Press TV: Obama Saddled with Mythology of 9/11

Obama saddled with mythology of 9/11

A man casts his ballot at a polling station in a laundromat in Chicago during on the US presidential election day, November 6, 2012.

A man casts his ballot at a polling station in a laundromat in Chicago during on the US presidential election day, November 6, 2012.

By Gordon Duff and Press TV (Thursday, November 6, 2012)

“History will have to judge his decision to expand the drone war, allow heroin production, begun under Bush, to continue and flourish. Obama was saddled with the mythology of 9/11, the mythology of our “best friend Israel” and a nation that had become dependent on lies and manipulation.”

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It is time there were some things written by the reelection of President Obama that reflect reality. We hear the crying from Tel Aviv, their doom sealed by Netanyahu’s “blood enemy” with four years to push Israel into the sea.

This is how they are talking, them and so many others.

Let us be honest. If you know America, if you know Israel, the two places where the election has caused so much pain to those who deserve it so much, there is an underlying reason for the feeling of impending doom.

President Obama is a person of color. He is of African origin, and anyone who knows Israel or who knows the states painted “red” on the political map as “Republican,” knows the real basis of this election is the primal fear and hatred that those of European background, those with neither culture nor education, have for those who are different.

Obama was never a Muslim though that should never have mattered. He certainly was not born in Kenya, a country that has proud traditions and a great people.

Obama is hardly a Marxist. In fact, the Western kleptocracy, the oligarchical police state is very much Marxist and usurious Western “capitalism” deeply reflects the darkest days of Stalin’s rule in Russia when as many as 66 million died at the hands of “bizarre social theories” and the “greater good.”

A sad thing about American politics is that every president spends his first term trying to seem as though he deserves a second.

History will have to judge his decision to expand the drone war, allow heroin production, begun under Bush, to continue and flourish. Obama was saddled with the mythology of 9/11, the mythology of our “best friend Israel” and a nation that had become dependent on lies and manipulation.

Then it happened.

Obama’s win on Tuesday, using the real electoral count is 332 to 206. We call this a “landslide.” Romney was crushed.

Four billion dollars was brought into the US, money from drug sales, from conflict or “blood diamonds,” mostly from pro-Israeli sources.

Additionally, in many states, the voting machines were hacked and as many as four million Republican votes were added to Romney’s total, using software that “flips” votes, software openly installed in Ohio and other states and allowed to be used despite legal objections.

America’s court system is one of the worst in the world.

The four billion dollars did buy something. Years ago, a law was passed called the McCain/Feingold Act. It allows people from “anywhere” to flood single congressional districts with massive amounts of money.

A fact: 96% of the time, the candidate with the most money wins.

Using this influx of funds, illegal funds, the Republicans maintained control of the House of Representatives, which will prevent laws being passed, that will reestablish taxes on high-income individuals that had been eliminated by Bush.

This money is needed to save the dollar, a currency that, were it not for Europe’s financial disaster, would have crashed into nothingness.

The election did prove more than just the racism of rural and Southern America and the ignorance of many who are driven by fear and anger.

Medical studies of the brains of those who call themselves “political conservatives” have found noticeable deviations from the norm, almost “reptilian” in nature.

In a way, the police state ruled by organized crime, the media lie machines, eternal warfare is a result of physical abnormalities that affect the brain. These abnormalities prevent community cohesion, empathy for animals or even other people, even family and friends, that and a profound sense of impending disaster and fearfulness.

This is the brain that the “pop culture media” has adapted its message to, why America and Europe’s press lie so easily, so openly, why they are so unaccountable.

A funny thing happened during this election. Veterans Today is closely aligned with American and other military and intelligence groups. Many are actively involved in counter-terrorism activities, admittedly out of a need to earn money in what may be America’s only growth industry.

However, such an involvement left us with staff which are highly qualified at psychological warfare, propaganda, cover and deception and clandestine operations.

It also gives us strong relationships with international agencies tasked with drug enforcement, controlling money laundering and human trafficking.

What surprised me, as I had become perhaps too cynical of late, was the response we received from people who were, only two years ago, close-minded about Islam, misinformed about the real roots of extremism and ignorant of the pervasive nature of worldwide organized crime and the trillions of dollars it controls through “front” corporations with bank accounts in financial “safe havens.”

One of the largest such organizations, according to sources who had long served at the highest levels of the US Department of Justice is Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s company.

Further, intelligence sources in Africa and the Middle East tied Bain to trafficking in “blood diamonds” in order to secure arms for terrorist groups across Africa.

Similarly, terrorist actions against the governments of Syria and Iraq were organized and financed by the same “triangle,” Israeli diamond merchants, Bain (secretly Cuban based) Capital and an endless flow of arms, many from China but from other sources as well.

During the week before the election, this information was made public, though it was only read by 10% of Americans. That “10%” was enough to offset the votes stolen through rigging electronic voting machines and secure an election that the world may well survive with.

The world never would have survived four years of Romney. That is a consensus belief among very senior people within key agencies who fought an “insurgency campaign” inside America against the massive influx of “dirty money” meant to push America and the world to war and ruin.

If this sounds severe to you, the words are not my own. I heard them a dozen times from places I never expected.

Even adjusting for vote rigging and suppression, over 40 million Americans voted for Romney, one out of 5 eligible to vote.

Some were misinformed, some confused but many, and that number is critical, are dangerous social misfits.

There is no mechanism for returning them to a point where they can be productive members of a free society. These are people who yearn for war, support torture, submit to control and are continually ridden with fear and guilt.

Watch Fox News. Their entire “on air” staff fall under this classification, people with inadequate personalities, people unfit to live among others.

What are the people of Israel like, are they as bad as many Americans?

You see, overall, Jews in America are educated, progressive, socially responsible people. The idea that an important part of the presidential election involves President Obama’s hatred for Jews is insane as 70% of American Jews supported him, despite pleadings from Israel.

One surprise, somewhat at least, was the power of the “alternative media.” During the last few days, I have been subjected to pitiful attempts by groups tied to the Israeli lobby to attack and discredit me. Tapes are doctored, radio shows attack me, over a hundred new websites accuse me of every imaginable crime.

Here is a story:

I am a single human being, working for no pay, a combat disabled US Marine, working with good friends, some reasonably powerful, more than some can imagine, others are simple journalists, some poor, but all dedicated.

Of the journalists, perhaps two dozen, writers, broadcasters, we came together. We talked, we fought at times, and we came to agreements and implemented a plan.

We saw how ineptly much of the campaigns of both Obama and Romney were being run. To advise us, we had help from, as I had mentioned earlier, “psyops” experts, most likely the best in the world.

We also had access to endless intelligence, the US, Africa, the Middle East, Britain, France, Germany, information any single agency would die to have.

Against the “braying and snarling” of the campaign, a group of basically decent human beings, not without considerable talents, managed to mold public opinion enough to offset the $4 billion meant to bring the world to war.

If only the “Masters of the Universe” could see how easily their plans were laid bare, how easily their intrigues, including especially the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya, were turned back on them.

Arrogance must make some dull witted.

This is a good time, not a perfect time, but a rare time in history. The few that “curse the light and pray for darkness” only make the joy of their downfall all the better.

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10 Responses to "Press TV: Obama Saddled with Mythology of 9/11"

  1. Worker Bee  November 17, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Kaganovich died in July 1991 at the age of 97½, presumably of natural causes.

  2. Howard T.Lewis III  November 16, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    I think if I read this article ten times, I still will sleep better knowing a dedicated bunch is still on the ball. My good friends who died from drug overdoses in their innocent youth and their families thank you. People from all over the world are smiling with relieved hearts at what you do and what you write here. I thank you Mr.Gordon and PressTV.

    Leviticus 20:5 is an odd little warning in the old testament concerning this false god Molloch. Who would have known that this was George H.W. Bush’s Skull and Bones Society name. They work for Britannia, just like Israel. But I honestly see no change of behavior on Obama’s part without a radical change in his personal staff of handlers. I would like to see if his frontal lobes are still attached. EEG?

    I do not joke when I often comment on Obama’s emotional detachment from the ramifications of his sign-offs and acts. I studied lobotomies in college at the University of Washington Medical School Library and Science Stacks in the 1970s. Serious time. In considering a friend of half a dozen years’ recollections of Obama as a back alley coke dealer in Honolulu in high school, and data on FMDavis as a ‘Communist’. and the CIA’s unprecedented sealing of most all of Obama’s records, I get a ‘CONDITION RED’. Obama’s pathological passivity concerning his continuous execution of immoral acts against humanity says ‘lobotomy’ and Project Monarch. Loyalty does not enter the equation with Obama as with Bush41, Bush43, Geithner, etc.. Geithner’s mentor in the early1980s was Richard Perle. Geithner was about 17-19 then. This I saw with others.
    Do not consult ‘Wikipedia’s’ definition and description of lobotomies. It is way off. Obama plainly shows ZERO empathy with his victims and ZERO belief in his duty to explain his policy reversals since his election. Lobotomy. 1977-1979. Connecticut. This still does not explain the secret numerous large scars all over the back of his head. This problem is his biggest burden, yet he probably is not aware one way or the other.

    Sorry if I come off as a crank. I have been places too. Could you advise Dr.Fetzer to get his eyesight checked? I have been a devotee if his for several years. He is greatness of awesome dimensions, and he has fallen victim to a number of sloppy photoshopped videos of jets crashing into the WTCs I and II. He needs to ignore more of these fakes. He nailed a few right off the bat. The views with the victims waving for help are the most heart rendering and the most accurate depictions of the jet caused damage. Please review ‘9/11 Illusions, Special effects, and other Magic Tricks’ in the Veterans Today Archives. We need to close this one up and start throwing wrenches into the plot to destroy the most elegant, true to personal freedom and all-inclusive system of opportunity and government yet conceived.
    Again, great piece. If people want the best medical care, the best military defense, the best food, the best car, and the best of everything else, they need to bring more to the table than what the ‘Old World’ has told them what to give so far. And the good thing is, it would not cost them a dime.

  3. Charlotte NC Bill  November 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    The grandchildren of the people who delighted in killing E. European christians only wish that more of us were killed…don’t doubt it…

  4. Charlotte NC Bill  November 14, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Was that Berra? Or Kaganovich? Yeah, the Khazar bastards are due for an ass-kicking…

  5. len7778  November 14, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Oh good, an excuse for more cruelty and murder in the future. Let’s just keep this cycle going indefinitely. There’s no morality in this sort of call for collective ethnic karma. Jews who weren’t even born yet at the time these things happened are supposed to pay for these crimes? I don’t think so. Find me the ethnic/national group that does not have blood on its hands.

  6. Gordon Duff  November 14, 2012 at 7:10 am


  7. lobotelobote  November 13, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Is the hegelian dialectic important for successful propaganda?

  8. JS  November 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    I agree that the President was saddled with 9/11, but that excuse was only good for 1 term. Now that he has won re-election to a 2nd term, it’s time for him to fish or cut bait. Same thing with the Congress, of course. The people elected them to make a deal together, on the budget, on everything else too. I don’t want to hear any talk about ideological purity from either side. Politics is ALL about horse trading, and it always has been. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The rest of the world is sick of blue state/red state, so bizarrely American, so rigid, so black and white, as if shades of gray didn’t exist.

    When Ross Perot gave us a serious 3rd party alternative, his life (and worse) was threatened. Part of the problem is the nature of the Presidential system, with the administration elected and governing separately from the parties. That makes it easy for the money powers to threaten the President, as he stands alone. A parliamentary system has some advantages; one of them is that the leader is basically just the head of his party, so if he dies or is incapacitated, the next guy in line steps into his shoes, and so on. This system is safer for the leader. The party gets elected, not 1 person, so coalitions and horse trading are normal and expected. The other advantage to the people is that nobody puts the parliamentary leader up on a pedestal, the way that Americans put the President on a pedestal, and so he/she is allowed to be a fallible human being.

    Since the system is the way it is, going forward, the only thing that makes sense for the PEOPLE is for the people in Wash. DC to suck it up, cross the aisle, and make deals for the good of the country. That means they have to actually say NO to their bribers and blackmailers, but that’s their problem.

    If they can’t make deals, the people should throw the incumbent bums out, every last one of them. The new NRA – Never Re-elect Anyone – is a good start.

  9. RJ  November 13, 2012 at 8:47 am

    In 2008 it was non stop propaganda from the main stream media that got Obama elected. It’s hard for me to believe he isn’t answering to Zionists. I guess we’ll see, but I’d be shocked if he throws Isreal under the bus.

  10. DaveE  November 13, 2012 at 7:39 am

    You’re right about one thing, these sure are fascinating times to be alive. We get more suspense, intrigue, surprises and exposure of the real PTB in one day than people used to get in an entire lifetime tending their flocks and plowing their fields.

    All eyes are on Obama, that’s for sure. Looks like we might find out soon who he works for, US or Israel. Strong and knowledgeable opinions on both sides, at this point.

    Either way, the answer to that question alone is quite a cap to the last 2,500 years of Western History. Antichrist, Messiah or Savior of Humanity? Stay tuned…… (as if you have a choice….!)

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