Mass MindKontrol—Final NWO Assault

Is MindWar Now Being Waged Against The American People?

by Preston James, PhD


Some experts believe that massive covert MINDWAR is now being waged against the American People by the US Shadow Government, serving as a proxy war for offshore foreign NWO globalist power, thus perhaps a true “enemy within the gates” of the US Republic.


It will be presented, clarified and discussed as: “what we know for sure”;  “what we now suspect”;  and “what we DON’T YET KNOW”.

Mindwar is the covert cultural, psychological, emotional, or electronic attack on the mass mind of the a society using various Mindkontrol technologies, some historically old and some very recent ultra-high technology (Beyond Black).  It is believed by many researchers that Mindwar can be successfully deployed against the masses by use of specialized Mindkontrol technologies to alter various values, beliefs or expectations in desired ways, providing the motivations designed to engender preferred actions by the masses.


It is alleged to have been argued at the highest levels of the USG and the US military that successfully waged Mindwar can thereby minimize the amount of physical force necessary to physically subdue any targeted mass and is thus more human than conventional high intensity warfare, or even low intensity deployment of special warfare operatives.  If the Mindwar is successful enough, it has been claimed that the desired changes can be implemented without use of physical force.  Mindwar, when successful, is then considered the supreme manipulation of the public mind to attain political and geopolitical goals.  It is considered to be used as low intensity non-violent or less than lethal warfare in most deployments, but must always conducted covertly since it is against International Law and the laws of the United States of America to deploy such weapons domestically or in foreign theaters.

For many years now it has been rumored among senior retired intel that sophisticated Mindkontrol has been illegally deployed against American civilians without their knowledge or consent, starting out first as individual experiments under MK Ultra and its subprograms, and then proceeding to full mass deployment such as with hallucinogenic drugs.  The mass deployment of LSD has been rumored to have produced the “hippie” counter culture, “flower children” of Haight Asbury Street in San Francisco, and the psychdelic culture of the West which spread to many areas of the world.  Some believe it was deployed to neutralize war protesting for the Vietnam War and others believe it was deployed by the Shadow Govt to prevent WW3.

It has also been rumored that illegal narcotics have been deployed to the urban masses as a covert Mindkontrol weapon to dehumanize, dirty-up and discredit minorities, thus preventing them from organizing and forming a strong political front, while extracting large amounts of untraceable cash for black ops, cash provided by LBJ’s great Society programs as welfare AFDC payments. Thus the USG’s trafficking of illegal drugs into the USA to gain untraceable black ops  funding appears to also be an act of Mindwar against certain sectors of the American Society.


The interesting thing about Mindwar and various type of high tech Mindkontrol is that as soon as these covert methods are fully exposed and understood, they lose much of their effectiveness, kind of like pulling back the curtain as depicted in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  Typically Mindkontrol and Mindwar are targeted at the primal or subconscious fears of the masses to be most effective. If these basic primal fears are stimulated, it is believed that the American People will give up many Constitutional Rights in exchange for increased security.  This obviously worked in pre-WW2 Germany and allowed the Nazis to assume dictatorial power under Hitler and appears to have worked again in the USA after the 911 “inside job” false flag stand-down attacks.

Mindkontrol methods and technology have been developed over centuries as a means to control individuals, while Mindwar is the application of this methodolgy to the masses as a form of large scale “social engineering”.  The newest methods of Mindwar as social engineering are alleged to be considered “Beyond Black” and the most closely guarded secrets American Intel and other world intel agencies hold.  It is believed by many that these technologies are currently being deeply explored and perhaps utilized by many different nations and their intel services.

The deployment of mindkontrol to a large population of subjects at the same time is considered Mindwar. To understand Mindwar it is essential to understand that its Mindkontrol techniques consist of use of the “black arts” from Middle Ages and before which include the work of Mesmer and hypnosis, as well as the modern methods taught by Edward Bernays regarding advertising and propaganda dispensing to the masses, and the current ultra high technology of psychotronics, that is, the application of electronic means to manipulate psychological states of the targeted individual(s).

It is rumored that some of these current psychotronic Mindcontrol weapons are so sophisticated and high tech that they are considered at the “beyond black” national security classification level. So don’t expect clear cut disclosures of this technology anytime soon.  What you can learn about them will be gained through the leaks which are transmitted as “rumors”.  Keep in mind that some of this “Beyond Black” technology is so far out that even if this information was leaked with public statements by retired US Intel, it would be so incredulous that few would believe it.  That was the case with the information and facts disclosed by Colonel Philip J. Corso, a great US Army Hero.


Colonel Philip J. Corso American Army Hero

Colonel Corso wrote an excellent and truthful book about his first hand knowledge of “beyond Black” technology gained from the UFO crashes of Roswell and other similar sites. He wrote the book, The Day After Roswell which revealed how the Shadow Govt locked down all the secrets of crashed UFOs while providing them to defense contractors for development and manufacturing. At the time, it was very difficult for most to believe his claims but over time they are becoming validated lending great credibility to his story.

He did this because he felt it was time for the American People to know the truth about the crashed/recovered UFOs and the technology gained from them, which he was ordered to delivered to certain Defense contractors for development and implementation. Such an act of trutrhfulness took great courage which Col. Corso had plenty of.

To date no senior official has come forward to share the facts about the actual ongoing present deployment of ultra-high tech Psychotronic weapons against the American People.  Most would expect immediate sanction for doing so.

Thus what information we do get is leaked as rumors and typically is leaked because some of those “who know” are alarmed because the deployment of this technology is criminal, thus they want it exposed and stopped, but they don’t want to throw themselves on a sword.


Mindwar and Mindkontrol are obviously criminal torts.  Deployment of these devices and methods against the American public the public without their consent and are also grave crimes against humanity. Some experts believe that Mindkontrol was deployed by the USG starting in Vietnam and has continued up to and including the present time as various weapons systems are deployed against the parts of society viewed as the enemy.

This technology is rumored to being used at present as a covert means of thought entrainment, whistleblower harassment, and even political assassinations.  Because any deployment of this technology is highly classified, it is difficult for the public to obtain information about its existence and use.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Mindkontrol is the covert manipulation and/or takeover of the mind of a targeted individual. Various methods have existed for centuries and have been called the “black arts” but these methods were refined by the “Angel of Death”, Joseph Mengele, in the  Nazi Death Camps of Europe during WW2 and by American intel when he and his crew were brought over to the US under Operation Paperclip.

It has been rumored that American Intel welcomed Mengele with open arms and allowed him to continue his Frankensteinish experiments in Mindkontrol and eugenics focusing on breeding experiments for the “super soldier”, programmed assassin, and identical twins.  Operation Monarch is rumored to have been his most special program and this was alleged to be the application of black arts trauma based conditioning (“soul murder”) to create multiple personality disorder (DID) in which several secret intel identities are created which can be triggered by the controller.

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Much is now known about specific deployment of Mindkontrol technologies and methods against individual targets under the largest US Intel Covert Mindkontrol Operations such as M.K. ULTRA, M.K. DRACO, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, REACH, SEARCH, DANCER, FINDERS, CLYDESDALE, BROWNSTONE, WATCHTOWER, SVENGALI, ECHO, SLAMMER, HIGH WIRE, HIGHTOWER,  and M.K. XENO.

These operations have been alleged to involve the use of black arts such as trauma based conditioning and “soul murder” as well as various high tech and ultra high tech Mindkontrol means including psychotronics, the electronic manipulation of intra-cranial psychological events. Some have been alleged to have been deployed against individuals as experiments, some as intel targets for harassment or sanction, and some against the general populace for mood entrainment.

Some of this information was gained from testimony revealed in Congressional Investigations by Senator Frank Church and Energy Secretary Rachel O’leary and the rest is suggested by rumors from retired highly connected former intel.  Use of these weapons of mindwar against individual citizens of the United States is not theory, it is documented fact admitted by CIA officials in their personal testimony as well of a great deal of many rumors from all levels of intel and which clearly tend to converge.

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The level of unmitigated evil perpetrated and financed by American Intel during these operations of mindkontrol against specific individuals stuns the perceptions of anyone who fully examines it and is perhaps the greatest evil one can imagine.

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The high tech psychological torture engaged in by Ewen Cameron, MD, head of the American Psychiatric Association against innocent civilians with no adequate informed consent is so savage and criminal that it smacks of Joseph Mengele who may have been involved at the periphery of these experiments conducted in Canada on behalf of American Intel.

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And of course the administration of LSD to unknowing “Johns” in Operation Midnight Climax by prostitutes hired by American Intel in San Francisco is but one well documented case of clear cut criminal assault and human torture from numerous ones that are well documented for Mindkontrol experiments.  Intel agents watched the results through one way mirrors and witnessed the complete decompensation of numerous victims.  One man is reported to have run out of the encounter naked, screaming into the night never to be seen or heard of again.


So anyone that denies mindkontrol operations have been deployed against Americans individually as evil experiments is dead wrong because it is well established fact and cannot be validly disputed anylonger by anyone who does adequate research of all available documents, especially those records from Congressional Committee Investigations with associated live interviews of victims.  This was admitted by President Bill Clinton who even publicly apologized. After the Secretary of Energy Rachel O’leary Hearings were concluded, President Bill Clinton made a formal public apology to Mindkontrol victims. Of course the major mass media ignored this and the no further USG investigation was continued nor was any compensation made to victims or perpetrators still alive (there were many) ever punished.

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What we DO NOT know for certain is whether or not high tech or ultra-high tech Mindkontrol is now being deployed by American intel against the American People as mass Mindkontrol.  We do know that Mindwar has been deployed against the American People for many years as “Culture war” or eliciting specific acculturation of the mass mind in order to produce attitudes which will motivate the public to support actions that the US Shadow Govt wants to impose on the American People, such as implementing difficult policy changes or starting illegal, unConstititional wars for defense industry profiteering.


The techniques of Edward Bernays have been well known and used for many years to influence and direct public opinion of the masses in order to create desired sales and consumption patterns, and political thinking and motivation. Not only was Bernays the king of advertising theory and practice but also the father of the effective construction and dissemination of Govt propaganda.  His methods were studied by Hitler and fully utilized by the Nazi party. From this work emerged the “big lie” practices of modern govts in which big lies are almost constant constructed and dispensed until the public can no longer judge truth to any practical degree.

The govt’s successful ability assuming a parental role as a public image as well as a subliminal belief tends to create a situation of incredulity where the public cannot conceive that certain elements of the govt would commit acts such as those related to wars for profit only, and major defrauding of the citizens regarding unConstitutional monetary system and unConstitutional taxation system.  In most cases there is no need for “national security” classifications since most of the greatest USG secrets involve major Rico crimes against the people and if leaked seem so incredulous that few would be able to believe such claims, especially as long as the major mass media denies them.

It is well known that the major mass media (5-6 depending on criteria used), play a pivotal role in engendering this incredulity that acts as a shield of protection for these serious Rico crimes of the USG  which include various Mindkontrol experiments.  As long as the major mass media keep peddling lies and cover-ups, the truth remains suppressed.  But now a change is occurring.  The mainstream major mass media are losing popularity due to the world-wide Internet, and the alternative media provided on the Internet is gaining fast, soon to become more popular than the major mass media.  This alone over time will erode the shield of incredulity provided by the major mass media as they lose prominence and respect.


Lately certain key Senators have been alarmed at alleged “intel leaks” which they claim affect national security.  They are proposing various responses to prevent and punish them.  For example, Eric Holder, US Attorney General has just appointed two special prosecutors to go after leakers and punish them.

But these Senators doth protest too much.  Perhaps they would not do well if their backgrounds were scrutinized for any involvement in highly illegal acts of American Intel such as illegal and massive narcotics trafficking into the USA. The only recent serious leak the US has was the high level apparent leak from the White House that Valery Plame was a CIA Operative, a NOC.  This immediately placed her in extreme danger, and resulted in the exposure and execution of some good intel operatives who were actually trying to prevent WW3.  This has been alleged to have been a revenge leak from the highest level of the USG because Valery Plame’s husband US Diplomat Joe Wilson had discovered evidence that there was no yellowcake at all.  Both of these individual are true American Heroes and deserve our gratitude for attempting to prevent an illegal war.

Valery Plame is a perfect example of one of many ethical and honest CIA NOCs that served America valiantly and honorably. She deserves highest commendations and it is very despicable the way she was treated by chicanery. Ray McGovern is another former CIA official  who has not received the respect he deserves, he is another American Hero.  David McMichael served as another high ranking CIA Analyst of the highest ethics. It’s sad to say but so many good American Intel are sidetracked, ignored, blocked or forced out of their intel jobs by a few criminals in high places in the Shadow Govt.

US Intel has not had any recent serious leaks by intel such as those by Jonathan Pollard which is alleged to have destroyed about twenty years of sources and methods including the Ivy Bells secret, resulting in the execution of numerous good American agents and assets in deep cover doing important jobs. To date no one has appeared to have damaged American Intel more than Pollard, and yet many Senators cry for his release.  Strange wouldn’t one think?


What these Senators need to focus on is that any leak of gross criminal behavior such as pedophile ops, child trafficking, Mindkontrol torture and murder, and illegal narcotics trafficking which are all RICO crimes can never be considered covered by any national security law.  No legitimate cover can be provided by anything or any national security law for these most serious crimes.

Yes, it is apparent that the ability of US Intel to keep these serious inhuman crimes secret is dissolving more every day, and these Senators and the bureaucrats around them need to get this into their heads, national security cannot ever legitimize these most serious crimes, many of which are capital crimes and include treason and sedition, both punishable by death upon conviction. And threatening and murdering whistleblowers and their families can never be protected by national security, ever.


Most all leaks of these crimes of American Intel are presently leaked indirectly as “rumors” and there is an increasing stream of them.  Those who leak as rumors believe that this protects them from specific clauses in their security agreements and they are motivated to leak because they want these criminal practices exposed and stopped.  Actually it is time folks realize that these crimes can never be protected by the invocation of “national security”.

There have been anecdotal reports and rumors that high tech pulsed beam microwaves have been deployed by the USG in the Mideast Wars.   It is rumored that these generators were sphere shaped and were called poppers and were designed to pacify the masses in the broadcast area.  It has been rumored that these devices were only effective in generating large sums of money for the military contractors that produced them along with migraine headaches and dizziness for those American GIs and others close to them.


Little is actually known about the deployment of ultra-high tech mass Mindkontrol against the American people, but there have been numerous recent rumors from highly placed current and retired intel. What those who study this in depth do tend to hear from those who actually know are rumors that it is “highly possible” that several types of high tech Mindkontrol are now being deployed against the American People, and these devices often have dual uses, with the primary public use serving as cover for the Mindkontrol aspects.

It is suspected that many of these rumors of dual use high tech devices deployed against the American public have originated by high ranking intel officers who secretly want to see these gross criminal abuses stopped but do not want to throw themselves on a sword to expose these crimes as facts.  So apparently they share rumors with those who they expect will spread the word.


One recent rumor which has been alleged to have originated within the high military command structure embedded within a major privatized “Mindkontrol technology contractor” located in Texas has been that the rapid building of the cell phone tower systems has had dual use, the first for public communications, and the second for the deployment of ultra-high tech Mindkontrol based on digital, pulsed beam microwaves which could be deployed if necessary to entrain certain designed brain wave patterns in the American People.  The use of the terms “could be” was as far as this source would go.

It has been suggested that psychotronic mood entrainment can somewhat raise or lower mood and can be used to blunt public reactions to difficult political realities and can be used to a certain degree to engender desirable attitudes and thought processes in many, but not all. It should be pointed out that some experts believe that the claims used to market these devices to the USG have been greatly exaggerated like so many other military weapon systems.  Others agree, but believe they can harm the general health and well being of the public and will be highly abusive if deployed.

Now add to this that certain Congressional investigators and Senators and Congressfolks have been allowed to secretly read actual secret documents about these criminal acts and they have been so upset that they have communicated this information to key researchers they trust who have in turn communicated this information further, resulting in fairly wide diffusion.  They are too afraid personally to speak out publicly but they have provided very good rumors grounded in the actual facts they know of for certain. This had made some fairly sound evidence is available, certainly enough for any honest grand jury to proceed with to deliver indictments, if such was ever allowed to be set up.


The 911 false flag stand-down “inside Job” attacks by the USG and foreign based cutouts were used to project false blame on foreign Mid East nations in order to motivate the American masses to support illegal, unConstitutional Mid East wars as revenge or “blood feud reactions”.  Blood feud is the desire to seek revenge to an enemy for killing one’s compatriots, exemplified in the well known historical feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Once a war is started, this process keeps American troops motivated to destroy the enemy who killed their compatriots.

So it is obvious that Culture War, that is, the USG propaganda dispensed by the major mass media, can be used along with false flag attacks as a means to create illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional wars for simple war profiteering. It is also suspected due to numerous “rumors” leaked that American Intel has engaged in several high tech mass mindkontrol experiments which include the Flower Power/psychedelic/hippie movement,  Charlie Manson’s Family, Jonestown, and the Branch Davidians.


It has long been rumored that MK Ultra is alive and well in several spin off subprograms under other names and privatized to avoid direct USG involvement (thus deniable). One such program is alleged to involve the use of an individually targeted pulsed beam microwave weapons which can induce anxiety, heart palpitations, unconsciousness, or even entrain voices inside the target’s cranium.  This technology is easily discoverable by studying relevant US Patents which still remain unclassified.

One technology so disclosed is the Subliminal Sound System which certainly could be applied in nefarious ways by intel. This system may be able to entrain and condition mood and thinking subliminally by the high tech deployment of sounds waves underlying normal sound and could perhaps be used in radio advertising, tv advertising, or retail store background music. It has been rumored that over 200 Mindkontrol patents have been classified and cannot be viewed, similar to the Beyond Black “antigravity” light and radar absorbing/ghost image emitting cloaking system patents for cruise missiles, IFOs and aircraft.


It has already been disclosed in public documents that Ross Adey, MD experimented with an imported a Russian Lida Mindkontrol machine. It was a pulsed beam microwave emitter that tended to make subjects sleepy when activated near them.  For a period of time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, these machines were for sale in Switzerland mail order for about 17,000 USD and some were rumored to have been available under a USA/Soviet medical exchange program.








The Lida Machine


There have been documented reports of the Russian Woodpecker system which was deployed as a large phased array used to deliver powerful pulsed beams microwaves over the North Pole into Canada and the USA, allegedly designed to alter thinking patterns and mood somewhat and perhaps to alter weather patterns by bouncing energy waves between the ionosphere and the ground.

One part of this massive antenna system was built right next to Chernobyl nuclear power plant in order to have access to a very large supply of power, which was required to operate the weapon. This was the Duga 3 Transmitter phased array antenna below, and the receiver part was located a distance away.  At the time some US Intel experts believed that the Woodpecker System was merely being used as an ABM early warning system, but others feared that it was being deployed as a Mindkontrol and weather control weapon.

It was rumored to have been sabotaged by Mujahedeen near the end of the Afghan war (with a little help from friends inside Intel), thus resulting in the abandonment of Chernobyl and the Woodpecker System too.

What is known for certain is that the Russian Woodpecker System did disrupt US and even Soviet radio and TV broadcast systems for a time and this interference ceased when the Woodpecker stopped operating.


In November 22, 1976, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner published an article entitled,  “Mind Altering Microwaves:  Soviets Studying Invisible Ray”.  This article described a newly declassified US Defense Intelligence Report that stated there was ongoing extensive Soviet research into Microwaves which could lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders and even heart attacks.  This article was an important disclosure but was a huge minimization of the abilities of the actual technology involved.

Mindkontrol used the “lessor” intel agencies tends to be ultrasonic based and is known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control (U.S.I.C.). The following methods are rumored to be used by the elite or most prominent intel agencies and involve the use of pulsed beam analog and/or digital based microwaves, radio waves, electro magnetic waves such as ELF, or standing waves known as scalar or Tesla waves.

  • R.H.I.C  >Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control
  • E.E.O.M. >Electronic Enhancement of Memory
  • E.D.O.M. > Electronic Dissolution of Memory

It has long been rumored that the GWEN System has been deployed as a Mindkontrol weapon against the American People. What we do know for sure is that it was used at least for a time to communicate with submarines.  The rest is rumor for now.  Doppler Radar and Wi-Fi systems have also been suspected of having dual uses with the main use as claimed and the secondary used pulsed beam digital microwaves deployed for Mindkontrol.

Read:  Wi-Fi Removed from Schools

A ground buried antenna many miles long was constructed in Clam Lake, Wisconsin and used to transmit high powered ELF waves that the Govt claimed were used to communicate with submarines.

Read:  Project Sanguine

Some researchers are not so sure this is so and view such as a mere cover story for more sinister Mindkontrol uses against the American People.  At present we do not know for sure what the facts really are.


It has recently been hypothesized that China has built large fractal  ground antennas.  These very large antenna may perhaps be used for their own form of HAARP System.

It is also rumored that sophisticated miniaturized encephalator implants have been deployed and can be surgically installed through the soft palate or sinus cavity.  Such methodology has been alleged in Operations M.K. DRACO and HATTER. This was allegedly first developed by Jose Delgado, MD, who implanted numerous animals, small and large and electro-stimulated them remotely.

Anyone who wants to know one example of how intel agencies use Mindkontrol to prepare their agents for covert deployment can get a fairly accurate idea by watching the remake of the movie, Machurian Candidate, starring Denzel Washington. The original version starring Frank Sinatra was mysteriously shelved for some time before it was allowed to be distributed, allegedly due to USG pressure.

In the Denzel Washington remake, Mindkontrol subjects are shown to be IV bagged for administration of drugs for Mindkontrol.  These drugs have been rumored to be hypnotics such as placidyl, scopolomine which can cause confusion and memory loss, and numerous other well known sedatives and stimulants in various combinations typically used along with electronic stimulation of the brain and coordinated sound stimuli.

Of course, anyone who wants to know about classical Mindkontrol methodology must not ignore the work of the MK ULTRA doctors Sidney Gottlieb and “Jolly” West, the personal spychiatrist of Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh (quite a collection, eh?).  Gottlieb and his fellow spychiatrists (named with various colors such as Dr. Green, Dr. White, etc. are known to have engaged in some of the most evil practices imaginable including serial rape of young girls, torture, soul murder and acts only Joseph Mengele would have approved of.  Some think these men continued his work.


One of the first modern Mindkontrol techniques was to add fluoride to the drinking water.  This was discovered by Nazi scientists and used in their Death Camps. It tended to tranquilize the inmates and hamper any undue aggressiveness.  The Russians learned of this and began deploying Fluoride in the drinking water of their gulags.

It has been rumored that soon after the USG  found out about such uses and created a national campaign using professional scientists as cutouts to establish fluoride in the public water systems where ever possible, and lobbied successfully to get laws passed requiring this at the local level.  It is now recognized by numerous top medical experts that not only does fluoride impair aggressiveness and lower normal thyroid function, but causes dental fluorosis, makes bones brittle, contributes to osteoporoses and to osteo-arthritis. But alas it is very hard to change what the Shadow Govt has worked years to embed in American Society.

It is also believed by many researchers that ethyl mercury has been routinely added to vaccines to inhibit IQ and intellectual development, thus dumbing down the masses to a more manageable level and working in coordination with Fluoride which has been added to toothpaste and is now also in various child and adult foodstuffs. It has also been suspected that MSG has been added to processed foods for flavor enhancement but also as a mass Mindkontrol agent to disrupt normal metabolic activity and create obesity.

The fluoride added to public water systems was alleged to be basically industrial waste from the nuclear fuel processing industry, the aluminum industry and the gypsum industry and may include other harmful contaminants that dumb the populace down and destroy their health mentally and physically such as mercury, lead and other contaminants.  Certainly it is well established now by statistics that the huge increase in autism spectrum disorders (about 1 in 88) since increases in these disorders have directly co-varied with the increased number vaccinations children receive.  This evidence is indisputable if one looks at it honestly.  This is one of the gravest forms of Mindwar against the American People, the intentional and serious damaging of their children’s brains and minds.


It has been rumored that there has been a massive covert aerosol spraying program by the USG through several large DOD contractors.  This has been rumored to be called Operation Cloverleaf and is commonly referred to as Chemtrails.  Samples have been recovered several times by credible researchers and were scientifically analyzed. The results are not good.  Samples reveal nano-particles of aluminum which ingested in the lungs during breathing appear to be small enough to migrate into the blood stream and across the blood-brain barrier to reside inside the brain fluid.

Aluminum is not good for the brain’s health and is suspected of contributing to “senior moments”, cognitive slippage, short term memory loss and even increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Samples also reveal Barium salts which are viewed by many scientists as significantly toxic when ingested.  Other strange human and animal blood cells have been present.  It was also reported that Haemophilus Influenzae was present, which is communicable and linked to several serious childhood diseases such as meningitis.

Some researchers suspect that  these chemtrails may contain magnetic nanoparticles which can be “flashed” by pulsed beam microwaves once they enter the brain tissue, thereby allowing entrainment of mood and thought to a certain degree.  These nanoparticles are perhaps able to be designed to migrate to certain target areas of the brain and central nervous system, and could then perhaps be used a a weapon to cause selective dementia, or heart attacks in targeted individuals.


The H.A.A.R.P. System in Alaska was claimed to have been built by the USG as a High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a means to energize the ionosphere for experimental purposes.  Some experts including Nick Begich, Ph.D. have concerns that it may be used for more.  There have been allegations that it is a Mass Mindkontrol Device deployed to entrain thoughts and moods in the general population in order to enhance the Shadow Govt’s ability to govern the masses.  There have been rumors it is a “pacifier of the masses”, while other rumors claim it is a weather and geophysical weapon which can cause major weather and natural disasters like earthquakes in various parts of the world and can raise or lower the jet stream.  There are no definite answers for these questions as of yet, but the leaks continue as rumors.  Perhaps in time the truth will become fully exposed.

YouTube - Veterans Today -










Regardless of all the recent war mongering and saber rattling between the US, and Russia and China, it has been recently rumored that the H.A.A.R.P. System in Alaska is but one small part of a world-wide network of coordinated phased arrays, set up through backchannel NWO Globalist negotiations.  It has been claimed that the key “selling point” was that the world is under threat of attack by aliens from outer space and that this system is the only way to defend the earth. Sounds like pure fantasy, but even President Ronald Reagan discussed this in public and private speeches.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Whether President Reagan was correct or not, certainly this world-wide phased array HAARP System may present the potential for world-wide Mindkontrol Operations to be deployed, especially if the rumors leaked by various highly connected retired intel officers are correct.


The bottom line is this, it has been well established fact the the USG has engaged in extremely bizarre and illegal covert Mindkontrol experiments against unwitting and innocent INDIVIDUAL Americans and groups such as Jonestown and the Branch Davidians.  It is also rumored from highly placed sources that advanced high tech and ultra-high tech Mindkontrol technology exists which can be deployed as Psychotronics against the masses which include perhaps the H.A.A.R.P. System/Network.

There are also rumors of handheld smaller weapons used against individual targets.  But at present we do NOT KNOW FOR CERTAIN   if   H.A.A.R.P. or the cellular System can be, or is presently deployed as a weapon of Psychotronic Mindkontrol to the masses or triangulated agauinst individual targets as some have claimed. They may be, but right now we just don’t know for sure.

If such methods are currently being deployed against the American People and the people of the world, History has shown that all tyrannies eventually collapse from the corruption that grows unrestricted within them, and then at least for a while the human spirit will once again be triumph over tyranny.

This article is dedicated to all those great USG, Military and Intel Heroes that gave their lives fighting this evil and/or who were harrassed, jailed or incarcerated or murdered at hell holes like Vacaville.  It is also dedicated especially to those USG, Military and Intel Heroes who are still living that have risked their lives attempting to get this information out to the American Public hoping to expose it and stop it without throwing themselves on a sword.  Stay tuned, because much more is being revealed all the time as researchers continue to connect the dots now becoming available thanks to the world-wide Internet, a legacy of some very great folks at Darpa who designed the best means yet to slay the Beast. And so far it is working.


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  2. xx  June 15, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    One door always leads to another, it’s whether or not the first door the is correct door to other. I hope you succeed.

  3. xx  June 15, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    On another note, if attempts were made to communicate in extraordinary ways, would the appropriate condition be when human input sensory is less responsive (a specific mode)? This may also require data transmissions contained within an envelope to transmit information and images. I wonder who would use this type of signal transmission or communication, maybe another topic in the future.

    sorry for the mess..

  4. xx  June 13, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Limbic System (Center of Emotions)///sensory input///visual impact, on another note, it’s also interesting how a speed reader processes information. Hope to read your work later….

  5. xx  June 13, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Or else, I am victim of more intense application, and knowing and fighting this…

  6. Gordon Duff  June 13, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    I work with one group….XXXXXXXX ….have to redact my own stuff

    mind control is furhter than any can guess…mobile phones, hd tv and genetic modification lowering IQ and discernment

    everything from chemicals to viruses (virii?) are being used for mind control

  7. Preston James, Ph.D  June 13, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Interesting point. If this works and it seems possible, then it would be a subliminal type of conditioning done by repetition. I think you are on to something here. And without any conscious awareness. Perhaps the same process would work with spoken words by newscasters, actors in programs, political speakers too.

  8. Excalibur  June 13, 2012 at 11:08 am

    With VTs permission I will add some links to enlarge on the above comment and it’s content:

    Death of Dr Kelly in apparent ‘suicide’:

    Theory of academics highlighting links between Morgellons disease and GM crop experiments:

    Details on MYIASIS infection. The attraction of certain flies (normally plant parasites) to living Morgellons sufferers:

  9. MK  June 12, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    No. Morgellons was ON PURPOSE. Go look for silent superbug site in Europe. Morgellon’s turns people into transceivers. That’s what the purpose of the silicate ropes that fasten into the neural channel is. There are certain groups that it doesn’t work on. They have the symptoms. WITH RESPECT TO PSYCHOTRONICS…I SPOKE TO A RUSSIAN WHO WORKED ON IT… CHENEY bought the technology. The Russians outlawed it… not because it OVERWRITES memory, but because it has very weird side effects that make a certain part of the population FERAL (read ZOMBIE), a certain part will become telepathic, telekinetic, empathic and uncontrollable; and a much smaller segment will become controlled. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PREDICT WHICH ONES WILL DO WHICH. They thought that Morgellon’s would take care of the problem–it did not.

  10. The Rahnameh  June 12, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    I believe THIS form of mind control, for clarification 😉

  11. The Rahnameh  June 12, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I do know that as well. I apologize to anyone I’ve insulted. I’m more so frustrated with the inattention the same people then pay to the individuals they can name perpetrating the so-called acts. Often, when things get esoteric, the blame gets distributed as well. It’s “demons”. It’s “magick”.

    NO, it’s God awful lies and David Copperfield Magic Shows for the Masses! It’s exactly what you see before your eyes! I am convinced the hasbarist strategy is to continue disinformation via this vein.

  12. Gerry  June 12, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Rah, Having spent some time on the darkside I learned one thing; They believe it. I personally never got the offer so I have to rely on my own experience and all I can say I don’t know either way. I hope your right!

  13. xx  June 12, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Dr. Preston,

    An experiment for you, select any news media program and convert the report into text. Continue doing so with these specific programs until appropriate sample is retrieved. Thereafter, use word search engine and perform a count, do so through the samples to extract data. Primarily perform this for nouns, adjectives, and so forth. Maybe there is message within the envelope, if someone performs this on larger scale (mass) they can inject information to alter though process. Do some news broadcast contain messages within envelops, you determine this for yourself. The injection typically provides you with some insight of the intent.

    Publish your results….and Good Luck.

  14. Gerry  June 12, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Dan I may have mischaracterized them. What I should have clarified was that this opinion was developed when I read a book back in 95 called “Lies My Teacher Told Me”. In it the author attempts to prove that through school boards nationwide a movement financed by the likes of the Haggees and Robertsons was being very successful at getting their candidates elected and in control of the local curriculums, particularly that of history. He documents a number of misnomers, that even myself who graduated High School in 69, believed to be historical fact that was anything but. Hence my quote of George Orwell.

    But I do generally agree with your assessment. I have a nephew. Very intelligent, responsible, motivated, but sadly and seemingly hopelessly addicted to video games and music like Lady GaGa. He works for one of our Defcons and his friends are mostly work associates with similar afflictions. I also read recently that young males are addicted at some ridiculous rate like 80%+.

  15. Excalibur  June 12, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    There is definately something very fishy about this Morgellon’s disease. There is no question in my mind that it is real and that people are suffering terribly with the symptoms of it. I have noticed that any talk of research into it is being stonewalled by a legion of ‘psychiatrists’ and medical world supremos – all with strangely jewish sounding names. Now why would THAT be? Any newspaper item on it is quickly accompanied by a flock of the usual people attacking the credibility of the sufferers.

    Is there a connection to the ‘race bomb’ research that was carried out up until the beginning of the Iraq war? The British scientist and civil servant Dr. Kelly, who was Britain’s expert on Iraq and who rubbished the government war ‘intelligence’ on WMDs – was found dead in a wood close to his home shortly thereafter. Apparently he committed suicide – although this is disputed by most of the UK population and indeed hundreds of doctors in the UK. It also smells like a dead rat under the floorboards.

    What is not widely known about Dr Kelly is that he was working on a ‘race bomb’ that could deliver biological agents that only affected certain ethnic races. Not only Kelly died. Hundreds of top microbiologists across the world suddenly turned up dead. Jumping off bridges and leaping out of high rise buildings. An insurance agent dryly commented that students studying microbiology should realise that the profession had gone from one of the safest life risks in the world to one of the most dangerous – in a few months.

    Kelly apparently kept his research at home (!) although he is said to have split up the information needed to piece the biological weapon ‘bomb’ together and given jigsaw pieces of it to individual microbiologists worldwide so that it could not be easily put together. All this can be researched.

    We must assume that somebody now has that information – and it would not take a great stretch of the imagination to work out who. In fact the race bomb had been invented some time before and at the time of Kelly’s death he was apparently working on a similar biological weapon that could target an INDIVIDUAL person – so long as you had a sample of that person’s DNA to work with.

    Morgellons definately exists as a condition which is spreading at an alarming rate across the western world only – and to be fair we do not yet actually know EXACTLY what is causing it. It could well be connected to ‘Chem trails’. In Britain it has been noticed that the symptoms include the un-natural parasitic attraction of small flies – in particular fungus gnats and tiny flies that are usually only parasitic to plants!

    Two professors have written a theory that the problem may be connected to accidental exposure and infection from genetically altered crop experiments – because it was not originally known that these agents not only cross over to other plants but also to animals, lizards and people in the exposed area. This is now a known FACT. This might explain the attraction of these flies – ironically the very flies that caused the problems to the crops, and hence the experiments, in the first place.

    This would mean a massive legal claim to the GM crop industry if it is true. It might just be easier to denounce the sufferers as ‘delusional’ – and threaten the medical world to comply or be denounced.

  16. Harold Saive  June 12, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    The secret space program’s vast mission and budget was recently revealed by The National Science Foundation when they announced the existence of not one but two pristine, Hubble-class space telescopes still in their original wrappings in a warehouse in Rochester, N.Y. The pair was originally built for the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency in charge of spy satellites, to look down (sleuth) at Earth rather than up into space. Are we already colonizing Mars?,8599,2116436,00.html?iid=tsmodule

  17. The Rahnameh  June 12, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Joe Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu – the Rothschilds – are not supernatural nor have access to the supernatural.

    When they eat bad food, they get diarrhea. If you say the right things to them, you can make them cry like little children. If you slap them, it will make a smacking sound and the red mark of your hand will be on their face.

    You are just repeating history. Creating the supernatural out of the “Mongol Horde”.


  18. The Rahnameh  June 12, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Okay, for the sake of argument, we will accept that down is up and up is down — but it means your argument is backwards.

    It is TRULY stupid to stretch the truth and start naming demons and supernatural things when there are humans before you ready to rape your wife and children (or are currently doing it).


  19. The Rahnameh  June 12, 2012 at 10:54 am

    No, I just write well much to your unintellectual dismay. I have dual bachelor of sciences in Neuroscience and Cytology. You?

    I never once mentioned the scientific theory or your deathly knock of it. But if you are still babbling some garbage about binary programmed humans, I am going to need you to support it with scientific argument rather than your wordy nothings.

  20. namastemperfi  June 12, 2012 at 10:18 am

    T-Ra, Do you always masturbate with your dictionary? What is it that makes you need to carelessly spew so much pedantic self love on so many VT pages? Have you ever had consensual sex with another or does your habit of serving up some lame joke when something more substantive is required get in the way? Whenever an article covers esoteric or hidden knowledge, you intentionally or unintentionally divert from the point or display your lack of knowledge by fobbing it off. J.P. has done an excellent job of distilling down many of the known and some less known mind control programs. There are volumes of public data on many of these subjects and much more that is not so public and having met the human destruction that occurs in “failed experiments”, I am frankly pissed off at your choice to make light of something so purely evil and about which you clearly know nothing. What the Mind Kontrolers (MK)s do, as J.P. points out in less than graphic detail, is horrific stuff and by design they try to get the program rolling at the earliest age possible and you make light. I will give you an example of how your comment demonstrates how you yourself are subject to one of the MKs most effective though less invasive tools. It’s a big one for intellectuals like yourself. “If it isn’t supported by scientific method, it’s bullshit”. God told me that scientific method is one of his favorite jokes. Really. He did. He has another one that he tells me really has them laughing in Heaven and that is the 180 rule. The 180 rule is that most conventional wisdom supported by main stream academia is 180 degrees away from the truth and could result in the loss of tenure. Bob Preston writes in another article that we are all toast anyway thanks to Fukushima, so I’d best offer an olive branch to you before I am gone. A safe and easy entry for you into the “non-scientific” world of quantum energy mechanisms is a book by an MD named Randy Gerber. It is called Vibrational Medicine. In it, he details the science of all that you scoff at and supports it with scientific studies done at Universities like Columbia, Chicago, California, et al. These studies prove the energetic quantum mechanism is real, yet conventional medicine ignores it entirely. You might read this book and determine that much of it is about placebo effect. Another MK trick. “Placebo effect is bad”. What if the placebo effect is the quantum mechanism? What if you could control the mechanism? Then you could really play God. Don’t think for a second that along with all these other MK experiments, they haven’t been working on this one too for a very long time. What we don’t know is beyond measure, but it is truly stupid to not stretch a bit. Eh?

  21. Gerry  June 12, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Almost 20 years ago I read a piece about the coming Nano Tech that would change the world beyond recognition. It was claimed at the time that the Chinese were working in a Manhattan Project style to create what would be known as “molecular assemblers”. It was posited that this technology would be tantamount to “Post Nuclear Super Weapons”. Once mastered the possessors could unleash them on their foes and completely and surreptitiously disassemble their weaponry. They would by necessity be self replicating and interconnected with an artificial intelligence grid. As usual most modern tech is initiated from weapons research. But it has since morphed into something even worse. There is a threat to the entire planet with this science. The impetus behind it has shifted, at least visibly, to creating a tool to be used for the implementation of the next phase of the Human condition, the merger of man and machine. It’s looking more and more like a Borg kind of scenario. If you ever wonder why the people who own this world are trashing it at an ever increasing rate, like they think there is no tomorrow, here’s why. The quite intelligent folks who are pimping this stuff plan to use these Nanobots to completely disassemble the surface of the planet atom by atom and reassemble it back into pristine condition. They intend to do the same with the inhabitants they decide deserve to exist in this Satanic Utopia, making themselves immortal through technology. It was asserted that this would come to fruition between 2020 and 2030. The Internet is to be the mind or AI and the Nanobots the hardware. At some point, possibly already past, this monster would exceed humans in capability. We’re already subservient to this beast. Just think what would happen if the internet was taken out tomorrow. I mean I’m old enough to remember how it was, and frankly might like it. But everything in the first world would fall apart immediately. Virtually everything is interconnected and dependent on technology to function. And most infrastructure relies on the data communication of the web directly or indirectly. Also at what point does this Machine become sentient? When that happens, what good reason would it have to keep a bunch of useless eaters alive in Eden? Perhaps as grease for the wheels of progress from liposuctioned fat? It wouldn’t need us and we could not exist without it by that time since the skills that brought man to this point will have atrophied because the machine would have taken these over due to it’s ability excel above and beyond our wildest ambitions. If somehow Man manages to maintain control over this tech it would still be a nightmare for the average soul since it would certainly be controlled by the Elite for their benefit.

    No Gentleman, “The future doesn’t need us”:

    It’s long but will help you to understand why the people who make the big decisions seem to be bonkers.

  22. xx  June 11, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Let’s assume the human mind, the memory, was similar to a computer memory chip or device there like. The computer chip is segmented, or addressable, so through sensory inputs the human memory is also addressable. A sensory coding system that allocates addresses to segments for information to be stored in memory. This computer memory device has limited storage, so based on the importance of this information (self sustaining or other); older information can overflow, or be pushed out of memory. Human memory may function in similar manner.

    The newest information processed, is the fastest information retrievable, and older opposite. So given this example, how would you program someone’s mind? Possibly by repeating information with sensory inputs that perceive this information as important (self sustaining or other)? So the mind believes this information should be processed and stored, whether voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary storage of information could be achieved using sensory inputs of false perception for self sustaining or high priority. So programming can be the result of hidden repeatable information that’s processed involuntary, using stimulus that’s perceived as self or life sustaining.

    Confusion can be the result of conflicting information’s based on different sensory inputs (different addresses). This problem maybe resolved using repeatable information and sensory inputs until one conflicting information input overflows (is pushed out of memory). Retained for sometime, but eventually pushed out.

    I know more complex, but this is comment section.

  23. lobotelobote  June 11, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Hi thanks! I also was worried about them and it’s good to hear people are working on it.

  24. xx  June 11, 2012 at 8:30 pm


    An important topic, your article was written…..wisely. It’s amazing how the mind processes information, often using associative recognition (memory), where sensory input addressing is used for retrieving specific segments. Unless new information is collectively discovered, processed, and stored, with sensory inputs designation. Some of which is processed involuntary, or perceived as so.

    Have you every decoded mind control transmissions? First and foremost, temporary or permanent segments, where types of sensory inputs allocate the foresaid.

    I really don’t like to discuss this topic.

  25. Preston James, Ph.D  June 11, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I haven’t looked into this, but early reports from credible sources are alarming. It is claimed that these nano threads have grown in some some selelection of the population and are linked to Chemtrail spraying. Some have theorized they are new forms of mineral crystal growth based on Iron. If these are another beyond black form of eugenics and mindkonrol, that would be very alarming. I would expect a great deal of research to be done about this and shared about this over the Internet on alternative news in the coming months. If they are tuned to respond to HAARP emissions and can serve as a neuronal receeiver and sstimulator that would be very alarming.

  26. Preston James, Ph.D  June 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    It’s being studied by several independent experts now. There have been some that claimed that 3-6% are sensitive to pulsed beam microwaves, radar, cell phones and Wi-Fi. There are studies from Europe that support this. Some schools in Canada and Europe have removed Wi-Fi and hard wired their comuters and Internet, having stated officially that reserach is not completre but they have concerns that children are still developing and growing and are far more vulnerable to effects. It is believed that smart meters are being installed to monitor minute by minute electric use, allowing providers to regulate power, eventually turning off smart appliances when loads are too high. This offerss enormous potenmtial for spying and hacking since each appliance has specific energy signatures. Some even fear that these devices can be used for mood or thought entrainment or harassment purposes. It wouldn’t surprise me, but so far no definitive answeres other than claims made by some which seem reasonable that they are being affected by these meters.

    There are now some legal actions to stop the intsllation of smart meters and opt-out available in some areas. It is suspected that in some multiple dwelling situtaions, numerous smart meters are stacked near each other and may create a much higher risk of health problems. Hopefully we will have answers to these question before too long.

  27. lobotelobote  June 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    What about smart meters? Could they fit in to this?

  28. The Rahnameh  June 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Mind control, magick, sorcery, or just plain massive fraud – it’s more than just a tort, it’s criminal (no such thing as a criminal tort).

    In the same way that certain things are physiologically impossible – like, for instance, stopping the brain from hitting the inside of the skull on impact (even helmets can’t do that, and the in-skull collision of the brain is what causes concussions!) – you cannot do some of the things prescribed in this article without altering reality. It would be supernatural.

    But before people get too esoteric, remember that all life is more mundane than we even imagine. It takes a good magic trick to fool the world.

    One day, even our greatest achievements will be but a rock layer. But in the mid term, when we think to why others won’t move today, why they seem “fluoridated”, we should now and remember this: around the time of the American Revolution, 30% of the country didn’t want to revolt, 30% didn’t care, and the other 30% made history.

  29. joesigur  June 11, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    since I failed mindreading school, could you explain what the hell you’re talkin about!

  30. Oldpit  June 11, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    I’m sorry. The article was very interesting until I read “nazi camps of death” and “angel of death”.
    You seemed to me a very open mind person. What a disappointment…

  31. Dan  June 11, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Gerry, textbook adoption committees are anything but “far right religious zealots.” If anything, they’re mostly fanatical apostles of scientism, and in particular of the masonic promulgation of Darwinian inevitabilism resulting in a two-tiered mankind of masters and slaves. Darwinism derives not from scientific evidence, which largely refutes its claims, but from the revival of Gnosticism, which along with Marxism and its gnostic spawn, denies transcendent reality in favor of a self-contradictory metaphysical naturalism. In other words, the material world is all there is, there is no God, man has no soul, and evolution is a process that our elites, through science, can and must direct toward the creation of the political golem, or socialist man, who celebrates his enslavement.

    As for these forms of mind control, as well as your justifiable concerns for already existing scientific man-beast miscegenation, Michael Hoffmann puts it this way in his Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, “The working in its entirety represents the process of human alchemy, dedicated to the transformation of base matter (humanity) into the ‘gold’ that is the man-beast, within the psychodrama that is the Revelation of the Method/Making Manifest of all that is Hidden [by the occult secret societies]…,” and that, “The Western masses enter thralldom and bestiality with enthusiasm. They cheer programming and suppression of dissent, they volunteer for digital surveillance, they idolize their executioners and exterminators, they celebrate their new, swinish identity.” He goes on to say that “In a study of mind control and psychological warfare, it is not enough to simply review the latest technology of coercion….Far more dangerous that these appliances is the praxis behind them, the underground current which informs the modern project…, for life in our modern era is little more than life in an open-air mind control laboratory….”

    The induced sexual bestiality may be the worst of it. This morning I was at a traffic light and witnessed two young women in the car ahead bobbing and shrugging their shoulders left and right in unison, then turning toward each other bobbing their head in assent like the satanists in a rock band, acting like a pair of beasts animated by sexual appetite and oblivious to the satanic purpose of the music or their subjugation to its rhythms. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so enthralled by the hypnotic blue light of TV they assume the talking heads and experts are anything but what they really are, which is the mortal enemy of American society and mankind itself.

  32. Gerry  June 11, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    The Control is insidious and ubiquitous. The children are immersed from shortly after birth. The schools then take the task to the next level and have ever since the infliction of public schooling on the populace. It’s done through text book adoption committees that overwhelming controled by far right religious zealots.

    “The way to control the future is to control history. The way to control history is to control the present”

  33. Excalibur  June 11, 2012 at 11:33 am

    We need to keep careful records of the people sitting on those panels and altering scripts to assault the public mind. They will very shortly need to be arrested and put on trial.

  34. Excalibur  June 11, 2012 at 11:26 am

    The devil’s biggest lies are always hidden in among a thousand truths. I see mind control every day on the TV (I must admit that I call the TV the idiot’s lantern in the corner of the room) – especially in the soap opera and light entertainment programmes aimed at women. It is blindingly obvious in advertising as well.

    This works on the public mind by introducing various scenarios and then ‘suggesting a mode of behaviour’ to the public by having well know actors play out the scene. In this way programme makers can make extremely UNHEALTHY or IMMORAL behaviour appear to be the most normal thing in the world – even a preferrable thing.

    This has changed society in an incredibly unhealthy manner – and especially the young – who are naturally looking around them for examples of how to conduct themselves. This cannot always be blamed on scriptwriters because ‘Politically correct’ panels of subversives sit in judgement of every script idea before it is aired and they re-arrange it to fit the latest politically correct cultural marxist ideology.

    This is also to continually suggest a mode of behaviour to people – until it actually starts to happen in reality. Another negative consequence of this is that scriptwriters then begin to realise that their work will not be accepted by the panels unless it makes some great moral argument in favour of the new world order.

    One sure fire way to get your work published or screened of course (like some sort of literary prostitute) is to write a piece about the second world war and the terrors laden on those innocent jews. Sadly our children now seem to think that they were the only group to have suffered in the course of that war.

  35. Gerry  June 11, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Excellent article!

    The ultimate in “beyond black” mind control is the pervasive application of game theory to the control of the individual and society in general. And when you take this to it’s logical conclusion you will realize that the Obamas and the Bushes and their ilk are only pawns consigned to the same fate as you and me. And that is complete subjugation to the Machine or transhumanism some would call it. As Theodore Kazyniski AKA Unibomber so aply pointed out; “in nature a superior species always vanquishes an inferior species”. Anybody who thinks that robots and computers are going to clean up man’s mess and create a utopia for humanity needs to stop taking the blue pills.

    The most disturbing video about the future of technology. Game Theory 101, Coming to an Iphone near you:

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