Personality Disorder-Trashing Our Army for Profit

Diagnosed “Crazy” or “Unfit,” Army Dodging VA Benefits and Pensions for Combat Vets


 … by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Captain Susan Carlson, "Personality Disorder"

In a report today, the New York Times acknowledged the Army’s practice of diagnosing troops with Post Traumatic Stress as having “personality disorders.” 

This makes them ineligible for benefits.  The number diagnosed as such is unknown, 26,000 at one point years ago, much higher now.

All of these diagnoses are false, now proven as ordered by Army commanders as official Department of Defense policy, wherein licensed physicians violate their oaths as doctors and officers, falsify medical records en masse, as part of a “cost savings” program.

What the commanders, what those responsible at the DOD have done, what the medical professionals have done is criminal.  Each and every member of the civilian and military command structure including the consultant groups tied to GOP “think tanks” who originated this and a dozen other scams are guilty of crimes.

Veterans Today has long been aware of this problem and calls on Secretary Panetta to ask the Attorney General for a Special Grand Jury to investigate within the DOD and their contractors and for the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, who has systematically ignored these criminal acts to be replaced and investigated.

We further demand that every American solider that has received a separation from service that denies either VA benefits or Pension be immediately reinstated at half pay and that their cases are adjudicated with civilian counsel within 6 months.

I am certain that we can establish a pattern of wrongdoing.  We know a second round is coming up, as the DOD has sent a memo to commanders to select senior non-commission and commissioned officers for separation from service without pension benefits, a scam typically done during the 19th year, often within days of qualification for pension.

Both the officer and NCO corps, key members of the medical and legal professions and the American people stand with us on this subject.

What is most critical that the purposeful misdiagnosis of “personality order, such as the New York Times documented:

Capt. Susan Carlson in happier times

Capt. Susan Carlson was not a typical recruit when she volunteered for the Army in 2006 at the age of 50. But the Army desperately needed behavioral health professionals like her, so it signed her up.

 Captain Carlson went to Afghanistan in 2011, seeking “to experience what soldiers experience.”

Though she was, by her own account, “not a strong soldier,” she received excellent job reviews at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where she counseled prisoners. But last year, Captain Carlson, a social worker, was deployed to Afghanistan with the Colorado National Guard and everything fell apart.

After a soldier complained that she had made sexually suggestive remarks, she was suspended from her counseling duties and sent to an Army psychiatrist for evaluation. His findings were shattering: She had, he said in a report, a personality disorder, a diagnosis that the military has used to discharge thousands of troops. She was sent home.

She disputed the diagnosis, but it was not until months later that she found what seemed powerful ammunition buried in her medical file, portions of which she provided to The New York Times. “Her command specifically asks for a diagnosis of a personality disorder,” a document signed by the psychiatrist said.

Once all the news fit to print

Veterans’ advocates say Captain Carlson stumbled upon evidence of something they had long suspected but had struggled to prove: that military commanders pressure clinicians to issue unwarranted psychiatric diagnoses to get rid of troops.
“Her records suggest an attempt by her commander to influence medical professionals,” said Michael J. Wishnie, a professor at Yale Law School and director of its Veterans Legal Services Clinic.
Since 2001, the military has discharged at least 31,000 service members because of personality disorder, a family of disorders broadly characterized by inflexible “maladaptive” behavior that can impair performance and relationships.

An already malnourished Gordon Duff, Vietnam, 1969 - Went over at 185 lbs, came back at 125

Having worked with veterans for nearly 20 years, this isn’t new.  My own case, that of a finding of 100% disability, took 12 years to process during the last round.

During that time, documents were repeatedly lost or destroyed, my entire service record was said to have been destroyed in a fire which we now know never happened.

The Vietnam veterans I have worked with, many of whom have decades of what I know to be continual and systematic misdiagnosis or worse, grossly substandard medical treatment for combat related conditions, only qualify for needed benefits and begin medical treatment for conditions that have existed for decades while in their mid to late 50s.

These are veterans who were disabled at 19.

Studies on recent wars show, not only repeated deployments though those being sent into combat have long been under treatment for PTSD, taking a daily cocktail of drugs, some long proven harmful and even suicide inducing, but a history of exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

Burn pits on American bases spew dioxin into the atmosphere, even those where dependents are housed, the widespread misuse of needless depleted uranium munitions will leave thousands sterile, riddled with cancer and their children subject to catastrophic birth defects.

We now have hard evidence that 4th generation nuclear weapons have been used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Tests of subjects there has shown direct exposure to nuclear explosions, not just long time exposure to the debilitating effects of depleted uranium munitions.

The primary issue with what the New York Times says is only 31,000 questionable discharges, our studies show a much higher number, is the suicides.  By 2007, we had 14,000 suicides of recent veterans to add to the already 7000 dead. 

That number may well have doubled.  No count is being made.  To that a separate count of military suicides, numbering over 1000 can be added.

There is no authoritative source to verify any figures from either the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense.  They are not subject to audit and their history is one of continual and systematic coverup and failure to adequately discipline wrongdoers or prosecute criminal acts among their ranks.

Thermonuclear Warhead

The most fascinating “rumor” we have received involves the theft of a number of very large thermonuclear weapons from Minot Air Force Base in what we have been told was an attempt by a religious group originating at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, to unilaterally attack and destroy Iran.

Casualties from the weapons and radiation, not taking into account possible retaliation by Russia and China, would have exceeded 50 million and left most of the Middle East uninhabitable for many lifetimes.

This problem was handled “quietly.”  How?  A new command structure was instituted, strong controls but along with that, mysterious deaths, suicides, accidents of those involved, the military cleaning up its mess using special operations resources.

Frankly, this may not have been an improper reaction to such a serious breach of national security.

However, when it comes to the safety and welfare of our soldiers, of military and veteran families, no such effective action is considered though it is strongly desired.

If hundreds of poor quality “boot lickers,” the majority of our commanders in Afghanistan, all medical professionals involved and all of those tied to the implementation of criminal policies within our government were to find themselves thrown on a trash heap, victim of a mysterious “street crime,” as was veteran advocate John Wheeler III, I wonder if many would complain.   More from the New York Times:

For years, veterans’ advocates have said that the Pentagon uses the diagnosis to discharge troops because it considers them troublesome or wants to avoid giving them benefits for service-connected injuries.

The military considers personality disorder a pre-existing problem that emerges in youth, and as a result, troops given the diagnosis are often administratively discharged without military retirement pay. Some have even been required to repay enlistment bonuses.

By comparison, a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is usually linked to military service and leads to a medical discharge accompanied by certain benefits.

In recent weeks, questions about whether the Army manipulates psychiatric diagnoses to save money have been raised at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Wash., where soldiers undergoing medical evaluations before discharge complained that psychiatrists rescinded PTSD diagnoses, leaving the soldiers with diagnoses like personality disorder that did not qualify them for medical discharges.

In a memorandum, an Army ombudsman wrote that a doctor from the base hospital, Madigan Army Medical Center, said that one diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder can cost $1.5 million in benefits over a soldier’s lifetime. The doctor also counseled his colleagues to be good stewards of taxpayer money by not “rubber-stamping” such diagnoses.

In the wake of those complaints, the Army has removed the head of Madigan and suspended two doctors at a special forensic psychiatric unit. It has also reviewed the cases of 14 soldiers and reinstituted PTSD diagnoses for 6 of them.

…But in a statement, the hospital said: “No commander may order a credentialed clinician to make a particular diagnosis. Dr. Navarro did not feel he was being ordered by the service member’s command to make a particular diagnosis. The sentence referenced was written in terms of the commander asking to evaluate for a personality disorder, i.e. asking if one existed, not ordering to diagnose a personality disorder.” …they say will show that thousands of troops have been unfairly discharged for personality or adjustment disorder since 2001.

It get’s better.  I do hope you noted the “weasel words” from the Army.  It is my personal experience, not a minor one, that “weasels” are the norm the higher up the command structure you go.  Decisions and people making them  become increasingly “sociopath” and political.

" Do you feel bad for all the stuff we rigged up? - Oh hell no, it goes with the job for people like us."

Were we to diagnose personality disorders and not begin with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, using such terms as “delusional” or “malignant narcissist,” we would all be remiss.

More honestly, everyone involved in the War on Terror, from the initial 9/11 coverup, not to mention planning and execution, the actions of criminal psychopaths we can now prove were never those long thought responsible.

Those who provided phony intelligence on Iraq to those responsible for the kidnapping, torture and murder of endless “terror suspects,” all are subject to the “broad brush” of psychopath.

The victims, soldiers indoctrinated in Dominionist heresy of the Zionist apocalypse cults as necessitated by military training, the Pentacostal offshoot of death worshipers, who torture, murder, urinate on the dead, burn Korans, return home to poverty and discardment to kill themselves and their families are the real heart of this story.

That the only “strategic” rationale for our current war is maintaining consistent supplies of inexpensive heroin, the same rationale that kept America in Vietnam, the same rationale that brought America to Laos years before, the same rationale, different drug, that dictated our policy in Central America during the Reagan/Contra/North years.

The times puts this in perspective of an individual, the micro-reality of policies decades old, be they the denial of Agent Orange until a quarter million died, the denial of Gulf War syndrome until untold numbers died, such a real count can never be allowed to move forward, a trail we are well upon again.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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14 Responses to "Personality Disorder-Trashing Our Army for Profit"

  1. P40BOB  February 27, 2012 at 8:34 am

    The US Army and the VA together have used this trick against veterans since Vietnam. It took me 27 years to get to the bottom of it and win my case. They used everything from personality disorders to illegallly withholding records from me and my service reps, in order to get my claim and all appeals against me denied. I finally won when an attorney was able to get for the first time in 27 years all of my records, this is when we found out that many of my records that proved PTSD were stamped :NOT TO BE GIVEN TO THE VETERAN OR HIS SERRVICE REPS, this is a clear violation of the Privacy Act of 74. Also if you don’t get the records , How are you to appeal their mistakes, like they said I suffered personality disorders, but the records that were illegally withheld read R/O or Rule out personality disorders. The VA will use every dirty trick they can to stop a veteran from getting his rightful disabality. I’m now filing a civil rights case over their dirty tricks.

  2. taosword  February 27, 2012 at 7:10 am

    The VA and military mental health seem to have the wrong interpretation of diagnostics regarding PTSD and Personality Disorders. They are black and white in the way they rule for disability and rule either or rather then both. In other words one can have co-existing diagnosis of PTSD with depression, or with a personality disorder or with other disorders. And when one diagnosis is written in a medical chart or in a VARO ruling, it almost takes an act of the Gods to add anything or change anything. I even found this with WWII vets I had in therapy who had been wrongly diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while they were having traumatic flashbacks. The VA, after much fighting back would eventually grant them the PTSD but would not change the other diagnosis which was inaccurate and outdated. There are many things at play here including politics, money, misunderstanding of war trauma, and denial of these current wars and those who ordered the invasions being disordered and not normal.

  3. BackattheFort  February 26, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I am representing a post Vietnam vet, former police, who was put out for personality disorder, over 30 years ago, did not know until three weeks ago when the VA sent him his military records, that he was put out with that disorder. He has been sick for over 30 years with either PTSD or anxiety or a clinical depression on and off as a result of his service.DOD has no conscience, as all have worded so brilliantly here. I am a whistleblower and I am positioned to file suit in U.S. District Court soon for retaliation, harassment, etc., against the Secretary of the ——- (pick one); an active duty military officer after I settled out of court with the military last year, had to start it up again. In other words, they couldn’t let it go – they had to put a bullet in me while I was retreating. But I am not dead. I am up on my feet and from the looks of things, will file within the next 40 days.

  4. taosword  February 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Another problem is that even the non-VA/Military mental health profession, especially the american psychological association, and the universities and teaching hospitals have to a large extent been co-opted into the ultra conservative ultra patriotic BS of the current political system that perpetrates these wars by what they write about PTSD therapy and what they teach. Leaving out the fact that those resoponsible for invading Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, and others are suffering from delusions and paranoia, fear and grandiosity along with narrcisissm and moral immaturity, is doing the learning therapists and the veteran wrong. It is not getting into politics to include in PTSD therapy the diagnosis of the leaders who ordered our troops into hell. As you well know Grodon, we combat vets seem to be the ones who society wants to have holding the bag of shit from these wars. We may be responsible for pulling the trigger which we carry for life, but I will not allow the instigators of these wars off the hook, and I hold mental health professionals responsible for not putting our war suffering in proper context of shared responsibility with the grown-ups who started this shit.

  5. dirtus napus  February 26, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    My god you’re diplomatic, smart answer. And Jim, G, I steer everyone I know that means a shit in my sphere to read VT.

    I will admit, I do tell them how pissed I get about not sourcing!! Especially when they come back to me for answers!!! There’s no doubt I’m turning into a terrible bastard to quote some UK bastards I know, but my aim is really, really good on certain things. It’s not fun being right about some things…

  6. ethanallen  February 26, 2012 at 4:24 am

    It has always been thus. Psychopaths of various sorts have always controlled the world. This is not to say there aren’t good, decent and competent people in positions of authority but the psychopaths, like casinos, have the odds figured.

  7. Jim W. Dean  February 25, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Dear Dirtus Naptorus, Your unfailing support is always most appreciated 🙂

  8. taosword  February 25, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Same as it ever was. I found out in the early 80s that the military was putting SPN codes on our DD-214s to allert potential employers using similar labels including the personality disorders. Once we got hold of the codes, those of us in the Vet Center and DAV and Vietnam Vets of America put the pressure on the VA and on Congress to not use these bogus codes against a vet putting in a PTSD claim.

    It took about 10+ years to get this done and lo and behold they are at it again with the new wars. And the Pentagon’s medical system and the VA medical system are trying hard to have intercourse. They would have you believe that the seamless record access between these 2 levels of Gov. are for the benefit of the soldier/veteran. I believe that this may not be so.

    A lot of us activist combat vets from the Vietnam immoral/illegal war who worked in the “system” are retiring and the FNGs many times are military mental health folks who may be too brainwashed to know how to help the vet in the way that we did regarding the stigmatizing of those who suffer from the wars and don’t agree anymore with the reasons for the wars that they were told. What if they gave a war and no one came?

    And by the way, evidence based therapys for PTSD, vets genetic data base, and resiliency training are all BS. The military/political/corporate complex does not want the intelligent suffering vet who has waked up to talk.

    Get them on drugs and shut them up or use more brainwashing evidence based therapies to keep them waving the flag and eating up the thank you for your service shit.

  9. judgment  February 25, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Gordon I probably should not enter on issues I know little but it struck me on the basis of regular law that
    since the disability was incurred as part of their service the only issue would be to appoint someone to handle the money for them, not deny it. ?? What am I missing?

  10. Charlotte NC Bill  February 25, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    “there” were..oops….long day but thank God for o/t…Good job Gordon…

  11. Charlotte NC Bill  February 25, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    It’s somewhat comparable to: Why do we have a public educational system but not a public healthcare system? Because it’s very important to indoctrinate you, not very important to keep you alive..

  12. Charlotte NC Bill  February 25, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Off topic, or maybe not, who’s been feeding Trow Ford the ” their were CIA agents on board the “hijacked” flights who tried to catch the terrorists ( patsies ) red-handed, run by Barbara Olson and initiated by Dick Cheney” fantasy? In between Geritol cocktails he’s been harassing Fetzer so I was just wondering..

    On topic; If I were still in the USMC I would tell them that the whole GWOT is built on a fraudulent false-flag terror attack and these “wars” don’t meet the criteria of the Just War doctrine of my Church and I’ll have to consider myself a conscientious ( sic? ) objector….

  13. dirtus napus  February 25, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    “So the criminal politicians has no problem arming them to engage in war profiteering for war profiting for the int’l corporations that buy them every election, but then deny them the right to protect themselves and their families when they get home. Thank you Gordon Duff for standing up for these soldiers who have been used and abused by the USG beyond belief. It’s time this disgrace was completely exposed and corrected at every level.” See Smedley Butler.

    Whilst aforementioned General Butler was addressing troops “bonus army” in D.C., the criminal element in this country decided to kill, maim, and evict that very large group of veterans from their tents and make sure they never got was owed to them.

    Now look up redundant in the encyclopedia. After that, look up some Roman history. 7000 Americans dead in Afghanistan and Iraq? Give me a freakin’ break. Try around 50k. Didn’t know that? Yeah, we don’t count the brown people from the southern hemisphere that come here for citizenship by enlisting in the armed forces of Rome. Shoot, we don’t even count the deaths once they leave the battle field via helo if they’re alive at the time. Wake up VT.

    All those journo’s killed/targeted in Iraq back in 05-08′? They were filming the large cemeteries of dead brown people that happened to wear roman/fasci uniforms that went unreported. Doesn’t matter, it was a nuclear war anyways. Can’t count them for a while yet… And so it goes?………fpppt

  14. Jim  February 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    A very important article by Senior Editor Duff about a subject that is long overdue for serious attention in Congress and every state legislature. Duff presents the problem as it is, a serious and most disrespectful treatment of our soldiers who have in many cases bween wrongly placed in harms way, exposed to illegal radiation and chemicals outlawed by int’l treaties.

    A significant number have endured serious wounds too with difficult recoveries. Our soldiers are our national treasure. To betray their trust by sending them into a war designed to enrich off shore defense contractors and banksters is bad enough, but to illegally and wrongly label them to deny them their lawful benefits is about as disgusting as one can ever imagine.

    Those responsible should be indicted tried under the various laws they have violated including various aspects of RICO, fraud, abuse of process, etc. And the final disgusting abuse is the use of these phoney label to take away their second amendment rights.

    So the criminal politicians has no problem arming them to engage in war profiteering for war profiting for the Int’l corporations that buy them every election, but then deny them the right to protect themselves and their families when they get home.

    Thank you Gordon Duff for standing up for these soldiers who have been used and abused by the USG beyond belief. It’s time this disgrace was completely exposed and corrected at every level.

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