Oswald’s spy colleague girlfriend: “Lee was innocent…and stop trying to kill me!”

In a recent radio interview, JFK assassination whistleblower Judyth Vary Baker describes how she has been dodging assassination attempts since 1999, when she came forward with evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was not only innocent – he was an ONI-CIA-FBI spy who was actually working to stop the assassination plot against the president!


Judyth Vary Baker speaks out!

Judyth Vary Baker – Oswald’s intelligence colleague, girlfriend, and defense witness

(In 1999, after first going public) Dr. Fetzer was courageous enough to interview me …one of the first researchers to do it…it’s interesting that he got his first death threat right after interviewing me.

My friend Martha Rose Crow at the same time had placed on her blogs – she had 105 blogs, which is a lot of blogs – and she had placed the book Me and Lee on her blogs, and said “Judyth Vary Baker is my best friend.” And right after she did that, not only did Dr. Fetzer get his death threat, but she got one and I got one.

And I have to say that it wasn’t very long after that that Martha was suddenly writing people and saying ‘look, we’re being attacked – the minute I started endorsing Judyth’s book, a whole lot of bad things started to happen, and to Judy too – we feel like we’re fighting to the brink on this. We’re being attacked.” And the next day, Martha, one of my very best friends, was dead.

She had collapsed while shopping at a market. She was taken to a hospital. There we found out she received overdoses of epinephine and we don’t know what else.

They say she died of a heart attack there at the hospital.

Her family was in America – she was in the Netherlands when this occurred, and had been living there for quite some time – and they were flying over, but before they got there, they cremated Martha’s body.

And so (the family) started a police investigation to see if they could find arsenic, which they thought might have been the cause of poisoning in her case, and to see if they could justify what the hospital had done. But all they had were some bones and ashes, and of course they couldn’t find anything.

So they had to close the investigation.

That was my best friend. It really hit me hard. Jim Fetzer knows what happened at that time; he was very courageous to come forward and do what he did. He said, “Let them do what they please, I’m not afraid to tell them the truth.” I said, “You can take the interview off, Jim, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Veterans Today contributor Dr. James Fetzer doesn’t back down.

I’ve lived in exile. And only now I’ve come forth, because enough people have expressed interest in helping to protect me so I can tell the story in the United States.

I’d planned originally to go to Dallas. This was just a couple of months ago. I’d rented a hotel room, I was going to speak in Dallas, I felt I’d be safe there. And then I got a phone call, I don’t know how they got the number, because this was a friend’s number in Sweden. I go live in Sweden, and other countries as well. And don’t you know that I got a phone call: “If you go to Dallas, you’ll pay!” And they hung up, like that. And it just sends chills down your – across your body.

And so what I did next, was I told everybody on my Facebook page. And I hope I get some more people to understand what we’re up against here. Because the next thing I knew, my bank account was hacked! And the charges were in Houston and Dallas – gas stations, things like that.

So the message was (obvious). I mean, of all the places charges could be made!

So I canceled the hotel in Dallas. But it’s not like they won. Because I talked to my publisher, Kris Millegan – this man is so courageous – he’s the only publisher I’ve trusted with the story. So we decided we’re going to go to the cities of America, up and down the West Coast, and we’re going to tell this story. (Tour information here.) And then I’ll be returning to undisclosed places back in Europe.

Listen to the entire interview:


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5 Responses to "Oswald’s spy colleague girlfriend: “Lee was innocent…and stop trying to kill me!”"

  1. Robb  November 28, 2012 at 4:38 am

    It wasn’t Wilson that stopped the UK getting involved in Vietnam, it was the Labour Party and public opinion. Just like the Labour Party and public opinion tried to stop Blair taking us into Iraq II.

    The way that you keep expanding on this conspiracy theory of yours with each new idea you get suggests that you are either a fantasist, or that you’re deliberately trying to make this site look bad. No wonder you keep reminding me of Shrimpton.

  2. Ann  November 18, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Aine and Excalibur, the insidious process of cultural decay has been carefully and stealthily folded into all social structure for centuries so as to take them down internally without alerting the targets The NWO has all the earmarks of viral disease, attacking and immobilizing natural defenses..


    The more we uncover–ghastly though it is–the more accurately we can recognize the threat and respond.

  3. Aine  November 17, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Excalibur: This is very, very interesting information. Because I grew up in this era…this information explains something to me that I could not put into words. It objectifies some level of social imprinting that I was subjective to and has set off a domino synapses in my psyche. 1963 was a very pivotal year for myself…I was in a catholic school at that time and I remember the ‘mass’ being changed and how it affected everyone. I remember priests leaving to marry. That was probably the exodus of the straight males out of the catholic order leaving the residual pedophiles in most dioceses. Also…Edward Heath is now being ‘outed’ as a pedophile on many of the British sites which explains his vulnerability to his NWO handlers. Also…in this same year…I was walking through a park (lots of trees) with a basket of puppies when a huge silver missile shaped object flew between the trees and over my head (a few feet) and knocked me over, spilling the puppies all over the ground. I watched as the missile just missed hitting a house as it continued to travel into the sky. This object was going so fast and so huge I couldn’t believe that actually wove between the trees. Then there was Kennedy’s assassination. I have to agree with you that 1963 was a pivotal year in which all types of ‘forces’ were unleashed in this world. Your post has provided me with a missing description of how some of those forces have affected my life.
    I have read Me and Lee a few years ago…another piece of the cabal puzzle.

  4. Excalibur  November 17, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Dr Barrett – on a much smaller scale – I have had the Mother of all computer problems since suggesting a link between JFK’s assassination and the people who murdered Hugh Gaitskell – the then leader of the British Labour party and person ABOUT to become Prime Minister of Great Britian. Not to mention rather a lot of silly replies and responses on this site designed to sully and discredit the idea.

    For some reason various people here prefer to rubbish other people’s posts instead of making a considered comment of their own so as to make their views known.

    Gaitskell ‘fell ill’ after a trip to Moscow in the winter of 1962 and died a few days later in Jan 1963 of a rare tropical disease. The autopsy showed that he had been murdered and his doctor told MI5. They told him to keep quiet about it for the time being. Hugh Gaitskell was the only potential national leader that was still un-compromised by Marxist zionists. Harold Wilson then became Prime Minister – and incidently he stopped Britain coming to the aid of our US allies in Vietnam. (At that time we had 20 years of experience successfully putting down a communist insurgency in the Malayan jungle). Wilson was a Marxist spy – as was the Conservative leader – Edward Heath. The British people then had the choice of electing any candidate – so long as he was a Marxist zionist spy. Sound familiar?

    Hugh Gaitskell had just made an hour and a half long speech at the Labour party conference about why Britain would be MAD to join the ‘European Common Market’ – or European Union as it is now. It made him extremely popular with the electorate as well as his fellow members. Obviously it made him rather unpopular with the NWO plotters – who see groupings like the EU as vital stepping-stones to world government.

    I believe that the cabal do not want people to realise the link between these events – all being launched in 1963. Creating a ‘New World Order’ has been their main ambition since JFK and Gaitskell were eliminated. They desperately do not want people to realise that they pulled the strings of the Soviets as well as the western powers all at the same time. That fact, when known, would tend to reveal their identity.

    For the record – the Roman Catholic Church was also subverted in 1963 as well with something called the Vatican 2 conference. This shocked all Catholics and stunned the Clergy. It not only changed the Mass and Liturgy completely – but changed the Holy Church’s view on many things – breaking every rule in the Vatican’s 2000 year history. Previously it was not possible to revise anything that had been announced from the “Chair of Saint Peter”. It has been suggested that the Pope that carried this out was actually jewish and had infiltrated the Church to carry out this very act. One person who was extremely unhappy at these malign changes was the current Pope – who I believe is a good man and trying his best to correct error where he can.

    Which ever way you look at it – 1963 was a key year in the international criminal syndicate’s global attack on the world in it’s natural order. Many standards can be traced to have descended in free-fall from this date – including what we once knew as decency and polite society.

  5. stephanaugust  November 17, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Thanks for the article. I did not know this.

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