Is Independence Terrorism, Our Government Wants Us To Think So

AN ALIEN INVASION, NOTHING LESSGovernment Has Proven One Thing, and We Can’t Say It


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today, any American who speaks up has reason to expect he will be set up, imprisoned, killed in an air crash, called an anti-semite or terrorist or see a family member die of a freak accident. 

There are thousands of these cases and huge “medium-secret” bureaucracies that exist to silence dissent and defend the hold criminals have over the state.  I have had friends bankrupted, asset siezed, jailed for nothing whatsoever, their grandchildren murdered in mysterious street crimes.

Most of those I speak of all worked in the White House at one time.  Take that as a warning, public service has its risks.  No pattern has been reported, news simply passes on the press releases, accidents, bodies found, planes crashed, endless coincidences that go unnoticed.  Unnoticed?  Those who would notice had been gotten rid of long ago.   We never asked as “the news” forgot to mention that we should be concerned.

Even complacency requires awareness.

Try naming a reporter who isn’t a teleprompter Zombie or, worse than that, a “Wolf Blitzer.”  Attempts at real news comes from Jon Stewart who gets it right so long as he doesn’t go too far, we call folks like him our “gatekeepers,” an outlet for those seeking truth but willing to be managed like children.

However, Jon Stewart, for every clever progressive ourpouring is responsible for an equal amount ofthe usual, being very much the voice of the controlled opposition, passing on lies, allowing himself to be silenced or outright lying himself and, worst of all, I am one of his fans.

Our universities have been cleansed, anyone unwilling to either spy on student organizations, fellow faculty members and teach fiction and mythology as history and political science has long since become unemployable despite their degrees and qualifications.  The numbers here are uncountable.  Figure if the person making  your burger may well have a PhD from Harvard.

America died when we got Fox News.  Is this a coincidence, the national addiction to paranoia, conspiracy theory and hate?  Do we blame Gingrich, who sold us out for a few bucks, dollars he lost in Vegas according to his recent tax statements or that Murdoch, a petty thug and blackmailer or is it a great sinister plan?  For those who don’t know, Gingrich pushed through laws that allowed foreign control of American media, got a book deal in return, there are few in this world with more skeletons in their closet than Gingrich.

The “Fox hold” tha that has kept Britain ensared for decades can’t even be released.   There are 4000 top secret tapes of wiretapping and spying.  I thought they were sex tapes with prostitutes or Fox employees and tried to get them.  I was wrong.  Much of what was involved had to do with child kidnapping, trafficking and European institutions, high ranking politicians supplied with children for sex, children kept for years, bought, kidnapped and many eventually murdered.

The negotiating team that tried to get these were top ranking former US law enforcement and their counterparts.  I end the story there but Cameron is still in office and Murdoch still free, you guess the rest.

We tripped over a twin, in Phoenix, same issue, this time politicians, police, the murder of J.T. Ready was part of it, the largest child prostitution ring in the US is involved, run out of Phoenix, where law enforcement organizations defend the criminals while SOME local law has tried to jail them.  Involved are motorcycle gangs, Mexican cartels, lots of elected officials and a “Jewish defense organization” at the heart of it.

As this one is going, it will turn into a shooting war, already has, with the J.T. Ready “suicide” and “family murder” a proven hit, deeply involved.  One of the groups “leaned on” happens to have, by accident, been Blackwater (in a form).  This is one of the few times I will have been on their side.  They are not harmless as others will find out.

Murdoch’s arrival signalled the end to civility, to accuracy, to investigativeness, to accountability, to the free flow of information, it was as though a foreign entity, Newcorp, tied to the GOP, signalled that America was going to be a dictatorship and that there would be no news but corporate lies and government press releases.

After that time, it wasn’t just news that was manipulated but events.  With news inventing wild conspiracies itself, real conspiracies, rigged elections, massive drug running, government control of terrorism in order to support “privatization” and fleecing of our tax dollars, deregulation of financial crime, a “mobbed up” Wall Street, all was part of a move begun, as it was in Britain, with Murdoch.

In Britain, everyone around him has been arrested, Cameron is clearly complicit in acts that should remove him from office and worse but Murdoch and his son, Cameron, the killers of David Kelly and a dozen more, those who worked with Murdoch, blackmailed by him, some fired, some still in office but none in jail.  In Britain criminals simply either resign or tell the court to “get stuffed?”  How American of them!

While we are busy looking for Serbians and Liberians or little Gaddafi’s, the real war criminals of our era sit on corporate boards, occasional duck arrest warrants and live in unimaginable wealth, all payoffs for being front men for international oranized crime.

Almost every western leader could be imprisoned or executed under law long in place, were there to be a semblance of justice.

Controlled news isn’t just controlled news, there can be no controlled news without dictatorship.  There can be no dictatorship without controlled news.  The problem is that control goes so much further than anyone can imagine, that the real conspiracies are only safe from discovery because they are beyond our imagination.  Some of the wildest things on the internet are actually understatements.

The end result of the past few decades is clear, there is no news, no accountability, no free government and a population that runs from government sanctioned fiction on the mainstream media to government infected conspiracy theory that fills the internet.

What is missing?  Our jobs, our freedoms, our future, these things that existed years ago, albeit amid racial divides, limited rights for many and an imperfect but identifiable America have disappeared.  Instead, our world has changed.  Kids are turned over for control at age 5, to an educational system shamefully incompetent, after years of arrested development at the hands of television and hi-tech toys.

We have raised generations, we have become generations of dependent, weak minded, physically degenerated sub humans, breeding our own “elites” back into the trees.  Look at Bush and Romney, drowning in money and education, both nearly illiterate and it isn’t just them.

Worse still, are our secret societies, the minor ones for “frat-boy” time wasters and petty thieves, those who go into politics and the corporate world, try talking to 99% of our “big shots.”  They, by standards of a high school education in 1950, are illiterate.  They can’t write, most can’t use a computer, many have never cooked a meal, shopped and some have even forgotten how to drive a car.  I remember, years ago, when George H. W. Bush visited a supermarket and commented on scanners.  He had never seen one, how amazing.

We even have push buttom telephones and televisions with remote controls now.  This guy ran the CIA at one time.

The more privileged the background, the stupider the people.  We reward complacency, cowardice and sociopathic behavior.

Like most Americans, I spent much of my life looking for the imaginary 1955 “small town” where I could live comfortably, in safety, around people I could trust, people who looked out for one another, all of us employed or in business, me, of course, somewhat better off.

Kids would attend state universities, never fight in wars, spend their time outdoors, sports, recreation, developing lifetime friendships, hobbies, athletic prowess, a lifestyle to pass on, an American lifestyle of community spirit, of accomplishment, of increasing individual freedom, a more inclusive society built on the best values of hard work, of cooperation, of respect.

I was obviously insane, the VA will tell you that in a flat minute.

I was going to be an archeologist and historian.  I saw our history as mysterious, as unknown.  My problem, I got in with the wrong crowd and saw too much and looked too hard.  I always knew, even from childhood, that we were taught a childish mythology as history, that our nation had developed at the hands of criminal groups that controlled the world but that mankind was going to be able to regain control, that advancedments in communication, that human spirit would overcome.

I think it is my OCD, I actually read documents, stopping and noting when I am asked to “assume” things not in evidence and eventually began reading less and writing more.  We live in a nation where rumor and fact, where belief and truth have merged.  Our brains have actually gotten smaller, less complex, we are proving evolution by going backwards.

We have records from the 18th century, our founding fathers fought with each other constantly.  None had seen an airplane or car, none owned an I Phone but they could think, some were idealistic, many devious, something we have erased from our history, but all had IQ’s 50 points higher than any member of congress today.  Any dissenters on that?  Why do I believe this?  I read, I think, I reason, almost as though I were human, albeit minimally.

I was obviously insane, reading this is proof, getting more so every day.

I pick on Fox News simply because they are the standard bearer for hatred, for ignorance, for conspiracy  theory, for prejudice, for ignorance, a network of talking heads, run by gangsters, a platform for a pack of morons no child would or should abide.

Only by accident did I become what I am accused of, a “journalist.”  I am a “defense/intelligence guy with a background in economics,” not an entirely “unrespectable” thing to be, or at least I had thought so.  America, the one I grew up in was an evil empire, we all knew that.  We rigged elections, murdered decent people but we had a reason.  If we lived in a free world, poor people would choose communism and any idiot could see that behind the promise of equality lived the threat of an even worse totalitarianism than the one we were building, the one I didn’t see.

I was obviously insane.

I assumed that technology would change mankind, not be suppressed, not twisted into a tool of oppression, of mind control, of war mongering, of breeding the great western powers, the post-colonial elite, the enlightened nations that were destined to democratize the world, uplift mankind, into a pack of ravaging dogs.

We were supposed to change after we beat  the commies, not become them.  Then again, the only way we know we beat anyone is having read it in the papers or having seen it on the news.  As there is one universal truth, every American has felt less free since the end of the Cold War, that America has become the most hated nation, one of the poorest, largest economy, most debt, lowering standard of living, worst schools, medical care, most brutal, most in prison, should I go on?

Were I to tell you the truth, such as I know of it, believe what you will, I live in a nation addicted to one thing.  We continually compare ourselves with Nazi Germany, the images of the Holocaust, oddly misquoted and mistranslated, carefully edited version of Hitler’s speeches, proving we are good still, and that, so many decades ago, we saved mankind from mass murder and slavery.

Our culture is built on this, the worship of the holocaust, the damnation of Hitler, then, out of that occasional moment of clarity we all have, I began to put things together.

Then I understood why universities exist, why they are state controlled, why text books are so childish, why TV lies every second, why teachers are so ignorant.

In fact, the only way to survive is as though we were all part of a science fiction nightmare, we have to pretend to be glazed over, to take on a robotic mein, to believe the incredible, the idiotic, be it the 9/11 melting building story, the version of World War II we are given, the wild stories about American freedom while our government goes beyond any dictatorship in history.

We know this, as we have polls, never often, never asking serious questions, never touching on why, but 69% of Americans want to leave Afghanistan immediately.  Do any of those who want to leave, or at least how many actually know that Al Qaeda never existed, that there were no training camps in Afghanistan and that we invaded, initially to set up an oil pipeline and eventually America, the Army and CIA, took over the world’s drug business, using our agricultural acumen to take a crop, Opium, eradicated by the Taliban, the most evil substance on earth,  far worse than Plutonium, and grow it, process it into heroin and distribute it around the world, creating the suffering of a dozen nuclear wars.

We are than kind of people, people who do this evil and look away.

Nobody writes about it but the UN.  They tell us 97% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan and flies around the world but never mention who does it.  Recently, talking with both Muslims in Kosovo and Serbs, both admit that America flies drugs into Kosovo and sells them to the vast Serbian mafia, the most powerful crime organization in the world, operating in over 120 nations.

This is why NATO is in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, why we fight wars, why we were in Southeast Asia.  Americans in Vietnam knew about the drugs, container loads of heroin, now our troops are all silent, sending home photos walking through poppy fields and not knowing they are silently complicit in the destruction of millions of families, a third American.

Nazi Germany never imprisoned half those America has locked up today.  We don’t want to compare judicial systems or anything else, our “gold standard” for “badness” that we have hidden behind for so long never existed, not as we said.  Without our drugs, our private prison system would disappear, all those new corporations, each with a former congressman buying their contracts with payoffs.

It is all just another way of profiting from our drug business.  What has happened to America?  Easy, we are a defeated nation, we lost World War II, we lost the Cold War, we lost Korea, we lost Vietnam, we lost Afghanistan, we lost Iraq, we even lost a war against ourselves and we didn’t even know it, but we are living it.

It is easy to prove, easy but illegal.  Proving America lost World War II is illegal, that  we live as slaves, pigs in clover for some, but all slaves, programmed, drugged, propagandized, fleeced victims of a worldwide dictatorship, pigs led to slaughter, we live in and go along to survive, having lowered our expectations to those of rats.

We survive, have embraced “conservatism,” that is, the theory that, as long as those around us suffer more, are debased more, are destroyed more effectively, dehumanized more obviously, no matter what animals we become ourselves, we “win.”  Win what?

Are we to enjoy being head pigs in the trough?

What we have given up is the entire idea of human advancement, of the people we wanted to be, the future we wanted for our children and grandchildren.  Instead, all we can hope for is to steal enough, debase ourselves enough in order to put away enough cash so that our children can sit in locked communities and watch others starve and die at our gates.

I live like that now.

We each trade.  Decades ago, so many of us thought of lives as “wage slaves,” the luckiest being union, well paid, benefits but long hours and hard work.  Now the only jobs we have are those even a rat wouldn’t take, telemarketing, repossessing homes, phony home employment schemes or minimum wage slavery.

Others, those doing well, are, in reality, riding the slope, faster and faster, believing the “gravy train” will head somewhere other than over the cliff every economist in the world has predicted.

…and we wonder why a liberal democrat would sign laws prohibiting freedom of speech and public assembly.


Oh, wait, didn’t the last guy, the conservative republican do that continually for 8 years, remember the “freedom of speech zones,” we actually set up tiny concentration camps where we were allowed to protest all we want, carefully observed and at gunpoint.



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72 Responses to "Is Independence Terrorism, Our Government Wants Us To Think So"

  1. Ann  June 5, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Who was the author and what is the name of the book with the letters between those two parasites? It does not surprise me one bit that they disdained the very people they sought to enslave. When the parasite Trotsky lived in New York he was always whining and complaining about New Yorkers and how they were constantly in such a rush, and wasted money buying nice things, etc., always sticking his big ratty snout in everyone else’s business, all the while waiting for gold bars from the Federal Parasite Reserve so as to return to Russia and ramp up the carnage. And to think a grubby cockroach like him ended up pronouncing life and death on millions of lives.

    It is a perversion in itself that these lazy, covetous, inept, murderous control freaks have managed to pass off themselves and their unnatural societies as legitimate. It’s really too bad that the Dalai Lama has fallen for the mirage of socialism. He thinks it has the right foundation to build Shangri La when in fact it is nothing short of hell on earth. That only tells me that he is ill-read and easily led. Very dangerous considering the starry-eyed multitudes who hang on to his every word.

    As for universities, don’t be so impressed with them, they’re fops. Most of the screwballs in DC went to the best schools here and abroad and they are determined to drive this country into a ditch for good. What’s so smart about that. And most of them got crummy marks. They cannot account for money and see taxes as a means to support their parasitic lifestyles. Reps and Dems the same. They can wave certificates and diplomas and drop names all they want, I am not impressed. They are dunces.

  2. Excalibur  June 4, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    That is a great post beausoleil – and a totally accurate one. This is the great deception that they manage to hide even from the so called ‘elites’ of the educational system. Marx and Engels wanted a way to capture a nation – such that the population became a huge slave labour force. Factory and farm workers with no labour costs. If the scam caught on it could be expanded to swallow up more countries and ultimately the whole world. Russia was chosen first so that it could act as a base to attack the rest of the world. Meanwhile the media arms of the Talmudic tentacle are used to portray socialism as a bastion of fair shares for all! It’s enough to make you puke once you see the ruse. The zionist plan is always the same: Global control of a world-wide slave colony – completely run and operated by them alone. All good men need to know this and to fight it with every sinew in their bodies.

  3. intheastraltrenches  June 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I grew up in a small Kansas town. Farm country- kittens, puppies, horseback riding. Wonderful. Learned compassion and integrity from my folks. Was shocked to find out when I got older what the real deal was. Learned about contras, drug running from far left. Learned about the parasitic monster called Federal Reserve from far right. Have spent the 3 years since retirement working w/ groups who are interested in dropping their left/right blindness and fighting ( with wisdom ) the real foes. Also have had some psychic, spiritual experiences. Last year found a website- divinecosmos that discusses all these things. This year a fellow named Drake from americannationalmilitia has appeared on this site-bringing the “on the ground” fight to the spiritual part of the internet. I have no idea if his bonafides are good but have sensed sincerity. Since moving in this direction I know this year the battle for souls has really heated up. I have had an “intimidation” attempt…..I say attempt as this is it- the end of domination by the parasites.Too many good folks of stout heart. … in the streets, in the homes, in the military, & amongst the spiritual workers. “They” sense this & the battle is raging. On the outside things look hopeless. This is not so. Love just takes longer and the warriors had to learn how to love & the lightworkers had to learn to have courage. We are here now together. No use taking the physical bodies inhabited by evil into custody ( another one just springs up) without clearing out the astral realms also. Have hope! There is a reason many websites ( like the above listed) are talking about The Powers That Were instead of TPTB.

  4. Gordon Duff  June 4, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I know the area very well, almost moved there. Would drive down to Carcassone for meals during tourist season…and also make a decent cassoulet.

    The Cathar church in Franjeaux was, at one time, a temple of jove..and the town a castrum….roman fortress town with two gates and the backs of homes as walls

    montreal is nearby and a good visit….has a great saturday market

    the drive down D109 throgh Limeaux through Cousa and up to Andorra is a nice afternoon.

    Did the run down to Barcelona once…bad drive.


  5. JS  June 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Heroin, opiates addiction can be broken with the use of Ibogaine. There are clinics that use it, but they are not allowed in the U.S.

  6. 12trees  June 4, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Cathar country Gordon, the shadows are very deep. Birthplace of the great holocaust called the Inquisition, key waypoint in the massacre of the dissident but not militant good Christian Cathars, who like yourself in a recent post and generally, saw the world as in the grip of a pure evil force. Represented by the Pope and his good friend Dominic. The massacre included the first modern society, the “Renaissance of the 12th century”, a world that you and I and many good people would recognize as civilized. The Pope burned all the books, and then the readers. Isn’t that what Cass Sunstein wants today?
    Having lived nearby I think about the Inquisition often. Is that what they have in store for us now, with such new and improved tools? 1984 was not nearly as frightening as the true history of what happened in the Albigensian Crusade, and after — neighbor turned against neighbor and of course all property stolen by the Pope’s men. Locals say it was more about property than anything else, and after all of the hard earned wealth of an inventive and industrious people, look what else the French stole: the land. Not just any land mind you, but wheat fields, fertile and productive. Before oil wheat was the energy that powered armies. With wheat from the Languedoc the Burgundians began to build an empire.
    The Cathars were weavers. Women were allowed to have professions and property there and many became wealthy through hard work and inventiveness — which pissed the pope off to no end. Respecting women was heresy after all. On my first visit to Fanjeaux the town seemed totally dead, just as the Catholics left it 800 years ago, except of one thing — the shuttle on a weaver’s loom. just a shawl mind you, in the softest natural gray local wool from the Arriege nearby, but blended with the finest copper wire I have ever seen — a fabric built as a force field of light and shadow.

    And that is what you are Gordon, thank you, a force field. Bless you! If they have in mind to make a new dark age, they will have to take out a lot of points of light along the way. With what — Chinese junk powered by Israeli software? Doomsday from that? More likely to blow their fingers off, from the ass up.

    By the way, L. Paul Bremer lives just up the road from there. Departement du Aude — the “onze” to those who live there — the “11”. We’ve seen a few too many 11’s come down lately. Time for pushback. See you in Mirepoix on market day, Gordon!

  7. Excalibur  June 4, 2012 at 4:53 am

    Workingactor, some three thousand years ago the ancient Greeks – a people then well known for their deep thinking and philosophy – decided to set up a national community based on a governing body – that was made up entirely of returning veterans.

    What they had invented was the first and only TRUE DEMOCRACY. They decided that if any group were to make benign decisions on behalf of the whole nation – then that group needed to be people who had the nation’s best interests in mind – i.e. real patriots. The governing group could therefore be made up ONLY of people who had put their lives at risk in service for their country.

    In essence – in order to get citizenship and a vote – and in order to have a say in the country’s direction it was necessary to be a Greek and to have PHYSICALLY earned the right to represent your nation by having put your own neck on the line as a young man.

    Imagine what a different world we would be looking at today if that idea had not been deliberately perverted to the stage where the only ‘candidates’ are traitors and nobody even believes election results any more anyway.

  8. beausoleil  June 4, 2012 at 1:15 am

    I heard a Doctor Beauregard speaking on that subject today, what podcast was it? He said that people who were mistakenly told they had cancer when they didn’t, ended up dying anyway simply because they believed it. He’s a neuro scientist. He is certain that we create our own reality with our thoughts. It’s the real meaning behind the theory that Einstein stole and gets credit for.

  9. beausoleil  June 4, 2012 at 1:09 am

    Socialism was always just a hoax to confiscate property and use the funds to invest in the stockmarket. Marx was an agent working for Engels, the industrialist who worked families to death in his factories all over Europe. I have an academic study of it, rare book, that includes letters between the two of them, and others involved. While workers throughout Europe were sincerely trying to organize for workers rights, Marx and Engels slithered ‘unpercieved’. Marx insulted the workers in his letters while he infiltrated the International Workers Union and busted it up completely after gaining the people’s trust. The Russian people never turned against the Tzar who they loved, just as in France, it was all a stage trick, and I’ve seen them do it often here. Socialism is a scam and always was. I even heard the Dalai Lama last night defend the Bolsheviks. I had to stop listening to him. With so many courses in ‘Socialism’ taught at the university level, you’d think that someone would have figured this out by now. But then, I’m sure someone did and got fired for it.

  10. beausoleil  June 4, 2012 at 12:44 am

    I think I’ve figured out Gog and Magog. First of all, Gog is the place and Magog is the leader. So how do you think these two words sound in Arabic? It’s written Yajooj Wa Majooj. Well say the word jooj a few times and it sounds like…do I have to say it? And doesn’t it make sense that a prophecy would use the word that is used at the time of fulfillment, rather than at the time the prophecy is made?

  11. LOB2065  June 3, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    When Bill O’Reilly was pulled up for quoting some numbers about some important issues that were totally wrong his response was that his show was about opinions not facts.


    Fox News in the print form wouldn’t be worth using as toilet paper, its that bad. If it was used as fish and chip wrapper the fish would complain. News Limited national daily in Australia now charges for its online content and few people are buying it.

    Gordon- America won WW2 and everyone was thankful to the US for being part of it, we could not have done it without you.

    The last decade has seen America lose its international reputation, its financial stability and some allies and I think the situation is only going to get worse for America.

  12. Mike Kay  June 3, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Sounds nice-never been there-Hell of a long walk from here.

  13. workingactor  June 3, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Another truth bomb. I wonder, those of you who have seen so much: war, and just the weight of seeing how the world really works, I wonder how you deal with it all. I’m 42, never in the military, had some situations in my life, but nothing compared to what you vets deal with. I think of every “drama ” I’ve ever dealt with in my life, and it seems silly in comparison. Thanks, Gordon, for what you and your team do in the world. My eyes are open far wider because of it, and they were already pretty damn open. I just wish there was a way to shut these evil bastards down.

  14. Mike Kay  June 3, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Wolf, I like old rides as much as the next guy, but rides alone are nothing but possessions, man. Where are the people? Where are the animals, the wildlife? Where are the rivers, the clouds?
    We all of us can get lost in things.
    Life is more than things.

  15. Gordon Duff  June 3, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    If it is a hoax, chances are we faked all those Fuishima photos also.

    You are only imagining you are dying.

    You are dying, we all are.

    WE just can’t do anything about it.

  16. JB  June 3, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Brian – gotcha. I’ve read your comments before on this site and I realized that ‘you’ didn’t actually feel that way but were making a valid point about agendas. My closing words were badly chosen. My only point would have been addressed by substitution of one word in your spot-on comment; substitute “believe” for “know” in the phrase “…I think they ___ Americans hate…”
    Just a semantic thing on my part that I phrased churlishly.
    Mine was a tiny comment on your valid post. It’s only a reader board but your accurate observation will have been read by some malleable literal minded readers looking for a direction to confirm their rationale for hatred. Subliminal re-enforcement.
    Sorry for my unfair closing phrase. Best thoughts –

  17. beausoleil  June 3, 2012 at 11:25 am

    If this is a hoax, it’s pretty outrageous. If it’s not a hoax, it’s even more outrageous…but I am still interested in seeing the comments that result:

  18. Excalibur  June 3, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Fox news is just one more conjurer’s trick and distraction – to wave in front of the gawping, chanting and gullible crowd – whilst in the darkness they steal your wallets, your laws, your country – and your very souls.

    It is another cog in the global machinery being built to manufacture physical and psychological straight-jackets – to hold America and the west hostage in a huge open prison. (Or should I perhaps say FARM?) One particularly sad aspect of this is how they now use our military and young servicemen to ATTACK the countries of people around the world who are a bit more awake than us to the problem.

  19. reykool  June 3, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Zaphere: FOX NEWS IS 100% OWNED CONTROLLED AND MANAGED BY ZIONISTS , RUPERT MURDOCH HIMSELF ( Father Keith Murdoch Mother Elisabeth Greene) IS A WELL KNOWN ZIONIST AND CLOSE ALLY TO THE LIKUD PARTY OF ISRAEL HE IS ALSO A MOSSAD ASSET, HIS NETWORK WAS USED BY MOSSAD TO DISSEMINATE A DOCUMENT SHOWING THAT IRAN HAD A SECRET NUCLEAR WEAPON PROGRAM ..THE DOCUMENT WAS LATER PROVEN TO BE A FORGERY BY OUR CIA … NICE TRY ZAPHERE unless you are that ignorant, but I doubt it. ZIONISM IS NOT JUDAISM…however the word “Jewish” is always used by Zionists in order to be able to call “Anti Semite” those who expose the State of Israel Zionist criminal activities and method of infiltration of our political system.and FOX NEWS IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THEIR MAJOR TOOLS using useful idiots and front men puppets with Irish names like O’ Relly or Hannity mixed with former MOSSAD operatives like Wolf Blitzer to cover their tracks.

  20. Brian  June 3, 2012 at 9:20 am


    My comment was dripping with a little bit of sarcasm. If you read the New York Times article you might think the New York Times was going negative on Obama but the Zionists newspaper supports Obama and all the murdering he does in the Middle East.

    They know the majority of Americans are not concerned about all the Muslims he kills because they’ve been brainwashed to think Muslims are different from the rest of us, they’re sneaky, lesser people, violent, primitive, they support terrorism they don’t like the American lifestyle etc.

    I wonder if you’ve ever noticed how reporters interviewing Muslim women in the Middle East often get them to make that high shrilled scream like sound before ending the story; the reporter enforcing the notion Muslims are primitive.

    If you asked a racist who uses the “n” word if he had to choose from a black family or a Muslim family for a next door neighbor, after shouting “Oh the horror! The Horror” I think he would choose the black family based ion the the years of brainwashing performed by Jewish Zionist owned/and or operated mainstream media.

    You say we are all the same people, well that’s obvious, there is nothing in my post which suggests I don’t believe it.

  21. Excalibur  June 3, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Frederic Bastiat – (1801 to 1850) was a French statesman and economist of some wisdom and acclaim. He studied the new idea of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ that was being touted around Europe whilst he was alive. He saw no good coming from it – because in essence it was not really a means of bringing about ‘equality’ as falsely promoted. In fact it was merely designed to destroy a nation state, reduce it to economic ruin and societal despair – and then replace the natural ruling classes with a NEW and more ruthless set of all powerful usurpers.

    Bastiat argued: “The whole purpose of government is to defend and protect the right of an individual to life, liberty and property”. From this definition Bastiat concluded that the law cannot defend life, liberty and property – if it promotes socialist policies – which are inherently opposed to these very things! Bastiat went on: “In this way the law is perverted and turned AGAINST the only things that it is supposed to defend”.

    “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between GOVERNMENT and SOCIETY. As a result of this – every time we object to a thing being done by government – the socialists conclude that we object to it being done at all”.

    Frederic Bastiat was a free market economist who was staunchly against the idea of big government and the waves of government regulation that were then being floated. He did agree with subsidies to help some businesses from time to time – but not an all powerful government. He called the increase of government power “socialist legalised plunder” of the nation and the public purse.

  22. The Rahnameh  June 3, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I like different takes. That was interesting. I wonder if the ancient Greeks would have equated Gog and Magog to the Titans?

  23. cascadedavid  June 3, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Thank you for your reply Gordon.

  24. taosword  June 3, 2012 at 7:24 am

    We sleep differently from others. One eye open and brain is processing any sounds or smells that could mean death or worse. Its been shown that meditation can cut down alot on how much sleep you need. It got be through graduate school. It works better then speed with no side effects. Military seems to not consistantly use meditation for this but gives out speed like candy whcih makes you crazy. Been there to. Played better before halllucinating.

  25. Gordon Duff  June 3, 2012 at 6:25 am

    now it turns out they spy, blackmail and worse

    there are 4000 documents withheld in britain, called the Motorman Tapes that include issues of Fox and child prostitution

  26. Gordon Duff  June 3, 2012 at 6:12 am

    Franjeaux in Languedoc

  27. Gerry  June 3, 2012 at 5:52 am

    I’m glad to see someone with an appreciable audience giving clear instructions for a solution. Stop working! Stop paying taxes! Stop buying stuff! Just stop participating period! Of course like yourself I’m sure when you state these obvious to us remedies people look at you like your crazy! But those who have the most to loose are the hardest to lift the veil from. It’s coming and no one can stop it. The only question is who will prevail? A relatively small group of inbred satanic psychopaths or the mass of humanity they depend upon for their opulent lifestyles.

    Stop working, let them fire the first shot and we will have won quickly & decisively! Nothing good comes without some sacrifice no matter what Obama, Bernanke or the Sherff Gang says.

  28. Bravo  June 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

    Fox News & “ENTERTAINMENT” – therein we have one of the problems.

    I seem to recall that a few years ago there was a “journalistic uproar” at Fox as a quite a few of the journos were tired of having to misrepresent stories and lie, and were subsequently fired.

    This went I believe to an employment court where it was ruled that Fox was NOT required to report the truth because the are Fox News and “ENTERTAINMENT”.

    Something along those lines anyway. Anyone else recall this?

    Should really be called Fox New and Entrainment…….



  29. Debbie Menon  June 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

    Gordon, take a break, we all need a break. Jim Dean and I am back.

  30. Charlotte NC Bill  June 3, 2012 at 5:28 am

    Re Zaphere: I can’t imagine a better example of a ” movement conservative “lemming in action. Fox lies about 9-11..the “GWOT” and everything else worth reporting on…they fired the only decent guy-Napolitano-over there..This is the heart of our problem: Even when people read stuff fm people that know more than they do they filter it through what they’ve already deemed acceptable to them..

  31. Charlotte NC Bill  June 3, 2012 at 4:21 am

    Do you think before you write?

  32. tomasestrada-palma  June 3, 2012 at 3:39 am

    Excellent summation Gordon.

  33. foo  June 3, 2012 at 1:10 am

    “…As far as the Nuremberg Trials, yes they were a sham to great certain extent. The important thing about them was that once and for all they presented the idea that war crimes and crimes against humanity were unacceptable. This idea can serve as a rallying point to hopefully someday presecute, execute and convict those who have hijacked the USG and commit these crimes against humanity, torture, treason and sedition now…”

    The idea that the Nuremberg Trials presented was that the powerful will stomp all over the powerless and then cover that injustice with high-sounding principles that will never be enforced.

    Even if we fantasize that someday “those who have hijacked the USG” will be prosecuted, then so what? They are underlings, scapegoats. New puppets will be selected to continue to “commit these crimes.”

  34. foo  June 3, 2012 at 12:53 am

    @ g

    We clearly have to move to the “general strike” area…

    Given that the real unemployment/underemployment rate is above twenty per cent, that ain’t agonna happen.

    It’s an employers’ market. Employees are not just seen as disposable, like Kleenex; rather like toilet paper, to be shit on and flushed. The only excuse for not coming to work is a death certificate.

    People know that the economy is in the tank and getting worse. They also know that they could end up living in a cardboard box.

  35. wolf  June 2, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    Ah….the imaginary 1955 “small town” with an “American lifestyle of community spirit, of accomplishment, of increasing individual freedom, a more inclusive society built on the best values of hard work, of cooperation, of respect.”

    The golden age of America. It seemed like the sky was the limit didn’t it?. What happened?
    Norman Rockwell’s vision of life in America somehow morphed into Mapplethorpe’s ‘Piss Christ’.

    Anyway, I found it. That imaginary small town that time forgot. Elgin Park:!i=809002693&k=VNe7n

  36. The Rahnameh  June 2, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    Not to say, you aren’t right 😉

  37. The Rahnameh  June 2, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    The man fell at some point. Seek out the answer as to why before you claim any ideas as good.

  38. The Rahnameh  June 2, 2012 at 11:30 pm


  39. Preston James, Ph.D  June 2, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Yes, Texas was the nexus of the “paperclip power” and proprietary “company” business which supplied the defense industry’s clandestine needs. That’s why the Bushes moved there, to be close to the big oil Texas crime syndicate, and LBJ’s power base (TT&D etc) which included the well known AF Base and the well known private contractor next door where the AF generals parked their cars, had consulting jobs and “double dipped”. Some have called this the center for the “new fourth reich”.

    Certainly the off shore “Z” oil rigs have been used for a rather lucrative drug trafficking business and other organized crime for many years by the Scherf family crime syndicate. As far as the Nuremberg Trials, yes they were a sham to great certain extent. The important thing about them was that once and for all they presented the idea that war crimes and crimes against humanity were unacceptable. This idea can serve as a rallying point to hopefully someday presecute, execute and convict those who have hijacked the USG and commit these crimes against humanity, torture, treason and sedition now. Of course these are all capital crimes and that’s why these scum are working so hard to create a completely locked down national security police state and setting up the means to attack and murder Americans at will by use of special HS (new american gestapo) sniper/kill teams, arial drones with missiles and armored vehicles deployed to municipal police depts. They know that the worm is turning and untuil they go for broke they will likely be indicted, captured, tried, convicted and hung by the neck until dead publicly for what they have done and are doing now. Everyday the Internet eats away at the shadow govt’s criminal control structure. Time is short and these criminals know it and that is why they are moving as fast as they can. It’s probably not going to be fast enough. They appoint absurb doofuses and clown like characters (goebbels like monsters) to do their bidding as a mockery of the US Citizen.

  40. Mike Kay  June 2, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    You seem to ask a question here-what of human potential???????????
    This question is now being asked with greater frequency, as the institutions that demand our loyalty and blood are repaying humanity with depravity and death.
    It used to be that people looked to the “system” to plot their future, yet with a murderous vampire ghoul existence, the “system” offers nothing besides suffering and agony. Still, so many, myself included mourn the loss for humanity.
    I no longer believe there can be any strategy for reform-not protest, tho I believe that those who throw themselves naked and helpless in front of the machine are heroic. Nor will pressure on the leadership work. The “leaders” are too witless and dim to even understand why the direction needs changing, and too arrogant and presumptuous to admit their vacuity.
    What it really boils down to is that the poisons, toxins, pollutants, and low effort thinking have not just made average Americans stupid and insane, the same has been done to humanity’s leaders. These leaders have worked overtime to hollow everything out, and they succeeded.
    Part of the pain comes when one recalls the gems one once beheld, that promise, that realistic hope for something better, that has all disappeared under the waves of the great fall of humanity.
    Our economic system was built to self destruct, and it is doing so, despite the legions of trained monkeys pretending real hard for recovery, and trying to ensnare everyone into their make believe fictions.
    Political systems have all been subverted, what goes around comes around. We don’t have representatives, unless our name is General Electric, Microsoft, Monsanto.
    Religion has become a mockery of itself. Beating down the one thing that can save it-spirituality.
    The rot is everywhere.
    Yes, it would be great to get off this ride, and find one that had some semblance of real virtue, but I don’t know where that ride is.
    If you find that great small town, let me know, ok?

  41. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Oh I found it, “An Alien Invasion Nothing Less”. LMAO They can’t be worse than this. Take me away from my leaders. We already know about it, check out ‘Phaque Orf’ youtube channel. Everyone’s waiting and looking forward to it. LOL

  42. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Easy for you to say…I don’t sleep.

    Vietnam vet.

    None of us sleep.

  43. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 10:09 pm


    The issue is inspiration, which, at times, i feel I lack. I can’t fix what is wrong and am not going out shooting people, although I am quite wonderful at that.

    We clearly have to move to the “general strike” area and well beyond where ‘occupy’ has taken us.

    We also thank them for their efforts.


  44. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    as far as targets go, the SPLC is “low hanging fruit”

    it is my impression that they are tied to Israeli intelligence, or so friends tell me.

    I don’t care, i just see them as useless time wasting nutters.

  45. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    there is much to get into on the JT issue and it is still going on.

    my opinion is that JT and his family were murdered by 3 police officers, two off duty, one tracking him on duty.

    were the mobile phones of the local police to be checked, bills reviewed, I think arrests would be made.

    the key to this is a pedophile and kidnapping ring.

    there is MUCH going on…..very much.

    I was asked by the feds to leave it to them and to keep my people out of it.

    by my people i don’t mean writers.


  46. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Here’s a different take on things:

  47. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    There have been a bunch of really cool hacker attacks on all kinds of evil institutions in the last couple of days.

  48. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of ‘Hate Organizations’. You’ll find every religion on the list except the Jewish one.

  49. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    I actually read through a large part of the transcripts of the Nuremburg Trials. It is VERY clear that the trial was a farce, that the criminals were doing the judging, or misjudging. You just have to read it to understand. Alot of innocent people were prosecuted. The guilty are still with us.

  50. beausoleil  June 2, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    I think he is telling us why he can’t say more. Read the first few paragraphs again.

  51. JB  June 2, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Brian – got your point, thanks. Just want to address the casual perpetuation of the toolbox assumption; “Americans hate Muslims”. I think that’s a false predicate and almost meaningless as a freestanding statement but I just don’t want to see it go unchallenged. I wouldn’t accept that in a private conversation with a neighbor and don’t care to see it perpetuated here in this public forum. We’re all the same people.

  52. joesigur  June 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    I just watched the movie “Michael Collins”. he had some good ideas!

  53. joesigur  June 2, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    I started reading Zaphere, and I said to myself,”Self, if anything gets Gordon to repond tonight , it will be these words!”

  54. taosword  June 2, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    To balance information and passion with wisdom and compassion. Get some sleep first.

  55. foo  June 2, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    “…One day the people may get their second nuremberg…”

    We never got our first one, not the one that we should have gotten. We never got “Bomber” Harris and General Eisenhower, to name but two Allied war criminals, in the dock, where they belonged.

    Nuremberg was a “victors’ justice” sham.

  56. Staff  June 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Gordon, you are a master of the “Red Pill”. You have opened the eyes of many to what is fantastically and tragically real, yet absurd. Perhaps one day you will let us interview you.

    Until then, thanks for the great content here as always! Oh, and we have reprinted your article with proper attribution as we load the database with the “preliminary files”. We will be updating our original content as well, which will be hopefully good enough for a syndication here one day!

    Scientia Est Potentia!

  57. The Rahnameh  June 2, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Anger is good in brief moments of passion. The long term strategy requires a colder calculus. The opponent expects everything we have thought of doing to stop them, how we have decided to react, even now when nothing seems astir, and more. The game was created by the enemy.

    Grandmasters in chess make more effective moves and, therefore, less errors than their opponents.

  58. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    also with Fox, it was the timing, once fox was allowed to peddle wild conspiracies, birther crap, poisoned vaccines (always the wrong ones) and “liberal plots,” we established an appetite for lies

    by refusing to go as far as them, to invent, I alienate the huge audience of subhumans they prey on

    our answer, were one to be logical is not only to disband fox, clean out other networks but to go the Bush route and sterilize all subhumans

    which would depopulate all the red states

  59. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Fox is owned by the head of the ultranationalist Likudist Party in Israel.

    others have Jewish employees.

    Murdoch is not quite the same, like comparing Al Capone to an old lady stealing an apple.

  60. Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    I think I need more sleep.

  61. Gerry  June 2, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Asteroids bombs bugs lizards and snakes

    Oink oink to the abattoir for goodness sakes

    All the while I thought I was a great cynic

    But Gordon’s acerbity is hard to mimic 😉

  62. zaphere  June 2, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I have to disagree about Fox News. There are 6 major media mega-corps that control about 90% of the media. Some also produce media content in the form of movies and entertainment, like Disney and HBO.If you ever notice it seems like it is Fox Vs. the rest. But if you dig deeper, you will also see, that Fox is the only one not owned/controlled/managed by Jews. Not anti-semantic, but that is a fact. They all lean liberal, they fall over backwards slobbering over Obama and all lost their ‘investigative’ function long ago and replaced it with propaganda or out and out misinformation.

    If you see who owns the entertainment companies, they alone are responsible with the footprint they leave on society and look what has happened since the Great Society… TODAY is what we have..a national criis and the media is silent.

    I suggest you stand back and ask why are 5 so alike in their story lines and study the ownership changes since the 60’s and you will see you all are being led like sheep and Fox is the least of your worry

  63. adeUK  June 2, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Such is the sorry state of affairs that I now re-post articles from Pravda rather than subversive deceitful propaganda machines such as the BBC. Latest BBC sin pictures of bodies in Iraq circa 2003 badged as Syrian 2012. May the psyche corrupting apparatchiks at the BBC rot in Hell.

    Source PRAVDA
    Henry Lamb, led against global socialism, silenced by American media


    by Arlen Williams

    We all have an innate need to find one person and call him leader. As the story many of us know goes, we are made for an intimately dependent relationship with God Himself our Father; but mankind failed to live up to its part and that need became tragically unfulfilled. While God in turn made a Great Sacrifice to meet our need, much of one’s sense of its fulfillment is yet a prospect awaiting its future.

    That prospect and Henry Lamb came face to face last Wednesday morning, May 23rd. Now, those compatriots who knew him or at least knew of him must suppress all the more, such desires for an earthly king, or a captain of our vessel. More than ever, all of America’s Sovereigns must each learn to take on his accountable role, to lead our nation securely into its own sovereign future.

    Many more than I will say he was preeminent in the work to keep our free and independent nation from returning to its former status of colonization by tyrannical global empire. His chief work was to alert us against the usurpation of our rank and rights via the monstrously insidious “think globally, act locally” strategy of U.N. Agenda 21 and sustainable development.

    He was unafraid to call out Americans of the subversive Marxist and fascist kinds, from the schemes of Woodrow Wilson’s administration to the likes of Barack Obama, who tries to bring them to completion. He decried Obama’s Executive Order 13575, establishing a national Rural Council and the regional councils of ICLEI (the Russian word for such governing bureaus is “soviet”). But not stopping there, Mr. Lamb went to Manhattan, too, in his “United Nations at 65.”

    Search the title for the full article

  64. DaveE  June 2, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    The zionists have had great success using the US military to kill Muslims, but they need a different tactic to kill their other major enemy, Christians. Hence things like drones, FEMA prison camps, biological warfare through viruses, vaccinations, etc.

    Basically, killing is all they know, but practice makes perfect and they sure have had plenty of practice.

  65. Brian  June 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Secret societies basically rule the world, it’s easy when you control the money supply and blackmail people in important positions including Obama.

    Although it’s from the Jewish Zionist rag the New York Times this is a very interesting article about the Muslim killer Obama titled Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will.

    Just based on this article it seems Obama has gone over to the dark side. The New York Times tries to provide a balanced article but I think they know Amercians hate Muslims so this article is actually good for Obama as he tries to gain another term as our president. He’s keeping us safe. Oh my.

    I wonder how these people get on Obama’s hit list. If you live in Yemen and you hate your neighbor because he had sex with your wife, just make a phone call to the US embassy, create some phony evidence, claim he’s a terrorist and no more affair.

    I wonder how many Muslims are on the list due to phony intellgence provided by the Mossad.

    Instead of cowardly ordering drone kills on innocent Muslims, people fighting the Amercian invaders, perhaps Obama should be forced to go attack them himself with the weapon of his choice.

  66. Preston James, Ph.D  June 2, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Senior Editor Duff has unquestionably pulled back the curtain and exposed the wizard of Oz, who is the secret cadre of members of interlocked worl;d-wide death cults which pull the levers of all societies, manufacture wars in backroom by negotioations of all sides, and have constructed numerous police state agencies to do their enforcing.

    Thirty years ago I never thought any of this would be publicly revealed in the major mass media. And it hasn’t (so afr). But, however, thanks to some brilliant heroes at Darpa that performed the greatest con job in history on the Shadow Govt and their illuminati masters, the world wide Internet was hatched and delivered to the people of the world, a great tool designed to “slay the beast”. The Internet itself has been the rapid breeding ground for the new Reformation, the new Gutenberg Press of quicly replicable free ideas and truth. The emergence of the alternative media which is now bigger than the major mass media. These major mass media would quickly go bankrupt without Govt advertising dollars, political ads, and so many sociopathic ads of dancing girls, phone sex ads and fraudulant “get rich quick” schemes (truly disgusting media crap).

    Major societal turning points are strange phenomena. They can occur suddenly as critical mass or tipping points are reached, typically with little warning. The tide is turning and may have already turned, at least the shadow govt greatly fears this, thus these scum turn up the heat and label all Patriotism and concern for the Constitution and rule of law as “domestic terrorism”. These shadow govt scum and their minions in the new american gestapo (HS) are the real terrorists and are so busy accusing everyone else of being terrorist that they can’t see the forrest through the trees. One day the people may get their second nuremberg for these perpetrators of torture and mass murder, and destruction of Habeas Corpus and we shall see these corrupt, evil sociopathic, sadistic murderers who swinging at the end of ropes on govt gallows. By then their excuses that some lackey bought off attorney said it was okay will have run out. These scum are the true enemies within that our Founding Fathers warned us about. They are all foreign based.

  67. terpentine123  June 2, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    GD,Great analysis and summary.

    My question is…What is the true “endgame” to those elitists if money means nothing, if sickness and famine are inevitable through devious activities, and if desperation/poverty is overtaking the world?

  68. cascadedavid  June 2, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    While Fox and others are still hammering the baby killing J T story to do all they can to assure that we disarm and lock up all crazy white terrorists, why nothing more from V T as a follow up? You were the only one to print opposition to the murder suicide story, and then you just stopped G. Why? I know what others are saying, but I’m wondering if there might be more you can tell us? – D

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