The Strange Case of Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider and Son

Forgotten “Accidented” UFO WhistleBlower Touches Too Close


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I don’t have the time needed or deserved so I will publish a series of youtube lectures, many are available by Phil Schneider.  Without violating confidences, I am “briefed in” on several UFO issues, some officially, some through high value relationships, none that allow me to mention anything but the anecdotal.

What I hear from sources considered authoritative would be to the average person either outlandish or worse.  What I have officially seen and accessed is impossible but has it’s limits.  Much of what Schneider deals with is beyond any scope I have ever approached but too much of it is not.  It makes me uncomfortable, beyond that by far and more than unwilling to take to the lecture circuit.

It would be suicide.

I am, frankly, not that important a person, or at least I hope I am not.  I surely don’t want to be, in fact, if anything, it may be a great fear.  Reasons are all subjective and real reasons are only rationalizations.  Why do people tell us things we never wanted to know, showed us things that will haunt us for life?

This is where the issue of Phil Schneider comes in.  He is a UFO whistleblower who spent his short life saying what was, when he said it, seemed outlandish.  We are now putting so many of his 30 year old technologies into use, so many are now public or at least to the advanced defense community that more and more  of us accept all of it.

[youtube Xs4emKd_fG4]

I knew nothing about him, see and read the same things most others have but have read redacted version of ultra-secret UFO information that sounds more like X Files than reality.  In fact, I remember every word, those who know me find this only moderately curious.  You don’t want to know the truth, you want to die ignorant.  Tales of the holocaust, and I have some reservations of the reality of more than a bit of this, are far less than the most minimal truth.

I can only say this based on what I have seen, assuming it might be true and knowing I only hope what I have read happens after I die.

[youtube Xw3bla4y7tA]

Were I to have seen the Schneider tapes years ago, I would have thought him highly imaginative and would have thought he believed what he said but might be delusional.

I am at a point where I have had hard confirmations of 70% of what Schneider reports and feel that time may be moving more quickly than I suspected or that I never planned on being over 60 years old, I wasn’t thinking those decades would fly by like this while I kept my head in the sand, refused assignments, placed my personal life, my children above things I can’t even discuss anyway.

I missed being a cog in a giant delusion or part of a vast brutal experiment that eventually will destroy much of mankind.

[youtube KE3RsHXdYIA]

There are those who won’t want to read this and want me to stop here.  I will stop.

What we can do is reopen the door to the life of Phil Schneider, on my minor recommendation take him more seriously than otherwise and consider as with the work of Richard Dolan and Pete Levander, that there are things, perhaps our entire real history, that have been kept from us.

You see, I can’t do what Pete does.  I know I am here either by accident or an aspect of both usefulness and that I have good friends who are utterly merciless psychopaths.

[youtube CinaxTJMqq0]

That last part was a joke, sort of, a very private one.

The rest of the text is here to fill out the page, no more.  Back in October 1973, the first Saturday, I was on Wurtsmith SAC base in Michigan at dusk.  Overhead, through the clouds, descended what dould have been a comet, green at the front, orange at the back with a long tail, bright enough to light the sky for the entire horizon, green, then orange.

I am sure of the date.

[youtube xm75Ie5xNeo]

The next day, the sighting was reported on national news, a UFO seen across the entire US, at about 8000 feet, moving at over Mach 1.5, a UFO that descended over one of America’s vital nuclear bases and into Lake Huron or it disappeared, you choose.

It was on TV, reported by hundreds of base personnel, seen by thousands across the US, state after state, it crossed the entire country.

It was said, the next day, that this was a weather balloon.  I laughed.  I wanted one, get me a balloon that  flies a thousand miles an hour on fire for over 2000 miles, a kid could play with that for a lifetime.

Better yet, something thousands of people forget a day later and never remember again, where film taken by dozens of TV stations dissolves, heck, it is almost enough to make you believe in mind control or “men in black.”

[youtube p6PmJCddBOg]

Then the day after it never happened.  Then, decades later, the UFO magazines reported that it was a landing but it was October 1975.  The thousand who saw it for some reason remember nothing.  The news reports, the newspaper articles all disappeared.

[youtube gft-k3GFsxY]

On September 11, 2001, the New Jersey Highway Patrol arrested two terrorists who blew up a truck on the George Washington Bridge.  It was on TV.  Today, it never happened, Dan Rather swears he never reported it, nobody saw it, the police don’t exist, the dispatcher who you will hear is no longer on earth.

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

A day later their arrest records were gone, the forensic evidence was gone, the terrorists arrested on 9/11, the only ones for sure, were gone but we have proof, incontrovertible proof that at least one truck with explosives was used on 9/11 and the terrorists were arrested, proof from police and news.

We have other evidence from NYPD saying they found an identical truck trying to destroy the Lincoln Tunnel.

Scientists will tell you that special explosives, much like the kinds of things Phil Schneider describes, were used on 9/11.

Is it true?  If the video above exists and I have seen what I have seen, things you have no reason to believe, you can be like me and hope to die before your children or grandchildren are collected as cattle or killed by a genetically engineered pandemic.

Phil is right.

We deserve to die fighting but we have rather chosen to be enslaved by cowards.

Maybe this is all imagination, a bad dream.  Long ago, we proved cold fusion worked but then it was “debunked.”  It still worked but the oil companies bought it out of existence.  59 years ago, Boeing built its first anti-gravity craft, a huge green monstrosity with a crew of 5.  It flies like a giant air hockey puck, paint peeling off, missing rivets.  I have played with it a bit with witnesses, verified all needed to prove this primitive anti-gravity monstrosity was build while I was a small child.

Two months ago, we found a modern UFO capable of advanced flight over North Korea.  I actually published the findings of the intelligence agency that  did the forensic analysis.  It is capable of interplanetary sublight travel.

This is the forensic proof.

This is real proof from a real intelligence agency, highly classified, illegal as hell.

Similarly, many things Americans believe is real, planes flying into buildings and such, when subjected to scientfic analysis that is easily affordable are shown to lack these characteristics:

  • Temperature
  • Mass
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Metal

So, you watch the news, see a film of a news event and the things you see aren’t even ghosts.  There are only a dozen or so labs in the world capable of this work but when it comes down to events of massive international importance, the idea of America going to war over minor video trickery should be disturbing.

So should finding we have spacecraft capable of the unimaginable and I have the audacity to subject you to hard scientific proof which is so classified nobody will even deny it doesn’t exist.

But this is Phil Schneider’s day, the day we remember him.

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25 Responses to "The Strange Case of Phil Schneider"

  1. Ken Rechtstein  June 21, 2012 at 9:21 am

    I too do not think that Phil Schneider was “crazy”… Any follow up-news about the Dr. J. Wheeler case? Thanks for exposing the extra-judicial assassination of those who knew too much and did share their knowledge with the People…

    However, as long as the Zios, and their associates in power, control ALL American Institutions, Congress-Senate-Govt and both the Republican/Democrat parties and the DoD-Pentagon, the only hope for a change to save the REPUBLIC is awakening the consciousness of the PEOPLE. It’s the only force that can bring about a change.

    A long process though, meanwhile, the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, their Think Tanks and Minions are busy, various horse lengths ahead, devising means and ways about how to control effectively ANY situation that might arise or can adversely affect their domination plans… It is like a race between a Porsche 911 and a VW from the 40’s… The only way the VW can win is that a “special team” cripples the Porsche somewhere on the track.

    Only a financial collapse of the USA can impulse a revolution in the USA. But that is highly unlikely to happen: The FED can anytime. and in any needed amount, just print new money out of the blue and the taxpayer will duly continue to bail out failed banks and finance cruel and lost wars.

  2. donger  June 17, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    the Georgia Guidestones, if you are familiar, predict the population control “maintain humanity under 500 million”.

  3. Swede  June 17, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Choosing your children first makes you a human. As opposite to them. You are telling a lot now, without telling it yourself. We are many following you, reading, getting confirmation, piecing it together. Dont rush, be smart, you can say a lot without acutally saying it. Your voice shall not be silenced.

  4. The Rahnameh  June 15, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    What I see:

    Phil Schneider – Zionist – welcome to the art of shifting blame off the Rothschilds 101

    Telling us to blame “the US government” (not individuals he can name..oh besides Eisenhower), for hiding secrets about an agenda that the people on Israel’s currency (the Rothschilds) are actually perpetuating.

    This is someone clearly trying to take advantage of people using his engineering and geologist background. He says a lot of nonsense woven with plausible sounding arguments about how to build an underground structure plucking

    Video 4 – 1:15-1:23 says it best.

    • The Rahnameh  June 15, 2012 at 11:54 pm

      “about how to build an underground structure plucking…” [cont. from before] terms of art in line with his various experiences and backgrounds. It’s a good con.

      Too bad you fell for it. Aliens don’t need to toy with us to depopulate this planet. The real problem for aliens is hardly us. This planet is full of living things that will live long after we’re gone.

      Knowledge is Power – Scientia Est Potentia

  5. Inez  June 15, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    P.S. I’m full supporter of our Second Amendment.

  6. Inez  June 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Mr. Duff, you need to creek that door open more. .

    Phil Schneider….William Cooper…Dr. Karla Turner.and many, many others. These are what I lovingly call our Fearless Warriors. Examples to us, not in death but in their love of Life & contagious compassion.

    The LIE! Oh the dirty lie! Is that which we struggle with: That we are alone here, powerless & trapped in a 5-senses sensory imprisonment on this beloved planet earth. This just isn’t true.
    Tho it may seem “as if” it’s true– thru power of our creative mind potential— whenever we mindlessly buy into that lie. Usually starts out– “Well….gosh- maybe I am a shite head!” Uh oh…. the demon has entered.

    To be truly free involves beginning of owning our every thought, what happens after that is easy.. Our thoughts need be ours to have, cherish, & direct. Everything else is birthed from our thought (some hidden); emotion, attitude, behavior.

    We come in here fully equipped with all our answers (that’s how we’re able to form our questions). A little trick, when a question comes up. Go vertical in seeking the answer. It’s waiting…

    Read something so simple yet profound years ago. “Our mind is the Hand Maiden of our Heart: teach it well with gentlest patience.”

  7. Cold Wind  June 15, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Interesting, but really grim stuff considering the implications. Time for the human race to ‘man-up’ and see where Schnieder’s rabbit hole takes us.

    • Gordon Duff  June 18, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      What we are seeing is that, as our nutty brothers have told us so many times, these may well be the end times.

      we can die peacefully, having voted, bought what we are told, waiting for the knock that will take down the door or we can prepare

      we’re going to be talking about this and a few other things, i hope with the help of some powerful friends

    • lola  June 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm

      Greetings G.-
      I have followed this information for nearly twenty years and it has always been “any day now…”. Well little has happened outside of 3-D crooks bombing,killing and starting wars. Really. Now TPTB are global in nature and nuclear. You will not do squat against them so “preparing” is futile ie canned food, dig a hole, grow a garden etc. You CAN prepare your soul ie consciousness and that is all. We are fragile small pieces of meat hanging on bone. Prep your soul as you know it to be. No religious harangue here. Realize what you are made of and that it that. Forget the Ted Nugent Survival deal. If TSHTF you will be shot for your food and water by either your neighbors or the cops. My dad survived the Nazi occupation of Kiev and he taught me a thing or two.
      In Light

    • thomasbean  July 9, 2012 at 5:41 pm

      Gordon…..ever hear about The Keshe Foundation? The have a website….and seem to be offering some remarkeable technology to any nation? They claimed their tech can and will reduce the US Air Force and US Navy air wings to….expensive yard art sculpture. You posted on 6/16 about Adamus, with subsidiaries working on DISCLOSURE. So…..with Keshe and Adamus….we have confirmation that “the neocons are gonna be detained”…yes? One problem is gonna be Mueller at FBI. When does disclosure forces want my second complaint naming Mueller and Holder?

  8. Mike Kay  June 15, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    I watched this at first wondering if Mr. Schneider was crazy. I know crazy people, so I figured if he was, he’d probably give himself away. Well, if he was crazy he sure was good at concealing it.
    The limit to all this stuff always winds up being proof.
    Statements can always be made, but to expect people to simply accept world view changing positions uncritically, and with very little proof is the realm of cult leaders, religious figures, and politicians. When one suddenly wakes up to realize he is a dupe, one does not wish to just repeat the experience.
    UFO’s are obviously real phenomenon. Most likely, so is alien, intelligent life.
    If it is true that the NWO is the prepping of the planet for alien occupation, and that our fearless leaders have long since sold out humanity to accomplish this, then things really suck. However, until more proof comes in, I will maintain a healthy skepticism.

    • Gordon Duff  June 17, 2012 at 8:53 pm

      Nothing about phil schneider seemed crazy at all

      more than that

      we have lots of “sane” liars

      phil is believable

  9. CoJonesGrandes  June 15, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Something on Phil Schneider available here:

  10. pablo  June 15, 2012 at 11:59 am

    I mentioned Phil Schneider some months ago and it does you credit to put it up for people to read – what you need to do Gordon is emphasize the importance of realising that to think we are alone in this immensity is pure ignorrance and dishonesty. There is a site that has the Phil Schneider story – suggest serious readers go there for some further appraisal – of course those that belittle this will of course get the biggest surprise which is just around the corner – site; www(.)apfn(.)org

  11. CoJonesGrandes  June 15, 2012 at 10:27 am

    I read of Phil Schneider some years ago and that underground fight.
    He’s also mentioned in page 68 of

    “A man called Phil Schneider worked for the UN and had one of the highest security clearances in the world called a ’Rhyolite 38’. He claims he was invited to secret UN meeting in a underground base. Phil said in this meeting the table was set out in the same manner as the UN building in new city but with one main difference. This table had an upper level of seats.According to Phil the UN members took their seats in the lower level chairs and then Tall greyET’s walked in, took their seats on the upper level and dictated policy to the UN members. Phil was found dead with a rubber hose wrapped around his neck not long after blowing the whistle.This declared a ’suicide’. Phil was in a wheelchair at this point in his life
    How a man in a wheelchair could strangle himself to death with a rubber hose is beyond me!”

    You should read some of Casbolt’s articles/books.
    Many people will dismiss them as pure fiction but I wonder ….

  12. workingactor  June 15, 2012 at 9:23 am

    I saw of these videos a couple years ago. It would be easy to dismiss, because it sounds like its right out of star wars, but this man sounds truthful, and honest. Looking arounds at the globalist activities, including missing children, all the child sex rings(I’m thinking Sandusky, for instance, was a procurer of kids, and many around him were involved, which is why he wasn’t nailed sooner), and, something I’ve noticed, an unexplained “jump” in America’s technological advancement from time to time, it’s plain that we’ve received assistance. What’s awful is the sacrifice of children and others that was made to get that assistance. Nothing is free, but the price we all have unknowingly paid is way too much . It’s not worth it. Especially since humanity is just being fattened up for slaughter anyway.

    We gonna have to do something about this.

    And I don’t mean. “write your congressperson”.

  13. Gerry  June 15, 2012 at 5:53 am

    I see you didn’t sleep well again last night!

    I know well of the selective amnesia. Just still trying it figure out if it’s them or me that’s afflicted. And if them why me?

    Thank once more.

    • Gerry  June 19, 2012 at 12:06 pm

      TJ you have a way with words 😉

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