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On JUNE 28, 2012, in U.S. District Court, Boise, Idaho, a lawsuit was re-filed per U.S. 9th Circuit request. (case No: 12-330-CV LMB) This is a class action lawsuit against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS, and, SECRETARY of VETERANS AFFAIRS ERIC K. SHINSEKI.

The Complaint alludes to the following; Deprivation of Civil Rights, Intentional Infliction of Emotional and Physical Distress, Deprivation of Due Process and Tampering with, Obfuscation of Official Records, and, Defamation of Character, Libel, Slander, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death.

In a nut shell, any Veteran who has had trouble with the V.A. Medical System or, the numerous V.A. Regional Offices may JOIN this lawsuit. In less than one(1) month, we have had well over 100 JOIN. Clearly, we welcome those widows who have lost a husband via “ wrongful death “ at the hands of V.A. Medical Personnel.

For those interested in READING the full legal brief, you may go to this LINK; whereupon said BRIEF is right on the front page of this website for ALL veterans and concerned citizens to view.

As veterans are aware, some years ago, Board of Veterans Appeals Employees ( BVA ) were caught and prosecuted for the “ spoliation “ of veterans claims file folders. Well over 100,000 veterans were victimized by this organized crime gang, of which, in time, led to the revelation of 42 of the 57 VA Regional Offices destroying documents ( known as shredding ) in Veterans Claim File Folders. The systemic nature and direction of this effort to deprive veterans of FAIRNESS resides in the decades of delays and disappearances of Disability Claims.

The deprivation of Due Process Rights, the Denial of the right to face witnesses against the Veteran at SECRETLY HELD V.A. entitlement, evaluation, and Rating Board Hearings must not be allowed to continue unchecked. The V.A. BOARDS can do anything they wish with complete impunity, legal or illegal, as there is NO METHOD OF DISCIPLINE, NO OVERSIGHT, and, NO ACCOUNTABILITY of the Boards or their SECRET MEMBERSHIP !

Many Veterans are discovering for the first time, that the V.A. MOTTO of “ to care for those who bore the brunt of battle, their widow and orphan “ is just lip service ! At last, the opportunity to obtain some JUSTICE for all the wrongs committed by V.A. Employees has been presented to those veterans who man-up, speak up, of the injustices committed against their person. At the LINK provided, on the left side of the page under FRAUD EXHIBITS locate JOINDER DOCUMENT. This is the document for you to join in this litigation as a Member of the Class. You must send in TWO (2) copies and BOTH must be LEGALLY NOTARIZED. Address to send/mail is on that FORM.

Veterans are encouraged to read the LEGAL BRIEF. The evidence is there to prove this complaint. Veterans have rights like any citizen of the United States has, however, we have been for far to long disenfranchised from those items deemed orderly in a Democratic Society. Join this lawsuit, be heard !!

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5 Responses to "Lawsuit Filed Againts VA"

  1. Subvet416  July 28, 2012 at 8:13 am

    Download the Joinder Notice here.
    Make three copies, keep one for your records, sign two copies in the presence of a notary and send the two notarized copies to the address on the form.

    Read over the lawsuit carefully and start to gather the evidence for your own part of the case.
    Download lawsuit here. Go to bottom of page, ATTENTION NEW LAWSUIT AGAINST V.A. – READ
    click “read more” and download the PDF.

    Any vet with a general or better discharge who is service-connected with the VA or who has filed a claim in the past for service connection has good cause to join in this action.

  2. ianmacleod  July 27, 2012 at 12:59 am

    I’m also a chronic pain patient. When my wife was dying three years ago of COPD, the head clinician was subbing for my who was on a short vacation. I was caring for my bedridden wife alone, so of course pain levels went up. I was on fentanyl. My doc was afraid to raise the dose 20 micrograms (“You’re pretty much maxed out on the fentanyl” he said), so he raised the adjuvant doses. It was a LITTLE better than nothing, I’ve since learned there IS NO CEILING DOSE on opiates. Anyway, this head clinician calls me up (first time a VA has ever called me at home) and says, “You’re abusing this med. You’re off of it as of now.” Then they started blackmailing me to come in, 50 miles each way, for a piss test. I couldn’t use the local hospitals.I also couldn’t leave my wife alone. Then one day I got my usual Tegaderm package (it helped the fentanyl stay on) and ANOTHER ONE with no pharmacy label on it, and no fentanyl. The Head Pharmacist said, “That’s impossible, You’re scamming for more drugs.” The doctor said, “I wrote the script; I’m not writing another one, If you run out, go to the local E.R.” That would mean a $600 ER trip0 every two days. And NO ER is going to supply me with a month of fentanyl. I was totally abandoned. Things like that KEPT happening, I was hounded, lied to, blackmailed… My weight dropped from 210 to 143. My wife and I decided on suicide. We were a week away from it when a new local doc agreed to help. Not enough, but some, so I managed to keep her in the home she’d grown up in until she died in my arms. I left the VA, stayed away for 35 months after being with them for over 20 years. I still refuse to allow them anything to do with the pain condition. As far as I’ve ever been able to find out, there isn’t a lawyer who has the cojones to sue the VA. Oh – they tricked me into what I thought was a consult witha “Board Certified Pain Management Specialist”. He was an internist with one year experience in a PM clinic. He was also a domineering prick who instantly cut the pain meds drastically, He tried to put me on everything I’d told him never worked or made me ill. it also was NOT a consult – the guy took over my pain care and I was told I had no choice. Even the patient advocate didn’t know to tell me that was a lie, and the bastard nearly killed me. He DID contribute to my wife’s early demise by crippling me. You bet your ass I’m joining this suit!


  3. jediskyler  July 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    So how exactly do I join this lawsuit? I didn’t see a link to the left, as was listed in the text.

  4. Gray  July 23, 2012 at 7:35 pm


    We all know that “Anyone who takes narcotic pain killers is a lying junkie.” Right? That’s the mindset at McGuire’s VA pain clinic in Richmond VA even for chronic heart failure patients.
    After a Medication theft (with Police Report) I was 3 days short of refill time (of 480mg Morphine 105 Oxy. per day time.) A Dr. Weisbein said I was cut off, gave me a mind, useless B/P med. & sent me away with no hold over medications that precipitated 2 E.R. visits with B/P 220/140 etc & 3 days of sweaty, chilled, nightmarish withdrawals.

    Non V.A. E.R. Staff were shocked during those two visits.
    Refills arrived via mail on 15 June & since then (38) days I’ve been given absolutely NO reason.
    Dr. Weisbein was “Graduated” from the V.A. Pain Clinic to endanger lives at MCV/VCU Hospital.
    The only “reason” I have been given was: “You saw an outside V.A. Podiatrist & HE is responsible for your Charcot Joint Pain mgmt.” This new “Dr.” knew nothing about my decades old lower back disorder.

    So expect the same if you go through Patient Advocates and complain to MC.Guire’s Director & now it’s back to withdrawals and immobility.

    Should I join in on the suit. I’ve been scheduled for long awaited heart surgery tomorrow but….who knows.

  5. simonalvarado  July 23, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    I agree with Normie, even if the VA was privatized the care by the civilian market would be better than fighting the VA. I saw a VA doctor for years and this guy never examined. Maybe he could read minds or had xray visions. I think that more and more lawsuits needs to be filed or maybe get a new secretary that can lead the VA out of its own greed. Mr. President, fire Eric Shinseki for the same reason he was released from Iraq. There maybe some out there that really like the VA but there just as many and many more who will disagree. Just because you do not disagree with the VA or your doctor does not mean they are going treat you any better.

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