.

      Do you really imagine Noam Chomsky condones the crimes you describe? If he did, why would Finkelstein ever call him a friend? They were born Jewish but neither of them is a Talmudist. Must we tar every Jew on earth with the same brush?

  8. harry putter  October 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    one more thing, Cassandra. some of us won’t stop until the infestation that is Israel is gone from the face of the earth and even then we cannot undo the horrendous horror of what your khazarian family or tribe has done on this planet we share. best we can do is roll you back into whatever holes you sprang from in the Balkans, far from Palestine, and leave it at that.

    had you been nicer guests in the word in general, there wouldn’t be so much bitter angst about sharing things with your ‘tribe’ here, Cassandra, or whoever you are. most human beings are kind and to some extent, accommodating when asked politely to share even their land in an amenable agreement, not have it stolen by force from us.

    across history, your ‘tribe’ has fomented so much death and misery, that the trail of blood and death is so huge that there is no atonement for what you have done. most of us have no qualms with real sephardic jews, Cassandra. We only have issues with those of you who are thieves and murderers, and who steal land at the point of a bayonet or at the end of a howitzer barrel.

    a former alleged ‘jew’ friend of mine swore he was sephardic, when in fact, he was another fake, like you no doubt are. not one drop of judean bloodline in you, Cassandra or Sorcha or Michael or whoever you are truly.

    I can’t apologize for what people did in Chicago to you. I can only say that ‘what goes around, comes around’ and the world is awakened to what ZIONISM truly is and always has been. it is an evil malevolent and awkwardly inhumane, murderous force that cannot be dealt with using reason or normal means of discourse. what your people have done in the fomenting of wars and misery, pre-dating 1948 when you stole Palestine by artifice, is unconscionable and wrong. You perhaps did not do it, if you are who you say you are, but let’s get something clear here, Cassandra or Sorcha, or whomever; this world is sick and tired of the incessant bullshit and war criminality under zionist boots. we know what your tribe is. it is not
    truly jewish and it is not peaceful and it is not benevolent. it is hideously ugly and the only way the world can deal with zionism is to contain it, and hopefully someday eradicate it altogether.

    that day will come. it’s a just and reasonable ending for a tribe that has fomented untold human suffering and claims it has been the ‘victim’ when in fact, it has been the perpetrator of horriffic criminality globally.

    zionism will end, as will Israel. there can be no two state solution now. the only acceptable solution is to liberate Palestine and push all of you zionist into the sea or back into the Balkans where you sprang from, far far from Palestine.

    after a couple centuries of licking your wounds, if you all survive that, you can reintroduce yourselves back into the veldt as possible neighbors. but you all have a hell of a lot of bad bad karmic stuff on your tribe that can’t be absolved by any treaties or agreements at this point.

    if your tribe leans to coexist with others in peace, it might flourish and be altogether different.

    but in it’s present malevolent state, it must be gone. evicted. starved out. eradicated at all costs, and totally thrown out of Palestine.

    it is the only fair solution for Palestinians who have suffered under your tribe, Cassandra. they didn’t ask to be invaded by your type, and they’d like you all to leave. where you’ll go is anyone’s guess, as virtually all nations have had it with zionists khazarian frauds who aren’t even sephardic jews.

    time to pack up and get out of Palestine. it’s that simple. you’ve done enough damage globally, it’s time to cease it and desist, or face paying a horrible price that is long long overdue for your hubris and your death dealing.

    • Cassandra  October 5, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      “My tribe”? Not my tribe! You misunderstand me harry.

      And I’m not Sorcha or Michael or anyone else you’re thinking of, just an ordinary VT reader. But even if I were a member of the “tribe”, I would still condemn the Zionist state and what they’ve done under the justification of being the Chosen Ones—to whom God “promised” a piece of land belonging to others—and supposedly gave His Favorites license to wipe out everyone who gets in the way—on the theory that they are sub-human anyway and they don’t count. It’s pure evil and barbarity, a danger to all the rest of us.

      All I was saying in my post is, I have no evidence of Noam Chomsky being pro-Israel or an apologist for its war crimes. He has his flaws as I pointed out, but he is consistently anti-empire and pro-human rights. If you have something that contradicts this I’d like to know about it because maybe I missed it. Not every Jew is a Talmudist.

  9. Cassandra  October 4, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Actually I think you don’t know much about Chomsky harry. Here’s an article where he defends Finkelstein, who came to him for advice when he was a graduate student investigating Joan Peters’ falsified propaganda tome, From Time Immemorial. Finkelstein ended up devoting his dissertation to it, and Chomsky served on his dissertation committee because nobody else wanted to. They became good friends. I’ve never heard any bad word from Finkelstein against Chomsky.

    The Fate of an Honest Intellectual

    Here he lambasts Obama for being a disingenuous hypocrite on Palestine:

    And from a 2004 interview, his views on anti-semitism and anti-Arab racism:

    “I grew up with anti-Semitism in the United States. We were the only Jewish family in a mostly Irish- and German-Catholic neighborhood, which was very anti-Semitic and pretty pro-Nazi. For a young boy in the streets, you got to know what that meant. When my father was first able to get a secondhand car in the late ’30s, we drove to the local mountains and passed hotels that said “restricted” meaning “no Jews”. That was just part of life. When I got to Harvard in the 1950s, the anti-Semitism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. In fact, one of the reasons MIT is a great university is that people like Norbert Wiener couldn’t get jobs at Harvard—it was too anti-Semitic—so they came to the engineering school down the street. That was anti-Semitism. Now, it’s a very marginal issue. There is still racism, but it’s anti-Arab racism which is extreme. Distinguished Harvard professors write that Palestinians are people who bleed and breed their misery in order to drive the Jews into the sea, and that’s considered acceptable. If some distinguished Harvard professor were to write that Jews are people who bleed and breed and advertise their misery in order to drive Palestinians into the desert, the cry of outrage would be enormous. When Jewish intellectuals who are regarded as humanist leaders say that Israel ought to settle the underpopulated Galilee—meaning too many Arabs, not enough Jews—that’s considered wonderful. Violent anti-Arab racism is so prevalent that we don’t even notice it. That’s what we should be worried about. It’s in the cinema, advertising, everywhere. On the other hand, anti-Semitism is there, but very marginal.”

    And finally, (some overlap with that last one) a discussion of Israeli/US barbarity toward Palestinians:

    And here’s a brief description of his views on Zionism and a two-state solution:

    Do you have other Chomsky texts to share which contradict these?

  10. Coffeecrimson  October 3, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Personally, I don’t see some of the reasons for some of the posts insulting Chomsky. I thought what he said was very good. Israel is setting itself to be South Africa. The only difference is there is a walled off Gaza instead of the bantustans South Africa set up to put black South Africans into. I’m afraid that now all Jews are going to be painted as zionists. Am I wrong?

  11. Trowbridge Ford  October 3, 2011 at 7:07 am

    Debbie, Noam Chomsky is the subject of this thread, so in mentioning him, I was not dropping anything, particularly after I said that I neither liked nor trusted him.

    Why I felt this way was especially because of his having neither understanding nor sympathy for the difficulties JFK increasingly experienced until he was assassinated.

    I hoped that other posters would see that I am acquainted with Chomsky, and have long thought about what he is up to in examining international politics, so my evaluation of what he is doing now is not just some knee-jerk reaction.

    • Cassandra  October 3, 2011 at 3:45 pm

      Chomsky is the one who, 30 years ago, introduced my husband and me to the notion that the NYT, “the paper of record”, was not to be trusted. We were “good liberals” who worshiped newspapers, and we couldn’t imagine such a thing!—-thought he was a brilliant man, but he must be pretty “out there” politically. It took us a whole lot longer to finally see the NYT in action and realize Chomsky was right. He also, incidentally, single-handedly turned the academic field of early language acquisition on its head, at a very young age and sans doctoral degree—making B. F. Skinner and the verbal-learning crowd look like fools—-for which he was reviled until it became clear to everyone he was right and they were wrong. But admittedly he is a brittle person, short on social skills, and he easily alienates people.

      One thing I give Chomsky credit for is having an encyclopedic knowledge of US and foreign affairs and backing up his assertions about American empire with verifiable facts. That has been a very valuable contribution through the years. But like everyone else, he has his flaws. I am unaware of his statements about Kennedy; but when I heard him say a few years ago that it didn’t matter who did 9/11 because that debate was only a distraction from the imperative to focus on the evils of American empire—-he fell off his pedestal with a crash (for me), and now I see him as a very bright and dedicated human being with his own point of view, but not a god. I don’t view him as an intentional gatekeeper (though I could be wrong about that too), but just a stubborn guy who hasn’t ever examined the 9/11 facts because that would go against his determination to focus on American empire. There are a lot of good things about him: anti-elitism, anti-Zionism, respect for ordinary people, determination not to be a prima donna in spite of his fame. My view is that we should appreciate people for what they do well and recognize that everyone is going to fall short somewhere.

    • EagleFury  October 5, 2011 at 10:33 am

      Seconded, Cassandra. The integrity of Chomsky’s public arguments is suggested by the consistency with which he has articulated his unpopular positions. Posters castigating him, Amy Goodman and Thom Hartmann–who are, in fact, consistently calling out the US M-I-C–do all of us a disservice. Further, these skeptics are missing the point that, whatever Chomsky’s, Goodman’s and Hartmann’s speculated shadow motives (unknown to the rest of us because we cannot get inside their heads) they must be causing the Power Broker Status Quo fits in the sense that their investigations routinely puncture the “seamless” propagandistic narrative facade shielding the US/global perpetual war machine and its financiers. None of the sociopathic puppetmasters managing global affairs can be very happy with prominent voices such as these who consistently pull back the curtain on the M-I-C’s Wizard-of-Oz-like machinations, period.

  12. Trowbridge Ford  October 3, 2011 at 2:26 am

    I think that the post is a good one, as it shows that Israel’s supporters are starting to get worried about its future, and urging it to change its ways or else.

    I am acquainted with Chomsky, and neither like nor trust him, but his getting worried is a most good sign, as he is someone Tel Aviv will listen to.

    I never have gotten over his being totally uninterested in the plot which assassinated JFK, and stating that he was no better than the rest of them, especially LBJ, though he even was not the bottom of the barrel.

    Perhaps, this will induce Israel to take some preventive action against its alleged enemies, particularly Iran and Turkey, but other states, particularly the USA and Russia, must warn Israel that they will not tolerate any such action.

    Israel’s continued existence rests about it washing its hands of its Arab-Muslim dictators, and building a new relationship with Turkey and Iran.

    • peter  October 4, 2011 at 4:26 am

      good pov Debbie…

  13. John  October 2, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Big difference. South Africa didn’t own the U.S. Congress.

    Latest junket to Israel, paid for by AIPAC:

  14. harry putter  October 2, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Chomsky is a zionist. an apologist for the Israeli murdering of Sept. 11th., 2001.

    why post crap that comes out of his zionist face here? it serves no purpose.

    post it at Democrazy Now, another zionist site, but don’t put it here, please.

    • harry putter  October 3, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      no, the ilk of these zionists such as Chomsky and Goodman, and Hartmann, is to obfuscate the connections between zionists and what took place not just on 9/11 but thru American History.

      few people know that these scum have been meddling in American matters long before they took over the bank here in 1913, it dates all the way back to the revolutionary war, financing both sides of the thing for maximal profits. they’ve been linked to presidential assassinations here from Lincoln
      to Kennedy. 9/11 is just the tip of the zionist shit berg as I call it.

      so hawking these zionists views, via the Jew Dork Chimes as I call the NYT, with no offense to the 1 or 2 percent ‘real’ jews out there who are not these zionists, and there is a difference, by the way…is a very bad idea.

      VT should think twice before it gives web space to zionist propaganda machinery. it’s a bad idea.

      this place already is suspected of being fully a cointelpro outfit as it is, why add more gasoline to that fire with selling zionist propaganda and bullshit? not a good deal.

      these zionists want all blame deflected off of Israel for a litany of crimes against not only america but all humanity. the global backlash when it comes, virtually assures these zionists will not like the outcome of their incessant shekel grubbing and global shafting and murdering. It will end badly for them.

    • peter  October 4, 2011 at 4:21 am

      If it has been taken over by the elders of zion then what difference does it make? If you know its a a cointelpro (and certainly the Fetzer factor implies that) then you must know it…thus knowing it allows you to read between or beyond the lines….they do their own dis-service…it becomes clear to those who know better or are aware of the dynamic.

      The zionists have taken over government and are calling the shots and controlling the media and police…. if Ashraf Ezzat has been taken over by the power that is, then he is bound to have to produce acceptable articles…hence the “Chumsky Chunder”…its all cointelpro anyway…VT has big problems…it gets all sorts of things wrong and many authors like to deny comments that disagree with the authors view, meaning that it is controlled media and thus a cointelpro or disinfo site…thats why Fetzer is on board because he has endless banal argument to disgorge…

      The vets are going to NY to protect protestors ( a generous and honoyrable thing) and VY is supporting it – whilst it is not the best thing to do because when there is violence then the dynamic is broken and the PTB wins – Penumbra is right in his comment – the best defence is the silent or laughing in their face defence….think about yoall……

  15. GohBokhor  October 2, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Bibi has a combover and makes spit-fire, furious speeches at the podium with his finger raised, raising wide-eyed claims about his quest for racial purity in the homeland. He is heavily funded by US private and a militaristic menace to the region, never actually fighting a defensive war by the actual definition of the term.

    There’s no difference between him AND DAS FUHRER.


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