Television’s Illusions Enthrall America’s Cavemen

by Stewart Ogilby

Front-Lit Moon Man
Front-Lit Moon Man


Around 2400 years ago a philosophy student of the brilliant and kindly Socrates wrote his conception of the ideal State. Plato’s form of government fits our definition of fascism. His “Republic” shares shelf-space with Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” in personal libraries of manipulators of mankind’s economic and social relationships, the aspiring fascist dictators of today’s nations and, perhaps, of tomorrow’s world.

In his “Allegory of the Cave”, Plato was able to create images. Lacking today’s technology, he devised a light-source by means of a controlled fire located behind the participants. Thomas Edison’s electric bulb was a couple of thousand years in the future. Plato’s subjects faced a wall of the cave upon which fire-light cast shadows. The “Allegory of the Cave” gives us a glimpse of Plato’s understanding of how easily his countrymen could be manipulated into substituting moving images for reality. His allegory gives us a glimpse of why Plato espoused a benevolent fascism. Along with the light-bulb, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984” were in the distant future. Plato would have understood television’s enthralling illusions.

Edward Bernays, a double nephew of Sigmund Freud, is often referred to as founder of America’s public relations industry. He could not have harbored a more cynical view than Plato’s toward his own countrymen. Bankers who pulled the strings of President Woodrow Wilson employed Bernays to manipulate America’s masses in support of the first World War. Bernays was successful without television, today’s highly efficient source of enthralling and illusory imagery.

I recall sitting in front of a small black and white television set with “rabbit-ears” antennae on its top back in the days before hand-held pocket calculators had been invented. How many readers recall using a slide-rule when solving problems in physics class? In those days of primitive electronics I was enthralled as I watched US astronauts go to the moon and back, not once, but seven times! Thankfully, not one of those brave men was lost in space. Those who now express skepticism at how that could actually have been done, especially knowing the facts of our earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belt, are summarily tossed into today’s “conspiracy nut” bin along with 9/11 researchers.

I don’t recall when the first time was that I wondered why men, supposedly on the moon, moved so slowly in a field of gravity only one sixth that of the earth, and why they bounced no higher than they could have jumped on their own front lawns. It was too radical, at the time for me to realize that the video had been filmed in a studio and that the speed of the film had simply been slowed down. Today’s proofs including that of studio lighting and near-earth orbits are overwhelming and make the TV illusion totally obvious. If you have something of an open mind, access two online sources – and this fine video –

The visual character of televised 9/11 illusions results in strong support for their validity through underlying psychological benefits, given years of crafted and TV-implanted anti-Arab propaganda. Anyone who proposed that the NY buildings had been brought down by explosives, regardless of the strength of evidence, generally met with an irrational and angry emotional response even from functionally intelligent persons. Myths and narratives acquired through audio-visual means via television are powerfully imbedded. That is what makes the medium valuable to advertisers.

One who acquires data through television keeps returning to segments of the narrative as valid working premises when attempting to research or to analyze the fundamental validity or truth of the narrative itself. Nearly everything that is supposedly known by the public about what may have happened on 9/11 has come from television and newspapers, sources that are highly censored and controlled. Such media may be reliable in some matters and unreliable in others. Because there is no way to determine which case is operative at any time it is necessary to disregard both sources of information entirely. What are we then left with?

A more scholarly form of this question becomes, “What is it that we can truly know, based upon sources acceptable to us as being reliable, of events, background, participants, and related matters involving what is being referred to as 9/11?” If we discard television, newspapers, and “official sources”, the answer is “Far less than we thought we knew”. Buildings, planes, and victims – all are lost in a haze of speculative and contradictory hypotheses. News reporting should be more reliable, don’t you think? Clues are emerging such as at Simon Shack’s It may be too soon to expect Americans to understand that 9/11 was also simply a huge TV and mainline-media hoax, the purpose of which was to demolish commercial real-estate in a financially profitable urban renewal project, spinning a story into a politically expedient narrative. Exposing this fact certainly ought not take as long as it did to expose the imagery of trips to the moon, media’s ongoing censorship and 9/11 victimology nonsense notwithstanding.

Since the 1945 end of WW-II a televised American myth , in the words of the bard’s MacBeth, is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The time for the truth is now and may actually be passing. Tyranny, fascism, New World government, Orwell’s image of mankind’s face with a boot on it, this is our future unless we are willing to separate TV’s illusions from facts. It is not easy. The two formidable psychological stumbling blocks are fear and denial. Not everyone is going to get a grip on the extent of the deceit. It is the responsibility of those who understand to confront corporate and banking criminals, the few who threaten us and everyone, themselves and their own children included. Their fascism, a psychopathic drive to pseudo-benevolently manipulate economic and social relationships of other human beings in order to pursue their lust for money and power, is aided and abetted by their media partners in crime, especially the criminals who support them with our enthralling televised illusions.

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  1. This debunking of the obvious moon-travel fraud is reminiscent of the “scientific” debunking of 9/11 skepticism, what with special film, high-tech magic space suits, and all the rest. Our heros weren’t there to take pictures of anything above the surface of the moon? Any amateur photographer, given the privilege of taking photos from the moon would never leave without taking at least one shot of the brilliant panorama of stars, unblurred by an atmosphere, and showing perhaps just a little moon-horizon. What a
    photo that would have been! It would have served to provide hoax debunkers with credible ammunition, but alas, the photos we have could just as well as been taken on a Hollywood studio set. The moon mission reeks so badly of fakery that it doesn’t even pass a sniff test –

  2. – Weidner’s First Law of the Universe
    “Whatever ideas are the most suppressed
    are most likely to be the closest to the truth.”
    – Weidner’s Second Law of the Universe
    “If a picture is worth a thousand words
    then a symbol is worth a thousand pictures.”
    – Weidner’s Third Law of the Universe
    “The only people who call conspiracies
    ‘ theories’ are the conspirators.”

  3. Although there’s no doubt in my mind that the official story of 9/11 is demonstrably false, it would take a lot more to convince me that we didn’t put men on the moon. I found the Bart Sibrel movie referenced above to be an almost-convincing delight. However, if you also have an open mind, then read the rebuttal to all these faked-moon-landing conspiracies by civil engineer Robert A. Braeunig. Just Google his name plus “moon” and get the full report. In everything we learn in our lives, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (Freud).

  4. When in 1917 a group of about 600 zionist jewish gangsters from the lower east side of New York staged a carefully planned coup d’etat in Russia – effectively stealing that country, strangling it, murdering millions of its young elite and sucking out its very life blood – they realised that if the ugly truth got out there could be big trouble heading their way.

    Therefore they did something very ingenious. They made a film! The film was supposedly a ‘re-enactment’ of the heroic storming of the winter palace – a scenario of starving local peasants bravely fighting past the palace guards and seizing power from a cruel Tsar and his brutal regime!

    In reality – this never happened of course – and even the makers let on that it was an apparent ‘re-enactment’. The film, however, was quickly distributed around the world and the POWER OF THE IMAGES was staggering. Even level headed foreign secretaries (with all their real intelligence to hand) and Ministers of state around the world’s nations tended to view what had happened in Russia in terms of the ‘storming of the winter palace’ film footage. It was a masterstroke.

    Every time anyone thought about the events in Russia – the film which was duly and promptly provided everywhere – popped into their minds. The zionist monsters realised that they then had to corner the market in this new form of trickery and illusion for their own nefarious planning. The goyim had to be kept enthralled and carefully controlled with their very latest conjuring trick.

    Todays media is nothing more than a ring through the nose of a gullible and dumbed-down public.

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