To those Veterans who don’t want to die

To those Veterans who don’t want their fate replicated on more of their fellow Americans

M. I. Bhat

A neutral pestering his parents to get ?him married when reminded by ?his friends that ?he doesn’t have ‘It’ retorted, ‘Why, my brother has it!’

(How does one address this gender – Mr. Miss, Ms. or shall we simply say (?) until resolved?)

Anyway, that is the story of (?) Netanyahu. That is what ?he has been pleading ?himself and through Israel’s American lobbyists (both Jewish and Christian Zionists) with President Obama, and with the world leaders at UNGA the other day.

Lots of people who matter in Israeli politics including President Shimon Peres, Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, highest ranking former and current defense and intelligence officers (as well from USA) and half of Israeli population have repeatedly told (?) Netanyahu that Israel doesn’t have ‘It’ to launch an attack on Iran.

Now, it seems some one has told Netanyahu ‘Your brother is not feeling woozy but has already gone into syncope with exhaustion after playing for you on two earlier occasions.’ That possibly explains why Netanyahu allowed United States time until “next spring or summer” to recover and feel fit for another orgy!

Credit goes to Iran for rightly estimating Netanyahu’s gender problem, all through calling Israeli threats nothing more than “psyops,” intended to force ‘brother’ USA say: OK, We will again do it for you.

The joke and its real life analogy apart, Israel didn’t plead United States to bomb Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Al Tuwaitha Salman Pack Area or the alleged Syrian nuclear facility at al-Kibar, which it did on its own, first one in 1981 and the second one in 2008. What is then holding it from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities on its own? The answer is embedded in Zionist mentality: They are powerful against week. Unlike Iraq and Syria, Iran is militarily quite capable, as it has repeatedly warned, to lay waste this tiny piece of usurped territory for ever. Netanyahu realizes this. Moreover, Israel has become used to manipulate the United States to its advantage. Without spending a penny or shedding a drop of Jewish blood, it could manage, instead at the cost of American riches and blood, to finish off one of its enemies – Saddam Husain – and also continues to extract additional billions of aid money and huge cache of latest weaponry from the United States and its European allies. So, why not try again; this time with Iran.

Awakened, though late, to its deadly parasitic nature for America, American alternate media are brimming with venom against Israel for all the ills American public is suffering from. It derives mainly from the now settled belief that 911 was an Israeli false flag operation, like several others earlier, planned to get America into war on Muslims and Islam to forward its own agenda for “Greater Israel.” The people who saw through this gameplan early on came out on streets in historically unprecedented numbers across America and its allied countries but to no avail. (Btw, where in the world we see democratic governments honor the wish of their public other than implementing voting result?) They failed because they were trying to stop a salve from carrying out his master’s order. History is witness that a slave must carry out order even if it entails his own death. That is a historical fact the United States reestablished very convincingly. Early Islamic history, however, has a lesson. Islam didn’t end slavery by inciting slaves, or launching war, against their masters. It confronted masters with a message to oblige change of their heart. It is an example American public need to consider if they want to hold their Government back from fighting another proxy war for Israel and avoid more misery.

It is no secret that Israel’s American lobbyists (both Jewish and Christian Zionists) are the people who decide the American (lately increasingly also of its major allies — UK, France, Canada, Australia and Germany, in that order) foreign policy toward the Muslim world and create conditions and mechanisms to implement it. Even before the 911 terrorists had boarded the planes, they had located the culprits in Afghanistan’s caves that made some jubilant Israelis dance in front of falling World Trade Center Towers and the US Government rush their bombing missions on Afghanistan that continue even after 11 years. Their weaving of Iraq’s WMD story is too well known to need recounting. Again, it is no secret that for the past several years they have been busy creating conditions and generating supportive narratives to force United States into yet another war and attack Iran for Israel’s sake.

They are the ones Americans need to focus on.

Who should lead this movement? Theoretically all of the 99%, as they have been calling for “No More Wars For Israel.” But for more effective purpose, lead should be taken by those of the Americans who have suffered the most and who could themselves stand as the first hand proof of their suffering to legitimize their claims and corner the target and influence wider audience.

In any war, it is the soldiers and lower level officers who fight actual battles and “carry physical and emotional scars of war back home” and their families that are the first and foremost sufferers. Generals and commanders hardly ever suffer; indeed, if the corruption American army indulged in during their Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns is any indications, higher up in the army may have well secured their post-retirement life and their progeny’s. The number of living American war veterans in 2010 stood at 21.9 million. Obviously majority of this number comprise soldiers and lower level officers. Together with their families the number of war-suffering Americans should be quite significant part of the total population. A cursory sample of their suffering reads like this:

“Over two million service members have been to the wars and returned since 2001. Many times that number of Americans has been affected as spouses, parents, children, and friends… This is the central way in which the war’s violence has rippled through the nation, affecting families and the communities where they live. Child abuse has been three times higher in homes from which a parent is deployed, for example, and police and courts are dealing with skyrocketing partner abuse rates, which are up 177 percent in Army families since 2003.

“…. the burdens of these wars that have fallen on veterans and their families include higher rates of suicide and mental illness, increased drug and alcohol dependence, higher rates of violence including homicide and child abuse and neglect (the latter both among the parent left behind and by the returning veteran), high risk behaviors that have resulted in elevated numbers of car crashes and drug overdoses, elevated levels of homelessness and divorce, and clinical levels of stress among the children.”

As can be noticed, it only touches peripheries of their problems. It doesn’t talk, for instance, of the mental trauma of amputees, physically deformed, those undergoing repeated surgeries, and so on and it doesn’t talk of the financial hardships they and their families endure. (Mind you, we are totally ignoring the victims – in millions – on the other side of these wars.)

Poverty may be a wider phenomenon in today’s America but what the war veterans and their families suffer is unique to this class of the American society. They are the real symbols of the misery Israel’s lobbyists’ brought upon Americans and are trying their best to bring in more.

Let these war veterans and their families ask themselves: Did any of these war lobbyists lobby the USG or Congress/Senate for any succor to their suffering rather than lobby for more wars? Blogs reporting on veterans affairs do not give any affirmative answer; instead, they paint a very dismal picture of neglect.

Would they like their fate replicated on more of their compatriots? If not, it is time they come forward and take the lead against those who are hell bent to cast more Americans in their life mold. Let these veterans – on their twos, in their wheel chairs and may be some on stretchers — and their families come to the forefront and lead the rest of the 99%. Converge on America’s nemesis – Israel’s war lobbyists — and confront them with simple questions, like:

● How many more American soldiers they want to see killed, maimed and physically and emotionally traumatized for the rest of their life?

● How many more American soldiers they want to see commit suicide?

● How many more American families they want to see destroyed?

● How many more American parents they want to see loose their young sons and daughters?

● How many more Americans children they want to see orphaned and left uncared?

● How many more Americans they want to see unemployed and homeless?

● How many more Americans they want to see go hungry?

● How much more disillusioned they want to see Americans feel with their own Government?

● How much more hate and anger they want Muslim to harbor against America?

● And all this to what benefit for America and the Americans?

And may be also: When was the last Iran attacked America or any of its national interests?

OWS may not have succeeded in reaching their goals yet but they have created mass awareness among American masses about a lot of ills Zionist lobbyists have committed, and are committing, against American public. Veterans could build a successful movement upon that. And who knows may be some of their Seniors’ conscience might get pricked to join them to give added strength to their national cause.


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14 Responses to "To those Veterans who don’t want to die"

  1. davidmartin  October 7, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Ahmadinejad’s photographer defects. Hyperinflation sets in as Rial loses half its value on the currency market. It doesn’t pay to blame the Jew for one’s own infidelities. Peaceful Muslims, really? But wait, it must be Mossad agents doing all the killing in Syria, they cry. And it should be known, President Putin humbly allows NGOs to continue their charity work providing needed supplies to former Soviet Jews. Chancellor Merkel prepares for war against the Nazi parasites. What are you going to do, Nazis? We’re locked and loaded. Have a blessed day.

  2. Worker Bee  October 6, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Better to shout “The Zionists Did 9/11”. While there are good and evil Jews, there are only evil Zionists.

  3. Steve  October 4, 2012 at 4:50 am

    Dave, there is the good Jew and the bad Jew like anyone else. And every 9/11 theory so far seriously argued includes many non-Jews too, of whichever nationality. Blanket anti-Jew rants get no one anywhere, they sure as hell did not help Hitler and Germany for one. If you lose the ability or will to make just distinction then you are just blowing off your own steam for no effect than to generate more paranoia and sympathy for the targets of your rage. Even Iran is making the distinction in their own terms.

  4. M I Bhat  October 4, 2012 at 4:00 am

    Thanks for your thumbs up to the post, Inez.
    Everybody seems to know who are the people destabilizing the American society and, through USG, the whole world, and every one bemoans it. These individual voices need a physical platform, and a credible leadership. OWS has lot of energy and sincerity of purpose but are severely deficient in terms leadership of any established credentials. That is why I suggest Veterans take up that role.
    Let us see if some Veterans pick up the challenge.
    Peace on earth

  5. Ann  October 4, 2012 at 3:43 am

    American fighting men — and women — are being culled to eliminate them as a threat to the NWO. I doubt even officers are aware of their damnable fate and if told would scoff at it. After all, who better than they understand grouping, strategy, tactics, weaponry, and attacks?

    Do you think our sissy leaders would survive one weekend living in the park if it came to that? No way. They are just controllers and power-mongers which makes them dangerous because they know very well that they would not survive a fistfight with a boy scout. They would react like the cowards they are and run like roaches. Which they also are. Alas, it has come to just that. We are ruled and controlled by roaches.

    So they will preemptively neutralize what they correctly see as a real challenge that they would surely lose. If fighting men — even the badly injured ones — ever turned on them they would be torn to shreds in short order and without much effort. The paid off traitors who are their body guards could not hold out forever, and there is no guarantee they would not turn as well, unless they are foreigners.

  6. mohammad ismailbhat  October 4, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Thanks for your thumbs up to the post, Inez.
    Everybody seems to know who are the people destabilizing the American society and, through USG, the whole world, and every one bemoans it. These individual voices need a physical platform, and a credible leadership. OWS has lot of energy and sincerity of purpose but are severely deficient in terms leadership of any established credentials credible leadership. That is why I suggest Veterans fill up that role.
    Let us see if some Veterans pick up the challenge.
    Peace on earth

  7. Inez  October 4, 2012 at 12:38 am

    P.S. Speaking of Lions

  8. Inez  October 4, 2012 at 12:23 am

    M. I. Bhat this is a profound posting you’ve brought to us here.

    You wrote:
    “Let these veterans – on their twos, in their wheel chairs and may be some on stretchers — and their families come to the forefront and lead the rest of the 99%. Converge on America’s nemesis – Israel’s war lobbyists — and confront them with simple questions,”

    Excellent suggestion.

    These potentially empowering families, not only here in the states, but world-over would be utilizing an enormous opportunity in presenting, as you suggest, to the larger masses the utter senselessness of which war is.

    It’s said Americans have been asleep for quite a while. Sometimes I look at this as an extended rest period for those who’ve needed it, in order to better deal with what is fast approaching us today head on.

    I have no doubts we here have been placed under something similar to Snow White’s sleep-induced bite of the apple! The last battle was a tie… with lingering memories that needed to rest.


  9. DaveE  October 3, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    It’s true, the tide is a’ changin’. The Jew did 9/11. The Jew did 9/11. The Jew did 9/11. The Jew did 9/11. The Jew did 9/11. The Jew did 9/11. We’re all onto the program and we know who the enemy scumsucking filth is.

    Say it as many times as you like. This dirty sewer sludge, the filth of the universe, is the enemy of all humanity and all that’s decent and/or holy in the universe. The pure spiritual garbage that deserves to rot in Hell, if Hell is even rotten enough to be fitting for this vile, degenerate, evil toxic waste.

    The Jew brings the word “scum” to a whole new level.

  10. LC  October 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Possible solution is to get rid of this growing cancer

  11. b normieburk  October 3, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Right arm alle. How about Pluto? It isnt even a planet anymore…no one would miss it or them.

  12. LC  October 3, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    sheeple v. banksters

  13. Allesandro  October 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    The “Jews” who rule London, Tel Aviv and NYC, don’t care about goyim, we are supposed to be “used” and abused. They think in terms of goals over generations, “Gradualism”. Therefore instituting the U.S. of America Corporation in 1871, the FED in 1913 and the Personal Income Tax were all steps along the way toward using us for their own selfish reasons. And it hasn’t stopped. One insult and offense after another,…never ending, their plotting and execution of 9/11 with Silverstein reaping $5.82 BILLION on the deaths of so many Americans is the Coup d ‘Gras. I can’t stand any more. And yet it continues.

    They don’t think like the rest of us, just read the Merchant Of Venice, what has changed? Nothing.

    They need to be exiled to another planet where they can screw each other and leave the rest of humanity alone. They have some serious karmic blow-back headed their way. May it come in spades.

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