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Breaking: Iran and Israel Caught – Partnering in Nuclear Attack Ploy

Tel Aviv and Tehran Clergy in Oil Price – War Scare Fraud                     …Iran Nuke Arsenal Exposed

by  Editors Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean,  with Mike Harris


Whose Fortunes Will Be Sunk in the Persian Gulf ?

The news has been filled with stories of plans by Israel or the US to bomb Iran.  There was recently a series of accusations made against Iran involving the assassination of Saudi and other diplomatic officials. 

These accusations were quickly discarded by most press organizations as “far fetched” but, for some reason drew responses from the US, France and others, responses that were “non linear” at best. 

Why would President Obama threaten Iran over accusations that all the networks said were nonsense? 

Now, sources in Iran, at the highest levels, along with sources in the US and Britain, fearful of a “scam gone awry” tell of an extraordinary plot that is ready to unfold.

Secret contacts between Prime Minister Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khameni and counterparts in Israel, Russia and Turkey have been uncovered outlining a plan to stage an attack on Iran by Israel with full permission of the key groups within the leadership of the Iranian government and the clerics who oversee them. Members of opposition groups who have learned of this plan are livid.

The Sopranos Move to the Persian Gulf

The attack, scheduled for any day now, has one primary purpose. 

It is meant to stabilize both the Iranian and Israeli governments, both of which have strong opposition at home and face charges of corruption and to correct major regional financial disaster each confront. 

The “deal” between Israel and Iran is much closer to something out of the Sopranos than normal international relations.

This is pure “mob rule.”


Americans note that gasoline prices, recently at $4.50 per gallon, now approach $2.99 despite the continuation of artificial price supports due to illegal market speculation.

Gas price manipulation bankrupted the auto companies and has bled trillions of dollars out of the American economy that, not only destroyed our balance of trade but has lowered our standard of living.

This manipulation has been to prevent downward pressure on oil prices from three major market forces.

Will We Get the Old Gas Prices Back at This Critical EconomicTime - Or Will We Get Raped Instead?

1)  There has been an 8% decrease in demand for oil and other petrochemical products worldwide, causing massive downward pressure on oil prices.

Price platforms that had been over $150 per barrel (2008) with current futures trading up to $120 per barrel while actual sale prices according to Platts Marketscan are at $86.00 per barrel less discounts of up to $8.00. 

Corrected prices based on actual supply and demand would have oil at or below $60 per barrel and gasoline on the American market at $1.79 per gallon and on most European markets at E .79 per litre including all applicable taxes and fees. 

The truth about supply issues has been suppressed.  Not only is demand down but supply is skyrocketing. 

2)  Recent discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean and West Africa/Cameroon place available reserves at nearly 40% higher than estimated 3 years ago. 

Accurate reporting of these reserves would make oil futures virtually worthless, something that in a normal world would be of interest to the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Now its “big oil’s” time for its own “pump and dump” in the futures market.  With this comes more powerful political backing for this crazed and apocalyptic scheme.

3)  New gas pipelines have broken Russia’s stranglehold on the market for natural gas and will push costs and profitability in that commodity through the floor.


Thousands of Highly Mobile Silkworms Line the Persian Gulf


There is only one way to stabilize gasoline prices that are in “free fall,” closing the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow waterway serving Iraq, Kuwait and other Gulf States that is controlled militarily by Iran through its vast network of Silkworm missiles will do exactly that. 

Such an act would hit just like a worldwide oil embargo and could be triggered in hours by any Israeli attack on Iran. 

What had been seen, in the past, as a potential world disaster, is now just another way to make a quick buck, despite the fact that those involved are, at least according to stories in our press, “blood enemies.”


To Save Themselves Financially - Would They Do Something Crazy?

Iran’s government is unstable, unpopular, considered extremely corrupt and is subject to pressure both internally and externally and we note from the continual talk of “sanctions.”

Post revolutionary Iran has a theocratic government, whose elected officials are subject to oversight by a religious authority. 

However, it is the religious authority itself that is currently the subject of most accusations of corruption and reported to be behind this new deal with Israel.

Additionally, Iran had chosen to invest around the imagined stability of the Euro, both out of poor financial judgement and a belief it was a way of opposing the influence of the United States in the region. 

However, as the Euro is currently in total collapse and the banks looked to for providing support for the Euro, banks Iran is heavily invested in, are insolvent due to hundreds of trillions of Euros of “toxic assets,” worthless securities they have used to underwrite their most profitable lending activities. 

Thus, Iran’s financial picture isn’t very hopeful and much less so if oil markets are under threat.

A collapse of oil prices would lower Iran’s GNP (Gross National Product) significantly, causing additional social discord and the inability on behalf of the government to subsidize key constituencies.  Currently, veterans of the Iraq/Iran war are one of the key political constituencies in Iran and are very mobilized for political action.

They stand ready to act against the current government if financial policies threaten their interests, as does the military and the Revolutionary Guard.


Just look at Nigeria.  With a population of nearly 200 million, any cut in revenue due to falling oil prices would threaten their already beleaguered situation, a nation facing, not only terrorism but revolution.

Venezuela faces the same as does Ghana, Sudan, Chad, Angola, Tunisia, Indonesia and a dozen other nations without the financial wherewithal to remain stable with significant changes in the oil market.

Though “flush with cash,” the big loser is Russia, not just a potential big loser but also a “big player” in the region.


On June 18th, 2010, I wrote the following in Veterans Today:

Israel's Iran Strike Logistics Basing Area

A week ago, Israel leaked to the press that they had permission from Saudi Arabia to use their air space to attack Iran. The Saudi’s quickly denied this.

The effort on Israel’s part was a ruse to cover their real plans, to attack from the Republic of Georgia, close to Iran’s northern border.

However, the breakdown in relations with Turkey after miscalculating the response to their Flotilla raid on a Turkish ship in international waters may have ended this operation.

Israel, whose arms agreements with Turkey mounted to nearly $5 billion dollars over a period of years, had been training pilots in Turkey for bombing attacks on Iran. During these training missions, Israel was smuggling aircraft through Turkish airspace.

Turkey had allowed Israel to use their air space for training because their terrain closely resembled areas of Iran that Israel planned to attack. However, Turkey was unaware that planes involved in this effort were being relocated to forward staging areas in the Republic of Georgia, making Turkey, technically, fully complicit in this planned illegal attack.

Helping coordinate the attack are intelligence units forward stationed in Azerbaijan, under the guise of technicians, trainers and advisors under the broad armaments agreements with that small nation.

Supply operations, moving necessary ordnance, much of it supplied by the United States under ammunition storage agreements, is being moved through the Black Sea to the Georgian Port of Poti, a major site for exporting coal and manganese ore….

USS Graple

Cover for the supply operations is being performed by the Georgian Coast Guard, set up by Israel and manned with Israeli observers.

Their job is to keep Russian surveillance craft away from supply operations under the guise of a “Gaza type” naval blockade of Abkhazia, a separatist province supported by Russia….

US Naval forces began operating in the Black Sea in late May, with the USS Graple (T-ars 53), a service and salvage ship, visiting the Georgian port of Poti for joint military exercises which ended June 8th.

Prior to that, the last US Navy ship in the region was the USS John L. Hall (FFG-32), a Perry class guided missile frigate. A Russian spokesman said, “The US is trying to turn the Black Sea into an American lake.”

The US is also maintaining a training and observation command in Tiblisi, a unit from Ramstein AFB in Germany, that is coordinating air traffic and radar functions.

With regular visits by the US Navy scheduled and ramping up at the same convenient time Israel is building up its arms cache in Georgia for the upcoming attack on Iran, the current debacle with Turkey may have set things back or ended this gambit completely.

Turkish air controllers had to know something was afoot when the attack bombers failed to return to the agreed upon flight plans and return to Israel.

Russian made S-300 Air Defense Missiles

A critical issue, of course, is the S300 air defense system that Russia has agreed to withhold from Iran as part of the program of sanctions. The current Tor 1 system, though robust, can be defeated by a well planned low level attack.

As the use of Georgia may be seen as a provocation by Russia, even if the attacks never manifest as anything other than more “firing blanks” like Israel’s tussle with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Russia may reconsider the delivery of this vital defense technology.

Without the ability to use forward bases in either Georgia, Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, Israel would be unable to attack Iran at all except by flying a circuitous 4500 mile “each way” route or using the limited capabilities of its nuclear armed submarine off the coast of Iran. It is uncertain how Turkey will deal with the illegal use of their airspace by Israel as relations are already at a low ebb.

With a number of former Soviet airfields spread across Georgia and 4 of 5 fields in Azerbaijan available for operations and support, the region makes a perfect area for broad operations, not only against Iran but for movement of contraband of every variety.


Yes - America Has Been Talking to the Iranians

What we didn’t know but suspected, is that Iran and Israel had been doing more than talking in Dubai where both do more than occasional banking.

Back channel communications between the Iranian government and the US had been done through Indonesia with Robert Gates as initial intermediary.

Since that time, such talks have gone through many hands.  What we didn’t know is that “talks” included “plots.”

The current issue has an unusual flavor to it with money flowing freely into the hands of all involved.

Participation in such a plan, with the risk of nuclear war very real despite the careful mechanizations of the conspirators, could very well have ramifications leading to global war.

Wars have been started over less, as an assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 taught all of us.


Is Netanyahu Betting It All on a Grand Slam?

Israel gets to focus its internal problems on an external enemy and, in the process, get another “big win” like the one the US got when it killed the long dead Osama bin Laden.

Netanyahu’s belief is that his domestic opposition, more powerful than ever, will be silenced and his strained relations with the US will be repaired.

Added to “the deal” are provisions for generous financial windfalls for all involved.

Similarly, we have traced payments to Hamas made by Israel, stretching back many years.

We have also traced Israel’s control in a number of publications supposedly dedicated to the Palestinian cause, all carefully used by Israel to orchestrate tensions and derail any potential trust or cooperation.

The supposed “anti-zionist” Palestinian publications and select Islamic organizations, particularly in Lebanon, have been among Israel’s most valuable assets.

Now with the discovery of the covert relationship between Israel and Iran, this has become much more understandable, particularly in light of the new-found fear of political destabilization as Israel primary “assets” in the region, Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya have both fallen to what we hope will be democratic regimes.


Thermonuclear Warhead

We had been receiving information about nuclear weapons in Iran for several months.  Sources were given that had not checked out, Pakistan, North Korea, South Africa and even Israel.

However, one source did check out, the Ukraine.  We don’t have the exact date or number but we are told that the Ukraine sold Iran 6 thermonuclear warheads, probably in or around 2003.

Iran was fearful of US forces on both borders and nuclear weapons would have only been usable as a “last resort,” not against Israel but against American armies moving into Iran.

That the warheads are from an American ally, one being courted for NATO membership at the time, made this issue one of great sensitivity.

It was easier to continue talking about nuclear programs that didn’t exist than weapons that did.

For Iran, these weapons, back in 2003 at least, were going to be a great surprise to the neocons at PNAC (Project for a New American Century) that had planned their demise.  Things never got that far.

Now Iran is stuck with weapons they can never use, not against Israel, certainly not against American forces in Iraq who are currently in full scale withdrawal.  Each weapon has taken on the effect of being an albatross around Iran’s neck, far more of a security risk than asset.


Discussions within the Iranian clergy, unknown to their new Israeli friends, indicate that these nuclear devices, each deliverable by ballistic missile, will be made operational as a “safety measure.”  What can they be thinking?

One must realize that this is the same religious organization that regularly has government officials charged with witchcraft.

This highly classified information is being published at great risk by many in America, Great Britain and Iran in hopes that that the “clear light of day” will bring about a period of reflection and a restoration of sanity.

Major Offshore Oil and Gas Fields in Good Water

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159 Responses to "Breaking: Iran and Israel Caught – Partnering in Nuclear Attack Ploy"

  1. Joe  November 5, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    It is very beneficial to both Israel and Iran (Persia) and even Turkey now that they appear as enemies of each other so that the Arabs can be kept at bay and duped by them since the majority Arabs are the most numerous and dangerous group to these Middle East minority groups. It was with Israel’s help that Iran was able to resist Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war since everyone else was mostly on Iraq’s side. The Israeli bombing of the Iraq Osirak nuclear reactor during the Iraq-Iran war greatly helped Iran since Saddam would not be able to use nuclear weapons against Iran. After getting such help, Iran was very grateful.
    Also, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was the number one supporter of the Palestinians and an enemy of Iran.

  2. OS  November 5, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Let’s see,

    China supplies weapon systems to Iran, and Iran supplies weapon systems to Middle Eastern countries were US Soldiers are located.

    YOU FORGET ANOTHER SUPPLIER, the one WITH KNOWLEDGE OF ALL ABOVE and wanted to supply arms to China. Yes, the last US leader (Oil Man) knew all and more. I believe it had to do with those big Chinese oil deals in Iraq.

    In about 2003, small company is being investigated for illegally shipping sensitive components to China…..this makes sense because of the above supply chain.

    However, the systems being developed can be modified and used as missile guidance systems, they even passed scientific documents as well. Now, I knew all the above, and this Ranger tried to stop this activity to protect our soldiers in the Middle East (family tradition). NATIONAL SECURITY RISK

    Here’s where it gets worse, a Federal Agency and US Commerce Department had knowledge this small company was partnered with largest Chinese Weapons Developer, called “502”. The agency knew this company was Weapons Company, and they were seeking more information.

    The investigation and evidence was overwhelming, so it went to the top leader, your former president. Who “stopped” the investigation…..? Knowing the all the above, yes, sensitive components, inertial scientific documents and systems, and partnership with largest Chinese Weapons Company. Your last leader knew all.

    Now the small company would hire someone from this leaders family, and later the leaders family company (stock) (the C. Group) would partner with the corporation whose two retired executives owned the small company, to make arms deal with China through the “Company X”.

    Months later “Company X” would be sold to British Arms Company. To cover the trail of International Crime…and the small company would be sold to European Company to move from US. They were trying to clean the mess.

    You forgot about our last leader’s job, and this was “Supplying China”, who supplied “Iran”, who supplied other countries in the “Middle East” where are troops were located.

    But don’t worry, it’s only business, “Oil Business”. I wonder what our soldiers returning from the Middle East will do, when they discover the above.

    I guess when this leader is forced into court; it will all the criminal activities will be exposed.

    Don’t worry Gordon, they won’t shoot at you….only me. I am fairly good at dodging bullets.

    Where the Hell is Jim Fetzer? Research this….. and (JC), you can take a look.

    • OS  November 5, 2011 at 9:41 am

      I waiting to testify against George B. in court…..so let’s keep things moving. Soon.

  3. akuaku  November 5, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Israel is kiddnapped, just like the rest of the world… the black nobilty, the Vatican, the Nazis and more Babylonian scumbags these are the people behind the scenes 🙂

  4. If true....  November 3, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    This is a sick circus. Almost makes you give up and suport a loyal 6-pack.

  5. Brainwashed by FOX !  November 1, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    What a load of Crap ! The Iranian Politicians have no use for material wealth , they only seek spiritual wealth . They even get audited when they start their jobs with Government , they must leave the job with no more than they start with . Ahmadinejad has a modest little house he inherited when his father died , he refuses his Government pay as he says it belongs to the people he serves . He lives on $250 per month that he gets paid for teaching at the University . The man doesn’t even have a bed , he sleeps on the floor on a blanket (Google it) . If Obama or any other of the Zionist twits you guys vote in were half the man Ahmadinejad is your country would not be in the mess it is and you would be safe walking the streets and you wouldn’t need a Militia to fight to get your freedoms back !

  6. Sean  November 1, 2011 at 8:17 am

    I see the Insanity here has reached Critical Mass. So know the Jooos and Eyeranians are working together to bomb Iran? for a S-3 clerk you sure have an imagination thats wild.

    • Jim W. Dean  November 1, 2011 at 2:18 pm

      Sean, Jeff Gates would be calling this ‘preparing the minds’, where the public has been hearing about it for so long, when it finally happens there is not the big shock wave. And because there was not a lot of opposition to an attack while in the pre-staging…even from our own government, the folks just assume it was done for their security.

      This is why we always get real nervous we were start hearing the war drums beating. And what was so scary with this piece, in the past we felt that the economic devastation would be a big break on the thing, we were presented with a scenario that there are some powers who feel that they would benefit from it…crazy as that sounds

      Gordon still did some PressTV interviews today so they have not done a Voo Doo doll number on him yet.

  7. Steve  November 1, 2011 at 6:15 am

    More claims of Iran having nukes in this article at the Washington Times – “Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons ” by a guy that was supposedly a double agent in the RG. It certainly seems plausible they would have been willing to pay big bucks to get some, but not that they would want to get rid of them in these times. And they have threatened a big surprise for whoever attacks them.

  8. 60sstreetpunk  November 1, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Thanks for info, JD and jj and for article .

  9. jj  October 31, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Kudos to Gordon and Jim on a great article. Nothing in it is a big surprise to me though. Suspected it…

    Yes, Ahmadinejad is as phony as a 3-dollar bill, has always been. One of the dead giveaways about him has been his use of Masonic hand signals.

    Dictatorial regimes ARE corrupt, within 5 minutes of attaining absoloute power.

    The more of these regimes that fall, the more dangerous the remaining ones get. Think of cornered animals..

  10. 60sstreetpunk  October 31, 2011 at 2:13 am

    So is Amidinejad another fake? Can anything be believed?

    • Jim W. Dean  October 31, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      There is a long history of some of these countries dealing with Israel quietly for many years now. You can start with the Gulf countries. When it comes to business and making some dough, and ideology gets condensed down to making money.

      I did not really learn this until I was invited to Dubai for a week. As part of my interview tour we of course stopped by the Palestinian mission. Before we went over my host surprised me be asking if I minded being photographed by the Israeli’s going into the mission, as they did everyone.

      I explained of course that they already have my name and address and copies of my shows that they found interesting, the The Siege of the Church of the Nativity.

      She filled me in that all of these countries are operating on multiple levels all of the time. The Gulf states in particular have good control over not worrying about things getting reported that they don’t want.

      For Iran, you can just go back to Iran/Contra…where the Israelis were the middle men, a honed skill they have. But they also always have their gate keepers who promote them. They cannot operate alone.

    • dirt  November 5, 2011 at 6:33 am

      KBR and Halliburton make a fortune with Iran. Made the news once. I’m sure Gordon skipped that part of their 10-k when he ‘pitch forked’ his money over.

  11. Ken Rechtstein  October 30, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    @Dave, dig a little deeper and you will find that the name of the game is simply “Regime Change” through “IMPLOSION”, timing local populace discontent with staged events (might include military ops) and ‘Hasbara’ style prime news.

    Wikileaks’ Julian Assange started it …on command … His leaks created the necessary mistrust in the Arab-Muslim countries against their rulers… as a first step for what will come later: “the so-called Arab Spring”. The next countries targeted for “Regime Change” are “Niger” (not to confound with Nigeria), “Algeria” and “Mali”. Syria is 35% through the process.

    Iran, with its 80 million population and strategic location (neighbor to Afghanistan-Iraq-command over the Hormuz Strait) and, being a buffer for the Russian Federation, is more complicated to deal with, hence the formula of trying to decapitated its leadership by discrediting it internally and scaring the western business sector with what will hit every economic sector hard, i.e. exorbitant oil prices nobody will be able to afford… which will result in a paralysis of most non military production in all the Western hemisphere except Norway…

    It’s the best drum beat to achieve a consensus for an attack against Iran, where the civilian casualties would be in the millions…

    Fact is: This is a continuation of the same policy of war against the Muslims, because the Muslims constitute the ONE and ONLY contention wall against the New World Order… It is the structure of society in the Muslim world that prevents the advance of the NWO, not the religion Islam itsef.

    Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a secular society and to some extent Libya under Gaddafi too. The Agenda is Regime Change, to do business according to western banking traditions and rules… One Central Bank controlled by the Rothschilds, everybody in line and behaving according to what the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons dictate to the USA-EU and get negotiated separately with behind closed doors with Russia and China. Japan has no say… like Germany… Japan’s role is to keep the wheels spinning, Germany, the same… and whenever it has a superavit, a crisis will emerge somewhere, within the Euro Zone, and the Germans will be asked for Bail Out money, as usual…

    • Ken Rechtstein  October 30, 2011 at 9:44 pm

      Please Read, 3rd line from the bottom:”…get negotiated separately with China and Russia”…

    • Gordon Duff  October 31, 2011 at 9:02 am

      You are so irriating.
      You turn out such good shit then you get “strange.”

      Do come to this realization, Gaddafi may well have been a member of the Rothschilds.

      He and his family certainly worked with them continually.

      Go study now.

    • Gordon Logan  November 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

      The most sensitive secret in plain sight is the colossal wealth and power of the Rothschilds. They are the NWO or the World Government or whatever you like to call it. Here in China, a three volume work on the power and crimes of the Rothschilds have appeared. It’s by Song Hongbing, who spent many years working in the US banking system. He reckons that the Rothschilds must be worth hundreds of trillions. His books have been bestsellers since 2007 and have reportedly become the bedtime reading of the Chinese leadership. Any geopolitical article that doesn’t mention the word ‘Rothschild’ needs editing. The question is this: have the Rothschilds finally decided that the time has come to sacrifice Israel in order to take down Iran? Meir Dagan and Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi have been purged – they led the Israeli opposition to the Iran adventure. Gates has been replaced by the spineless Panetta. The Rothschilds are desperate – they lost Russia in 2003 and China in 2005. So the balance since the 9/11 operation has been largely negative – apart from getting us all groped at the airport. This is the endgame of the fractional reserve banking racket and there are very few people on the planet with anything to gain from the chaos that the Rothschilds are offering – least of all American officers and soldiers. The above story conceals the real instigators of Netanyahu’s folly.

  12. 60sstreetpunk  October 30, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    So what are we supposed to believe in this world?
    I give up- nothing is for real. So Amidinejad is just another BS artist?

  13. Allen L Roland  October 30, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Kudos to Gordon and Jim for this article. I’m not saying I completely agree with its premise but I respect the courage and integrity of the authors in sharing their insights and research. What it does do is force me to dig deeper beneath the main stream spin and probe further into the global stategies and devices of a Mad Max world scrambling for its precious and vanishing natural resources like oil.

    • Gordon Duff  October 30, 2011 at 12:58 pm


      WE didn’t put this out for readers, knew it would drive some nuts. We did it so obviously that it is meant to stop the operation.

      Also….the leak on Iran nukes…pushed on us by the brits all along was verified out of Russia and the Ukraine. Thus, leaking it now is less…harmful. It gives Iran negotiating room.

      We have solid intel.

      Also…we got more on Syria and Hizbollah…some I don’t begin to know how to leak.

      Blackmail maybe?

      It is that bad. Focus needs to go to Syria…that is being reported poorly….Iran’s involvement and who is paying off Hizbollah and the secret deal between Syria and Israel.


  14. A J MacDonald Jr  October 30, 2011 at 1:43 am


  15. DaveL  October 29, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    When does the next flight to MARS leave, and are there still any seats available? How about the MOON. Have the sinking feeling that it is “half-past-time” to get-the-hell-outta-dodge!

    • DaveL  October 29, 2011 at 9:45 pm

      The reason I am “late to this party” is simple. When I read information with the implications suggested here, I automatically revert to “study mode”, not simply “read it” mode. What initially appears ludicrous on the surface, begins to “ring true” deep beneath the surface.

      I do my best to maintain an open mind in a world that has been documented on countless occassions to apply every method available to “keep my mind closed/controlled”. And don’t confuse an “open mind” with an “empty mind”. I am no “leaf at the mercy of prevailing winds”.

      If your sources are solid, the potential ramifications of this story are well………..beyond imagination with respect to a potential future FOR ALL OF US. May ethical, humanitarian, intelligent minds prevail.

    • Jim W. Dean  October 29, 2011 at 10:17 pm

      Dave, When have been on the Attack Iran story for some time, tracking all the parties who were pushing for it. The Air Force was all aboard here, and the ground forces were not as there asses were hanging out to dry on having their supply lines cut….and being used for cannon fodder again.

      We just had too much confirmation not to put it out. In fact, not that I think of it, I am going to try to dig up the oil find maps in/off Cameroon. They are huge.

  16. Dennis  October 29, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    If anyone has any doubts about the 15,000 nukes in Russia let’s have a go of it. Anyone thinking they have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs over the years is nuts as is this article.

  17. Kizer  October 29, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    Those old Russian nukes are useless. Plutonium cores go bad after around 15 years due to the build up of the decay product Americium, a potent neutron absorber. A criticality leading to nuclear explosion becomes impossible. Additionally by this time, the radiation flux from the cores would also have seriously degraded the initiating explosive and likely electronics. Interesting museum specimens, but useless as military devices.
    Sound like some some Nigerian yellow cake. Those “livid members” of the Iranian opposition, who take generous donations from “western” donors, have fed someone a line. Err.. maybe drunken used auto salesmen from Austin are trying to blow up the Saudi ambassador. Don’t mind the smell of MEK in the air.

    • DaveL  October 29, 2011 at 10:01 pm

      Actually this “drunken used auto salesman was from Corpus Christi, TX. Curious about your “qualifications” to describe the “useless nature” of the older nukes in circulation today?!? Always happy to receive ongoing educational information from the “experts”.

  18. Jim W. Dean  October 29, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    “Why would VT get this great inside info?”

    Stop, We have stopped things from happening in the past. That is known in some circles. So they contact us. Nothing unusual about it. A lot of the people have known each other for many years

    And yo…stophypocrisy….how many Libyans do you think would have died otherwise? And we are aware of no bogus information. The pro Gaddafi crowd is totally discredited in the eyes of the world now and are just floundering around to find some Styrofoam to stay afloat on.

    The Intel on Libya is a slam dunk and our articles cover it well. The Gaddafi claimed mass casualties, have you noticed with all the real media in there now, not the Gaddafi shills that once ruled…almost none of that stuff is being substantiated?

    And are you suggesting that after a brutal regime has been overthrown where torture and rape were instruments of state power, and those involved were known, that some of them aren’t going to get visited by the relatives of those killed?

    You can’t bluff your way here on the Gaddafi garbage. You are in way over your head. Again, there will be a forensic audit on the Libyan war and the Gaddafi regime history. It will be massive. You will go quiet after that, or change your posting name (which is more usual).

    • Debbie Menon  October 29, 2011 at 2:29 pm

      “Stop, We have stopped things from happening in the past. That is known in some circles. So they contact us. Nothing unusual about it. A lot of the people have known each other for many years”

      Interesting Jim.

      Hmm I suspect … and if I am correct, the next “9-11” will be big and deadly enough that only a major nation such as Pakistan or Iran will be creditable enough to lay the blame on. Something nuclear, no doubt!

      That is why we have been hearing so much from the MSM and other vendors, about all of these “missing nukes” from South Africa; the Broken Arrows which may or may not have been recovered; those nuclear war heads and missiles which are unaccounted for after the USAF Minot flight; the Korean nuclear intransigence and bellicosity, and other tales upon which all of these depend and feed.

      In order to involve Iran in what is about to happen they have to create a credible story of how they got a nuke, at least one!

      Earlier there was talk of Iran and Pakistan together in covert operations and support which made it look like they were aiming at producing a “double header,” or a “double feature.” Two enemies for th price of one bang!

      I think it is going to be….Either Pakistan, Iran, or both, and nuclear!

      And… pretty soon… probably before the elections in the US. Do it on the Obama administrations credit card and the US, if anything is left after the fallout, will be assured of a Republican administration for as long as people remember.

    • Demarche  November 1, 2011 at 7:51 am

      Analysis, right on.

    • OS  November 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm


      B.S. for money…..

  19. Ken Rechtstein  October 28, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Mike Harris, I want to hear it from you: What will Iran gain by staging a plot with Israel, so it gets attacked by Israel?

    Please be explicit and state whatever benefit, you think Iran’s actual leadership is hoping to derive from such a scheme… Martyrdom will not be accepted as a motivation…

    • Mike Harris  October 29, 2011 at 4:46 pm

      Hello Ken,
      What the ruling class in Iran gets are several significant benefits, primarily they get to retain their current positions at the head of Persian/Iranian Society, instead of having to crush the current internal unrest.(Remember the results of the Arab Spring on the former leadership of the countries involved) The attack by Israel is to be “Limited” which I interpreted as: it will possibly occur in a remote area with pre-calculated acceptable civilian casualties, with acceptable damage to meaningful infrastructure, most damage will be window dressing, out dated facilities etc. there will be causalities, but from a group or region that is out of favor with the Mullahs?? Second: they drive the global price of oil to new historic high levels, boosting the Iranian GDP and cash flow. This is to occur at a time when the there is a global financial contraction. If Iran has money when other countries are facing bankruptcy that alone enhances their regional and global position, influence and power. Third: they will need to replenish the arms and weapons expended in the “Defense” of the country. The Mullahs will broker the deal and make a significant profit by resupplying their own country. Another major benefit will include acquiring new advanced technologies from their suppliers, as the need is now justified by the Israeli attack, (remember Russia agreed to provide state of the art SAM-7 air defense missiles but has since failed to implement the sale to Iran, they are currently negotiating for other even more advances systems). I am highly confident that there are many side deals for those higher up in the religious and political leadership, that will do a great deal in enhance their personal fortunes. The people that have advance knowledge of the event can play the market to their advantage, all clean and legal. Imagine if the Straits of Hormuz are closed for a month or three, the global price of oil will exceed $200/barrel perhaps higher, instead of falling to $60/barrel. Do the math on this, it is a very strong incentive for the involved parties to make this type of deal.
      I am currently investigating other highly sensitive potentials, but that is the confirmed intel I have so far. I am not free to discuss my current investigations at this point.
      As usual the regular people will suffer from this, but the ruling class will benefit immensely. The more I learn, the uglier this gets. I hope you understand the position I am in. I hope that the response I have provided is satisfactory for now.
      Best Regards,
      Mike Harris

    • Ken Rechtstein  October 30, 2011 at 2:51 am

      Good morning Mike,
      Thank you for answering my question. It does remind of the “Pear Harbor like disaster”, the PNAC GANG was asking for and got handed over by the Bush administration, i.e. 9/11.

      Nevertheless, 1) how would the Iranians profit from the price hike of an oil, they can’t ship out of the country if the Hormuz Strait is closed? 2) Besides, (hypothetically) If such a deal has been or is being negotiated with Israel, it must have the agreement of at least 4 parties in Iran: a.- The Ayatollah; b.- The executive branch, i.e. President Mahmud Ahmadinejad: c.- The regular Armed Forces and, d.- The Revolutionary Guard, which will make it impossible to achieve.

      Any of the 4 parties I mentioned that will take the initiative to put it on the table for discussion, will be considered as TRAITOR by at least 2 of the others participants.

      The Iranian Power Structure per se would never permit such a thing to happen. I do not doubt your integrity, but it is possible that the info, you and Gordon were given is chicken feed. I would not speculate about the motives of the source, without having at hand formal evidence that said deal do exist.
      All the best

      I think that the main aim of allegations like those stated in the article, is to trigger adverse feeling from the Iranian people toward its leadership, by insinuating that the Ayatollah and the Govt are planning to slaughter their own folk (Bush-MOSSAD style = 9/11) for financial gain and to stay in power…

    • PersianAdvocate  October 30, 2011 at 11:53 am

      Mike, $500/barrel for oil they can’t produce and ship safely – and for which there will be far fewer buyers. Demand is the other half of value.

      They would invite an outside nuclear strike when purportedly they have 12 of their own, that they are desperate to get rid of.

      None of it makes sense unless Khamenei is a puppet of the same order as the rest. This is the thesis of your pronouncements basically.

    • Gordon Duff  October 30, 2011 at 12:54 pm

      We only wrote what we know.

      As for the rest….you are looking at some options but take the clock back to 2003…and start evaluating there.

      Where you are off track….the then program was unsuccessful but America was ready to hit Iran in force from Iraq thus the need to buy weapons immediately instead of ramping up a program which would force an invasion…



    • PersianAdvocate  October 30, 2011 at 8:29 pm

      The nukes were a deterrent or a means of answering a threat in order to quell further attack. I get it. Israel would have to be suicidal in order to attack Iran anyway. Somehow I think we’ve all prayed too hard for this to happen, and it’s now a prophecy in action. 😉 It is more likely than not Iran has these nukes and it is an Iranian Fort Knox to penetrate. Even without, Israel would still have to be suicidal…

      One medium sized forest fire had Netanyahu’s pants down asking Turkey to piss down his throat to put out the fire in his American/Palestinian blood filled belly. I say play with the Persian cat’s tail to the rat, and make sure to enjoy your last game!

      The part that’s Taco Bell beef is that certain Iranian hardliners would wage a war in order to simply unite Iranian sentiment behind them. The Mullahs have survived fine for 32+ years now with dissent being their main course. And as far as dissent goes, that only applies to the government’s domestic policies. It’s a mistake to think that Iranians do not agree, worldwide and in the super majority, with the Iranian government’s foreign policies. As you can see, so do many other people. On the basis of foreign affairs, Iran has found a niche on a truer platform than others. And Iran enjoys popular support in the streets against Israel and the US, a sure means to ensure that it will be a strong regional player. Thus, there is no need to polarize the region unless it would want to OPEN a means for Israel to be able to advance its plans for regime change. Why open a closed system for a meaningless benefit? That’s not the Mullahs — that’s the type of thing Israel’s deranged government would do.

  20. Cloak And Dagger  October 28, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Gordon continue to be an enigma to me. A spate of great posts, and then some of the recent ones like this one. I really don’t know what to make of it.

    Sorry don’t buy this one at all.

    • Jim W. Dean  October 29, 2011 at 10:38 am

      Cloak, It was posted because it was confirmed with hard Intel sources in multiple countries, a rarity for something like this. We just could not just sit on it. Up till know we had been getting whiffs of stuff…but then it just all came together.

      And we put this out at more than a little risk. We are not just playing with our readers here.

    • equalizer  October 29, 2011 at 10:58 am

      interesting gas station pic….interesting ownership…..


  21. rgalton  October 28, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    It’s (another) hole in one for Gordon Duff.

  22. Patrick Sullivan  October 28, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    “Velocity Power sources” are a fact of life. Hundreds of machines have already been demonstrated, and it is only a matter of time now before commercial devices are available.

    These machines derive their heat and electrical energy from the high speed motion (Nearly 600 miles per second) of our combined planetary, solar and galactic velocities.

    Basically, its Tesla type technology; harnessing the power of the Cosmos.

    These types of machines have been been blocked by the usual suspects since 1906. Is this a case of “Better late than never?”

  23. Steve  October 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Interesting but hard to see how it would be supposed to work. The ostensible point of an Israeli attack would be to knock out Iran’s nuclear capacity, which means credibly attacking certain known fixed targets and destroying them, which in the case of say Bushehr would irradiate a large area. Anything less would be window dressing. And Iran would then have to credibly respond, with concomitant escalation entailed. So there would have to be a lot of damage indeed, and that is assuming either side didn’t ‘overstep the mark’ and go all out. The costs of such a scenario to Iran especially would seem to be too great to merit serious consideration (on their part), they would either have to take too much damage or respond so strongly that it gets out of control (or both). It would only make sense if either side thought they could use it to wipe the other out, ie a trap, but would either be that dumb to fall into it? Seems unlikely – both have survived well enough til now.

  24. Flotsam  October 28, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    “…Israel is probably the gopher as usual…On the other hand, maybe there’s secret plan to setup Israel, for massive retaliation after the attack. I have absolutely no doubt the pack above is waiting for the perfect opportunity.

    And also have absolutely do doubt they know where every single Warhead is located in this tiny country…” – Quote from OS

    Israel is no gopher in the “region”…it is a malignant tumour that has aggressively spread it deadly roots in the entire Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world.

    It and its Global Lobby is responsible for virtually all of the wars, conflicts and financial disasters around the world. Here you are, being an apologist for this vile, alien settler colony of Khazars from Europe who were awarded by the Occident, this Muslim, Arab and Asian land (Palestine) in return for some wrongs, done by some European Christians to some European Jews, in Europe. This is the height of perverseness, deceit and injustice!

    And Israel is not “small”. It is the only country of the world with no defined borders, which grow each day with its perpetual theft of what remains of the old Palestine / Occupied Territories, as well as it occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights. This savage, illegitimate entity covets swathes of the Middle East, particularly from the Nile to the Euphrates in its pipe dreams of ‘Eretz Israel’ (Greater Israel). It will not be satiated until this entirely goyim region is enslaved to Khazars..

    And no other country can “secretly set up Israel” for it is this Israel that is responsible “setting up” other nations, groups and individuals and it is largely responsible for almost all secret plots and false flags around the world.

    The Hasabara defence and apologia for it is rather revolting, regurgitating the tired Zionist line that Israel is a purported “democratic bastion of the West” in a sea of mad, Muslim Asiatics, “small”, “vulnerable”, a land “promised by “God” “to the “special” alien species that occupy it presently. Self-serving drivel.

    If any goyim country colludes with Israel, it will be ruined. If Iran really is working with Israel over this nuclear issue as posited, Iran is shooting itself in the foot. Israel and its Global Lobby always burn everyone after using them (Just look at the quarter Jewish Gaddafi as well as Mubarak).

    • OS  October 31, 2011 at 6:47 pm


      You don’t know this pack? I worked in Asia and in Beijing for many years…..you must be joking.

  25. rachel  October 28, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    the thesis presented does have some good points. I can only call it a thesis cause there is not evidence to back up with sources. An attack on Iran would only ebenfit Iran. Israel would look really bad if they attacked Iran. It would only help Israel internally not externally.

    creating an artifical shortage of oil will also plung the US economy deeper inton the hole. It was boost the petro dollar but only temporary. The dollar is still doomed to fail.

    the best thing that could happen is oil goes back down in price. Let the market correct itself. this will strengthen the dollar and help the economy world wide.

  26. GohBokhor  October 28, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Albatross – Water water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink…

    Gordon, credible Iranian officials that I know tell me they think you’ve been sold a bad fairy tale as well as a lot of counter-narrative web publishers this week. I think so, too. I would be happy to serve as a “untrustworthy” source checker for you with regards to the Iranian world. I would welcome your scrutiny against my opinion in that regard as well, but it is always better to hear the totality of arguments. You can vet me, just let me know if you’re interested.

    • Gordon Duff  October 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm

      When you come up with references in Soviet and Russian intelligence, the government of the Ukraine and the Revolutionary Guard of Iran plus other unnamed sources I will, more or less, predict that your ideas come from your favorite websites.

      As far as what you are saying about Iran….you must be kidding.

      Do this, give me something of substance on Iran to prove what you know.

      You failed miserably this time.

      Try again….there is much to tell…..but none of it seems to come from you or your “credible sources.”

      If you have friends who are extremely senior in the Iranian military….better if retired….you can ask about me.

    • PersianAdvocate  October 28, 2011 at 3:40 pm


      I will contact you with any information like that rather than post it here. Like I said, I’m not being defensive here towards your scrutiny or skepticism — actually, I welcome it. I’m simply offering some support that I will explain further privately. I wouldn’t be able to provide you a single source outside of Iran (particularly in Russia or Ukraine). But, also, I think you are defending apples and I was critiquing oranges, a possible misdirection due to my Albatross quote. I didn’t really doubt your Ukranian nuke connection – that was plausible to me, actually. Your albatross analogy also made it more convincing – it’s something in line with the MO/realm of possibilities.

      And as far as the collusion goes by and between Israel and Iran, this scenario has played itself out before with the abdication of the Shah, where one country was picked to bring about a price for the oil markets. Rafsanjani (keep your eyes on him) et. al. know this. Khomeini was flown in on an Air France plane with a BBC correspondent while Reza Pahlavi complained no media outlet would even return his calls. Unlike Gaddafi and Saddam, Reza’s security apparatus didn’t involve him in a lot of the wrongdoing against the people or mischaracterized it. Reza abdicated willingly and even was the first to dub the series of protests a “revolution”, a strategic error in the cutthroat game of State governance/world domination. But the similarities are all there. His model was one to repeat, and they did – just recently. Khomeini’s rise is also clouded in mystery, his escape to Iraq provided for by a “brutal Shah dictator” who couldn’t come to kill a sworn mortal enemy. A man that came from Kashmir, spoke Farsi like an uneducated person… and was helped in by Western intelligence (and, of course, Mossad). My sources were in Tehran during the revolution right next to the Shah’s compound. Their estate was one of the first seized. They saw agent provocateurs (foreign) trying to emulate shakily the Farsi on their paper that read, “Marg bar Shah”, on to the brick walls with chalk. They constantly saw movements in and out of the compound of Israeli and American officials/intelligence. The Shah didn’t keep the CIA’s extensive operations in his own country a secret either. He just wasn’t given a clear picture himself.

      Also, we have the Israeli arms sales to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. Clearly, these States engage in Kissingerian realpolitik at times. Trita Parsi scratched the surface in his book. Someone else commented about backchannel trading by and between Israel and Iran here. Those aren’t official trade channels, but literally merchants committing underground arms length transactions. The idea that Iran would risk the image problem that would result from someone uncovering that they still sell pistachios to Israel by official channels is a little absurd. If anything, Iran’s government has proven itself to be an expert and employing benefit-risk analyses as a methodology for diplomacy or otherwise.

      I don’t doubt your sources, I doubt the information that an Iranian faction is colluding with Israel to invite a nuclear strike. Because with articles like yours, there is no need for an actual strike. Shaoul Mofaz, the former transportation minister of Israel, only had to wax poetic about Israel striking Iran on Israeli news sites in ~2006 to send up oil prices $11 in one day. In addition, there are various other ways to bring about a price than war. For instance, having someone slip you bad information so that you publish it. It may have been that they overestimated your impact on US Media, thinking that this story would run everywhere like wild fire. They may have also been sending out a litmus test to see how the US media works — do they take a wild idea and run it blindly as with Holder and the Assassination Plot of the Century (so funny) or is it far more controlled as they suspect? Can they plant stories also, in other words? Seems so, but not in the major stratosphere of what would affect American popular opinion.

      One more thing: in the instance of a war, Iran would have trouble producing and distributing its oil, no? Cost-benefit analysis doesn’t seem to work here. Anyway, I’ll contact you.

    • Ken Rechtstein  October 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm

      @PersianAdvocate, I totally agree with your line of thinking, specially: “If anything, Iran’s government has proven itself to be an expert and employing benefit-risk analyses as a methodology for diplomacy or otherwise”.

      For westerners, to understand nowadays Iran, they have to start there and, stop thinking about themselves as master strategists with superior brains, because the other part speak farsi and wears clothes distinct to what they associate with modernity…

    • Jim W. Dean  October 29, 2011 at 11:36 am

      “I don’t doubt your sources, I doubt the information that an Iranian faction is colluding with Israel to invite a nuclear strike.”

      Persian. Not a nuclear strike..but one to attack a place so all can claim Iran’s nuclear capability is not off the table, and the other reasons mentioned. And this by no means would have been voted on by the Parliament or would be widely known, of course.

      And the framing for it is perfect. There are tremendous stresses going on now with tremendous upheavals that could be triggered. A lot of these leaders are walking on egg shells. What historically has been done to solve such difficulties? The big diversion. This is not a science fiction plot we are suggesting here.

      We covered with Lee Wanta’s interview how the Reagan era Libyan attack was a complete theatrical performance to groom Gaddafi for some future work. We aren’t just dropping this on you out of the blue.

      The Iran attack sourcing was about as hard as you can get. No way to just sit on it after that.

    • Gohbokhor  October 28, 2011 at 7:37 pm

      Noms de guerre 😉 It’s Halloween, too, so I’m wearing various costumes.

      I wanted to drop one more note, Gordon. The MEK’s MO is to create fictitious IRG personnel, ex or real. They even have intel to be able to impersonate someone within those ranks to non-Iranians. Indeed, they named someone at the IRG that was proven to be a MEK official for that heinous assassination plot. There are a few Iranians who do not exhibit the typical shill behavior – they get to the truth (not short of it), don’t misdirect, admit when they’re wrong, do not toe any agenda lines, etc. In this vein, I would suggest speaking to http://khodabandeh.org/biography.htm or http://chems.usc.edu/faculty_staff/sahimi.htm They have ins. Maybe better if this comment doesn’t get approved and you just see it.

      Good luck. Please tell me when to tell my few remaining family to get out of dodge.


    • Gordon Duff  October 28, 2011 at 8:53 pm

      Iran used to be an American ally. Not sure who your folks are, looks like academics. Not sure of your point, but I am sure of mine. When Iran negotiates for weapons or other issues, it gets back to me rather quickly.

      Your folks, though useful, from a military and security standpoint are well down the feeding chain.

      However, their points are respected, their ability to comment on defense policy or geopolitics endlessly beyond their capacity is nil.

      Something fun for you. Dig up photos of the Shah when he left Panama.

      Look at who is with him.

    • PersianAdvocate  October 30, 2011 at 12:14 pm

      G –

      Who is with him? I am wondering if I have already noticed. The individuals I referenced will help you with personnel information within the ranks of the IRG. For instance, how would you be able to tell if Arash Ali Hossein Bakhtiari is a Lt. Col. of the Ansar-ol Mahdi posse or the guy who sold me a carpet at the rug store on 57th and Madison? I do not know them personally, and they aren’t the individual(s) I alluded to earlier, but they aren’t completely out of the loop as you say. Anyway, I am only interested in supporting any efforts that will reduce human suffering and the loss of death. Cheers.

    • PersianAdvocate  October 30, 2011 at 12:18 pm

      Guessing it’s Kissinger in a surgeon’s mask feeding morphine into his tube to do him in. Pahlavi’s naivety was endless – to go into Henry’s arms for gallstones and to come out with cancer. One wishes he was actually as ruthless as they claim – Iran would have been a powerhouse of truth in an otherwise clouded world of corpozion greed.

  27. DiscernementNotOptional  October 28, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    The part everyone keeps missing, is that which binds them (apostate Christianity, Talmudic Judaeism & Islam) is MASONRY!!! It is the use of the craft (witchcraft ie:Cabalism/Kabbulahism), the utilization of the dialectic (origin of use was satan in the Garden) combined w/ sheer greed & envy that has permitted satan to carry out the diabolical agenda through his children. It’s spiritual warfare folks!

    BTW: Iran obtained at least 3-former USSR nuke bombs in 1993. Not news! They have simply been seeking to back-engineer same since. Otherwise Persia would already be a glass parking lot, along w/ a host of nearby & not so nearby locales. So, to suggest that certain masonic factions from within Persia would not (by use of the dialectic!) conspire w/ certain Judean’s possessing a strong Russian accent is not at all out of the realm of factual reality. Just as the money utilized for said transfer came from certain masonic factions from within apostate Christiany. The latter you’d know as “Iran/Contra”!
    W/ all that said, don’t be fooled into believing they are all in cahoots. Each has there own agenda & demented/delussional reasoning & ultimately oppossed to one another in any manner of ways. The point is, from whom do they (the Biblical Beast, ie:return of the Lil Horn in 1948 & the False Prophet, ie”Lamb w/ 2-horns” representing:Christianity & Islam) each obtain there power? Satan via there collective adherence to the cult religion of masonry. It’s that simple folks. Therein is your, mine & everyones real enemy. Thus, it’s all spiritual warfare at it’s root, EXACTLY as prophecied in both the old & new testament. Turn to Jesus the Christ as if your life & soul counted on it-because it does. To do otherwise is assuredly death & destruction & we WILL find out in the End whom had it right as oppossed to those whom got it all wrong. Time is short.

  28. Ralph  October 28, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Iran and Israel have collaborated many times to secure domestic points within their respective countries. And the US has used both Iran and Israel for many dirty deals. So it wouldn’t shock me to find that some of this is being considered.

    The wildcard is all this is the whether the elites are planning on letting this escalate to start the big kill-off.

  29. Ken Rechtstein  October 28, 2011 at 10:04 am

    The truth is: If a nuclear war starts in the Middle East, involving Iran, the only gas available will be für the Military. Gas for civilian use would be rationalized to a trickle in the USA and, given only to DHS-TSA-AIPAC-ADL members and of course, to the executives of Wailing Wall Street…

    Whoever is chicken feeding VT editors the news of far fetched motives and an improbable scenario of a “collaboration between Iran and Israel to hike oil prices and achieve internal socio-economic stability” is promoting war against IRAN, counting on that most people will swallow the lie, because they has not the slightest clue of:

    1) how the power structure in Iran is configured and how transcendental decisions about “National Security issues and the Image of Iran in the Muslim World” are made,

    2) how the Iranians think and, which elements they take into account when planning their foreign policies toward friends and foes,

    3) in which sense the carpet bombing-destruction of Libya’s infrastructure-stealing of its assets deposited and/or invested in western countries have played IN FAVOR of COHESION and UNITY of the Iranian people.

    The hasbara won’t work as an argument to create adverse feelings within Iran or outside it, to advance the agenda of “Regime Change”, taking advantage of the apathy in the Arab world-momentum created by the USA-NATO adventure in Libya-‘fait accompli’ of its appropriation via the CTN as proxy for USA-GB-France and the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, who call the shots at the top of the power pyramid.

    This is another PNAC-like fancy wishful thinking, totally divorced from the real facts about what political scientists-Iranologists-strategists and historians know about Iran-Israel, oil-Middle East-economy and geopolitics.

    Bomb Iran and the economy in the EU will come to a halt, go down the drain, with as a consequence, social unrest and Greece like scenes in every major city of GB-France and likely of Germany too.

    • Gordon Duff  October 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

      one of the silliest things you have written recently
      i had hoped you were becoming better grounded

      yes..some of this is correct then you go to your “carpet bombing” spiel


      are you part of the gaddafi lovers and their tin foil hats?


    • Curmudgeon  October 28, 2011 at 12:09 pm

      Personal attacks are the first line of attack when valid arguments are not at hand.

    • Ken Rechtstein  October 28, 2011 at 12:32 pm

      No Gordon, nobody is silly here except the Zio shills and, Gaddafi is not the issue. The issue is the double discourse-hypocrite attitudes and ‘irrationale’ of the decision makers.

      What are we fighting for, the respect of international law or salvagism, lawlessness, the right to sodomize who ever we don’t like, or Human Rights and due process, even for those we hate?

      “Carpet Bombing Libya?” (or if you prefer the pounding of its civilians into submission and destruction of its infrastructure with tanks, howitzers, mortar shells, anti-aircraft guns and NATO bombs), that’s the way it is perceived by 100% of the scholars, who wrote about the issue. The pictures, we have seen of Sirte, Beni Walid, Tripoli, Sabha are a living documentation of it, we are obliged, I am afraid, to admit that they do exist, for the sake of credibility.

      I bet with you that the standard of living in Libya and the human developments indicators in that country will plunge in the decades to come. More problems for the EU, with illegal immigration and anti-Muslims sentiment, which will emerge-play handsomely in the hands of the Rogue State of Israel and the far right politicians that support it, specially in France and GB.

      I bet with you too that Sarkozy has already OUTSMARTED Obama and the DGSE the CIA, when it comes to who is going to be Alfa dog in Libya, have the NTC ear, oil, rebuilding and procurement contracts. He is not doing it alone though, he has partners: Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, the Rogue State of Israel.

      The Brits are more aware of that, than any of the Americans and they know that, when time comes, a business partnership with Merkel’s Germany can serve as sauf conduit to cover up for the scheme-get those contracts for… Israel’s companies. Just ask Bernard-Henri Lévy or Daphne Guinness about the set up has been from day ONE. By the way, Merkel is managed directly from Tel Aviv, via members of her govt, who play it cool, but work for Israel.

      What happened to Libya and the way it happened has created a ‘precedence’ that permits NATO-USA, RUSIA or CHINA for that matter, to Carpet Bomb or “Strategically Terror Bomb the civilian population”, so as terrified, it stays put and let any GANG-PACK, at will with the help of locals groomed for the task (money and other incentives or even just causes), help murder its co-citizens and decapitates-sodomize its heads of states without any form of due process.

      That’s my fundamental grounding. Why not attack Kim Jong-il or Netanyahu and get both of them out of the way then?

    • Gordon Duff  October 28, 2011 at 1:04 pm

      history has proven you utterly wrong

      accept it and move on

  30. bluesgirl  October 28, 2011 at 9:51 am

    I’m believing they are all in bed with one other plotting our destuction,happening all over the world as we speak.Going right along with the Agenda 21 plan,and those that don’t play well they pay.Something big is going on,hard to know just how depraved the minds of those ruling the world can be.Most of this we know is going on but when present in this way http://youtu.be/g7qwn1iBc2k , the big picture is’nt looking to bright for any of us! Tricks and their treats.

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