Goverment’s Cowardly Betrayal!

Homeless Veteran live outside the locked front gates
to the Los Angeles National Veterans Home

“I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” – General Douglas MacArthur


By Robert L. Rosebrock


Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention knows that we are living in some very perilous times here on American soil.

Consider that a non-Veteran can put on a U.S. Military Uniform with a chest full of Combat Medals awarded to others, including the Medal of Honor, and then openly lie about serving our country and it’s called “Freedom of Speech.”

But when a 10-year active-duty Marine Combat Sergeant posts a personal comment on Facebook about the Commander-in-Chief, he is given an other-than-honorable discharge and loses all his Military benefits and awards.

This is consistent in how our Courts continue to rule against our Military and Veterans and rule in favor of non-Veterans.

While many will disagree with the various lawsuits that are filed by the ACLU, myself included, we’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would be in opposition to their current civil lawsuit filed on behalf of disabled and homeless Veterans against the top-level bureaucrats in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Nonetheless, there are those who are intensely opposed to the lawsuit and are gloating gleefully that a Federal Judge has ruled against disabled and homeless Veterans.

It is beyond comprehension that President Obama would allow his Department of Justice and U.S. Attorneys to fight against this lawsuit, even filing for its dismissal.

Does anyone believe that Barack Obama is not a card-carrying member of the ACLU?

Moreover, Laurence Tribe, Barack Obama’s law professor and mentor at Harvard University Law School, is the top co-counsel of this ACLU lawsuit.

So why isn’t America’s Commander-in-Chief defending our disabled and homeless Veterans instead of fighting them? After all, he is constantly boasting about honoring a sacred trust that our Nation has with our Veterans to protect them with proper care and shelter.

How could any grateful American Citizen not come to the defense of disabled and homeless Veterans who have defended our own freedom and safety?

Yet the same U.S. Attorneys fighting vigorously against disabled and disadvantaged Veterans that are homeless and hungry also launched an independent criminal investigation into a purported beating against an inmate at the Los Angeles County Jail system by two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

It’s simply incredulous that U.S. Attorney’s are protecting and defending one thug criminal who is incarcerated in a prison facility that gives him a roof over his head, a warm bed, hot showers and three square meals every day, while simultaneously fighting against 20,000 disabled and disadvantaged Veterans who are hungry and homeless and live in back-alley squalor because they’ve been dispossessed and exiled from their legally deeded Home.

Even worse, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero (not a Veteran) has sided with the U.S. Attorneys and the Department of Veterans Affairs in denying Veterans who are severely disabled from getting proper healthcare and housing.

Instead of using moral authority and issuing a “State of Emergency” order demanding the Department of Veterans Affairs immediately build temporary shelter and healthcare for tens-of-thousands of homeless Veterans in Los Angeles, Judge Otero stooped lower than anyone could ever imagine and ruled against providing healthcare and shelter for the very men and women who became disabled while defending our Nation and the U.S. Constitution that he swore an Oath to support and defend.

By bowing to the Obama defense team instead of standing up and defending the men and women who pledged their lives to defend our Nation, it’s crystal clear that Judge Otero’s denial of disabled, disadvantaged and homeless Veterans is betrayal in the worst order … cowardly betrayal.

Correspondingly, the Department of Justice and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ shameful betrayal against tens-of-thousands of disabled and impoverished Veterans is simply un-American.

It’s long been held that betraying our Nation that America’s Military was created to defend is one of the most odious of all crimes. What would be the most odious of all crimes if it isn’t betraying the very men and women who have defended our Nation, particularly those who became disabled and disadvantage in the process?

While the ACLU lawsuit is a “civil” one, there is absolutely nothing civil in the way the Department of Veterans Affairs abuses disabled and homeless Veterans and misappropriates their legally deeded land, nor is there anything civil in the manner in which the Department of Justice and a Federal Judge are running roughshod over their civil liberties, safety and well-being.

The ACLU civil lawsuit is simply round one in the federal court battle and any of the rulings against disabled and homeless Veterans must be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.

And, oh-by-the-way, there is not one Veteran on the U.S. Supreme Court, yet it is the men and women of our United States Armed Forces who defend the U.S. Constitution that they are supposed to uphold.

Make no mistake, the activities that prompted the ACLU civil lawsuit are criminal in their origin, including the biggest land-fraud scam in American history that has compounded the abuse of disabled and disadvantaged Veterans with willful neglect, violation of the Americans With Disability Act, humiliating and degrading treatment, Human Rights violations, reckless disregard, endangerment, and a multitude of other heinous crimes against humanity.

Correspondingly, there needs to be Congressional, FBI, VA Inspector General, and Federal Grand Jury Investigations initiated, posthaste.

These crimes and those who perpetrated them need to be fully investigated and tried at the highest levels, including before The Hague’s International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court , Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, the United Nations, Charter of the International Military Tribunal, and a Veterans Tribunal.

Congressman Henry Waxman is the elected public servant entrusted to protect Veterans property and their health and welfare because this is largest VA in the nation and it is situated in his Congressional District.

He has not only breached his fiduciary duty to uphold the Congressional Act of 1887 and the Legal Deed of 1888, but he has aided and abetted in the misappropriation of this sacred land and betrayed the health and wellbeing of disabled and disadvantaged Veterans.

California U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are equally culpable.

Government’s cowardly betrayal against the very men and women who pledged their lives to defend our Nation and our own safety is deplorable and indefensible.

And before anyone tries to say this is political condemnation because President Obama, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Congressman Waxman are all Democrats, you need to know that Judge Otero was appointed by Republican George W. Bush.

In sum, they’re all equally culpable and taking care of our Veterans is not a political issue. It’s an American responsibility.

Is there anyone in the United States Government who has the courage to defend America’s disabled, disadvantaged and homeless Veterans?

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2 Responses to "Goverment’s Cowardly Betrayal!"

  1. The Cyclic Cross at Hendaye  July 20, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    It is screaming obvious that the talking heads & political sock puppets that never
    consider or relate to the idea of a prudent or a necessary War vs the idea of as many Wars as possible
    & bravely leave the charge 5000 miles behind lines are usually always the first & foremost to
    “Not Support the disabled & injured Vets”
    It is an established Doctrine to “Support the Troops & then shaft & screw the Injured,surviving Vets of these Wars as soon as possible & as often as possible,

    Of course not to slight or insult a lot of great folks who work in the V.A., but a large chunk of the
    VA budget is considered CAKE for the Corporate Merc Cartel Lobbys

    The Remnants of the old Right considered the Armed forces & especially those who were at the business
    end of the battles to be an immense unmeasurable Treasure of Americana & not to be casually committed
    for the Ambitions of a few pampered Elite

    The old Right never disrespected in anyway the American Vets,
    Never burned the flag, Never disrespected them to their Face or behind their backs
    Of course American Soldiers like all Soldiers in all Wars get killed or maimed for life
    in Conflicts

    Just, some of us thought it would be better for their to be a lot fewer who would meet that fate

    If this offends anyone please remove immediately

  2. Excalibur  July 17, 2012 at 11:31 am

    A great article by Robert Rosebrock – which carefully sets out the laws as regards Veterans – and points out that the ‘government’ is most certainly at fault and in breach of it’s own rules.

    This is indeed the cancerous side of having a SHADOW GOVERNMENT in full control of your country. They will play up and highlight all laws that are weighted in THEIR interests – and rubbish and ridicule all laws that are AGAINST what they want to achieve. Hence the words of the American Constitution are now being ignored – and will no doubt eventually be criminalized.

    You need to understand that the SHADOW GOVERNMENT controlling America – is not American at all – and has no intention in running the country in it’s own national interests. It never did – and is only in it for what it can take and use. At the bottom of the list of their priorities will be the men and women that they have used to attack their other enemies around the world. (People who, perhaps, were a bit more awake than us to the real enemy).

    It never ceases to amaze me how those traitors who rise to positions of power and office in these dark times are able to quickly grasp this sad reality. Not only so called ‘politicians’ and ‘Presidents’ but even senior police officers and security staff. They quickly understand that what the SHADOW GOVERNMENT wants is what will happen – and not what the law says. Many of them, after all, are only in office because of the corrupt power wielded by the Shadow operatives anyway – and they know it. These are men and women who are selected for their ability to shaft their own kind in the blink of an eye anyway.

    What America is experiencing is the reality of being an occupied colony of an enemy power. If you really wanted the best people running your government – you would fill it with Christian AMERICANS – in fact you would fill it with ex-combat Veterans (Like Gordon Duff and the VT crew) and special forces operatives – just like the israelis do with their government. You can be sure that everyone in the israeli government is thinking about what is best for israel and their own people. (The jewish variety anyway).

    The trouble is that most governments of countries in the west have now been covertly but thoroughly subverted and compromised by israeli intelligence and the SHADOW GOVERNMENT CRIME SYNDICATE – which is really just a corrupted version of the old British Foreign Office in the days of the British Empire.

    You have your best people running your own government – and make sure that the ‘colonies’ are run by puppet governments – manned by puppet people of no character value.

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