Benghazi Turns into Republican Folly

Deep Dark Secrets Lurk Behind the Benghazi Attack – Was Gaza a Peek?


     …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       and  Press TV


First email from Benghazi to the State Dept.

Business as usual, another war in Gaza. But is it? Few understand the ramifications of Benghazi.

Tonight the residents of Tel Aviv look to the sky. Long-range rockets are landing, but few really know why, but those on the ground know something went wrong, very wrong. Few really know the roll Benghazi plays in the failure of the Iron Dome.

While Obama tours the Far East, the naval component of the real Iron Dome, three AEGIS class destroyers, the real eyes, the real firepower behind the Iron Dome, are missing, elsewhere.

Remember the “joint exercises,” the American AEGIS destroyers that sat offshore? This was 50% of the Iron Dome but no one will discuss.

Was this a punishment? Is the reign of ruin from the skies that is being hidden from the world press a form of punishment, retribution for possible Israeli roll in the Benghazi killings? And if so, whom is Israel working with?




Ambassador Stevens

The Benghazi murders were to be Netanyahu’s gift to his friend Romney, a pre-election humiliation of a seated president, an intellect even inferior to Netanyahu’s own, a man without convictions, without beliefs, without honor.

Israel would have another perfect American president, another “Bush.”

The Republicans doubled down on their Benghazi bet…and lost again. The October surprise that was planned to shave a few points off the battleground state votes did not work.

When people are in power and do not learn from their mistakes, they are very dangerous, because guess who pays for them?

Veterans Today tied Republican ‘ Tea Party affiliates’ into the network that produced and aired the Rev. Terry Jones’ hugely expensive webcast.

We also were early in reporting that it was a fully professional military attack, with one Gulf State Special Ops team having come into Benghazi just a few days before. Benghazi was a slaughter, 120 men and heavy weapons, an attack long in planning, there would be no room for mistakes.



There is talk in the Intel community of October Surprise treason in the Benghazi killings

Now that we are in post-election, it seems the Repubs wanted to get off the defensive about why they lost, why they were humiliated, why Americans from the best educated and most industrialized areas shunned the conspiracy mongering and Islamophobia…

To my astonishment the GOP chose to go back to pin the Benghazi donkey tail on Obama once again, a very real terror attack easily traced back to Webster Tarpley’s “Mormon Mafia” and their long partnership with the Likudist militants in Tel Aviv.

Things came to a head with the weekend talk shows. The Repubs all orchestrated a litany of “talking points,” always based on simple repetition.

If you can tell a lie once, telling it a hundred times must be better. Charges were wildly made by multiple Republican congressional representatives that the White house had edited out of the preliminary report the mention of a terrorist-Al Qaeda connection. They lied. Yes, I will use that term…lied through their teeth.

How do I know? It is because the old timers there know that Intel reports to the public have to be passed around not only to the White house for comment but also the State Dept. and the major Intel agencies. The ‘editing’ is usually done with the Intel orgs, because if there is a screw up they are supposed to take the heat for it. Welcome to that world.

When professional Intel people know who did something, they rarely want to go blabbing that out publicly as those you want to catch just head for the hills and bury themselves, stop using their cell phones, and stop visiting any regular contacts. They are much harder to catch. Doing that is beyond stupid.

So information released to the public cannot endanger in any way your efforts not only to catch the bad guys, but determine who they were really working for. And this takes time folks. It is not an easy thing to do, and careers can be ended overnight by making a mistake, even without a mistress involved.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice

All of these Congressmen knew this, yet they had decided to make the Susan Rice Secretary of State nomination a Republican Jihad. I suspect they had someone else in mind that the Likud Party would prefer more.

The last two days have sunk the Republican Benghazi ship. The Intel community has taken responsibility for the talking points for Ambassador Rice, their unanimous decision to protect their sources, and to not stick their necks out. Why?

It was because they had an initial report that some of those involved were Al Qaeda ‘affiliates’. What does that really mean? Do not feel bad if you do not understand because no one else does either.

You see, lies means whatever you want them to mean, just like Alice in Wonderland, “nothing less, and nothing more.”

The White house revealed that the only edit they requested was changing terminology of the American facility there. Representative Steve King had bet the farm that Obama took the terrorism part out to save his election due to his claim of having decimated Al Qaeda

That was silly on King’s part, and worse…it was stupid. Al Qaeda has been decimated, something confirmed by years of intelligence reports. It is the best way to get rid of a loose end, as in something that never really existed in the first place.

It was really a funding theme for the Intel community and kept Israeli film studios busy making fake Al Qaeda movies and press releases.

However, the General Petraeus hearings but the nails in the coffin on the cheap Republican scam. The White house was totally in the clear, and the Intel community took full responsibility for the talking points. With all the important issues facing the nation, we get nothing but cheap political theatrics from the losing Republicans.

John McCain in Hanoi

Senator John McCain made a laughing stock of himself, citing the Libyan National Assembly leaders as stating soon after the attack that it was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack. I saw the Assembly leader’s press video on this.

He also said they had entered the country a month earlier from Tunisia, but never bothered to do anything about it or share the information with us. This was McCain’s Deep Throat. They deserve each other.

With top leadership like this, we are in big trouble. I fear them more than the bogeymen bad guys. In addition, they are cowards. They all know that Israelis run major intelligence operations here which have done great damage to our national security.

We never hear a word of protest from our Congress about it, or demands for more funding, thousands more FBI agents to bust up all the Israeli spying networks here, along with all of those who lend them a helping hand. A lot of Congressional seats would be open for new people if our counter espionage people were allowed to do their jobs.

The Israelis have killed a lot more than the four lost in Benghazi. Our Congress knows that, too, but does nothing. They are too scared of Israeli Lobby retribution, the real terror in American, one so shameful it is not even discussed much less admitted to. They want to keep getting their Lobby money, too.

Congress has been on their knees to the Israeli lobby for decades, the Repubs edging the Dems out by a nose, and yet they have to gall to try to sell the rest of us that Obama purposely altered the talking points for political reasons only.

These are the Republican party people of George Bush, who did not even want an investigation into the causes and failures of 911, who even wrapped himself in the American flag to justify it, claiming that it would distract our attention from going after Osama and thus endanger the country.

We need a universal prayer, something that could unite us all, “God, please protect and save us from leadership like this…don’t let them turn us all into West Bank Palestinians.”


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7 Responses to "Benghazi Turns into Republican Folly"

  1. Worker Bee  November 27, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    Uh, Ros-Lehtinen is a Republican.

  2. Jim W. Dean  November 27, 2012 at 7:51 am

    There is always stuff that we don’t/can’t tell…for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is keeping lines of information open, and that requires a big dose of common sense, and some familiarity with the U.S. criminal code. Sometimes we can’t get multiple confirmations on things…so we are holding until we do. It is always an ongoing process.

    The people that give us information are not purely leakers. Their main motivation is a very important one, and that is they REALLY understand that the terms republic and democracy are meaningless words if the regular folks have literally no real idea what is going on, because if they don’t they cannot apply political pressure (even theoretically) to ‘fix’ things. The freedom bit becomes in effect part of a magic show…it is…to a growing degree…an illusion.

    The good people on the inside consider this a major national security threat, and so do we…so we feel we are doing what is our duty…’defending the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic’… and there are plenty of them, especially the domestic kind, where actually our major threat is now.

    The key points to this story were that even post election, the corporate media has given a free pass to the October Surprise perps, despite our punching a hole in the line for them to more easily pick up the story. We even put out who helped Terry Jones fund his all day, very expensive webcast, his past CIA history in Europe in Operation Gladio. He;s an agent gone bad, a dirt bag, so he earned the treatment he got from us.

    We covered how the Muslim film was tied in…it was an obvious intelligence operation and the corporate media had people smart enought to see this. They just let the folks down, again.

    So what I was doing here, with team assistance of course, was showing that this ‘oversight’ was an ongoing process, as the missing AEGIS destroyers ‘issue’ was laying right out there in the open duing the entire Gaza attack and they never mentioned a word about it. That’s how much they are in the bag. It’s really a professional disgrace. You see exactly the same thing going on with Gordon exposing the zero coverage on the Obama ‘insider threat’ directive…which was a blockbuster story.

    They know that is how we feel, and we have almost a virtual corporate media blockade around us. They just never call…about anything, almost like they fear the contact would be recorded and they will be fired for having spoken to VT. It’s mass media cowardice.

    It’s like they know that the well financed bad guys have spotters everywhere, constantly looking for anyone that can be even a potential threat to them, so they can nip them in the bud. I have always described this as domestic terrorism, and I would debate that it is not hype…but is one of the terror elephants constanly sitting on the living room couch that most all pretend is not there, which I consider a slam dunk example of terrorism

  3. Excalibur  November 26, 2012 at 6:33 am

    Well done Jim – this is what I call a short, simple, properly researched, honest and accurate news article. In fact ALL news articles should be just like this one. It is the result of a well informed person delivering factual, relevant, vitally important and topical information for our digestion. There are no ‘no-go areas’ of enquiry within it designed to insult our intelligence.

    How is it then – that our so called mainstream news media today are incapable of ever reporting such ‘normal’ and accurate observations in this way? Why have we now reached a point where mainstream ‘normal’ is anything but real and rational? I challenge anyone out there today to turn on your goggle box in the corner of the room for an hour – and you will receive a stream of irrelevant, inaccurate, dishonest, misleading, carefully spun garbage – designed to assault your senses, warp your reasoning and most of all DISTRACT YOU from what you should be concerning yourself with.

    Do not let them use technology to assault your natural tactical reasoning. Stay sharp. Stay razor. VT shows the way.

  4. Allesandro  November 25, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    “Was this a punishment? Is the reign of ruin from the skies that is being hidden from the world press, a form of punishment, retribution for possible Israeli roll in the Benghazi killings? And if so, whom is Israel working with?”

    Some punishment, they have a few rockets rain down, run to bomb shelters, and are 99.9 % saved? Compare that to the destruction they rain upon the Palestinians, in the potential death toll and the permanent infrastructure damage, that is never replaced, and to get re-construction materials (that they pay for personally, not bloated budgets from Uncle Sam) all the while shot atf by snipers and making due.

    The trade-off, comparison, and what we see on the JRM or “Jew Run Media” seems extreme in the contrast from reality, yet we see it every day, day-in and day-out. A twisted and sickening display of “Jewish” power. This is what they do, when they have HUGE power, control of the FED and other Central Banks, , with their “Ill-Gotten-Gains” strive for yet more power and control

  5. Jim W. Dean  November 25, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Amen on all that.

  6. DaveE  November 25, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Right on, Jim, but remember too that the zionist syndicate doesn’t give a damn about political party. They own many of the Democrats, too, maybe most. Feinstein, Wasserman, Ros-Lehtinen, Waxman, Schumer, Harman, a LONG list of traitors to name but a few.

    Even IF Obama means well (which remains to be seen) half the Dems would LOVE to humiliate him if it means more shekels or power for Israel. TRAITORS is the only way to put it.

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