American Jewish Support is Needed Desperately

by Stewart Ogilby, Editor of &


The American Republic enabled bright hard working immigrants, including impoverished “Old World” Jews, opportunities for themselves and their families. Individuals among the nation’s best, including America’s Jews, together with future generations of the continent’s other immigrant progeny, are now faced with the destruction of their society and the loss of everything achieved by themselves, their families, and their hard working immigrant ancestors.

Individuals with a cold intellect who deplore and despise the obvious weaknesses of democracy now dominate America’s government, banking, law and media. We must expose and remove from their positions of power those who have torn apart our American Constitution, the precious promise of human Liberty and accountable limited government (Amendment #10) that defined our former “New World” Republic.

This is not Hitler’s Germany. Americans must never permit a criminal government, before or after an upcoming revolution, that places persons into concentration camps or work-camp prisons due to either dissent, open expression of which is explicitly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, or based on their ethnicity, FEMA’s puzzling camps notwithstanding.

We must not allow the trick of being called “anti-Semitic” to stop us from facing squarely the national crisis now posed by Zionist criminals. America’s Jews are in an increasingly difficult situation and concerned about a possible backlash, especially from ignorant but politically powerful religious right-wing Pentacostals whose nexus to Israel seems to pose no contradiction to their traditional rabid anti-Semitism. That enigma, involving mystical prophetic “end-times”, may best be understood as appealing to the same psychological factors as eschatology did during early Christianity. That unfulfilled apocalyptic prediction was elucidated by Albert Schweitzer in “Out of My Life and Thought”.

All Jews are not political Zionists, especially in the United States, although early education has too often been designed to instill persecution paranoia combined with a youthful emotional attachment to the State of Israel. For many, it is difficult to remove blinders sufficiently to acknowledge the obvious fact that Israel’s political Zionist leadership has resulted in creating a criminally murderous State having no relationship to moral tenets of Judaism.

The reality is that Israel was established to expand the worldwide power of a remarkable family, now the Rothschild banking dynasty, by means of political and military strength of The State. Lip-service given by Zionists to recreating an ancient land of spiritual significance is a device used to garner financial and political support. In the USA financial ambitions of opportunistic Zionists, both Jewish and non-Jewish, fueled by today’s political leadership of Israel, are creating havoc internationally and have grasped the wealth of this country. At the end of the day, it is always about money and power.

There will be no future for any of us, or our children, unless America’s Jews break away from political Zionist leaders and, as concerned Americans, educators, doctors, lawyers, and community leaders, develop, energize, and support anti-Zionist movements.

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  1. Over the centuries Judaism acquired a huge body of laws, some sillier than others in today’s world. They focused on piety and subservience to a sky god. Many addressed detailed rituals and prohibitions. Mosaic Law (10 commandments formulated by a lawgiver to humans barely emerging from the Stone Age) was attributed to the big guy above. Although injunctions against thievery and murder strike us today as basic, at one time they were new ideas. Having big guy in the sky giving them precludes controversy. We can agree that the formulation by Rabbi Jesus of an affirmative ethic to replace injunctive laws constitutes a radical theological step. From a practical standpoint, to live by Jesus’ instructions as
    recorded in the synoptic gospels is impossible. When Judaic laws are sifted we come up with a blueprint
    for living peacefully together, man having been created in the image of the sky guy, all human life being sacred, and even non-Jews guaranteed a place in the sun as righteous Gentiles simply through following the rules. These are what I refer to as “moral tenets of Judaism”. All of the above, however, is irrelevant. The Khazar Empire was a long way from territory farmed by offspring of Abraham. They embraced Judaism for strategic reasons according to Koestler and others. Herman Muller wrote that the great gift of Jews to western civilization was writing and narrative. Narrative and literacy proved invaluable for tribal survival following the Ashekanazi diaspora. They were excluded from owning land and working in the Holy Roman Empire’s agrarian economy by the police power of the Vatican’s priesthood. The unlettered masses were kept in line by the enforcement of Christian mysticism. When it comes to propaganda it’s never practical to have facts stand in the way of objectives. Today we have it in spades. The religious facade of Israel is just that, aside from the bearded orthodox. It is amusing to see what are clearly European faces beneath beards of guys in black claiming to be Semites. Does Bibi resemble Yassir Arrafat? Remnants of Abe’s progeny, Sephardic Jews, are cousins to Arab neighbors, and treated as second class citizens. For displaced Europeans to embrace any religion today, Judaism included, would clearly be anachronistic. As I wrote, the name of the game is money and power.

  2. Oh, PULLLEEEse, let’s stop talking about “the moral tenets of Judaism.” Let’s talk about UFO’s. Let’s talk about Martians, they’re much easier to find. If you think I’m wrong, why don’t you, in 200 words or less PLEASE TELL me what the so-called “moral tenets of Judaism ARE.”
    I’ll bet my house and everything I own you can’t do it. That’s because they don’t exist. Christ, as an example, made his commandments clear in less than 6 words:

    “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.”

    Everyone with one tenth of a brain knows the truth about the so-called “religion” of Judaism. I’d love to see someone try to defend the indefensible, however. It just shows “the Jews” up for what they really are.

    1. In response to your challenge, let’s not forget “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” is found first in Leviticus 19:18 [so called (Jewish) Old Testament].

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