Why So Many Recent Intel Leaks?


by Preston James





Most of this classified information has been leaked as “rumor” or “highly possible”. More is leaking out almost every day from disgruntled folks who can’t take it anymore, folks who work inside American Intel or at its periphery.

Other types of confidential operational information from various Federal and State Agencies which is technically intel is also leaking out at every level. More on that later.

Officials in high Govt positions have expressed consternation at their inability to keep the lid on 100% and their near complete failure in stopping these leaks.  It seems as if the more heavy handed they get by prosecuting and punishing whistle-blowers, the more leakage occurs.  It’s kind of like the game whack-a-mole where you whack one and two or three more pop up.

These top officials are confused because they know that during WW2 secrecy about war time operations was tight, very tight with almost no leakage.   Take the Manhattan project which involved thousands, and yet the only leakage that occurred was intentional by spies in high places around FDR and Truman that leaked Atomic bomb secrets and other American Defense secrets to the Russians, something for which no one was even brought to justice for.

And yet now the leaks are coming fast and furiously even as new programs are being implemented regularly to stop them, and these programs always seem to create blow-back, that is, more leaks.


Sometimes leaks occur from gross incompetence which is also on the increase which kind of makes you wonder if these national security state folks can really operate all their new complex drone and surveillance systems competently.  As historians know when regimes shift to totalitarianism, corruption begans to spread at every level, starting at the top and spreading downward.


To really understand why the current level of leaking has increased so dramatically, the history of leaks needs to be examined.  We know during and right after WW2 there were few leaks. When did the first major leaks occur and what caused them?  Why does the whole national security system seem to breaking down now? Some have hypothesized that the ability of the national security system to function effectively is based on how healthy and strong the economy and society is. Obviously there is a worldwide major recession now which some define as a major 1930’s type affecting most countries of the world and an apparent breakdown of the family and society in general associated with that.  Could this explain much of this breakdown?

And as the USG locks down America by deploying American Military in the Streets, many Americans are waking up and numerous folks inside Intel are also becoming alarmed., especially at the frequent urban exercises with mock fire and training of foreign troops under the UN.  http://www.infowars.com/dont-be-alarmed-army-trains-mps-to-drive-tanks-on-u-s-streets/


I can’t tell you if everything in this video is accurate.  It may be highly possible only.  But you can find out for yourself.  All the information you need is most likely available through diligent research on the Internet.

There were very few leaks about Roswell due to the threats “you will be buried out there in the desert if you talk about what you saw and nobody will ever find you”.  It has been rumored that there was one Govt assassination made to control leaks, a nurse who saw the little “alien” bodies that were recovered and talked about this to a friend while being overheard by an agent. Also rumored is that the only other leaks that occurred were from witnesses to other trusted family members who were told that Army Intel would murder them if they talked, so for many years the truth stopped there.

Roswell is an interesting case because the truth was published immediately in a local newspaper and went nationwide through the press and also was broadcast on Radio news nationwide. And then the Govt spin machine went into action to create a cover story that it was nothing more than a weather balloon crash.

But as time passed, witnesses got older and started talking about what they saw and heard.  They were still afraid of the USG but talked anyway.   Many felt violated, emotionally raped by the USG and that the USG was wrong and abusing its vast power, that no nation’s govt should act like this to its citizens. Just like the heroic sailors of the USS Liberty ship which was attacked by Israeli fighter planes as part of a false flag attack attempting to blame Egypt and drag the US into the Mideast war. These men were threatened and told they would be court martialed if they ever talked.   And yet over the years, they started talking anyway.


Answer, it is the intractable human spirit, the courage that lays dormant in many and rises to the occasion, when folks see a line of human decency repeatedly crossed by those in high authority whom should never be allowed to do such things.

What is the common thread which seems to explain these leaks from Roswell and the USS Liberty Ship finally emerging, or for that matter, any leaks emerging even when serious threats from American Intel or the USG have been made to keep the lid on?

It seems to be that once a critical tipping point is reached when a person’s expectations of decency and humanity become violated beyond something they can handle, they just can’t hold back anymore and they talk to someone they trust. More than occasionally these listeners later leak this information as hearsay or rumors. When this information starts appearing all over the place from numerous sources, folks tend to believe it.

Sometimes the abuses are so serious that a highly respected individual on the inside will go public.  This has happened at least twice during the last year or so.

The truth is out there on the Internet for anyone who wants to dig and consists of actual Govt documents and testimony as well as credible news reports from local stations that gets buried.

The biggest breaches of this national security compartmented, classified information regarding the most extreme, serious criminal acts by Intel and their cutouts ever occurring has been in regard to the JFK Assassination, Iran-Contra, Mena Arkansas, the Murrah, and the 911 false flag attacks.  At least one well known intel op has publicly leaked how he was ordered to “neutralize” certain “targets”. The operational term communicated to such folks doing the dirty work was typically “neutralize” and the assignment could range from sexual entrapment, exposure of secret crimes or sins, general discrediting, fake criminal charges, or even murder.  Often official orders as letters were hand delivered to operatives describing the assignment in crouched terms.

And it is known that even today almost 50 years later, American Intel is still working hard and spending millions to keep the truth about the JFK Assassination covered up.  This involves authoring nonsensical misinformation books and even more petty actions such as locking down Dealey Plaza in advance to prevent any 50 year meeting there of JFK Assassination researchers.

Despite the known threats that to talk about the JFK Assassination could result in being murdered, some heroic police and witnesses did it anyway and were murdered by American Intel using assets or cutouts.  Numerous witnesses were murdered by orders of American Intel, some were blatant obvious murders, some were disguised as accidents.  In fact an American Intel training manual was leaked that described the various methods available from the TSD at Langely.

One well known example was News Journalist Dorothy Kilgalen (of the black and white TV show What’s My Line fame). She dared to interview Jack Ruby in Jail.  She was the only person to ever interview him and told friends she was going to “blow the whole case wide open”.  She made copies of her notes and gave them to her trusted neighbor who was murdered soon after Dorothy was murdered.  The large pile of notes never made it into the public arena.  Her apparent mistake, going to a copy service, using their copy machine and talking too loudly while surveilled.

Years later, many more have come forth and leaked what they felt they could about the JFK Assassination without being murdered.  E. Howard Hunt (the infamous Watergate burglar) leaked a substantial amount of information about his part in the JFK Assassination right before he died and on his deathbed and fingered those who is ordered it and were responsible at the top of the USG. His confession was recorded by his son and is available on the internet.  It is chilling.

American Intel’s standard operating procedure of protecting its most serious crimes is to invoke the false cloak of national security, backed up by serious prosecution under the National Security Act of 1947. Those who handle these matters use public techniques of “obvious assassinations thinly disguised as suicide” that made it clear to those working in American Intel who make serious leaks place themselves at risk to be murdered by US Intel.  This has typically been quite effective in keeping American Intel’s most serious crimes imaginable hidden in plain sight.  However, “quite effective” is not the same as “100% effective” and that is where the problem is.


During the Vietnam War, the “Air America” scandal was leaked by numerous pilots returning home.  They were seriously bothered by the opium flights to Japan to finance the war effort. Also leaked were the stories about the drugs placed into bodies cavities of American Soldiers killed in Combat.  This is was the epitome of dishonor toward our Soldiers who served a cause they had been lied to about.

At the time a relative of mine received a letter from her brother, a Master Sergeant, that he would be coming home in about two weeks and that he had been brought back to base where he would be working on mortuary detail, preparing the Soldier’s bodies for transport back to the States and that he had some serious misgivings about this.  He never made it home, dying suddenly in a nondescript, mysterious Jeep accident which made no sense.  This man was rock solid morally and if he had found out about the drugs being placed in the body cavities he would have gone straight to the commanding officer of the base and raised hell, which would have been a mistake since the CO would have had to have been in on it.  There are way too many stories about these mysterious Jeep accidents.

Iran-Contra involved such serious American Intel abuses that even some very experienced old timers couldn’t take it anymore.  There were many heroes who spoke out about the massive quantities of drugs brought into rust alley at Miami Airport, Homestead Airbase, and Mena Arkansas.  Stories about American Intel supplying Freeway Ricky Ross with massive quantities of illegal drugs for sale by urban gangs emerged.

A great hero who was a DEA Agent went public on numerous radio stations and disclosed that he had taken samples off of numerous aircraft from well-known air freight aircraft that repeatedly tested positive for illegal narcotics. The radio station was bought out by an American Intel cutout.  When this hero’s story was published in a local City Newspaper, the Newspaper was bought out by another American Intel cutout.

American hero Terry Reed who had worked for American Intel, went public when they tried to manipulate him into being part of an illegal narcotics trafficking operation into the USA operation from Mexico.  He refused and was threatened and stalked for a long time, able to avoid assassination by using his advanced tradecraft. He went public on Geraldo Rivera’s TV show, “Now It Can Be Told” and this seemed to reduce the heat. His wife remarked that it was a terrible experience to be stalked by your own Govt.

And many know about Gary Webb’s excellent Series “Dark Alliance”.  At first his stories were praised, then as American Intel applied significant pressure, various “talking heads” and journalists claimed the story was hogwash.  Then Gary lost his job.  Then Gary was shot twice in the face with a shotgun on his front door step and it was classified as a suicide.  That was like the time Agriculture Inspector Henry Marshall was shot 5 times in the chest with a bolt action rifle by Malcom Wallis, LBJ’s personal hitman of many years, also classified a suicide.  Many years later evidence has emerged that this same man’s fingerprint was lifted off a box at the Texas School Depository Building.

Another great American hero Cele Castillo, a highly commended DEA agent with a spotless and exceedingly successful record serving America, discovered massive illegal drug trafficking into the USA by American Intel.  This man was harassed for years and eventually nailed on a phony trumped up gun charge.  This is one of the most disgusting episodes of criminal harassment of a true American Hero.  Simply disgusting.

And of course many remember what happened to Danny Cassalaro over his investigation of the Octopus. Also classified a suicide by the coroner, an obvious lie and cover-up, itself a serious crime.

Since WW2, there have been numerous American Intel Agents and citizen witnesses that have given their lives speaking out and standing against these most serious criminal abuses of American Intel.  Many who were not murdered, have been stalked, seriously harassed, some imprisoned on trumped up charges or placed in mental institutions (hellholes like Vacaville), and some whose lives have been made miserable.


And once these leaks occur, thanks to the Internet, many spread like wildfire.  Numerous well informed Americans are getting sick and tired of American Intel using National Security as a false cover for every major crime imaginable.  This continued violation of American Rule of Law seriously harms the image of all those working in American Intel when only a small proportion are actually committing such horrendous crimes such as major illegal drug and weapons trafficking, covert assassinations of politicians disguised as accidents or illness, massive human compromise operations including pedophile honey traps, blackmail ops, sophisticated high tech psychotronic mindkontrol, and use of satanic cults to do their dirty work, etc.  It is important to note that MOST American Intel, including Officers, NOCS, employees, assets and operatives are good folks not engaged in these activities, but are typically concerned with intelligence gathering and writing reports.  The bad apples are located high up in the American Intel Hierarchy and are the string pullers that bring dishonor to the various American Intel organizations they represent. And yet they typically remain hidden in the background protected by various layers creating a wall of deniability protecting them.

It is also important to note that the criminal elements of American Intel often use foreign intel operatives stationed inside America as cutouts to do their dirty work, just as they used to use conventional organized crime (La Costa Nostra) for such things.  Now they may use La Kosher Nostra or even Russian, German, or Saudi intel.   The key here is creating deniability to prevent the tracking back of the op to those who ordered it.

Now for rumblings and rumors about so-called highly illegal and abusive covert ops in a certain major US City.  These are all uncorroborated rumors of events occurring which were “highly possible”, but not proven in a court of law.  Classify these as “Ozone”.


Local guy gets a job in a sporting goods store, part of a big new national retail chain.  After a while a new high tech security system is installed with HD cameras all linked into a network that goes to the main administration center and one more place.  Guess where?  Yep, the local fusion center.  Now as the rumor goes, the images and voices of customers during business hours are run by facial recognition software and integrated into a database where they are cross matched with numerous other databases by use of a derivative of the “Promis” software system.  Of course the various risk levels are estimated by such multiple regression analysis and voice stress analysis and provided a color coded rating for estimated “potential terrorist” ranking.

The plan is to supposed to eventually directly link back to specially trained store security who will then be instructed to follow, stalk and surveil certain “security risks” at the yellow or above color code. This one store get some new lights installed.  Occasionally they seem to be brighter or show some flicker that feels somewhat uncomfortable.  First a manager goes off and cracks on the job, having to be taken away by paramedics for psychiatric observation.

This manager has no history of any mental or psychiatric issues and is known to be typically well balanced.  Then a few weeks later a worker cracks the same way.  What the heck was going on?  A rumor within the local intel community was that “someone” was probably testing a new high tech psychotronic mood entrainment system based on “triangulated” computerized pulsed beam microwave generated in lights while recording the “targets” response on the surveillance cameras.

Here’s another rumor.  Local school system has almost every room and bus wired up with Cameras and sound (all except the buses for handicapped which is not allowed by Federal Law). These images and sound are processed at a central computer system, the same one that handles all the state govt and many of the local communities and schools Internet and computer systems too. Wi-Fi is also installed which is also a pulsed beam microwave emitter.

Then a teachers aid cracks up, running up and down the halls and has to be taken away by paramedics.  No prior history of any such issues.  Then later a teacher goes off in a staff meeting and says outrageous things totally out of character (he is fired). What has occurred here?  We can’t know for sure because this information is hard to confirm.  It remains to be “highly possible” rumor.  But it is a rumor in the local intel community that this is another test to make sure the schools and businesses can be locked down whenever necessary by use of advanced psychotronics.


There are a lot more of these “ozone” stories.  They mostly have the same script, just the victims are different. You get the idea.

A bureaucrat is becoming a problem.  A car pulls up next to him and a hand held psychotronic pulsed beam emitter is activated, the target goes unconscious and hits another car or two.  A well respected school teacher of many years’ experience and a spotless record learns of two sets of books at the school and other sophisticated scams such as billing the govt for transportation for handicapped kids that have long left, and substitute teachers being paid that do not exist.  He starts having serious computer problems and asks those responsible to repair his computer.  He asks repeatedly and nothing is done.  Finally small ads for soft porn appear on his computer email.  He unplugs his computer and reports it.  Next thing he is accused of using his school computer to access pornography.  The school tries to have him arrested by the local police, but they say there is no case, no evidence.  The teacher is so disgusted he resigns and plans to get another job elsewhere since other schools have expressed an interest in him before (he is in a high demand field with a shortage of qualified teachers).

Then the school blackballs him and does everything it can to get his licenses revoked and smear him.  It all fails and he is now back at work in a better school. He sues the school.  The law firm representing the school is linked to the governor who was rumored to be linked to intel.  At a deposition at the office of school’s attorney, he is repeatedly offered beverages and cookies but refuses. They act hurt and disappointed.  The fluorescent lights start blinking and he starts starts to feel very agitated.  So he stands up and turns the lights off.  Immediately he feels normal again and is able to complete his deposition.  Eventually the judge rules in favor of the school on a technicality and the case seems like it was fixed.

Here’s another Ozone rumor.  A local suburb of a large American city installs expensive new streetlights along main walking paths and bike trails, all paid for by special USG security grants.  These high tech lights are radio controlled have sensitive speakers to pick up anything those walking by say, and just happen to have pulsed beam emitters which are usually only turned on in the AM when folks drive by on the way to work or in the PM when they drive by on the way home.  When sophisticated test equipment is used by an interested researcher to drive by and walk by certain times during the day, these emission patterns become clear. And just by coincidence I’m sure, these frequencies emitted are in the same range as those which have been suspected to mildly entrain mood in susceptible individuals.  These systems didn’t start in America, they were deployed in the UK and Europe first along with numerous surveillance cameras.

Are these anecdotal stories and rumors true?  We can’t know for sure. But there is a lot about the crimes of high officials in American Intel that we can know about, information provided in Congressional hearings that cannot be covered up any more. The Senator Church Hearings on Intel Abuses, The Watergate Hearings, the Iran-Contra Hearings, the Mindkontrol Hearings of Energy Secretary Rachel O’leary and a Special Hearing on US Customs corruption.  All the results of these hearings were published by the US Printing Office.  Some are probably no longer available.  The Report form the Hearings on Corruption in US Customs was as thick as a phone book and documented truly disgusting compromising of US Customs officials by criminal elements, all done with baksheesh.


Now why did each of these hearings occur at all?  Yes, there were political games being played, that’s true.  But also there had been a convergence of far too many rumors and anecdotal stories of severe abuse by entities of the USG.  Eventually a critical mass was reached.  And this was the same type of critical mass process that resulted in the House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) which attempted to re-examine the JFK, RFK and MLK Assassinations.

Right from the start several very sophisticated interception and psychological operations were planned and begun to neutralize the investigation. Numerous things were done to hamper it and they did succeed.  But in the process valuable evidence did emerge despite the murders of numerous key witnesses who were in process of being subpoenaed.  This included Sam Giancana.

During the Hearings, several key intel individuals were deposed in private executive (classified) sessions who spilled the beans and told what really happened.  We do not have access to these, they are sealed, so we cannot know for sure.  It is rumored that Marita Lorenz, who was well acquainted with the members of OP40 (in Room 40 at Langley), set up by Richard Nixon when he was VP, provided evidence which was sealed.  It was rumored that this evidence included a photo of Oswald, Ruby and others the night before the JFK Assassination outside a motel room near Dallas. So one can see that the American Intel spin machine has been working overtime covering this one up for many years and is still hard at work doing so.  It is failing because good surveys have shown between 80-90% of the American public believe that JFK was murdered by his own Govt and a big cover-up has been in place ever since.


There have been new laws to attempt to further muzzle actual Federal Whistle-blowers who speak out in attempts to expose and correct extreme Govt abuses and crimes. Some whistle-blowers have been wrongly fired, indicted and even jailed for speaking out.  Some have been successful in spite of massive efforts to muzzle them.  Take the example of the America Heroes Frederick Whitehurst, Colleen Rowley, and Sibel Edmonds that went public and eventually prevailed. The amount of harassment and abuse that both Dr. Whitehurst and Sibel Edmonds endured was disgraceful.


Dr. Ferederick Whitehurst was an experienced technician working in the FBI crime lab who became a public whistle-blower who reported faking of evidence and misuse of the lab.  He survived all the harassment, threats and abuse and is one of the greatest American Heroes ever. Colleen Rowley was an FBI whistle-blower that spoke out and notified Congress of the WFO not allowing her to initiate a search of Zacharias Moussaui’s computer which was alleged to contain information about a side plot for 911 patsies.  Rowley’s taking of a stand for what was right took great courage.  Another great American Hero.


Sibel Edmonds was an FBI translator that came across alarming information which she tried to report. National security was clamped down and she was prevented from speaking freely about a certain cabal in Congress that were allegedly paid off to assist with the 911 attacks.  Now she is free to talk to a limited degree about this and has her own website, Boiling Frogs.  She is another great American Hero.

Or take the case of Susan Lindauer, an American Intel asset who became a whistle-blower. She was jailed and harassed beyond reason, all by criminal elements in American Intel. Now she is free and telling her story and it’s an alarming one.  She was allegedly jailed under national security to keep her from speaking out about the warnings of the 911 attacks.  Another great America Hero.

And yet despite all these coordinated attempts to surveil, stalk, harass, threaten and abuse so many folks who have seen far too much, more are leaking information about the crimes and abuses of American Intel.


It certainly appears that the USG national security state is growing at a very rapid rate, all in response to Terrorism and the War on Terror.  The problem is that the terror acts like 911 and others have been done by elements in the USG, directed by the Shadow Govt. As the USG gears up to fight this war on terror in the homeland, using the US Military deployed inside the US and the new American Gestapo (Homeland Security), more and more view this behavior as criminal, a gross violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and a complete violation of oath of office.  As more and more folks get disgusted inside the national security apparatus (which is now aboun80% privatized) there are many more who will leak and many more who will listen.  And thanks to the Internet these misdeeds of the national security that are leaked out spreads fast.

As things heat up in the homeland and the economy shows no signs of rapid upswing, it is likely a certain critical mass will be reached by “we the people” and  certain public tipping points will occur as they always do eventually.  Then it will “be on” at many different levels as never before.

Preston James is the pseudonym of a Ph.D. in social psychology, who has become an expert on psy-ops, “false flag” and covert operations by the US government

The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. LEGAL NOTICE - COMMENT POLICY

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14 Responses to "Why So Many Recent Intel Leaks?"

  1. CoJonesGrandes  June 25, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Great speech from a whistleblower

    Thomas Drake blew the whistle on a massive domestic information gathering scheme and was called “an enemy of the state” (speech at Sam Adams Awards)

  2. gentry  June 25, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Great article!
    Here are PHOTOS of the top NIST 9/11 conspirators that also includes several top military generals. Notice how many of these 103 traitors are dual-citizen Israelis and PNAC members.


  3. danielnoel  June 23, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Very interesting article. I would add that 9/11 is rich in blunders so gross that one can legitimately wonder whether they have been deliberately leaked. To take just one example, the fraud in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s final technical report on the twin towers’ destruction is so transparent and so amateurish that one can legitimately wonder if NIST’s engineers did not bungle their job intentionally. The alternative requires that they be unbelievably incompetent.

    Ironically, the NIST engineers have received much scorn from 9/11 activists, while there is a distinct possibility that they received reproach from the master 9/11 conspirators. Once the 9/11 censorship is out of the way, maybe they will be recognized as unsung 9/11 heroes…


  4. xx  June 23, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Your story hits many points; people would not believe what goes on behind the scenes. If you don’t have the proper background, you won’t survive long. But others survive for some time, only because their trained to do so, and make observations. You must test waters for sharks, before entering, old story, and if necessary test again. I like when former F-I Ag spoke about car breaks, anyone being pursued, first thing to monitor closely. Breaks or Tie Rods, or wire wrapped around broken ties rods. You are alone, because often F A’s are told to look the other way, from high level. But most important, you have to recognize contract groups, and precise skill. Understand reconnaissance operations, because observations are being made for plan and assault, and if you don’t understand, you won’t survive. One small secret, observe shoe types, there are many more. And low cost approach to monitor, always before departing home for some time, hide (well) sound activated recording devices in your home (turn on before departing), even if you have security system.

  5. xx  June 23, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    And remember Dr. Preston, they are telling you to look “Up” not “Down”.

  6. xx  June 23, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Insert from story,”The ancient underground city of Derinkuyu is proof of what man can achieve when his life is threatened.”


    Insert from story,”It was large enough to shelter tens of thousands of people together with their livestock and food stores”.


    Do you know how many millions in today’s underworld?

  7. Angus Alexander MacLeod  June 23, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    I just wanted to say what an utterly excellent article this is, Sir, and how much I appreciate your bringing so many of these details and courageous individuals to your readership’s attention. I once labored in some of the very same trenches and have been honored to call some of these people friends. Among them was Phil Agee, whose story is always well worth re-telling. Familiarizing yourself with any of their stories is a revelatory experience, I can assure you.

    Angus is my own alter-ego, but I posted one of my earlier works along these lines on one Mr. D’s articles very recently. I pray daily that more and more people will look into these leaks and whistleblowers and fully comprehend their sacrifices to try and bring these crucial truths to light. I just finished reading and watching Valerie Plame’s “Fair Game” and even after these several years intervening remain deeply impressed with the courage and true patriotism displayed by her and her husband, Joe Wilson. I only wish they both had read Bill Blum’s watershed work http://www.killinghope.org or any of Fletcher Prouty’s works somewhere early along the line. Once you are able to fully grasp “The Big Picture” here, you will also begin to see that tiny glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel (of course, we all pray that it is not a freight train…). I remain deeply grateful for all the noble work you brave folks at VT are about. Semper Fi…

  8. xx  June 23, 2012 at 4:08 pm


    My health is very poor now, so have to speed up this process. How do you create a New World? By destroying the old world, and thereafter, destroying the ones who destroyed the old world. Under ground bases or cities being built for more then 60 years and with vast transportation networks (allot of missing monies)? Aliens? Yes, and “you are” the aliens to communities living below, some smart engineer was trying to tell you large amounts of money being spent for many years on these vast facilities. You know population above, but do you know the population below? Same skilled engineer was attempting to provide messages that were coded, and the only way to discuss specific topics with limited time (he knew). The highest level of security is maintained, when no one can leave the facility for any reason; this ultimately creates communities then societies within these networks and new civilization nwo, technically advanced, with robotic and information surveillance, and educate their children to take over roles later, or import then educate. You are the Alien above? How do you reduce the pop? Obvious.

    Maybe the gateway is located in Colorado, and maybe some messages, please look closely. I can’t believe people can interpret the messages this cult leaves everywhere. Yes, they spend billions of dollars and include art and symbols of “no value” to them. That’s their game.

    Do you have a ticket into the underworld? If not, prepare for the greatest show on earth.

  9. Preston James, Ph.D  June 23, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I respectfully disagree with your characterization that I made any effort to defend the Defense/Intel et al, or that intel folks are loyal to their compatriots internationally first. The American Intel heroes I mentioned were folks of the highest character and integrity and held true to their oath to the US Constitution. Yes there are some double and triple agents and moles who serve themselves first. But there are many honest folks in all sectors of defense, intel and govt that take their oath the the Constitution seriously.
    Yes I do make spelling errors occasionally even though I use spell check.

  10. Preston James, Ph.D  June 23, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Thanks, now corrected.

  11. sc_328c1dba96977c17a9d89228fb9ad069  June 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Your topic and it’s introduction are fare enough. In the body of the article however I find the effort to defend the Defense/Security/Intel Community appalling.

    The origins, and the record of these agencies since their beginning speaks for itself. Then you fail to mention that any one working in any compartmentalized sector of the apparatus is well aware, that his seemingly innocent compartmentalized function, when combined with the seemingly innocent compartmentalized functions of other seemingly innocent functionaries, will produce a whole and end result that is anything but innocent.

    The ongoing coverup of 911 has got to be one of the greatest ever initiated; and, along with creating cover ups for the incidents on the drawing boards, and shucking and jiving, bobbing and weaving, hanging loose then shuffling and tweaking the apparatus to make the cover fit the unexpected consequences that get thrown into the stew by unpredictable variables, your innocent intel assets must be in on what is all going down, and complicit.

    How much the general population is aware of, and can be made aware of, is a big scary unknown (that they would love to have definitive knowledge of) to all those involved. As public awareness rises, so does the temperature in the intelligence community.

    Accordingly, Veterans are a supposed threat. This is not because they are now “nut cases” and “loaded guns” who will go off: it is because their military background and experience lends to applying critical thinking skills, seeded during their active duty; and military, and defense, and to what ever level ‘intel’ oriented skills they have garnered, either through instruction, mission performance, or intuitive synergy of all and any of the former lend to an extremely high number of citizens being introduced into the population who, know much, and have the skills to learn more, and pretty accurately decipher incoming additional information.

    That raises the public awareness probability way up, and with the many Vets being dumped back in, higher than desired for the intel ‘brotherhood’. And did I mention that the temperature with in the intel ‘brotherhood’ rises accordingly?

    I use the ‘Intel Brotherhood’ because it is now an international fraternity. They are all loyal to the City of Spook, in the Country of Kook, over and above any other loyalty. Playing the game is more important than the ends of that game, to them. They are a laws unto themselves, flattered by their ability to effect; and the consequences and outcome be damned.

    You should have included printed reading material with syllabic pasterns embedded to induce dyslexia into your ‘Ozone Report’ as well, I see it used so often.

    You should proof read your articles for errors and use “spell check” as well, before you post them.

  12. DaveE  June 23, 2012 at 11:28 am

    The FBI translator you mentioned is named Sibel Edmonds, not Sibel Edwards, unless you know something I don’t. Otherwise, great article.

  13. Allesandro  June 23, 2012 at 9:49 am

    When the US Government has been caught in lies so,so,so many times and is still doing it, their credibility goes to zero, people become aware of it en mass and may start to believe even innocent tragedies, were deliberate Government acts against the people. We are now at that point.

  14. lola  June 23, 2012 at 2:07 am

    There are many neutralizers on the web too. Wellinformed1.com is a disinfo Cointelpro site among many others like Zetatalk.com. Just crap that confuses people trying to inform themselves. Another layer of the BS cake. Stay away from the new age crap. I do not like Project Camelot personally but that is just me. Good to have VT though….so far….

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