9/11 – Urban Renewal With a Twist?

by Stewart Ogilby


I was born in Staten Island Hospital and grew up on the southwest shore of that island when its waters were clean and teemed with fish including porgies, weakfish, bluefish, striped bass and big sharks. Our island, a borough of New York City, had clean beaches, dense woods, farms, unspoiled lakes, and abundant wildlife. Raritan Bay separates the island from the shoreline of New Jersey that stretches around to the entrance of New York harbor. Working on South Beach as a lifeguard in the summer for the NYC Department of Parks during my teens, I could watch magnificent passenger liners as they arrived and departed through the Narrows. On clear days the parachute jump ride at Coney Island in the distance could be seen from my beach perch. More than once I explained to Sunday city folk, when asked, that it was the Eiffel Tower. Some people are amazingly gullible.

To access Manhattan it was necessary to ride the ferry. When the Verrazano Bridge was planned my parents, both of whom came from old Staten Island families, recognized that the end had come for their beloved bucolic island and they bought a farm in Ohio. In my teens I spent summers with cousins and other family on the island. Some years later I watched the familiar New York City skyline change as two box-like immensely high buildings, presumably modern in design and vastly different from neighboring structures, towered above Hudson River’s city piers.

The so-called “twin towers” were flagship structures in NY Port Authority’s new World Trade Center in which five other smaller ones were constructed. Building 7, which eventually achieved notoriety due to its obvious demolition late in the day on 9/11, was roughly half the height of the twin towers. The Port Authority’s 1964 cost estimate for the project was $350 million. By September 1965 it had risen to $525 million. By December 1966 it was $575 million. There was no stopping this highly touted project to construct the world’s tallest buildings, despite serious financial reservations. Bid at $750 million, the final construction cost was $1.2 billion.

By the time it was complete, commercial office space was no longer in great demand. The buildings were
topped off but some say that they were never fully occupied. To save money, interior construction, such as floors, would be constructed as leases were signed. To hide financial reality, occupancy percentages were calculated on constructed areas only, it is claimed.

The twin towers were a financial boondoggle. To make matters worse, there were design problems. Any good
sailor knows of galvanic corrosion between aluminum and steel, especially in a marine environment. As winds blew across the Hudson, the aluminum exterior sheathing began to separate from the interior steel beams. The face of the WTC began to fall off. Tenants would not tolerate the tremendous noise of repair. The sensible financial move for the Port Authority was to demolish the buildings. Due to the asbestos insulation, according to one source, the EPA would not permit the buildings to be imploded conventionally. They would have to be taken down by 2007 beam by beam, floor by floor, at a projected cost of $20 billion.

What to do? Well, these guys are not stupid. Today there are millions of Americans who, although not inclined to believe you can see Europe from the shore of Staten Island, are totally inclined to believe whatever masquerades as news, official government pronouncements and narratives broadcast from their magic boxes, the ubiquitous television sets that have matriculated from homes into restaurants, bars, barber-shops, and public areas. Add controlled newspapers and Hollywood fantasy and their propaganda game is complete.

Most intelligent and informed persons now realize that 9/11 was an “inside job”. TV narratives provide diversions. Let’s consider a few “what if’s”. These will offend, disgust, amaze, delight or confuse you, based upon the extent of your own knowledge and research since 9/11:

  • What if the story of hijacked commercial airliners is not true?
  • What if 7 WTC buildings (yes, 7!) were explosively demolished?
  • What if the buildings had been emptied and thousands not killed?
  • What if partying Arabs had been imported to be patsies?
  • What if UA-175’s impact WTC-1 was animated digital fakery?
  • What if photographing that incoming drone plane had been pre-planned?
  • What if owners of America’s mainline media are complicit?
  • What if published airliner passenger lists are fake?
  • What if “lost relative” posters swamping NYC were fakes?
  • What if “The 911 Truth Movement” has been infiltrated for diversions?
  • What if most of the “dead victims” are manufactured and unreal persons?
  • What if millions of dollars are being paid out to “grieving” actors?
  • What if no commercial airliners were crashed anywhere?
  • What if the 911 narrative was twisted to further demonize Arabs?
  • What if money, war, power, and psychopathology is in charge?

If 9/11 was an inside job, to be eventually exposed as such, would the perpetrators have risked
murdering thousands of innocent civilians only to have many thousand more irate relatives breathing
down their necks, demanding answers, and eventually suing them? What of the criminal liability?

If you think these ideas are far-fetched, please dig into work done pertaining to 9/11, New York City’s huge urban renewal project, over the past decade. As a start, approach with a new perspective Simon Shack’s September Clues and Phil Jayhan’s Let’s Roll Forums. Listen with caution to better financed 911 Truthers.

Sums of money are being raised by grieving family members who are equipped with one or two photos of
their “murdered loved one”. Arrests for fraud and sworn testimony from opportunists may become the key
to exposing the 9/11 perpetrators, addicts to money and dominance, the wanna-be masters of projected
world government.

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  1. The unpleasant fact is that there were some real human beings “disappeared” on that awful day, Simon Shack notwithstanding. I can prove and document that fact. That said, perhaps a majority of the 3000 alleged victims were fictitious characters, “vicsims” as Shack calls them. Such a number adds, again, a nice touch of horrow and increases anger of our masses against dastardly “fanatical and suicidal Arab hijackers”. The whole project was years in preparation, cost millions of dollars, and was carried off like clockwork. Now, let’s strive to get beyond our speculative disagreements on what happened and move toward an understanding of the who and the why of that terrible day.

  2. The gatekeeping darlings of the media Richard (Dick) Gage,Alex (loud mouth) Jones & those idiots at Loose Change love nothing better than keeping the “conspiracy theorists” tied up in the whole “how the towers came down” debate,knowing only too well that all evidence has long gone & this would have us chasing our tails for decades to come.people would be much better advised to instead study all known crash footage & see for themselves how the complicit media aired clearly faked footage that shows the “nose out” sequence which they had the nerve to try and pass of as genuine on 9/11 but made a hash of trying to hide with their logo banners & fade to black screens.Their plan succeeded for a while as most people simply saw the events unfold on their tv screens and accepted everything they were told,but then people starting studying the footage..people around the world have had their eyes opened by the outstanding research done by Simon Shack and his collegues at Septemberclues.info & Cluesforum.info.
    Watch the footage again and ask yourself..Is it really possible for a hollow aluminium plane to slice through a steel structured tower completely intact as if the towers were made from butter,not a single piece ripped off on contact,no crumpling on impact and no deceleration as the “plane” travelled the length of itself through the tower in the same number of frames as it flew through thin air,then we see as the engine passes through and exits the tower leaving “no exit hole” (as shown in later footage) then drops 700ft gianing momentum as it drops,yet dosen’t leave a scratch on the asphalt on Murray Street.
    And those “jumpers” from the tower,the current world record for the long jump set by Mike Powell is an incredible 29ft all achieved with the advantage of having a damn good run-up,yet were told that several of the “jumpers” managed to land 60ft from the base of the towers without a run-up,how is this possible..could one of these be true…
    1..somehow gravity was altered on 9/11.
    2..there was a hurricane in Manhatten on 9/11 or.
    3..the “victims” were all just emotional propaganda.


  3. To blame the largest known multiple “Jewish lightning” phenomenon on Arab terrorists was a stroke of pure genius. These guys are remarkable in their ability to work together.

    Serious students would do well to read Saul Friedlander’s two volume work, “Nazi Germany and the Jews”, available online: Vol. 1, “The Years of Persecution” is at
    http://www.epubbud.com/book.php?g=ALDEVCKP and Vol. 2, “The Years of Extermination”,
    at http://www.epubbud.com/book.php?g=UQKGKLYQ.

    Hitler’s criminal government reached power on the heels of a decade of internal mysery and consisted of anti-Semites. The Fuehrer and his henchmen were in total control of the media, new technologies of radio and of film, powerful propaganda tools but far less so than our modern TV. Dr. Goebbels, the propaganda minister characterized all Jews as “predators with a cold intellect”. A brilliant academic, he was a bigot and we do not want the likes of him in command of US media,
    regardless of ethnicity.

    In our country today the tables of power, government and media, have been turned. It may or may not turn out to be a good thing. A US government restricted by its founders’ Constitution and protective of the rights of all through its initial amendments would never mirror Nazi Germany’s acts. Perhaps ideal in principle, to establish something that never was, in reality, and may never be until the character of humanity changes radically is improbable. Our political documents and philosophy are, however, very much extant.

    All Jews are not predators with a cold intellect. Education goes a long way and we may hope that the bulk of America’s Jews have grasped, both through their success here as well as through studying their cousins’ European history, that tribal intolerance of any kind is hugely destructive to human civilization.

    I personally deplore the political spin of 911, but then again I deplore a lot of other things politically. We must not let actions of Silverstein and pals form the basis for a broad indictment of Jews any more than let those of the Mafia characterize Italian Americans. Karma has a way of catching up with even “Lucky Larry” and his gang.

  4. Government agencies, TV, and infiltrated “Truther” groups have done a great job distracting us from the perpetrators’ aim on 9/11. Plane information, narratives, contradictions, and hijacking stuff is utter nonsense. If one blows up a building and then claims a commercial plane impacted it, common sense demands forensic evidence. If the one who blew up that building was in the position to place his own people on a commercial flight and unload them elsewhere he may claim that to have been the flight that destroyed his building. Must we believe him without evidence even if the claim comes from the Pope? Further, he may present a list of make-believe plane passengers and suggest we pray for their souls or whatever. Must we fall for that sort of nonsense?

    The goal on 9/11, as I hope I have communicated, was simply to get rid of the WTC structures, including the two huge towers, and make way for new and commercially viable downtown real estate. This was done successfully. It so happens that those who control New York City happen to be smart men of a Zionist persuasion. Why not implicate Arabs, into whose lands and oil resources the criminal state of Israel is expanding militarily? Israeli did not attack the US. Our home-grown criminals, particularly Cheney and Rumsfeld, along the the neocon pantheon which includes a number of dual-nationality Israelis called upon the intelligence apparatus of Israel to assist them in their interesting commercial project. The latter were more than delighted to provide the twist and spin-off benefit of instilling fear into the American public, making up all sorts of stories about Arab terrorists, creating war sentiment and revenge, and continuing the decades long job of taking over what in the past were the most free, most prosperous, most peace-loving, and most politically naive masses on the face of this earth, your neighbors and mine, not to mention you and me.

  5. Joe Vialls has done a good job showing how/why the planes were electronically hijacked…Gordon said there’s radar evidence that they were hundreds of miles away at the time…Dov Zakheim’s Systems Planning Corp-type technology could definitely handle remotely piloting planes to target…Supposedly the planes we were told were suicide launched into the NY skyline were still being used ( their serial #’s were still appearing ) 4 and 5 yrs after 9-11…Flt 77 never flew low enough to hit the Pentagon ( NTSB data ) so which is it? They had the expertise to take-over the plane but couldn’t fly it into the WH or Pentagon? And did you see how the 2nd plane almost missed the S. Tower? Electronically guiding a 767 isn’t always so easy in real time apparently..

  6. Damn right they were patsies…Lee H Oswald times 15..19? Several of those named are still alive…15 of them got their visas through direct CIA intervention at the consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia..2 FBI agents were assigned to pay their bills..Muhammad Atta was the most bizarre..Ever hear the interview w/his American girlfrnd? He showed definite after-effects of MK-Ultra type trauma…His father sd he was shot the day after 9-11..See? When they needed him as a patsy he was given a visa and wined and dined on Jack Abramoff’s boat…Afterwards? A bullet in the head…Much like 7/7 in London.

  7. It always seemed as though Urban Moving Systems ( the Mossad-front moving co. run by Dominic Suter ) which “employed ‘ the Dancing Israelis and the other 2 Israelis in one of the other ubiquitous white vans ( this one packed w/explosives stopped by NYPD before it went over the GWB) utilized IDF explosives people to wire the Towers…Super. Wm Rodriguez has reported there was quite a bit of unaknowledged activity going-on..on some of the vacant floors..He sd he was scared when he got off on those floors and decided it was in his best interest to keep on going..I believe Flt 93 was supposed to hit Bldg 7 but was shot down by a lone NORAD fighter flying out of Fargo…..

  8. It was done. We can only speculate on details. Perhaps that is where the Israeli connection came in. Mossad operatives were flown back out. In addition, nanothermite in its wet form, mixed with paint, I understand, is non-explosive. Bollyn has uncovered a company that may have hired Hispanic and other immigrant labor to paint the underside of every floor pan with the stuff. It is not necessary to know precisely who, when, or how in order to observe that the towers were “dustified”, the bulk of their mass pulverized in mid-air. The other smaller buildings were also destroyed behind a smoke screen over the next hour as the perpetrators used Pentagon and Shanksville events to distract a traumatized public’s attention from what was going on. Something may have gone amiss with the detonation of Building #7 that required correcting to bring it down after 5 pm. Incidently, in my reply regarding Barry Jennings I meant to point out that his function was to be interviewed on national TV and state that he had walked over dead bodies in the lobby when exiting Building #7. That lent a nice touch of horror to the narrative at the time. Of course, Jennings was necessarily expendable. Has anyone uncovered a list of names of the TV “jumpers”? Oh, I forgot, it would be disrespectful to their “families”.

  9. Assuming they didn’t kill the entire crews who wired those buildings for demolition, how would they maintain such perfect silence? Keep the crews really small and nuke the buildings, or the cores at least?

  10. No plane flew into the Pentagon…Anyone who wnats to argue can take it up with Gen Stubblebein, Chief of Army Intell..There were no cell phone calls fm 30,000 ft…the FBI admitted they originated fm the ground…Your right, WTC6 blew sky-high at 9:04, one minute after the second plane hit the S. Tower…no investigation..NYC Councilman Barry Jennings witnessed explosions in Bldg 7 the morning of 9-11…Superintendant William Rodriguez is also an eyewitness-not a conspiracy theorist….He’s reported explosions in the sub-basemnt before the 1st planes impact…

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