OCW Primer: Uniformed Thugs Are Not Legally Police

Oakland Use of Illegal Force

Why Wall Street Is Not Enough, This is War


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Writers and editors at Veterans Today are going to be writing on OCCUPY WALL STREET (OCW), offering their expertise.  Our staff has over a thousand years of experience, much of it commanding, not only armies, but heads of state security forces, intelligence agencies and as police trainers. 

The disease is police forces in a nation of laws violating those laws, those who are supposed to protect the public safety making it more than clear to us here at VT that they are willing to stoop to criminality to work for the 1%. 

My point?  It isn’t just the banks.  We are no longer a nation of civil law, no longer a nation of accountability, and those who would limit OCW (Occupy Wall Street) to demonstrations against banks may very well be working for the other side.

[youtube QngE6kKk8Lg]

Expect it, this is how it has always been.  We are going to be producing a series of documents which are meant to be genuinely educational.  There is no secret that, at some point, millions in America, Europe, Israel and around the world began finally looking around, too many for the first time.  We’ve been here all  along and are glad to be onboard with you and have you onboard with us.  We saw it all coming and have been literally screaming for years. 

Today, we are going to have a minor discussion about police.  My “day job” is training intelligence and special operations forces.  Long before that, I trained police.  The staff I have worked with includes senior FBI officials and the former heads of two of Europe’s largest police agencies.  Crowd control, “riot control” and counter-terrorism is an areas of expertise where I have been consulted at the highest levels by  more than a few nations.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that police are more often than not the actual “rioters” during legitimate demonstrations.

[youtube bytMNoKNeRA]

More often than not, police agencies, some of whom receive training from very questionable sources, (the competition) are taught to use illegal surveillance, infiltration and actually commit acts of terrorism in order to gain public support for crackdowns on political movements that threaten control by the wealthy and corrupt.  This is the generally the case, not the exception.

This is as much a part of police training as lying in court.  One problem in America is that many police departments are trained by Israeli groups, competent in their own way, that typically use police and military against Palestinian protesters who have no legal protections.  This training is inconsistent with American law, police procedure and basic human rights.  The situation in Oakland, California with Scott Olsen, is such a situation and there are reports that police used illegal training and illegal methods of the Israeli Defense Forces, methods that have subjected them to nearly 200 votes favoring UN sanctions for “brutality” on peaceful American citizens involved in legal protests.

[youtube H444jVBMqbM]




The actual term for projectiles, be they “rubber bullets, “bean bags” and, especially the grenades launched from the 40mm and 37mm launchers, be they tear gas, “flash bang” or smoke are technically “less lethal” munitions.  They kill all the time.

The M79 Grenade Launcher, one of the typical police devices, was responsible for as many deaths of American troops in Vietnam, what we call “friendly fire.”  What killed our Army and Marines?  They died when hit by tear gas rounds, parachute illumination rounds, practice rounds, the kind of things used in Oakland.

Carrying, loading and firing such a weapon without legal standing, an open “field of fire” and clear visiblity assuring the public is protecting is a crime in every state in America.  When done by a police officer, it constitutes a bevy of criminal acts.  Simply put, you can’t shoot a half pound of hardened aluminum with an explosive device into the head of any passerby you choose without expecting consequences, which should included prison sentences of 5 years, uniform or not.

This is what hit Marine Scott Olsen:

Maximum accuracy is obtained at ranges up to 219 yards (200 m). Area targets may be engaged up to 437 yards (400 m).

This projectile can penetrate window glass or up to 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick pine at 656 feet (200 m) and still release CS. The projectiles will also function against other materials such as earth, gravel, brush, sandbags, and bamboo. Following impact, a cloud of CS is emitted for approximately 25 seconds. Area coverage: approximately 144 square yards (120 square meters).

Two cartridges effectively placed will incapacitate 95% of unmasked personnel in an enclosure of 15 by 30 by 20 feet within 60 seconds after functioning.

The weight of the projectile is .45 pounds, roughly that of a baseball but as they are made of hardened aluminum alloy, the same alloy we are told cut through the 3 inch thick beams of the World Trade Center, projectiles shaped for penetration, they are considered, not “less lethal” but fully lethal if impacting a human body.

Their lowest speed is close to 200 miles per hour, twice as fast as any professional baseball player can pitch.  Speeds can well exceed that.  Not only that, we are warned that these rounds, the exact same rounds used illegally by Oakland Police, often malfunction and explode on impact much as with the high explosive rounds used against fortified positions in military combat, the actual purpose for the weapon itself.



Police are not allowed to fire projectiles, throw grenades or “flash bangs” at protesters.  These weapons can only be used on felony suspects.  Otherwise their use is a violation of “procedure” and their use is “illegal.”  The accusations against OCW protesters was “trespass.”  Thus those attacked were not armed felons.  The methods used are restricted only to armed felons.

Police actions were, in actuality, criminal assault, reckless at minimum and blatant attempts to murder innocent civilians on behalf of financial institutions that have been privately and quite illegally funding individual police, in all likelihood.

You will see such weapons used during, not peaceful protests, but riots.  If shots are fired at police or Molotov cocktails are thrown, all of which are easily documented on the dozens of videos as never having occurred, despite wild conjecture that some present may have been armed, use of force restricted to felony arrests, when used against people exercising legal rights that require court adjudication, are actually victims of assault or worse.

Also note, that in many states, any private citizen can be armed and in states such as Arizona, prostesters can openly carry any legal weapon up to and including assault rifles.

[youtube sknU5R62bZ0]

In fact, federal authorities can and should arrest all police involved including command authority up to and including the major and city council of Oakland, California. Law requires it.  Here is a legal opinion on that:

Also, you will eventually be confronted with the “immunity” defense. Any legal “immunity” which government personnel may rightly claim derives ONLY from their compliance with their delegated authority(s). Immunity is a tricky legal concept, worth knowing in advance how to rebut:

  1. Absent any of the requisite credentials, no government “personnel”can claim ANY immunity whatsoever, because they are thereby impersonating either an officer or employee, which is a crime, typically a FELONY!
  2. EVEN IF they have all requisite credentials, government personnel are still personally liable for criminal misconduct and criminal malfeasance;local government personnel are typically NOT insured or bonded for criminal conduct, because insurance underwriters typically refuse to indemnify criminal conduct (cf. Risk Management Departments for the specific terms and conditions of their general liability insurance contracts);
  3. Treaties are supreme Law pursuant to the Supremacy Clause and,EVEN IF they have all requisite credentials, jurisdiction and authority, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights still makes government personnel liable for courts on which they preside have proceeded without original jurisdiction: Stump v Sparkman, 435 U.S. 349, 356-357
    • (a) A judge will not be deprived of immunity because the action he took was in error, was done maliciously, or was in excess of his authority, but rather he will be subject to liability only when he has acted in the “clear absence of all jurisdiction,” Bradley v. Fisher, 13 Wall. 335, 351. Pp. 355-357. [435 U.S. 349, 350]

On appeal, the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed the judgment of the District Court, 4 holding that the “crucial issue” was “whether Judge Stump acted within his jurisdiction” and concluding that he had not. 552 F.2d, at 174.

He was accordingly not immune from damages liability under the controlling authorities.The Court of Appeals also held that the judge had forfeited his immunity “because of his failure to comply with elementary principles of procedural due process.” Id., at 176.




Real police can arrest you at a protest. They cannot “disperse” crowds whose ideas they don’t agree with. These people are no longer acting as police and have no legal standing.Marching around with a bullhorn announcing plans to violate the civil rights of protesters is more an admission of criminal culpability, much as with the autobiography of President Bush being used to charge him with war crimes.Police were only admitting they were planning criminal acts outside their authority.Police have procedures for arresting trespassers. They can approach a trespasser. A bullhorn can be legally considered “notification” of trespass but no more.

At which point, police are required to approach a “trespass suspect” and may take that individual into custody, one at a time, using minimal force. This requires asking the individual to accompany the officer. Police may use restraint devices but never in a way to inflict discomfort. Police may never use choke holds, batons, flash bangs or other devices. They may never draw their guns.If you physically resist police by fighting back, expect serious charges and serious injuries.You may “go limp” or “lock arms” with others requiring police to carry you away.

This is your legal right.Any use of force against you, including physical violence, threats of violence, or use of tear gas or “flash bangs” are considered, minimally “reckless endangerment,” assault, “assault with intent to do bodily harm”or “gbh” as with Scott Olsen, “great bodily harm.”Police at Oakland should expect sentences of between 90 days to up to 5 years for the use of grenade launchers, which constitute the illegal use of lethal force.

Videos show use of flash bank devices to inflict injury, those responsible for these acts and those supervising them are guilt of felony assault.None of these acts is legal and those performing them, once they began, sacrificed all immunity, all arrest powers, and had begun to function as a criminal organization as outlined in RICO statutes.



Lawyer up. Begin lawsuits now.

Petition the courts to force arrests of police and officials guilty of criminal acts. This is allowable and there are legal procedures for this.Minimally, the federal government was required to have US Marshals on site who would have been forced to arrest the Oakland Police.Every legal action needed must be pursued until all police who have violated laws are arrested and allowed to defend themselves in court.They are not, however, allowed to use public funds for an attorney, once they begin acting outside the legal scope of their very limited authority.



Some police are veterans. Many are professional. Too often, when in groups, police seem to lose their minds. There is a long history of this and failing to take this into account is in itself actionable. Civil suits need to be filed against all elected officials who chose to misuse police forces when they knew there was a likelihood of criminal activity to occur at their direction.Criminal charges apply as well.These are issues for the courts and lawyers should be coming forward to handle these cases. Where are you?

[youtube 6wXkI4t7nuc]

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44 Responses to "OCW Primer: Uniformed Thugs Are Not Legally Police"

  1. OS  November 4, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Nice article Gordon, keep up the good work.

  2. Mike Kay  November 1, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Remember long ago, something about a study where a group was divided into inmates and guards, and how those pretend guards started playing real power games.

    There can be only one check to the guards, and thats greater power. I have lots of respect for Mr. Duff and what is released here, but I don’t have any more trust in the legal system to deliver the goods. When I watch the Oakland video, two things are real clear,

    1) We are subjects. As long as we act nicey nicey, we won’t be clubbed or shot, just fleeced and left for dead. Protesting means you ain’t being nicey nicey.

    2) Standing up to a violent, illegal authority with courage and nothing else will fail. Even Ghandi had millions of pissed off militants behind him ready to take up arms.

    I really don’t want to think this, but I’m starting to believe that the only way to deal with fire is with fire.

  3. ZENmud  November 1, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    I really like most of your article, and wish it was presented in a fashion, a bit more ‘linear’.

    I am quasi-expert in the un-related field of Anti-doping in Sport, although that knowledge-base is 100pc transferable to COP-RAGE, and the growing body of evidence (if it’s not ‘D’oH!’ obvious already) that cops are huffing down tons of anabolic steroids and HGH, etc, leading the New Jersey State Attorney General to institute a ‘Steroids Working Group’ to analyse *municipal liability* (pay-out settlements ranging up to 300K (!!)) when officers beat the SNOT out of suspects, and a wise attorney or victim may request (demand!) a drug-test and evidence of the legality and ‘medical necessity’ of such a prescription (if it exists)…

    Some 400+ NJ PD officers were found to be in abuse of medications, and paid-for by Taxpayer-funded State or Municipal health care plans!!

    A serious central component, that addresses the ‘why?’ of all your arguments as to ‘bizarre cop behaviour’!!

    Thanks for reading… here’s the NJ AG steroid report (link)

  4. Mike  October 31, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    I am a police officer, tactics trainer, commander and former Marine. I found your article interesting, quite insightful and fairly accurate. While it is true that riots have been started by the police, it is generally due to poor planning, independent actions by individual officers, or a lack of strong leadership, rather than an organizational conspiracy.

    I think it is also fair to point out that peaceful protests, where good relationships have been developed between protestors and police, have turned into riots because of the reckless and dangerous acts of one or two protestors. The police are forced to act to restore peace and protect life and property.

    While you are correct that 40mm launchers are properly termed ‘less lethal’, I would like to see you qualify your statement that “they kill all the time” referring to 40mm rounds. We’re you referring back to Vietnam? Or at the present overseas? Because if you mean here in the States by the police I would like to see those statistics.

    The reality is that less lethal devices have saved the lives of hundreds of people, including armed suspects, hostages, innocents and cops, where officers would probably have had to use deadly force to end a violent situation. I do agree with you that those munitions have no place being launched at a peaceful assembly.

    You did a good job of articulating what the police can’t or shouldn’t do. I’m glad you acknowledged that there are ‘real’ police officers out there. For their own benefit, Americans should educate themselves about what authority the police have in these situations before they decide to protest.

    People generally know that the 1st Amendment protects speech and the right to assemble, but they are also unaware that under federal case law rulings, the police can regulate the time place and manner in which folks protest, as long as the objective is public safety. The police cannot disband an assembly because of the message content, and they must provide an alternative means for citizens to express themselves.

    Both law enforcement and protestors can make these successful events but it requires open and early communication, an understanding by both parties of the others objectives and (dare I say it?) trust.

    • DaveL  October 31, 2011 at 7:06 pm

      “Trust” is the “deal-breaker”. Too many “accounts” to re-hash where that “trust” is unjustifed. Cops have been “militarized by design”. SWAT teams have become SOP when dealing with civilians “guilty until provern innocent” or dead.

      The “Norman Rockwell” portrayal of servant to the people is all but extinct. NYPD, bought and paid for by JP Morgan. How about the “cops” stand-down and allow the first ammendment free exercise! YOU are with US, or YOU are against US. Time to decide!

    • m6c9d2000  November 1, 2011 at 4:27 pm


      I know first hand about swat teams! I had one (St. Louis Police) surround my apt, block off the streets, evacuate the school down the street, etc., without anyone even bothering to talk to me, and find out what they had been told was false/lies! I was watching TV when my landlord called to ask me what was going on! I thought he was giving me sh*t!

      It all had to do with the CORRUPT Veterans Administration, and lies they had told the local police about me because I had filed complaints of actual, provable crimes they and their employee’s had committed against me, and other veterans in the St. Louis Area!

      Ruin the person making the complaint, and the complaint goes away! Basic 101 stuff!

      Like I said they didn’t even bother to talk to me, or ask me what was going on before taking up arms against a peaceful me!

      Then they lied to my family and told them I refused to open my door to them! They NEVER came to it, period! I would have talked to them! I even have documetation from very reliable sources to show I was calm, cool, collected hours/minutes before this BS! I had not done ANYTHING wrong!

      And let’s not forget about the lies from the Local Media that promised to do a story on what the VA had done to me and others! Or the fact they had someone who I had NEVER seen before or had NEVER been in my apt, state on TV that I owned an arsenal of guns!

      Police State at work!

      As far as the crap going on now, I have been trying to tell people that things have to change, and it will probably take an actual armed revolution to do it, but I’m just a disgruntled veteran so what do I know!

      I still remember my sworn Oath!

      US Army Veteran,
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    • DaveL  November 1, 2011 at 7:27 pm

      “actual armed revolution” IS the only OPTION WE are left with. This “OWS” protest is designed/destined to end badly. OUR representative form of government is DEAD. It has become an OXYMORON. THEY do NOT represent US on any level. There is only one solution left: Destroy this corrupt “system” and start over again with the original intent of the founding fathers/documents. Declaration of Indedpendence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

      Are these even taught in our public/private school system anymore? The most enlightened documents/governing system in human history was handed to US. WE have been extremely POOR stewards of that GIFT!

      WE CAN RECLAIM IT AND PROTECT IT BETTER THAN WE HAVE IN THE PAST. The cost will be in blood. The point of “no return” is behind US. Convincing the “masses” to not only accept, but ACT is the largest obstacle to OUR progression beyond this “horrific point” in OUR history.

      The founding documents, ideals, and principles were not flawed. WE AS THE STEWARDS have become increasingly flawed. Can we teach an old as well as a young, brainwashed DOG a new trick? IMO, we are about to find out!!!!!!!

  5. hareli  October 31, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Just watch this, Andrew. If you’re pressed for time start at around 10 or 11 min and watch for 10 minutes.

  6. Cloak And Dagger  October 31, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Another great article by Gordon – the kind we have come to expect from him. I will quietly forget some of his recent ones and resume applauding the obvious literary masterpieces. Bravo, maestro!

    • Gordon Duff  October 31, 2011 at 4:41 pm

      those who stand with gaddafi, israel, assad and the neocons and think they are “hip” and with “us” are not.

      dumb don’t count.

      same goes for the assange/mossad fans.

      this isn’t a blog, its an intel site…with free public readership

      that can and should change….

      we sure as hell are right more of the time than ANY of the pay sites


    • Gordon Duff  October 31, 2011 at 4:46 pm

      thinking..how many days ago did we get those stories about how gaddafi had retaken libya?

      and the asshole is dead (probably)…though captured alive and put on an ambulance by a VT correspondent who had been in Sirte for 12 days watching Gaddafi…

      i can bring up dozens of these….where folks are duped, run their mouths and fail to eat the crap that they earn, hiding behind their stupid internet identities

      there is nothing sadder than idiots who read a few emails they have no idea where they came from or pick up a wingnut website and they decide to become experts

      if you are a real intel expert….any of you…..write like one…give us a real analysis that isn’t based on internet bullshit

      if i can’t get real info out of the country i am writing on, i don’t write….

      there is a reason highschool kids are told not to do their homework papers off the internet

      with more posters here would use that same common sense..

    • Patricia Campbell  October 31, 2011 at 5:28 pm

      Gordon, I am extremely grateful for getting free access to your writing and intelligence. If journalist were paid for the quality of writing and the intelligence used to explore their topics, you would be one of the top paid journalist. Thanks again.

    • Jim W. Dean  November 1, 2011 at 11:30 pm

      Oh God, Patricia…why did you have to tell him that? Now we’ll have to start paying him, and knocking off banks to do it…well if any are left…and that is hard on the reputation 🙂

  7. Bzerbel  October 31, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    POSTED OCTOBER 31, 2011


    Below is an article outlining nationwide protests that seem to spinning out of control. I should say out of control by “Them”. The “Them” I to whom I refer are those who have been riding high on our money while riding the rest of us into the ground. They are the rulers of international corporations, they are the kings of international banks, they are the politicians who have been bought and paid for. And they all have to go.

    The demonstrations are not the same as those that encompassed America in the 60’s and early 70’s comprised bascially of the young. These are the young and the old. They are the employed, under employed and the unemployed. They are those with homes, losing homes and homeless. They are black. They are white. They are Hispanic and they are Asian. There are millions and there will be millions more, because the greed of those in charge is insatiable and cannot be quenched.

    The greed cannot be quench with all of our money, all of our credit, all of our blood and every fiber of our being. They want more and the people are saying “No More” and They Have To GO. Nearly 300 million are saying to the small minority running things, “you have to go”. No more rigged elections. No more fake promises. No More lies. No more stealing. No more of the same old crap. You have to go.

    Police who are defending these have to know they will throw you to the wolves as quickly as they flush the toilet. They have no loyalty, no honor, no decency, no morals and no truth. Defending them with tear gas, clubs and rubber bullets against your friends, relatives and neighbors, is just plain stupid.

    Bruce New World Order News

    • Gordon Duff  October 31, 2011 at 4:53 pm


  8. rgalton  October 31, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    End the fractional reserve banking system.

    End the Federal Reserve.

    End Zionist control of the United States.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Rob  November 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Now what did he ever do to you to wish him death like that? I dont believe he would even make it to inauguration and judging by the recent events in the matter of Al Awlaki’s assasination it might not even be covered up!

  9. wallytron  October 31, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    head shots

    • barrie w  October 31, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      ………..and double taps.

    • Garibaldi  October 31, 2011 at 1:19 pm

      Gordon said it- “This is war”. He’s been there, he should know. Here’s Denver- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dk6qXxUkg0&feature=player_embedded

    • Gordon Duff  October 31, 2011 at 4:56 pm

      IS anyone willing to say the best thing for the US is for the streets to run red with blood?

      “They” have already begun.

      Remember the analogy of bringing a knife to a gunfight?

      some of us old shits…..old combat vets….are working hard to keep our old tendencies under control.

      I used to shoot MF’s for a living. Now I know it was the wrong mf”s.


    • DaveL  October 31, 2011 at 5:47 pm

      This will end only ONE way. There is simply NO BLOODLESS solution of credible merit left. I still hear “grazers” preaching that the 2012 election will be the “most important election of our lifetime”. Really! Does anyone of “sound mind” still believe that “horsesh*t”? Does anyone actually believe that it matters anymore what “ass cheek”, whether left or right “wins” the next POTUS appointment?

      If “we the people” can’t get off this impotent OWS crap and take the fight to THEM prepared to answer violence with superior numbers violence, we might as well continue to verbally masturbate.

  10. Garibaldi  October 31, 2011 at 11:50 am

    “this is classic IOF”- (first thought I had after hearing Scott Olsen got nailed with a TG canister)-
    -and of course, always adding insult to injury- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5ctYXgO1_w
    Let’s see who picks up the tab for Scott.

  11. Stewart  October 31, 2011 at 10:18 am

    I suppose we should counsel the victim of an upcoming rape to remind her assailant of pertinent law. Please, let’s get real. The horrors will stop only when protests become widespread, the numbers overwhelming, and the action, unfortunately, becomes increasingly violent toward property, not humans. This will result in putting the fear of their home district neighbors into the heads of the corrupt “people’s representatives” in D.C. This scenario is as old as the protests againt our criminals’ adventurism in SE Asia.

  12. Bob  October 31, 2011 at 10:11 am

    went to jury duty and was ask if cops could lie. My neck veins scared the court room , the judge said I wouldn’t be need and should find help. The old women sitting by me on jury duty whisper to me , you know they only arrest guilty people. Anyway the old lady and me were both not needed. Maybe the system was working some what , one old crazy guy and a brainwash old lady was ask to live. Another story a dear young women who was like a daughter to me and my wife had mental problems. She had a cop friend who I didn’t like, anyway he gave her a gun that was not a legal weapon. She took her life with that gun and the cop still has his job. If it was you are me , we would of been in deep shit. Cops are just people some good some bad.

  13. Garibaldi  October 31, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Andrew, here’s how-
    How to stop it? Raise holy hell.

  14. Truth Seeker  October 31, 2011 at 9:52 am

    When the media won’t speak the truth
    And information is a commodity
    When spin becomes an art form
    We put entertainment before humanity

    When profits are motives for innovation
    When people are last and greed is good
    Corporations will have more rights than citizens
    Governments no longer serve the people as they should

    When Money is created out of nothing
    When debt is used as servitude
    When banks loan money that does not exist
    We get a nation of homeless and crude

    When governments lie to go to war
    And their secrecy is the only a diversion
    Corporations will reap the profits of such
    When all along a nations debt was the subversion

    When all the terrorists are brown and Muslim
    And their accusers are mostly all white
    Does anyone question the motives of those who benefit?
    Does anyone question is it really right?

    We are a world of many points of view
    And righteousness is in the eye of the beholder
    But a world of war, chaos and tyranny
    Will only implode as that is a false order

    When enough is never enough for governments
    When privacy is replaced with security
    When regulation is a tool for tyranny and corruption
    Those of the highest crimes never face prosecution

    When health is bought and sold on the open market
    When natural is replace with pills
    We get only one view of health that is norm
    And nature will be deemed illegal

    So when you notice these things have come to pass
    You will know the day is near
    When people will have to stand up to injustice
    And say no way, no more, with no fear…

  15. PersianAdvocate  October 31, 2011 at 9:50 am

    err way* (=place)

  16. PersianAdvocate  October 31, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Same place El-Al security got to teach our airports how to be pedophiles: Israeli plants in government. In that case, Chertoff.

  17. DaveE  October 31, 2011 at 9:45 am

    I have some experience with lawsuits against the cops for brutality. It’s almost impossible to find a lawyer to take a case, let alone win it, and my ordeal happened well before our new zionist police state took hold, in 1988.

    My band was hired to play at a summertime block party in a wealthy beach suburb of LA. No rowdiness, no noise, we had a permit, just a bunch of neighbors drinking beer on a cul-de-sac. Someone complained, though and by 9:30 pm (still daylight) we were told to shut it down, which we did. Not 10 minutes later, as we were breaking down the gear, helicopters circled overhead and at least 15 fully-armed riot police charged the cul-de-sac, smashing beer bottles, overturning garbage cans of rubbish, knocking over our speakers, shouting obscenities and and swinging clubs at young girls who were too dumbfounded to run. They smashed my gear (obviously they didn’t like the band and wanted us never to play again!) and my room-mate’s skull, too. (He was the sound guy, Jewish, but looked Mexican….)

    We spent the rest of the night getting our sound guy out of the hospital and then jail. He was charged with assaulting an officer, which was absurd. He couldn’t even answer the charges with his head in a plaster cast when released from the hospital!

    Anyway, $20,000 in medical bill later and a stint in jail, it was over and our sound guy was fine, but we all learned the hard way who the cops work for. Not a goddamned thing we could do about it, either.

    Anyway, fine piece and let’s all pray for that karma is going to start working for the good guys, FAST.

    • Hans  October 31, 2011 at 10:18 am

      This is really incredible. Are there no psychological tests which prevent that lowlifes get a uniform ?

    • duffster  October 31, 2011 at 10:56 am

      Mixed bag. Have good friends who are police. Some departments are almost entirely sociopaths and degenerates.
      NYPD is actually better than average until the bribery started…banks paying off the police directly.
      Some police are veterans.
      Others, work in a horrible environment of stress, poor management, politics and develop a feeling of alienation from the public.

    • DaveE  October 31, 2011 at 11:46 am

      The Rodney King episode helped to clean up the LAPD shorty after my “incident” but only after LA erupted in riots, similar to what’s happening now.

    • PersianAdvocate  October 31, 2011 at 10:58 am

      Even worse: some states, like NY, start their pay at $28,000, give them authority, a gun, and set them out on the streets hoping they can raise a family on that while taking crap from nearly everyone and their mother, including authentic criminals.

      This is a monster created by a system purposely to control all others under the all seeing eye. Pyramids? They were made to be toppled. See the Tower of Babel.

  18. PersianAdvocate  October 31, 2011 at 9:19 am

    I handed out criminal procedures pamphlets customized to OWS on Wall Street over the past few weeks. The feedback has been positive. As an attorney, I’ve learned that when your opponent wishes to make egregious errors and open themselves up to prosecution, you should stand aside. There is no way to prevent the police from acting like a mindless, fascist enterprise, but many ways to take account of it and allow the court of law and public opinion to lay down the verdict. The more they cover up, the more there is to record.

    These clashes will only escalate. The tipping point will occur when certain individuals in the ranks refuse to follow orders — they can no longer brutalize their fellow Americans, and they join our ranks. Unless they stamp out OWS like Iran handled its Mossad/CIA/MEK hijacking of internal green reform approved by the upper ranks of the theocracy, expect it to get worse and to reach this historically provable equillibrial backlash against the 1%.

    • Jim W. Dean  October 31, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      Amen, here. And we will be looking into their training. The real nasty stuff is their ability to use undercover personell to perpetrate the violent acts needed for the police to escalate. The blue wall prevents cops from identifying the folks that do this. But at some point…they will.

      It’s standard procedure to have plain clothes people mixed in with demonstrators for legitimate purposes of having any chance of running down your anarchist type perps throwing firebombs. It is just one small step to go over the line but it has to involve coordination with the very top ranks of the police to do.

      Also, a friendly foreign intelligence agency who has helped train you, they can provide ‘outside’ people to trigger these provocations so police command can truthfully testify that they know of on one in their command engaged in such activity…other than themselves.

      Federal investigations can bust stuff like this up, using phone intercepts, but such busts create a lot of political unhappiness. You would have a tough time getting for example, a Dem DA appointee to nail a big Dem city mayor/or police force. They would not even investigate because if they found anything they would then be exposed to obstruction of justice by not doing anything. So they eliminate that problem by NOT investigating.

      Israeli espionage is treated similarly. Most often law enforcement does not even try to do anything. You meet resistance right from the outset as your superiors know it would bring a lot of political heat on them. We have more than a few Congressmen who are ‘on call’ for Israeli Intel when needed. Most of them are obvious. You know who they are.

      This is a very dangerous area. When you have crooked police at the top, and you are a danger to them, you are in danger yourself as they have all kinds of tools available for making life unhappy, like an ounce of cocaine being found in your car during a routine traffic stop. They can find kiddie porn on your office computer…compliments of a friendly foreign intel agency demonstrating that having talented overseas friends, outside U.S. jurisdiction can have wonderful benefits. Doing this kind of stuff is mere child’s play for them. Such operations are literally used as training missions on how to co-opt police forces, doing stuff like this for them where you can blackmail them with it later.

      Hence, there would be resistance to getting them to do anything. It will require the spotlight being kept on them, and if they don’t do anything, then getting after the Whitehouse and congress to appoint special prosecutors to do it. Often the original DA is just fine with that because he is out of the line of fire.

      The Oakland cops have really screwed up here and it is crucial that they be fully prosecuted, and the command staff removed…which will probably require the Feds getting in. Local politicians are not used to committing political suicide by having themselves prosecuted for felonies, particularly against the public.

      If nothing happens in Oakland, that endangers us all…and folks will know the heat really needs to be cranked up. It’s an election year and this can be made a big issue if it is pushed hard enough.

    • Garibaldi  October 31, 2011 at 12:47 pm

      One way to push it, start naming names… http://dailybail.com/home/scott-bergstresser-anonymous-identifies-cop-who-shot-marine.html

    • PersianAdvocate  October 31, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Thank you for that very informative reply. I will check out some of the legal angles of filing federal law suits and such, but for the most part, you are incredibly right on getting the machinations of the State and Fed to actually prosecute something like this. One of my first cases was the civil portion of a large scale embezzlement nearing a million dollars. I was told by respective AGs that they would not move on it. You can commit many white collar felonies under these premises and there would be no accountability, so long as you keep it under a million – but that can be substantial enough and if at volume. Hell, just rob the whole damn country, they did 😉 The government will be the tool to help you, not prevent you!

      Unfortunately, as you already know, when it comes to this kind of prosecution, the deck is stacked and highly manipulated. But these are predictable behaviors by defendants. The key is to capture, also, the cover-up, and having the forethought to plan out the recording thereof. The more figures are named and the public is outraged, the more chance there will be to overcome the defense of protecting the public interest. Making a spectacle out of those misbehaving will serve as a deterrent until proper legal channels are pursued.

      In California, it would be hard to find a single major city police department that didn’t already dole out major money for violating civil rights. Here, Oakland strictly violated civil rights, I believe. We will have to wait for the marine’s damages and outcome as a precedent step to filing a proper complaint.

    • Cloak And Dagger  October 31, 2011 at 2:42 pm

      Excellent and very informative post, Jim!

  19. ulysees  October 31, 2011 at 9:04 am

    its about time we got the thugs chained up!! These are RABID dogz , they have NO AUTHORITY over us
    We must make our own society free of the Vatican parasites/genocidal maniacs, i.e. the banksters and
    royalists, we’re here and we’re NOT going anywhere! The so called authorities are illegitimate and we will
    NOT comply, we WILL DEFY!!

    Let’s get this viral, thx again Gordon!

  20. equalizer  October 31, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Oink, Oink……….Pigs 4 Sale………..as seen on a very large sign while driving along the Salmon River in Idaho……indeed!

    • equalizer  October 31, 2011 at 8:53 am

      Cheers back at ya, copper……

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