MAY MEMO: Top Ten False Flag Terror Targets

London's Olympic Stadium

By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO


False Flags are a standard stratagem, particularly in democracies, in which it’s necessary to create consensus before waging war. In 1898 the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor propelled the American people into the Spanish-American War, much as 9/11 propelled us into invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq a century later.

Half a dozen headlines describe our situation, in which a false flag attack, blamed on Iran, may well propel us into our third post-9/11 Mid East war:

  1. U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba: In 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed a multi-faceted false flag operation to JFK. (ABC, 2001)
  2. New revelations in attack on American spy ship: LBJ helped a 1967 Israeli false flag attack against the USS Liberty, intending to draw the U.S. into the Six-Day War. (Chicago Tribune, 2007)
  3. White Man’s Burden: American Jews were instrumental in leading the U.S. into the Iraq War, according to Jewish writer Ari Shavit. (Haaretz, 2003)
  4. “9/11 Was Good For Us.” — The Case Against Israel: Israeli fingerprints are all over 9/11, according to U.S. investigators who say that their hands are tied and their voices are silenced. (Veterans Today, 2008)
  5. Israeli military ready for action in Iran: military: “We are ready for action,” said Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz. He added that Israeli covert actions around the globe had gone up by “tens of per cent, even more,” and that almost not a moment went by without Israel taking action somewhere in the world. (Times LIVE, April 22, 2012)
  6. US deploys F-22 fighter jets to UAE in apparent message to Iran:The ‘most sophisticated fighter in the world’ is now stationed 200 miles from Iranian border. (The Times of Israel, April 28, 2012)

The 10 most endangered false flag targets in the world:

#1: CHICAGO is mobilizing and militarizing in preparation for the May 20-21 NATO Summit, which it will host. Just after the selection of Illinois senator Obama as the 44th president, Major Bill Fox, Dr. Jim Fetzer and I coauthored  “Black Bush” Barack: False Flag Frankenstein? The title was considered harsh at the time, but reality has been much harsher. Obama has expanded both the global war and the homeland apparatus. His former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is both the son of a Jewish Irgun terrorist and an Israeli war veteran — and is now the mayor of the Windy City. For conclusive evidence that the city is on the hit list, read Nearly Nuked! N.LE-06 Targeted Sears Tower.

#2: LONDON is also mobilizing and the host of the 2012 Summer Olympics, which the whole world will be watching. It’s an unrivaled stage for a false flag performance, and hardly a day goes by without a story about a new Muslim terrorist threat to the games.The UK Mail Online summarizes all fears with the story: Olympic ring of steel: SIX missile sites protect Games — and Cameron has his finger on the trigger.

Hell ofttimes doth hide beneath a halo.

#3: HOUSTON is the center of many petrochemical explosions that have occurred during terrorism exercises, driving up prices and resulting in record profits for Big Oil. Dirtiest and deadliest of all is Texas City, a BP town in Ron Paul’s congressional district, which is called “Toxic City” by savvy locals. For a contrarian analysis of what is really happening in Southeast Texas read Is Ron Paul a “False Flag” Pied Piper?

#4: MUMBAI wouldn’t be a surprising terror target, considering  that its commuter trains were hit by multiple blasts on 7/11 in 2006, the day before Israel invaded Lebanon. It was a sequel to the 7/7 London bus bombings in  2005, which was a sequel to the 3/11 Madrid train bombings in 2004  On the same 7/11, hours after the attack on Mumbai, there was a terrifying train incident in Chicago. Commuters there thought that they were under attack, and I suspect that they very nearly were. Meanwhile in Houston the Bush family and its retainers were conveniently gathered in Houston for Ken Lay’s funeral. It was a scene taken from The Godfather, and when my Bush administration chum, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, arrived in the Bayou City and invited me to dinner I declined.

#5: PORTLAND has been neither forgotten nor forgiven for embarrassing Poppy Bush (41) with rowdy protests. Afterward unaffectionately dubbed “Little Beirut,” it compounded its sins in 2005 by becoming the only U.S. city to withdraw from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. It was mapped out as ground zero for a 10 kiloton nuke in the Harvard study, released on Apr 19, 2007, The Day After: Action in the 24 Hours Following a Nuclear Blast in an American City. Three months later nuclear terror exercise Noble Resolve was playing the scenario out, and two months after that National Level Exercise 2007, with its Portland dirty bomb script, almost ended with a bang as Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff arrived: Bomb scare disrupts terrorism drill.

#6: PARIS would be a fine target for luring France into more North Africa interventions a la Libya. France’s North African aspirations go back all the way to Napoleon Bonaparte’s late 18th Century campaign. Who knows with a bloody strike on the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, France might be willing to partner up with the Anglo/Judeo Axis (AJAX) to bomb Iran.

#7: USS ENTERPRISE false flag scenario is the topic of the eye-opening article, False Flag Carrier Enterprise Now In Place: “It has arrived in the Persian Gulf, and is scheduled to be decommissioned after this last tour of duty., a very expensive endeavor, especially since this was the very first nuclear powered vessel. It’s reminiscent of the old warships left in Pearl Harbor as the newer ones left just prior to the attacks, or the ultra-expensive asbestos removal scheduled for the Twin Towers before their timely demise.”

#8: SAN ANTONIO is the most recent entry into the false flag file, with a warning sign showing up in May 2011: Bexar County Sheriff to train with Israeli army. Five months later came the payoff: San Antonio 10-19-11 Terror Plot, The city is dense with military installations, which make it an easy target.

#9: LAS VEGAS may get lucky and avoid a false flag fix, but don’t bet on it. Like Portland it has behaved contrarily at crunch time, first in 2009 (Nevada Senator Objects to FEMA Training Planned for Las Vegas), then in 2010 (‘Terrorist attack’ on Las Vegas canceled). Nevada Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, has an outstanding debt to the powers that be, in a town that’s noted for collecting.

#10: BERLIN is the key to Central Europe, and is consequently always a geostrategic consideration. With the Russians ever problematic, and a potential strategic partner to Germany, NATO will go to any length to keep it in the Western orbit, including terrorizing its primary city. After all, Operation Gladio, an extensive NATO terror program, was used to achieve that very aim during the Cold War. Add to all that the revenge motive expressed by Elie Wiesel:

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate —  healthy virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

I submit this list of the top false flag targets to both official investigators and concerned citizens, and I’m ready and able to respond to official or media inquiries. It is the product of my many years in Army Intelligence, coupled with my last eight years of counter-terror analysis and operations. In 2003 I formed Ghost Troop, a cyber militia unit, from a collection of geopolitical and geostrategic experts, who have been either members or associates. Based on the results they have demonstrated and documented, a list of which is at the end of this article, I believe that they comprise the world’s finest intelligence cell. Among these, my colleagues and cohorts, I can proudly name:

  1. Dr. Kevin Barrett, Columnist, Veterans Today
  2. SFC Donald Buswell (Retired), Military Intelligence, USA
  3. Dr. James Fetzer, Columnist, Veterans Today
  4. MAJ William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
  5. SGT John Karshner, CID, Houston Police Department
  6. CSM Lee Neadow, Vietnam War Air Cavalryman, USA
  7. LTC Guy Razer (Retired), Fighter Pilot, USAF
  8. CPT John Spooner, Korean War Fighter Pilot, USAF
  9. Abu Salem sofyan, Publisher, Islamic Intelligence
  10. W. Leon Smith, Publisher, The Lone Star Iconoclast

All have supported the Ghost Troop mission of anticipating false flag threats with good intelligence work, then interdicting them with good public affairs work. Thanks to their collective efforts we have saved many lives, and paid for it at great cost. SFC Buswell nearly died of a freak pulmonary embolism just days after his first Ghost Troop mission. Mr. Smith nearly died of a freak stroke while doing a exposee of BP during the Horizon incident. I am slowly dying of a freak disease, Lou Gehrig’s, contracted in the third year of Ghost Troop operations. Formerly a martial arts instructor, I am now a quadriplegic, writing one word per minute with an eye-commanded computer. Those are our grim credentials, and these are our campaigns:

  1. 3/30/04: Texas City, TX BP refinery explosion
  2. 9/26/04: New Caney, TX pipeline explosion – the alert
  3. 7/28/05: Texas City, TX BP refinery explosion
  4. 1/31/06: Texas City, TX, BP refinery false flag attempt
  5. 5/3/06: Sears Tower, Chicago false flag attempt
  6. 7/2/06: Baytown, TX Exxon Mobil refinery explosion — the alert
  7. 7/19/06: Israeli false flag attempt on the Orient Queen
  8. 10/18/07: Port Arthur, TX Dow Chemical explosion
  9. 10/18/07: Portland TOPOFF-4 false flag attempt
  10. 2 /16/09: Chicago Stimulus Bill false flag attempt
  11. 7/30/09: Bryan, TX El Dorado Chemical fire — (1) alert (2) analysis
  12. 7/31/09 – 8/14/09: Kansas City false flag attempt
  13. 11/6/10 – 11/10/10: U.S. nuclear reactors false flag attempt
  14. 11/26/10: Portland “Tree Bomber” false flag attempt
  15. 6/3/11 – 6/11/11: Chicago Red Dragon false flag attempt,_captain_eric/May_works/May_Art/capt._may_wearing%20cowboy_hat%20at%20civ%20camp.jpg

Captain May at Camp Casey, Aug 2005.

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army NCO and officer, with specialties in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, military intelligence and public affairs. He is also a former NBC editorial writer who has published widely, from Military Intelligence Magazine to The Wall Street Journal. After the invasion of Iraq he undertook a mission of conscience, joining other informed veterans to form Ghost Troop. Since 2004 they have operated to prevent the next 9/11 (9/11/2B). In recognition of their successes, in 2009 The Lone Star Iconoclast published the editorial Captain Eric H. May Deserves Medal Of Honor.

The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. LEGAL NOTICE - COMMENT POLICY

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10 Responses to "MAY MEMO: Top Ten False Flag Terror Targets"

  1. russhallberg  May 17, 2012 at 12:00 am

    RE: #5: PORTLAND Your article, Peter Defazio and the Portland Nuke,, helped set the stage to act against the Noble Resolve terror drill. I saw a post mentioning the Harvard 10 kiloton blast study at your Yahoo group. It was an opportunity to show that 9/11 was not a singular event. I reposted the “Nuke Map of Portland”

    Portland Mayor, Tom Potter, glowered at our group at a City Council meeting we attended, just prior to the drill. Attorney Ginny Ross was able to make a statement before the Portland City Council, describing the drills at 9/11 and the London Bombings. Noble Resolve had been planned in Portland because of the mayor’s enthusiastic cooperation. Did he want to be another false flag “hero”, like Guilliani? I have fond memories of Mayor Potter’s hostile glare.

    Chertoff’s cancellation of the drill was further substantiation of the threat of a live drill.

    Thanks, Captain May.

  2. Joanna  May 15, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Published June 03, 2009

    Continental Pilot Reports Missile Flying Near His Plane Over Texas

    Read more:,2933,524539,00.html#ixzz1uza5n57C

  3. Joanna  May 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Rooftop missiles to be used during London Olympics:

    Starstreak HVM (High Velocity Missile) system, and are built by Belfast-based Thales Air Defense. These short-range missiles are laser-guided, which makes them impervious to infrared jamming and anti-radar missiles, and designed for close air defense against fixed-wing fighters and helicopters


    The Starstreak has been in service since 1997, with additional aiming systems—a shoulder-mounted and a Lightweight Multiroll Launcher—introduced in 2000.

    gizmodo dot com

  4. JS  May 10, 2012 at 7:39 am

    G. Duff’s Intel Dump of yesterday, has new info regarding the threat to London, which now appears to also include New York, for possible detonation on Dec. 21. I recommend reading everything he has under the heading, LONDON OLYMPICS TO BE NUKED?

    He quotes from a British intel source, with redactions, “An NSA bird apparently got overheads of a transfer in the Stansgate area of Essex, on the River Blackwater Estuary, at 2345Z, to a Type XXI U-Boat (the German DVD still have a fleet of 3, refitted with Type 212 machinery including AIP). I gather NSA alerted ONI, who alerted British Naval Intelligence. At any rate a Type 23 frigate was sortied. She was observed off the Kent coast on the morning of Sunday April 22nd, with her towed array deployed. Reporting that she was a Dolphin may be based on her sonar signature, which is similar to the second batch of Dolphins and the Type 212.
    The Type 23 tracked the Kraut as far as the Wever estuary but lost her in the clutter. It is believed her destination was an undercover WW2 U-Boat base on the Wever still used by the DVD, for inter alia narcotics shipments and child-trafficking….
    Reporting suggests the next target is New York City, Lower Manhattan, possible detonation date December 21st. I have called it in to the Pentagon (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), NSA (direct call to Meade, which I have visited and where I was made most welcome – serious intelligence professionals) and CIA (via xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).”

  5. Wisdoms_dare  May 8, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Sadly I have to agree with you on this Philip. I am not sure on the date being 27th though. There is a fantastic interview by Rik Clay, as far back as 2008 that exposes completely this false flag for the UK 2012 Olympics. Sadly Rik Clay took his own life (yeah right) shortly after the interview but the interview is very thorough, he did his homework and someone didn’t like that.

    Rik mentions the connections to numbers and this video ties in to what he said about the date of this catastrophe being 3rd August. Although of course we cant know the exact date for sure

    And off course the main video which is circulating which many may have already seen

    The whole thing has the potential for Project Blue Beam too.

    Captain May, thank you for this Memo. My family and I live 10 minutes away from the Olympic Stadium with no real means to move out of London for whole duration of the Games. Here’s hoping you and Gordon have some good guy contacts within the UK Military who have a handle on the situation.

  6. 42411  May 8, 2012 at 10:12 am

    We are proud of you, Captain. Your light shines brighter each day.

  7. PhilipShahak  May 8, 2012 at 7:49 am

    For me the London Olympics is a shoo-in. In May 2011 Cameron appointed the Mossad to take charge of anti-terrorist exercises for the games. Read between the lines on this one and Cameron has handed the Mossad their perfect false flag attack on a plate. My hunch is 27th July 2012 the first day of the games and a mushroom cloud over the Olympic stadium. The Mossad and traitors within British Intel and the Metropolitan Police have had plenty of time to set up a false trail to Iran with the kosher managed media already softening up the public for an ‘Islamist’ special.

  8. JS  May 8, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Although you are only able to write at the speed of one word per minute, you shame the rest of us. I am in awe. I humbly submit some evidence that Boston is not far from their minds either. From TheIntelHub, May 7,
    “The Department of Homeland Security plans to release a literal live bacteria on Boston area subways “sometime” this summer in what they have dubbed a terror test. The release of the bacteria bacillus subtilis in Boston subways to test bio weapon sensors is apparently a non event with the corporate media claiming that the bacteria is completely harmless to healthy people.” They haven’t said what would happen to UNhealthy people.

    Boston airport, of course, figured prominently in the events of 9/11.

  9. Cold Wind  May 8, 2012 at 6:35 am

    Fortunately, in everything that counts, our enemies are stupid. A false flag will not save them.

  10. The Rahnameh  May 8, 2012 at 5:47 am

    Here’s the part that scares me. The modus operandi of these individuals gives great reason to think that a false flag is imminent. They are not hesitant to pull these off, and indeed, plan them regularly. One of 9/11 magnitude or greater is needed to revitalize the opinion for war.

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