Roadmap to Redressing Economic Terrorism in America

Now Hunting Economic Terrorists Closer to Home

We Weren’t Going to Stay Stupid Forever


  … by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


When the Cold War ended, a secret fund planned for by President Ronald Reagan had been set aside to rebuild America, pay off the national debt and reward Americans for decades of sacrifice. 

This was the real accomplishment of his presidency, one few knew of. 

As the funds finally came together, during the first years of the Clinton administration, instead of going to America, the man chosen to secure this legacy for America was put in a Swiss dungeon, then a mental hospital and eventually railroaded into prison on charges now admitted to have been “manufactured.”

Of the funds, only $4.5 trillion remain (plus interest, less taxes), belonging to Ameritrust Corporation, held for the American people.  This is some of the story of those funds and continuing attempts by politicians and bankers to continue destroying the United States through economic terrorism.

Many who read this will already know part of the story, some were involved, I am sure, in related operations.  I am part of that group.  The facts, documents, secret operations carefully vetted, confirmed, all now ready for release to those cleared for such, others are public domain.

It is our job to put out a story we are largely unauthorized to tell.

Of those who work in Special Operations and such things, I am one of the very few with a background in international finance.  This is not written for public consumption but I will publish it anyway, do with it as you will.  I am writing to our “community.”  You know who you are.

Whose Money Were They Lending? – Stolen Money?

Over the past few years, amounts of money and practices none of us had imagined have been hitting the news.

We hear one day that the Federal Reserve secretly lends out trillions of dollars illegally, yet these criminal acts by the Federal Reserve, though reported, are never investigated.

In fact, there is no agency empowered to audit or control the Federal Reserve whose very existence itself no one understands and, if they did, none would approve of.

It doesn’t say whose dollars or where they went or what America got in return.  We are led to believe they came out of thin air, went to places that are “none of our business” and were or were not paid back, also none of our business.

What happened? America got screwed.

Years ago, I had been asked to look after a former Reagan official named Lee Wanta.  Some of you will understand this sentence, who does the asking, and what “look after”means.

I knew he had been kidnapped in Switzerland and, though a diplomat, sent to the US and imprisoned on criminal charges we knew to be a total invention.

His personal attorney was Chief Legal Counsel for the Central Intelligence Agency.

My retiree job is as an intelligence contractor working with pro-US clients.  I “brief,” not interview.  I am not a journalist by trade.  I am one of the thousands of Americans that middle age has turned from a “knock in the back of the head” guy to someone who can talk his way out of a dozen foreign jails.

I am simply one of many Americans that few know exist, a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and someone who spent much of his life with his head upside down.

What Happened to Lee Wanta Actually Happened to All Americans


Who Stole the Money – And Who Did They Steal it For?

Ambassador Wanta has court documentation that he is owed $7.2 trillion dollars, private capital designated for one purpose, rebuilding the American economy.

The money was garnered through exploiting insane errors in the pricing of currencies and exploiting the economic policies of the former Soviet Union. Some of the profits had ended up in the Bank of China and were, according to legal agreement, repatriated to the United States, what remained anyway.

Initially, $4.5 trillion was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond while issues of law and taxes were negotiated.  This is the remainder of a larger fund, transferred into the US while litigation was to determine tax liability and little else.

Secretly, a group of individuals has been using and diverting these funds.

Why does the fund exist?  Wanta worked for Reagan, National Intelligence Coordinator and then was nominated by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa at Reagan’s request to take over as Inspector General of the Department of Defense.

Instead, Reagan assigned Wanta to a project to raise huge amounts of money trading currency.  Some of this is on the internet and much of it is correct.  The total amount raised, based on collateral supplied by the US Department of Treasury in a secret intelligence operation was 27 trillion USD.

Over the years, all but $4.5 trillion was stolen, much of it by a previous US president, some by the CIA, much by banks.  Years ago, I was sent account numbers on some of the money and tried to locate it in concert with foreign intelligence agencies. 

I would have returned the funds to the US government.  Included is 2000 tons of gold, and dozens of bank accounts around the world.  I have the account numbers, talked to the bankers and even, in one case, went directly to a chief of state.

What Has Been Stolen by the MegaCrooks is Beyond Imagination

Stolen cash is impossible to recover when half of it is paid out in bribes. As most of what I am writing is probably classified, let’s pretend I am making this all up.

Anyway, back to Wanta.  During this time, Wanta had gone to court to recover his funds, which had grown to over $7 trillion.

The rest of the money, much of which came from currency trading at the largest scale in world history, we will never find.

Now a court has ordered Wanta to receive his money.

The company to receive the money is Ameritrust.  The board members of Ameritrust are well known public people, a former Vice President, senators, generals and admirals and, of course, me.

The money is, officially, in the Federal Bank of Richmond and the order to return the funds was signed by the President of the United States based on an agreement with the Federal Courts.

Involved, over a period of years, is a group of people every American will know, from presidents and vice presidents to the heads of the Federal Reserve, Secretaries of Treasury, names like Bush and Cheney, Paulson, Bernake, Al Gore, some names working for America and too many trying to steal part of the money for themselves.

(Fax header from “deep cover” classified memo directly to President Bush)


Some tried to steal all of it.

Federal Reserve

When you heard news stories about the Federal Reserve making secret loans to the crooked “bail out banks” that weren’t authorized by congress, they were lending out the $7.2 trillion “Wanta dollars” ordered paid by President Obama and the Federal Courts.

If you wondered how the Federal Reserve, that couldn’t print a few billion dollars without authorization from congress, lent out trillions that technically didn’t exist with no permission at all and there was no investigation, no questions asked and the story forgotten a day later, you will begin to understand by the end of this.

You will be extremely upset and angry also.

Thus far, here is part of that settlement I can tell you of but first, I had Wanta checked out.

To do that, I went to a top army intelligence officer from the Pentagon, one who had been Defense Attache to Israel and who had worked in Special Operations, war plans, clandestine operations and such since he was an A Team leader in Vietnam. I put him on with Wanta for hours and had Wanta interrogated.

Wanta knew dozens of the highest classified operations in US history, knew every Pentagon official including much highly detailed personal information. To our top Army intelligence officer, we were able to confirm that he was, unquestioningly, working for years at the highest levels of US intelligence.

The man who grilled him still hangs up the phone whenever I mention 9/11, a close personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

This is the deal:

Ameritrust agrees to buy $1 trillion in 10 year treasury bonds, which will finance America’s national debt for the next year.

Ameritrust, as outlined by the court, agrees to pay $1.7 trillion in income tax, reducing the national debt significantly overnight.

Ameritrust has set aside $6 billion for disbursement, under my advisement, monies for two purposes:

  1. Development of a program to end veteran homelessness and save a generation of young veterans.  This is entirely privately donated money.  A non-profit entity exists and programs can start today.  Not one cent will be stolen or diverted.
  2. Fund efforts to aid in closing the US border and put a 100% end to illegal immigration and drug trafficking.  This involves billions of dollars, carefully administered, with the full cooperation of state and local officials who have already been consulted and are onboard.

Ameritrust has set aside, minimally, $1 trillion USD to build a high speed rail system for the United States with almost all components domestically constructed.  This system includes stations, hotels and much more.  The minimal impact will include:

  1. Initial employment will begin at 80,000 with full employment in the manufacture, installation and security of this system 400,000 new jobs, all privately financed without one cent of taxpayer money.
  2. Veterans will receive preference on all jobs but, as is obvious, employment goes well beyond our available veteran community.
  3. Required technologies and the entities that control such will be purchased and manufacturing facilities will be located within the United States.

The economic impact on other transportation systems, particularly airlines, has been predicted and funding is available to minimize disruption.

America, of course, will become the world’s tourist destination, travel costs for top domestic destinations will lower by a minimum of $65% and no debt will be involved.

The Great West of America – Grand Canyon

Four hundred thousand paychecks will put a dent in the recession, produce tax revenue to allow additional pay down of national debt and, for the first time in decades, actually raise the standard of living in America.

This is all documented.

Studies showing lowered emissions and freedom from oil imports are almost frightening.

All this does, of course, is give Americans things that other nations around the world have had for years but at lower cost, financed through the foresight, frankly, of President Ronald Reagan.


This entire project was his plan. He entrusted the currency trading critical part of it to Lee Wanta, who some now considered the greatest intelligence coup of the Cold War.  I had no idea.

That we are dealing with it now is because criminal elements within our government and financial industry including the Federal Reserve System have subverted this plan, ignored court orders and violated so many laws we can’t even count. They believe they can claim immunity and hide behind an national security justification.

This money is here today, it is 20 years old, it requires no new currency issue, it pays down debt and adds nothing but jobs, revenue and hope.

To stop this from moving forward, Wanta was kidnapped and jailed, court cases involving the top lawyers in the United States have gone on for 6 years and millions have been spent to either keep this out of the press or misrepresent facts that exist on enough legal documents to fill a Fed Ex van.

Lee Wanta

More than that, laws of diplomatic privilege have been violated and, a more serious security threat, Wanta was protected by federal statutes that protect intelligence agents, statutes misused by Oliver North and others.  Wanta’s prosecution, on no evidence at all other than requests from governmental elements tied to organized crime, human trafficking and narcotics, moved forward despite motions to dismiss filed that any court would have immediately accepted.

Laws meant to protect America are now laws of convenience, used when they serve the banks or own our politicians, violated when patriots need to be silenced.


At one point, Wanta was put in a mental institution.  He gave the psychiatrist a telephone number to call.  Vice President Al Gore answered and confirmed Wanta’s identity.

Vice President Gore also confirmed that he had been informed that Lee Wanta was dead.  When Gore learned Wanta was alive in the room, we suspect this is why Wanta is here and the Reagan/Ameritrust program is coming back to life.

The psychiatrist ordered Wanta’s release.  Instead of release, he was jailed and the psychiatrist “warned” and then fired. We can prove this.

You have heard these stories a dozen times, Sibel Edmonds, John Wheeler III, Susan Lindauer and a hundred names you will never hear.  Ask why Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and his family are dead.

This is the real world we live in, why we pay so much for gas when the world money markets have crashed, when demand is nothing but prices rise daily and nobody ever asks anything.

We Want to Know

What we want to know and “we” is not a harmless bunch of cranks.  “We” means many of the people who formerly and currently represent key “capabilities” that protect and defend the United States.

We want to know why, for years, the Federal Reserve illegally “loaned” trillions of dollars to banks that claimed they were insolvent, money in escrow and not under their authority for distribution.

We want to know why, for years, the Secretaries of Treasury authorized these illegal acts which have been reported in the news but never investigated.

We want to know where the trillions of dollars are in profits that were generated by using this currency to collateralize offshore transactions never listed by the banks who received the illegal loans.

Read that one again until you understand the extent of what I am saying and how obvious all of this is.

The money has been there to put America on her feet.  Nobody ever explained how the Federal Reserve could lend trillions of dollars “illegally,” money never under their official control but rather under the supervision of the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia.

In addition to funding existing legal authorities to end illegal immigration overnight and begin a real war on drug trafficking, at some point there will be unpaid state income taxes totaling over $200 billion dollars.

We have the full backing of state governors, select members of congress and those financial leaders who choose to profit from honest business instead of insider trading and financial scams. This means “change.”

What we demand?

We want monies owed and ordered to be paid as law requires to be paid.  All we are demanding is restoration of rule of law in accordance with existing court orders and legal judgements, nothing more.

We also have law enforcement and intelligence officials who tell us that they will never sleep another night until they have hunted all these people involved down and have seen justice done. 

They say they are willing to spend their lives hunting assets, even to the ends of the earth, beginning with vacation homes, yachts, family trusts, safe deposit boxes, anywhere on the planet and that existing laws covering money laundering and terrorism give them the needed tools.

How Many Were Involved in Cooking the Books?

The term I keep hearing is “continuing criminal enterprise.”  I am more a builder than one to seek retribution but others are not so forgiving.  We believe this is why funds are being held up, out of fear.

As there is enough money here for Ameritrust to be the most powerful congressional lobby, being a “corporate person,” the richest ever imagined, think of the irony. 

The laws meant to deprive Americans of their rights being used to restore democracy and rule of law.  The idea is frightening.

This is What These Mega Thieves are Doing to America

As billions are assigned for veterans relief at a time of extreme national emergency, failure to do so is unthinkable.

America was never intended to be what it has become.  We have the funds, the plans and the people to begin a rapid and well conceived turn-around of America.

This is a plan of investment in America, of hard work, of the most extreme form of financial conservatism thinkable.

This is about work and paying taxes and building in America for America by Americans.

Ask yourself who has been blocking this, who is above the law?  Court documents on all of this, as required by law, are in the public domain.

Welcome to any who think this is less than we say.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean

Dear Folks, You may get tired of hearing this by I am going to say it once again. We have to take ownership of this problem. If we let them get away with this and keep their ill gotten gains there is absolutely nothing they will fear doing do to us in the future. Only a conquered, defeated people would accept such a humiliation.

Fortunately, as the WOT has expanded the Special Operations Forces to 50,000, many are becoming aware of this situation and needless to say are more than a little unhappy about it. Add in legions of ole time civilian and military Intel people and we have a multi-generational trained and well motivated group of leaders ready. Repeatedly, we have seen mental health facilities, most on military bases, used as prisons, used to discredit, used to drug, experiment on clandestine agents and even public officials who refuse to submit to participation in illegalities.

Does the term “gulag” come to mind?

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39 Responses to "Roadmap to Redressing Economic Terrorism in America"

  1. LOB2065  February 2, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Brilliant video about the rights of Americans being taken from them.

  2. dirtus napus  February 2, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    To what degree of accuracy is this? I’m reading it and I have questions……..I see 3 years old, have these stories panned out?

  3. dirtus napus  February 2, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Wouldn’t think of it Tom, however, I trust a far smaller number of them than you do. Wrack that up to experience. And I think British Admiralty Law is where they have exploited most of us to the point we currently find ourselves. Would I be an anti-semite if I said the entire federal reserve system was written by Jews? How about Catholics? Personally I like to pick on my own Protesters, the Martin Luther variety. Lest we forget, we’re not talking about looks or color here, we’re talking about a belief system. One that says it’s ok to murder the innocent when they conflict with business interests. I find it very easy to predict the future outcome of things when dealing with Jews, that’s just a truth. I learned from them, I have several jewish friends. Now, you want to talk about self haters? I would love to pick on Scientologists, they just don’t have their cult/game at that level yet. Fascinating idiots though.

  4. dirtus napus  February 2, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Truly astounding, I have to check out that last piece, I would not be suprised. I swear, sometimes I wish I had become a fireman, not gone to college, not done half the crap I’ve been involved with and just drank beers with the fellas, blissfully unaware of it all. My dad said he wished he had become a dentist. He knows where all the bones are buried, as they say. I know he didn’t sleep well for 30 years. Wish I could explain further, but that’s part of the unblissfull part. The forums are getting better 🙂

  5. Ann  February 1, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Our perverted pseudo-leaders have been at this for a long time, it’s just a sick game to them. During World War Hoax #1 they passed out defective weapons to various armies to keep the carnage going in case one side or another would have a decisive victory and end the hoax ahead of schedule. One of their goals then as now was to keep keep the numbers of all fighters culled so as to prevent them from becoming an organized threat if they ever figured out the scam.

    At the very top there never really was Allied or Axis during WWH #1 or #2 – those were just stupid team names to keep us distracted and in the dark and at each others throats. The real joke is that the planners and beneficiaries of all the carnage couldn’t survive a schoolyard boxing match.

  6. GiveMeLiberty  February 1, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Yes Gordon, as is the chemtrailing and the military designed Smart Meters, and I won’t bore you with the list of 100 other things they’ve employed to sicken, torture and kill us.

  7. xx  February 1, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Then thereafter, I will bother you no more.

  8. xx  February 1, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I know the real plan Gordon; it was given to me about 12-13 years ago. Then immediately passed to some others (few), one prominent passed away shortly after receiving the message. I no longer have the original transcript; however, it was obtained by others whom it was not intended. Give me about one week, you may find it disturbing, others will ignore. “What would you do, to change this?” They made their decision, and now the outcome is becoming clear, not the real intention or expectation. However, either result was anticipated. How do you evaluate human societies? You give them something they can use to better all, or destroy. See, they know, I know.

  9. xx  January 31, 2012 at 5:27 pm


    Americans will learn this year or delayed until next, what was done to them, when major US Banks start defaulting. Presently, criminals at hand, will continue to pay Americans to attack Americans, and this for entertainment purposes.

  10. Arthur  January 31, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Lay on, Macduff,
    And damn’d be him that first cries, Hold, enough!

  11. Tom Valentine  January 31, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Seems to me that we, the people have a duty to repudiate odious debt as well as “The protocols of Zion” which outline every ill from courts of law to poison makers like Monsanto. Repudiate by doing what is suggested here. Jesus chased the moneychangers out for eternal reasons. Do not irrationally attack “Jews” now. The talented and wise among them are many, and they chaff at the bit over Zionist oppression as well. The racist foundational law turns most of them them into outcasts as well as us goyim.

  12. PAUL LEO FASO  January 31, 2012 at 6:58 am

    The entire Christopher Story archive should be read by all Americans. While a task in itself, being up to speed on this background will bring into focus the underlying criminal activities of several governments and their leaders.

  13. zuvrick  January 31, 2012 at 1:24 am

    For a really superior rapid mass people mover, the soon-to-be surplus military TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines) can be used to make an underground mag-lev rail system that can be supersonic. The black project one already in existence from Area 51 to Australia only takes an hour or so to go halfway around the globe. There are no right-of-way costs, no weather problems. These advanced TBM can grow tunnels at 7-15 miles a day, 40-60 meters in width. No tailings. Glass-smooth walls. And it is being kept secret.

  14. zuvrick  January 31, 2012 at 1:18 am

    May the bright illumination of Truth bleach more hats white!

  15. GiveMeLiberty  January 30, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    I stumbled on and followed this story written by Christopher Story out of England. The story was very hard to follow due to his writing style, but I kept following his postings until he died about a year ago. Some thought he was poisoned since he’d visited DC a few weeks previous. My friends thought I was delusional when I told them about it, and I had to wonder myself since I never saw it mentioned ANYWHERE else. I couldn’t fathom that a theft this widely known among other governments and with names so prominent could be kept under wraps. But look at us now. We KNOW who our domestic and foreign enemies are but there seems to be no one who can take them out. I agree with Russell. WE NEED HELP! There ARE a scant few with the guts to speak up, but where are the big shots who DO have influence and power to turn this ship around? Either they are profiting from this gigantic heist or they live in fear of their lives if they stand up for America or dare to take action. Whether we cower or fight, many people are going to die.

  16. stevor  January 30, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Oh how I wish you were right about us “not staying stupid forever” but there’s probably a MAJORITY who can’t fathom the truth. It would boggle their mind. The “government” is to “protect” them.
    Since the Communists want to eradicate religion and family the only “hope” was “government”, so if that’s gone, there’s no hope and people will go insane.

  17. karl.lemay  January 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Maybe I didn’t read the article closely enough. I’ve been following this story for several years, and one thing that’s always been missing is “What can we do as citizens and veterans?”

    What can we do?

    Is there an organization that we can support or some action that we can take?

    Otherwise, it’s just another story that I have to file away and hope it gets better. How about having Jim Fetzer have a meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, near where I live? I’d surely attend, as I did last night for a talk entitled: “Are the NeoCons the New NAZIs?”

    The answer to that question is “No, the NAZIs knew how to run a national economy.”

    Keep smiling and keep ’em flying, Veterans Today!

  18. Excalibur  January 30, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    In answer to Hugh and dirtus napus: it goes without saying that the fiat systems – and the entire nonsensical arrangement where the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are privately owned jewish vehicles built to ensure that all government money is ‘borrowed’ from them at interest – HAS TO GO FOREVER. You will be aware better than me that the only two Presidents that tried to do this in America were quickly murdered in strange circumstances.

    When nations print their OWN currency at zero interest to themselves (naturally!) and a ban is put on speculation in business – then we can have the beginnings of a fair system. This is very possible and easy to arrange (if they can ban insider dealing and ban hedge funds betting on company failure – which they have – they can also dismantle the entire speculation scam). Who exactly would suffer when the speculation circus was gone? A handful of scammers.

    There is only one other thing that would need to be done. The removal form office and positions of responsibility – of anyone who has attended further education, University, or Ivy league colleges. All those being primed to continue the subversive system cannot be allowed to remain in place – not at least until they have all received ‘decompression’ and anti-subversion therapy. All those who have been foisted into power above us to destroy our freedoms and oppress from above – must be kept far away from any power or even minor decision making offices. This needs to be taken over – even if temporarily – by ordinary citizens, of which older veterans would be an ideal choice.

  19. Gordon Duff  January 30, 2012 at 6:07 am

    This is not the stolen Yamashita gold that scamsters have been running around peddling for decades.

    Best have Lee write this up himself.

  20. russell  January 30, 2012 at 3:38 am

    Excellent article, I have read sooo many stories about stolen gold,Guilty Polititions, out of control Fed.Gazillions of dollars not only owed to Americans but the rest of the world also. I realize this is all very complicated and we have to start somewhere, but my question is we have the Greatest Military Machine on the planet we eliminate Dictators on a whim as well as overthrow Governments why cant we fix this?My point is storm the WhiteHouse take over the media, explain all this to the American People and let our Military take charge till we get this all figured out. I realize most folks are totally unaware of all of this info, Educate them on the 6:00 news. Trust me when I say if you educate the masses the MAJORITY of AMERICANS along with the rest of the Planet are 100% behind you! We MUST have our military take the LEAD we as citizens are unable to make any change at this point without Military Intervention.HELP US PLEASE, Demand that the Constitution be Followed to a TEE! Now is the time, we dont need another False Flag event to get US Sidetracked! Make US Proud once again to be called AMERICANS!

  21. PallMall  January 29, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Here is some more on Leo Wanta by Orlin Grabbe (now deceased), written in August 1997. No link available because the website does not exist.

    Who is Leo Wanta?
    by J. Orlin Grabbe

    August 26, 1997
    Web Page:

    “Bill Clinton’s Short-Term Notes”
    Asian-European, the CIA, and Mochtar Riady

    Meet Leo Emil Wanta. At one point Wanta had bank accounts at Metishe Bank in Moscow, Avenue Bank on the Champs-Elysee in Paris, Credito Italiano in Milan, Anker Bank in Geneva, Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva, the Algemeine Spaar in Brussels, the Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank in Vienna, Creditanstalt Bankverein in Vienna, and–the perennial favorite of money launderers–Citibank in Milan, New York, and Los Angeles.

    Meet Leo Emil Wanta, a man accused of, or praised for, crashing the Russian ruble over 1990-1. There
    is no doubt that he was a currency trader, placing orders for 100 billion rubles at a time. Then there is the matter of gold–Russian gold.

    One of the orders faxed around the world from his New Republic/USA Financial Group Ltd. (2101
    North Edgewood Avenue, Appleton, WI 54914, Tele/Fax: (414) 738-7007), dated Feb. 4, 1991, is an offer to buy/sell/effect 2000 metric tons of gold bullion, with rollovers under London good delivery. At the time of this offer, Wanta was in constant phone contact with Roberto Coppola in Rome, where Coppola served as Ambassador of the Russian Republic. Was it Russian gold Wanta was selling?

    Was Wanta just another trader specializing in illiquid currencies and flight capital in the form of
    bullion? Was he a big time money launderer? Either would explain the 14 percent commissions at which he dealt. Or was neither the case? Let’s look closer. Because something doesn’t add up.

    Wanta, an erstwhile travelling companion of Vernon Walters and supplier of machine guns to Bill Casey, was arrested by Swiss authorities on July 7, 1993, in Geneva, Switzerland. He was held for four months, then extradited to Wisconsin to stand trial for state taxes owed for the years 1982 and 1988. The grand total of taxes owed–$14,000.

    Curious that. Extradited for $14,000? In taxes? From Switzerland? The story gets weirder.

    Wanta was sentenced to 22 years in prison. (Better he had killed a few people than that he owed taxes.)

    Afterward, on Sept. 21, 1996, Wanta wrote a mysterious letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton, referring to “U.S. President Bill Clinton’s Short Term Notes and IMF Sale of Bullion.” In the letter Wanta referred to his own “de-stabilization of the Soviet Union Rubles (SUR)” and noted that he “prevented the Soviet & Italian Mafiosa from the Soviet Funds in favour of our U.S. Treasury & Metals Accounts in excess of US
    $150 billion”.

    Wanta then threatened: “Until by legal release from the un-consitutional/ false incarceration in Wisconsin–as a diplomat & non-resident–I am legally interested in the corporate placement of short- term notes & I.M.F. gold bullion/troy ounce delivery contract. Thank you for your kind assistance in this timely situation.”

    Wanta’s letter (or letters) got results. On Jan. 10, 1997, Wanta received a reply from Erskine Bowles at the White House.

    Mr. Leo E. Wanta
    c/o Kettle Moraine Correctional Institute
    P.O. Box 31
    Plymouth, WI 53073

    Dear Mr. Wanta: Thank you for your letter. I appreciate hearing from you.

    To give your concerns the proper attention, I have forwarded your letter to the Office of Agency Liaison within the White House. You can be certain that your concerns will be carefully reviewed.

    Again, thank you for writing.


    Erskine B. Bowles

    On February 1, 1997, after Bowles had checked with W.H. Agency Relations, Leo Wanta was released
    on $90,000 bail.

    So here’s what we know about Wanta so far: Extradited from Switzerland on a triviality. Sentenced to 22 years on the same triviality. But then sprung after references to “Bill Clinton’s short-term notes” and the White House checks with Agency Liaison.

    Then there’s the Russian currency/gold issue. Wanta was dealing in billions of dollars. Where did the financing come from? Another question comes to mind: How did Wanta get to be Ambassador from Somalia?

    Claire Sterling’s not-so-reliable book Thieves World contains a good bit of information (and mis- information) on Leo Wanta. (Sources include a mysterious Mr. X, an “investment banker”, and an unnamed FBI agent. Sterling’s credits, however, may identify the latter source: she gives special mention to “Jim Moody of the FBI”–the man who headed up the FBI’s organized crime division.

    Wanta himself identifies Sterling’s “Mr. X” as Treasury Special Agent Philip Wainwright.

    Depending on your point of view, Wanta is a con artist or a hero: bilking the crumbling Soviet empire of its currency and resources, helping pushing the wounded bear over the cliff. Wanta’s operation has been called the Great Ruble Scam. That is, one of the few ruble scams not engineered by the Russian central bank/Russian government itself.

    Wanta presented his credentials in Moscow in October 1990. He was a member of Reagan’s “President’s Club” (meaning he had given $50,000 to the campaign). He also headed the “New Republic Financial Group” located in Appleton, WI, and registered in Vienna, Austria (New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H., Kartnerstrasse 28/15, Telefon: 513-4235, A-1010 Wien). New Republic had declared capital of about $17,000, according to Sterling. On this basis, Wanta wanted to swap $5 billion for 140 billion rubles, rising over five years to $50 billion for 300 billion rubles.

    You never make money unless you think big, right? The proposal (one of three similar ones from seemingly disparate sources) was to be a mini-Marshall plan to import into Russia consumer goods like frozen chickens and Tampax. Or that was the story. Boris Yeltsin approved the deal, but it fell through, according to Sterling, when the State Department reported that Wanta “had major debts and some credit card problems”. (Wanta denies that the State Department ever issued such a statement. Much of Sterling’s information, in fact, seems to come from a Soviet investigator looking to smear Wanta as a common criminal.)

    To Sterling’s “Mr. X”, who worked with Wanta, the objective was quite different: “I knew there would be a possibility of a Western privately orchestrated economic Jihad that could help crush the communist ruling powers by destroying their unstable ruble. Unilaterally and privately, I decided to play a catalytic role to crash the ruble.”

    During the previous year Wanta’s group bought sold and traded rubles. Many of the orders/offers appear to be bogus–calculated to cause a run on the ruble.

    And–coming forward to October 1990–Wanta’s deal of $5 billion for 140 billion rubles, or 28 rubles to the dollar, would have been transacted at roughly double the value of the dollar relative to its black market rate which was closer to 14 rubles to the dollar. If executed, the plan would have effectively given Wanta a free 70 billion rubles with which to help himself to the natural resources of a crumbling empire. Not bad. Who was Wanta representing? Himself? Or the U.S. government?

    Moving forward to Jan./Feb. 1991, we find Wanta in the process of moving two thousand tons of gold– during a time period when coincidentally two thousand tons of Soviet gold mysteriously disappeared from the Central Bank.

    By December 1991 Wanta and his partner Kok Howe Kwong had set up a food for petroleum joint venture in Moscow. Accounts in dollars and rubles were opened at Status Credit Bank in Singapore by the two through Asian-Europa Development Pte Ltd. Asian-Europa proceeded to export Soviet petroleum and import Western goods at an exchange rate (oil for goods) very favorable to Asian-Europa. Asian-Europa appears to be a U.S. government/CIA proprietary company set up under USCA Title 18, Sec. 6., Line 11. And it appears to have had a relationship with Mochtar Riady’s Lippo Group.

    Without a doubt, Wanta dealt the fading Soviet apparatus a body slam or two. Does that make Leo Wanta an American hero? And if so, why was he incarcerated? Was it just to keep him off the streets because of what he knew (a standard maneuver in the intelligence community)? Does that explain Wanta’s bogus extradition from Switzerland? Or was Wanta just a clever con artist who could somehow come up with the contacts and billions of dollars necessary to deceive a crumbling superpower, not to mention the CIA and the U.S. Treasury? Either way, Wanta ain’t your average used-car salesman. Wanta may be a victim railroaded by the government he served.

    Leo Wanta was appointed Ambassador of Somalia for Switzerland and Canada in March 1993. In July, Wanta had been in Switzerland to make $250,000,000 available for the Children’s Defense Fund at the request of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster. Children’s Defense Fund? Whose idea was that? What was going on there?

    Shortly after Wanta’s arrest, and following his daughter’s birthday on July 20, 1993, the Superintendent for the Swiss prison where Wanta was being held came by and told Wanta that Wanta’s friend Foster had been murdered.

    Wanta used to visit FBI Director William Sessions at his office through a secret entry known as the “back of stage”. There he would nearly always meet with a Mr.Gonzalez and a Mr. Jim Moody, who were the FBI enforcers for RICO and organized crime issues. Moody was the head of the FBI’s organized crime section.

    Can any of this shed some light on the death of Vince Foster? Clearly Foster was engaged in some major financial dealings–including the $250,000,000 for the Children’s Fund that Wanta discusses. Foster’s financial dealings may not explain why he was killed. But they could very well explain why there was
    no investigation.

    What does Wanta think?

  22. Hugh  January 29, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    “but there is a very easy way to put the banksters out of business and prevent them from manipulating economies and countries with huge reserves of cash”

    While your suggestion of A LEGAL BAN ON SPECULATION is commendable and would certainly be cause for some feigned consternation; displays of stress on the face of a select few in a court of law, I believe that’s only addressing a single symptom and overlooks the root cause of this carcinogen elites hoisted upon us.

    As long as they are allowed to trade in fiat currencies, created with the digital dexterity of Chopin playing chopsticks and backed by the tax payers, these crimes will never cease.

    Eliminating the cancer that is central banking worldwide, starting with the Federal Reserve, would send a clear message to the ‘Powers that Were’ that the party is now over except for the obligatory anal rape they can expect to receive from “Bubba” as a parting gift.

  23. Excalibur  January 29, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    dirtus napus – thanks for the reply – and yes I was already aware that virtually all the Atlantic slave trade was run by jews. (A well hidden secret up until now). That makes it even more disgusting, of course, that they are often the noisy ones that stoke up and use the ‘slave trade’ story as a means of attacking and defaming old whitey and brow beating our children into feelings of guilt and self hatred as a result. In reality the finger should be pointed at the jews – many families of which are still very wealthy today because of their slave dealings. A relatively small group of jews controlled all the slave movements across the Atlantic and probably most of the East African/Indian Ocean slave trade to Arabia too. Interestingly there is now a school of thought that the ‘communist manifesto’ idea of Marx and Engels – was a way of enslaving Europeans out of revenge for stopping the salve trade. The British Parliament outlawed human slavery in 1833 – and Royal Navy ships put a stop to it in their adventures around the globe. This made the jews furious and swearing vengeance.

    Many people are not aware that ‘communism’ was originally a business plan by Marx and Engels – which required capturing an entire country to use as ‘slave labour’ to remove the labour costs of production. The unlucky country involved needed to be tricked into a fake ‘revolution’ and then ways found to keep them in tight compliance to the system forever (including what they accurately called “The hypnotism of false socialistic literature….”). All of the population that was of above average intelligence were to be brutally removed from the population and murdered to prevent any of them finding a way to throw the yoke off once attached. Other countries could be added – and the same blueprint strictly enforced. (For example Poland and the immediate Katyn forest massacre within weeks of taking it over). It has now been calculated that jewish Marxist zionism directly murdered at least 177 MILLION souls in the 20th Century to comply with this blueprint.

    There is another aspect of the slave trade that is not generally known. That is that southern England and Ireland was attacked for about one thousand years by Arab and African slave vessels – ending in about 1550. It has been estimated that about 1.5 million white English and Irish were abducted and taken away as slaves over that time – and taken to the North African slave ports for sale – mainly as sex slaves. Only one man ever made it back alive. One small town in Ireland had 330 people taken from it in one night – the entire population. There is still a ghost town there today as a reminder – as nobody ever went back to re-populate it. These attacks were stopped in about 1550 – when Henry VIII (the one who had six wives) commissioned 54 new warships to stop this peril after multiple petitions to the Crown – and he beefed up Britain’s Naval power. The British Navy became the largest in the world after that – but nobody ever talks about WHY the British Navy had to be built in the first place of course!

  24. Allen L Roland  January 29, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Great article, Gordon ~ Regarding Rick’s remark about the 5.1 ratio of financial sector lobbyists for each Congressman who are aggressively lobbying against the essential financial regulations to safeguard the economy ~ here’s a one minute video of the one person I wish was running for President, Elizabeth Warren, explaining the same fact to a bedazzled Bill Maher ~

  25. rickmarino  January 29, 2012 at 11:38 am

    see my posting. I suspect there’s plenty of rats in the woodpile…we need a genuine effort to investigate 9/11……Voters should insist their elected Congressman support a new investigation that does what the Warren Commission and the 911 Commission should have done if justice was as important as it should have been.

  26. lobotelobote  January 29, 2012 at 11:17 am

    hi can someone please write an aritcle:

    “100 reasons why we know Israel did 911”

    With 100 concise bullet points, such as dancing israelis, the overheard cemetery conversation, insurance payout to Jewish owner, etc. etc.

  27. joesigur  January 29, 2012 at 7:27 am

    I’ve never been one to want to attend a lynching but I could, possibly, make an exception in this case!

  28. PAUL LEO FASO  January 29, 2012 at 6:18 am

    The extent of this financial sodomy is beyond comprehension. Most Americans have no idea what has happened to their counrty while being cleverly deflected and confused by paid out media drones. Most have no problem understanding and fighting a clearly defined external enemy, but a once an “inside the gates” enemy is tagged, they freak out and assume it is impossible because the corrupted, complicit, state controlled media did not wave it’s possibility in their face.

    As noted in your comments, the people are beginning to finally understand the implications of 26 trillion dollars out the back door as well as the other criminal deceptions played out, including all of the 9/11 revelations that point to that same enemy inside the gates.

    While we now wait for actions by the legal process to inforce those court orders, I press on with new actions for every American who now suffers from this inside war on our nation.

    For those who have yet to see the depth of this TREASON.

  29. Angus Alexander McLeod  January 29, 2012 at 12:33 am

    How interesting that C&C (command and control — but then you already knew that, right?) for the Booth plot itself was run from Canada (with Brit encouragement/assistance, no doubt). See “Come Retribution.” I’ve heard numerous references to the actual slave traders, now I’ll definitely have to verify that, too — not that I doubt you at all, dn… Always loved the irony that most, if not all of them were Northerners, as well…

  30. Angus Alexander McLeod  January 28, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    As well you should, G. You’re hitting on ALL cylinders now, Sir. Pedal to the metal…

  31. Gordon Duff  January 28, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    You also fell into some of those who were involved in the Yamashita gold. Best here is accurate as possible.

    I have taken to using fairly extreme vetting processes…..


  32. Angus Alexander McLeod  January 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Gordon, kudos (and more), of course. I, too, have been familiar with the basics of this story for some time, and as staggering as it appeared initially, I have never been any kind of fan of Reagan, for too many reasons to list here, and frankly shelved it as far beyond my limited means to confirm or deny at the time. In the meantime, I have developed considerable respect not for Ronnie, but certainly for a few of his subordinates, such as Messrs. Wanta and Roberts. My sincere appreciation to you, Gordon, for your direct involvement with this matter and bringing it much more fully into the light. Come Hell or high water, literally, this MUST not only be made public in a HUGE way, the funds MUST be introduced as originally intended, and certain people MUST be marched off to their just reward — the more the merrier…

    While I am taking all of this on faith out of personal regard for your honesty and integrity (in print, anyway) I have had a somewhat similar experience in the past which makes all this plausible for me. You were probably putting the finishing touches on this article as I was (almost) writing my own in the comments section at the bottom of your other article today on this matter. As you may notice in my earlier comments higher up in that article, I had occasion to have very close, almost first-hand involvement with the clandestine transport of at least $1.3 trillion of the Yamashita Gold hoard from the Philippines to Zurich more than 20 years ago. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of detail involved with that operation as well, so much so that the Las Vegas Sun eventually ran a 25-part series on it some years back. That is not the only reason I left this “arena” a few years later — to the point even my own family (and one of your own revered writers!) thought I was dead for over a decade. Bottom line was that I realized I had absolutely nowhere to go with that story, much less any reclamation effort. The “controllers” had already poisoned the original finder/holder of the gold at the Manila airport on his way to Honolulu for a deposition, killed someone they thought was me in Miami and left him stuffed in a car trunk at the airport, and one of the key transport pilots was not only boasting to friends about carving my name in his bullets, but later had people over for a dinner party to celebrate my death after mistakenly believing I went down as a passenger on TWA 800. No shit. Apparently he got that mis-info from a small notice in a publication I had done a few interviews with a couple years before wondering in print if I really HAD “gone down for the count”…

    The well-known attorney, nameless for now, handling the case for the estate of the deceased gold discoverer, Rogelio Rojas, was not only the same man who handled the case for the families of the victims of the Karachi plane hijacking way back when, but had actually bought his own personal plane years before from the same bastard who was having people over for dinner at my “expense.” Small world, huh? The attorney flew me to LA from FL on a day’s notice when my knowledge about the gold shipments came to his attention, and he would only meet and speak with me in an inner conference room, stating he was certain the Agency itself actually had teams in buildings opposite monitoring conversations in the offices with outside windows with high-powered parabolics or whatever…

    Oddly enough, I was later hired as a judgment-enforcement investigator to assist in collection of what was then the largest civil judgment in CA history — $1.282 billion — amazingly enough all centered on companies also primarily based in the Philippines. And so it goes…

    Bottom line is that, with so much of the material you bring to light, although uncountable Intel and other “professionals” may be privy to it, and utilize (or attempt to counteract) it in their own way, I wonder just how much play this will ever get with mainstream Americans, when pretty much ALL of your material SHOULD… That said, given my own direct experience with similar matters, and years pursuing what I fondly called “guerrilla journalism” (forcing key stories into the MSM — by whatever means necessary), if there IS anything I can do to assist, Mr. V knows where to reach me. We go back more than 4 decades now, I am VERY proud to say…

    And I am still utterly serious about my proposal at the bottom of your other article. This matter would be one helluva way to launch it. Can’t think of ANY real American who wouldn’t get all revved upon hearing about this — esp. directly from the horses’ mouths… Think about it — even with this “revelation,” time is running short and it’s still almost certainly gonna be a steep uphill battle. Steadfast, stout fellow…

    My Dad, also a Marine, raised no sissy, and if I’m under threat, I have always preferred to be proactive and take the battle directly to them rather than wait for that “bump on the back of the head.” I just got damn tired of having to live constantly with such contingency plans running, and dropped out entirely to wait and watch… You’ve seen my other posts, or can review them now.

  33. Mike Kay  January 28, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    I’m still lost on this. Are we still depending on some currently dysfunctional system-like the courts, or congress-to straighten up and fly right long enough to move forward on stopping the theft?
    Look at fast and furious, apparently just one of many gun running scams. Where is it going?
    OK, there once was a ton of money, and the scum suckers figured out how to loot it. They have built a pretty good set of fortifications for themselves, to avoid paying for their crimes. Its not that its all that hard to peg ’em as crooks, its that they have their lackeys stonewalling every attempt to end the crime spree.
    The lackeys stooge for them in the media, government, business, and legal. Where to we get an accurate picture of the battlefield to find and exploit their weaknesses? Where do we find the resources to sustain the kind of firefight we are going into?
    These crooks are waging a war against America and Americans, and most Americans won’t grasp this fact. Who is going to develop and coordinate a sustained, multilevel offensive? I believe this much, a large minority of Americans are ready to take action. Unfortunately they have been lead to believe that peacefully protesting will achieve something. They are heros for place themselves into a hopeless situation, but they should be heros by putting their backs to strategy that works.
    Maybe I have too many pieces missing, but I know in my gut the crooks have a house of cards, I know they are vulnerable, and if I know it, so do better men than me. The Germans made a mockery of the Maginot Line with their Blitzkrieg. Let us remember this lesson.

  34. dirtus napus  January 28, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    I wish that was true. It’s not. There were speculators wagering on slave ships that would miss the squalls comming out of West Africa at the time. Yes, that’s the place 99% of the hurricanes come from to this day. Here’s another little tid bit cousin, 99% of those speculators, owners, slave masters, and to the most historical truth–boat owners, were jewish. Yup, please look into to it lest I be named some kind of historical-factual-anti-smite. Speculators under british (Rothschilde rule) destroyed the cotton prices to make a satisfactorory hatred of northerners for an afformentioned warlike state. Those who own the past own the future… Lincoln at the time spoke of his fears. The guys to the south didn’t scare him, the guys behind him in Canada and England (bankers) scared him more than cannons.

  35. Gordon Duff  January 28, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    or bodybag

  36. budracer63  January 28, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Thanks to heroic efforts of Congressman Ron Paul, former Congressman Alan Grayson and Congressman Bernie Sanders to audit the Federal Reserve, we now know that the Federal Reserve secretly lent out 26 TRILLION dollars’ worth of American money from 2007 to 2010 — much of it to foreign banks.
    Here is a small part of the letter where Congressman Alan Grayson reveals how he found this number, in the newly-audited Federal Reserve balance sheets, to John Hively — “The World’s Most Accurate Economic Forecaster Since 1989”.

    CONGRESSMAN GRAYSON: I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I’m dramatizing or amplifying what this GAO report says, so I’m just going to list some of my favorite parts, by page number.

    Page 131 – The total lending for the Fed’s “broad-based emergency programs” was $16,115,000,000,000. That’s right, more than $16 trillion. The four largest recipients, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, received more than a trillion dollars each.

    The 5th largest recipient was Barclays PLC. The 8th was the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, PLC. The 9th was Deutsche Bank AG. The 10th was UBS AG. These four institutions each got between a quarter of a trillion and a trillion dollars. None of them is an American bank.

    Page 205 – Separate and apart from these “broad-based emergency program” loans were another $10,057,000,000,000 in “currency swaps.” In the “currency swaps,” the Fed handed dollars to foreign central banks, no strings attached, to fund bailouts in other countries….

    26 Trillion is a gigantic number. Seemingly unimaginable.

    This is a documented, proven fact. Isn’t it strange that you’ve hardly heard anything about this in the mainstream media?
    The GAO [audit] also revealed that many of the people who serve as directors of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks come from the exact same financial institutions that the Fed is in charge of regulating.

    Further, the GAO found that at least 18 current and former Fed board members were affiliated with banks and companies that received emergency loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis.

    In other words, the people “regulating” the banks were the exact same people who were being “regulated.” Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!…

    For example, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase served on the New York Fed’s board of directors at the same time that his bank received more than $390 billion in financial assistance from the Fed….

    They basically voted to print 26 trillion dollars out of thin air and give it to themselves while we sunk farther into the toilet.

  37. Excalibur  January 28, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    YOU CAN CALL THIS SIMPLISTIC – but there is a very easy way to put the banksters out of business and prevent them from manipulating economies and countries with huge reserves of cash. The founding Fathers of America knew this which is why Thomas Jefferson stated: “I am an enemy of all banks that exchange notes or bills for anything but coin.”

    The ordinary bank – with its tellers and cheque accounts – is not the problem. What is needed to put the banksters out of business in a future financial world is one thing: A LEGAL BAN ON SPECULATION.

    Speculation is merely gambling by another name. It can be manipulated by groups that operate internationally. It can also be manipulated when groups make a ‘bet’ on prices going up or down – and then they interfere with events on the ground to make sure that they do. Hedge funds betting on a company’s collapse have a massive interest in ensuring that the company DOES indeed collapse.
    It was correctly calculated by Dr Kitty Little in 1982 – that if all SPECULATION was banned – then money would accumulate only with those who either earned it or made it themselves with manufacturing. Also in this way money would not continually devalue over time. The speculators suck away the value of money every year – such that even if a normal working man works hard for his entire life – he will still have nothing to show for it at the end of it. If we can wrench these people out of power we must BAN speculation for the good of the entire world.

    There is nothing wrong with buying a supply of goods in advance – the system of gambling on its changing value must be eradicated.

  38. dirtus napus  January 28, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Indeed, this story is much older than 2 years namastemperfi. Also, it’s curious that you don’t name any persons that have been named over and over by several authors-scared of what is my question there? Paul Craig Roberts can verify what Reagans intentions were and it started with a true audit of why it is america couldn’t pay its bills at the time.

    300 of the top folks in the country were enlisted to explain…..all he needed was one jewish accountant privy to ponzi vernacular. Reagan got his answer, and he shut up after that like a good, scared, naive american when told how it all really worked. I suppose he didn’t get that info at the grove when he gave speeches on how to correct the economy.

    Still thinking of selling some Bohemian Grove artifacts on ebay, but I’m a huge Clint Eastwood fan and I can’t part with em. why don’t you read the part in the federal reserve charter where it states they can be bought out for 1 billion USD and they’ll quit operations? Then put the ethereal fictitious money to good use after that. It all ends the day they no longer govern our lives, which is precisely what they do.

    Perhaps we should use some cash to bribe the shitbags in congress to play ball for the good guys again, because it’s all subterfuge if the snakeheads continue to operate on these shores. I’d imagine if we start pointing guns at them like the bankers have they’d at least prefer some american lead to South African stuff whence they depart.

  39. namastemperfi  January 28, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Excellent article. I have a friend and colleague with a background I suspect is somewhat similar to Gordon’s. He told me the Wanta story about two years ago. He didn’t have to avoid naming names in the telling. This is one of the most extraordinary stories of our time and it needs to be known in detail. Wanta’s story is chronicled in detail by a person he chose to tell it, naming names and supplying documentary evidence on this site — Thank you to VT, Gordon and Jim for taking the gloves off for truth. Daily reading should be required…

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