9/11 Narrative Remains Broad and Repetitious

by Stewart Ogilby

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Theater patrons in ancient Greece – someone stayed home to watch the kids and feed the animals. In what has been called Athenian democracy, it has been estimated that slaves constituted around 25% of the human population and free laborers around 30%.

For centuries, poets, historians, historical novelists, and actors provided narratives for the literate and the gentry. There was no outcry or demand for truth when poets lied, such as Longfellow’s apocryphal “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. Shakespeare’s history plays provided an interesting nationalistic past for his audiences. Centuries earlier a biblical myth of exodus from Egyptian bondage had given cohesiveness to a tribal bronze-age population. These may constitute a set called “useful myths”. In reality, all myths are useful, but to only a certain group in the population.

Until only a couple of hundred years ago, churches provided religious myths that influenced the masses in their grueling struggles to survive. The exposure of the masses to contemporary narrative was limited until the advent of radio, television, and motion pictures through both the constraint of literacy as well as the means to access broader sources.

In light of many narratives supporting fraudulent antecedents to wars planned by bankers and patently fake photos and supporting narratives for seven (or nine, I forget which) round-trip moon excursions, why all the hubub today about lies of 9/11? Could it be that the human spirit is actually developing? The erudite mythologist, Joseph Campbell, observed, “I think the human spirit is developing. I don’t take a negative attitude toward what’s happening with the human spirit. I take a very negative attitude with what’s happening to our politicians, but that has nothing to do with the human spirit. I mean, the chaos in the world today is not a function of the illumination of humanity today; it’s a function of the bungling of a bunch of self interested politicians.”

The immense political power wielded today upon the masses by radio and television demands that their managers be totally separated from sharing economic interests with governmental bureaucracies and
affiliated corporations. The huge 9/11 media hoax has spotlighted the necessity of freeing the masses from contemporary political propaganda. Today we have the spectacle of a host of “researchers” poring over fake videos, dissecting promulgated disinformation, and arguing among themselves. Is it in the hope of presenting our country’s masses with a nice clear explanation of the events of that day? What makes them think that they are really interested?

Basic confusion includes the following (and much more):
Planes or no-planes –

  • What about all those witnesses presented by our good friends in the media?
  • If no-planes, why all the fuss about stand-down when there was nothing to stand-down to?
  • If planes, why the paucity of proof that would benefit the perpetrators?
  • If no-planes, what were the Arab hijackers up to?
  • If no-planes, why bring up Dov Z’s relationship to a remote-guidance company?
  • If no-planes, what really happened to the missing passengers?
  • If planes, what really happened to the missing passengers if they didn’t crash where claimed?

WTC brought down with explosives –

  • Collecting on terrorism insurance policy would constitute huge insurance fraud.
  • Would they have been so stupid as to mass-murder 3,000 people?
  • Was the whole operation a financially desirable urban renewal project?
  • How much televised coverage, including witnesses, crowds, and explosions, was Hollywood special effects photography, aired in segments?

I have my own recently adopted views on these matters. Expressing them, for now, is inappropriate as it brings the wrath of professional 9/11 pundits and researchers down upon me. I am willing to wait, perhaps only a few months, for the real 9/11 scholars to catch up. The truth is simple, as always. However, the scope of the problem is mind-boggling. There is just too much money and profiteering involved.

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  1. JCD – I am going to do something that is far from my normal cordial response. I am accusing you of being both a fraud and a shill. Kindly justify your bizaare conclusions pertaining to “amateur” NYC videos with support documentation. I suggest that you view real analysis of this patent fraud. See http://www.septemberclues.info/faq_2.htm before you attempt to put your foot into your mouth. When you prove me to be wrong, I will gladly submit to you my sincere personal apology.

  2. JCD – Those of us who have been looking into the 911 hoax have all watched these videos. If listing them in your comment somehow qualifies you as a particularly astute “researcher”, then count me in. It ought to be obvious that my own attention is now directed toward the media’s victimology narratives. You purport to be an authority on the analysis of videos allegedly taken in New York by amateurs and ask us to accept your viewpoint. Kindly refer me to the monograph or study of videos, including their provenance, performed by you or your staff, leading to such conclusions. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I believe the planes, yes planes(though obviously not a Boeing at the Pentagon) were likely swapped but I stand by the assertion that the “no planes at WTC” meme is meant to both discredit 9/11 truth and let Dov Zakheim, with his strong ties to Israel and his SPC flight technology, off the hook. Video manipulations may have taken place but if so that just as easily could have been about concealing the plane swaps and not concealing that literally no planes at all were used.

  4. Andrew – You say that you watched, with your own eyes, the NY towers being brought down. Did their demise appear anything like the TV images we watch also on the internet? I tried to contact you but for some reason you do not have personal data on your Facebook page. Why do you have a Facebook page? Please contact me and identify yourself. I would love to chat with you about your personal experience in NYC on 911.

  5. Trowbridge – Thank you for the wonderful description of the Pentagon Memorial. Anyone viewing the spendor of such a beautiful and touching place ought dare not have the insensitivity to question AA-77’s crash. The soul of each of 184 innocent victims cries out for justice. Each inscribed bench reminds us that there was once a living breathing human being whose life ended nearby on 9/11/2001 when a huge
    Boeing 757 airliner was, in fact, crashed into the Pentagon. The surviving parents, children, loving husbands and wives, and close friends of these victims have now a symbolic tombstone in this virtual cemetery to visit whenever they so desire. Someday soon, perhaps, these survivors will be located and interviewed that they might express their own feelings about the poignant design of that new permanent
    and touching memorial in our nation’s capitol.

    1. It’s a sad and pitiful thing, the arguments, the disinfo, the infiltration. ETC. One can only hope that one day all will be set aside for the absolute truth, the truth that has thus far been akin to a carnival barkers sideshow. Anyway, who says 3,000 innocent people died that day? Who? Why are there not 3,000 officially registered on the Government SS Administration site??

      I’ve read where the actual numbers are far less that what has been told. Maybe that’s why the confusion as to the numbers that ACTUALLY compile the official list of THOSE deceased.

      I think Stewart has raised some very good questions and would like to see an effort made in order to answer them in an honest fashion.

      Like I said in another post, I’ve forgotten more about 9-11 than 99 out of 100 people will ever know, or will obviously ever care to know. I find that a simple sad case of today’s society in general. It seems that when such events don’t single us out, or darken our doors as something more that mere inconvenience, we simply don’t give a damn. Surely most intelligent people can relate to such a line of reason. It’s my opinion that this reason was counted on by those most responsible for the event called 9-11. Otherwise the narrative would have most likely been delivered by other means all together and never would have played out LIVE on National TV.

      It was a most convenient opportunity to employ the divide and conquer technique once the rah rah USA USA BS began to fade. It worked like a charm as evidenced by this constant back and forth crap from people who have no interest whatsoever in regard to EVER knowing what really happened on that day in September, 2001. Otherwise they’d have a bit more concern about looking so utterly stupid every time they open their traps, or hunt and peck.


  6. James – either there were 1-4 airplanes involved in the events of 911 or there were none involved. I am not assuming anything, merely stating some areas that are confusing because researchers are not in agreement. Of course, there are assumptions, one being that if there were planes there were passengers. Obviously, if there were no planes, there were no passengers killed in plane crashes. At this point it seems appropriate to investigate officially listed plane victims – first, to confirm their identity and second, to confirm from family members that they had planned to fly on 911. Needless to say, this should be done face to face tactfully. You seem like a bright guy, perhaps there was a passenger or flight-crew victim who lived in your area. We could all learn a lot by doing a little personal investigation rather than relying on official sources and the internet for our knowledge of 911. Good luck.

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