Homeland Security in the Land of the Free

by Sartre

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9 Responses to "Homeland Security in the Land of the Free"

  1. Dan  May 22, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Ann, I disagree they’re not smart. They’ll never use straightforward military tactics, so their option is limited–whether initiated with a false-flag attack on our people or on our food supply ( the latter being more likely)–to the kind of reign of terror described in The Gulag Archipelago, a seemingly random blitzkrieg of battering down doors in the middle of the night and dragging people off to detention centers and, eventually, the abattoirs. The idea was to use maximum fear to neutralize spontaneous resistance. The same mentality toward the people on the part of the elites that existed in Russia a century ago exists among the elites in America today, which is becoming alarmingly evident in the sheer nastiness and disproportionality of our law enforcement and justice system. But, back to the point, in Russia the Bolsheviks had to rely on foreigners to do the real dirty work, many of them arriving from the New York and Chicago, in fact.

  2. Ann  May 21, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Yep – all the same crackpots. The disgusting Rothschilds funded the French Revolution, and their psychopathic concubine Robespierre ran the “Committee for Public Safety,” the DHS of its day. These ghastly terrorists sent countless innocents to the scaffold for the most flippant reasons and sometimes none at all. Look up the lists of those who were condemned – they are still available. Infants were speared and thus held aloft in front of their parents while waiting their turn at the guillotine, teenagers and elderly alike were decapitated, and the valiant Vendee people rebelled against the depravity spewed forth by the Revolutionaries and were effectively wiped out and only of late have been recognized as specific targets of genocide. What a filthy legacy, how do the Rothschilds look in the mirror and not barf.

    Yes, the Brits have been infiltrated for a long time, since the execution of good King Charles. I did not know that the Miliband kooks were Bolsheviks but it does not really surprise me. They are widespread as cockroaches. I always find it so risible that grubby street rats the likes of them are always trying to ape the bluebloods. What a joke. I bet the palace has to assign undercover cops among the butlers to make sure the reds don’t make off with the silverware after dinner. The royal household wait staff must be exhausted after a soiree with wannabes like them. I hope the day will come when the traitor Sir William Wiseman is posthumously stripped of his knighthood, dug up, and sprinkled over the town dump.

    The Brits have taken more than their share of the hidden hand scammers who usurped and distorted natural progress and abused every single English family one way or another since their seizure of power in the 17th century. The deep reserves of ancient and recent British culture are still viable, and their recognition and practice will counter the effects of the varnished artifice foisted on the populace at present.

  3. Ann  May 21, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    Our overlords are not smart, they simply have the upper hand. For centuries all their power was completely dependant on bluffing and a perverse game of smoke and mirrors. The show is over. The really smart ones have long since cashed out, and the morons are about to take us on. This is going to be a real drag. They have to be sure that every last gunman under their control will obey them. How likely? Not very. As for foreigners they might take us on initially but then again, they might not. They will be on terra incognito and are not likely to fight and die for a country that is not theirs. Involving foreigners will only serve to enrage us and make it all the worse for them and our fake leaders when they are cornered. The more they fight with us the less likely they will join their screwball friends under the palm trees of a Polynesian beach.

  4. Excalibur  May 21, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Ann – I have a bit of a suggestion here that may help to shine a light on this murky area – thereby answering your question. The inventors of this phrase were probably the same old people that coined the name of the Soviet ‘NKVD’ – or translated into English: ‘The People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs’.

    Run by Lavrenty Beria and helped by an individual called Miliband. That individual is said to have organised the thousands of executions of Polish officers and intellectuals in the Katyn forest – among other atrocities. They routinely murdered in their millions.

    It might NOT surprise you to know that the two grandsons (David and Ed Miliband) of this mass murderer are now at the very head of the British Labour party – and look like forming the next government. So much for the home of Parliament and democracy!

    I wonder what the mathematical odds would be of these two leading the British government – without the application of the ‘hidden hand’?

  5. Brian  May 21, 2012 at 8:24 am

    From the article:

    According to US news sources, Special Agent Ivens, after leaving downtown Los Angeles, returned to his home in Burbank whereupon he then fled into the rugged Verdugo Mountains after which a massive manhunt for him ensued involving 100 FBI agents, 40 sheriff’s department rescuers and a dozen local police officers.

    Late yesterday, after the massive manhunt failed to find any trace of Ivens, his wife Thea Ivens issued an urgent public appeal stating: “Steve, if you are out there listening right now, your wife wants to let you know, ‘Babe, we are in this together for better or for worse. I love you, no matter what happens.’ Your child wants you to know, ‘Daddy’s work? Daddy home?’”

  6. Brian  May 21, 2012 at 8:17 am

    We have Homeland Security because Israel did 911. Are they going to do another terrorist attack in the United States?

    Excerpts from the article:

    EU Times A bizarre Foreign Ministry report circulating in the Kremlin today states that this Friday past (11 May) Russian Envoy Vladimir Vinokurov, the Consulate General of San Francisco, was approached near his hotel room during a visit to Los Angles by an agent of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation identifying himself as Stephen Ivens [photo top left] who warned that he and a former FBI agent named Donald Sachtleben had uncovered evidence of an impending terror attack on US soil stating that those behind the attack were “all insane.”

    Before Ivens was able to finish his “message,” this report says, the three American Diplomatic Security agents, who trail all Russian diplomats in the US, began to “surge” towards Ivens causing him to flee.
    Even more bizarre about this case, this report continues, is that the retired FBI agent named Donald Sachtleben mentioned by Ivens, who also knew about this impending “plot,” was arrested within hours of Ivens disappearing and charged with trading child pornography.

    Most important to note about Sachtleben was, aside from his being an over 25-year veteran of the FBI, he was a special agent bomb technician before retiring in 2008 who specialized in counterterrorism and bombing investigations and whose most important case was the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York City.

    According to US news reports about Sachtleben’s arrest, this most knowledgeable of FBI agents openly traded child porn using the e-mail address [email protected] in an act so stupid for one of the United States most highly reained intelligence agents it defies belief.

    The practice of US intelligence services charging their most feared dissidents with child pornography and/or sex charges is well known, with the most celebrated case being against the former UN weapons inspector William Scott Ritter, Jr. who warned about the lies being told to the American people in the run-up to the Iraq War only to find himself sent to prison on trumped up charges involving a minor girl.

  7. Dan  May 21, 2012 at 7:54 am

    American society certainly won’t need alien perverts and psychopaths–we’ve got enough of them running around already–, but the shadow government might have good use for them. The horrors inflicted on the Russian people by the “Bolsheviks” may ultimately appear crude and amateurish in comparison to the weapons and plans reportedly being developed for use exclusively on US soil. In an earlier article, Capt May discusses exercises being conducted to condition Americans to having foreign troops on our soil with the blatantly Orwellian objective of protecting us when, in fact, our state and local police probably have more high-tech armaments and fire power than most foreign armies. If foreign military forces or “pubic safety” experts are brought in from a foreign country, it sure won’t be to direct traffic.

  8. Ann  May 21, 2012 at 6:22 am

    The tag “Homeland Security” is bogus in itself. Whose homeland and what security? Our homeland has enough male fighting stock to take care of ourselves. We don’t need foreign perverts and homegrown chickens telling us what to do. Furthermore they do not provide security, they are systematically locking us down on the pretext of threats that they fabricate.

    Who came up with that name? Was it the same crazed family who came up with the name Committee for Public Safety during another time of sadistic terror? Their network of useful 18th century idiots eventually met the same fate they so wantonly meted out to their fellow citizens. Our useful idiots think they will fare better. They are so stupid. They think they count for something. But they will learn the hard way that in a criminal syndicate nobody counts for anything.

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