Straight dope on PSYOP in US Drug War

Who is Running the Show and Making the Dough?


Record Opium Crop in Afghanistan Expected, Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths Around the World Result

Record Opium Crop Sponsored by US in Afghanistan Expected to Kill Hundreds of Thousands Around the World

 …by  Col. Gene Khrushchev


First, the Pentagon infiltrated the US mainstream media on the sly by a constellation of retired military stars to massage the major message on Operation Indefinite Liberty, OIL aka GWAT, globally.

Later, Fort Fumble reversed its spinmeister tactics and, in overt civ/mil joint venture it imbedded tightly vetted quill-drivers into US Marines & Army units in Afghanistan to promote Obama’s double-down surge locally.

Then, in 2009, Lt. Gen. William Caldwell at Camp Eggers, Combined Security Transition Command, was implicated in an unsavory PSYOP shtick on gregarious Beltway tourists during their COIN window shopping in Afghanistan.

Having acknowledged belatedly that sinister brain-washing connotation of ops in question discredits the noble mission of US freedom agenda, the Pandemonium Palace on the Potomac euthanized its pet project. Case closed, end of story – or so it seemed.

On 21 June 2010, the last chapter of PSYOP was officially closed, only to resurrect the very same day as MISO, Military Information Support Operations.

Somehow, between then and now, a new incarnation of the veritable verbal venom has emerged – welcome to CISO, Civilian Information Support Operations! The king is dead, long live the king!

Mainstream Media as Message Multipliers

For PSYOP spotters, it’s a field day to identify a white propaganda booby-trap in the Western massive media, especially among US top tier feeders.

The receipt for info IED attack is rather straightforward:

  • Select news bazaars patronized by the target audience
  • Sugarcoat the poison pills with bona fide attributions
  • If busted, cry foul or McFaul, profess innocence or ignorance.

Let’s take a closer look at the nifty nugget presented by NYT, “U.S. Efforts Fail to Curtail Trade in Afghan Opium”.

For a gullible reader, it’s just another article that offers impartial and sometimes even critical view on a linchpin of US foreign policy: War on Drugs. For a vigilant observer, this crafty narrative implants a subliminal message to let you whitewash, exonerate and internalize the White House Drug Promotion Policy in Afghanistan – all by your own volition!

Whitewashing the White House

Drug production skyrockets with NATO running the show - And this is called a war on drugs

To disarm this mind mine, let’s examine its configuration from deceptive package to delay-action deadly detonators. To penetrate cognitive armor, the piece has two business ends, framing the impact with opening and closing fuses.

The loaded if unobtrusive entry, without ever registering on your mental radar screen, swiftly injects a ludicrous notion: the White House did all humanly possible to eliminate Afghan opium, but as bad luck would have it, that decade long $6 billion plus heroic endeavor has come to no avail.

That primary article of false faith is supposed to pave the way for exoneration of US Narco Policy in Afghanistan: if America the Exceptional, the paragon of power & wisdom, has been shellacked in War on Drugs in Afghanistan, don’t blame the USA, it’s just Mission Impossible.

Bait & switch unabashed

Richard Holbrooke

To ensnare the hearts & minds of the skeptical audience the slick operators evoke the late Richard Holbrooke and position him as the trailblazer of US policy of zero-tolerance towards Afghan narco network.

Evidently, who could better illustrate the steadfast stance of the US than Holbrooke himself? – “Breaking the narco-state in Afghanistan is essential, or all else will fail.”  This statement, ascribed to former doyen of the State Department, cuts both ways:

On the face of it, it hits the bull’s eye and deserves a standing ovation as the only American remedy for the Afghan tragedy.

Under the skin, this splash intends to hijack the goodwill of the target and lend the credibility for poison pills to come. Contextually, it was a wishful thinking for the US Drug Policy that has never materialized into War on Drugs Doctrine – before, during or after the tenure of the 1st special envoy to Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Trouble is the integrity of the key witness was thoroughly compromised by the discrepancy between Richard Holbrooke’s words and deeds.

Whatever the right things he had to say before his reactivation at the State Department, he did exactly the opposite when he emerged as the top dog in charge of US Drug War in Afghanistan.

He effectively legitimized drug production & corruption; prohibited aerial eradication, purged & bulldozed Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon from incorrigible counternarcotics warriors, led by the famous US Ambassador to Colombia and Afghanistan, William Willwood.

Sugarcoating vox opium

When it comes to blame game in War on Drugs, a knee-jerk reaction would be, ‘if it’s not America then it’s gotta be Afghanistan!’ Having secured the empathy for the White House narco travails, the troubadours of opium chill the burning indignation of a righteous reader with a battery of ironclad testimonials from COIN-friendly media savvy Afghan poppy preachers.

Have rogue Intel operatives taken over the Afghan drug biz to keep the profits out of the 'wrong hands' ?

The choreographed wailing shames & shakes the target audience into ignorant repentance to take for face value vox opium for vox populi:

The fusillade opens up with “Now I’m desperate, what can I do? …If I grow any other crops, I cannot make a profit.”

Never mind to break even as most law-abiding and God-fearing farmers are striving to accomplish everywhere in the world; or that the most value-added produce, the fabulous Afghan pomegranate, is actually the most profitable; or that true Islam has never embraced drug profiteering in any shape or form.

The barrage on sanity doesn’t stop here: “The poppy is always good, you can sell it at any time. It’s like gold”, blasts another freedom farmer. If it sounds a dead ringer for Gordon Gekko, you wouldn’t blame Wall Street or question the flagrant legacy of Operation Enduring Greedom, would ya? Dollars to doughnuts, democracy from America has put down deep roots in Afghanistan!

And, in full compliance with propaganda cookbook, to overkill any resistance of reason left, here’s the parting shot: “It’s not an easy choice to grow poppies. But the people are poor, they have no choice.”

Indeed, who would read obscure UNODC annual reports debunking that PSYOP sob story? The poppy belt boys are the most affluent lot in rural Afghanistan, but somebody has forgotten to tell it like it is to the guardians of truth at NYT.

Trouble shooting canards

Once upon a time, when the White House was not occupied by the Democrats and the very same NYT had the guts and pizzazz to tear the mask from what they now are trying to promote.

On July 27, 2008  Thomas Schweich, US Ambassador who coordinated interagency counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan, published his seminal article, “Is Afghanistan a Narco-State?” a sort of Afghan Drug Manifesto, and with his flamethrower blazing, mercilessly incinerated narco propaganda lobby:

Ambassador Tom Schweich

  1. “Unfortunately, most media outlets clung to the myth that only desperate farmers grew poppies and that any serious law-enforcement effort would drive them into the hands of the Taliban. The “starving farmer” was a convenient myth.
  2. The myth gave military officers a reason to stay out of the drug war, while prominent Democrats used the myth to attack Bush administration policies. And the Taliban loved it because their propaganda campaign consisted of trotting out farmers whose fields had been eradicated and having them say that they were going to starve.
  3. An odd cabal of timorous Europeans, myopic media outlets, corrupt Afghans, blinkered Pentagon officers, politically motivated Democrats and the Taliban were preventing the implementation of an effective counter drug program.”

Way to go, partner!


Zarar Ahmad Muqbel Osmani

At the end of the day, the only Afghan voice of reason, quoted as briefly as possible and barely perceptible in this disinformation cannonade, belongs to counter drug czar, Zarar Ahmad Muqbel Osmani.

He calls “Political will” a prerequisite for addressing the challenge of the narco-aggression. What the spin doctors of  US Drug Policy didn’t let him to say was that as long as Afghanistan remains de facto American Reservation, ‘the political will’ should be summoned up in Washington, not in Kabul, to convert US Drug War into War on Drugs.

Therefore, if any US media outlet were honest broker re US Drug War, instead of parroting UK narco-friendly outlets which ridiculed honorable American diplomat as “Chemical Bill”, they would build up their narrative around interviews with US  Ambassadors William Willwood and Thomas Schweich, together with Afghan counter drug czar, Zarar Ahmad Muqbel Osmani.

Last but not least: if Obama administration doesn’t want to be associated with narco-democracy in Afghanistan, they would renounce the Holbrooke’s legacy of appeasement of Afghan druglords, in and outside the officialdom. 

William Willwood, not the US policy, will be exonerated on the heels of  Ryan Crocker precipitous departure, as the new preliminary & plenipotentiary American Ambassador in Afghanistan to lead the way against the clear & present danger to the international security and stability of the united nations.

The happy end

So, the next time you are poised for news breaking mind blowing safari, make sure you have propaganda polarized Ray-Ban Shooter Special at the ready.

 Editing:  Jim W. Dean







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7 Responses to "Straight dope on PSYOP in US Drug War"

  1. lola  June 7, 2012 at 12:25 am

    Give up on the “Zionist” stuff. It is dead and over. There are Israel hawks and Jewish banking families that front for the main PTB but it is not Zionism. That shit is dead and makes you look silly or “anti-semetic”. It is a trap and TPTB use you just like they use Jews and Jewish bankers. Nutty Yahoo has to ask permission to bomb and kill….who does he ask? The Rothschilds? No. They ask too. Look at the back of your dollar bill and you will start to get it for real. These are the Kings of The Dope Show and Lords of War. Wake Up….and stay away from Conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones and UFO jerk offs like Project Camelot (camel toes). Just stupid and laughable actually. Cheers.

  2. Mike Kay  June 6, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Yeah, still the familiar refrain that frontline riflemen are shooting terrorists, and that the farmers are the problem.
    Guess my question of the day is, who are these farmers selling to? We all hear about the untouchable drug lords, but c’mon, how the Hell are they getting the junk out of a country that doesn’t even have roads, much less an airport?
    Who is providing the organization?
    Learned years ago after a Seal buddy admitted to snorting coke with a general that drugs go very high up in the military.
    The Col. is correct when he says the “journalism” is there to get the real culprits off the hook. I don’t expect for one second that our vaunted media will shed any light on who is really responsible.

  3. Excalibur  June 6, 2012 at 2:13 am

    What is also worth mentioning – and very relevant to this so eloquently delivered article – are the desertion habits of the Afghan National Army.

    Every poppy harvest time many of these soldiers desert their posts and make their way back to their tribal areas to help in the local poppy harvests. (Only stopping at the local bazaar on the way to sell their issue rifle). Everybody knows that this is to collect the ‘crop’ for processing by the drug cartels.

    A month or two later they slink back, looking for their job back again – and a new rifle of course.

    It always perplexed me as a young man why it was not possible for the world’s combined authorities to put a final stop to illegal drug running. It occurred to me then, in my innocence, that it would be very easy to do. After all – most drugs are actually grown over months in open fields, have to be harvested, processed – and then need to be moved across various borders to get to their victim clients.

    This is a slow and laborious series of events that requires the co-operation of thousands of individuals – and could surely be stopped at ANY link in the chain. Couldn’t it?

    Of course, in my young mind, I had not even considered that anyone within our own governments and national authorities could be so fundamentally evil to use the infrastructure of the state to develop this particular plague of our already twisted modern world.

  4. georgelawlor  June 5, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    “a constellation of retired military stars” (very well put) Your article is well wriiten with good graphics. I enjoy reading your style of writing on a subject which has been ignored by the MSM media. This has the makings of a script for a documentary in my view. Thanks for an excellent read. George Lovenguth aka NightFlyer

  5. Mike Kay  June 5, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    The Col. not only tells it like it is, he doesn’t try to make it palatable.
    I remember when word came that the trained monkeys finally pulled the lever, and the bombing was starting up. On particular genius stood in my face and whooped in delight. When I asked him why he was so happy we were bombing innocent people he lamely stated…we have to do something. Another genius confronted me and demanded to know why I had no stomach to fight.
    My reply wound up being my banner for the next ten years, and counting.
    I have plenty of stomach to fight, if we are fighting the real enemy.
    Ex. says he assumed we had a good reason to invade, occupy, and shoot the Hell out of a bunch of people just trying to get by. If we did, I never heard it.

  6. Curmudgeon  June 5, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Since the JFK assassination, the US has been little more than the criminal Zionist state’s thug. Zionism pretends to be “a Jewish state”, where Jewish criminals world wide send their swag then run and hide – never to be extradited.

    When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, I predicted they would have their arses shot off and been chased out. Why? Because Afghanistan has not been successfully invaded since Alexander the Great, and even then it was tough slogging.

    The 9-11 hoax gave the US the opportunity to show the Soviets how things were to be done. I laughed when I heard the announcement of the planned invasion. How the hell was NATO going to show how to get the job done, when the Soviets, who didn’t give a rat’s ass about who they shot, bombed, or otherwise killed, couldn’t get the job done? I never counted on NATO re-opening the drug store. Even with that, they are getting their arses kicked. And for what? To keep the crime syndicate disguised as a religion in business.

  7. Excalibur  June 5, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    When the call came for war in Afghanistan most soldiers in the British army scratched their heads and reached for an atlas to find out where it was. The entire military from the bottom to the top shrugged it’s shoulders and frankly had no idea where the British national interest would be in occupying this backward desert wasteland. Certainly, with the modern concept of ‘soldiering’ (for which now read new world order POLICING operations) it was clear that our forces were going to be providing mobile target practice for whoever felt like taking a pot shot at them.

    There may have been some rationale for a few targeted special ops raids on extremist training camps – but to occupy the place?

    Soon enough the casualties mounted from the guns and bombs of disgruntled local goatherders and others. There was still no tangible or believable explanation as to why we were there. Rights for Afghan women …? Enforcing democracy ….? Enforcing ‘freedom’ ….? The stammering excuses from politicians – which continually changed and shifted in emphasis – made one thing clear to me: THEY DID NOT KNOW EITHER! Our politicians were just told to find a reason to support the ‘war’ – by whoever it is that gives THEM their orders.

    To British soldiers there was only one viable reason for being there that had any mileage – and that was that the Yanks are our allies – and they wanted us in. Fair enough – the Yanks must have a reason. They must have a fantastic reason to justify all the blood and treasure being spilled here.

    I know of two soldiers who caught onto the fact that there WAS one fantastic thing they could do whilst there – and that was destroy poppy fields destined for illegal drug cartels. Both busily set out in different areas on their own initiative to destroy all poppy fields, until the crap came down from on-high to STOP immediately. So it transpired that the only worthwhile thing they could be doing whilst out there was actually stopped from above. How far above? Who knows.

    We now have a situation where the international judaic banking crime syndicates have forced politicians into the gravest error of all. The sacred unwritten COVENANT between government and military has been broken. This is the one that says the following:

    The government agrees that it will never deploy servicemen – or risk soldier’s lives without a pressing and vital national defence interest.

    In return the military will agree to obey all orders without question, on the understanding that the government has done it’s homework – and is acting in vital national defence interests only.

    The covenant is broken – and now all bets are off.

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