Lynyrd Skynyrd goes PC – then Back Again – Sort of

American Mass Media Sinks to New Lows


  …by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …featuring  Clint Lacy and SCV Cmdr.  Michael Givens


In the Beginning There Was This Band – Skynyrd be Their Name

Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd found themselves splashed across the news last week due to a flank attack by a CNN interviewer looking for a South bashing story in time for the elections.

Yes, CNN…we know. This is an Intel website and question number one with stuff like this is ‘why now?’ The answer is obviously,”It’s election time!”.

The fake unbiased media will be looking for stories to stroke the emotional strings of particular voting groups who have been Pavlovian trained to respond accordingly.

The worst of this is the silly unattributed emails that are flooding around now. The newest scam is to claim that ‘Snopes confirms’, when they do just the opposite, but the hucksters know that if people get these kinds of emails from someone they know, most would not check.

Down South everyone got tired of the phony NAACP heritage symbols fights. Now that being anti-flag bores people to tears you never hear anything about the  NAACP as they don’t do much really, and most black folks know that. Similarly, many Jews I know view the ADL as hucksters.

But today’s story has a different twist.  It is no secret down here that some businesses rode pride in the South to good profits like Coke and NASCAR. Yet when the Yankee new management came in they were not always big on ‘business heritage’, so to speak.

Like the Communists did in the Soviet Union or Red China, you just destroy or erase what you don’t like, or need as a scapegoat, or both.

The same thing can happen to bands in the situation where younger new members take over from the old road bands that just can’t or don’t want to do the road thing anymore. The new folks figure they have their traditional audience in the bag, so they look for new ones to reach out to.  And if wiping their feet on the southern heritage can possibly fill a few more empty seats, then they are open to change as Obama would say.

We have this strange case below where one of the old time band members, Gary Rossington, ‘clarifies’ reports that the battle flag has been ditched from stage performances as not true. Rossington might have been encouraged by the deluge of angry fans that poured into their Facebook site, with the specter of maybe even more empty seats.

Yet, despite this clarification widely displayed on the band’s Facebook page, the Atlantic Wire not only choose to run the the original story, but refused to update with the Rossington statements.

I were advising Atlantic Wire, I would share that the reputation of a media outlet should be based on the Watergate rule. “It’s not the initial act that brings you down, but the cover up.”


An Inconvenient Truth; Liberal Media ignores Skynyrd Pledge to Keep Flying Confederate Flag


  …by  Clint Lacy  …with Sons of Confederate Veterans Cmdr. Michael Givens


Ah…the good ole days

The members of Lynyrd Skynyrd probably weren’t expecting a firestorm when they agreed to be interviewed by CNN’s Fredricka, but that’s exactly what transpired when members of the group stated that they would no longer fly the Confederate flag at their shows. 

The interview, which aired Sept 9th on CNN caused an uproar in the Southern community , especially among long time Skynyrd fans.

The interview went viral almost as soon as it finished airing and angry fans flooded the group’s Facebook and Twitter accounts expressing dissatisfaction with the group’s decision to distance themselves from the flag.

The mainstream media was almost giddy with self adoration. They were no doubt, patting themselves on the back for what they perceived as another victory in bringing down “the old South”.  What they weren’t expecting was the effect that an angry fan base would have on the group’s decision distance itself from the Confederate flag, but that’s exactly what happened and at least one member of the group listened.

Gary Rossington, the last original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd released a statement on Sept 21′st stating:

“I wanted to clarify the discussion of the Confederate Flag in our recent CNN interview. Myself, the past members and the present members (that are from the South), are all extremely proud of our heritage and being from the South. We know what the Dixie flag represents and its heritage; the Civil War was fought over States rights. We still utilize the Confederate (Rebel) flag on stage every night in our shows, we are and always will be a Southern American Rock band, first and foremost.

We also utilize the state flag of Alabama and the American flag as well, ‘cause at the end of the day, we are all Americans. I only stated my opinion that the confederate flag, at times, was unfairly being used as a symbol by various hate groups, which is something that we don’t support the flag being used for. The Confederate flag means something more to us, Heritage not Hate… -Gary Rossington “

While the left-wing media was quick to spread the news of “their victory” ( Skynyrd’s  decision to distance themselves from all things Confederate), they were less enthusiastic to spread the news of Rossington’s clarification that they will still fly the Confederate Battle Flag at their shows.

In fact “news organizations” such as The Atlantic Wire decided to ignore Rossington’s statement all together.

The very same day that Rossington released his statement that the group WAS NOT going to stop flying the Confederate Battle Flag at their live shows The Atlantic Wire published an article entitled “Racists Ruined the Confederate Flag for Lynyrd  Skynyrd” !

The article states that:

“The reason reporters are scouring online forums, fanpage comments, and Twitter is because the last surviving original member of the hard-to-spell band which brought you Southern anthems “Free Bird” and “Sweet Home Alabama”, Gary Rossington, has made a pledge to stop associating the band (himself) with the Confederate flag.

It’s a big move since part of the reason the Confederate flag has remained popular (at least in rock n roll) was because Lynyrd Skynyrd’s use of the flag in concerts and memorabilia (back when Rossington didn’t think it was associated with the KKK and raging racists)”

I find it hard to believe that The Atlantic Wire author of this article had absolutely no idea that Rossington had clarified his statements about the Confederate flag and his pledge to keep flying it at their shows, or the fact that Rossington stated the war was not about slavery.

Just in case you were wondering, no The Atlantic Wire has not updated the article to reflect Rossington’s clarification about the Confederate flag. It is a little more than ironic , when one considers that when Rossington’s statements about the flag were published on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Facebook page it received 2108 positive comments within 5 hours of its posting.

Are we really supposed to believe the Atlantic Wire had no knowledge of this?  Of course they did, but they were already in celebration mode, they couldn’t spoil the celebration with a healthy dose of the truth could they?


Still, some aren’t so quick to forgive the group even after Rossington pledged to keep flying the flag.  Michael Givens, Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans released the following statement today on his Facebook page:

SCV Cmdr – Michael Givens

Dear Gary, Lynyrd Skynyrd, management, `et alia’,

I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We are an organization, chartered in 1896 by veterans of the War for Southern Independence for the purpose of promoting the true history and principles of the Confederate soldiers’ cause. On behalf of our 31,000 members

I write you today to express our deep sadness and concern over your present stance toward our venerable banner of the South. Your use of the flag in a manner that is up lifting and not aligned with any form of hate has been a stalwart defense of the flag’s true symbolism for many years. We appreciate and applaud your past efforts on behalf of our common ancestors.

Our biggest concern comes from your statement on the 8th of September 2012 to CNN. You disclosed, “But I think through the years, you know, people like the KKK and Skinheads and people have kind of kidnapped the dixie rebel flag from the southern tradition and the heritage of the soldiers.” Sir, our ancestors wrote the definition of that flag with their blood and when they furled the flag at the last battle they tucked their God-given liberty inside. The KKK and the Skinheads do not define our flag any more than the NAACP or any other hate group.

I am sure you do not agree with their hateful views of our flag, therefore I must ask you, who will stand up for the TRUTH, if not you and if not me? The answer is no one and without us the truth will be buried with the American Confederate flag. That is why we must not capitulate to their nancy demands.

Like many men in my organization, your music has been the soundtrack of my life. Your songs have helped define my own identity and Southernness. I have been a fan from the beginning. I was at the second to the last concert of the original band in Johnson City, Tennessee. All my best friends were at the Greenville, South Carolina concert a few days later. Then, our lives were changed forever—some much more than others. We have always been there for you. Your fans have not let you down. Do not let us down.

Do you have Confederate Ancestors? Find out at SCV.ORG

My fear is that you are living the song, WORKING FOR THE MCA and that Lynyrd Skynyrd has become the subject of a re-branding effort that hopes to make a kinder, gentler Lynyrd Skynyrd. I worked in the ad world for twenty years; re-branding’s not what we need. We need the honest and courageous Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Stay true to your people.

Please fell free to contact me if I may help. I wish you the very best and remain,

Respectfully yours,

Michael Givens
Sons of Confederate Veterans


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11 Responses to "Lynyrd Skynyrd goes PC – then Back Again – Sort of"

  1. wolf  September 26, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Dammit guys, it’s ALLMAN brothers…not Almond brothers. The Almonds are a bunch of nuts.

  2. Charlotte NC Bill  September 25, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    The ONLY thing I don’t like about the Confederate flag ( the only american flag w/a christian symbol on it ) is that it’s not more widely flown…no member of the elite here in the Charlotte area would be caught drunk next to one….it’s seen hanging fm an occasional trailer out in the boonies but that’s it….There are strong secession movements in Vt, Hawaii, Alaska..Tx….( part of the CSA but they wouldn’t join again-too big for their britches ) but the symbol of OUR secession…our battle flag…is rarely seen..

  3. taosword  September 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Great music. It can bring us together. I have done it. The southern veteran of the Vietnam war and the Black veteran of the Vietnam war, together in a compassionate evironment have taught me that in the Civil War, the young Union soldier and the young Confederate soldier were like we were in Vietnam. Drafted or joined after being lied to by the governments and land owners to fight for something we should believe in that was in reality their inability to settle their business differences and both stop having slaves and to then figure out how to help the Africans and to get a way to have a labor market that is fair and equitable. After taken advantage of every uneducated ethnic immigrant group that came here, the mulitinational corporations had to give a bit after unions were established. Well now they just send the work overseas so they dont have to pay well and treat people well. Think about how we all are involved in this slave market today. This is more then a North vs. South thing. The powers that be would like us to stay in conflict with each other. They are masters of trianangulation of workers, unions, ethnic groups, countries, tribes, etc. Same as it ever was. Lets play music together. The Blues is in order.

  4. nofolalo  September 24, 2012 at 11:08 am

    It so, so, so amazing. Everything is now (and will be until election day) “Election Colored”.

    From so self procliamed “Truthers” of sorted warp and woof, (woof woof woof) we’ve heard resounded over and again; that, the left right, up down, donkey and elephant show is a charade.

    That, there is no ‘two party system’ in reality. It is a prop of theater to deceive unwitting Americans (could it be?) into believing they have a choice; and, are a free, and democratic Country.

    That, whoever wins it changes nothing. “The Agenda” (that would be the ‘Plan For The New American Century’) would stride on.

    It truly does seem so, doesn’t it? Or, does it just seem so?

    Well, excitement is all around us now. Mindless excitement, that’s always engaging. Of course there are no shortage of interests, that know how to channel all that excitement, are there?

    Those who ‘shouted from the roof tops’ that the two party system was a charade; now, they also have a favorite. It was so easy to choose , between the lesser of two evils. It’s a simple choice now between worse and worst. Pull the lever, and hope for the best.

    You will be hearing it again though; and sooner than you think, and from those who have their favorite now. It’s all theater to make you believe you’re free.

    “Go on, kick the ball, Charlie Brown”, it’s the season.

  5. Gerry  September 24, 2012 at 5:44 am

    What about Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    I’l bet the real Lynyrd Skynyrd is still rolling around in his grave only now it’s to the left!

  6. Jim W. Dean  September 23, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    I second dat emotion!! 🙂 Daqua, I was born and raised in Massachusetts and got the whole nine yards Yankee education. I was in my mid forties when I learned that Lincoln did not really free the slaves with the Emancipation proclamation, as none of the slaves in Northern States were freed, the last ones not even until the 14th amendment was passed.

    But it was a passing for me because I was smart enough to deduce that if they would lie to you so massively about something disproven by looking at the archives, and worse, the educational folks would go along with it.
    So they did not have your back, a bitter thing to swallow here in the land of the free.

    Hence began my journey through all of my American heritage studies, doing Heritage TV here in Atlanta with my crew for ten years, and eventually here to VT, which is like the Livermore Labs on dealing with the phony stuff.

  7. daquamarine  September 23, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    The Almond Bros? Is there an “in” joke that I am missing?

    I consider the Allman Bros. to be the finest Southern band ever, and one of the best American bands. I give Skynyrd a clear #2 rating. They were polished and capable musicians who put on a great show. I am a Yankee who has had the blindfold removed about the War of Northern Aggression. The South was the Iraq of their day. Might have been some bad eggs in their power elite, but they did not deserve invasion any more than Saddam did. Fly that battle flag proudly. It represents a better America than the banker ruled one.

    I would like to see America get the truth, put the past behind us and become a united states. Regional cultures are a richness to be enjoyed for their uniqueness.

  8. Brian  September 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Well it’s before my time but White Rabbit is one of the most powerful, gripping songs I’ve ever heard; it’s a classic. I mentioned the song to a good friend I used to work with, who happened to be a hippie during the 60’s and a good friend of Steve Tyler of Aerosmith during high school and I could tell just mentioning the song had an impact on her.

  9. Jim W. Dean  September 23, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Had the Almond Brothers band play at NC State for a Spring frat weekend, multiple chapters sharing the costs. When I first got there as a freshmen, the Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit was number one, and was not allowed on the air in North Carolina…part of the cultural adjustment.

    The Almond brothers made their bones playing a lot of UGA gigs in Athens. And those were the days of Woodstock, too. American will probably never have a musical period like that again.

  10. Brian  September 23, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Well I’m not old enough to recall stories of Lynyrd Skynrd in its prime but I do occasionally listen to a radio station which plays old rock music; they may have not been the most gifted musicians, a lot of playing chords on the guitars, but Free Bird, easy to play I’m told, is a joy to listen to on occasion. Almond Brothers and the Outlaws also played some good Southern Rock.

    Well the plane crash which killed a few members of Lynryd Skynrd was probably an accident, but when famous people die in a plane crash I do get a little suspicious.

    Perhaps the orignial artwork is a wild coincidence, from Rolling Stone magazine: Three days after the release of Street Survivors, the Florida band’s fifth album (which included the hit singles “What’s Your Name” and “That Smell”), the group boarded a chartered aircraft to Baton Rouge, Louisiana – the sixth date of their major headlining tour. The flight crashed en route, killing lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, backup singer Cassie Gaines, road manager Dean Kilpatrick and the two pilots. The remaining band members suffered serious injuries.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd disbanded after the fatal flight, though Street Survivors continued to climb the charts (eventually going platinum). Eerily, the original sleeve artwork for the record showed the band members standing in a wall of flames; it was replaced in subsequent pressings.

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