Pilger and Assange, The Theatre of the Absurd

Conflict for Profit?  Nothing So Innocent!


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I woke up today faced with a John Pilger piece defending Julian Assange.   I had heard Pilger speak in Australia, at what was supposed to be a peace conference.  I thought the crowd was going to get torches and pitchforks and begin killing Muslims almost immediately.

I was puzzled.  There was something enigmatic, more likely something that didn’t pass the “sniff test” going on here. 

Simply put, if Pilger told me the sun was out and it was nice outside, I would get a flashlight and umbrella.  Assange was, long ago, exposed as a professional stooge of intelligence agencies. 

Then, why would someone try to resurrect him?  Do we all forget that two consistent tales Assange stuck with were that 9/11 investigations are a waste of time and that all Muslims are evil.  It took us 15 seconds to pick out Assange as publicist for war, an agent provacateur and narcissist.  Our first assessment is that he is an unofficial spokesman for Israel’s Mossad.

We were proven right over and over as the months went on.

Frankly, I find Brevik, the madman murder of Norway and Assange interchangeable.  Brevik, we are told anyway, is insane, another “lone gunman” with dozens of invisible accomplices as usual.  How different is Assange?

He and Murdoch and the aristocracy of liars and manipulators who took the wonderful concept of Wikileaks and turned it inside out, a tool for inserting war mongering tales, hate and prejudice packaged with just enough sugar to fool the blind….

Two Peas in a Pod

Wikileaks, carefully edited, selected, much invented, censored, twisted and then turned to the use of the mainstream media that it was intended to debunk.  It is amazing how liberals and progressives will buy “leaks” that are purely ultra-right wing, obviously fabricated and are invariable racist and pro-war.  Assange makes Dick Cheney look like an angel.

Now Assange is a victim again, Pilger, so many others that supposedly spend their lives in utterly useless attempts to defend Palestine.  Thus the partnership shows up again, Pilger and Netanyahu’s hero, Assange, hand in hand, the defender of Israeli apartheid joined at the hip with the “glamourboy” antizionist.

Like we aren’t supposed to notice.

When will the Palestinians, so long exploited, come to realize that so many of their friends and supporters were carefully appointed as their spokesmen by those who are murdering them too?

Is the irony too much?

Here is an experiment for you.  Go to the propaganda site, www.adl.org.  Look for attacks and vilification, how much hyperbole and vindictive and, in particular, how much space is used in attacking “antizionists.”

Why have some been so famous, been around for so many decades, have such wide access to the mainstream media, have spoken out against Israel so many times but have so very little mention by the ADL? 

Perhaps I should remind the ADL that they need to spend more time and vigor in staged attacks against their own provocateurs.  They have a real investment in phony anti-semites and phony anti-zionists.

You say that Pilger’s long career “smashing Israel” has failed to get him noticed?  Is this an accident or have we come on something.  I call it “evidence.”

No business school grads there? Israel can’t give him a few loaners?  Get me a pie graph immediately!!

For anyone that cares, here is some simple truth.  The Palestinian people of Judea, the region that contains, among others, Israel and the occupied lands, are hostages.

Yesterday, we had a staged rocket attack and bombing of Gaza.  The only version told was totally false, as usual, nobody even asks why there has never been another side of the story.

The answer is simple, as explained so many times by Gilad Atzmon, who scares the professional exploiters of Jewry to death.  Jews are lied to from birth, taught to live as the victimized, taught the most vile and false version of their own religion and history.

They are instilled with fear, hate and racism and are, in the process, denied freedom of action, thought and for a few or many, the opportunity to live as humans.

[Editors Note: Gilad was sponsored in Atlanta Saturday night by VeteransToday and the Greater Atlanta Presbyterians. I will be posting some video highlights when I can.

We had a very mixed crowd, Christians, Jews, Muslims, young and old. The Wandering Who books were gone before I got mine. I will know better next time. If you ever get a chance to see him, you are in for a treat…Jim W. Dean]

Is this unique? Not hardly.  Look at the political races in the US this year, they are the same thing, race hatred, blacks mostly, is behind the most vile of the propaganda, only rarely openly spoken of.

Those of us who know “who” and “what” know that hating blacks in America is the basis of all political beliefs.  How else do you think poor whites would vote themselves into slavery if not out of ignorance and race hatred.

They are like Israelis.


This is going out on a limb.  It also isn’t entirely correct, just mostly correct.  OK, here it goes:

Attacks on Israel by those who defend Palestinians are bought and paid for by Israel to keep attention off other issues, their nukes, 9/11, diamond and gold smuggling, the drug trade, their spying in the US, terrorism in Africa and such.

Any idea how much weapons smuggling Israel does?   

There are exceptions, such as Ken O’Keefe, but they are very few.  If the only thing Israel stood accused of was apartheid issues, they would be partying in the streets.

A vital part of Israeli social cohesion is martyrdom, just as with Islam.  What would the people do if they knew how many martyrs of “terrorism” were hand selected for thus purpose.

This is Our Favorite Fake Hamas Dude. We are dying to meet him, and willing to pay cash for those shades.

Everything is a lie.  There is little or no real terrorism, never has been.  99% of it was staged to keep Jews fearful.  It’s an old game, and still used by modern war planners to ‘create favorable circumstances’ of stuff they want to do.

The 1967 war, like the Suez War before it, was an unprovoked Israeli invasion to seize land.  Now Assange is telling us that the 1973 war was staged between the US, Israel and Egypt to fool Syria into it’s own destruction.  It is a good story but, as we assume Assange as the “voice of Israel,” we use his “output” to expose Israeli intelligence actions.

In this case we thank Assange for confirming our sources on the Iraeli/Syria pact.

Assange is a delightful mixture of fact and fancy.  He sells himself with facts or lies that people want to hear then instills his spew with fabrications written by intelligence agencies out of Tel Aviv.

That story has been out a long time, why would John Pilger pretend he didn’t see it? Why?

Another fact.  Anti-Zionists, those who continually harp about Israel and continually talk of protecting the Palestinian people, all without one iota of positive effect I might add, are invariably doing so at the direction of the Israeli government.

An interesting experiment, perhaps, might be to see if criticism of Israel is used as “cover” for the murderous attacks on Gaza?  Here is the take, accurate or not, from the press of the region, all unreported, as usual, in the US:

Zuhair al-Qaissi

Israeli air raids on Gaza, which have killed 18 people since Friday, were planned in advance and were not in retaliation to an alleged Palestinian plan to launch an attack against Israel through Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronot stated on Sunday.

Alex Fishman cited Israel’s security preparations in settlements adjacent to Gaza as evidence that Israel had already planned the attack and to launch drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) into Gaza airspace.

Israel’s assassination of Popular Resistance Committee head Zohair Al-Qaisi was aimed at Hamas, claimed Fishman.

Israel hoped rocket attacks in response to the attack would present Hamas with tough choices – either support the rocket attacks and risk an Israeli military crackdown, or move against the resistance groups and lose credibility amongst its own supporters, particularly as it has long insisted there is no separation between rule and resistance.

The Israeli army continues to pound Gaza by air, sea and ground. Drones attacked civilian gatherings at dawn on Saturday, killing three, including a child, and injuring ten.
Israeli air strikes have targeted residential areas, destroying houses, cars, motorbikes and fields. City centres have also come under attack.

What was left of the car

Meshaal assured Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Hamas is keen to create an atmosphere conducive to stopping hostility against Gaza.

Abbas and Gaza PM Ismail Haniya, said they had spoken with Arab governments and other international entities to push Israel to stop its aggression.

Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Yasser Osman said it was a race against time to prevent a disastrous scenario developing and Egypt was talking with Palestine and Israel to contain the situation.

He refuted Israeli claims that the escalation followed intelligence that the Popular Resistance Committee was planning an operation through Sinai, emphasizing that Sinai is under strict control. Osman considers Israeli claims to be a pretext to attack Gaza.

It is pure theatre.  Not one mention of any real regional issue that might put Israel in a suspicious light ever hit an American paper.  Even Israelis, though utterly uneducated in anything but wild mythology and conspiracy, get better news reporting.

The fate of Palestinians, a small population who have cost the world trillions of dollars in theatrically staged terrorism, victimization and conflict, has been manipulated in the most visible way, yet no one sees it.

This is simple.  Everyone reporting, from either side, is really from the same side.  Israel lives on criticism, ineffective, easily discredited by their powerful control of world press and networks, their immense wealth, it is all a game.  Nothing makes Israel more happy than attention.  Once we quite talking about Israel, Israel will disappear.  This is the truth of it.

This helps them sell “antisemitism” and “victimization.”  This is why Iran attacks the holocaust and looks for historical inconsistencies.  I believe the holocaust isn’t marketable enough anymore. Germany is a harmless nation and trying to build a credible threat to Jews who are always being told they will be pushed into the sea is the entire purpose of tens of thousands of whores.  The bus fire below we is a purely theatrical production, staged like so many rocket attack, to keep alive the pitiful state of those who keep millions starving in camps while settlements are built on stolen land and treaties and agreements are broken every day.

The David Horowitz Cheer Leading Squad

When we learned Israel ran Egypt yet spoke daily of the threat from Egypt, it was never reported.  Mubarak, whose armies terrified the children of Israel for three decades now awaits hanging for his 30 years as an Israeli spy.  Were Israel’is supposed to push themselves into the sea?  Lemmings?

No one speaks up for the truth, are all impervious to rationality, so lacking in pride that they will lap up lies like a dog eating vomit and say only, “thank you, may I have some more?”

You will hear nothing about the treaty between Israel and Syria against Turkey.  Syria is still an enemy, four decades later, one decade after they became a powerful ally to Tel Aviv.  Were the children of Israel told that if Syria were to drive them to the sea that they should bring a lunch?

Jordan has been run by Israel for decades and Israel and Saudi Arabia have worked hand in hand for 30 years.

Everything is a lie.

All domestic terrorism, as we have long noted, has had FBI roots.  Anyone believe Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist?  His background says “black ops,” his ties to militia movements involves testimony of 15 minutes at meetings, carefully staged, he was always a classic agent provocateur and informant.

I only hope he wasn’t executed and that he and Gaddafi are together somewhere.  Then, why is there no one to speak for the dead children at Oklahoma City, sacrificed as pawns to promote the illusion of domestic terror.

"Now you two are sure this is going to work, right?"

But why listen to me?  I think 9/11 was a $7 billion dollar insurance fraud, blowing up buildings that were uninhabitable because of asbestos, aging, unmarketable, ugly, over insured, and empty.

But conveniently recently acquired and destroyed by terrorists and planes as part of a mythology that has led to the impoverishment of the world, the deaths of millions and the violation of all laws of nature.

Try flying an aluminum plane into a steel girder, 4 sided, 3 inches thick, with cool burning fuel and see how much damage you can do.

Make that dozens of such beams, interlaced a hundred thousand times stronger than the plane and then ask yourself why the fires burned two months later 150 feet under ground?

Better yet, just ask nothing, why bother.  Go get some $4 dollar gas instead and don’t ask why it costs that when the “tensions” in with Iran, ones that seem to have been invented in the first place, when they went away a week ago, never effected the price of fuel.

Fuel?  US usage at an all time low.  Europe lower than that.  Use in China way down.  Supply, oversupply at the highest levels in history.  Economic factors in key nations the worst since 1932 and oil prices up 70%? “Hell0…is anybody home upstairs…hello?”

No time for questions, just pay and pay and worry about a mosque being built in your back yard.  Any of us can always be pushed into the sea, even, as with Israel, we have huge armies, hundreds of nuclear weapons, we are all being pushed into the sea every day or is that rounded up and put into camps, something seemingly far more real.

How I used to make fun of people who talked of FEMA camps. Sorry.  I was wrong.

Worst of all are the endlessly spewing rabble who call themselves “white supremacists” and “antizionists” who are all under the control of the gangsters who have made Israel what it is today.  99% of “white supremacist” groups are run by groups funded by organizations sworn to “protect Jews.”

Think for ten seconds as to why?  We call it “fund raising.”  To me, the term “sucker” comes to mind.  We used to call it “shnook.”  Is there a Hebrew term?

Anyone for Building Camps for Israeli Supporters? - For Security Reasons of Course, Just Like the Israelis Do?

Israel is an apartheid, failed state filled with a millions foreign workers and a population of Jews who have been lied to from birth but who can no longer help seeing failure.

Thus, many will return home, Europe and America, refusing to take part in the theater of victimization, the phony terrorism, the narcissistic need to create antisemitic hate, something some have been too successful at.

In America, Jews have been unnoticed and accepted for many decades.  Nobody cares if someone is Jewish or not.

Down the list of questions as to background, the last thing anyone here cares about is if their neighbor is Jewish.  Jews in America are totally a part of the country as are, increasingly, America’s Muslims. Both groups are successful, generally low crime, clean neighborhoods and children who get educated and do well.

This disappoints many who want synagogues burned, who want swastikas painted on everything, who want Jews isolated and afraid, isolated and organized, controlled, fear ridden, ignorant and betraying their social conscience.

What is a “self hating Jew?”  This is the term for someone of Jewish background who supports truth, justice, decency and fairness and stands up against lies.

Why these endless plots, this theater of the macabre in the Middle East? The whole thing is a con to manipulate markets, gold, diamonds, banking, oil, arms. “Ain’t nothin’ Jewish about it.”

"So you think you are ready for high stakes?"

Sixty plus years of lies, Jews and everyone else, has created a history, a reality where America can “deconstitutionalize” itself without fear, where trillions of dollars can be stolen without a word, where poverty can be invisible.

America, once the home of the brave and free, can be a violent and oppressive police state at war with an imaginary villain.

The world was destined for slavery at the hands of invisible rulers.  Sound far fetched?  Maybe once but now what was once conspiracy theory has become history.

It has already happened.

So, when you read or hear “the news,” who is bombed, who is shot, the endless cycle of fear, violence and hate, know that it is part of a plan, one made by those who see themselves beyond answering to g-ds, to anyone, any government, any law, as though they thought themselves above death itself.

Maybe they are…we may never know. But then again, maybe they aren’t, and all of us will wake up to a big surprise someday, especially them. Maybe its time to rethink who should have to die to protect the country. Maybe someone else should get to have a chance to chip in.                                       Editing:  Jim W. Dean

We Know What We Fight For - What do 'They' Fight For?



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15 Responses to "Pilger and Assange, The Theatre of the Absurd"

  1. Curmudgeon  March 13, 2012 at 11:18 am

    I have never met anyone who has claimed to be a “white supremacist”. I have met people of all races and/or religions that are, what I would call, extreme in expressing their pride. These people are quick to judge others, and often express distaste for another’s beliefs or behaviours. That doesn’t make them supremacists, it makes them opinionated. Being proud of what you are appears to be a problem only if you are white.
    If a family moves into the house next to me, allows the property to deteriorate, accumulates junk in the back yard, has their kids vandalize my property, has loud parties late into the night several time a week and generally lowers the tone of the neighbourhood, I will be critical and do what I can to discourage their continued habitation. If the family happens to be Negro, Chinese, or Indian, it doesn’t make me racist or a “white supremacist” if I suggested they move somewhere else. It makes me someone who wants a new neighbour.

    The overwhelming majority of the so-called “white supremacists” are little more than whites who are tired of seeing their efforts to succeed trumped by discrimination through affirmative action, politically correct quotas, or politicians who refuse to deal with a very real invasion, that of illegal “immigration”.

  2. Steve  March 13, 2012 at 6:07 am

    Btw Cossiga apparently was joking, he does not seem to have actually made the accusation seriously.

  3. Steve  March 13, 2012 at 5:58 am

    So if he had no material making the US look bad he would be credible then? And the MSM has not been fawning over him for some time now, more painting him as a sleazebag (maybe with some truth there although it’s chickenfeed). He is one guy, with a known hacking history, that puts out info sent by others, and edited by others too apparently, he can’t go through it all himself. Sure he is maybe fed some stuff deliberately to serve whatever agenda, anyone can send stuff to his site, and maybe some on it are biased, but that’s a different thing from being a willing agent and stooge which I don’t buy. And maybe he is not that well informed anyway, Chomsky and Pilger would probably be about the limit of his understanding. As for Pilger himself, no way. He has attacked Israel as much as anyone on the left, he is no stooge (unless unwittingly for the usual left causes like the rest).

    There are too many loose accusations being thrown around on slim evidence at best. Raise justified suspicions sure but don’t judge and condemn on what wouldn’t stand up to convict in any fair process.

  4. Charlotte NC Bill  March 13, 2012 at 2:37 am

    He gave you hard evidence a yr ago…how long have you been following this? This is how comyrolled counter-intelligence works…Anyone can go out and lie and exaggerate about Israel’s enemies…but to mix in confidential US intell that make the US look bad ( and poor little nuclear Israel look threatened ) well that’s counter-intell…Assange had a Rothschild lawyer for cryin’ out loud…If he was a real whistle blower ( Jim Stone, Gordon Duff, Dr Sabrosky, Pres Cossiga ) the controlled press would have been ignoring him-not fawning over him..

  5. beausoleil  March 12, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Regarding false narratives: Here are three video links that deal with a particular case of ‘false narrative’. Disruption of society is accomplished when people choose to believe that there is no such thing as true or false, right or wrong. They say that it’s the ‘narrative’ that is most successful in being imposed that counts more than anything called ‘truth’. ‘Narrative’ is a nice word for ‘Big Fat Lie’.

    Notice how the following early interview with Anton LaVey is cut and edited just when he says he had been in ‘quite a large institution’. We never get to find out which institution, but one can surmise.


    Then you can meet his grown children…


    And here is one of his children, sounding sincere to me, and this is quite sad…

  6. beausoleil  March 12, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Whoa wait a minute…I have trouble getting past this part: “How else do you think poor whites would vote themselves into slavery if not out of ignorance and race hatred.”

    Now think about that one for a minute. I can easily be described as a ‘poor white’, as can just about every other white person in the United States who has been defrauded out of their legitimate property over many generations, beginning in Europe with the jewish bankers there. How is it that so many people can be so blind to the racism against white people, while they go on and on about how ‘all’ white people ‘hate’ all black people and especially guilty are those whites in ‘the south’ when actual facts in real life are completely contrary to this ‘narrative’.

    I truly enjoy your writing Gordon and I hate to focus only this one negative point but it is so essential for us all to stop promoting or buying into these divisive false narratives.

  7. Derek X  March 12, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I wonder about anonymous. They seem too good to be true; another thing that people really want to believe in. And that in itself makes it suspicious.

  8. DaveE  March 12, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Or, which I think is Gordon’s position, the Israeli’s are using Assange as an outlet for their fabricated or heavily edited propaganda. That the Israeli’s edit the crap out of Wikileaks material and selectively distribute what they want to have heard is beyond argument.

  9. DaveE  March 12, 2012 at 9:42 am

    The issue here is whether fear is used to create an ideology or the other way around.

    Are normal Jews (and their “Christian” backers) being manipulated by their oh-so-“enlightened” rabbis to feel victimized, persecuted and constantly fearful? Are those fearful rabbis purposely creating MORE fear to bind others to their warped ideology of racism, superiority and chosen-ness?

    OR, is chosen-ness, racial supremacy and “G_d” given superiority the underlying disease that spreads fear and hate through so many, trying to enforce a pernicious, demonic and un-enforceable ideology?

    OR choice C.) All of the Above.

    I’m going with C.)

  10. John G.  March 12, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Hilarious, the ‘Hamas’ guy with a Star of David on his necklace!

    Speaking of obvious ‘productions,’ maybe 3,000 did not die on 9/11 (or 52 on 7/7/11):

    The victim photos do seem like PhotoShop jobs to me.

    Giuliani is scummy, and would be happy to accept a big cash bribe coming out of the insurance payouts, but would he really want the blood of 3,000 New Yorkers on his hands?

    In this age of faked moonlandings and the like, something like this no longer surprises me.

    Just food for thought and consideration by the much abler minds of the staff of VT!

  11. Steve  March 12, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Agree, there is no published evidence that Assange is anything other than what he claims to be. Holding the mainstream position on 9/11 does not prove anything (except that he maybe doesn’t have the guts to go beyond it – hardly surprising considering his general exposure), and I don’t recall ever hearing or seeing him say ‘all Muslims are evil’ or anything of the sort. He may be being fed some (dis-)info, as Brzezinski said (and that’s all he said), but given the way his site works it would be impossible not to be. And all those death threats against him were just play acting no doubt. And now Pilger is an ‘Israeli stooge’ too? This is just getting too much, I can’t be bothered following this stuff much anymore frankly.

    Hard evidence please or yawn.

  12. aaronkelly  March 12, 2012 at 1:24 am

    Gordon. As a student of History are you aware of any powerful society which functioned any differently than ours, ever? Are violence treachery and exploitaion not normal? You’re never done telling us of the failings of the VA yet you remain their patient. What gives?

  13. Charlotte NC Bill  March 11, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    problem with comments registering?

  14. Charlotte NC Bill  March 11, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Great article…Anyone who still doesn’t get this stuff is paid not to..I have to almost believe…And you have to love the people on the Right who look at subsidies for solar panel manuf and scream “socialism and fascism”..Funny how they didn’t say that when Bechtel, Halliburton, KBR etc were getting rich off govt contracts..We could throw in Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Sperry, Blackwater mercs, the Merhav Group getting it’s TAPI pipeline across Afghanistan…intelligence agencies partnering with drug lords…none of that is socialism…Helping poor people afford food? Now, that’s socialism..

  15. Dan  March 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    “Ain’t nothin’ Jewish about it.” Amen. There’s nothing Jewish per se about any of it.

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