Sharon the Truth Teller

By Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Sharon, son of Ariel Sharon, wrote in the Jerusalem Post that Israel should “Flatten all of Gaza.”

“There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire,” he wrote. “We need to flatten entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”

Many Israelis and even some Zionists are ‘outraged’  but the truth must be told – Sharon’s views are fully consistent with Zionism, Israeli thinking and some aspect of Jewish culture.

For example, Sharon’s call is fully consistent with some devastating Old Testament’s passages:

‘You will chase your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you. Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you.’ Leviticus, 26:7–8

‘When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations … you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.’ Deuteronomy 7:1–2

‘Do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them … as the Lord your God has commanded you …’ Deuteronomy 20:16

So, both like his real father and his spiritual forefathers, the young Sharon wants to destroy the Gazans, he wants to reduce them and their civilization into dust – thoughts unfortunately embedded in the Old Testament. Though religious Jews following the Talmud rather than the Torah and may be critical of literal interpretations of the Holly book, Gilad Sharon, is a secular Israeli and yet he follows here the most banal and literal interpretation of the Biblical text.

Sharon is also in line with ultra-Zionist Vladimir Jabotinsky’s Iron Wall philosophy. Jabotinsky believed that in the erection of an ‘iron wall’ “which the native (Arab) population cannot break through.” Some would argue that by 1948 Jabotinsky’s Iron wall, became the backbone of Israeli political pragmatism and though largely performed by his  political enemies, the Nakba could be seen as the materialisation of Jabotinsky’s ideology.

Sharon’s views are also similar to those expressed this week by Israel’s deputy P.M., Eli Yishai, who contended “we must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages destroying all the infrastructure including roads and water.”

The young Sharon is clearly a truth teller. He offers us a genuine glimpse into the murderous Israeli psychosis, and the message to be drawn is obvious. It is now time to admit that we cannot grasp the Israeli collective psychosis and fascination with violence and death without a deep understanding of Jewish culture, Jewish supremacy and Jewish tribalism.

For obvious reasons some Jews and even a few Palestinians do not want us to take this route and insist that we avoid any criticism of the Jewishness of the ‘Jewish State’. This bankrupted philosophy would be almost  funny if it weren’t so tragic –  Elaborating on the root cause of Zionist barbarism is now an elementary humanist obligation.

I guess that we have reached the point of no return. We must now critically examine Jewish politics, Jewish Lobbying, and Israeli crimes in the context of Jewish culture. Such an approach may save the world and hopefully, it might also save many Jews of the shackles of their own heritage.

An Anecdote

I was actually amused to learn today that the notorious Zionist Jeffrey Goldberg, himself an ex IDF concentration camp guard, was amongst the first to denounce Gilad Sharon. Here is how he referred to Sharon’s article on Twitter:


“Gilad Sharon has called on Israel to bomb Gaza to oblivion. I’m semi-surprised the Jerusalem Post published such dreck.”

It is not at all clear at all whether Goldberg opposes Sharon’s views. However, it is obvious that Goldberg is tormented by the idea that Sharon’s view may leak out. ‘I’m semi-surprised the Jerusalem Post published such dreck’ he says. Goldberg believes that the murderous aspects so intrinsic to tribal supremacy are better kept within the ghetto walls. He doesn’t want the Goyim to know. So predictably Goldberg was amongst the first to attack my book, ‘The Wandering Who’, and pursued my endorsers  for the exact same reasons. He was very concerned about what people read about Israel, Zionism, Jewish identity politics, and the ideology that motivates himself to serve in our midst as a Zionist agent.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, a glimpse into the minds of the Sharons and the Goldbergs of this world…  or


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10 Responses to "Sharon the Truth Teller"

  1. blakehamilton  November 23, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Some sources:

    In 1902, the British anthropologist Sir James Frazer wrote in his book The Golden Bough: “The Arabic-speaking peasants of Palestine are the progeny of the tribes which settled in the country before the Israelite invasion. They are still adhering to the land. They never left it and were never uprooted from it.”

    1911: “Palestine depicted and described” (G.E.Franklin) which includes numerous excerpts describing not only the Palestinian people but also dozens of photographs.

    1957: “When we speak of ‘Palestinians’ or of the ‘Arab population [of Palestine]’, we must bear in mind their Canaanite origin. This is important because their legal right to the country stems…from the fact that the Canaanites were first, which gives them priority; their descendants have continued to live there, which gives them continuity; and they are still living there, which gives them present possession. Thus we see that on purely statistical grounds they have a proven legal right to their own land.” (“Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan,” 1957)

  2. Warlord Moneybags  November 23, 2012 at 4:09 am

    I read somewhere that some of the Palestinians were descendents of the Canaanites, the people the Jews slaughtered when they first settled there.

  3. Ken Rechtstein  November 22, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    The reason why the Gentiles were caught/will be caught off guard, and easily overcome by the Jews, is because the Goyim NEVER understood/do not understand the customs-rites and mindset of the Jews.

    If at home, in the Yeshivas, in the streets your are fed with concepts that even have reflects in idiomatic expressions of the Hebrew language, you will acquire a very peculiar tribal-groupal mindset that ends up turning you into nearly or totally a psychopath.

    I totally agree with Gilad Atzmon that time is ripe now to focus on the Jewish Culture, in order to understand the actions and reactions of the Zion Talmudic Brethren. It’s their upbringing in the teaching of the Talmud that for the biggest part may explain things that seem strange to the common citizen, who ignore totally the impact of the socio-cultural background-surroundings on the formative process of the Jewish Mindset and the way the Jews INTERACT with the non-Jews.

    Psychiatry has to be reinvented in order to understand and explain clinically how the Jewish mindset works at its worst and why.

    Thanks to Gilad Atzmon and Insider Academics, the taboo (not to critic anything about the Jews, equated with “antisemitism” by the The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons), is now being lifted.

    Nevertheless, above stated perception should never be allowed to be advanced as an excuse for the bestiality and aggressiveness of the Zios. Crimes and genocides committed by the Zios remain what they are, i.e. those who committed them should be held accountable for them and not be allowed off the hook.

  4. K7KTR  November 22, 2012 at 8:25 am

    If your talking to me? I clearly cited the Haavara Agreement. In doing so.. How after reading that would one think that I thought in any way that the Jew’s were native to Palestine?

    Hitler clear up to 1939 in total agreement with the Zionist’s MOVED the Jew’s who Hitler is quoted as calling them “Parasites” From Germany to Palestine.

    That leaves 6 Years. 1939 to 1945.
    6 years times 365 = 2190 days.
    6,000,000 divided by 2190 = 2739.7 Jew’s alleged to have been BURNED (Holocaust) Daily every single say while German was fighting 2 Front’s. FAIL.
    Google the TIME needed to Incinerate a Human Body. It didn’t happen. This is why Videos show MASSIVE CAMPS, So you don’t hop off a train and get pushed into a shower either that drops Zyklon B either. It was a Disinfectant for LICE.

    On the Phil Donahue show, You’ll also see a Jewish Historian also admit that Jew’s were NEVER made into Soap either. And the Camp’s have revised their numbers from 4 Million down to just over 900,000 Jew’s. But don’t forget the Homosexuals and JW’s and Others too.

    So when you see people being SHOT in the old clips. Who was the Jew and who was the Homosexual, JW, Communist and so on. To imply they were all Jew’s is stupid. But no! I don’t think that the JEWS at any time in history were there because the Bible is CLEAR that ISRAEL was a “Spiritual Nation” not a PLACE on the earth.

    Either wondering for 40 years or other. They were without LAND.

  5. Juan Harris  November 21, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    I also found Koestler’s work very interesting and Credible, especially when one reads the parts of Torah the Khazar demons of discord omit. A secular work I also found most interesting was “Hitler’s Jewish Army”, along with “Zionism In The Age of Dictators”. I confer with much you’ve highlighted, yet there’s much that Gilead Atzmon omitted. Would he address the question of “how many of Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers imigrated to Palestine after the Nazis lost WWII? IMO,there’s a political element in the Israeli State that can be equated as; “The Tail” that wags the dog, in this case this Tail is wagging two dogs; the U.S. and the Orthodox Israeli State. I speak of the Chabad/Lubvitch Mafia. A group that embraces neither The Torah or The Talmud but, the drivel of The TANYA. What we’re witnessing in Gaza and the rest of Palestine stems from a mind-set first manefested by the Nazi/Zionist Blitzkrieg Perps in Poland and Russia. Apparently Atzmon never read Prof. Rick’s work who are still existing in various pockets around the World as the Chabad/Lubavitch Demons of Discord. Petraeus discovered this element clothed in delectable tender trap of the Krantz/Broadwell German-Jewess Adultress and connected the dots. Don’t you find it a bit more than coincidence that Israelis are always physically present when incidents happen that upset Americans, like the attack on the USS Liberty, the Dancing Israelis at the scene of 9/11/2001, The Cabal consiting of Mitt Romney and his two old friends; Orit Gadiesh and Benyamin Natanyahu? Speaking of Gadiesh, the [alleged] former IDF Intel agent, now heading Bain Capital is IMO, a dual/citizenship deep plant of theIDF/Mossad Agency. This Trio goes way back. But you never hear a peep out of Main Stream/Zionist owned media about this group who are all joined at the hip and bent on getting their hands on The Button via Mitt as POTUS. We dodged a bullit this time, and I just hope Petraeus doesn’t come up mysteriously missing before he can tell his story. There’s just too many Jewesses involved for this to be just happenstance; Lewiski, Gadiesh and now Krantz/Broadwell, all exercising their “Tender Traps” to entrap our leader’s via their innate weaknesses. This time though, I think this one has hung herself on her own “Petard”, I pray Petraeus can live long enough to tell the .story.

  6. Franklin Ryckaert  November 20, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Yeah, he should follow the example of his father and go into a permanent coma. Netanyahu should also join.

  7. Gary Walker  November 20, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Ariel Sharon was noted for quoting Gen. 15:18 which has the Bible god granting to the descendants of Abram, all the land between the river of Egypt and the Euphrates. That’s going to take a lot more dead heathens.

    The Bible speaks,

  8. PhilipShahak  November 20, 2012 at 11:35 am

    You seem to have a basic misconception that the white European Jews were the original inhabitants of Palestine. History tells us they are the descendents of Khazarian converts who after the invasion of the Mongols were swept north and west into what we call Eastern Europe. History also tells us that the Palestinians are the descendents of both the Jews and gentiles who lived in Palestine at the time of Jesus.
    The history of the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism can be found below at the current online version of the Jewish Encyclopedia, which confirms what Arthur Koestler wrote in his famous book about the Ashkenazi Jews ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’. I should also recommend ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ by Shlomo Sand which shows us that even David Ben-Gurion acknowledged that the Palestinians are the true descendents of the Jews of Judea.

  9. K7KTR  November 20, 2012 at 6:57 am

    I still say, If Russia was to ARM the American Indian’s who’s LANDS were stolen by the Whites (Like Me) and then the Indian’s started doing to American’s what Israel is doing to the Palestinians then maybe…

    Maybe as American’s Homes were Bulldozed and Russian Arms landed in their Neighborhood like US Arms land in Palestine. Then the Indian’s who’s Great Spirit gave them these lands could use the Bulldozers and plow Indian only highways and build the Largest Open Aired Prison here.

    All Costco’s and Wal-Marts and other stores would be closed as well as Home Depots and ACE Hardware so that American’s couldn’t by the needed food or building materials. If Mexican’s were to SNEAK shit in under the border they would be Terrorist’s too. And The Indian’s could line Tank’s up along the Mexican Border. When American’s fought back, They would be called Terrorist’s too and the UN would so CRAP for their Human Right’s and allow the Indian’s to break UN Resolutions and International Laws because….. This is their Lands and their Great Spirit GOD gave it to them. So it is OK to kill as many American’s as they want.

    The Moral of this story?
    Though the Indian’s were displaced, Their Reservations are OPEN. They receive TON’S of CASH and deserve it too. They have some of the best lands afforded to them especially as seen here in Montana. They have their Schools and Universities and they are a productive part in all areas. This being because they were not forgotten by those who for generations made sure they received due compensation for what was theirs. Or in short. They and the American’s have learned to live together though it may have been tough at first. But… They were not treated like DIRT as Israel does to the Palestinians who’s Lands the Israeli’s STOLE and want to keep Stealing.

    Should American’s destroy all the Indian’s? NO! Neither should Israel destroy those who lived there for many many countless Generations and under the Haavara Agreement suddenly Hitler and the Zionist’s decided to move the Zionist’s to Palestine and it has been pure hell ever since. There will NEVER be Peace as Israel doesn’t want peace. Like Bombing the very person who represented Hamas who had just left a meeting carrying the papers for continued peace.

    But this is why Israel Bombed all the News Media.. To once again HIDE their War Crimes like taking all the Cameras from the Aid Ships where they Murdered 9 In International Waters and wounded 30 total. Israel demands that they investigate any charges so they can say they acted in Self Defense. It takes Balls to actually navigate 75 Miles out into Open Waters and attack a Peaceful Ship carrying aid.

  10. Warlord Moneybags  November 20, 2012 at 2:29 am

    His father was a repulsive pig.

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