BREAKING : US Troops Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border (unconfirmed, no onsite video)


Al-Mafraq and the Jordan-Syria border where troops are said to be positioned.

(EDITORS NOTE :  I will list this as totally unconfirmed, both by top level sources in Iraq, Kurdistan and intelligence operatives in Jordan.  Though the story was released and picked up, and Sibel, a person of great personal integrity is carrying it on her website, I would normally ask for 24 hours before publishing. 

Consider this, moving any troops through the region would require driving past thousands of people with mobile phones with video upload capability.

Where were all of them?  With only 8000 troops in Iraq, 5000 contractors, all rear eschelon and State Department only in the Green Zone, nobody in Jordan, nobody in Lebanon, no forces in Israel, the logistics referred to here are unimaginable. 

A look at the local road maps will tend to explain it all.  “You can’t get there from anywhere.” Time will tell.  Gordon Duff)


Update Dec. 17th:  We still have absolutely no confirmation on this.

By Sibel Edmonds


According to first-hand accounts and reports provided to Boiling Frogs Post by several sources in Jordan, during the last few hours foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals, began to spread near the villages of the north-Jordan city of “Al-Mafraq”, which is adjacent to the Jordanian and Syrian border.

According to one Jordanian military officer who asked to remain anonymous, hundreds of soldiers who speak languages ​other than Arabic were seen during the past two days in those areas moving back and forth in military vehicles between the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq (10 km from the Syrian border), and the vicinity of Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border, such as village Albaej (5 km from the border), the area around the dam of Sarhan, the villages of Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah adjacent to the Syrian border. –


Faux Syria Coverage by Western Media’s Illegitimate Child

By Sibel Edmonds

Yesterday we broke the developing story of US-NATO troop deployment on the Jordanian-Syrian Border. I’ve been monitoring the media for any relevant coverage. So far I have found ‘none.’ Then, today I found a very twisted, one-sided, and completely West-Driven video report on some developments along the Syrian-Jordanian border. The report comes from the long-bought and independent-imposter news agency Al-Jazeera, you know the one who heavily beat the war drums during the Libya development? Okay, please watch the following Faux Video Report by the Al-Jazeera Drummer Boys and Girls, and let me know all the things you find wrong, missing, and ‘influenced’ within it:



Allow me to go first: no comments asked or requested from the Syrian government. No mentioning of the recent developments in Jordan … I think these pretenders have some gene-pool connection to the US media. Maybe a distant cousin? An illegitimate child? Now your turn…

More here at Boiling Frogs




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8 Responses to "BREAKING : US Troops Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border (unconfirmed, no onsite video)"

  1. Jim W. Dean  December 13, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Well, let’s look at innocent explanations…which yes, can sometimes be the real story.

    We have had increasing mentions of a civil war in Syria. Could it be hype? Sure. To have a civil war with an armored force you need a really good supple chain of ammo, and you really need anti tank weapons, and not just RPGs…but guided munitions. Those kinds of weapons showing up would be formal intervention.

    If Syria wants to nip a ‘civil war’ in the but, the best way is to destroy any body on deserting soldiers they can find as this tends to dampen down desertions considerably. If troop are fighting troops then all the civilian casualties become ‘caught in the cross fire’ ones…taking Syria off the hook for murdering protestors in cold blood.

    If a ‘civil war’ does get cranked up. For example, if the rebel soldiers miraculously come up with guided anti-tank weapons which destroy a dozen to two dozen tanks. Then Syria responds by using medium range artillery to shell the town. Now you have an instant refugee problem with people pouring over the border into Jordan.

    Does Jordan want to move them into the cities, or keep them at the border area? Can refugees be infiltrated with Syrian Gov spies? Of course. They always are. So any prudent government would want a head start on the logistics of a major refugee problem.

    Now, you have troops and equipment moving out of Iraq, most of it going to Kuwait for pre-staging if Iraq goes up again. Might some of this Iraq pull out have been diverted to Jordan as preliminary logistics people, communications, security, etc.? Sure.

    Syria has not used it’s air power yet. It has not needed to. That might incur outside air cover to intervene which creates a direct confrontation with the Russian manned missile defense people in Syria, which Russia may have laid down the law they do not want to provoke.

    So we have a cat and mouse game going on here while modest numbers of people are killed every day. The Syrians are not making the mistake of threatening to wipe out ‘the rats’ in the rebel city areas, but they do want to punish them severly as an example to others who may be pondering the same.

    This is one reason that the Syrians have balked at the Arab League observers. That narrows down the ability to spin the story, particularly the ‘fighting armed bandits one’…very easy to do by staging plain clothe people shooting blanks at Syrian positions and then getting video of it…an old old standard trick.

    During the Balkan Wars the Kosovo folks used to take their dead troops, strip them down and put them in civilian clothes, then re-shoot them, and bring in the media to video the ‘civilian massacre’ by the Serbs. Yes, the press bought it. This is another old con.

    Saddam used this, collecting folks dying in the hospitals and sprinkling them around at civilian sites that he then had blown up and then bringing the press in to look at the atrocity. A key part of his strategy was ‘high civilian’ casualties…and if you don’t get what you need, you just make some yourself. Welcome to that world, and the mindset of someone who has already killed lots and lots of people. A few like…not really a big deal…especially when your survival is on the line.

  2. Debbie Menon  December 13, 2011 at 4:04 am

    Ah, so typical of them to run out of names for streets and places. Thanks!
    In any case, this story is likely untrue. The truth is distorted by the Syrian government, and Syrian opposition. The truth is somewhere in between.

  3. Debbie Menon  December 13, 2011 at 1:31 am

    Take a look at Mafraq, Jordan, on Google Earth. It is in the middle of a broad, uninhabited empty area of nothing but dry wadis, and rough terrain.

    There does not seem to be anything there.

    The Secret Strike Airbase at al Mafraq, Jordon, is known as H-4.

    Al Mafraq is not only near the Jordanian/Syrian border, it is on the main highway, Interstate Ten, which runs between Amman and Baghdad, and both Jordon and Iraq.

    I have no idea why the author of the article stresses that this activity is taking place on the Jordon/Syrian border when, considering the geography, and the highway, it might just as reasonably have been construed and described as an event on the Jordan/Iraq border, particularly since it is right on the main (and only?) highway running between the two, the obvious route over which any Armed Forces, large bodies of men or logistics would move.

    There is also a string of small airfields all along this route, all labeled H-1 through H-4, and possibly more which we might have missed. Which we shall have to leave up to the creative imagination of our Intel analysts, Gordon & co. to expound.

    • Youssef - Beirut  December 13, 2011 at 2:21 am

      There are two Al-Mafraq in Jordan.
      You are looking at the wrong one (on the Amman Bagdad interstate).
      The one you want to look at is located 32.36N, 36,22E.

    • Debbie Menon  December 13, 2011 at 4:56 am

      Thanks Youssef for beaming me down into the right place.
      Well that is a more interesting looking location, not as barren, although there seems to be nothing there but small villages. The coordinates put us in a small town on the Syrian side of the border named El Sahoah, a village of a few hundred houses and small buildings in fertile land. Hardly worth destroying, and certainly not enough people to make it worthwhile killing them all!

      I still cannot figure any tactical or strategic rationale why anyone would put troops in that area, though. I suppose we shall have to just wait for whatever Gordon’s intel team comes up with.

    • Youssef - Beirut  December 13, 2011 at 6:25 am

      Ah, if you are on the Syrian side of the border, it means your coordinates are set to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, while I was giving you Decimal Degrees.

      Try these coordinates instead: 32 21 N, 36 15 E.

      The Al Mafraq village should be to your west, and the big air base to your north east 😉


    • Debbie Menon  December 13, 2011 at 10:48 am


      Well, that makes a little more sense. That junction indicates that it is probably a significant transportation center, and the town or small city should have enough people to make a killing spree worthwhile. And, the Airforce Base looks like a pretty major base, not some petty little dusty desert or highway auxiliary strip. Well worth attacking, or destroying. Airforce Bases are always good places to target, as well as a good place to work out of if you are friendly with the folks who own one!

      I see that it is also being used as a training base. You may have noticed that there are two small two seater training planes in the current photo, one rolling out or taking off on the ground midway down runway 31, and the other just 300 meters inside the approach end of runway 31, right on the right hand margin of the runway, at about 300 feet, calculating by the angle of the sun and his ground shadow. which means he was making a go-’round because he was landing too close behind the plane on the ground, who had not yet cleared the runway.

      Of course the planes and the students will have long landed by now, and are probably not part of the action which is taking place in the neighborhood, if any.

      I doubt that anything big is afoot, anyway.

      Mysterious men, running around armed in the dark and speaking foreign languages usually draw attention, though, and they are also usually not up to much good.

      I expect given a few days to think about it, Gordon will come up with some exciting scenario which explains it all. He is very good at that. Right now judging from his ED NOTE he is clearly suspicious and embarrassed by this story.

      If you have any family in the area, tell them to stay in the house, lay low… or slip out the back way, and go visit Grandma or someone far away for a while.


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