Exclusive – Confirmed: American “UFO” Over Korea


SACIA  Confirms UFO Film as Genuine, Craft of US Manufacture


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

See Addendum for forensic evidence.


On April 7, 2012, while North Korea was planning a missile launch, what has been described as a UFO was spotted from a passenger craft over Seoul, Korea.  The video went viral with nearly a billion visitors. 

News stories, one printed in it’s entirety below, permission of the World News Tomorrow, were published in “selected countries.”

These had a whiff of truth and a whiff of spin to them…the ones most fun to dig into.


YouTube - Veterans Today -

World News Tomorrow and Veterans Today, both had questions about the story, which had originated on a major news service.

Veterans Today decided to turn to a top intelligence resource and see whether we were dealing with goose or gander.  There was that smell of reality here, one we don’t always see.

The story below, “mainstream media,”  quotes a source indicating this video has been altered, a phony, a “forgery.”  That source proved to be uniquely “unauthoritative” at best.

Thus, we had the forensic labs of the SACIA (South Africa Counter Intelligence Agency), the world’s top authority on certification of photographic data, diamond, mineral and currency authenticity, a somewhat controversial organization, quasi-governmental in nature, submit the video for detailed forensic analysis. 

Why would we choose experts on counter-terrorism, conflict diamonds and narcotics trafficking instead of a local photographer. Our answer was simple, we knew they had one of the most advanced labs in the world and, best of all, they volunteered.  You can’t beat that.

The video is genuine, totally.  This is a slightly enlarged version.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

We then went to intelligence sources in Korea.  There we learned an astounding story which we are not able to fully confirm.  The aircraft, one that appears to be a “flying saucer,” is one of two American reconnaissance vehicles stationed on the Korean peninsula by the United States.

Forensic examination of the video indicates several key issues:

  • This is a vehicle of significant size, larger than a commercial airliner.
  • The initial speed is well above the speed of sound though it appears much slower
  • The “break away” speed, as noted as the “blur” in the video is this aircraft reaching 16,000 mph within low atmosphere, something normally impossible because of drag in the heavy atmosphere at such low altitudes.  Commercial passenger aircraft at such altitudes are generally incapable of reaching more than 300 mph without both engine and structural failures, verified by both engineers and commercial and military pilots.

There are several key issues as to why something like this, so public, middle of the afternoon in very busy airspace, would be possible.  There have been many such sightings, most recently the Thames Estuary “light,” which seem to be part of a developing pattern.

Prior to this was the UFO sighting in London, with multiple vehicles including a “mother ship” that descended over the BBC Building itself.  It has been confirmed as a fake.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

One of the most recent, very unverified and highly suspicious is, in part, below.  Note how the vehicle manages to stop in just the right place?  This has also been confirmed as a fake.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The story below, we are told, originated from Associated Press, has, as an “expert source” Derek Serra, a South African wildlife photographer who, prior to this story, had never been interviewed as a forensic expert and, is, in fact, totally unqualified as a source, even by the standards of the Associated Press, such as they are.

We will gladly support Derek in any of his ventures, certainly support his work and promise to never ask him questions about issues of physics, forensic analysis or aeronautical engineering, not without establishing evidence of credentials.



A source that is both “authoritative” and “official,” tied to the highest levels of the South Korean government confirmed that the United States is operating two vehicles using unknown technology as reconnaissance platforms in order to “monitor” North Korea.

When asked if such “platforms” may have been deployed related to the recent unsuccessful launch of a North Korean rocket, we were told “no.” 

Five minutes later we were told it is believed that such a vehicle could produce a “field” that might be able to destroy a rocket and may act as part of an advanced missile defense system, far superior and much more secret than the Patriot systems under current deployment.

One sometimes looks at “timing.”  Why now?

With the world economy in meltdown, a flood of “soft news” and “hard conspiracy” traveling around the world at the speed of light, threats of mass arrests of bankers, states near open rebellion against the Supreme Court, and a fear the world may be on its “last gasp” of borrowed/counterfeit money, what better time to bring out the flying saucers.



Direct sources from the White House, told us the first anti-gravity drive for an American aircraft was built in 1953.  The vehicle is still in existence, still functioning and was a favorite of President Reagan’s.

The untold history, or wild mythology, of the UFO phenomenon began at the end of World War II.  Most Americans know of Operation Bluebook, the Air Force public investigation to quell public panic over UFO sightings.

Peter Levanda’s presentation at the 2011 symposium on the Secret Space Program exposed FBI agent Guy Banister, of “JFK” fame (played by Ed Asner) as the original Fox Mulder, head of the FBI’s “X-Files” division from 1947 onward.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The real origins go back to World War II, stories of Nazi “flying saucer” programs and possible alien connections, the belief that a “Nordic race” was involved with Nazi Germany in building underground bases in Antarctica, Chile, even Germany.

Those researching these issues will be led to stories about a project, perhaps an artifact, called “the Bell” or “die Glocke.”  99% of anything they read after that will be false.

There is even a story that Admiral Byrd led a military expedition against a German UFO base in Antarctica after World War II.  These are scenes from a film made about this:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This all sounds like wild science fiction except that I have met people who had visited the German underground base in Chile, people who don’t write articles, sell information or look for attention.

Our current problem is that we are being bombarded with bad information, just as after 9/11.  Every time there is a government cover-up, human weasels come out of the woodwork with private theories, always ready to start websites, take control of organizations, live on infighting, disinformation or sell DVDs to anyone stupid enough to buy one.

Deceit and treason may be the last paying businesses America specializes in.



There have never been UFO sightings in the past, and there have been thousands, such as we are seeing now.  There has also never been so much control over the press, such obvious suppression of advanced technologies as today.  The motives are obvious, getting every last cent out of the oil and gas in the world that no longer has value.

There are also suspicious “Malthusian” motives, fears that free energy would lead to an explosion in population or, worse yet, an explosion in real democracy. 

The assumption being made is that representative government which has overseen both the lowering of standard of living in many of the most advanced countries, the destruction of the planets eco-system and the broad failure in education and social advancement are not accidental.

The control of news and the media is a two edged sword.  The internet is the key.  With the collapse of broadcast television, brought on by cable and satellite, it was necessary to gain control of those mediums, which was quickly done.

With the loss of control of news and media through the spread of the internet, similar efforts have been made to control that. too.

Draconian laws, “kill switches,” “robo-sites” and an internet where independent or “alternative”news had proven to largely be “controlled opposition.”

The key to some of this has been “conspiracy theory.”  Any truth can be denied as “conspiracy theory” but conspiracy theory can also be used to distract, to entertain, to mislead and is, in itself, the highest form of “cover and deception,” the heart of any psychological operation or “mind control” effort.

Propaganda, as we once knew it, is a joke.

With some “real news” managing to escape, despite the efforts made, news of global financial collapse, manufactured confrontations between nations, engineered shortages of food or fuels to exploit price monopolies, the control of media has become a way of managing public opinion through one continual message, “you are powerless to stop us.”

That message is, of course, wrong.

The reason “disclosure,” informing the people of earth that extraterrestrial contact has been made or, as suspected by many, our planet is subject to influence or even control by an alien species not necessarily friendly to mankind, is on the mind of most people.

When people look around and ask “why,” why are we doing what we do, why do we live like we live, who would do what we see being done, it is, perhaps, wishful thinking that only an inhuman, reptilian or insectoid species is responsible.

“Is mankind capable of such barbarity, especially under the watchful eye of the great religions, all of whom claim their message to be “peace and brotherly love.”

Then I think of people like John Hagee or Mitt Romney.  Perhaps we aren’t an advanced species at all.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean

UFO Caught From Airplane – Seoul, South Korea

An airplane passenger videoed a mysterious oval white object flying over Seoul, South Korea, on April 7. The video has been lighting up the Internet since, and of course many people are offering extraterrestrial explanations. The Video were forensically analyzed by an Counter Intelligence Agency and reliable sources indicates that this is authentic.

As is de rigueur these days, the UFO clip was uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed millions of times. Some comments say it’s clearly an extraterrestrial spacecraft; others insist it’s a fake. Still others say it’s neither but instead is a real object — such as a plastic bag in the wind, a parachute seen from above, or a drop of water on the window — that simply looks strange from that angle.

Aside from the anonymity of the cameraman, the video raises some red flags about its authenticity. For one thing, the video is not complete; it has been purposely edited to leave some information out. We know this because it begins in progress, with the UFO already well in frame, in the lower right-hand corner.

The video camera didn’t suddenly turn on to capture that scene; there must be at least some video that was recorded the first few seconds of the camera being turned on or the cameraman pointing the camera out the window. This type of selective editing is common among UFO hoax videos.

There’s also the fact that the cameraman waits almost seven seconds before he mentions the UFO to his companion. It’s clearly present, and it would be hard to keep your reaction to yourself if you were watching while you were videotaping.

Perhaps most strange, even though he clearly spots the UFO, the cameraman makes no effort to follow the object after it zooms up and out of frame; instead he videotapes more or less the same area of sky for the remaining 10 seconds of the clip. [Video of UFOs Swarming Over Las Vegas Is for the Birds]

While these internal clues suggest something’s not right with the video, the question remains: Was it a real object? Some of the most popular explanations don’t fit the facts. A plastic bag, for example, would be unlikely to reach that altitude (and would not appear that large), and a parachute could not move as seen in the video.

The best earthly explanation for the UFO is that it’s a droplet of water on the outside of the window being pushed up by airflow coming from under the fuselage. This would explain why the UFO is out of focus: because it’s close to the lens. It would not, however, explain why the UFO appears to maintain a constant shape.

Droplets of water, especially when subjected to high pressure, tend to deform and leave droplet trails as they move across a smooth surface. This one does not. Then there’s the fact that the light and shadow pattern on the blurry white object doesn’t change as it moves. It’s almost as if the UFO intentionally maintained exactly the same angle toward the camera the whole time — not impossible, but highly suspicious.

Absent a terrestrial explanation, we turned to Derek Serra, a Hollywood visual effects artist who has analyzed previous UFO videos. Serra said he finds several elements in this South Korean UFO video that “scream fake,” including that “the motion blur was done by an amateur,” he told Life’s Little Mysteries “When the camera zooms in a bit, and when the UFO flies off screen, you can seen ‘ghosting’ of the image,” Serra said. “Actual motion blur of real, three-dimensional objects creates a smooth gradient, not a stuttered ghosting like we see in this video. It is something we make sure we do right when working on shots for TV and film.”

Though all signs point to a hoax, it’s possible that alien spacecraft technology is so advanced that the spacecraft have the sneaky ability to appear on our cameras looking exactly like faked video images.

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11 Responses to "Exclusive – Confirmed: American “UFO” Over Korea"

  1. LOB2065  April 20, 2012 at 3:15 am

    This story sounds like yet another American ponzi scheme.

    What’s the next step – is America going to ask its allies to cough up billions to ‘invest’ in this technology?

    I believe that our planet has had visitors from another planet and no they have not given the US any of their technology because they probably realise that the US would destroy the rest of the planet with it if they did.

  2. outsider  April 16, 2012 at 1:50 am

    There are always factions in the Vatican that wish to elect a Pope of their persuasion.
    In 1978 Pope John Paul I was elected. He was a very saintly man, rejecting the pomp and ceremony, and truly a Pope for the people. He was going to clean out the Augean Stables that comprised the Vatican, principally to get rid of the Freemasons, some 100 of which infested the Vatican, from Cardinals to priests.
    The night before he was going to announce his plan, and to send the Masons into obscure areas where they could do little damage, he died, unexpectedly, of a ‘heart attack’, after only 33 days as Pope.
    Insiders in the Vatican approached a well respected British investigative author, David Yallop, to investigate whether JP I had been murdered. He made an excellent case that he had (in ‘In God’s Name’), which certainly persuaded me.
    He was followed by John Paul II (a much more US-friendly, Right-wing Pope, just the ticket for the roll-back of the Soviets in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe that the US planned, and far more accomodating to the brutal Right-wing military Juntas running ‘National Security’ governments across South and Central America.

    Here is a quote from the Catholic News Service:
    ‘One of the unique aspects of a papal conclave is that, to a very large degree, it can be shaped by a sitting pope.
    Pope John Paul II, for example, has named all but three of the 122 cardinals who would elect his successor if a conclave were held today. He has also revised the rules of the conclave, introducing a few substantial changes. One modification allows the cardinals to move more easily to a simple majority vote from the standard two-thirds plus one needed to elect a pontiff.’
    Being a very political, Right-wing Pope, the Papal Conclave he appointed elected an even more Right-wing Pope, Benedict XVI.

    Pope Paul VI, John Paul II’s predeccesor, was not nearly so political, and left-of-center.

    Here is a quote from Wikipedia:
    Pope Paul created Luciani Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco in the consistory of 5 March 1973. Catholics[who?] were struck by his humility, a prime example being his embarrassment when Paul VI once removed his papal stole and put it on Patriarch Luciani. He recalls the occasion in his first Angelus thus:[5]
    Pope Paul VI made me blush to the roots of my hair in the presence of 20,000 people, because he removed his stole and placed it on my shoulders. Never have I blushed so much!

    I believe the next Pope will be very pro-NWO (just as JPII and B XVI), and for what it’s worth, the Irish Saint and Prophet, Malachy, predicted the next Pope (the one to be elected after B XVI) will be the last:

    ‘Many of the prophecies are spot on. For example, the one about Urban VIII is Lilium et Rosa (the lily and the rose); he was a native of Florence and on the arms of Florence figured a fleur-de-lis.

    Pope John Paul II is De labore Solis, meaning “of the eclipse of the sun.” Karol Wojtyla, who would become Pope John Paul II, was born on May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse.

    Peregrinus apostolicus (pilgrim pope), which designates Pius VI, appears to be verified by his many journeys to new lands.

    So is Benedict the second last pope? The Irish seer of the 12th century has said it will be so. Time will tell.’ (abc news)

  3. Detlef Reimers  April 15, 2012 at 8:17 am

    It’s quite remarkeable, how everything magically fits together and is culmination in this year 2012. All the long time predictions and prophecies from many religions and cultures point to a major happening of whatever kind it might be in this year.

    It seems, that the Vatican is preparing behind the scenes for the election of a new pope (the current one is really getting old) and there seems to be a real fight going on between several fractions in the Vatican.

    Then we have the 40 millions zionist Christians, who have been successfully manipulated by their religious masters to beleave in the fake rapture and the armageddon scenario to be coming up this year. This exactly matches the actual catastrophy politics of the Zionist all around the world to start a against Iran.

    Look at all the prophecy clubs around there in the internet, who get really excited this year, because they seeev erything happening just how the biblical prophecies said it in the bible.

    On the scientific and political point of view (including the scientist of the Vatican itself) there seems to bee a well orchestrated and timely clever planned scenario, which is unfolding right in our eyes. The New Age movement with it’s famous UN representatives are celebrating pagan rituals. At one time a black Antichrist appeared somewhere deep in Africa, who after a short showdown dissapeared with same speed to be never been seen again.

    All this, together with many of the quasi-religious UFO-“Experts” and UFO-websites seens to be preparing us (some say manipulatiing us) for a great event, which is to be happening in this year 2012.

    Personally, I would add to this list a major political event, which has to take place next year, in 2013. The 100 year contract, regarding the Federal Reserve, is running out and has to be renewed (or rejected). I never heard anyone talking about this one, but it seems to be one of the cruical decisions, any new US government has to make next year. How comes, that nobody is talking about it – some kind of distraction?

    Gordon told us, that since 1953 the US had antigravitational crafts, which could do unbelieveable things in space at unbelieveable speed. The last Corea event seems to proof this and may be, this is the real message:

    We’ll show you, you innocent and dumb cowards, what we are capable of. So, don’t come into our way, we decide what to do and you have to obey.

    I think, they’ll show us even more of their hidden stuff in the next month – with surprisingly well timing and maybe also more drastically and frightening, in terms of the political and spiritual affect. And maybe, many of us will be so deeply shocked, that they give up their fait and will subjugate to their earthly masters, now posing as their new gods. Who knows?

  4. John G.  April 14, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Hilarious, the AP explanation that it is a droplet of water!

    Yeah, the scenery is moving left to right, as is the water droplet, which also moves down to up. Maybe it is a powered water droplet!

    The explanations by the weakstream media on this and when the Chinese launched an SLBM off of L.A. back in late ’10 — that it was a jet — are hilarious.

    I hope those rumors by Drake are true. Mr. Duff, can you share anything with us on that?

  5. namastemperfi  April 14, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    I have seen two UF0s in the passed six months. 0ne was triangular moving at huge speed at an estimated altitude of 3000 feet. Utterly silent, not a ripple in the atmosphere. Nothing in the least conventional about it. The other was spherical hovering and moving in and out of a cloud bank for a good hour. Whatever they are, they are not part of the conventional technology that we are saddled with today. Here is a link for a guy who was building a flying saucer of Tesla design in the late 50s early 60s. A good friend of mine knows him and vouches for him as 100% legit. Free energy, anti gravity, hyper-dimensional travel back then — shut down by the Feds as it was a threat to the economic security of the US. What horseshit! What kind of world should we be living in now if greed and psychopathy were not the requirements of those who take power. N http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfM23rAZTSQ

  6. Latney Davis  April 14, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    “reptilians”. Interesting choice of label/connotation. Especially with respect to very recent events not acknowledged by any “respected” source of public consumption information/disinformation. Frankly, somewhat intrigued by ‘g’s’ wading in “these waters”. Then again, ambiguous enough to allow for all manner of interpretation….and misinterpretation.

    Gotta love it when the X-files and Twilight Zone get a “subtle” round of props on any classification of “accepted” alternative media truth. “The Truth” was out there somewhere…now it appears to be debuting HERE. Nice. But there is so much more. Future chapters possibly.

  7. DaveE  April 14, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    I agree. A few months ago I spent over an hour watching a UFO, at night, mostly hovering but also moving in an abrupt, angular manner, over my very rural are in the NW US. Was definitely NOT a plane or chopper, as they are not capable of that kind of strange and immense angular acceleration.

    Couldn’t see any details, but was quite bright, like a planet, but the night was quite cloudy and even the brightest stars / planets were obscured. By doing a little triangulation against a nearby rooftop, I estimated the craft was 5 – 10 miles away.

    I have no doubt these things exist and also no doubt that if they were / are of terrestrial manufacture, we would NOT know about it. Doing ten minutes of research into the Manhattan Project and hearing the stories of near-hysteria from the likes of Szillard, Teller, Wigner, Oppenheimer et al. when they saw control of their “invention” slipping away, into the hands of those no-good Goyim, will convince anyone just how secretive and power-obsessed these reptilians can be.

  8. Gordon Duff  April 14, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Cowardly and treasonous?

    You are being generous.


  9. Gerry  April 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    For those who hve never seen some strange things above, My suggestion is just look up once in a while and your bound to get a glimpse. They’re ubiquitous some places. My opinion of how visually challanged some are about the sky above was reinforced about 3 weeks ago when a C130 Spectre was loitering above the small hamlet I occupy for 2 hours. Practice / acquiring targeting data? Don’t know, all I do know is his gun was much bigger than mine. Anyway, I ask at least ten different poeple if they saw it. Nada! I mean a C130 at least makes a good racket, These things are silent, even above mach which is “impossible” according to what everybody but Tesla said.

  10. Gerry  April 14, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Klaatu Baratus Nikto

    Were here from the Galactic Federation / Federal Reserve Unit, We’re here to help!

  11. outsider  April 14, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    In the South Korea ‘UFO’ article above, a bullet point states:
    ■The “break away” speed, as noted as the “blur” in the video is this aircraft reaching 16,000 mph within low atmosphere, something normally impossible because of drag in the heavy atmosphere at such low altitudes. Commercial passenger aircraft at such altitudes are generally incapable of reaching more than 300 mph without both engine and structural failures, verified by both engineers and commercial and military pilots.
    Well, I’m not interested in UFO’s, but I am interested in 9/11 being an ‘Inside Job’, which I have no doubt whatsoever it was.
    If it is common knowledge that ‘passenger aircraft at such altitudes are generally incapable of reaching more than 300 mph without both engine and structural failures, how is it that engineers and commercial and military pilots aren’t giving the US government the lie about the Twin Tower and Pentagon ‘airliners’?
    I know about ‘Architects and Engineers’, and Pilots, for 9/11 Truth, but if the knowledge about the impossibility of airliners behaving in the fashion claimed by the government is so widespread, are most pilots and engineers so cowardly and treasonous that they prefer to go along with the mass murdering government traitors than to come out en mass with the glaring truth?
    And while I’m here, perhaps some Airforce Vets will share their knowledge on this site of ‘Chemtrail’ spraying?
    Again, as with 9/11, many must know, but hardly any will speak out.

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